Piano Forte

Chapter 15-Field Trip


FRIDAY, JUNE 20      

Ned relaxed on Austin’s bed as Austin lubed Ned’s little cock with lotion. “How come when you had your orgathingy you had those drops and nothing came out of my dicky?”
“It’s all about puberty,” Austin said wisely. “You’re not ready yet. I just started getting cum and it’s not much compared to my brother, James, and to William. Those guys are teenagers and shoot a lot.”
“I wonder if John shoots?”
Austin started to work on Ned’s slender little rod. “I’m sure he does.”
“That really does feel good,” Ned moaned. It didn’t take Austin long to bring Ned to the second orgasm of his young life.
“Now hold still and watch this,” Aiden told his friend. He moved his body on top of Ned and started dry humping.
“What are you doing?”
“It’s called humping and feels really good.” Even though he had just had his own orgasm, the feeling of sweaty smooth skin on sweaty smooth skin and of his hard cock rubbing Ned’s smooth groin, brought Austin to his second climax of the night in just over three minutes.
“Wow, I’ve got your cummy stuff on me,” Ned noted as Austin rolled off his body.
“It’s easy to wipe off, but I can do this, too.” Austin brought his face down to Ned’s belly and licked up his cum.
Ned cringed and said, “Ewww, that’s gross.”
“James says it’s protein and good for you. And, it doesn’t taste gross. I guess when guys give each other blow jobs they shoot it in each other’s mouth.”
“That’s even grosser.”
“I’ve only licked it a few times. I thought it was gross until I did it, and now it’s not so bad.”
“Have you given a guy a blow job?” Ned asked.
“No, but I’m thinking I want to, just to see what it’s like. James said it’s one of the funnest and best feeling ways to mess around.”
“I guess I have a lot to learn.”
“We both do,” Austin confessed. “But right now, I’m tired and we have a long day tomorrow, so let’s clean up and go to bed.”
“I’m sleeping with you, right?”
“Unless you don’t want to. And yes, I’ve slept naked with my brother and with my friend Oliver.”
“Then I guess you can say you slept naked with me, too.”
As they cleaned up and took care of their dental health, Gary entered the bathroom. He was wearing nothing but a pair of bright green boxers. He looked over at the two naked boys and grinned. “You guys have fun?”
“Big time,” Austin answered.
“What he said,” Ned replied.
“Maybe I can join you guys next time,” Gary said.
“I still have a lot to learn.” Ned told him.
“Best way to learn is to have two teachers,” Gary grinned.
Austin and Ned snuggled into bed. Ned could tell right away that sleeping with a friend was very cool and snuggling with a naked friend felt good in a lot of ways and was something very special.
Round two in John’s bed wasn’t quite as intense as round one had been, but it was still good for both teens. John hadn’t expected William to fuck him once, let alone twice. When it came to sex, he saw William as a straight boy blow-hard, like a couple he’d known in middle school. Happy to talk about what they would do, but willing to do nothing more then get their cocks sucked. William did what he said he would do, and he did it two times.
John also noted that William didn’t do what he said he wouldn’t do. He didn’t bottom, he didn’t kiss, he kept body to body contact as minimal as possible, and he didn’t sleep with him; crawling into Ned’s bed instead. John thought that if William could overcome his straight boy hang-ups he would make a great sex partner. However, John was fairly certain that William wasn’t as straight as he claimed to be. In fact, in the overall scheme of things, John thought was he a first-class, bullshitting blowhard.


“Happy Birthday, dude,” William said as John rose out of his bed the next morning.
“Thanks. I’m happy to be fourteen and ready for a quick morning present,” John grinned.
“Oh? What would that be?”
John told him. And so, before the two teens showered, William had access to John’s ass for the third time in less than twelve hours.
After their morning romp, the boys showered, dressed and headed out the door. John noticed an envelope in the mailbox next to his door. He took it out, opened it, and grinned.
“Hey, look at this, a birthday card from the camp. Awesome. Oh, and forgive me if I leave my phone on at breakfast; I should be getting a phone call from home.”
