Mayfield Magic

Chapter 43-Return to California

This trip on the California Zephyr cars is based on a trip I took. The cars are real but were retired from mainline railroading a couple of years ago. They now operate at the Cuyahoga Rail Park in Ohio. But, this is fiction and in the fictional Mayfield universe they are still good to go on the mainline.
<California Zephyr, Morning>
Aiden woke up just before 7:00. If he were someplace else, he would have rolled over and gone back to sleep until 7:30, the time his alarm was set for. But he wasn’t someplace else, he was in a bedroom on the Silver Solarium with his boyfriend and very best friend, Nolan and his good friend Landon. He pulled back the curtain covering the window and saw that they were in the desert with bare mountains in the background just as Espowyes had told them. As much as going back to sleep tempted him, seeing new places from the dome of the vintage car tempted him more.
He woke Nolan up. Nolan grumbled and mumbled when he saw what the time was, but as his foggy mind cleared, he agreed with Aiden that they should get up and head for breakfast and the dome. He woke up Landon and by 7:15 they were grabbing items for breakfast in the buffet that was set up in the lounge. Soap and water at the sink along with deodorant would substitute for a shower for the time being.
Larry, Phil, and Michael were at a table enjoying their breakfast and watching the mountainous desert scenery roll by. Paul and Vivian joined the group ten minutes after the boys. Vivian sat with the boys and Paul sat with the other dads.
Lois came upstairs with her husband as the boys were finishing their breakfast. The couple sat at the table behind the boys and Vivian.
“You haven’t grilled the boys about the history of the train,” Vivian said to Lois. She enjoyed watching the boys cringe when she gave Lois the reminder.
“Truthfully, the pamphlets the Zephyr Car ownership gave us were pretty complete. However, they weren’t as sweet, polite, fun to learn from as the boys,” Lois grinned.
“Well, there are some things that the pamphlet didn’t tell,” Landon said. Although the thought crossed their minds, Aiden and Nolan didn’t give Landon the stink eye. They knew how much Landon liked to share what he knew and how impressed Lois was with Landon’s knowledge and ability to impart and how Landon had been eating up being a center of attention when he started one of his lessons. Lois hadn’t been the only person listening in.
“The part the pamphlet doesn’t say much about is the Feather River Canyon,” Landon said. “That’s because the Amtrak Zephyr doesn’t follow the original route through the canyon. Those tracks belonged to the Western Pacific. That was one of the three railroads that operated the original Zephyr. Now it goes over the old Southern Pacific line past Donner Lake and over Donner Pass in the high Sierra. Most people agree that the Feather River Canyon is way more scenic. And that’s not to say that the Donner Pass route isn’t scenic, it’s just not as scenic as the canyon.”
Larry, the professional educator, was as impressed by Landon as anybody on the train. Not only because of his knowledge base, but also because of how he organized his thoughts and explained things clearly.
“Why was the route changed?” Lois asked.
“Long story short, the Western Pacific was losing too much money running the train and petitioned to have its portion discontinued. That was approved in 1970. After that the Rio Grande operated the “Rio Grande Zephyr” from Denver to Salt Lake City and the Burlington operated what they called California Service, even though it didn’t go to California. It just went from Chicago to Denver and connected with the Rio Grande Zephyr. That all changed when Amtrak started.”
“What happened then?”
“The Rio Grande Railroad didn’t join Amtrak and kept running the ‘Rio Grande Zephyr’. Amtrak ran the ‘San Francisco Zephyr’ that ran on the Union and Southern Pacific on what was the original transcontinental route, and that meant over Donner Pass. When the Rio Grande joined Amtrak in 1983 the ‘San Francisco Zephyr’ moved over to the Rio Grande route and became the ‘California Zephyr’ again. That’s the train we’re coupled to now.”
“Why didn’t they shift to the Feather River Canyon, too?” Vivian asked.
“So, they could serve Reno and a bigger market.”
And that pretty much ended Landon’s railroad history seminars for the trip. By then the train was entering the trench that carried the Union Pacific tracks below street level and it came to a stop at the Reno station. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air stop and soon were back in the dome checking out the scenery along the Truckee River and the Truckee River Canyon where they entered California.
