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January 18, 2019: January 18th Update
Posted by D Barber

January 13, 2019: Proof Positive
Posted by TrueFan


So, proof positive...

A ways back, we had an unfortunate event that caused our database for True's Fandom to crash. Whereas the cause was found and corrected and we had thought we were able to recover all of the stories that were on the site, it appears that there were a few that we missed.

I have been in contact with those authors who had stories that somehow didn't make it back from that crash and as of tonight, I am adding those stories back to the site.

I have added two poems by Pwyll at this point and will be adding stories by Corin and A Lonely Kitten. Some tonight and some over the next two or so days.

Keep an eye on the NEWEST Chapters listing and check out these poems and stories, they're all good reads.


January 11, 2019: January 11th Update
Posted by D Barber

This week includes a good bit of updates. First, we have Ch 58 of Three Finger Cove Book Four by Chowhound. Next, we have Ch 27 of Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors and an update to the Galactipedia by them as well. Also, we have Ch 7 of The Music in the Painting by Juju. Then, we have Ch 7 of Piano Fore by DouglasDD, and finally, we have Ch 1 of The First Shadow Assassin by Shadow Assassin. Hope everyone has a good weekend and don’t forget to check out the info on the short story event if you’re interested.

January 9, 2019: Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! Our Valentine's Day Short Story Event For 2019
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers and Authors,

This year's Valentine's Day Short Story Event is titled ~ Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up! 

The event starts now and runs through January 31, 2018, for unedited stories and February 7th for edited stories. I will post all stories on Valentine's Day February 14th.
The Rules:

  1. The short stories must be between 500 words and 15,000 words

  2. The Short Story should be about how Cupid Won't Give Up, as he keeps shooting arrows at someone in the closet.

  3. Many of us have been in this position. Suddenly, your heart reaches out for the one person who you simply can’t risk telling how you feel. When your heart betrays you, can you build up the courage to follow it or do you continue to fight?

  4. This event is open to all readers and authors.

  5. Authors must authorize the Fort Family of Sites, by written permission to host their stories.

So put on your writing caps and get writing, more details to follow.

Happy Reading,


January 4, 2019: January 4th Update
Posted by D Barber

I hope eveyone had a great New Years. This Weeks update may be small, but the stories contained within are great. First off, we have the great author ACFan with Chapter 31 of Memories Part 3, Next is the wonderful Chowhound with Chapter 57 of Three Finger Cove Book Four, and Finally we have the magnificent author DouglasDD with Chapter 6 of Piano Forte. Make sure to take time and check out each of these wonderful updates.

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