Piano Forte

Chapter 17-Skin Flutes







<Austin, Gary, Ned, and Titus>
When Titus entered the courtyard in front of the dorm, he grinned when he saw Austin and Gary sitting on a bench. Titus was happy to see his friends, but also a bit apprehensive about what was about to happen. Getting naked and doing something sexy with a group of boys was something he had never seriously considered until the Master Quartet was formed that morning. Now he wanted to do it badly while at the same time hoping that the other three members of the quartet would have a change of mind.
“Hey, Titus, over here,” Gary yelled out when he saw the diminutive blond enter the courtyard. Even though Titus had already seen Gary, his face lit up when he heard his name called. He never dreamed he would make such great friends at camp so quickly, if at all.
Titus strode to the bench and sat next to Gary. “Where’s Ned?” he asked.
“I don’t know, but he should be here soon,” Gary answered. “Let’s wait in the sun until he gets here.” He pointed to the bulge in his shorts and said, “I’ve been boned up since I sat here. Maybe we should jerk off on the bench and give everybody a thrill.” He pulled the zipper of his shorts down. 
“You’re crazy!” Austin exclaimed.
Gary stopped. “I was just joking,” he smirked. “I just wanted to see who would stop me first.” While Gary didn’t go any further, the zipper remained down.
“Or see if Austin would do it, too,” Titus snickered.
“No way would I even think about it,” Austin retorted, even though his cock had jerked itself to full mast when Gary unzipped. While the quartet didn’t consciously think this way, they saw Austin as the leader when it came to organization, hard work, and musicianship. But Gary was the alpha dog when it came to sex, where he was the most aggressive of the four. Like Gary, Austin was a horny boy on the cusp of puberty, while the two younger boys were conservative in their sexual outlook at the same time they were incredibly curious about what the mysterious world of sex was all about.
“Look who just came into the courtyard,” Gary grinned. “Hey, Ned, over here,” he yelled to the quartet’s fourth member.
Ned walked over with a serious look on his face. He was carrying his gym bag with his swimming gear after spending some time at the pool. He was having some fun with a couple of other boys and wanted to stay longer, but he also wanted to see what the quartet would end up doing. Like Titus, he was hoping that the other three would change their minds about all of them jerking off together, while being incredibly curious about what the four-way would be like.
As he walked from the pool to the dorm, he pondered as to how he had just learned about jerking off and now he was going to be doing it in a way he had never dreamed. He sat next to Titus and wondered if Titus was thinking the same way he was. But he also thought about Titus being naked and having a boner and hoped Titus wouldn’t change his mind.
The two older boys were horny, hard, and ready for the official start of the Master Quartet. The two younger boys were uncertain. They were curious, while at the same time a bit fearful about what it all meant.
There was more making Titus nervous than getting naked and jerking off with the other three boys. He had learned something from his roommate, Carlos, the night before. Carlos was naked with his usual hard-on, lying on top of his covers when he revealed something that answered a question. As Titus went through the turmoil of getting sexy with three other boys, he also had to decide if he should tell them what he had learned from Carlos. Although they were his best friends at camp, he also didn’t know them very well. Titus was involved with multiple conundrums.  
“We’d better get going if we’re going to do something,” Titus said. “Carlos will be coming back in a couple of hours.”
The quartet stood simultaneously and started for the dorm. Gary made no effort to zip up his shorts. His three friends knew that Gary was aware that his zipper was open and that his bulge in his gray boxer shorts was obvious to anyone who took a moment to observe the four boys. While Austin and Titus had hard-ons, their bulges weren’t obvious. Even though he felt a sense of naughty excitement, Ned’s cocklet nestled softly in his briefs.
Titus opened the door and the four boys piled into the room. After Titus closed the door behind them, the quartet stood and stared at each other, each sporting a look that said, “now what?” It was Austin who took charge.
“It would be fun to play a game to get us naked, but since we don’t have a ton of time, let’s strip to our underpants one at a time,” Austin suggested.
