Piano Forte

Chapter-14 The Switch

Welcome back to Piano Forte. Austin and William have new suitemates: Gary and Brian. Gary is Austin’s age and Austin finds him to be an engaging individual and a possible friend. Brian, who is William’s friend, seems to be somewhat standoffish with an air of mystery surrounding him.
Austin and William are ready for their roommate switch on Friday night. Ned will sleep in Austin’s room, while William will be sleeping with John Irish. The four boys plan to do more than sleep during their night together.
The boys were also getting ready for their Saturday field trip to Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, the home of the Seattle Symphony.



Austin’s alarm went off at 6:30. Austin grunted and got out of bed, while William rolled over in his. Austin knew that William didn’t have anything on his agenda until Music History and Theory, or whatever the workshop was being called that day, at ten, and planned on taking advantage of the extra time by sleeping in.
Austin and Gary came into the bathroom at the same time; both were naked. “Where’s Brian?” Austin asked.
“Sound asleep. I swear his parents wasted a lot of money sending him here. He’s done close to nothing in the couple of days we’ve been roomies.”
“William’s asleep, too, but he’s pretty much got an open morning. Want to shower with me?”
“You don’t have to ask twice,” Gary grinned. He took off his glasses and placed them on the counter.
The boys each had a practice room reserved at eight, so their shower was a chaste one, even though their preteen cocks managed to work up to half-mast. With one exception, the only touching they did, other than bumping each other in the small space in the shower stall, was washing each other’s backs and butts, including a quick trip through the other boy’s crack. The exception was Austin rubbing the side of Gary’s face just before turning off the water.
“You look weird without your glasses on,” Austin said. “I think you’re cuter when you’re wearing them.”
“For real? You think I’m cute? And with my glasses on?”
“You’re cute with them on or off. I just like how you look better with them on. You look so intelligent.”
“You’re getting to be a good friend, Austin. I love your red hair and if we keep this up, I’m gonna be walking out of this shower with a full mast boner.”
The boys heard the toilet flush, which fortunately did not affect the flow of the shower since the water came from two different feeder pipes. After rinsing the remaining soap from themselves, Gary opened the shower door and grabbed the towels that were hanging on the rack outside the door. He saw Brian at the sink washing his face. He was wearing the pair of gray sleep shorts he had worn to bed.
“Morning, roomie. The shower is all yours,” Gary said, as he handed Austin his towel.
“Thanks,” Brian replied grumpily. “I’ll shower later. I’m going back to bed.” Gary looked at Austin and shrugged.
Austin had breakfast with Gary, Titus, and Ned. They were becoming a cozy little quartet, which Titus noted as they ate.
“You’re right, we do have a quartet. I wonder if we could play together?” Gary asked.
“Let’s see,” Titus said, “we have two pianists, a flute player, and a violinist in our quartet. How many quartets have two pianos?”  
“I’ve taken percussion lessons,” Gary reminded them. “Now we have drums, flute, piano, and violin. Nobody ever wrote a quartet for that.”
“Maybe we could transcribe something,” Austin suggested.
“Where would we get the time to do that?” Ned asked. “I mean it’s not like we’ve had composition lessons.”
“But I bet there’s more than one camper here who has taken composition.”
“Or we could sit down together and just make a lot of noise,” Titus laughed.
“That makes as much sense as anything,” Gary said. “Speaking of senses, have you guys figured out how you’re going to do stuff tonight?” he asked Austin and Ned.
“I think the word for what we’re going to do is impov…um…”
“Improvisations,” Titus finished.
“Yeah, improvisations. Which is sometimes shortened to improv.”
“Whatever we do, it means I’ll quit being a scared wimp and learn what you guys all know,” Ned told them.
“Hey, then our quartet will all have an instrument we can play together,” Titus laughed. “And we’ll all be virtuosos playing it.”
After breakfast, the members of the yet unnamed quartet went their own ways. Austin went to Practice Room 3, set out his NAKED sign, and stripped naked. He had already planned out his hour and went right to work.
