Piano Forte

Chapter 13-Suitemates



“Sounds like you left pecker tracks on your sheets,” William grinned as he and Austin climbed out of their respective beds.
“So? You did, too,” Austin retorted.
“I’m fifteen, it’s what I do. You’re twelve and you look ten and you’re not supposed to be a horn dog.”
“You’re so full of caca. I’ll have to become one tomorrow to show Ned what to do.”
“I think he’s scamming you. Everybody knows what to do with his dick. He just wants you to do it for him without making you think he’s gay.”
“You’re so full of it your eyes are brown.”
“Are all little boys as creative as you?”
“Shut up. I’m gonna piss and take a shower.” Austin headed to the bathroom and William followed behind him.
“Can I join you?”
“Yeah, if you don’t mind getting caught by Gary or his roommate, whatever his name is.” Austin stepped into the shower and didn’t protest when William followed him.
“The dude’s name is Brian. I met him last night. He seems pretty cool. I think he was high.”
“That’s not so cool,” Austin said, as he was testing the water temperature.
“You’ve never smoked weed?” William was using his bodywash to soap himself down. Austin was doing it the old-fashioned way, with a bar of soap and a washrag.
“Why would I want to get into that bullshit? It fucks up your mind.”
William squirted some of his bodywash on Austin’s back, which he then washed vigorously. “It makes sex way better, and it makes music sound even more awesome, and makes your piano playing, like, way more creative. Dude, you gotta try it. I gotta get to know that Brian kid better and find out if he has any or knows where to get it.”
William then started in on Austin’s butt cheeks, but Austin pushed him away. “I have a practice room at nine and a class at ten, and a meeting at eleven and trio practice at eleven-thirty, so I better get going to breakfast.”
“Don’t you want to get off?” William pleaded.
“Not with you.”
Shutting off the water, William followed Austin out of the stall. “Come on, dude, quit being a stuck-up asshole. It’s not like you didn’t know I liked getting high sometimes.”
“Yeah, I know and as long as you weren’t doing it now, I don’t give a shit. But, that’s not why I wanted to quit showering—I was serious about getting to breakfast.”
William finished drying himself before inspecting his face in the mirror, looking for zits as well as possible fuzz growing so he would have an excuse to shave. He saw neither.
Gary entered the bathroom from his room and grinned when he saw the two naked roommates. “Look at the nudists,” he chortled. “Did you get each other off?”
Austin had immediately noted that he was seeing Gary naked for the first time. “You’re wearing as much as we are.” Austin liked what he saw. Gary had a nice uncut cock, topped with a few smatterings of dark pubic hairs. His balls were starting to drop and he had a fine ass. Fine ass? Austin thought to himself. I understand somebody having a nice cock and balls—his friends were always talking about each other’s gonads, but talk about fine asses was reserved to discussions about the physical attributes of girls. No one would even consider thinking a boy had a fine ass, let alone talking about it.
“I learned it from you two,” Gary said, bringing Austin back to earth. “It’s a bathroom, we’re all boys who’ve been naked with other boys, so who gives a fuck.”
“Where’s your roomie? I’d like to talk to him,” William asked. Austin knew why William was anxious to get a chance to speak to Brian. One word—weed.
“He’s awake—kind of. He rolled over to snooze after I got up. He said he got almost no sleep the night before because of all the shit he had to do at the last minute.”
“Can I knock on your door?” William asked.
“Don’t ask me, Brian’s the one who’s snoozing.”
“Whatever, I’ll talk with him later. I gotta get to breakfast.”
William went into his room and Austin stayed behind with Gary. “Do you want to shower with me?” Gary asked.
“I just showered,” Austin replied.
“I know. This way you’ll get twice as clean.”
“I would if I had time, but I have a ton of stuff to do this morning and even more this afternoon. The music camp is hard work.”
“Looking at what your cock is doing, it sure seems to want to shower with me.”
Austin turned bright red with embarrassment. “Fuck, the stupid thing keeps doing want it wants to do.”
“I know how that goes; look at mine.” Gary’s cock had shot up to a full four inches of boy steel. “Way back when I was ten, my brother warned me this was going to happen to me.”
“Mine told me the same thing. But, hey, I’ll shower with you, I promise. Just not today.”
“I can’t wait dude. I want to sleep with you, too.”
“Wow, I didn’t know you were a horn dog.”
“I didn’t either, but damn, the way you guys were talking yesterday I’m gonna have to be one to keep up with you.”
Austin traded fist bumps with Gary and headed to the room. William couldn’t help but notice his erection.