“Who goes first?” Ned asked.
“Let’s do it in alphabetical order by middle name.”
“I’m good with that,” Gary grinned. “But before camp is out, we’re going to have to do a strip game. Who is low man?”
As soon as Ned heard Austin’s suggestion, he knew he was doomed if everyone agreed. Since the other three agreed, Ned Aaron Walsh said, “Me, Aaron,” and pulled off his t-shirt, kicked off his sandals, and then pulled down his shorts. He stood in front of his new friends wearing just his white briefs. His now hard cocklet created a small bulge in the cotton fabric.
“Unless somebody is lower than Brock, I guess I’m next,” Titus chimed in. Soon he was standing in just his blue briefs, held up by their black waistband.
“Ooh, very sexy undies,” Gary smirked.
Gary Robert Wright was next, and within seconds he was wearing just his light gray boxer shorts. He was so hard his cock pushed the waistband away from his belly.
Austin Wayne Richards was last. The bulge in his white trimmed red briefs left no doubt that his 3.4 inches were at full mast. Like Gary, his waistband was pushed out.
“I guess that means I get naked first,” Ned said, his face red with embarrassment. He had no doubt he had the smallest penis in the group and that everyone would laugh at him as soon as they saw it.
Austin read the situation perfectly. “How about we all strip our undies off at once, then we will all get embarrassed together.”
“Or, I volunteer to go first,” Gary blurted. Before anybody could object, he pulled off his boxer briefs, revealing his rock hard three-and-a-quarter inch preteen erection.
As if it had been choreographed, Austin, Titus, and Ned stripped simultaneously. All three had erections.
“Now what?” Ned asked.
“I thought we were all going to jerk off together,” Gary replied. He was slowly stroking himself as if to emphasize his point.  He then flopped down on Titus’s neatly made bed, back against the wall with his legs hanging over the side. “Come on and join me guys. This is what we’re here for—the official start of the Master Quartet.”
Titus sat on Gary’s left side and Austin on his right. Ned shook off his shyness and sat between Austin and the foot of the bed. Everyone but Ned started to stroke, looking to see the masturbation technique of the others.
“Aren’t you going to do it, Ned?” Gary asked.
“I don’t know, it looks scary. I’ve only done it a couple of times, and Austin was helping me.”
“It’s okay if you don’t do it,” Titus said. “This is way different and a little scary for me too, but I want to try it.”
“I guess I probably should too,” Ned said without conviction.
“Don’t do what you don’t really want to do,” Austin told him. “If you just want to watch, we’re all cool with that, right guys?”
“Right,” Gary and Titus answered together.
Titus was slowly masturbating and watching Gary and Austin taking care of themselves. He wished Ned would do something as well, if only because he liked him so much.
Watching the naked boys of the quartet lying masturbating sent sensuous waves crashing through Ned’s body, giving him shivers of pleasure. Even when he spent the night with Austin, he had not been this horny. The new physical senses were overriding his reluctance to do something sexual in front of his new friends. Ned felt his right hand rubbing his hard cocklet. He had no idea how it got there; it was like the hand had acted entirely on its own.
When Titus noticed Ned playing with himself, he smiled in relief. He knew Ned had been afraid to participate and was pleased his friend had stripped naked and displayed his hard cock. Titus decided it was time to reveal Carlos’s secret.
“Hey, guys, I gotta tell you something I learned last night.” His voice surprised the other three boys. The only sound for the previous four minutes had been the boys’ heavy breathing. Austin and Gary turned their head and gave Titus a look that said, “what’s so important that it’s worth interrupting our pleasure?”
“What?” Gary asked, hoping that whatever Titus had to say would be short and to the point.
“I found out what a skin flute is.”
“This is about sex stuff, not music.”
“It is about sex stuff—serious sex stuff.”
Titus now had everybody’s attention. “Carlos told me while he was doing his usual jerking off last night.” Carlos was no longer trying to keep his secret pleasure a secret.
“Tell us what it is,” Austin asked impatiently. Austin did not get impatient very often.
