Mayfield Magic

Chapter 41-The Land of Corn

Greetings and welcome back. Enjoy the view at the "foamers" spend most of three days enjoying their train ride west across the plains, through the Rockies, and over the Sierra Nevada. 
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After a great deal of fussing and fuming and eating, the Zephyr car group arrived at Union Station in plenty of time. The “California Zephyr” was slated to depart at 2:00.
“I think it’s so cool that our California Zephyr cars will be coupled to the Amtrak ‘California Zephyr’ and we will be riding on the same route the original ‘California Zephyr’ took,” Landon gushed.
Aiden swore he could see foam forming in his friend’s mouth. The boys were sitting around a table in the upstairs section of the Metropolitan Lounge eating sandwiches that were available from the lunch buffet. The parents were sitting downstairs and were also enjoying lunch. Espowyes, who would be traveling with them as far as Salt Lake City, had not yet arrived. 
“Well, we follow the Zephyr route into Nevada and then switch over to the old Southern Pacific route,” Aiden reminded Landon.
“I know, I know, but we do get to sit in a dome car from the original California Zephyr and ride it through the Colorado Rockies. Who can ask for anything more than that?”
“Well, you could ask for a ride down the Feather River Canyon on the old Western Pacific.” Aiden said.
“I figure I get what I can get when I can get it and be happy,” Landon responded.
“And I agree with you totally. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we go through the Rockies.”
“Hey, but today we get to see lots and lots and lots of corn,” Nolan chuckled.
“It’s like the prologue of a story,” Aiden said. "It sets the stage for the main part of the story.”
“Mister Story Writer reveals all.”
“Like I’ve been doing no writing on this trip.”
“Not that you don’t want to; I’ve seen your fingers twitching,” Nolan said.
Aiden leaned in close and whispered, “They’re twitching because they want to wrap themselves up around your big cock.”
“Oh, wow, you say the sweetest things.”
As Aiden sat back in this chair, he saw Espowyes enter the lounge. “There’s Espowyes,” he told his friends.
He, Nolan, and Landon waved to him, and he came over to their seating area, pulling his small suitcase. “Good afternoon, boys. It’s good to see you again,” he said.
“We feel the same,” Landon said. He had really gotten to like and respect the old man in the short time he’d known him.
Espowyes nodded acknowledgment and sat in the fourth chair at their table. “Where are the parents?” he asked.
“Downstairs munching,” Aiden answered.
“I saw the buffet table. I think that sounds like an excellent idea.” He got up and headed for the table where he grabbed a couple of half sandwiches and a spoonful of potato salad.
At 1:15 an announcement was made that the “California Zephyr” was ready to board along with the special tour party taking the train. No mention was made that the tour party had their own private cars.
William was waiting for them on the platform when they reached the vintage Zephyr cars, which were coupled to the rear of the Amtrak Zephyr. “California Zephyr cars and the Amtrak ‘California Zephyr’. Talk about making things confusing,” Landon mused.
“It’s a good thing nobody can go from our cars to the Amtrak cars and the other way around or it would get even more confusing,” Nolan said.
One thing that wasn’t confusing was how to get up into the dome of the Silver Solarium. After spending three days riding the Zephyr cars, the boys had the routine down.
The train left Union Station on time and the Zephyr was soon racing west on the triple-track Aurora “Speedway” on BNSF track. They enjoyed the dome ride, and even though corn fields were the main attraction, there were rivers and other things to see. They crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa right around the same time William and Marshawn started preparing the dome for dinner. Kelly and George were doing the same in the dome of the Silver Lariat. Art Baker and Peter Chandler, the chefs, were working in the tiny kitchen located in the front of the Silver Solarium cooking up their newest miracle. Both chefs had considerable restaurant experience and had cooked in Amtrak dining cars.
Dinner started being served just after the Zephyr’s 5:30 departure from the Burlington, Iowa station. Burlington was a fresh air stop and the boys scrambled off the train to get pictures of the Burlington Route 1008 steam locomotive on static display outside of the Burlington train station. After reboarding the train, they went straight up to the dome and sat at the left front table, which was being reserved for them by Espowyes and Larry, who were in deep conversation. When he saw the boys, Larry told Espowyes that he would, “talk more about it later,” causing the boys to wonder what the mysterious topic was. The two men surprised the boys when Espowyes left the table and sat with Paul, Michael, and Phil.