He started with warmup exercises, played McDowell’s For a Wild Rose, a piece he had learned as a ten-year-old. He liked it and knew it so well it made a good exercise. Then it was work time, spending time on the “Moonlight Sonata,” Beethoven’s first piano concerto, and, even though he had no intention of playing it anywhere, on Granados’ slow and sensuous Oriental.
At five to nine, Austin got dressed and headed to the old auditorium where Christian and Bennie were waiting for him on the stage, along with Darrell Howard, one of the regular camp counselors, working with the string players. His full-time job was a string teacher at Seattle Pacific University as well as a violinist in the Lake Union Symphony and in the Northwest Sinfonietta. The hour was spent working on the Mozart Trio with the help of the counselor.
The ten o’clock hour was Music History and Theory. Each camper had to choose a composer and tell the class what kind of music he or she wrote for the instrument the camper played in a three minute or so presentation. Austin chose Beethoven and told about his 32 piano sonatas, his five piano concertos, his piano trios, and his Bagatelles. “Some people say Beethoven wrote six piano concertos since he transcribed his violin concerto for piano. Many list it as Piano Concerto 6. Oh, and there is his Choral Fantasy too. It has piano and orchestra and chorus.”
Miss Davis praised Austin’s knowledge, both of his instrument and of the composer he chose. William chose Franz Schubert and focused his report on his Impromptus. “I can play them all,” William bragged. “Schubert never wrote any concertos, but he did write some other stuff for solo piano.” He recited some of those titles.
Ned talked about Mozart and the flute. He told how Mozart didn’t like the flute much, but still wrote some great music for the instrument.
While there was duplication of instruments and composers, nobody paired the same composer with the same instrument as someone else had. When everyone finished, Miss Davis praised the campers on their knowledge yet again and also how they were able to say what they wanted to say within their time frame. The campers were reminded that they would get time to practice more on the instrument they chose to play.
Austin and Ned both had eleven o’clock open and went to the camp office to sign up for a recital time. They picked next Wednesday out of the times available.
After signing up, they went to the dormitory courtyard and sat on a bench waiting for the dining hall to open for lunch at 11:30. They chatted and got to know each other better. Neither boy brought up the subject of the upcoming switch, even though it was foremost in their minds. They did talk about their upcoming recital and decided it would be a good idea to reserve a practice room for Tuesday, which they couldn’t do until Monday.
On the way to lunch they came across Titus, making them a lunch trio. “Violin, piano, and flute,” he said. “I bet we could make that work.”
“John says he plays the skin flute, whatever that means,” Ned said about his roommate.
“Hey, it’s like we said this morning when we were a quartet. We all have the same instrument,” Austin noted. “I guess it means jerking off is playing the skin flute, though it isn’t in your mouth like a real flute.”  Titus was the only one to catch the meaning behind what Austin had just said and he elected to keep the inference to himself. But if Austin or Ned didn’t figure it out soon, he would tell him what he thought playing a skin flute really meant.
At one o’clock Ned, Austin, and Titus had a meeting to get the final information for the fieldtrip to Benaroya Hall the next day. Since they were finished eating by noon, they bused their trays and headed for the gym area to find a game to play until one.
They met Gary heading into lunch as they came out of the dining hall. He was with his brother Steve. After trading greetings and fist bumps and high fives and whatever they continued on their way.
They found two badminton games being played. Ned and Austin got in line to play; Titus said he was willing to watch unless he found someone to pair up with.
He didn’t find anyone but enjoyed watching Ned and Austin play a pair of girls and lose. Titus realized he now had plenty of fodder to use in teasing his new friends.
William had nothing going in the morning until his ten o’clock Music History and Theory workshop. Since the dining hall closed for breakfast at nine, and he was not about to miss breakfast, he had set his alarm for 8:30.
Austin’s alarm had gone off much too early to suit him, but he’d been living in dorms long enough to know that annoyances like roommate’s alarms came with the territory. He simply grunted, turned so he was facing the wall, and fell back to sleep. When he finally awoke, he was grateful that Austin knew how to move about quietly since he had slept through to his alarm. The little pecker head was proving to be a better roommate than he had advertised.
