Piano Forte

Chapter 16-The Master Quartet



Although they hadn’t communicated it the night before, mainly because they had barely communicated anything the night before, Austin and William had both intended to sleep in Sunday morning. Which is what they did.
Austin awoke first. He had a raging hardon and seriously thought about masturbating to get rid of it. Before he could do anything, however, he needed to get up and take a pee. Which he did.
As he stood in the stall pressing his boner down so his piss would land in the toilet, he wished he had just gone into the shower and peed. It may have sounded a little gross, but there was no way he was going to miss the floor. As for his suitemates standing there later, Austin was certain the soapy shower water would quickly clean the piss off the floor. I could even jerk off in the shower, too, he thought. His morning wood was more than a piss hardon—he was also very horny.
Just as he was shaking the remaining drops off his penis, he heard the noise of a door opening and closing. The doors separating each room from the bathroom were sliding wooden doors. Whoever was in the bathroom was probably eager to use the toilet. Austin turned and opened the stall door. He saw Gary, who was also naked and hard, and obviously in desperate need of a piss.
“Morning, Austin, I gotta pee,” Gary blurted out as he dodged into the stall, not bothering to close the door behind him.
“Hey, Gary,” Austin responded. He looked into the stall, admiring Gary’s ass as he noted that Gary was having as much trouble pissing as he’d had.
“Ahh, I needed that bad,” Gary sighed as his stream died down. “Shit, that was the morning wood of all morning wood.”  He shook his penis and walked out of the stall. “Have you showered yet?”
“No, I was going to do that as soon as I pissed.” Austin didn’t bother to mention that he had hoped to do more than shower once he got under the spray.
“Want to shower together?”
Gary’s question surprised Austin, but he was quick to answer. “Sure, why not?” Which is what they did.
“I gotta jerk off bad,” Gary said as they stood close together under the shower spray. “I’m so horny I can do it quick.”
“Me too,” Austin admitted.
“Then let’s do it.” Which is what they did.
Their boners hadn’t gone down after pissing. They slicked up their hands with soap and went to work on themselves
As Austin worked himself toward orgasm, he was hit by the urge to finish Gary off himself. He looked at his suitemate’s three-and-a-quarter inches of boy boner and his bare pubic area and thought about how sexy his suitemate—no, his friend—was.
Austin let go of his boner and reached toward Gary. “Can I?” he asked. “It will get you off quicker.”
“Yeah, good idea.” In less than two seconds Austin took hold of Gary’s erection and started masturbating him. At the same time, Gary went to work on Austin.
“Damn, I never noticed you got a couple of tiny hairs until now,” Gary said. “But then, I never looked that close until now.”
Austin flushed with pride. “You’ll be getting some hair soon,” Austin assured Gary.
“I hope so. My brother had some hair on his twelfth birthday. I’ve been twelve for two months and don’t have nothing.”
 The boys were both surprised by how horny they had been when they woke but weren’t surprised by how quickly they got each other off. Austin came first, shooting out three clear drops. The first landed on the shower floor and the other two on Gary’s hand. Gary came within a minute of Austin and squirted four drops of his own, two on the floor, one on Austin’s hand, and one on his pubic area. As with Austin’s, the shower water washed everything quickly down the drain.
“I might not have any hair, but I can shoot, so at least I’m more than just a little boy,” Gary said. He wanted to make sure Austin had noted that he, too, was edging into puberty.
“Hey, do you guys plan on spending the whole morning in that shower?” came Brian’s voice from the bathroom.
“Keep your ef’n pants on. We’re just finishing up and will be out as soon as we can,” Gary snarled. “Asshole,” he muttered under his breath.
“You must be a couple of perverts taking a shower together like that.”
“I’d rather be a pervert than an asshole,” Gary shouted back.
Austin and Gary heard a door open. “What the fuck is all the noise about?” came William’s voice.
“Our roommates, who are a couple of perverts, are taking a shower together,” Brian answered.
“Nothing wrong with that—it conserves water.”
“Dang, William stood up for you,” Gary told Austin.
