Mayfield Magic

Chapter 42-Rocky Mountain Train

<California Zephyr, 6:30am>
Aiden, Nolan, and Landon woke to Aiden’s phone at 6:10. They wanted to have showered and eaten breakfast by the time the Zephyr arrived at Denver Union Station at 7:15. The first thing Aiden did after shutting off the alarm was to check the Amtrak app to look at the time keeping of their train.
Aiden had awakened at four to find that the train was stopped somewhere on the prairie. It started about fifteen minutes later after an eastbound freight train had passed them. What Aiden didn’t know was how long the train had been in the hole waiting on the freight. The returning movement of the train quickly put him back to sleep. Now he was on the app to see how much time had been lost during the wait. The app’s ETA for arrival in Denver was 7:35, twenty minutes late.
“How late are we?” Landon asked.
“Twenty minutes,” Aiden answered.
“Not bad,” Nolan said. “That gives us more time to shower and eat and we still have a half-hour to get off the train and explore a little.”
“More like twenty minutes,” Aiden said. "You know how William is—he wants us to have our asses on the train five minutes before departure, so we need to be sure we have five minutes to get to the train if we’re off on another platform or something. Five plus five is ten and ten from…”
“…thirty is twenty,” Landon finished. “Mr. Cooper would be pleased to know I did mental math on my summer trip.”
“Enough talk,” Nolan said. “I’ve got first shower.”
Aiden and Landon both admired Nolan’s sexy body as he went into the small-sized shower cubical. They were soon seated in the Silver Solarium dome feasting on the eggs, sausage, oatmeal, hash browns, toast, and waffles (depending on their individual choices) they had procured from the buffet by 6:50. The hour was as early as it looked, however, since they had passed from Central Time to Mountain Time during the night, thus gaining an hour’s sleep, which helped the boys considerably. They were soon joined at their table by Espowyes, who went with oatmeal and toast. 
“We’re late but with a lot of schedule slack which will put us back on time,” Espowyes said. “Typical Amtrak scheduling.”
“It usually works,” Landon pointed out.
“That it does, young man, that it does.”
The train pulled into Denver Union Station at 7:30, having made up five minutes. They knew the train would be backing into the station and they were stationed in the observation car to catch as much of the action as they could through the back window of the car. The conductor was standing at the back with his finger on a button that blew a small air horn when he pressed it.
“This thing is a great toy,” he grinned as he blew the horn. An Amtrak car would not have a horn like the CZ car did. The conductor also gave instructions to the engineer during the backing movement. He was obviously having fun working in the private car. The protocol included the train coming to a complete test stop a few car lengths from the bumper post before it backed to a few feet from the post.
The boys then disembarked. William admonished them to be back to the car by 7:55. They acknowledged his instruction and went out on the busy platform. They liked that the car was on the back of the train with the platform connecting the tracks to the station running behind the train. That meant they would be that much closer to the train when they rushed back to board.
An RTD commuter train bound for the Denver Airport was at the adjacent platform situated between their platform and the station. The boys took the requisite pictures and went into Union Station, which was now a hotel as well as a train station. The waiting area took up only a small area of the station with the rest of the space devoted to shops, restaurants, and the hotel check-in. Nolan and Aiden left the station after a couple of minutes. Landon stayed behind to take a few pictures and then hustled after his two friends.
Since they could walk in back of the train on the connecting platform, they took a raft of pictures of the beautiful Silver Solarium Vista-Dome observation car before boarding the car at 7:48. William congratulated them on being early. The boys then dashed up to the dome where Vivian and Espowyes were saving the left front table for them.
“Have a seat, young men,” Espowyes said. “I believe Landon’s father will be sitting with you up into the mountains.” That was proven true when Michael came up into the dome and traded places with Espowyes.
<Crossing the Rockies>
The “California Zephyr” left Denver Union Station at 8:05, right on the advertised. The 16-car train climbed the front face of the Rockies. The passengers looked to the east, where they could see the city of Denver spread out beneath them. The cameras were clicking throughout the dome, especially when they saw a Union Pacific freight on the track above them heading into the switchback where they would pass.
One fascinating sight was on their right side. It consisted of a line of old gondola cars parked on a siding with various kinds of flora growing out of the soil that had accumulated in the cars. Of course, Lois came up from her seat toward the back of the dome to pick Landon’s brain.