“Dang, it seems like just yesterday that we were in California,” Aiden told Nolan.
“Yeah. It was about ten days ago that we left,” Nolan said.
“And here we are. We have returned.”
“Speak for yourselves,” Landon said.
“Sorry, Landon. I didn’t mean to step on your toes,” Aiden said.
“No problems. I’m more irked that I gotta leave California tomorrow than that I wasn’t there with you guys. I mean, it’s not like you knew me all that well then and you had your team filled anyway.”
“Maybe we can come up with a trip all three of us can take with a dad or two or three.”
“Like to the California Rail Museum maybe?” Landon grinned.
“That would be a great start, right Nolan?”
“You know it,” Nolan responded.
After leaving Truckee the climb into the Sierras started in earnest. They saw the beautiful blue water of Donner Lake and went into tunnels and through snowsheds. The moment that brought smiles and giggles to the dome was when Aiden said he was glad they wouldn’t be eating in the Amtrak dining car.
“Why, because we have way better food here?” Nolan asked.
“No, their food is decent enough except for one thing,” Aiden responded.
“What’s that?”
“I’ve heard rumors that they serve so called chicken fingers between Donner Lake and Donner Pass.”
Landon caught on right away. “You mean, like to make you think of ‘leftovers’ from the Donner party?”
“You said it, I didn’t,” Aiden smirked.
<Gordy and Kalie>
Since Gordy knew he would have the house to himself all day, he had thought of inviting Kalie to spend the day. But he worried that his mother would know Kalie had been in the house. He thought his mother would have made a good detective; she seemed to always know when he had friends over during the day, but then his friends weren’t trying to hide the fact they had been in the house.
But he wasn’t sure how his mom would react to his being alone with a girl in the house. He knew that his mom knew he was often alone with Kalie in her house, but that was a whole different thing from her being alone in his house. He wasn’t sure why his mom would look at it differently, he just had a strong feeling she would. So, the day would be business as usual as he went to Kalie’s house for lunch and whatever treats would be in store for them after lunch.
Gordy and Kalie stripped down to their underwear as soon as Gordy arrived. They sat on the sofa swing in the backyard and made out with long, deep kisses and Gordy massaging his girlfriend’s budding pubescent breasts. Kalie had just slid her right hand inside his green and black boxer shorts. Her hand was rubbing against his hard cock as she shoved them below Gordy’s balls when her brother Travis stepped into the yard from the house.
“Oh, sorry, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything important,” he said in an innocent tone of voice.
Kalie jerked her hand away from Gordy’s crotch, leaving his four- and three-quarter inch leaking rod exposed. Before Gordy could pull his underpants up, Travis stepped in front of them and grinned.
“I saw Gordy’s bike out front and thought you’d both be totally naked,” he said.
“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in Centralia at the college or something.”
“I finished early and came home to this nice surprise.” He looked at Gordy who was momentarily frozen in place. “Damn, that thing of yours has grown since I saw it last, and I see you’ve even got a nice little bush over it.”
Gordy almost burned from his full body blush. He finally managed to pull his underpants up.  His hardon was quickly losing its juice.
“Travis Carter, you’re just plain rude,” Kalie snapped.
“How was I supposed to know you two would be here making out?” Travis asked. “I figured you’d go to some hidey hole to do it in case mom or dad came home.”
“Mom doesn’t care if we make out naked as long as we aren’t doing the dirty deed, which we weren’t planning on doing, right Gordy?”
“Um, yeah, sure, that’s totally right. In fact, I was thinking how hungry I was and still am,” Gordy said.
“There’s sandwiches in the fridge. There’s even enough for you, big bro.” Travis was ten days away from his 20th birthday and a sophomore at Eastern Washington University where he played baseball and majored in history.
As they headed into the house, Kalie turned to Gordy and said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“I might be, but we’d better not do it.”
“You can be a total wuss sometimes, Gordy.”
“But you love me anyway, right?” Gordy asked, not sure what the answer would be.
“I think it’s one reason I do love you. Can you imagine me with one of the wild boys on your baseball team, like Max?”
“That would be too crazy. Anway, my mom says I can’t be alone in the house with a girl.”