“Since he’s jerked off in the shower with me, there’s not much he can say,” Austin said.
“I’d give your ass a good washing, but we’d better shut off the water and let the big baby have the shower.”
“Maybe he and William can take one together,” Austin giggled as he shut off the water.
“I bet Brian will be the only one in the bathroom wearing underpants,” Gary said. He opened the door and grabbed their towels off the towel rack, handing Austin his. They dried themselves in the shower stall to keep from dripping water on the floor.
“Well, you’re a pervert, too, coming in here naked,” they heard Brian say.
“It’s a bathroom. People are naked in bathrooms.” Austin and Gary stepped out of the shower. “Even boys like those two. Now, go take a quick shower in your underpants so I have time to get mine in before I meet John Irish for breakfast.”
“You’re meeting John and not Cindy?” Austin asked as he applied some deodorant.
“John puts out, unlike Cindy. I mean, I like her and like being her accompanist, but damn.”
“I thought she was totally flirting with you when you practiced.”
“Yeah, the prick teaser. She told me I could go to third base, but that was all. John will let me fuck him.”
Brian had entered the shower. He draped his boxers over the stall door. “You are just total perverts, all of you.” He reached for the faucet and turned the shower on.
“And you’re a total weirdo,” William retorted. “You might not smoke pot, but you really should. You’d at least have an excuse for being whacked.”
“I’ll meet you in the lobby for breakfast,” Austin told Gary as they headed into their own rooms. William followed them and flopped on his bed, waiting for Brian the Weird to finish his shower. He spent the time watching Austin dress. As with the night before, they said nothing to each other. As William played with his semi-hard cock, he found himself wishing he were having breakfast with Austin instead of John. He wondered if he should end the stalemate between him and his roommate.
Austin knew William was eyeing him as he dressed. If he hadn’t just shot his load in the shower, he knew he would be boning up. As he pulled on his pants, he wondered if he should be breaking the stalemate between him and his roommate. He decided he would leave the act of contrition up to the older boy and left the room to meet Gary in the lobby.
The quartet was soon sitting together in the dining hall for breakfast. Of course, Austin and Gary had to tell Titus and Ned about their shower experience, including the behavior of Gary’s “totally weird” roommate.
“I wish all four of us were in the same suite,” Titus bemoaned. “Our showers would be totally righteous.”
“Not to mention sexy,” Austin giggled.
“We still need a name for ourselves,” Ned reminded them.
“And we already decided the Queer Quartet won’t work since we’re not all gay,” Gary pointed out.
“Speak for yourself, Gary,” Austin said with a wicked grin.
“You mean, you’ve figured it out already?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am what I am and that is a gay pianist.”
“Plus, you’re a gay boy, which I think I am, too,” Ned conceded.
“I think I am, too,” Titus muttered quietly.
“Wow, nobody admitted this yesterday when we talked about a name,” Gary reminded them. “And what if I’m not?”
Austin gave the answer to that question. “Then you’re still our friend and we just can’t be the Queer Quartet, which is no big deal since we already decided that.”
“Can I still mess around with you?”
“Only if you’re as sexy as you were in the shower this morning.”
Gary grinned and blew Austin a kiss. “I think I can handle that. I mean the only sex I’ve had except for a couple of lame kisses has been with guys.”
“Same here,” Ned said. “But the only sex I ever had was here at camp with you guys.”
“We know; I mean you’d never even jerked off until I showed you how,” Austin reminded him.
“And that was one of the best days of my life. Now I get to lie naked on my bed and jerk off along with John, who said last night he wants to do more than jerk off with me.”
“You guys jerked off together last night?” Gary asked.
“Yep. John says now that Austin showed me how much fun it is, we can be great roomies and do it together.”
“I heard Carlos doing it last night, but I didn’t do anything,” Titus lamented. Suddenly his face lit up. “Oh wow, I think I have a name,” he exclaimed.
“What?” the other three asked simultaneously, which got them to giggling together.
“GMTA,” Gary chuckled.
“Forget the Q stuff—we can be the Master Quartet.”
