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I started writing Another Chance on the first anniversary of the death of my dog, Shadow. I originally wrote the first chapter as a bio for a character that I was hoping would be used by Andrew Todd in Riding Lessons. When he read the bio, he said, "Nope, I can't use this. it is too good. I think you should flesh it out and start your own story with it." That is what I did.

While I started writing, I was emailed by a reader who became a friend. He lives in California. His mom was diagnosed with dementia and I lost a grandmother to it. We started chatting, and he continued reading Another Chance, so I sent him a copy of my next chapter to get an idea of how the readers would react. He made suggestions of edits for the chapter, and I was like, "This is so much better." That friend has been editing my stories ever since. And, in my opinion, he is the best editor I could ever find.

It wasn't long after that, I came across a story called, It's in his Kiss. I liked the story, so I wrote True Fan. I even suggested some edits that I saw. He wrote me back, suggesting I read Priorities. At first, I was reluctant to read it, because I saw several typos, but I liked the thought put into the story, made a few suggestions, and he became friends with my friend. Taught me that just because the author makes mistakes, he is human and you should judge them by the thought put into the theme of the story. I'm glad that I didn't let a few mistakes keep me from reading his work. He has improved greatly, even the editor has stated that he doesn't get to edit as much, and we have been close friends ever since, even doing crossovers with our stories a couple of times.

True Fan asked me and two other writers if we would like to be a part of a collaborated story. True Fan and two of us started discussing the idea, along with The Story Lover. I won't discuss what happened to the other author, but True Fan, Douglas DD, TSL and I started discussing several aspects of the project. We discussed the title before deciding it should be Voyagers, We discussed what ship we would use, who was going to write what chapters, and all the details that go into a story. I believe that if you take time to read Voyagers, you will see what I believe is a great story. We even put a lot of effort to give you bonuses, like an interactive Duty Roster instead of just a cast of characters. We also have the Ship's specs, what the uniforms look like, and a Galactipedia. We hope that you enjoy them and make use as you need...

I have a few different stories under my name, but none will ever have my heart as much as Another Chance. After all, I did dedicate the story to my beloved Shadow. But still, if you like Sci-Fi, there is Voyagers. If you like horses and ranches, you have Another Chance and Still Another Chance. There is a story about submarines, stories based on the holidays, and even a DnD type story. Most are geared around older teen to young adults.

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