“But it’s okay for you to be alone with her at her house?”
“She never said. And, hey, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.“
Kalie kissed Gordy on the cheek. “Okay, so maybe you’re just a wuss instead of a total wuss.”
“Hey, will you kids hurry into the house, or do I have to eat all of these sandwiches myself?” Travis asked.
Gordy and Kalie entered the house. They each grabbed one of the roast beef sandwiches that Travis had left out and quickly gobbled it down.
“Do you two plan on teasing me by sitting in nothing but your underpants?” Travis asked. “I thought for sure you’d entertain me with your naked bodies which I know from past experience are worth seeing.”
“You are such a pig, Travis,” Kalie told her big brother. “I think Gordy and I will entertain you by getting dressed.”
“Yeah, we will, but not until after we eat some of those chocolate chip cookies set out on the counter,” Gordy said. He and Kalie each finished off two cookies and went out to the living room where they had tossed their clothes on the couch. Gordy whispered something and Kalie nodded with a smirk.
“Hey, Travis, check this out,” Kalie said as she and Gordy turned their backs to him. The two lovers yanked their underpants down to their knees and then bent over and mooned the twenty-year old. They stood up and covered their asses.
“There you go Travis, a look at our naked butts. I hope you liked what you saw,” Gordy said as he pulled on his shorts. He and Kalie dressed quickly. Gordy gave his girlfriend a long kiss, donned his bicycle helmet, said goodbye to Travis, and was soon pedaling down the long dirt driveway to Lakeshore Avenue.
As Gordy pedaled home he passed Aiden’s house and once again wished his best friend was home. He also thought about finding a way to be alone with Kalie in his house without his mother finding out. He wondered if Aiden could come up with a way to make that happen. He missed seeing Kalie and decided that next time they were alone they’d get naked first thing and not wait to do it thinking that waiting to undress would turn them on more than undressing right away. ‘That was one fucked up idea,’ Gordy thought as he stopped at the traffic light where Lakeshore Avenue met Highway 12.
<California Zephyr>
Lunch was served and it did not include chicken fingers. Vivian got hold of an Amtrak menu and pointed out that it also did not feature chicken fingers.
“Mom, Aiden knew that,” Nolan said. "He was just busy being Aiden.”
“Not everybody knows Aiden the way we do and as informative as your presentations have been I wanted to make sure nobody took him seriously.”
“Well, when push comes to shove there’s really nothing wrong with chicken fingers. You can get them at fast food places and nobody freaks out.”
“I wasn’t freaking out; I was just making things clear. I knew what you meant, but not everybody has the thrill of raising teenage boys.”
Nolan knew when not to argue with his mother, and this was one of those times. As far as he was concerned nobody took Aiden seriously and even if they did who would connect chicken fingers on a menu with the Donner party eating each other? ‘Okay, maybe my mom would, but she can be weird at times,’ he thought.
Everyone agreed that the Donner Pass route was very scenic, but it wasn’t quite as scenic as the Rockies had been. Still, the cameras had been busy since the train had traveled through the Truckee Canyon. Aiden and Landon both got what they felt were good shots of the meet with the eastbound Zephyr. Eventually the scenery became a lot of trees with peeks at scenic rivers and tree covered hills. When the “California Zephyr” returned to civilization the cameras were set down and half the passengers in the dome went downstairs.
“Well, with us being on time my dad and I can ride all the way to Emeryville to catch the ‘Coast Starlight’,” Landon told Aiden and Nolan.
“Which makes us happy since we get to see you longer,” Aiden grinned. Nolan nodded in agreement.
When they reached Sacramento, ten of the Zephyr passengers disembarked, most of them because they were close to home and some because they wanted to see the sights of the city.
The boys disembarked and walked the platform to stretch, get some fresh air, talk, and get more pictures of their train as well as the Capitol Corridor train at the next platform.
“Why are you three looking so glum?” Larry asked the boys after they reboarded the train and went up into the Silver Solarium dome.
“Because Landon will leave us in Emeryville,” Aiden said. “We’re going to miss him.”
“And I’m gonna miss you guys. But Aiden invited me to his birthday parties in a couple of weeks and I hope I get to at least one of them,” Landon said.