“You mean, like, we’re masters of playing music?” Ned asked.
“Nope, we’re all masturbators. We do it alone, we do it together, and we do it with anybody else we can do it with,” Titus explained.
“What if we want to do more with somebody?” Austin asked. “Like rub off on each other or even suck each other or something?”
“That would be up to each one of us. The thing is, no matter what, we all masturbate and everything else is like a bonus or something.”
“Sounds good to me,” Ned said. “I mean I would belong no matter what.”
Austin placed his hand on the table, palm down. “Everybody put your hands on mine,” he requested.
Ned, Gary, and Titus placed their hands palms down on top of Austin’s. Austin thought for a moment and then said, “We are now the four members of the Master Quartet and pledge to masturbate as much as we can with each other. So, how about each of us says, ‘I pledge to be a master player in the Master Quartet and play our instruments as much as I can.’” Gary, Titus, and finally Ned each said their pledge and thus the Master Quartet was created.
“Now I have a boner,” Titus declared. “What do you guys have going this morning?”
“I have trio practice at ten,” Austin said.
“And me and Gary have a practice room at eleven.”
“I’m going to the church service at nine, which is in fifteen minutes, so I better go,” Ned spit out.
“Let’s meet in Practice Room Six at eleven and make some plans,” Titus suggested.
The boys agreed to the suggestion and Ned took off for the church service in the old auditorium. Just after Ned left, William and John Irish stopped at the table.
“What was all the hand holding about?” John inquired.
“The official creation of our quartet,” Gary replied.
“The Queer Quartet?” William smirked. Even though they weren’t aimed directly at him, those were the first words William had said to Austin since the night before.
Austin shook his head. “The Master Quartet, because we’re master musicians.”
“And I can imagine what kind of instrument you guys play, too,” William laughed as he and John walked away.
“Asswaffles…,” Austin muttered.
“John’s okay,” Gary said, “but William gets all moody and shit.”
“William was getting okay, too, until yesterday. Well, let’s go do our fangs and then I want to go over my music before I meet with the trio.”
Austin and Ned bused their dishes and headed for their rooms. “What are we going to do when we meet in the practice room?” Titus asked.
“I don’t know…get to know each other better, I guess,” Austin responded.
“Or sit around and jerk off together,” Gary suggested.
“Not in a practice room,” Titus said with a horrified look on his face.
“Don’t worry, Titus, I’m sure Ned wouldn’t do it anyway,” Austin said.
“So, does that mean you and Gary want to do it, like maybe without us?”
“What is it those Three Musketeers guys say? ‘All for one and one for all” or something like that?” Gary asked.
“Sounds right to me,” Titus said.
“When the Quartet is together, then we will only do what everybody wants to do,” Austin said. “How does that sound?”
“Sounds perfect to me,” Gary agreed.
Titus nodded. He was obviously happy with what Gary and Austin just said.
 When Austin entered the room to brush his teeth and get the scorebook he needed for trio practice he saw William on his bed picking at his guitar. He had an open scorebook next to him. He played few a more notes and stopped. “Hey, roomie, welcome back.”
“Whoa, you’re talking to me,” Austin responded.
“Don’t be a wise ass. I got a little pissed because you got all the attention yesterday when I’m supposed to be the hot shot pianist.”
“And how is that my fault?”
“It’s not, and I apologize for being, well, you know, an…”
“Yeah, that.”
“Apology accepted.” Austin had always been a person willing to accept a sincere apology and then not hold a grudge. Admittedly, William often strained the forgiveness genes in Austin’s system. “What’s with the guitar playing?”
“Well, it’s my Expand your Horizons instrument. My tutor, Cole Davies, checked this out for me from the school’s instrument library. He brought it to me just after you left for breakfast.”
“Have you played the guitar before?”
Yeah, a little bit here at school, plus my grandfather gave me one as a present. It was to expand my horizons, he said. Go figure. Dad freaked out of course.”
“Why would he freak?”
William shrugged and said, “Because it’s not a piano or any kind of keyboard instrument.”