As soon as the alarm sounded, William jumped out of bed, headed to the bathroom, and took a long and satisfactory piss. His plan was to dress in shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals, head for breakfast, and then come back to shower.
After getting eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast in the cafeteria line, he grabbed some orange juice and looked for a place to sit. He saw John Irish sitting alone at a table and joined him.
“Hey, William, whazzup?” John greeted him after he swallowed his mouthful of pancake.  
“Nothin’ much. How about you?”
“Hanging in. I got a practice room at ten with a dude named Wyatt Spencer and the dumb history class at eleven.”
“Isn’t Wyatt Spencer the dude who plays the guitar?”
John swallowed another bit of pancake and said, “Yeah, we met in History and decided to do a guitar piano duet. It’s the Grand Sonata by Paganini. It’s for violin and guitar and is a hard piece of shit.”
“I never heard of it.”
“Me either, until Wyatt told me about it. It’s a hard piece of shit but I think we can pull it off. Hell, I’d be happy if I get a chance to pull Wyatt off. He’s fourteen and fucking hot.”
“You’re weird,” William said in a kidding way. Even though he was gayer than gay, William found himself liking the outgoing boy.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” John laughed. “Are you ready for the big switch tonight?”
“Not as ready as Austin is, but I’m ready. Like I told you I’ll do anything but kiss or be a bottom.”
“Not a problem. I love being a bottom. And speaking of ready, you’d think Ned was going to Disneyland the way he was bouncing around last night. How a kid can live to be twelve and not know shit about whacking his pud is way beyond me. I was going at it when I was eight, right next to my cousin Mikey who just turned eleven and had found out what was important in life, which he just HAD to show me. I’ve loved him ever since.”
“Is he gay too?” William asked.
“Oh fuck no, he’s a straight dude who’s made more than one fish happy. But there’s nothing him and me haven’t done together and still don’t do together. He’s sixteen now and sexier than sexy and has an almost seven-inch dick. I got my brother, Liam who’s ten. And, before you ask, he knows a hell of a lot more than my roomie because me and Mikey are ready to help him grow up. And then there’s my lame sister, Grace, who isn’t sexy at all.
“And you’re thirteen, right?”
“Until tomorrow when I’ll be fourteen. And Ned’s friend Titus, who is so fucking cute, will be twelve tomorrow. I wonder if he’s still a virgin—a hard fuck would make a nice birthday present.”
“So, if I fuck you hard tonight it will be like a birthday present.”
“Fucking big time. I should warn you, I’ll be fourteen and will have as much pubic hair as my ten-year-old brother Liam.”
“He’s ten and has hair already?”
“Fuck no. He’s ten and is bald as a baby, so now you know what me and my puny dick look like under these shorts. But my boyfriend, Lenny, likes it and that’s all that counts. He’s thirteen and has a nice little patch of pubes.”
“The way the little boys have it figured out, you and I are having dinner with them and then we’ll get prepared for the big switch.”
“That’s what Ned said. And I do gotta tell you, Ned might not know shit about sex but he’s a really cool little dude. Once Austin shows him what his cock is for, I think him and I can enjoy some JO sessions together.”
The two teens finished breakfast, bused their trays, left the dining hall and headed for their dorm. John went to his room to retrieve his violin while William went to his to strip down and shower.
Brian was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when William walked in for his shower. Brian was wearing nothing but a pair of gray sleep shorts and William was wearing nothing.
“Morning,” Brian grunted. “How come you guys are always naked?”
“I’m gonna shower,” William replied. “I shower naked and so do the little dudes.”
“Whatever. I was gonna shower, but if you need it go ahead. I’m in no hurry.”
“You can shower with me if you’re in a hurry.”
“I got no place I want to go. I might just go back to bed.”
“Don’t you have workshops?”
“Somebody thinks I do, but I don’t agree.” Brian was fourteen and played the French horn. Even though he liked playing his instrument and was good at it, he resented being sent off to camp and was determined to do as little as he could get away with. He wondered why his parents thought his being away from his girlfriend, Diana, for four weeks was some kind of a privilege. The way he saw it, it was more like a punishment.