The other three boys stopped seriously masturbating and gave Titus all their attention. Titus hoped he was doing the right thing. He was sure everybody would be really mad at him if he were making a mistake.
“Carlos asked me if Ned played the skin flute and I said I didn’t know what a skin flute is. He pulled back his covers and showed me his cock, which is bigger than any of ours and has hair. He said that his cock was a skin flute and I asked why. He said it’s like the shape of a flute and when somebody sucked it they were playing the skin flute?”
“Sucked on it?” Ned asked incredulously. “Who does that?”
“Lots of people,” Gary replied knowledgeably. “I never heard it called playing a skin flute, though.”
“Have you guys done it? Sucked on somebody, I mean?” Ned asked.
Austin admitted he had heard about cock sucking from his brother and they had talked about doing it. He admitted he’d never heard about skin flutes, either.
“But you hold a flute lengthwise, so if you played a skin flute then you’d be sucking the side of a dick. Aren’t you supposed to suck the end of a dick?” Titus asked with a genuine air of innocence.  
That was when Gary changed everything from an almost innocent circle jerk to something in a different dimension. He rolled to his right and put his lips around Austin’s boy rod. Austin shook with pleasure as he felt the warm, wet lips on his shaft.
“Maybe they should call it a skin oboe,” Ned, the flutist, said.
Gary released Austin’s cock and adjusted his position. “Good point,” he said before placing his lips around the head of Austin’s erection and commenced sucking. Austin groaned and Gary once again released the cock. “Whoa, did that hurt? Maybe I should blow on it instead of suck on it. I mean you blow into a woodwind, right? And it’s called a blow job.”
“It felt awesomely good,” Austin whispered.
“For real?”
Austin nodded. “Do it again. It’s called cock sucking, too.”
Gary obliged and once again placed his lips around Austin’s cock and commenced sucking.
“Dang, Carlos told me that he sucked on dicks, but I didn’t believe him,” Titus said. He and Ned were now jerking off furiously as they watched Gary suck Austin’s cock. “I wish I could find out what it feels like.” Titus couldn’t believe he’d just said that.
“It feels really good,” Austin told Titus, moments before Gary pulled off Austin’s cock.
“Well, I guess that’s something we can do some time, too,” Gary said.
“Why did you stop?” Austin asked.
“Because we came here to jerk off. I just wanted to see what playing a skin flute was like.”
“Skin oboe,” Ned corrected with a grin.
“What did it taste like?” Austin asked.
“Give me the finger,” Gary ordered. Austin complied and Gary grabbed Austin’s hand, stuck the finger in his mouth, and sucked on it for a few seconds. “It tastes like that.”
“You mean it doesn’t taste gross?” Titus asked.
“Nope. But I don’t know what it would be like for Austin to shoot his spunk into my mouth, so I decided to stop.”
“You said you stopped so we could jerk off,” Ned reminded him.
“That, too. So let’s quit yacking and get ourselves off.”
Within seconds the four boys were again flopped out on Titus’s bed and jerking their little cocks. This time all four were going at it eagerly, enjoying the feeling of their hands running up and down their erections while watching their friends take care of their similar urges.
“I’m gonna cum,” Titus squealed.
The other three stopped and watched the eleven-year-old’s face scrunch up as his body shook with the pleasure of a dry cum. After the spasms stopped the three went back to play. Soon, Austin, who had been charged to a high level by Gary’s mouth, had the second orgasm, shooting his clear boy cum onto his belly. Ned had his dry cum seconds later with Gary following by a minute.
Gary impressed his friends by firing his first shot up to his neck, with the next landing on his chest, and then shooting a couple more shots on his smooth belly. “Wow, that was a good one, one of my best,” Gary grinned as he regained his breath.
“Mine was really good, too,” Austin said. “I think Gary helped because I got really charged up after he sucked on me. That was really awesome of you Gary.”
“Are we really going to play skin flute together some time?” Titus asked.