“Was last night fun?” Gary asked as he watched the two boys step out.
“Big time,” Austin replied.
“What about for you?” Gary asked Ned. “You’re the one who was messing around like that for the first time.”
“Yeah, I learned a lot. And I learned that sleeping with somebody was pretty cool, too.”
“Either one of you guys want to wash my back?” Gary asked with a sexy leer, his cock moving up to half mast.
“I will,” Ned volunteered. “Then I get to see if Austin taught me good.”
Gary’s shower was quick and innocent. While Ned washed Austin’s back, butt (but not his crack) and genitals, he restricted himself to washing Gary’s back and butt cheeks. Austin had washed inside Ned’s crack, which he thought had felt good as well as cleansing, but he wasn’t ready to stick his hand into the area craps came out, even if the spraying water from the shower made it clean.
William, John, Ned, and Austin had made plans the day before to join for breakfast and talk about their switch. They met in the foyer at 7:30 and were joined by Gary, who had been standing outside the shower when Austin and Ned had completed their shower.
How did it go?” William asked as the five boys started out of the foyer.
“I learned all about jerking off and I learned that sleeping with somebody is fun, especially naked, and that taking a shower with somebody gets you really clean,” Ned rambled.
“Ned washed my back, too” Gary volunteered with a wide grin.
“Does this mean I can JO on top of my blankets now?” John asked.
“Only if I can JO, too,” Ned replied.
“Damn, Austin, how does a little red head nerd like you turn my roomie into a horn dog when I couldn’t get him to even walk around in his undies?”
“My brother trained me, well,” Austin giggled.
“No doubt about that,” William said. “What are you and me gonna be doing tonight?”
“I’ll be snoozing. Last night was tiring.”
“Hmm, we’ll see. I bet you’ll be recovered by the time the recital is over. Maybe we can at least sleep together,”
“What about you, roomie?” John asked Ned. “Are you and me gonna sleep together?”
“Yeah, maybe. If you’re super nice to me,” Ned replied.
“Jeez, can you believe this kid? Looks like little Austin gave you a pair of stones on top of everything else.”
The boys worked on their breakfasts and chatted idly. Thoughts of yesterday’s sexual adventures were being replaced by anticipation of the day’s upcoming school adventure. 
“Hey, we’ve still got to move our stuff back to our rooms and clean our fangs before we go catch our bus,” chortled Austin, ever the practical boy.
William went with John so he could gather his overnight stuff from John’s room. John’s phone rang along the way and William listened to his friend’s replies to his birthday congratulations.      
Austin and Ned headed to Austin’s room where Ned gave Austin a surprise hug. “Thanks for being so cool, Austin. I was so scared of jerking off and now I know it isn’t pervy and is a fun thing every guy does. I’ve been missing out on so much fun. Thanks for being my friend.”
For a moment, Austin thought Ned might start crying and was relieved to see a smile on his friend’s face when he ended his hug. “Hey, forget what you missed out on. Just go and have fun. I dare you to jerk off tonight.”
“I kinda told John I would.”
“Not really. You guys just hinted. Now get going so we get to the bus on time.” Ned grabbed his stuff and zipped out of the room. William entered a couple of minutes later and dropped his bag of stuff on his bed.
“Well, roomie,” he grinned, “you are now the official camp masturbation teacher, which probably doesn’t mean shit since Ned might be the only boy who didn’t know how to whack his pud.”
“I had fun,” Austin said. “It sounds like you did, too.”
“Fuck yeah, I did. John is a great lay, almost as good as a girl. He’s even more gay than Kevin, my school roomie is, if that’s even possible. We should do that again. Maybe before then, you can give me some JO lessons.”
“Maybe you could teach me something, too. But right now, I gotta brush my teeth so we can get to the bus.”
“Can I sit next to you on the bus and hold your dick?”
“You can sit next to me if you want, but leave my dick alone, perv.”
“I’m not pervy, I’m horny.”
“Chill out,” Austin said over his shoulder as he walked out to the bathroom.