“Can I ask you something?” William asked.
“Seems to me you just did,” Brian sneered.
Asshole, William thought. “Where did you get your shit?”
“Say what? I get it from eating, where else would I get it?”
“I mean the weed.”
“What weed? I haven’t done weed, at least not here. What the hell are you talking about?”
“Your roomie said you were high your first night.”
“Sounds like my roomie is the one who was smoking shit. It’s not that I don’t smoke some dope sometimes, but I only do it with Diana. It makes for great sex.”
“Sorry, I guess I misunderstood.” William turned and stepped into the shower, convinced that he didn’t like Brian.
When William arrived for the History and Theory workshop, he gave Austin a wave, and then wondered why he made the silly little gesture. Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to be nice to him; after all, tonight I’ll get some real sex instead of the little boy stuff my roomie likes. He sat next to Cindy Becker, his piano duet partner, who grinned as he scooted his chair a little closer to her.
At eleven, Cindy and William had the recording room reserved for their practice. They were learning a piano four-hand piece by Schubert, the first of the Trois Marches Militaires by Franz Schubert. William thought Cindy was out of her element, but she was so sexy he was willing to live with her inferior playing. Everybody already knew how good he was, so he would not need to be answerable for her missed notes.
When a boy and girl were in the recording room, the school rule, and therefore the camp rule, is that they work with the door open. Since the rule didn’t specify how open the door needed to be, William left it about a third open. He and Cindy didn’t have a counselor or graduate student scheduled to work with them, William was reasonably certain they wouldn’t be disturbed. Michael Kerns would be working with them Monday through Wednesday. Unless they could schedule an extra hour or two of practice time, this would be William’s only chance to be at least semi-private while practicing with Cindy.
The Marche Militaire was a lively piece of music. William and Cindy started with the exercises Ms Zimmer had given them after they paired up to play piano four hands. Cindy’s fingering was very nimble, which led Ms Zimmer to feel that Cindy could master her part of the duet. William wasn’t so sure, but he liked looking at her breasts, her smooth white leg, and that made up for a lot of things. The short time spent making out in his dorm room made up for a lot more.
Once they finished their warmup, William thought about touching some part of her with his hand, which caused his cock to begin stiffening. He was about to ask her if he could touch a boob or a leg when his big head took over and said they had a job to do and the fun could wait. Even though he was fourteen, his big head could win a battle over his little head when the end result justified the action. In this case, he didn’t want to be embarrassed on stage by a poor performance no matter how sexy his partner was.
He and Cindy started to work, his boner deflated, and his mind concentrated on the notes and the keys. Cindy didn’t help matters, however, when she made a surprising move with about twenty minutes left in their practice time.
They had just finished a run-through and Cindy had performed quite well, losing only a half-dozen notes, about half her normal total. William had lost three notes, which was not the perfection he desired. Their timing needed a lot of work, but that would come as they worked together more.  Playing without dropping notes was their practice priority. William knew that having Michael Kearns help with timing would help both of them.
William took a deep breath after they finished the run-through and smiled at Cindy. “We’re getting better.”
“You have a nice smile,” Cindy answered.
“I do? Nobody tells me that very much.” William didn’t consider the fact that he didn’t receive a lot of compliments on his smile might be because he didn’t smile very much.
“Well, it’s nice.” Cindy leaned in and kissed William’s lips. “I wanted to kiss your smile,” she grinned. She reached down to her shorts, unbuttoned them and then unzipped them. “You can put your hand inside if you want,” she whispered.
Damn, William thought. How did she get so horny? She never let me feel her down there when we made out in my room.
He looked at the pink panties with blue flowers that had been exposed as his cock shot to instant attention. His right hand twitched in her direction and touched the silky fabric. He was about to slide inside the waistband when he stopped.  “Sorry, I can’t do it.”
“I thought you liked me,” she uttered plaintively.
“I do. This just isn’t the place and time; somebody could come any time.”