“Skin oboe,” Ned corrected yet again. “And my orgasm was the best ever, but it was only my third ever, so I guess it had a good chance of being the best.” 
“I know this sounds dumb, but let’s say it the way everybody else does and say skin flute even if we end up playing it like an oboe,” Gary suggested. The rest of the quartet agreed.
“Next time we mess around together, let’s jerk each other off,” Austin said. “Then we’ll see where we go from there.”
“We only have three weeks left,” Titus reminded them. “So, we can’t wait too long to do stuff.”
“We’ll figure it out,” Gary agreed. “And we can always just mess around one-on-one for practice.” He looked around the room and noted the nods and grins from his naked friends.
“We better go before Carlos finds his room invaded by a naked quartet,” Austin urged.
They showed their agreement by quickly dressing. “Want to go to the pool with me?” Gary asked Austin as they exited the room.
“I just have to get my swimming stuff,” Austin responded.
“Me too. I’ll meet you in the courtyard.”
Austin and Gary were able to spend over an hour in the pool. Austin didn’t know whether to be pleased or upset when Gary kept fondling his cock or grabbing his ass. He decided to be pleased and returned the favor. He was very surprised when Gary planted a long, wet kiss on his lips as they bounced around in water that was up to their nipples.
“Hey, guys, cool it!” Peter Allen, the lifeguard, called out. He would be an incoming senior at Bainbridge Island High School and was a Red Cross certified lifeguard. He had liked working his pool duty at the music camp over the past week because the kids were generally well-behaved.
The only thing that irked him was the sexual byplay among the middle-school aged students at the camp. He could ignore the ass and cock grabbing, but felt he had to put his foot down at the blatant kissing, whether it was between same sex or opposite sex kids. He felt he couldn’t ignore what was going on above the water.
“We’re just having fun,” Gary retorted.
“Have your fun in the locker room.”
“I have to take a pee,” Gary said in a loud enough voice that the kids around him could hear.
“Me, too,” Austin grinned.
The boys left the pool and went into the locker room. They both knew their primary purpose for the trip was kissing, not urinating. And kiss they did—long, and wet with plenty of tongue. They each dropped a hand into the other boy’s swim shorts and brought their friend to a quick hard-on.
“Fuck, if we were someplace private, I’d play your skin flute,” Gary said.
The boys exchanged a shorter kiss, peed, and returned to the pool.
The quartet met in the courtyard at quarter to five for dinner. They were joined by John Irish and William and quickly got into the dinner line, hoping they were in time to get one of the six-person tables. They were and enjoyed a dinner of jokes, funny stories about their music, and lots of laughing. In an interesting change from so many of their gatherings, there were few sexual innuendos, although Gary and Austin often exchanged knowing looks.
Titus didn’t have a chance to talk to Carlos until they met in their room after the Sunday recital. Carlos quickly stripped and was pleased when Titus did the same. Maybe my roomie isn’t the dweeb I thought he was, Carlos thought. He made sure to give Titus a good look at his raging five-inch erection. Titus made no attempt to hide his thin 2.75 inch boy nail, but he didn’t’ flaunt it like Carlos was doing.
“How was the hike?” Titus asked.
“Great. The weather was great and everybody was happy to do something that wasn’t about music. Plus, I think Natty has the hots for me,” Carlos answered.
“Who’s Natty?”
“Natascha Havel. I know you’ve seen her. She’s twelve like me, has boobs starting and brown hair in a ponytail. She plays the oboe.”
As soon as he learned that Natty was an oboist, Titus started giggling. He thought about the Master Quartet talking about skin flutes and skin oboes right there on his bed that afternoon. He wondered if girls liked playing those instruments and giggled harder.
“What kind of hair do you have up your butt?” Carlos asked.
“Nothing. Just something my friends and I talked about this afternoon.”
“Whatever.” Carlos was stroking himself, making sure Titus was watching. “She gave me a kiss in the woods and let me touch her boobs through her shirt. I almost creamed my pants, dude.” He was happy to see Titus stroking himself. It was the first time Titus had played with his cock openly—Carlos was certain that Titus jerked off under the covers just like he did. No more under the cover shit, Carlos thought.