Austin and William made it to the bus stop with time to spare. One of the three Bainbridge Academy school buses was waiting for them in the parking lot in front of the main building. Because almost all of the students were resident students, the school buses were mainly for school field trips. Austin took an available window seat about halfway up the aisle and William sat next to him.
The bus left on time and headed to Winslow to board the ferry to Seattle. Austin had his music satchel with him. William brought nothing. Austin looked out of the window and William became lost in his own thoughts.
He thought about the Expanding your Horizons workshop. He was in the second group, which had its first meeting the afternoon before; this was a new workshop that hadn’t been featured at William’s previous camps. At first, he thought it was a dumb idea, and stated as much to a couple of returning campers he knew. When they told him that they thought it sounded like great fun, he backed down a little. Moreover, when he learned that the guitar was an instrument he could try, he became excited, although he tried his best to hide his enthusiasm.
William had played around with a guitar in school a few times, learning a few basics from Tanner Carver, the student it belonged to. He learned to play a few simple songs. One time he and Tanner played a guitar/piano duet, with William playing the guitar and Tanner playing the piano. They weren’t very good, but they had a lot of fun.
William looked past Austin and out of the window as the bus pulled into the line at the ferry terminal.  He thought about how he would be almost like a real guitarist and would even be receiving a few lessons. His teacher was Cole Davies, a Washington State University freshman and Bainbridge School graduate who sat with William and started helped him with proper position and fingering.
William grinned as he thought of how he sounded better than before playing just a few simple chords. He liked the sound and feel of the guitar. He also liked that it was an instrument his father had never given him shit about—it was something that was all about him and not about his father or his grandfather. He now comprehended what Expand Your Horizons was really about—it was about learning that there was more to music than being married to one instrument. He knew many students who were into more than one instrument, and now he planned to seriously become one of them.
Yesterday he began the class thinking it was going to be a waste of time. Now he knew it was exactly what he needed to make him even better at music than he already was.
After the bus was parked on the auto deck of the ferry, the campers were allowed to go upstairs to the upper deck for drinks and snacks, or to just stand on the outside deck and feel the wind while watching the scenery go by.
Austin stood with Ned, Titus, and Gary. Titus was interested in how the switch had gone. Austin and Ned were more than willing to give him a brief recap of their time in bed. Ned was obviously very proud of his newfound sexual prowess.
“Carlos showed off for me last night,” Titus said after hearing about Austin and Ned’s adventure. “After I got into bed he came in from the bathroom and stripped naked. He had a boner. He said he had to take care of business and asked if I minded if he did it on top of his covers so he wouldn’t mess up his sheets. I told him I didn’t care, so he jerked off and shot a big old load all over his belly.”
“Does he have pubes?” Gary asked.
“A few. He wondered why I didn’t do it, too. I said I just wanted to watch him. I wanted to see if he made as much sperm as my brother. It was about the same, but his was clearer. My brother has a bigger dick and has more hair.”
Gary, Ned, and Austin listened intently to Titus relating his evening’s escapade.  “Do you want to do it with Carlos?” Gary asked.
“I’d rather do it with one of you guys. Carlos didn’t even remember it was my birthday, so why should I jerk off with him? But the school remembered; I got a birthday card this morning,” Titus grinned.
“Congrats and Happy Birthday,” Austin said, not for the first time that morning. “You really want to mess around with us?”
“Hey, remember, we’re a quartet and we’ve all got the right instruments,” Gary said.
“Now we just need a concert hall to play in,” Ned giggled. Austin, Titus, and Gary looked at Ned, realizing how much he had loosened up after his night with Austin.
“We’ve gotta get back to the bus,” Austin reminded them.
The four boys were met by William and John as they headed for the elevator. “What were you four talking about?” William asked them as the elevator headed down.
“We were talking about the seagulls,” Gary replied.
“And you’re all lying,” John said as the elevator eased to a stop. “We think you’re all horny little boys.”
“And you two old boys have dirty minds. Why can’t you believe we’re boys who love nature?”
“Because we live with the two of you.”
The four of them took the same seats they’d had during the brief trip on the island. The trip from the ferry terminal to Benaroya hall would be even shorter.