“So, I ain’t gonna be a world class piano player messing around in a guitar.” Aiden detected a note of sadness in William’s voice. “But I really like playing it.”
“More than playing the piano?”
William nodded. “I have my own guitar. But, it’s hard to make a living playing the acoustic guitar, especially when you can’t sing,” he chuckled. “Virtuoso piano is where the money is. And I like playing the piano, but I think I could love the guitar. I want to learn to be really good at it.”
Austin had never heard William pouring out his thoughts like he was and wasn’t sure what to make of it. He already thought of his roommate as a virtuoso pianist—after all, he had played concerts with two symphonies when he was only fourteen. It was almost like his idol, Evgeny Kissin playing with the Moscow Philharmonic when he was only twelve, only with lesser known, second tier orchestras.
“Anyway, Cole gave me some fingering exercises and a songbook. I am going to start working on a song after I do some more warmups.”
“What song?”
“I like that song.” Austin stood up from his bed, grabbed his backpack, placed two scorebooks into it and checked to make sure his door sign was still packed. “I guess I told you my brother plays the guitar.”
“Yep, and then he was starting on an acoustic guitar.”
“He got a good acoustic guitar cheap at a yard sale. It’s an Ibanez.”
“Shit. I heard those things are really good instruments, but really expensive.”
“Like I said, he got it cheap. And he’s getting guitar lessons from a teacher who is also getting the guitar worked on and put back in shape.” Austin looked at the time.  “I gotta go. Time to practice some Wolfie with Christian and Benny.”
“Have fun with good old Mozart. I can’t wait to hear you guys play.”
“It won’t be this week, but we’re thinking of next week.”
“There’s not much time left,” William reminded him. “One week down and three to go.”
William admired Austin’s bubble butt as he left the room. William thought it had just the right wiggle and wondered if there was a way to get into his roommate’s pants and do something with that ass. It would be a shame for treasure like that to go to waste, he thought.
Austin arrived at Practice Room 8 a couple of minutes before ten. Christian and Benny had their music stands in place with their scorebooks resting on them.
“Sorry, I thought I was going to be early.”
“You were early. Carlos was using the room for practice and finished early, so that’s why we’re set to go,” Christian told him.
Austin nodded and pulled his scorebook out of his backpack. He set it up on the piano’s desk, did a couple of arm stretches, and played a quick warmup.
“What happened to that briefcase of yours?” Benny asked.
“My backpack has plenty of space for most things and is easier to carry.”
“Plus, it doesn’t look weird,” Christian chuckled.
“Hey, I like my briefcase. It’s great for some stuff because it has a hard surface. It can carry more books than my backpack,” Austin said defensively.
“Hey, whatever suits you. Are you gonna practice with your clothes off?”
“Not unless you and Benny do, too,” Austin replied.
“We discussed it and decided not to. But we got no problem with you stripping down.”
“Well, we’re a team that’s supposed to play together like a team. And I think that means practice like a team, so I’ll only practice naked if you guys do it, too.”
“I thought you practiced better naked,” Christian said.
“I do, when I’m alone. But with you guys I’m on a team. And don’t worry about my playing, because I play with clothes on and practice with clothes on more often than I don’t. Now, let’s get started; we’re wasting time.”
“Yes, sir, Boss Austin,” Benny grinned.
“And don’t forget it,” Austin said. He had been doing practice exercises during their little conversation. “I’m ready to go.”
The trio practiced the third movement of Mozart’s K 502 Piano Trio in B-Flat Major for forty-five minutes. “I think we sounded pretty good,” Christian declared when they decided to quit for the morning. “Austin, you are really awesome with your piano part. I think you’re even better than Lincoln and he’s damned good. I think it’s time to have either Ms. Zimmer or Mr. Howard come in to listen.”
“Let’s have Mr. Howard first,” Austin suggested. Darrell Howard was a string teacher at Seattle Pacific University and was working full-time at the camp. “I mean, there’s two of you and one of me. Then, the next time we have Ms Z or Dr. B come in and help me work in better.”
“I think you’re working in great,” Benny said.
“Maybe, but we’re here at camp to get better.”