“You’re coming to just one?” Nolan asked.
“I plan to come to both, but it has to be cleared with the family secretary.”
“Meaning your mom,” Aiden grinned.
“You got it. But if I can only go to one party, I hope it’s number two.”
“Of course. It’s the skinny-dipping party.”
“Just remember, there won’t be any girls at that one,” Nolan said.
“I know, but nothing’s perfect. And you guys are a decent substitute since you’re such great friends. Nothing like naked foamers who foam…oops, well you get the picture.”
Larry shook his head. He got the picture perfectly and wondered if Landon knew just exactly what goes on at an Aiden skinny dipping birthday party. ‘Well, he’ll learn in a hurry,’ he thought.
“Pop, what are we going to do while our cars are parked in the yard tonight?” Aiden asked Larry.
“From what I gather we can leave the train in Emeryville and get transportation to the yard during the evening. I should be getting instructions soon considering how well organized this operation is,” Larry replied. He no sooner said that when William came up to the dome.
“Hey everybody, for those of you who will be riding to Los Angeles tomorrow, Bert and I will be conducting a quick meeting in the dome of the Silver Lariat in ten minutes.” He went back down into the observation lounge.
“Well, just like I told you.”
A couple of minutes later they could hear the double toot of the horn of the Zephyr’s lead locomotive and the train started pulling out of the Sacramento station.
The Millers and Moyers then left the Silver Solarium dome for the Silver Lariat dome. Including that group, there were fourteen passengers sitting in the dome.
“Fourteen is the right number,” William told Burt. “And just so you all know, tomorrow’s trip to LA will be a sellout once we leave San Jose.” Most of the passengers traveling on the Zephyr cars from Chicago to California either got off in Sacramento or would be getting off in Emeryville.
What the passengers learned from William and Burt was that the three Zephyr cars would be moved to the coach yard in Oakland.  The passengers were told that they were welcome to get off the train in Emeryville and enjoy dinner there. “Dinner will not be served on the train. Even the crew will be eating off the train,” Burt said. “William will give you a list of the restaurants within walking distance of the station along with his recommendations. You can leave your belongings in your bedroom where they will be safe. We will provide you with a shuttle van that will leave the Emeryville station for the yard every half hour from six-thirty until nine. The shuttle cost is part of your fare for tomorrow’s leg.
“If you should happen to miss the last shuttle, please note that you cannot…I repeat…you CANNOT walk in the train yard without an escort. You will be stopped for trespassing if you do. This is for your own safety. I strongly suggest you don’t miss the nine o’clock shuttle, but if it happens, William’s handout will have a number for you to call if you need an escort to the cars. You’ll be responsible for your own cab ride plus it could be a long wait for a yard worker to be free to escort you.”
William gave each group a couple of copies of the handout and then said, “Now, we’ll soon be traveling along San Francisco Bay, so let’s get set to enjoy some scenery.”
When the Millers and Moyers returned to the Silver Solarium, Aiden told Landon what would be happening once the Zephyr got to Emeryville, which was the end of the line for the “California Zephyr.”
“Cool, that means we can have dinner together since our train doesn’t leave Emeryville until ten o’clock,” Landon said. “Right dad?”
“Works for me. I assume Aiden and Nolan’s parents are good with it,” Michael answered.
“I don’t see why we can’t all enjoy dinner together. We’ll just need to hustle to get seating for eight,” Paul said. Larry and Phil agreed with Michael and Paul.
“I know you got the recommendations from William, but from past experience I recommend the Black Bear Diner. Their meatloaf is to die for.”
“William’s handout gives it a high rating,” Aiden said. “And it’s only a couple of blocks from the station.”
The “California Zephyr” arrived in Emeryville right on time at 4:10. William had instructed them to leave the train right away because it would be coupled with the Zephyr all the way to the Oakland passenger train yard, and they would not be able to get off the train there. The extra escort service was in case something went wrong in returning to the train, not for leaving the yard.
Michael and Landon checked their suitcases. They’d put whatever they needed on the “Coast Starlight” in a carryon which they checked temporarily. Since they weren’t in any hurry, the group took their time leaving the train station for the restaurant.