The field trip was a great success. Some of the campers had been to concerts at Benaroya, but only a few had had a tour behind the scenes. Austin sprang an erection from simply striking three keys on the concert grand that had been wheeled out on stage.
The campers agreed the best parts of the tour were the musical ones. A special feature was Wayne Briggs, prominent Seattle organist, playing some Bach and Mendelssohn on the marvelous Watjen Concert Organ. Four members of the Seattle Symphony string section, along with Dr. Boardman, played selections from Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert chamber works.
The students were then herded into the Muse restaurant in the back of the building, where they were served cheeseburgers and fries cooked up in the kitchen of the concert hall’s gourmet restaurant.
The last part of the tour was allowing campers to go on stage and play short selections on their instruments. Ned played his flute, Titus and Gary surprised everyone, including the camp teachers, by playing music from a Mozart violin sonata.
Dr. Boardman sat in center seats halfway up the auditorium with Bethany Lewis, a Benaroya Hall administrator who put the tour together. “As always, you have some talented young people, John,” Bethany told him.
“We have three campers on the tour who have played on ‘From the Top’,” Boardman replied, referring to the popular NPR show featuring young musicians. “And here comes one of them now,” he said as William sat at the piano.
“Ah, and that would be David Delacroix’s son, William. From what I’ve seen of him he appears to be a complex young man.”
“Very complex. There are a lot of expectations sitting on his teen shoulders. Fortunately, his grandfather helps mitigate some of the stickier situations between William and his father.”
William went up on the stage and played one of the more difficult pieces from Mikrokosmos, a six-volume work of piano works for young musicians, by Bela Bartok. He’d played on the Benaroya stage once before during a rehearsal.  He had been twelve and his father was rehearsing for a recital he would be performing the coming weekend. He played a Chopin Etude while his father took a break.
Austin had heard of Bartok’s book of demanding piano pieces for young pianists, but had never played anything from it. As soon as he heard William play, he knew he was going to ask his piano teacher, Mr. Fielding, to teach him some of Bartok’s music from the book.
“Nicely played,” Bethany, who was an accomplished amateur pianist, observed. “Technically, it was just about perfect, but there was no life—no heart to it. He should have filled the hall with sound.”
Boardman agreed with her and told her as much. Ruby Youngman sat down when she finished playing a short work on her clarinet and none of the campers moved toward the stage. This surprised Dr. Boardman, not only because the campers were an outgoing group who showed they enjoyed performing, but because they had all been asked to have a work ready to play and to bring their instrument unless they played a large one like a piano or cello. On the other hand, nobody was required to play something. Perhaps they found the presence of ten or so professional musicians sitting in the seats intimidating.
He was about to suggest that somebody take the stage, when he noticed Austin rising from his second-row seat. He grinned, thinking of how Austin’s wonderful touch on the keyboard would translate in the fabulous acoustics of the concert hall. He found it interesting that Austin was carrying some sheet music with him; the campers had been playing works from memory up until then.
Austin’s heart was thumping as he climbed up to the large stage. Some of the greatest pianists in the world had played on this stage and suddenly here he was as a twelve-year-old sitting in the same place and probably on the same piano. Sure, they had 2500 people ready to listen and he had maybe 60, including the campers, but this was one of the greatest places in the world to play a piano.
He had planned to play the Chopin Waltz he knew, which would be fast paced and would be loud, and he knew it by heart. However, this morning the thought kept bouncing around his brain to play Oriental, the Spanish Dance No. 2, by Granados. As Mr. Fielding was fond of telling him, to really show what you can do, try something a bit different and more difficult than what you would normally do. He knew playing a lively piece like the Chopin would show off what he could do, but taking a slower piece like the Granados and having it sound great in the big hall would be a bigger challenge. He would need to have the sheet music in front of him, but he knew the work well enough that he could almost play without it.
“He’s just a little kid,” Bethany Lewis said as the little redhead set his sheet music on the music desk and adjusted the bench. “Is he any good?”
“Just listen to him. I think you’ll be surprised.”