“I figured Espowyes would be staying here, and you’d be sitting at the dad table,” Aiden said.
“I have a feeling you’ll have plenty of time to chat with him before he leaves tomorrow night,” Larry said.
“No doubt. He’s great to talk with.” Aiden paused for a moment. “But, so are you. Only you’ll be around longer than one more day,” he quickly added.
“Much to your chagrin, I’m sure.”
“Dad, it’s not what I meant.”
“Don’t worry, son, I’m just yanking your chain.”
“I know.”
“I guess we’d better check out the menu.”
The menu featured bacon wrapped pepper and stuffed dates as the appetizer, along with a salad, and artisan bread. The main dish was beef short ribs with vegetable au jus, roasted garlic potatoes, and steamed haricots verts (green beans). Dessert was lemon mousse. Art and Peter had indeed conjured up another gourmet miracle.
After the table had been cleared Espowyes moved back to the boys’ table. He asked if they knew how to play hearts. They shook their heads and murmured a trio of nos. Espowyes said he would teach them if they wished. “It’s a game that is a challenge to thinking and calculating skills.”
“I want to learn to play, but I want to get some pictures of the prairie sunset,” Aiden said. Nolan and Landon said they wanted to do the same.
“That is just fine. It is one of the many reasons for your parents booking this trip for you all to enjoy.”
The evening went perfectly as far as everyone was concerned. The sunset was beautiful, filling the sky with brilliant reds, oranges, and hints of yellow from the horizon to the upper reaches of the sky. The cameras clicked away as the twenty-four passengers seated in the dome, along with a few standees who came and went, watched and photographed the gorgeous spectacle. Phil took some pictures on his phone to post on Facebook. He and Larry left the camera photography to their talented son.
After the sky darkened, the boys played a few hands of hearts with Espowyes to get the basics of the game down. “This game is fun,” Nolan said. “But it is weird to play a game where you don’t want to have points,”
“Good strategy will take you a while to learn, but once you start getting the nuances of the game down, it will become even more fun for you,” Espowyes told them. “Tomorrow, after dinner, we should have time to get a couple of good games in. There will be photogenic locations before dark, but for the most part the landscape, while still mountainous, is arid and lacking in character. However, I know you’ll want to photograph all you can before dark as memories for yourselves.”
“You sound like you’ve ridden this train before,” Aiden said.
“I have four different times, but not in these wonderful cars. They were normal Amtrak trips.”
The train was due into Denver at 7:15 the next morning and the dome started emptying out around nine. Lois came up to the boys as they started to leave their table. “Tomorrow afternoon after we leave the Glenwood Canyon, I would love to ask you boys some questions about our train’s history and route.”
“We’d be happy to hear them and answer them,” Landon said sincerely. He loved showing off what he knew about trains and railroading. Aiden felt the same, but not with the intensity of Landon. And even though he also had a vast knowledge of trains and railroading, there was no doubt that Landon knew more than he did and was having a barrel full of fun showing it off.
When William had come by earlier to ask passengers if they were ready to have their beds turned down, the boys answered in the affirmative. When they arrived at their bedroom, they saw that the beds were down and ready for them to use. Aiden had his own idea of what he wanted the three of them to do before they snuggled in to sleep. While he hadn’t consulted Nolan about his idea, he had no doubt that his boyfriend would approve. But first, they needed to load the podcast of Mason and the At the Majestic boys that Mason had texted about.
They took off their clothes and sat on the big bed. As they half-listened to the opening chatter from the radio host, Aiden quickly reminded Landon of who Mason was and what he was doing. All of the talk stopped when Mason was introduced as a new member of the band.
“Whoa, Mason is suddenly a member of At the Majestic?” Aiden said. “That is so far beyond epic there is no word to describe it.”
“Are you from East Harbor?” Rick, the DJ asked.
“No sir, I’m from Mayfield, Washington, home of the Yard Goats,” Mason replied.
“What’s a Yard Goat?” Rick asked.
“Google it!” the East Harbor boys along with Aiden and Nolan called out in unison. Aiden and Nolan were laughing so hard they almost fell off the bed.