All three boys had the meatloaf dinner and apple pie a la mode for dessert. “It’s nice to observe the food choice originality shown by the boys,” Vivian commented to the four dads in general after the desserts were ordered.
“What’s she talking about? We all got the same thing,” Landon asked Nolan who was sitting on his left.
“She’s just being my mom. Listen up,” Nolan responded in a near whisper.
He then raised his voice to conversation level and said, “Well, mom, it’s proof that we know what’s best and have complete confidence in each other’s tastes. After all, Larry, Micheal, and dad all got the same thing after it got a high recommendation.” Phil had ordered fish and chips and a slice of lemon meringue pie and Vivian had ordered fried chicken and no dessert. Just as Nolan usually knew when he wasn’t going to get anywhere in a disagreement with his mother and backed off from arguing, she usually knew when the opposite was going to happen.
They returned to the station at 6:35 which meant they had twenty-five minutes before the next shuttle for the train yard. The adults sat in the first row of seats in the waiting area while the boys sat two rows back from them. Michael had enjoyed a great time on the excursion and made friends with the Millers and Moyers. But what he enjoyed the most was the quality time he had with his son in the historic vintage cars. Granted Landon spent most of the travel time with his new best friends, but father and son still managed to get some special bonding in.
“Dudes, this was way more fun than I ever thought it was going to be. I’m glad we got more in together than just the train,” Landon told Aiden and Nolan. “I mean the trains were awesome to the max, but the other stuff in the bedroom was, like, epic. Thanks for showing me some stuff. Now I gotta find somebody to do it with.”
“You’re not going to give up a girl so you can find a thingy to put in your mouth, are you?” Aiden asked.
“Well, maybe a friend like Paul or Bryce, somebody I jerked off with would be willing to experiment. But I have a feeling my next time with a guy will be at Aiden’s—if I like get to come to one and if a guy wants to mess around with me.”
“No worries there, Landon. You haven’t been to a party until you’ve been to an Aiden party,” Nolan said.
“I just hope I get to go. I know dad’s cool with it. He likes both you guys and he likes Aiden’s dads so mom will probably give in to me going to one of them…IF nothing is on her calendar.”
“Those boys are certainly being secretive back there,” Vivian observed.
“As only middle school boys can be,” Larry said.
“And girls,” Michael added. “And you get a boy and a girl together, the whispery talk is just a notch above hush hush.”
The main door from the station to the street opened and a man entered the station. “The seven o’clock shuttle is ready for any Zephyr car passengers waiting,” the man said. It was 6:50, so there was plenty of time for the boys to say their goodbyes, which they did.
Nolan gave Landon a hug and Aiden followed up with a longer one. He ran a hand through Landon’s long hair.
“I’m gonna miss touching your hair,” Aiden whispered.
“Which ones?” Landon whispered back. “The ones on my head or the ones down there?”
“Both.” He gave Landon a quick brotherly kiss on the cheek and stepped away. He wished he could have given him a longer one on the lips. ‘Landon might be straight, but that doesn’t stop him from being sexy,’ he thought.
“Have a great trip on the fourteen,” Aiden said, citing the “Coast Starlight” by train number rather than by name.
“It’ll be good. It is a train, after all,” Landon said. “But it would need you two to be great.”
Aiden, Nolan, and their parents went out the front door and boarded the van that would take them to the Oakland passenger train yard. Twenty minutes later they boarded the Silver Solarium and felt like they had returned home.
<The Sextet>
“What did Lance say about lunch?” Alex asked Grant as they ate their morning breakfast cereal. Grant had just been on the phone asking Lance if there would be any lunch available when they went to the twins’ house for the “mini orgy”. Alex, Grant, and Jaden were eating naked since Grant’s parents were at work.
“Is that all you guys think about is food?” Jaden asked between chews.
“Well, that and sex,” Alex grinned.
“Lance says their mom left plenty of hot dogs in the fridge,” Grant said. “They’ll have buns laid out along with mustard, catsup, and relish. And I can tell you from my visits there that him and Lenny know exactly how long to boil a hot dog so it’s done just right.”
“And from what I heard you say, we should be there by eleven, right?”
