Sean E.

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I'm nobody special. Just an American who got to go to college and graduate with a degree in Computer Science - but I had a lot of my own hardships, I guess, for a while. I just write because I like doing it, I like trying. Is it perfect? Not by a long-shot, not even close. But meh, I've been on Nifty for years and saw a lot of crud getting up there, you know, a lot of stuff for just the single-fisted guy. That gets old, quick. Then I chatted with some guys who kind of went through some hard times like I did, lost their own confidence, thinking they were alone in the world. That was what helped me most - I'm no longer in that boat. I don't feel as alone as I did in my teen's. So - I write stuff I think, or someday hope, might help someone. I know, kind of naïve, but meh, I can always hope, right? :o)

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