Benny looked at Austin and said, “You sure sound mature for being just twelve. You talk about us and teamwork and now about working to be the best we can.”
“Fuck the ‘being just twelve’ shit. Austin is plain awesome for any age and I don’t care what his whacked roommate says,” Christian added.
Austin blushed as he put away his books. It was time for him to meet with his Master Quartet buddies.
He didn’t have to go far for the meeting. The Quartet gathered in Practice Room 6 for their first “official” meeting. Austin hung his “Nudist at Work” sign outside the door. After closing the door, he sat on the piano bench. Ned, Titus, and Gary sat in the other three seats in the room.
“I know we’re not going to be practicing on a musical instrument, so what are we going to do?” Titus asked.
“Since Austin hung that sign on the door, I guess we get naked,” Gary grinned.
“I don’t want to get in trouble,” Ned whimpered.
“Don’t worry, Ned,” Austin assured him. “I hung the sign out so if we did take anything off…”
“…or anything out,” Gary giggled.
“…yeah, that too. Anyway, it keeps us from being disturbed.”
“And we do have an instrument we all know how to play,” Gary pointed out.
“What’s that?” Titus asked.
Gary unzipped his shorts, reached into the pee slit of his boxers, and pulled his hard, but skinny, boy rod. “I was thinking of this instrument.”
“I just learned how to play it.” Ned showed a bit more confidence as he gazed on Gary’s three-and-a-quarter inches.
“Are we going to, like, become the Masters, here, in the practice room?” Titus asked shakily.
“Only if you want to,” Austin responded as he pulled out his own hard-on. “But, Ned was right about not being caught.”
“This is a practice room and we all need practice,” Gary told them.
“Maybe Ned needs a little practice, but what we all need is to have a performance together,” Austin said. “That would make us Masters.”
“So, you’re saying that we don’t need a practice room, we need a performance room,” Gary said. “Although the way I feel right now, I could perform in here.”
“You said you and Austin…um…performed this morning,” Titus pointed out.
“Wait until you’re twelve, Titus. Cumming in the shower in the morning will just be the start. And my brother says it will get even worse. Or does he mean it gets better?” Gary giggled.
That started Ned and Titus, the most inexperienced of the four, to start a run of nervous giggling. “Where can we perform?” Titus finally asked. His question set all four of them to laughing even harder.
After they finally pulled themselves together, Ned looked over the cocks of the two twelve-year-olds, which had drooped to half-mast. “Now I know why you took your dicks out. When you get older, you get hornier. I’ll be twelve in six weeks. I can’t wait.”
“Getting that horny happens to different boys at different times,” Austin pointed out. “I mean, since our lesson I bet you’ve been hornier just because you know what to do.”
Ned surprised his buddies by unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts and pulling down the front of his briefs, revealing his hairless three inches. “You’re right. I’m hornier than you guys now,” he grinned.
“I don’t know about that,” Gary said as he jerked his tool back to full mast. “I’m ready to jerk off NOW.”
The sudden action brought Austin back to full mast, but he didn’t touch his erection. “Hey, guys, I think our first time together should be in one of our rooms and not in here.”
“I agree,” Titus said. “Let’s do the first one where we don’t have to worry about getting caught.”
“But I’d love to do it in a practice room sometime,” Gary confessed.
“Ditto,” Austin said. Ned and Titus concurred, but without real conviction.
“I have nothing scheduled this afternoon,” Ned said. A poll of the other three said they would all be free after two o’clock.
“Whose room?” Austin asked. “The problem with mine is, William could come in any time. This will be our first official Master Quartet jerkoff together and I don’t want us to be disturbed.”
“Carlos is on the hiking field trip to the park. They won’t be back until dinner,” Titus told them. “I have a meeting with Kelly at one for some violin stuff.”
“So, we do like we just said and meet at Titus’s room at two,” Austin told them.
They all agreed to the plan. Ned, Austin, and Gary tucked away their cocks. They didn’t realize it at the time, but if they had been a year or so older they wouldn’t have tucked their instruments away—they would have played them right there in the practice room.
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