“It started that way, but Lance said 11:15 would be better. The brat promised to leave for Emmett’s house by ten-thirty. And since she’s always late the twins added a half-hour before we come over and then Lance added fifteen more minutes to be on the even safer side before we disconnected. Lance warned me not to be early because if she sees us she’s going to want to stay. They had a tough enough time getting her to agree to go to Emmett’s.”
“I am so horny for this I can’t believe it,” Jaden said.
“Me too,” Alex said. “How are we gonna make it to eleven without getting off? That’s like almost two hours away.”
“Eleven fifteen,” Grant reminded him.
“Sheesh…even worse.”
“Self-control,” Grant said. “I know, I know, that’s easier said than done.”
“I think the first thing we do after putting our breakfast stuff away is shower and get dressed so there’s no temptation.”
“I guess that means we shower separately.”
“That’s exactly what it means.”
“I think that’s a great idea,” Jaden said.
The boys had finished eating and had already put the cereal and milk away. After getting the dishes in the dishwasher and wiping the table they took care of showering. The order was Jaden, Alex, and Grant. They left Grant’s house and started off on the fifteen-minute walk to the twins’ house.
They arrived at 11:15 on the nose. Lenny and Lance came to the door together. The boys exchanged hugs, and Grant added a kiss on the lips along with a quick grope for his boyfriend, Lance. He was pleased to note that Lance was sporting wood.
“Where’s Riley?” Grant asked.
“He’s on his way,” Lenny answered. “Nobody wants to avoid the brat more than he does. Lately, every time she sees him here, she’s all over him. She told him a couple of days ago that she wants me and Lance to watch him fucking her.”
“And nobody is gayer than Riley in this group,” Lance added.
As if in response to the talk about Riley, there was a knock at the door. Lenny opened it and cooed when he saw his boyfriend standing at the door with his pants undone and pulled down below his balls along with his boxers. His four-inch boner stood proudly into the air guarding his bald pubic area.
“It looks like somebody’s ready for action,” Lenny grinned. He gave his boyfriend’s boner a gentle squeeze and ushered him into the house before somebody going by spied his bare butt.
Riley coming in with his pants down was like firing a starting gun for a race and in less than a minute all six boys were naked, their clothes strewn on the living room floor, their pubescent cocks hard and ready for action. Riley, who not long ago was the target of bullies who suspected he was gay, was now proud to be himself with his friends and teammates along with their friends, Alex and Jaden.
“So, what did you guys and the brat agree to so that she would leave the house?” Grant asked the twins. “I know you told me yesterday, but I also know your agreements with her change like every thirty seconds or so.”
“The usual, she gets to watch us fuck one time, we’ve got to watch Emmett fuck her, so we learn how to make her happy when we fuck her, and she gets to watch us fuck Emmett and Wendy side-by-side,” Lenny said.
“Wait a minute. I thought Emmett was having wet cums,” Riley said. “So how can he fuck your sister, or even his sister, now?”
“He says he got condoms from Max, but he’s going to have to suck Max off sometime soon to pay for them.”
“That’s the kind of bullying bullshit I had to go through before I moved to Mayfield.”
“Maybe yes, maybe no. He’s twelve and how many twelve-year-olds fuck girls? As I see it, he’s digging his own grave.”
“Speaking of fucking, all the talk is making me lose my boner,” Alex said. ”I thought this was going to be some six-way sex.”
“How about we have lunch first to get us energized?” Lance asked.
“Depends. How long will the brat be gone?” Grant asked.
“She’s not supposed to come back until three. But being the brat who breaks promises hourly, who knows? But it won’t take long to cook up and eat hot dogs.”
“It won’t take long for us to get off either,” Alex said. “I’ve been waiting for this six-way romp from the second you guys all talked about doing it.”
“It’s pushing twelve. Let’s eat,” Jaden said. 
They decided to take a vote. The sextet voted 4-2 to eat, with Alex and Grant voting for sex first. They agreed that they should be ready to jump each other’s bones by 12:30. They all agreed later that they’d made the right decision. Even Alex admitted being ready to eat, it’s just that he was even more ready to cum.