“Fuck, dude, looks like somebody turned you on,” William said, as he pulled on his shorts.
“Gary wanted to shower with me, but I don’t have enough time,” Austin said as he got some fresh socks and underpants from his underwear drawer.
“I would have promised to shower with him later.”
“That’s what I did,” Austin said with a sexy grin.
“For a little redheaded dweeb, you’re sure a sex fiend.”
“It takes one to know one.” William had no answer for that.
Austin met Ned for breakfast. They were joined by Gary who told them his roomie had gone back to sleep. “He’s weird,” Gary concluded.
“William told me he thought he was high last night.”
“I dunno since I only saw him asleep. That’s about all I saw of him this morning, too.”
The boys talked about their schedules for the day. Austin and Ned compared their schedules and saw that they would be able to meet for lunch. Gary said he was going to have lunch with Titus later. The three boys finished eating, bused their trays, and walked to the main campus together.
Austin went to Practice Room Six. He posted his “CAUTION: NUDIST AT WORK” sign on the door but didn’t strip naked. He was afraid he would waste his time jerking off instead of practicing if he took all his clothes off. He did strip down to his briefs to be comfortable, however. He divided his morning time into two parts. Half of it was doing finger exercises and the other half was getting started on the Moonlight Sonata.
Music History was interesting. Miss Davis got into some music theory which Austin found fascinating. She told the class it was supposed to be Music History and Theory, but somehow, they got the title wrong when it was put into the camp schedule. “The high school students who did the work were too much into spring, I think,” she said.
His half-hour meeting was with Michael Kerns in Practice Room Four. Since Austin didn’t know Michael very well, he kept his pants on.
Michael went over Austin’s progress and gave him some suggestions for the Moonlight which Austin worked on. He also asked Austin to be prepared to play part of a piece he knew well on the concert grand at Benaroya Hall.
“For real?” Austin asked enthusiastically.
“Not for sure, but a couple of you will be asked to play something, so be prepared in case you’re one of them.” And I hope he is asked, Michael thought, because when it came to the camp’s pianists, Austin is the most talented of the bunch.
After the half hour was up, Christian and Benjie arrived along with Ms Zimmer. Michael scheduled a half-hour during Austin’s morning practice time the next day and left. Ms Zimmer helped Austin with the intricacies of working with Christian and Benjie. She told Austin he would not need to memorize his part; in fact, it would be better if he didn’t and concentrated on the trio as a whole. “I will be turning the pages for you. All you’ll have to worry about is your fingers,” she assured him.
The trio’s practice went well. Christian and Benjie were surprised by how much Austin already knew. They figured he would stumble around the first few bars and then be lost, which was not the case. While he hit wrong keys on occasion and his tempo was off in a couple of places, he was able to play with the boys through two-thirds of the movement without turning the pages. Austin sight read through the last part of the movement since he hadn’t yet had the time to store the music in his head. The two older boys had no doubt they had picked the right pianist to complete the trio.
Ned met Austin in the courtyard just after noon and they went into the dining hall to enjoy lunch together. They discussed several topics, from soccer, to making sure they had some practice time together on Friday, to their need to agree on a day to sign up for their recital, to just exactly what they were going to do during their Friday night sleepover. It was the last topic that interested them the most.
“How to you plan on showing me the way to do it?” Ned asked, glancing around to make sure no one was listening.
“Very carefully,” Austin said.
“That’s the way my brother answers me when I ask questions like that, only he’s usually yanking my chain. But I’m being serious because if I do it wrong it could make you mad or something.”
“I promise you it won’t make me mad,” Ned said sincerely.
“Okay, let me ask you a question and then I’ll know just how to be your teacher by the way you answer it.”
“Ask me anything and I totally swear I won’t get mad.”
Austin wasn’t too sure about that but decided he really had to ask the question since Ned’s answer really would make a huge difference. Okay, here it goes, he thought. “Would you be okay with me touching your dick?”
That led to a long, quiet pause. Austin could feel his heart thump as he hoped his question wouldn’t cost him a friendship with one of the friends he had already made at camp. The quiet seemed to drag out forever and Austin was beginning to wonder if asking the question had been wrong. He was about to apologize when Ned said, “Yeah, if it will help me learn, it’s cool if you touch me down there. Sorry it took me so long to answer; I never thought you’d ask me that and I had to do some serious thinking.”
“And your serious thinking said yes.”
“Yep, because I trust you.”
“You can trust me to stop anytime you ask me to. And you can trust me not to try to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Austin thought for a moment and went on. “Plus, you can trust me to be the best…um…,” this time Austin looked around, “…the best JO teacher you ever could have had.”
