Piano Forte

Chapter 12-Moonlight Challenge

Austin was chosen to be the pianist in Christian’s piano trio. He was also given an assignment by Michael Kerns, a guest piano teacher. Austin found a new friend in Titus Hayden


William’s alarm woke up both William and Austin. Austin looked at the time and saw that William had set his alarm ten minutes earlier than he had. He decided he and William would have to come up with a plan for coordinating their wake-up times.
Austin turned on his light as William rose from his bed, proudly displaying his morning wood. “Good morning, roomie,” William grinned. “Do you like what you see?”
“It’s morning wood,” Austin replied matter-of-factly. “You can see mine if you want.” Without waiting for a reply, he pulled back his covers to reveal his virtually hairless three-plus-inch erection.
“Want to shower together?” William asked.
“I want to call my mom before she leaves for work.”
“I’ll wait.”
“You just want to rub your dick on me while we shower.”
William grinned and said, “I’ll jerk you off while I do it.”
“Is this what you did with Keith all the time when you were rooming with him?”
“We had sex, but we only showered together a couple of times when we were in a hurry.”
“And now you want to shower with me for the second morning in a row. Why?”
“Maybe because you’re cuter and sexier than Keith.” William was slowly stroking and rubbing his cock. “No, really, during the school year all of the rooms around the suites are occupied, so it’s a bit tougher to do the shower together thing. It will be for us, too, when the mini-camps start.”
“Well, whatever, you can wait, or you can shower, but I’m making my phone call.”
William answered by flopping onto his bed.
Austin punched his mother’s number and was pleased when she answered. She was even more pleased when he called. “I haven’t heard from you since Monday.”
“Mom, that was just the day before yesterday.”
“Well, it seems like forever. So, tell me how camp is going.”
Austin told her it was going great. He could see William wince when he mentioned being picked to play in Christian’s trio. After telling her about his classes and about making friends with Ned and Titus she wished him well and said she had to go.
“Do you want to talk to James?”
“Is he awake?”
“Not yet, but I’ll wake him up of you want.”
“Nah, tell him I’ll call him later today.”
“Okay, bye Mom…I love you, too.” He waited for William to make a snarky remark about his saying “I love you” to his mom, but he simply stood up and started for the bathroom.
“It sounded like your mom didn’t ask about me. I mean, you never said anything about me to your mom,” William said as he stepped into the shower stall.
“She didn’t and I didn’t say anything. I mean what was I supposed to tell her with you listening?” Austin followed William into the shower and shut the opaque glass door. “Yeah, Mom, William has been a better roommate than I thought he would be, but he’ll never be roommate of the year, because he can be an asshole sometimes.”
“You’re funny. And you can be a little dweeb most of the time, so what can I say? Well, I guess I can say it’s good you made that a short call. I was about to seriously whack off. Then your mother would ask what all the moaning and groaning was about.”
“Living with me and James, I’m pretty sure she knows,” Austin blushed.
Remembering Austin’s request of the day before, William asked if he could rub his cock on Austin’s cheeks and touch his cock. Austin readily agreed since he had become surprisingly horny.
The warm water felt good as it sprayed on Austin’s body. His ass cheeks felt good as William humped him from one side to the other, spending an extra moment on his crack each time he crossed over it. And William’s right hand, which was wrapped around his cock, made him feel totally turned on as it slid up and down his small shaft.
William came first as he stopped his cheek trading and humped Austin’s ass crack. Austin spread his legs to let his roommate’s shaft slide into the crack a little. He didn’t want to spread his legs, but at the same time he wanted to see how it would feel having William cum on his crack, so he spread them.
“Awwwwwwww, shit,” William squeaked as he shot his teen cum more onto the top of Austin’s crack than in it. Austin came seconds later, squirting some drops of thin pubescent cum against the shower wall.
“That was good, roomie,” William breathed. “Now I’m ready to face the day. How about you?”
“Just make sure you wash all of your cum off my butt,” Austin said. During his sexual escapades with his brother and with Oliver he had never felt as sexy as he had in the shower just then.