Being the good pubescent teens and tweens that they were, each of them had managed to scarf down two hot dogs by 12:30. They quickly cleaned up their mess and put away the extra dogs and condiments. The boys then legged it to the twins’ bedroom for the fun part of the day.
All of the chatter while they ate had been about what they would do once the sex started. The boys finally decided to just start wrestling and see what happened.
What happened was six naked boys with rock hard erections wrestling, humping, rolling on top of each other, sticking cocks in their mouths, fingering buttholes, kissing, jerking, and whatever else popped into their heads as action moved from bed to bed and the floor. The twins had stripped the blankets off their beds to keep them free of cum. Cum on the sheets was okay, because that happened almost every day. That was what washing machines were for.
The first cock to enter an ass happened when Lenny entered Riley on Lenny’s bed. That led to the first orgasm, but it wasn’t one of them who had it. Everyone else had stopped what they were doing to watch it happen as Jaden, who was jacking off frantically, shot drops of cum over his belly. Riley then had a spontaneous cum with spurts that landed on his belly and bare pubic area.
The action took away any second thoughts Alex had about going all the way with Grant. He said something to Grant and the two were soon going at it doggy style on the floor. Lance knelt in front of Grant and placed his hard cock into his boyfriend’s mouth. Grant was now plugged at both orifices.
The next cum came from Lenny shooting in Riley’s ass seconds before Grant spontaneously shot his clear cum over Lance’s area rug. The squeeze of Grant’s ass on Alex’s cock set him off and he pumped his teen cum into his friend’s ass. That was all the incentive Lance needed to shoot into his boyfriend’s mouth. Alex and Lance pulled out of Grant simultaneously and the three tweens dropped exhausted to the floor.
“Holy crap,” Lenny said hoarsely. “That was dope. It was beyond epic. That whole scene surprised the cum out of me. That wasn’t what I was expecting but I loved what we got.”
“How could you not be expecting six horny boys messing around naked not to cum? Did you think we’d just hold back or something?” Alex asked.
“That wasn’t what I meant. I knew everybody would cum, maybe some of us more than once. But I thought it would be individual guys or us watching two or three guys messing around together. I didn’t think all six of us would be going gaga at the same time.”
“I’ve never ever been in anything like that, not even at an Aiden party,” Lance said.
“Hmm, Aiden may have some things happening at his upcoming party that he never expected,” Riley said.
“Damn do I wish I could be at that party to watch what happens,” Alex said. “I’ve been in an orgy like that before, but I was drunk and stoned and just totally in another universe. Like Lenny said, this was something totally dope and amazing.”
“And one guy is ready to cum twice and that would be me,” Jaden announced as he masturbated himself to an orgasm as he sat on Lance’s bed.
“Damn, you rock cuz,” Grant said.  “Oh, and I left kind of a mess on your rug, Lance,” Grant said.
“No worries, it’s not the first time it’s happened, and it won’t be the last. I got some stuff that will clean it perfectly.”
“Are we gonna try for more?” Riley asked.
“I think we should quit while the quitting’s good,” Lenny said. “Now we can say that our mini orgy became a total orgy.”
“You got it, Lenny. And right here in our room,” Lance said.
“Now let’s get dressed before a certain sixth grade brat shows up early hoping to see a boy orgy in action,” Lenny said. “I’d sure hate to disappoint her.” He paused and smirked before shouting out, “NOT!”
The boys wiped off whatever needed to be wiped off and dressed quickly. Lenny and Lance remade their beds and then everyone went to the living room to go over the day before the guests started heading home.
“I couldn’t ask for a better last day to my trip,” Jaden said. “Hell, I couldn’t ask for a better trip.”
“It wasn’t quite the way I wanted to get Grant’s ass on this trip, but it was still great. And way better than nothing. You’ve got a nice, tight ass Grant. Lance is a lucky boyfriend.”
“You’re telling me,” Lance smirked.
They heard somebody unlocking the front door and weren’t surprised to see Brenda the brat come in over an hour early. Her face dropped in disappointment when she saw that everybody was dressed. She was hoping to catch the boys in action. “Are you guys done, already?”
“Obviously we are,” Lenny responded. “How did it go with Emmett and Wendy?”