Ned grinned and said he couldn’t wait for Friday night. Both boys got up from the table battling hard-ons and bused their trays.
Austin knew that Ned, Gary, William, and John would be in his next class and was pleased to see that Titus was in the class as well. The operators of the camp called them workshops instead of classes, since the word class connotated school and school work instead of camp and fun. As far as the campers were concerned the workshops, at least the Music History and Theory workshop, seemed a lot like school, especially since there was the possibility of some of them getting practice exercises or, like Austin, musical works to learn.
But the after-lunch workshop was one they were all looking forward to. All the campers would be participating in the workshop. They were split into different groups to make the workshop more workable. The workshop was called Expanding Your Horizons. Each camper would be asked to try playing an instrument other than their own.
The rules were that the instrument couldn’t be in the same musical family as their own, it couldn’t be the piano, it couldn’t be the same instrument as one they may have tried on their own at some time, and it had to be an available instrument. Mr. Shepherd, the Camp Director, who was supervising Austin’s class, told the campers he would trust them to be forthright about their experiences and reminded the campers that it would quickly become obvious if they had played the instrument at some time.
Austin thought about picking the violin, but after hearing Mr. Shepherd’s instructions, decided to try the flute instead. Oliver had shown him some of the basics of playing the violin and Austin even learned to play a simple tune, albeit poorly.
Ned was pleased that Austin picked the flute; he picked the cello. Titus and William both picked the trumpet. “I want to make some serious noise, William grinned. Three Bainbridge graduates, who were now in college, helped Mr. Shepherd who conducted Bainbridge School’s orchestra and was familiar with all the musical families.
The campers spent the first session learning how their new instrument worked and how to control the sound it made. Used instruments, that had been a part of the camp program for years, were provided. Everyone agreed it had been one of the most fun hours at camp so far and couldn’t wait for the second meeting of the workshop.
After the workshop, Austin and Ned met in Practice Room 4 to review the piece they were going to play at an upcoming recital. Without saying anything, Austin stripped off his shorts and sat on the piano bench wearing a t-shirt and white briefs. He elected not to get naked; he wanted to wait until Friday night to get naked with Ned.
“Is this how you always practice?” Ned asked in surprise.
“Pretty much except when I get naked,” Austin replied. He pulled his NUDIST sign out of his bag and showed it to Ned, who couldn’t help but grin. “Go ahead and take your pants off, but we’ll get naked together tomorrow night.”
“Sounds like a plan.” Ned removed his shorts and said, “Where did you get that sign?”
“I think Dr. B got it, but I’m not sure.”
“Is he some kind of weirdo or something?”
“I don’t think so. It’s a long story, but he learned how I like to practice and figured this way I could get naked without somebody walking in on me by accident.”
Ned nodded and said, “You did okay on the flute, today. Being able to play the scales is a good start and I can help you with your song if you want. I mean you have the weekend to learn it before our next class…I mean workshop.”
“I don’t need to know it then.”
So? If you learn it ahead of time it will put you ahead of everybody else.”
Austin liked that thought; he enjoyed being at the top of any group he was in, especially when it came to music. But this practice time was for their planned recital, so they went right to work. After a half-hour of work, they were able to play their duet flawlessly. Ned agreed with Austin that they should go to the camp office together on Monday and sign up for a recital time.
“Okay, I know you want to practice something now. I’ve got Practice Room Two in a half-hour. I’ll see you at dinner.” Ned got dressed and left the room. Austin hung his NUDIST AT WORK sign and stripped naked. He had decided to play the Chopin waltz he learned if he was asked to play during the Benaroya field trip. He had considered the Granados but didn’t feel he knew it well enough yet. Besides, the Granados was a work that begged for a special place and time—a time where the listeners could just lean back and listen. The Chopin was more of a showpiece which would be more of an attraction during the busy fieldtrip with everyone being busy and on the move.
Austin went to work on the waltz, his fingers flying along the keyboard, his rhythm and touch flawless. Since he still had a few minutes left before he needed to get dressed, Austin pulled the Granados score out of his bag, set it up, and played it twice. He didn’t care much for his first playing, but felt much better about the second time through.
After dressing, Austin went to the swimming pool. He changed to his swim suit in the locker room and prepared for an hour of aquatic fun. He knew William and Titus would be there, but was surprised to see Brian, his new suitemate. He wasn’t sure why that surprised him and finally decided it was because he hadn’t seen but a glimpse of Brian anywhere since he had moved into the suite as Gary’s roommate.