“Mason, that is the most awesome answer to that question anybody could ever have given,” Aiden crowed as he recovered.
“I don’t get it,” Landon said.
“I’ll explain it later.”
The boys then listened to Mason sing “Never Can Say Goodbye”, presenting a moving and powerful rendition of the song. All three were totally into the music as it played on Aiden’s laptop.
“That dude is Sick,” Landon said at the conclusion. “How come you never mentioned you had a big singing star on your team?” he asked Aiden and Nolan.
“That’s because we didn’t know,” Aiden replied. “I mean we knew he was a good singer and could play the piano and the guitar, but we didn’t know he was THIS good.”
“Hell, all I knew about Mason was that he was this cute little blond dude, was one of the nicest people you’d want to meet, was a wizard of a fielder, couldn’t hit for shit, and was a total horndog,” Nolan added. “And now we can all say, ‘we knew him when’”.
They listened to their friend as he was interviewed. “Did you hear that?” Aiden asked.
“You mean that he wants to be professional singer?” Landon asked.
“Yeah. Is that amazing, or what? I mean he could be Mayfield’s version of Marty, only he’s in the entertainment world instead of the baseball world. Damn, I hope he succeeds. I’ll tell you this—I’ll do whatever I can to help him.”
“I’m with you on that,” Nolan said.
The show concluded with Mason and Matthew singing the premier of “Do You Love Me Yet?” with At the Majestic. The two sang the song like they had been performing it together their entire lives. Once again, Aiden, Nolan, and Landon were overwhelmed by what they heard.
“I wish we could have heard that on some top of the line speakers instead of a tinny laptop speaker,” Aiden said after the song ended.
“I feel special just listening to it,” Nolan said. Landon nodded in agreement.
“I hope my dads listened to him.”
“They said they were going to when you told them about it.”
“I can’t wait for Saturday when we’ll get to meet with Mason and Michael and Alejandro and whoever else we end up meeting,” Aiden said.
“And we get to be around them until Sunday night,” Nolan said.
“It’s not fair that I gotta go home with my dad,” Landon groused. “Meeting those guys is going to be really special; and that includes Mason.”
“You really don’t know Mason very well do you?” Aiden asked.
“Other that who he is, not really.”
“I’ll tell you this. I’ll make sure to find a way you get to meet Mason. I know you and him could be friends. And if anybody else from the East Harbor parachutes into Mayfield, I’ll be sure you know about it.”
“Parachutes? Seriously?” Landon asked.
“It’s what my sixth-grade English teacher called a figure of speech.”
“Gotcha. I know what that is. For a second you made me think those East Harbor boys were super boys or something.”
“When it comes to music, they just about are,” Nolan said. “Now that we’ve been entertained, I say that since we’re sitting on this bed naked on a moving train, maybe it’s time for another form of entertainment.”
“Sounds like a plan to me. How would you like to have a new experience tonight?” Aiden asked Landon. Seeing how hard Landon was, Aiden was certain he would approve of the plan. Aiden grinned as he noticed Nolan raising his eyebrows when he heard the question he’d asked Landon. All three boys were rock hard.
“What kind of experience?” Landon asked, although he had a good idea of what Aiden was referring to.
“Receiving your first blow job,” Aiden answered.
“For real?”
“It’s for real only if you want it to be. And before you say anything, I just want to make it clear you don’t have to give one. Your first experience should be all about receiving.”
“Oh man, I was hoping you guys would ask me.”
“You should have said something, dude,” Nolan said.
“I didn’t want you to think I was expecting you to do it to me.” Landon’s five-inch cock was leaking precum, which Aiden was certain would be tasty.
“Sheesh, Landon, you know us better than that. We live for stuff like this,” Aiden said. Aiden was rubbing his four-and-a-half-inch tween boner lightly.
“I know. It’s just that I’m not used to it. Which one of you is gonna do it?”
“That would be Aiden, since he suggested it,” Nolan said. “But if you don’t mind I’ll be rubbing your bod to enhance the feeling.”
“The more feeling the better,” Landon croaked. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this horny.  He leaned back against the bulkhead, his legs spread wide as instructed by Aiden. Aiden got down on his knees and sidled between Landon’s legs and fondled his scrotum, which elicited a moan from him.