“Will you touch me sometime soon? Nobody’s ever touched me there before.”
“Sure, I promise. Next week.” William thought it would never happen, but he promised to make her happy. “I’ll teach you what it’s like for a boy to touch you there.” He felt like Austin telling Ned he would show him how to jerk off. He also felt like he was in a reverse universe. His thoughts that he had fantasized about were him opening his pants and inviting her to touch him. Instead, she surprised him by turning the tables.
Either Cindy is weird, he thought, or I’ve gone whacko by not taking advantage of this.
Cindy closed her shorts and she and William did a last run through. She dropped a few more notes this time as she thought of being where William could touch her pussy and make her feel good.
They closed with a quick kiss and left for lunch.
Austin’s afternoon was routine except for the meeting in the auditorium where they received their last instructions for the field trip the next day. He also spent some time practicing his part for the Mozart trio and got in some pool time. Before he knew it, it was dinnertime.
William had just finished showering after working out in the gym. “Why should I let a bunch of geeks see me naked when I can be naked in front of you,” he said to Austin, who was dressed and ready to go.
“Didn’t you think I was a geek?” Austin asked.
“I still do, but you’re my roomie, so you’re excused for being a geek. Plus, you’re a sexy little red head and I can’t resist being naked around you.”
“Whatever. Just hurry up and get dressed so we can pick up Ned and John.”
“You sound pretty eager to see your boyfriend.”
“He’s not my boyfriend, so hurry up.”
William chuckled as he pulled out a pair of bright blue boxer shorts.
“Nice undies,” Austin noted.
“Gotta look good for the gay boy. I bet he’s picky about underwear. Did you know that tomorrow is his birthday?”
“Yep, and it’s Titus’s birthday too.”
“They will get cards in their boxes in the morning and there will be birthday cake and ice cream at evening snack time tomorrow. The camp takes birthdays seriously.”
Austin and William met John and Ned in the foyer, and they headed off to dinner together. Their switching conspiracy was beginning. After dinner Ned moved his toilet gear along with fresh underwear to Austin and William’s room while William took what he needed to Ned and John’s room.
Unlike the weeknight recitals, attendance was required at the Friday night recital. Tuesday and Saturday nights were movie nights (except the first week when it was Thursday and Saturday. Sunday was faculty recital night.
The recitalists for Saturday were campers who had played at a weekday recital. They were picked by a panel consisting of two faculty members and three campers with two or more years’ experience at the camp. William had been told he was going to be one of the panelists the second week of camp and not to schedule any of his own recitals that week. A few of their parents were in attendance.
The campers played the same works they had performed either in their weekday recitals or as a work they had selected to perform opening weekend. They could also play a short piece after everyone had performed if time permitted. There was a total of ten short presentations plus five more add-ons. Every camper showed up for the recital, including Brian, who signed in and then took a seat in the upper row of the balcony.
After the recitals, the dining hall filled up with campers getting evening snacks. Titus and Gary joined the four switchers at one of the larger tables.
“I have a boner just thinking about what you guys are going to do,” Gary said.
“Be careful or your glasses might steam up,” Titus joked. “Too bad you and I can’t get together in bed.”
“Who says we have to mess around in a bed?” Gary smirked.
“I thought you said the only thing you’ve done with another guy is jerk each other off.”
“It’s probably more than you’ve done with anybody.”
Titus blushed.
“Happy Birthday tomorrow if I don’t see you.” Austin wanted to save Titus from embarrassment but ended up embarrassing him more.
“Hey, William, is it true that there’s birthday cake and ice cream at snack time tomorrow?” Titus asked.
“That would be a yes. You and John better be there so we can all sing to you.”
“Hey, Neddy, shall we go?” Austin said as he finished his bowl of chocolate ice cream.
“I’m ready,” Ned said.
“You guys have fun,” John grinned. “But I know me and Willy will have more orgasms than you two little toddlers.”
“In your dreams. And don’t call me Willy!” Austin and William burst out in unison.
After entering Austin’s room, Ned and Austin peed and took care of brushing and washing. Austin locked the door after reentering the bedroom.