“What were those cars full of plants and even trees?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” Landon said, much to everyone’s surprise. He saw the reactions and said, “Well, I can’t know everything.”
Espowyes sat at the table behind the boys with Larry, Phil, and Vivian. Paul sat at a back table with three railfans who were retired railroad employees. Espowyes waited to see if Aiden and Nolan had an answer and when he saw they were stumped as well, he said that he knew the answer. “I learned this on one of my trips on the Zephyr. The winds can get very strong up here and they were placed there as wind breaks. Through the years the cars created their own ecosystems, hence the flora prospering in the environment.”
“Thank you, um…, Lois stumbled.
“Robert,” the Native American man said.
“Yes, Robert, thank you.” She turned her attention to the boys. “And now you boys learned something new, as well.”
“And I’m sure they’ll never forget it,” Michael grinned.
“You’re right about that, dad, and I’ll never forget it either,” Landon said.
“Please forgive my son, Lois. If it has to do with trains, his mind is like a steel trap, but don’t ask him how to figure out the area of a circle.”
The train moved to where they could no longer look down at Denver as they dove into the mountains and would be passing through over 40 tunnels on their trek through the Rockies. The switchbacks had taken them up 4,000 feet in 50 miles. When they entered the 6.2-mile Moffat Tunnel they were over 9,000 feet above sea level.
After the tunnel they went through seven canyons of the Colorado River.  From the Gore Canyon to the spectacular Glenwood Canyon, they seemed to get bigger and more majestic. The Upper Gore Canyon was so narrow that the only way to get through it was on the train or by white water rafting.
Just before lunch they entered a wide stretch of the Colorado River known as Moon River. William came up to the dome and explained the reason for the name. “It seems to be fashionable in these parts for the rafters, and sometimes those on the shore to, shall we say, enlighten us by pulling down their pants and displaying their posteriors.”
“Does that happen often?” Lois asked.
“Yes, it does, especially this time of year when it’s sunny and warm.” The boys thought she looked pleased by the answer.
Nolan and Larry could see the sinister grin on Aiden’s face and knew exactly what he was thinking.  Before Aiden could comment William ended his spiel saying, “And while it is apparently okay for rafters to moon the ‘California Zephyr’ passengers, it is NOT okay for ‘California Zephyr’ passengers to moon the rafters.” He looked at Aiden and as if he could read the teen’s mind, he added to his conclusion by saying, “And for the curious among us, it does say California Zephyr on the lit-up drumhead on the back of this car.”
Larry pointed to Aiden and grinned. Aiden shrugged his shoulders as if he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. When they hit the wide stretch of the river, the cameras went up the windows on the river side and clicked away as they saw everything from a single moon to six rafters giving a full raft of moons.
The fun soon ended and not long after, lunch was served. Lunch consisted of BLTs, fries, and cherry cobbler for dessert. As they ate Nolan asked Aiden what he was grinning about. “You surely weren’t thinking of returning the Moon River moons were you?”
“Yeah, I was thinking about it, but I sure wasn’t going to do it. I may be dumb at times, but I’m not stupid. I imagine putting my bare ass against a dome window would have earned me a toss out the door and into the Colorado.”
“But then you could moon to your heart’s content,” Larry grinned. Larry had been able to overhear the conversation.
“I suppose, but you guys would have been gone and I’d end up having to hitchhike to Mayfield in wet clothes.”
“You could have hitchhiked to LA and met us there,” Nolan grinned.
“How about we return to reality and enjoy our BLTs.” He leaned close to Nolan’s right ear and said in a whisper, “I had one other reason for my smirk. I’ll share it later.”
“Gotcha,” Nolan nodded.
Not long after lunch they entered the Glenwood Canyon. The Canyon was big enough to run Interstate 70 through it. Per mile, that freeway was the most expensive highway ever built. Building a freeway in the Canyon, which was considered a treasure by Coloradans, had been very controversial. The builders promised to take special care of the canyon.
When highways are built, the landscape is generally changed to conform to the route of the highway. With I-70 through the canyon, the highway design was changed to conform to the landscape, which is why it was so expensive. A bicycle road was constructed in the space between the side of the highway and the river to placate the nature-loving Coloradans. Larry, Phil, Paul, Vivian, and the boys agreed they did a good job of building the highway. Having never seen the pristine canyon, however, they had nothing to compare it to.
