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May 24, 2019: Memorial Day Weekend Update
Posted by D Barber

Its time for the weekly update and on this Memorial Day weekend there are a good bit of stories for you to check out. To start things off we have Ch 13 of Piano Forte by Douglas DD, Chapters 4-6 of Book Five of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound, and Ch 4 of Heart Strings by Juju. We also have Ch 16-17 of Dante My Inferno by BillyYes, Ch 4 of Mending Wounded Hearts by Jules Porter, Ch 10 from Book Three of Finding My Way Home by Boudreaux and Ch 35 of Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors. To finish off this big list of updates We have Ch 36 of Memories Part 3 By ACFan and The Interlude of Book 2 of Dragon Earl by The Story Lover. Make sure you take time this weekend to Remember and Honor those who have fought for your Freedom. Their Sacrifice allows you the Freedom to do many things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend and I’ll see y’all again next week with more great updates.

May 24, 2019: Official Deadlines Approaching For The Spring Short Story Events
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Attention Readers and Authors,

The Official Deadline for the Spring Short Story Mashup Event is Midnight Pacific Daylight Time, (Both of Mickey's hand are pointing straight up) So don't forget to get your submissions in.

The Official Deadline for our Second Spring Short Story Event ~ Pride Day ~ Good Bad Or Indifferent is now Midnight PDT Memorial Day May 27, 2019. Yup, you have an extra three hours to pen your masterpiece(s)

Our Production Team is ready and waiting, so send those submissions in to Subject the appropriate Spring Short Story Event.

Happy writing,


May 13, 2019: update
Posted by Tycho_C

Happy Monday all and for your enjoyment chapter 16 of Dante

May 3, 2019: May 3rd Update
Posted by D Barber

Another Week another batch of updates for y’all to read. To start things off this week we have Ch 3 of Book 5 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound. We also have a Roster of Those on Earth from Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors. Juju has brought us Ch 3 of his story Heart Strings. To Finish out the list of updates for this week we have Ch 3 of Mending Wounded Hearts by Jules Porter and a new story by Zarek Dragon called The Air Boy whose first chapter titled BMT  has been added for you to read. Hope you all have a great weekend and hope to see y’all back next week 

May 3, 2019: Our Second Spring Short Story Event ~ Pride Day - Good, Bad, or Indifferent
Posted by The Story Lover

Posted by Fred DeElve

Pride Day - Good, Bad, or Indifferent:

Do you celebrate it? Should it be Celebrated? Why or Why Not? How Do you Celebrate it? We are looking for insightful words about something that has a lot of people talking about it.

All entries should be in by Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2019, at 9:00 PM PDT (give or take a day or three.)

Entries should be between 500 to 15,000 words give or take.

Send your submission to Spring Short Story Pride Event.

Stories will be posted on June 1, 2019, the start of Pride Month.

Happy Writing,

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