“What’s first?” Ned asked as he sat on William’s bed. Austin sat on his own bed.
“Well, it works best if you’re naked,” Austin said patiently. He had wondered if Ned’s sexual innocence was a put on, but he had finally become convinced that Ned was really as naïve as he acted.
“You mean just strip off our clothes?”
“It’s something you should have expected. I mean we weren’t going to jerk off in our pants.”
“Have you ever jerked off in your pants?”
“Yes, but there were special circumstances when it happened.”
“Well, if I want to learn, I guess I should do like I’m told.”
Austin pulled off his shirt and Ned followed suit. They removed their shoes and socks together. Austin then opened and unzipped his pants while Ned sat frozen on William’s bed.
“Ned, if you’re gonna be scared about everything, this isn’t going to work. I know you’ve been naked in front of other boys in the pool locker room.”
“It’s different in front of just one guy. Plus, I’ve got a boner.”
Austin was starting to lose patience. He pulled off his pants and his white briefs, revealing his rock-hard three-and-a-half inches. “You’ve got nothing I don’t have.”
Ned took a deep breath and removed his pants. His boxers were bulging out in the front as his just over three-inch erection pushed out the cloth of his underpants. He took another deep breath and removed his boxers, tossing them on the floor.
“You’ve got a nice dick,” Austin said.
“I do?”
“Yeah, it’s real straight and sticks right up and your balls are tight. I dunno, it’s just nice.”
“I don’t have hair.”
“I don’t either except for six little ones that nobody can see they’re so little and skinny.”
“You’ve counted them?”
“Yeah. I mean I think it’s six, I’m not sure.”
“Can I see them?”
“Come on over.” Ned crossed the room and sat next to Austin. Aha, we’re starting to make progress, Austin thought. Austin pointed to a little sliver of hair; Ned brought his head so close to Austin’s crotch that Austin’s boner almost poked his face before he realized what he was doing.
“Dang, you need a microscope to see that thing,” Ned observed.
“But, it’s there, which means it will get longer and thicker and darker and the next you know I’ll have a bush. You wait until you see your first sliver; you’ll be ready to play a jig on our violin and dance to it.”
“My face almost touched your dick.”
“I think we would have both survived it. Now, let’s get down to business.” Ned stood up and took a step back toward William’s bed.  “Hey, where are you going? It will be easier to teach you if you stay here.”
Ned shook his wave of blond hair from his left eye and sat down. Austin took his bottle of lotion out of his nightstand and set it on the bed. “Okay, first this works better if you’re dick is slick. Guys with their skin, like my friend Oliver, get lubed up from their skin, but guys without, like you and me, get off better with lube.”
Austin spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and stroked himself a couple of times. “This is one way you can do it if you don’t have any lotion handy. But lotion or Vaseline or KY Jelly works better. I like lotion because it smells good and isn’t as sticky and gooey. You can just wipe it off when you’re done.” Austin squirted some lotion on his left hand and rubbed it on the shaft of his cock and then added a bit more and massaged it into his glans. Ned watched in fascination.
“Shit, it feels good doing that and I haven’t really started yet. Okay, hold out your hand.” Ned did so and Austin squirted some lotion on his palm. “Now rub it in like I showed you.” Austin set the bottle down between him and Ned.
Ned rubbed the lotion on his cock. The coldness of the lotion felt weird but as soon as he started stroking the lotion seemed to warm up. “It feels real good.”
“Put some more on and twist your hand while you stroke.”
The lesson went on from there until Austin was jerking off in earnest and Ned was keeping up with him. “It keeps feeling better and better and better,” Ned panted.
“I’m ready to shoot. Watch this,” Austin told him. Ned slowed his stroke down and watched as Austin squealed as he squirted a shot of clear cum that hit above his naval, three more that landed on his flat belly, and a couple of drips oozed down his shaft. “Oh, fuck, that was so good.”
“That was awesome,” Ned said. “What was that?”
“That was cum. It’s the stuff that makes babies, but mine’s not mature enough yet. And I had an orgasm and it’s the best feeling in the world.”