Espowyes did not like it. He said the highway should have been routed elsewhere, even if it meant having to take a long way around which would involve somewhat steep grades in places. It was his opinion that the beauties of nature should be left alone.
“But what about the railroad going through the canyon?” Aiden asked. “It was there long before the highway.”
“As you noted in some of the other canyons we passed through, the railroad had minimal effect on the landscape. A single-track railroad is much easier to conform to the landscape then a four-lane freeway.”
“I hear that many Coloradans still despise that stretch of I-70,” Paul said.
“Yes, they do, and many people always will.”
After leaving the canyon, the train stopped in Glenwood Springs, a popular tourist destination. The “California Zephyr” did a lot of passenger business there. The trip from Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction was beautiful, but not as spectacular as the scenery from Denver to Glenwood Springs had been. Grand Junction was a fresh air stop, and the Zephyr passengers were happy to get out on the platform for ten minutes and stretch their legs.
Dinner was served an hour after leaving Grand Junction. The appetizer was cherry tomato, mozzarella, and pesto kebabs. Next came an arugula salad with fresh raspberry vinaigrette, goat cheese and pistachios, along with artisan bread and butter. But it was the entrée that the boys dug into: chicken paprikash with rice pilaf, sauteed summer squash, and garlic. They loved the chicken. A dessert of chocolate molten cake with whipped cream topped off a very satisfying meal.
“I just don’t understand how those two chefs can produce meals like this in that tiny kitchen,” Vivian said.
“It is intriguing,” Phil said. "I can guarantee that the Amtrak chef doesn’t produce something like this in his much larger kitchen.”
“But he’s also restricted to the Amtrak menu and its limitations,” Larry pointed out.
At seven-thirty in the evening, the boys and Espowyes sat at a table in the main level of the Silver Rapids and enjoyed six games of hearts. The boys had quickly learned the rules and were now mastering the strategy. Espowyes and Aiden each enjoyed two wins, and Nolan and Landon each one. Aiden and Nolan also enjoyed the only two runs. Everyone had fun. The boys thanked Espowyes for teaching them the game, teaching them a lot of little things about the geology, biology, and history of their route, and “not treating them like little kids” as Aiden put it. They bid Espowyes good night at quarter after nine, each of them giving him a sincere hug. They were minutes away from their station stop in Provo.
The Zephyr was scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City at 11:05. The boys planned on being asleep by then, although it would probably arrive earlier thanks to the cushion built into the schedule.
“This is the last night of the trip all three of us will be together,” Aiden said as they sat on the lower bunk. The beds had been put down and were ready for them. “What do we plan to do before hitting the hay? Remember, we gain another hour after we leave Salt Lake City.”
“Well, I’m not ready to go all the way, yet,” Landon said. Landon and his dad would be getting off the train in Emeryville, where they planned to catch the northbound “Coast Starlight” to Centralia and home. Michael had other business over the weekend. Also the length of private car trip to Emeryville was all he could afford. He thought he and Landon had more than gotten their money’s worth, although Landon would have loved to spend a few more days foaming (among other fun) with Aiden and Nolan
“So, are we going to get into doing blow jobs, or be happy jerking each other off?”
“What about humping?” Nolan said.
“Doesn’t that have kissing?” Landon asked.
“It usually does because it gets you really turned on, but it’s not something you have to do.”
“How about we take care of our brushing and washing. I’ll make up my mind then if that’s okay?”
“Hey, you know how we are. Of course it’s okay,” Aiden said.
Landon brushed his teeth first and wondered what he was going to decide as he stood at the sink and brushed.
<Gordy and Kalie>
Gordy and Kalie were sitting in their underwear at the kitchen table in Kalie’s house enjoying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gordy took a bite of his sandwich and chuckled after swallowing.
“What are you laughing about?” Kalie asked as she took a sip of her apple juice.
“Eating this sandwich reminds me of how much Aiden hates peanut butter,” Gordy answered.
“I didn’t know that.”
“Well, you do now. He hates almost anything having to do with peanuts.”
“Does that include peanut butter cookies?”
“Big time,” Gordy answered.
“Peanut butter is delicious. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
“Oh, he knows all right. I didn’t know you didn’t know that about him.”