“Damn, you’ve got another cool t-shirt,” William said when Austin pulled a fresh t-shirt on. “I need to get some of those.”
“I told you I’d get you the website. I keep forgetting to ask mom.”
“You could just Google it, you know.”
“Yeah, I suppose.” This one was not a piano shirt. It had a portrait of Beethoven and a quote that read, “These fingers of mine, they got brains in ’em. You don’t tell them what to do – they do it.” What Austin didn’t know about the shirt was that it was going to be a factor in his being assigned extra work.
<Austin, Titus, Ned>
Austin and William took the stairs down to the dormitory’s foyer where Ned was waiting for them. He told Ned that his new friend Titus would be joining them. As soon as he said that, Titus came bouncing down the stairs. Ned liked the looks of the little blond. Austin introduced Titus to William and Ned.
“Where is John?” William asked Ned.
“He booked an early practice room,” Ned replied.
On the way to the dining hall, William saw Cindy Becker. “I’m going to do breakfast with her. We need to talk about the duet we’re working on,” he told the boys. He took off to greet her; Austin thought she looked pleased to see him.
The boys got their breakfast from the buffet line, found a table, and went to the drink bar for their juice and milk. When they returned to the table, Ned and Titus talked about where they lived and their musical backgrounds. Austin was delighted to see that Ned and Titus liked each other; he thought they were going to make a great trio of friends.
 “Did I tell you that John is cool about Friday night?” Ned asked Austin.
“Whoa, that’s going to make Friday pretty fun,” Austin said. 
“Yeah, for everybody.”
“What’s going on Friday?” Titus asked. Ned realized right away he’d goofed up by talking about Friday night in front of Titus. While Ned tried to come up with a good lie Austin told the truth.
“We’re gonna switch roomies for the night,” Austin told Titus.
“Oh, cool. Kinda like a sleepover. I’ve had lots of those.” Austin had learned as they ate that Titus was a popular boy with a lot of friends. “What are you guys going to do on Friday?”
“Austin is going to show me how to do something.”
“Like what?”
“Just something.”
Titus gave Ned a look that said, I thought you wanted to be my friend and now you don’t trust me. Ned looked at Austin who nodded. “Okay, but you can’t go blabbing this to anybody, okay?”
“I promise—not that I know anybody to blab things to. But I think I know what it is.”
Austin was certain that Titus didn’t know—he looked too sweet and young and innocent to know about what he was going to show Ned. Austin forgot that even at twelve he looked almost as sweet and innocent as Titus.
“What is it?” Ned asked. He was hoping Titus would guess right so he wouldn’t get embarrassed trying to tell him. Of course, he would get embarrassed hearing about it, but that was something else entirely.
“Playing with your wiener until it feels awesomely good. Kind of like what Carlos did Monday night. He did it under the sheets and doesn’t know I know, but I know he was doing it because I could hear him.”
“Did he do it last night?” Austin asked.
“Not before I fell asleep.” Because of what William told them they did in the bushes, Austin had a good idea why Carlos skipped jerking off last night.
“Yeah, I’ve heard John doing it, too. And that’s what Austin is going to show me,” Ned said as he blushed bright red. Austin thought it was interesting that Titus didn’t seem bothered by the sexy talk.
“Have you heard William doing it?” Titus asked.
“I’ve caught him doing it, and he’s caught me doing it. This morning we did it together.” The last part wasn’t entirely true, but Austin figured it was close enough.
“Wow, you’re lucky to do that. Parker showed me how to do it during Christmas break.” Parker was Titus’s fourteen-year-old brother. “I’ve shown my friends Shawn, Jimmy, and Donald and we all get the good feeling. That’s what makes our overnights lots of fun. They’re all eleven.”
“My brother showed me how to do it, too,” Austin said.
“I think I got cheated by having a big sister instead of a big brother,” Ned moaned.
“We’re going to have to do some stuff together,” Titus said eagerly.
“Sounds good to me,” Austin said.
“I need to wait and see if I can learn how to do it first,” Ned said.
“It’s easy to do. When Austin gets done, you’ll be wanting to do it all the time.”