Carlos looked right at Titus and said, “Hey, dude, I’m happy to see you not being shy about your cock anymore. We’re roomies and no more hiding. Fair enough?”
“Yeah, I’m cool with it.”
“Now tell me what’s so funny.”
“I was thinking of, um, skin oboes.”
“It was a joke we had today.”
“What did you guys do together?”
Titus decided to be open with his roomie. After all, they would only be living together for three more weeks. “Got naked and jerked off right here on my bed.”
“Oh, cool. I’m glad you’re finally being a horny dude. And think about this—I didn’t jerk off with anybody until I was like eleven-and-a-half, and here you just had your eleventh birthday and you’ve become a horny dude just like me. And just so you know, I’ve played the skin flute or skin oboe or whatever of a couple of friends. Since I play the clarinet, maybe we should call my humungous thing a skin clarinet,” he laughed. “Now, if you don’t mind, I gotta finish myself off.”
Carlos didn’t take long to shoot his cum on his chest and belly. Titus noted that it was thicker than that of Gary and Austin. That, along with Carlos’s bigger cock and scattered pubic hair, gave Titus reason to admire the masculinity of his twelve-year-old horn dog of a roomie.
“Are you sleeping naked tonight, or did you forget to put your sleep shorts on?”  John asked Ned when he saw his roommate crawl naked under his covers.
“Sleeping naked. Austin does it, so I guess I will too.”
“What did you do today?”
Now it was Ned’s turn to decide how open and honest he would be with his older roommate. Like Titus, he decided that he’d only be living with him for three more weeks, so what difference did it make. “I jerked off with the other guys in the quartet.”
“Whoa, that totally kicks ass. Just a couple of days ago you didn’t know shit about your dick other than you could pee out of it, and here you go having an orgy. Did you all get naked to do it?” Ned nodded. John decided to step things up a notch.  “If I promise not to molest you, will you sleep with me?”
Ned thought about what he and Austin had discussed during snack time. As a result, his response was to get out of his bed and go under John’s covers. “No touching my dick,” he said.
“I promise.” The roommates snuggled together. Ned could feel John’s hard cock against his skin and almost gave his roommate permission to touch his cock but backed down just as he was ready to open his mouth. He didn’t say a word when John started rubbing his butt, since that didn’t constitute touching his cock. Ned relaxed his body and fell into a contented sleep as he learned how good it felt to have a hand rubbing his butt cheeks as well as his chest.
“I suppose you’re going to be a dirty-minded boy,” Brian said to Gary as the roommates got ready for bed.
“Well, I am sleeping naked. After that it’s none of your business,” Gary responded.
“I thought we agreed to at least sleep in our underpants.”
“Look, I kept them on until after I got under the covers. After that it’s none of your beeswax, and if you’re thinking about me being naked right now, then you’re the one with the dirty mind.” Gary wondered if Brian jerked off. But, since Brian spent an inordinate amount of time in the room, Gary figured he had plenty of time to do so.
Gary had noticed that Brian had not attended the Sunday evening recital, even though it was mandatory. He rolled over so his back was to Brian and fell asleep, wondering what he had done to deserve the world’s weirdest roommate.
After the evening recital, Austin went to snack time with Ned to get some snacks. They talked about the recital and how good everyone had played. They skirted around the jerk off session in Titus’s room until Austin asked, “How are you and John getting along?”
“Really good. He thinks it’s great you taught me about how my dick works,” Ned answered. “But he sure gets horny a lot.”
“Well, my brother is fifteen, and he’s horny like twenty-four seven and has been that way for a couple of years. Hell, maybe he could teach you some stuff, too.”
“Like what?”
“I dunno. Why don’t you sleep with him tonight. Tell him he can’t touch your dick and see what he does. If he behaves good and you think you can trust him, go from there.”
“What about you and William? Do you trust him? I’ll sleep with John tonight if you sleep with William.”