“Well, I know it now. This bite is for Aiden,” Kalie said as she took a big bite of her sandwich.
“How long are your parents going to be gone?”
“As long as it takes for mom to feed dad, Travis, and Pablo, and for them to do whatever they’re doing in the field. I think Travis said something about something being broken in the main sprinkler.”
“Then let’s get naked. Your mom wouldn’t mind seeing us naked, but I don’t know about everybody else, especially your dad.”
“You never know what dad is gonna think. He could go from thinking it’s cute to yelling at us to get dressed. Travis would love it. And Pablo hardly ever comes into the house. None of them would freak out if they saw us just in our underwear, though,” Kalie said.
“If you say so. You know them better than I do.”
Kalie rubbed the bulge in the front of Gordy’s light blue boxer shorts causing Gordy to squeak. “I like feeling your boner. It’s so hard and sexy. And you’ve got a wet spot in your undies. That must be the precum stuff.”
“It is and if you don’t let go of my dick my undies are gonna have more than a wet spot—they’re gonna be soaked.” Kalie let go of Gordy’s boner but what she did next surprised him. She slid her hand into Gordy’s underpants and started to seriously masturbate him. “Stop for just a second,” he pleaded. She thought she knew what her boyfriend wanted and pulled her hand back out of his underpants.
Gordy quickly worked them down to his ankles, kicked them off, and nodded for her continue.  A couple dozen strokes later he was firing his jism onto his chest, belly, pubes, and Kalie’s right hand. As he lay back against the back of the couch, Kalie stripped off her black panties and masturbated herself to a climax of her own. She had been so keyed up she couldn’t wait for Gordy to come back to Earth and do it for her.
“Well, that was different,” Gordy said after they recovered their breaths. “But I liked it.”
“Me too,” Kalie said. “And it’s something we can almost do anywhere if we don’t get naked.”
“So now what do we do?”
“Let’s get dressed and see how everybody’s doing with getting those sprinklers to work.”
<Alex, Grant, and Jaden>
After watching TV with Grant’s parents, the boys told them they were going to play some video games. They said their goodnights and retired to Grant’s bedroom. “Thanks for being nice to my mom and dad and watching some boring television with them,” Grant said as they plunked themselves on his bed.
“Hey, they’re my aunt and uncle, so I’d better be nice,” Jaden grinned.
“Besides, they’ve really been nice to us,” Alex said. “Especially your mom, who I know used to hate me.”
“I don’t know if she hated you, but she did say a couple of times that you weren’t very high on her Christmas card list,” Grant said.
“What are we going to play?” Jaden asked.
Grant pulled down his gym shorts and black briefs showing off his impressive 6+ inch erection. “You can play this if you want,” Grant smirked.
“I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten. I remember when you were ten and it was just a little hairless nail. Now you’re bigger than me and you’ve got hairs. Is tonight the night you want to do it?” Alex asked.
“I want to do it tonight and tomorrow night and next week. But since you’re gonna be leaving on Friday that’s not going to happen. Let’s do it tomorrow and I’ll sleep with my cuz tonight.”
Jaden grinned when he heard that. For a moment he was afraid he wouldn’t get any private time with his cousin before he left, and he loved his cousin dearly.
“We’ll be having that mini-orgy tomorrow at the twins’, you know,” Alex reminded Grant.
“I know and if you can do it there that would be great. It would be a real turn-on for me if Lance was watching you fuck me. If it doesn’t work that way, I know you’ll save something for me tomorrow night right here in this bed.”
“I know we’ll make it happen. I really want it bad and I hope it’s the same with you.”
“Totally,” Grant assured his friend.
Alex yanked off his shorts and briefs, showing off his own young teen erection. He wrapped his right hand around it and said, “This will have lots of life in it tomorrow, no matter what. Now you two cousins have an epic time and I’ll see you in the morning.” Alex slipped on his shorts in case a parent should be skulking in the hall, picked up his briefs, and went to his room.
Grant and Jaden were completely naked almost before Alex had left the room. The cousins were ready to rock Grant’s bed; neither one was keen on foreplay, which didn’t stop Grant from asking Jaden if he wanted to kiss before they fucked.
“Not really, but I suppose if we’re going to be fucking cousins we might as well be kissing cousins,” Jaden responded. “But before we do, I have one question about the twins.”