“Have you done it here at camp yet?” Austin asked.
“Not yet, but I’m going to do it today.”
The boys bused their trays and walked to the music building together. Austin could tell that sweet, innocent Titus was not so innocent; he was a horny little boy, a fact that was giving Austin a boner.
“Don’t forget to ask if somebody wants to play the piano for me when you have your piano meeting,” Titus told Austin.
“It’s as good as done. Anybody want to meet for lunch? I’m open at noon.”
“I meet with my flute teacher then,” Ned replied.
“I can be there. I’ll see you in the dorm courtyard,” Titus said.
Austin waved and doubled checked his schedule. Because of individual lessons, practice room schedules, and various other factors, schedules changed every day, which was one of many things that made music camp different from school. He had music history next and headed for class. Little did he know that opening his mouth in class was going to be a factor in Miss Davis, the music history teacher, assigning him extra work.
The topic of Miss Davis’s lesson was Mozart and Beethoven. She polled her students to find out what works by those composers they had played.
When Austin’s turn came up, he listed a number of works by Mozart, including Piano Sonata 10 he had learned for camp and the third movement of the K 502 Piano Trio he would be playing at camp (although he was planning to learn the entire trio). The only Beethoven he had played was “Fur Elise”. The discussion went into what they liked about the work, how hard they were to play, and so forth.
After everyone had their turn to share, Gary Wright, who was twelve and played the piano as well as some percussion, raised his hand. This was Gary’s first day at camp. He arrived late because his brother had been recovering from a sprained ankle he had suffered in a skateboard accident. Because they lived in Portland, Oregon, their parents wanted to bring both boys to camp in one trip. Gary had well-trimmed brown hair, as did his brother, and wore wire-frame glasses. Austin wondered how well he played the piano. He thought Gary was cute and that somehow his glasses enhanced his looks, making him look arty instead of nerdy.
“Ms Davis, who do you like best, Mozart or Beethoven?” Gary asked.
“I like Mozart better,” she replied. “In fact, I think he was the better composer of the two. He had a much broader repertoire and composed many more major works. Also, as they say, Mozart makes you smarter. Mozart’s music is simply more precise while Beethoven, as great as he is, tends to ramble. He shocked the audiences of the time, while Mozart delighted them. It is such a shame he died so young.” She saw that Austin had raised his hand. “Yes, Austin?”
“I like Beethoven better because he kept doing things differently. Sometimes he really makes me want to move when I listen to him. I love air conducting his music—it’s got the beat going. Yeah, Mozart makes me smarter, but Beethoven really makes me move and think. Every time I hear him his music just seems to sound perfect.”
He held up his phone and before Miss Davis could say that was a no-no, he went on. “I looked up a quote on my Notebook so I could get it right. Robert Schumann said, ‘I love Mozart, but I worship Beethoven as a god’.”
“Very nicely said, Austin. I, too, love Mozart and love Beethoven, I just love Mozart more. And, if you think more highly of Beethoven than you do of Mozart, who was a very accomplished musician at your age, why is it that you’ve learned to play so much more Mozart than Beethoven?”
“Because Mr. Fielding says I need to be a teenager to be able to play him.”
“And how old are you now?”
“I’m twelve.” Austin thought about telling Miss Davis that Mr. Fielding had assigned him to learn the first movement of Beethoven Sonata Number One, but decided to wait and see how his conversation with the teacher played out.
Miss Davis was a little surprised; she had him pegged for eleven. “That is old enough to learn more than one work of your favorite. Yes, a lot of maturity is needed to play much of what he wrote, but I think this camp would be a wonderful place to learn a work, or at least part of one.”
The campers all looked directly at Austin to see how he would react to getting a music assignment. Not everyone liked the workload they were getting, even though they knew that working hard was a big part of attending the music camp. They also wondered what Miss Davis was going to assign the cute little redhead.
Miss Davis walked over to Austin’s seat and pretended to read the t-shirt she had read just after Austin had pulled off his hoodie. “A very nice quote, Austin.” She proceeded to read it to the class. “’These fingers of mine, they got brains in ’em. You don’t tell them what to do – they do it.’ I believe it is time to put those brainy fingers to work.”