“Terrible!” Brenda stomped into her room and slammed the door behind her.
“Poor thing had a rough day it looks like,” Riley said.
“If she’d quit acting like a bratty bitch, things would go a lot smoother for her,” Lenny said.
“Hey, guys, thanks for the good time,” Alex said. “The Kendall twins have plenty of sexual energy, but I think they’re a few steps behind you guys.”
“Right now the Hazen twins rule, but tell those East Harbor dudes we got no problem with them catching up,” Lenny grinned.
“We were gonna tell them what happened with the sexy sextet, but we’ll give you guys a chance to tell them first,” Lance said.
“And one of us or both of us will be sure to do so,” Jaden said.
The guests left and soon everyone was at Grant’s house where they talked, laughed, played games, and enjoyed each other’s company. One topic of conversation was what had thrown Brenda the brat into such a tizzy.
Grant and Riley both said they’d seen her worse, but they’d also seen her prancing around naked when they were visiting their boyfriends. “The only way to describe her is weird,” Grant said. “You can’t believe the crush she’s got on her brothers.”
“Or on you and me,” Riley added. “At least when I’m the only one visiting.”
When dinner time started to roll around Grant’s mom invited Riley to stay for dinner. Riley called home and his mom gave him her okay since Alex and Jaden would be leaving for home the next day. “I can’t spend the night though,” he said. “Gotta be home by nine.”
“That’s cool. We’ll have fun,” Grant said. They enjoyed a fun evening of games, TV, and more boy chatter, but other than some sexual innuendos, there was no sex. They felt that the afternoon in the twins’ bedroom had to be the highlight of the day.
After Riley left, Alex and Jaden packed their suitcases. All they would have to deal with in the morning was the day’s dirty underwear and their toiletries.
That night, Jaden said that Alex should sleep with Grant. “I know Grant and I are cousins, but I’ve learned there’s a lot of history between you two and I think it’s right that you two should share your last night on this trip.” Alex and Grant each gave Jaden a thank you hug.
After climbing into bed naked, they were satisfied to play with each other’s boners until they each had a wet cum. Grant and Alex had no idea when they’d see each other again. They agreed to get super sexy when that happened. Then they did what they wanted more than sex. They wrapped themselves around each other and slept warm and close to the boy they had, as Jaden had said, shared so much history with.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Like Alex and Grant, Aiden and Nolan were tired. They met with Larry and Phil in the Silver Solarium dome and enjoyed talking about the trip. Both boys expressed their gratitude more than once for having been given the opportunity.
Nolan repeated his thanks to his parents when they came up into the dome. They had arrived on the 8:30 shuttle after enjoying an evening out together.
They all talked about the next day’s excursion. At around nine o’clock they would be coupled to the southbound “Coast Starlight” at the Oakland station. Then they would enjoy an all-day trip that would skirt San Francisco Bay, zip through the agriculture of the Salinas Valley, enjoy the scenery of the Coast Range, and travel along the Pacific Coast for over 100 miles. The only negative would be that Landon wouldn’t with them foaming to the max.
After chatting with the parents, Nolan and Aiden left the dome for their last night in their Zephyr bedroom. They stripped naked and cuddled.
“Damn, Sweet Cakes, you sure loved running your hand through Landon’s long hair,” Nolan said. “That’s kind of a new thing for you, isn’t it?”
“I know,” Aiden admitted. “It’s weird. Ever since we went to SoCal and I saw some dudes with long hair, I’ve had this feeling of loving it and admiring it. There’s something about Cal’s long blond hair that really turned me on. When I ran my hand through Landon’s hair I had this incredible urge to French kiss him at the same time. It’s like the hair and the kiss seem to go together.”
“I’ll love you just the same whether you decide to grow your hair or not,” Nolan said.
“We could probably PhotoShop long hair onto a picture of me and see if we like the look,” Aiden said.
“Mmm - maybe someday,” Nolan murmured. He was beyond ready to fall asleep.
It seemed weird to be sleeping in a sleeping car that wasn’t moving.
But they enjoyed each other’s warmth, shared a goodnight kiss, and were soon in a deep sleep as their bodies and brains prepared for a long, busy day the next day.
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