When Austin’s fingers hit the keyboard and he proceeded to play the lilting tones of the Granados work and its slow tempo the concert hall became silent. The only sound was the beautiful tone pouring out of the concert grand and filling the hall.
Unlike during the other campers’ performances Bethany and Boardman didn’t say a word during the performance. Austin had planned on playing just a couple of minutes worth and then fading out, but he became lost in the music and before he knew it he had played the entire five minute work. When he dropped his hands, Bethany, Boardman, and the professional musicians who were still in attendance rose and applauded with a few “Bravos” thrown in.
“Oh my God, that was so incredibly amazing,” Bethany gushed. “So stunning, so full of intermixing tones—that was music from the heart. He only had a couple of missed notes that I could hear, and he handled those bumps perfectly. I hate to admit it, but I don’t recognize the work.”
Dr. Boardman knew what Austin had played only because Austin told him he was working on learning it. “It is a dance by Granados. ‘Oriental’ I believe it’s called.”
“How old is the boy?”
“Will he be a student at the academy this coming year?”
“He’s just a plain old middle school boy in Bellingham.”
“Nothing plain about him,” Bethany said. “The boy is brilliant. I’d like to meet him.”
Boardman and Bethany went down to the front of the hall where the three string players from the Seattle Symphony were gushing over Austin. When they saw Bethany, they moved aside and let her have a word with the center of attention.
Bethany introduced herself and praised his playing. “You have an amazing touch on the keyboard, but I’m sure you’ve been told that.”
“Yes, ma’am, I have” Austin said modestly. He was intimidated as soon as he learned she was in the upper echelon of Seattle music circles.
“You are very talented. Have you thought about attending a school like the Bainbridge Academy full-time?”
“No, ma’am. I like going to Fairhaven Middle School and being with my friends and living with my mom and my brother and my cat. Mr. Fielding is a good teacher for me.”
“All very commendable reasons for living with your family,” the administrator smiled. “But talk to Dr. Boardman about it and give it some thought. And as for cost, a boy with your talent should have no problem getting scholarship help.” Bethany had a feeling money would also be a factor in the decision-making process.
Austin saw Titus waving to him and since the conversation didn’t really interest him, he decided to politely end it. “Yes, ma’am, and thank you for talking to me.”
After shaking Bethany’s hand, Austin scooted off to be with his friends.
“Oh my, what a well-spoken and polite young man. “He’s a boy worth recruiting, John,” Bethany told Boardman. He agreed.  
Only John noticed William standing three rows away, glaring at Austin while he listened to the conversation. After hearing Austin play the unknown piano work, he had no doubt that Austin Richards was a better pianist than he was. Maybe the time has come for me to take up the guitar seriously, William thought.
After three more students performed, the time came to end the field trip. All three performances were excellent, but none matched the technique and emotion of Austin’s performance. The musicians and employees of Benaroya in attendance were still buzzing about Austin as the Bainbridge campers gathered up their instruments and belongings and filed to the bus.
Austin sat next to Titus, who stunned him with a pat on his shoulder and a quick kiss on his cheek. “You were even better than usual today. You were awesome.”
John was sitting behind them and leaned over the seat back. “You kicked total piano ass,” John said. William, who was sitting next to him with his arms crossed, nodded, but said nothing.
After returning to the school, the boys cleaned up and went to dinner at the dining hall. Austin sat with his three best buddies, Titus, Gary, and Ned. William sat with Cindy Becker, but as much as he liked Cindy, he wished he’d sat with Austin and his friends instead.
“Where was your roomie?” Austin asked Gary. “He wasn’t at the field trip.”
“He said he’ll be doing next Saturday’s tour,” Gary replied. To allow everyone a chance to participate there were two tours. The Saturday tour would also include the high school campers who were starting their week at camp on Friday. “Or so he says. I bet a million dollars he won’t be on that bus either. But, it’s not my problem.”
After dinner, the quartet went to the Saturday recital. Attendance was mandatory on Saturday night as the specially picked campers performed. “You’ll be picked to play on a Saturday more than once, I bet,” Ned told Austin.