Nolan was seated on the bed on Landon’s left side. He massaged his friend’s hard nipples causing Landon to moan again. “I’m gonna blow and you guys aren’t even blowing me,” Landon gasped.
Aiden took care of that by placing his lips around Landon’s leaky cock head, causing Landon to squeak. Nolan massaged Landon’s shoulders slightly as Aiden took in more and more of Landon’s teen cock until he had the entire erection in his mouth. He then bobbed his head up and down, sucking and licking as he went. The feelings were more than Landon had ever experienced at one time, which brought on sensory overload. Aiden could feel Landon tense up and knew orgasm was near. With somebody experienced Aiden would have edged him close to his climax and left him momentarily hanging.
But Aiden wanted Landon’s first blow job to be a quick, mind-blowing experience. That was exactly what Landon experienced as he blew his watery teen load into Aiden’s mouth, shooting seven hard squirts of cum. It was so amazing that Landon thought he was going to faint. Knowing how sensitive Landon’s cock probably was in its post orgasmic state Aiden carefully pulled away from it.
As soon as his cock was free, Landon rubbed it, along with his balls, slightly and emitted another moan. When he finally got his breath back, he looked at his grinning friend and said, “Holy guacamole, that was so awesomely epic that there’s no words that can really say what it was like.”
“I take it you liked it then,” Aiden grinned.
“Oh, heck, yes.”
“Well, so did I. I not only loved making you feel good, I also learned that you taste really good.”
“What are you and Nolan gonna do now. I mean, you both look pretty ready for something.”
“Scoot down to the end of the bed and you’ll find out in a hurry,” Nolan told him.
Landon did as he was told and watched Aiden and Nolan stretch out on the bed with Aiden’s head at Landon’s end along with Nolan’s feet. They were on their sides in a classic sixty-nine position.
“What are you guys gonna do?” Landon asked.
“We’re gonna do what’s known as a sixty-nine,” Nolan replied.
Nolan and Aiden swallowed each other as they had done countless times and set to work sucking each other. Landon watched with rapt attention as he played with his own cock which, much to his surprise, was getting hard again.
Landon’s first blow job had made Nolan and Aiden ultra-horny, and they were soon climaxing in each other’s mouth just a few seconds apart. As they separated, they watched as Landon masturbated furiously. Aiden helped him out by massaging his scrotum and soon Landon was coming to his second climax within fifteen minutes of the first.
“Well, how did you like it?” Aiden asked as the three boys sat on the bed, with Landon in the middle.
“I didn’t know anything could feel that good, and I’ve loved jerking off since I figured out how to do it when I was eleven. But this goes light years past jerking off. My second cum was nothing great, but it was…it was necessary,” Landon giggled.
“So you liked it enough to do it again, I take it.”
“Oh yeah, but not tonight.”
“No worries, Nolan and I are done, too, Besides, we gotta get up early so we can get breakfast before we hit Denver.”
“I’ll tell you this. I truly don’t think I’m gay, but that ain’t gonna stop me from messing around with you two. You’ve become really good friends, and not just because of the sex stuff.”
“I know trains are a big part,” Nolan grinned. “Wait until the three of us jerk off together watching the Moyer family model railroad in action.”
“I can’t wait,”
<Alex, Grant, and Jaden>
The boys were up early because Grant was going to attend an all-day soccer clinic in Centralia. Grant’s mother would be driving him, Riley, and Skip to the clinic. The twins would be riding with Emmett, whose mother was driving them. The clinic was for ages 12 and 13 and would stress individual drills and workouts for two to six players.
Grant’s mother had told Alex they could sleep in, but they decided to be up with Grant and then go from there. Grant’s dad had left for work and his mom was getting showered and dressed. The boys had the kitchen table to themselves for a few minutes.
“Talk to the twins about that six-way romp in bed we talked about if you can squeeze it in,” Alex told Grant. “It’s gotta be tomorrow or Thursday, though, because me and Jaden leave on Friday.”
“That I can do,” Grant said.
Grant was able to talk to the twins and Riley during the lunch break at the clinic. “What do you twinkies and Riley think of doing naked wrestling in your house with me, Jaden, and Alex?”
“It would be like an Aiden party,” Lenny grinned.
“Not quite,” Lance said. “I haven’t seen any group that big go at it at one of his parties.”