Austin wanted to protest that he already had more than enough work to do, then remembered that this was what coming to camp was all about. “I’ll do my best,” he said without much enthusiasm.
“Very good. I think the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata would be perfect. Lively. Difficult. But, from what I’ve seen and heard, within your abilities. I will have a scorebook for you in the morning.”
She then moved the discussion back to the entire class while Austin wondered what he had gotten himself into, not just that morning, but with the camp in general. He also wondered what Mr. Fielding would think of him coming home playing the “Moonlight Sonata” instead of the one his teacher had assigned.
After the history class ended, Austin went to the auditorium where the piano campers would be having a general meeting. Dr. Boardman, Ms Zimmer, Michael Kerns, and Mr. Turner, the piano tuner and percussion teacher ,plus all the piano campers were present.
Dr. Boardman introduced Michael Kerns for the benefit of the campers who had not yet met him.
Dr. Boardman and Ms Zimmer then discussed a number of procedures the campers needed to know: practice room scheduling, meetings with individual teachers and counselors, and how to sign up for recitals.  William and Austin paid close attention to the signups since William would be playing a duet with Cindy Becker (who was sitting next to him) and Austin and Ned would be playing together. Austin asked Dr. Boardman who should sign up for the recitals that weren’t solos.
“That would be you, Austin, since you would need a time when the piano was available. Either Ms Zimmer or I will work with Mr. Gedman to help you out.” Mr. Gedman was the camp’s woodwind teacher. He played for the Seattle Symphony and for a baroque ensemble and was at the camp as a guest teacher.
Dr. Boardman looked at Austin’s t-shirt and read it to the class. “I like what it says, Austin. I believe we have a lot of very brainy fingers in the auditorium this morning. Oh, and I heard your fingers are going to be kept very busy dealing with one Ludwig van Beethoven.”
“My fingers were already busy, so I guess they’re just going to get busier.”
“And even brainier,” the teacher grinned. 
Ms Zimmer talked about the upcoming field trip to Benaroya Hall on Saturday. Benaroya was the home of the Seattle Symphony. Field trip group two, which included all the piano and percussion students, were all in that group. There were three groups and each or them would have a field trip to the great music hall.
After the teachers finished their presentation, Dr. Boardman asked if anybody had any questions on any relevant topic. Austin raised his hand and mentioned Titus Hayden needing someone to accompany him on his violin.
“Oh my, I was going to find him one and it slipped my mind. I owe him an apology and an accompanist. I assume you didn’t volunteer when he asked, Austin.”
“No, ma’am, I was busy enough and that was before I found out I would be Moonlighting.” Austin felt pleased with his little play on words.
“Well then, who is interested in working on their accompaniment skills with Titus, who is a talented fiddler by the way.” Ms Zimmer’s use of fiddler instead of violinist sent a wave a laughter though the class.
Three hands went up. The volunteers were Mary Kwon, who was thirteen and volunteered for everything, Jim Zimmer, fourteen, a loner who rarely participated in anything beyond his piano lessons, and Gary Wright. Austin looked over at William, who was staring at Gary’s brother Steve. Austin knew what William was thinking since he was becoming familiar with his roommate’s expressions of lust.
Ms Zimmer was pleased to see Gary raise his hand. It was good the boy was willing to take part so quickly following his late arrival. She was also disappointed his brother Steve was slower in participating. She thought he appeared very reserved while his younger brother seemed to be more outgoing.
Austin watched Ms Zimmer and Dr. Boardman quickly discuss what they were going to do. When they finished, Ms Zimmer announced that Gary would work with Titus since he hadn’t had a chance to take on any projects yet.
Austin raised his hand and Ms Zimmer called on him. “Ms Zimmer, since I know Titus and am meeting him for lunch maybe Gary could go with me so they can meet.”
“That would be a wonderful gesture, Austin. Thank you very much.” Gary grinned at Austin and waved. Austin was happy that he would finally have a friend who played piano.