While Titus knew that Gary wouldn’t be able to make it to the pool at that time since he had a practice room reserved, he was still disappointed to not be able to play around in the pool with his new friend. His disappointment was alleviated by the knowledge that he and Gary would be together at dinner, dining with Ned and Austin.
Titus hung around with Austin during the pool session. The two generally mild-mannered boys decided to see how long they could wrestle before the lifeguard blew his whistle and told them to stop. Austin had never had a serious wrestling session with another boy in a swimming pool. He found himself enjoying the feel of wet skin on wet skin and the tweens twisted around each other like young otters.
The lifeguard was willing to let Austin and Titus have their fun along with William and Brian until the pool started to get too crowded for wrestling. Because the two impromptu matches ate up a lot of space, Chip, a college boy who worked as one of the lifeguards for the camp, finally blew his whistle and told the boys to knock off the wrestling.
Austin and Titus quit immediately, but William and Brian needed to be stopped two more times. Chip’s threat to kick the two teens out of the pool finally put a stop to their shenanigans.
“That was fun,” Titus said as he and Austin grabbed onto the edge of the pool and worked to catch their breath.
“Yeah, it was,” Austin replied. “But did you grab my nuts on purpose or by accident.”
“On purpose,” Titus said shakily, afraid that he might have screwed up.
“Cool, but only when we’re wrestling in the pool.” Titus gave Austin a look of confusion. “Otherwise you gotta ask my permission,” Austin grinned.
That evening after dinner with Ned, Gary, and Titus, watching the movie that was played in place of the evening recital (Bohemian Rhapsody) with Ned, and enjoying a late evening snack with William, Gary and Brian, Austin got naked with William in their bedroom. They were each on their own bed, slowly stroking their erections and chatting about their day.
“Brian grabbed my nuts in the pool,” William said. “Just the fact he wrestled with me surprised the shit out of me, but him grabbing my jewels was an even bigger surprise, seeing as he never seems to say anything.”
“I think he’s just really shy,” Austin responded, his hand gently kneading his hard penis. His mind was only partly on the conversation. “Titus grabbed mine, too.”  
“So, you and me are the horndogs and it’s the two shy dudes who get daring in the pool. Wanna jerk off?”
“Duh, what do you think I’ve been doing? James wouldn’t ask me, he’d just say, ‘Let’s jerk off, bro.’”
“Okay then, let’s jerk off, bro.”
The two boys starting stroking seriously for about a minute, when William patted his bed and invited Austin over. Austin accepted the invitation and left his bed for his roommate’s.
“Are you ready for your sleepover tomorrow?” William asked.
“Yes, now shut up so we can get serious about this.”
“Okay if I help?”
Austin answered by dropping his hand away from his boner, allowing William to take over the job. Austin figured that if William had hold of his boner, he might as well take hold of William’s, and the roomies went to work jerking each other off.
“We need some of your lotion,” William said. Austin obliged him by zipping over to his nightstand and coming back with his bottle of lotion, slapping some on his and William’s cocks. Both boys had been horny for most of the day and it didn’t take long for them to bring each other off—Austin first with William following thirty seconds later.
At that point, Austin surprised William by licking William’s cum from his belly and chest. “Do you do that with your brother?” William asked.
Austin didn’t answer. Instead he used his finger to wipe off his own thin emission and feed himself.
“Are you going to give me a blow job soon?”
“I dunno. All I know is I’m going to take care of my teeth now. I think we’re ready for our sleepover.”
“I almost liked you better when you were a wuss,” William grumbled.
“A wuss would have given you zero cums. Think about it.” Austin went to the bathroom, tired of William bitching every time he didn’t do exactly what William thought he should do.
William watched Austin’s cute ass go through into the little hallway to the bathroom, wondering if he would ever be able to fuck it. Austin greeted Brian, who was at the left sink brushing his teeth. He was wearing nothing but a pair of red and gray boxer briefs. Austin greeted him, but Brian didn’t acknowledge him even after rinsing out his mouth. He did give Austin’s naked body a few extra looks, however.
William came into the bathroom just as Brian started to leave. William greeted him. Brian gave William a quick wave but said nothing. Gary came out of his and Brian’s room just as Brian went in. Austin and William noted that they said nothing to each other. Like Austin and William, Gary was naked. Other than for Brian, nudity was becoming the standard pre-bed dress code in the bathroom.
Ten minutes later the lights went out. Austin was glad William hadn’t mentioned them sleeping together. Both fell asleep fantasizing about their sleepover the next night.
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