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March 22, 2019: March 21st 2019
Posted by Tycho_C

Well all the wait is over and chapters 7 and 8 of Dante My Inferno are up with more coming soon. 

March 20, 2019: Here we grow again
Posted by TrueFan

I want you all to join me in welcoming a new Staff Member to True's Fandom.

With my health issues of late, I have found that time involved to do editing on various posts have been slipping... so, in addition to DBarber, I am adding another STAFF member to the site.

Join me in welcoming Tycho_C to the True's Fandom Staff. Tycho will be helping with the editing of new submission for new authors or those who need assistance in posting their new chapters.

I am EXCITED to have him join us!


March 8, 2019: March 8th Update
Posted by D Barber

Another week has gone by and that means another batch of chapters are ready for y’all to read. To start things off we have the much-anticipated Chapter 3 of Boise ID by Garret D. M. and then we have Ch 66 of Book Four of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound. We also have a chapter from the Voyagers Authors on Space Fleet Regulations as well as Ch 3 of The First Shadow Assassin by Shadow Assassin. To wrap up this week’s batch of new stories we have Ch 23 of Untouchable by Comicality and finally Ch 34 of Memories Part 3 by ACFan. Hope y’all have a great week and if you are enjoying a story that’s posted make it a point to send an email to the author letting them know that your enjoying their work. It will really make their day.

March 2, 2019: March 1st Update
Posted by D Barber

Another week and another batch of great stories for you to check out. To start things off we have Chapters 9 and 10 Of Piano Forte by DouglasDD, then we have Chapters 63 through 65 of Three Finger Cove Book Four by Chowhound. We also have Chapter 30 of Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors, Chapter 14 of Book Four of Still Another Chance by Zarek Dragon, and finally a Poem by The Story Lover titled The Shadows Of My Mind. I would also like to  take a chance to thank the site owners such as True and ACFan, The Story Lover, JeffP and the others for allowing me to work with them. Its such a great Honor and I enjoy working on things to help them out. I also want to thank all the readers as well because the reason each site is successful is because of the great readers who love to read what these great authors write.

February 21, 2019: Update
Posted by TrueFan

Well, after another week in the hospital, I am back at home and trying to get back into the swing of things.

This trip was a bit longer than usual since not only did they find another arterial clot (3rd one) in my left leg, they also found 3 others. They implanted stents in the arteries on both legs.

Spending a week away from home was hell, I'll tell you. Even having my laptop with me, things just didn't go as expected and I got little done. I will be working toward catching up on my backlog and hope to get it all accomplished in the next week. For those of you who are waiting for me to review/edit chapters, I can only apologize. This past week and the several weeks leading up to it have put a damper on my time to get real work done. It can only improve.

I wanted to offer thanks to D.Barber for taking up some of the slack in getting the weekly updates posted, it's taken one task off my load and I truly appreciate it... and him.

Thanks to all of you, both Authors and Readers, for your understanding.



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