“Maybe I’ll be playing with you next Saturday,” Austin jested, eliciting a grin from his friend.
“You played with me last night,” Ned replied, giving Austin a light punch on his shoulder.
“Wow, you are getting wild,” Austin said.
“Are you still sleeping with Titus?” Ned asked Gary.
“If he wants. I think the birthday boy needs some help tonight, even if he is only eleven.”
The boys enjoyed the concert and walked to snack time together. They were met by Christian when they arrived at the dining hall; he instructed them to find a table and told them they would be served this time. A few minutes later John Irish arrived with Wyatt Spencer, William, and Cindy. They also met at the door and were taken to a table to be served. Two high school students, who were hired to work in the dining hall during the summer, brought cake and ice cream to both tables. Everyone in the hall was called by Christian to sing Happy Birthday twice, once for Titus and once for John, which they did. They were then told that more birthday cake and ice cream was available in the serving line.
Some of the campers came by and thanked the birthday boys for being born so they could enjoy the special treat. The quartet loved the humor.
That night, Gary went to Titus’s room. Carlos talked to Christian about getting one of the portable screens for the night. Christian procured one from the storage area in the basement of the dorm and he and Carlos carried it into the room. He didn’t need to ask why Carlos needed the screen for the night. When he entered the room and saw Gary and Titus sitting on Titus’s bed in their underpants, his suspicion was confirmed. He knew one of the quartet would be there with Titus, he just didn’t know which one. Carlos knew who it was, but wanted Christian to discover it for himself.
At first, Carlos was upset that he wasn’t going to be included in the fun, but then decided it was Titus’s birthday, so he could do whatever he wanted. If there was a next time, then he would make a fuss about being included in the fun.
When Carlos and Christian came in with the screen, Gary and Titus told him that there was no need for the screen. “I don’t care if you watch,” Titus told him. “I’m sorry I want just me and Gary, but, well, I’m not used to doing this sex stuff.”
“It’s cool,” Carlos said, relieved that Titus wasn’t upset with him. “It’s your birthday, but tomorrow it’s me and you, okay?”
Carlos looked at Christian, who shrugged. They picked up the screen and carried it back to the elevator to take downstairs. Christian thought Titus and Gary looked sexy in their underpants, especially with the obvious erections pushing out the fronts. He wished the two had been naked.
Since he was given the okay, Carlos sat up on his bed and jerked off while watching Titus and Gary jerk each other off. Gary was impressed by the size of Carlos’s cock and by the fact he had hair. Carlos was surprised to see Gary squirt a couple of clear drops of cum even though he was hairless, and was happy to see Titus have a sweet, but dry, birthday orgasm. Carlos followed them with his own orgasm, shooting some fairly thick cum onto his chest and belly. Gary could see that the fellow twelve-year-old was advancing much more quickly through the ranks of puberty than he was.
William and Austin lay on their beds and jerked off with the lights on. They watched each other but didn’t say much. Their masturbation was almost sexless. It was like they weren’t even in the same room as they shot their seed with muted grunts. The lights went out and they slept alone.
Ned shared his roommate’s bed for the first time. They lay on top of the covers and started jerking off.
“It’s my birthday, and I’d love it if you jerked me off,” John told Ned. “But, you don’t have to do it—just do it if you want.” Ned moved John’s hand away and jerked off a teen cock that was longer and thicker than Austin’s. He was surprised that John had no hair since he’d heard that teenagers all had pubic hair and he wanted to see what a cock with hair looked like. He was happy that John shot more cum than Austin did, however.
After Ned had his dry orgasm, John told Ned he could sleep with him if he wanted to. Ned agreed to right away—he felt he needed to make up for all the experiences he missed by being afraid of sex stuff. He and John snuggled together and slept well.
It was a great day for the quartet and for John. William went to sleep in a snarky mood, upset that Austin had received so much attention during the field trip, even if it was deserved, upset that he wouldn’t be messing around with somebody he considered really sexy, and even more upset that he jerked off with the lights on so Austin could watch him.
For the first time in the past few days, William and Austin both fell asleep wishing they could find a new roommate.
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