“Fair enough,” Austin said as he finished his second chocolate chip cookie.
William was sitting naked on his bed playing his guitar when Austin entered their room. “No snack tonight?” Austin asked.
“I grabbed a pretzel and came here. I saw you sitting with the little nerd. You guys were pretty busy talking. I hope it was about sex.”
“Is everything about sex to you?”
William snorted. “If I can make it that way it is.”
“Are you becoming a guitarist?”
“I’m working at it.”
“What about the piano?”
“What about it? They have pianos here and I’m good at it. I just want to do something different and be good at it, too.”
Austin rose from his bed and headed to the bathroom to take care of his evening toilet business. William followed him in, sporting a semi. They peed, brushed, and flossed. After finishing, Austin stripped naked, settled on his bed and phoned his mother. He eagerly told her about his trip to Benaroya Hall and about the praise he received for playing the Granada work.
William reentered the room during the conversation. He tried not to be envious of Austin’s successes or of his having a parent truly interested in what he was accomplishing in camp.
“Things are going really great, Mom… I miss you, too and I love you,” Austin finished before asking to speak to James.
The brothers chatted briefly. James asked Austin how he was getting on with William. Austin said they were doing okay and then told him about the Master Quartet. He looked over at William, who was studying a guitar scorebook, and said, “I learned what playing the skin flute means.” William’s ears perked up. He couldn’t hear James asking Austin if that means he actually performed the act, but he could hear Austin’s reply. “No, except for like a couple of minutes from one of my friends in the quartet.” Silence from Austin was followed by, “Yeah, I might try more sometime.” Silence and then, “Yeah, thanks Bro. I love you, too. Talk to you again soon.”
Austin disconnected, wondering what William was going to say about his skin flute comment. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.
“Did you really do it?” William asked.
“Do what?” Austin replied with forced innocence.
“Play a skin flute.”
“No way. Someone wanted to know what it tasted like and I let him take a taste of mine.”
“Somebody in your little quartet of friends?” Austin’s silence answered the question in William’s mind. “Gary?”
Once again, Austin didn’t answer. He decided it was time to put his money where his mouth was and do what he had told Ned he was going to do. He left his bed and stepped across the room to William’s bed. William instinctively moved over to make room for his roommate.
“Yes, Gary. But we were just curious.” Austin reached over and started rubbing William’s smooth, hard chest. “The four of us jerked off together is all, except for the couple of minutes Gary put my cock in his mouth.”
“Did you like it?”
“It felt really good.”
“Do you want to do it now?”
Austin kept rubbing William’s chest while he thought about how to answer the question. From the moment he said “skin flute” on the phone, he knew William was going to ask about doing it, but he still hadn’t made a decision. William decided not to press the issue for now and started to rub Austin’s chest, giving special attention to his nipples. He decided to ask to do something they had done before. “Is it okay if I hump you?”
“Yeah, as long as you’re not mad at me anymore.”
“Look, I said I was sorry. How about a make-up kiss?” He turned and placed his lips against Austin’s, pleased that Austin made no attempt to resist. He opened his mouth and kissed the younger boy’s lips. When Austin suddenly opened his mouth, William started going all out.
The fifteen-year-old and the twelve-year-old traded tongues passionately. Knowing he was too heavy to get on top of Austin, William moved the younger boy on his side and started rubbing his cock against Austin’s smaller one. Tongues were traded, cocks were rubbed against each other, nipples were rubbed and kissed, balls were fondled, ass cheeks were rubbed, moans and groans were exchanged until William emptied his big teen nuts over Austin’s hairless body and Austin squirted his clear emission onto the teen.
“Do you want to sleep with me?” Austin wrapped his arms around the older boy and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. “I guess that’s a yes.”
William didn’t know the reason behind Austin’s sudden change of heart, but he readily accepted it. Austin wondered if he would be able to enjoy this kind of passion with Gary, Titus, Ned, or maybe all three. He fell asleep wanting to find out if playing the skin oboe-flute made him a better musician.
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