“Ask away,” Grant said.
“Do you think they’re going to want to kiss much?”
“Well, with me and Riley and each other, they’re kissing fools. And when they mess around with other guys, they’ve got no prob kissing.”
“Then let’s kiss. I want to be sure my lips are in shape if I end up having to kiss one of them.” Jaden lay back on the bed waiting to see what Grant was going to do. Grant reached into the bottom drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a tube of Vaseline and lubed his cock and Jaden’s ass. “Now that’s what I call prepping.”
“And here is what is known as kissing,” Grant grinned. He nestled next to Jaden and kissed his lips. Jaden held Grant’s head and gave him a hard kiss back. Both boys decided at the same time to use their tongues which caused them to clash. They quickly got coordinated and Grant’s tongue slithered into Jaden’s mouth. Grant thought about upping the ante to a more passionate kiss with him getting on top of his cousin and humping him. He changed his mind, however, deciding to save that for Alex.
“Are you ready?” Grant asked.
“I’m more than ready. Let’s do it before I end up squirting over myself.” Of the three boys, Jaden was the oldest, having turned 14 in June. Grant and Alex were both 13 and wouldn’t turn 14 until the next year.
Grant carefully entered his cousin’s ass, but Jaden was not a novice and was ready for Grant’s entry. Grant reveled in the feel of his cousin’s hot, tight ass. It didn’t take him long to get a rhythm going and it didn’t take much longer for him jam his cock in as deeply as he could and fire his cum into its intended target. Feeling his cousin deep inside him set Jaden off and he had a no touch orgasm, shooting his teen jism over his chest and belly.
“Wow, cuz, that was epic,” Jaden panted. “I’m never going to forget your bed.”
“Well, it is a comfy bed,” Grant said.
“Yeah, I guess it is, but I’ll never forget it because of what happened in it with the greatest cousin a guy could ask for.”
Grant gave Jaden a peck on his cheek and then got up to piss with Jaden following him. When they got back into the bed, Grant whispered, “I love you cuz, and thanks for being a special person in my life.” Grant turned off the nightstand lamp and the two boys rolled over so they were back-to-back and quickly fell asleep.
<The Silver Solarium>
Grant wasn’t the only Mayfield boy to have sex with an out-of-town boy. The other boy who did wasn’t even in Mayfield when it happened. Aiden was in Utah riding in a Silver Solarium sleeping car room sucking the cock of his out-of-town friend Landon while he was getting his dick sucked by a Mayfield boy—his boyfriend, Nolan.
None of the boys cared what state they were in. All they cared about was the feelings boiling over in their rock-hard teen cocks (or almost teen cock in Aiden’s case). Landon’s cock had been sucked by Aiden before, but for some reason it felt twice as good as it had then. It didn’t take long for him to fill Aiden’s mouth with his sweet cum. The feel and taste of his friend’s jism set Aiden off and he unloaded into his favorite mouth.
As Aiden and Landon came down from their sex high, Nolan scooted up on the bed, turned on his back. and set to work on jerking his six and a quarter inches. After a couple of strokes, Landon squeezed in next to him and took over masturbating his friend.
“I figure you and Aiden got somebody to cum, so I might as well do it, too,” Landon said. “But, I’m not ready to give a BJ yet.”
Nolan didn’t care. He was happy to have somebody else get him off, and extra happy that it was Landon since Aiden was usually his sexual partner. Because of how charged the sexual energy had been in the little sleeping car room it didn’t take long for Nolan to join Aiden and Landon in the orgasm line for the night.
All three boys were satisfied with the outcome of their evening and ready to sleep. They would be starting the day in the desert, but Espowyes had told them there would be mountains to see. They wanted to be up early to see what there was to see even if it wasn’t spectacular.
Besides, they would be crossing into the Pacific Time Zone overnight, which would gain them an hour’s sleep. They soon were snoozing toward that extra hour. Their trek over the Sierra Nevada would start as soon as they left Reno at 8:30. They were due at Emeryville, the western terminus of the “California Zephyr”, at 4:10.
The good news was that Aiden, Nolan, and their families would be having dinner and sleeping on the Zephyr cars while they were parked in the Oakland coach yard that night. The sad news was, Landon would be leaving them at Emeryville.
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