Dr. Boardman announced that since Gary and Steve had missed the start of camp, the rest of their meeting time would be used to listen to them each play one of the pieces they picked as their pre-camp assignment.
William played close attention as Steve played a flawless rendition of Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” and William went from simple infatuation to almost giant teen boy crush. Gary played two works. A very a short work by Mozart entitled, “Eine Keine Gigue”, followed by Mozart’s “Turkish March.” Austin was impressed by Gary’s playing, especially the fast-paced march, even though he did miss a few notes; of course they all missed notes.
After their performance, Michael Kerns told six campers he would be meeting with them individually after lunch. He gave them their times and said he would be posting the next day’s schedule in the morning. “I looked at your class schedules and your practice room reservations before scheduling you. If I made any mistakes, be sure to let me know right away.”
Austin introduced himself to Gary. The boys exchanged some personal information, like age, grade, where they were from—all the important things. And then came the little things.
“Which room are you in?” Austin asked.
“416,” Gary replied.
“Whoa, that’s in my suite. It didn’t look like there was anybody in it this morning, so when did you move in?”
“I haven’t yet. My guide or sponsor is supposed to meet me now to get me and Steve moved in. His name is Christian.”
 “Christian is my sponsor, too. He’s really great. But you don’t have a roommate in there.”
Gary looked confused. “I’m supposed to have one. His name is Rich. He plays percussion. We’ve been texting each other but he hasn’t answered me since last Wednesday.”
“There’s nobody in that room. What about your brother, does he have a roomie?”
“Yeah. He plays the piano and was at the piano meeting, but he plays the organ too. He’s fifteen.”
“I can’t wait to hear him play that big old pipe organ in the old auditorium.” Their chat was interrupted by Christian who had just entered the auditorium.
He and Gary had met briefly in the school office. His father had driven Gary and his brother up from Portland, leaving very early in the morning. Gary slept in the backseat for almost the entire trip.
Christian and Wade Benson were at the office to meet the Wright family. Steve wanted to take his luggage to his room and Wade led the way. When Gary saw his schedule, he asked if he could go to his first class and to the piano meeting.
“What about going to your room first?” his father asked.
“I can always go to my room,” Gary replied. “I want to see what my history class is like and maybe find a new friend.”
Eldon Wright was not surprised by his son’s eagerness. His personality was all about jumping into the deep end feet first and getting wet. “I’ve got time to nap after lunch, right Christian?”
“It looks like that to me. I’ll take you to your class and meet you after class to guide you to the meeting. And after the meeting, let’s get your luggage to your room and get to lunch. Then it’s after lunch nap time and I’ll give you a tour of the school at three. How does that sound?”
“It sounds busy. Let’s do it.”
After his class, he met Steve coming into the auditorium with Wade. “Wade is mean. He said I had to come to the meeting. Here I am,” Steve told his brother.
After the meeting, Steve was met by Wade for his tour and Christian found Gary with Austin. Gary told Christian that he would go to lunch with Austin so he could meet Titus.
“You can come and eat with us if you want,” Austin told Christian.
“Thanks for the invite, but I’ll meet with Benny. And don’t forget, Austin, that you’re meeting with Benny and me tomorrow.”
“I know. I’ll be working on it this afternoon.”
“And I’m still meeting you Gary, for your tour as soon as we get your stuff to you room.”
“I’ll be ready,” Gary grinned. “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Austin said I’m going to be in his suite, and he saw that nobody is in my room. What happened to my roommate?”
“I have no idea,” Christian told him. “But I will find out by the time we meet,”
“Great, thank you.”
Titus was surprised to see Austin with another boy when he came to their meeting place, but he was very happy when he found out that the boy would be his accompanist. Austin was pleased to see Gary and Titus hit it off. He could tell they would make a good team.
“I’m going to dump my hoodie in my room and get my scorebooks. You can come with me and see your room if you want,” he told Gary.
“I’ll make Christian happy and see it with him. And I’ll see what Titus wants to play so we can start working together.”