“Then you haven’t been in a naked wrestling match in the swimming pool,
Lenny said.
“That’s not sex though. That’s just playing around.”
“Which has been known to make somebody’s cum squirt into the water.”
“Well, no matter,” Grant said. “The question was, what do you twinkies and Riley think of doing naked wrestling in your house with me, Jaden, and Alex?”
“Sorry we don’t have a pool, but me and Lance think it will work out great. Right Lance?” Lenny said.
“Totally right, bro.”
“It’s gotta be tomorrow or Thursday though since Alex and Jaden leave on Friday.”
Riley said he was all for it. He had no doubt his mom would let him go to the twins’ house unless she had something else planned.”
“Then let’s shoot for Thursday. Tomorrow’s not enough time to set things up,” Lenny said. He looked around the picnic area for Emmett and quickly found him. He was sitting next to Skip and a couple of soccer players from Kentburg. Lenny asked him to join Lance, Riley, and himself to ask him about doing a favor for them. “He’ll be right back,” Lenny assured the other boys.
When he saw Lance, Riley, and Grant Emmett could see tell-tale bulges in their soccer shorts. He wondered what that was about. He quickly found out when Lenny told him of their plan.
“That sounds dope. But what kind of favor to you want me to do?” he asked.
“We need you and your sister to keep the brat busy Thursday,” Lenny told him.
“I can do that. But I’d rather be with you guys having an orgy. So what’s in it for me?”
“You get to fuck her as much as she wants.”
“What if she wants to spend the day with Wendy, instead?”
“Then tell your horny sister you’ll fuck them both.”
“Yeah, but I want something from you guys, too.”
“How about of me and Lance promise to take your butt cherry before school starts,” Lenny said.
“You gotta both be there to do it.”
“We’ll both be there.”
“Then I’ll take care of your brat who thinks I’m her boyfriend because I like fucking her. Go figure,” Emmett said. “I mean, no offense to you and Lance, but as much as I like fucking your sister, I like fucking my sister more.”
“We know you’ll do great,” Lance said.
“And me and Lance pinky swear to take care of you.”
“Okay. I’ll talk to your brat tonight. I might check if Skip wants to join us. Anyway, you guys have a fun romp.” Emmett left to rejoin his friends.
“So, Thursday around lunch it is if that’s okay with you two,” Lenny told Riley and Grant.
“What about lunch. Where are we gonna get lunch?” Riley asked.
“Me and Lance will sweet talk my mom into making us lunch. We know she’ll do it because we’re good sweet talkers. And we know the brat will go to Wendy’s house to be with Emmett and Wendy because she’s such a horny bitch. I doubt we’ll have to put up with her at lunch of any other time tomorrow. I’ll give you guys the exact time to come tomorrow.”
“Then me, Riley, Alex, and Jaden will be at your house on Thursday,” Grant said.
Back in Mayfield, the plan for Alex and Jaden was to walk into the downtown area where Alex could see what his hometown was like without dealing with the baggage of his addictions. He also wanted Jaden to get a feel for where he grew up just like he had for where Jaden had grown up.
Alex made sure they walked into the park. For a small town, Mayfield had a great park and recreation area. If people played sports, chances were they attended a clinic or day camp there at some time. They also probably played baseball, softball, or soccer on the sports field.
“This town is really pretty,” Jaden observed as they walked through the small park. The first time he visited Grant, he walked through it with his cousin. Alex sat on a bench and Jaden sat next to him. “Tired?”
“Nah,” Alex replied. “I just wanted to sit and look at all the green with the trees and bushes and grass and whatever.’
“I’m glad you’ve got good memories of the place.”
“They aren’t all good.” But before Alex could explain what he meant they were interrupted by someone walking up to the bench from behind.
“Hey, Vinnie, if it ain’t that Alex dude who disappeared.”
“It fucking can’t be, Artie—I heard that dude ran away to California or someplace.”
“Didn’t he owe us money or something?”
‘Shit, it’s Vinnie and Arty. Why did I have to run into those assholes?’ Alex thought.
Vinnie was Vince Karmen who was 16 and was going to be a junior. His buddy, Arthur Dolan, was 17 and was also going to start his junior year. He was a year behind since he had to repeat second grade because he had been sick for over half of the school year.