“Will I make that?”
“Hard to tell until you go all the way. You might not be ready yet. I couldn’t make anything until I was like eleven and a half. Now, squirt some more lotion on you and keep going.”
Ned obeyed and continued for a couple more minutes when his demeanor changed. “Austin, it’s feeling totally weird…what’s going on…do I keep going?”
“Yeah, just keep going.”
Ned went on for ten more strokes when his body shuddered, his little penis quivered, and he enjoyed his first orgasm. He dropped back on the bed and tried to catch his breath while lightly stroking himself hoping to recapture the moment.
“Well, was it worth it?” Austin asked his friend.
“Oh, yeah. Can we do it again?”
Austin wrapped his arm around his friend’s thin shoulder, enjoying the feel of his soft skin. “I think I’ve got one more in me.”
“Damn, you have a kickass cock, Willy,” John said before taking another lick of William’s four-and-a-half inches of boyhood.
“I thought we were fucking not giving blow jobs,” William responded. “And my name is William.”
“Whatever your name is, you still have a nice cock. And I’m pre-lubing you not sucking you. I only put you in my mouth once to rate how you taste and feel. Besides, I love having your pubes tickle my face.”

“You’re weird. Maybe you like feeling guys’ pubes because you don’t have any of your own.”

 “I told you I was bald down there. Fucking fourteen and hairless. But it doesn’t top me from being a horny fucker.  

 John ignored him and gave  William's glans a few licks. There had been no byplay or chat between them when they entered John’s room. John started taking off his clothes and William followed suit. William could see that this was going to be all about raw sex, which didn’t bother him; after all one of his two rules for the night was no kissing.
“Let me see your ass,” John commanded.
“I said I won’t bottom.”
“I just want to see it. I mean, I could rim it, which is different than fucking it. Have you ever been rimmed?”
“Never.” William wondered why Kevin had never brought up the topic of rimming.
William raised his hips and showed John his smooth ass. “Damn, that’s nice too.” John rubbed William’s pucker with the middle finger of his right hand. Great hole. And it’s a virgin ass. Too bad you don’t want to get fucked; I could make you feel real good.” He leaned in and pushed his tongue into William’s crack. “It would feel even better than that.”
“Yeah, that felt really good. And if you don’t stop and let me fuck you, I’m gonna squirt.”
“That’s the idea. We’re here to cum, cum, cum.”
“Then let me cum, cum, cum, in your ass, which looks really fuckable by the way.”
Except for the hair on his head, John was completely hairless, a look that William liked. John appealed to him physically, the way a girl would—smooth skin all around with an inviting hole to park his cock.
Within minutes he had it parked where he wanted, and the fucking commenced. William took John fast and hard, causing the thirteen-year-old to spontaneously shoot his clear cum over his chest and belly. William didn’t have much more staying power and soon filled John’s ass with his more mature semen.
“You were a good bottom,” William said as the naked teens recovered on John’s bed.
“That’s because you were a good top. Are you ready for round two?”
“I gotta pee first, then we’ll see.”
“Or I could fuck you.”
“In your dreams,” William said over his shoulder as he walked toward the bathroom door.
 Austin and Ned hadn’t moved since their orgasms. Their naked bodies were cuddled together as Ned was discovering how nice being naked with a friend could be.
“Thanks for being a good friend,” Ned finally said. “Hey, maybe you can tell me about jerking off in your pants.”
“I will, but at a later time. Right now, there’s a lot more I could show you. Jerking off is just the start. I jerk you off so you can see how that feels.”
“Let me think about it. I gotta go pee first and them we’ll see. I mean you jerking me off sounds way different.”
“It is.”
Austin followed Ned into the bathroom and into the toilet stall. He waited for Ned to protest, but nothing was said. They ended up standing side-by-side and peed into the toilet together. Austin was amazed with how quickly Ned was loosening up.
When they plopped back on Austin’s bed, Ned said, “I’m here to learn, so, yeah, you can jerk me off.”
“All right!” Austin said. The little red head scooted next to the brilliant blond and started on lesson two.
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