Austin hustled to his room and was met with a surprise when he opened the door. William was sitting on his bed with Cindy Becker. They were both bare-chested, their shirts and Cindy’s bra on the floor. Cindy quickly grabbed her shirt off the floor and covered her chest with it, but Austin had already got his first look at a girl’s breasts which gave his groin a real jolt.
“You guys sure work fast,” Austin said as he tossed his hoodie on his bed and grabbed his carrying case with his scores out of his closet.
“We’re just working on our teamwork to help our piano playing. And before your dirty little mind thinks dirty things, we’re not going any farther than this. I mean, it is lunch time.”
“Whatever. Sorry to bother you, Cindy, but I’m not so sorry to bother him.”  Austin pointed his finger right at William and then left the room. He wondered how long it would take them to get rid of the rest of their clothes, lunch or no lunch.
Austin enjoyed his lunch with Titus and Gary. They were both great kids and were already his friends and he could see that Titus and Gary really liked each other. Gary told Titus he was from Portland, Oregon, had just finished sixth grade, and was twelve. Just as they started clearing their table, Christian came over. “I found out what happened to your roommate,” Christian said to Gary. “It seems he got into a shitload of trouble at home and his parents cancelled on Monday. I have no clue what he did, but he’s not coming to camp.
“Does that mean I have my own private room?” Gary asked hopefully.
“No, it means you will have horny player, I mean horn player, as a roommate. He should be arriving sometime this evening.”
“Do you know his name?”
“It’s Brian Hanson. He’s from Tacoma and he’s thirteen. Now you know everything I know.”
“Well, so much for William and me taking showers together in the morning,” Austin said mournfully.
“Hey, don’t let me stop you,” Gary grinned.
Austin’s afternoon was busy. He had a half-hour meeting with Ms Zimmer where they went over what he had accomplished so far with his part of the Mozart trio, and his first practice session with Christian and Benny. He had an hour free-time and took advantage of it by swimming. He met Ned in the locker room, and they enjoyed each other’s company in the pool.
“Let’s meet tomorrow for some practice together,” Ned said. “I know we’re doing pretty good, but I want some more time before you sign us up for a recital time.”
“Sounds good. We talked about practicing together today and I have a practice room at four. You can join me then.”
“I know we talked about it but let’s wait until tomorrow.”
“Whatever. It’s up to you. It’s not like we’re in a hurry or anything.”
When Austin showed up in Practice Room D he found a manila envelope addressed to him on the piano bench. He opened it and found a sign printed on heavy stock reading “CAUTION: NUDIST AT WORK.” The envelope did not indicate who had delivered it, but Austin was ninety-nine percent certain it came from Dr. B.
Austin saw the sign as tacit permission to practice piano the way he liked practicing and that was in the nude. The sign had a loop of wire so it could be hung on the door handle. Austin hung the sign, wondering what passing campers would think when they saw it. He then closed the door and stripped all his clothes off, placing them on the worktable. He and Ms Zimmer had worked out a schedule for his time in the room that day and in order to stick to it, Austin knew he needed to get to work.
He spent the first part of his session working on his part of the Mozart trio, concentrating on doing what Ms Zimmer emphasized. Next, he started work on the Granados piece Michael Kerns has assigned him. It was a work he’d never heard until he went to the library right after his swimming time, logged in on a library computer station and looked the piece up on YouTube. He discovered he really liked the peace he felt playing the work. What his mind couldn’t yet comprehend was that the piano work was sensual. Not for the first time, Austin had a boner while practicing.
Just for fun, he spent the last ten minutes playing around with the first movement of the Beethoven Piano Sonata Number 1 that Josh had assigned him. He had taken a quick look at the scorebook for the “Moonlight” Sonata in the library. He knew that was going to be much more difficult than the sonata Josh had assigned him, but he was okay with that. He was ready to surprise Josh with his Beethoven after camp was over.
Austin, Ned, Gary, Titus, William, and John Irish met for dinner together. John was the one who arranged the group meal. He suggested it at first as a four-person group because of what was planned for Friday night: William and Austin switching roommates with Ned and John.
“If we’re going to be switching roomies, we probably should get to know each other better and figure out just exactly how it’s going to work,” John said.
