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September 13, 2023: September 13th Updates
Posted by D Barber

It’s time for updates once again. To start things off we have a good bit of updates from the Voyagers Authors starting with a Space Fleet Database, Prologue, and Ch 1-3 of Voyagers: SS Robert Heinlein. Also, from the Voyagers Authors we have a Duty Roster ~ Other Ships, and Chapters 1-4 of Voyagers: SS Pegasus. DouglasDD brings us Ch 26-29 of Mayfield Magic and Ch 24-26 of Emerald City Boys. We also have a Societal Commentary from The Story Lover titled Are Fictional Characters Real? Part Two. Finishing up the updates, we have Ch 76-83 of Book 6 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound as well as a Preface to a story by Jules Porter called Edrich of Haluken. That’s all for now, check back soon for more updates.

September 1, 2023: What?!? A Free Joel Book???
Posted by JeffsFort

Have you considered helping to keep these sites up and running? Are you also a fan of Ted Louis' "Joel" series? Well, Ted has informed us that he found a case of assorted Joel books. Yeah, "actual" in print books! He decided that anyone willing to make a $10 or larger donation within the US to the hosting service paying the bills for the Fort Family Community of sites, he is willing to send you your very own copy of a random book in the series, autographed by Ted Louis himself as a thank you!

What to do:

1. Click on and click on "Donate Now".

2. Make a qualifying donation of $10 or more.

3,. Email your name and mailing address to

4. Once the donation has been confirmed, Ted Louis will send a random autographed copy of one of his books to you directly.

(One book per donation. This offer will be withdrawn once the limited number of books has been sent. The early bird gets the worm! Unfortunately, only US residents due to expensive international shipping :( We'll take down the offer as soon as we confirm that no copies remain.)



July 27, 2023: July 27th Updates
Posted by D Barber

It’s time for updates once again. To start things off, we have Ch 23 of Emerald City Boys and Ch 21-25 of Mayfield Magic by DouglasDD. We also Have Ch 75 of Book 6 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound. To finish off the updates, we have some chapters from the two new series by the Voyagers Authors. From the Voyagers: SS Pegasus series we have the Space Fleet Regulations, Cover Page and Synopsis. Uniforms, a Duty Roster for those on the Ship as well as those on Earth, as well as the Pegasus Class Ship Specs. From the Voyagers: SS Robert Heinlein series, we have the Cover Page and Synopsis, and Earhart Class Ship Specs. Check back soon for more updates.

May 31, 2023: May 31st Updates
Posted by D Barber

After a delay, it’s time for updates once again. To start things off we have Ch 16 of Lagniappe by Boudreaux as well as Ch 73-74 of Book 6 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound. Myke D brings us Ch 22 of The Touch and Ch 2 of The Legends of Blood - Volume Two. DouglasDD brings us Ch 18-20 of Mayfield Magic as well as Ch 22 of Emerald City Boys. Finishing things off, we have Ch 30 of Outside the lines by Comicality and Ch 3 of Voyagers Book III by the Voyagers Authors

April 4, 2023: Changing of the Guard at *True's Fandom*
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone!

I wanted to reach out to regular readers here at True's Fandom as well as those who circulate throughout the Fort Family of hosting sites. One exceptionally difficult job is finding someone willing to take over the work started by a community/family member who we all miss. We all know that TrueFan (Lenny) put a lot of himself into his own work as an author as well as in growing his site. In the few years that True's Fandom has existed, he has amassed an impressive library that signifies the personality of those hosted on the site as well as give many newer authors a jumping-off point or even a home base. When we lose a site owner, we can maintain the hosting so the work isn't lost and active authors can still contribute but, we need to find someone who is willing to carry the torch lit by its creator. Today I am very happy to announce someone who not only is willing to take the wheel but, if given the opportunity, someone I believe Lenny would have chosen himself as his successor.

For those of you who are readers both at True's Fandom as well as many of our other hosting sites, author "Garret D. M." who has been a very close friend of many of us, including Lenny, has accepted our request for him to take over his online "Dad's" site and I know for a fact, this would make TrueFan himself both very happy as well as very proud. Garret brings with him new ideas & new direction as well as the ability to pay tribute to a man who quite literally was his online Dad, which is awesome!

So please join us all in welcoming Garret D.M. as one of our newest site owners and let's all support him as he learns to drive the vehicle Lenny and his hosted authors have built! 

- Jeff

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