Austin wanted to eat with Gary and Titus as well and suggested they join the group. John was reluctant at first since they weren’t going to be part of the Friday night switch, but finally gave in after Austin suggested the four switchers meet in the dining hall for a pre-bed snack. “Ned and I want to be with my new friends as much as we can,” was one of Austin’s arguments.
At first Gary said he was going to eat with his brother, Steve. But Steve said he and his roommate wanted to get to know each other since Steve had been late arriving. Gary thought it was interesting that his brother wanted to get to know someone new since he usually spent his time by himself. But he was okay with his brother’s decision, because he could eat dinner with his new friends.
After dinner, Austin hung out with Gary and Titus for a half-hour or so in the dormitory lounge and then joined Ned to listen to the evening’s recitals in the auditorium. After the recitals, Austin and Ned said they were going to meet with William and John for snack time.
“Is this about Friday?” Titus asked.
“Yeah. The teeeeeeenagers want to show us how grown up they are by making big plans,” Austin said. “I’m glad my brother isn’t that dorky or I’d quit doing stuff with him.”
Gary looked directly at Austin and said, “By doing stuff with him do you mean messing around stuff?”
“Yeah, don’t you?”
“Not really. I mean I caught him jerking off a couple of years ago and he showed me what was going on, but that’s about it. Just showing me that shit is not what he usually does because he’s so private. But I caught him on the couch and kept bugging him about it, so I guess he decided to show me to shut me up. We were like twelve and ten when it happened.”
“Maybe James and I are weird, but I he’s a super brother. He likes teaching me stuff and then we have fun doing it.”
Gary nodded. “Maybe I should see if things have changed. I mean from what I know, if you’re fourteen you’re probably horny and he might want to jerk off with me again now that we’re older. I mean I jerk off with my friend Corey sometimes, so why not do it with my brother?”
“We need to figure out how to do more switches so we can take turns having overnights,” Titus said.
“As long as the proctors don’t catch us, yeah, it should be fun,” Gary said.
“I found out that everybody calls them prickters,” Austin told Gray.
“Ohh, that’s a great name.”
The meeting to plan the Friday switch wasn’t very long, but the four boys stayed together long enough for them to finish their dessert special. The special for that evening was a hot fudge sundae. It was agreed that William and John would sleep in John and Ned’s room with Austin and Ned sleeping in William and Austin’s room.
After that was taken care of Austin told what he had walked into before when he went to his room. With a sly grin, he asked William how far he had gone with Cindy. Austin’s revelation and question quickly got the attention of John and Ned. William did not seem the least bit embarrassed by the question.
“We didn’t get any farther than what you saw,” William replied. “Shirts off and some kissing, but she was afraid to do more and afraid of being caught in the room. After Austin caught us, she had her bra and t-shirt on so quick you’d miss it if you blinked.”
Nothing happened between William and Austin that night. James called Austin just after they entered their room. Austin kicked off his clothes while he talked to his brother.
Austin got naked while he talked, and William followed suit. William noted that Austin’s little cock was rock hard and made sure Austin could see that he was, too. Two things Austin said caught William’s attention. The first was, “No, I got nothing in my mouth,” and the second was, “Yes, I’ve touched it.” While William couldn’t swear his roommate’s comments were sexual, he had a pretty good idea that they were.
William was still charged up from his little session with Cindy, while Austin had been horny ever since he got hard practicing the Granados. As horny as the two young adolescents were, they were also dead tired. They took care of their evening brushing, washing, and peeing. Gary came out of his room and joined them but was still wearing his underpants. He was surprised and pleased to see Austin and William naked. 
Austin asked him if his roommate had moved in. “Yeah, but he was sound asleep when I came into the room and he still is. I wasn’t being real quiet either, but nothing woke him up.”
When Austin and William returned to their room, Austin turned out the lights. They listened to each other jerk off under the covers; William was determined to get Austin into his bed for the night and thought of that scene when he came. Austin thought of seeing Gary coming out of the shower naked the next morning for his orgasmic thought. Both boys didn’t bother cleaning up and fell asleep almost instantly after cumming.  
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