Vinnie grabbed both of Alex’s shoulders and squeezed.
“Don’t touch me,” Alex growled.
“How come you’re here if you ran away?” Vinnie asked.
Alex knocked both arms away and stood up. Vinnie grabbed Alex around his chest and tried to pull him down, but Alex was stronger and quicker allowing him to pull away from his tormentor.  “If you want a fight, I’m ready to give it you,” Alex snarled.
Vinnie backed off. “Hey, chill out, dude. Me and Artie was just trying to make you feel at home. I mean we had our fights, right?”
Alex said nothing and the two boys stood glaring at each other. Jaden moved his attention back and forth from one to the other wondering what was going on. Arty backed away and said nothing. He was basically a coward and got his pleasures getting wasted with Vinnie and being his fuck toy. But he was also the brains of the duo. Having to repeat second grade had to do with his health and not his brains.
“What do you think, Artie, should we let him go?”
“He owes us money, Vinnie.” Vinnie kept track of the money and the inventory of their drug dealing business.
“He ran up a bigger blow job bill than he did a money bill,” Vinnie pointed out.
Alex turned to Jaden. “Let’s go over to the store and see if they got some donuts.”
“Say, who is your faggot fuck buddy here? We ain’t been introduced.”
“This is Percy and he’s my friend from California.” Alex decided to give Jaden a fake name to avoid involving Grant. Alex and Grant had been some of the first customers of Vinnie and Artie when they started pushing drugs in the school playground and in the downtown park where they were standing. Alex and Grant had been ten and eleven at the time.
“Where are you fags stayin’?”
“It ain’t none of your beeswax. Now, me and Percy have gotta get going.”
“Hey Percy, if that’s really your name, did you know Alex and his buddy Gary used to buy drugs and booze and shit from us?” Vinnie meant Grant, but could only remember that the kid’s name started with a G.
Artie broke his silence. “How do you guys get it in California?”
“I quit using and Jade…Percy’s never used drugs.”
“A California dude who don’t use drugs? No way,” Vinnie smirked.
“Who’s Jade?” Artie asked.
“Some girl I know,” Alex said as he recovered quickly from his slip.
“Whoa, the faggot knows a girl?” Vinnie snickered. “Cali is weirder than I thought. Hey, Percy, old Alex and Gary or Greg or whatever the fuck his name is gave epic blowjobs for little kids. They hardly ever had the bucks, but the mouth they needed for us to help them out. They were really hungry to get high. So, forget the money, Artie, we’ll take BJs up there in the bushes as payment.”
Alex said nothing as he led Jaden out of the park, hoping the two assholes didn’t follow them. He was pleased to note that they walked the other way.
“Damn, it sounds like you led a wild life in this little town,” Jaden said as they crossed the street to the shopping district.
“You’d be surprised what goes on in this little town,” Alex said.
“I guess. A couple of 10-year-olds giving out BJs for drugs sounds wild enough and you’re telling there’s more. Unfuckingbelievable.”
“Well, it ain’t that way anymore.”
“Which makes me really, really happy because you’re one of the best friends a guy could ask for.”
“For real?”
“Totally for real. And Grant is a totally great cousin. I can’t imagine you guys getting fucked up together, especially that young. But there is something I can imagine.”
“What’s that?” Alex asked.
“A blow job, Since you were good enough that you could use blow jobs as money when you were in grade school, it must be pretty fucking good with you being thirteen and in middle school.”
“I take it you’d like to sample of my cashola,” Alex grinned.
“If you don’t mind.”
“Then you and me will be the pair sleeping together tonight.”
“One last question.” They reached the grocery store and stopped outside the window.
“Go for it.”
“Would the Goat players know those assholes?” Jaden asked.
“It’s a small town. You pretty much know who everybody is, even the assholes. Especially when Vinnie got busted for selling beer once when he was in middle school. But except for a couple of guys, the Goats are in what they call The No Matter What Club,” Alex told him. “And that means that no matter what, they promise they won’t drink or use today.”
“Just for today?”
“Yep, just for today. But tomorrow is another day, so you get to be in the club again.”
“Are you in the club?”
“Yep. Me and Josh are both in it, although he never drank or drugged.”
They each bought a couple of donuts and a couple of small cartons of chocolate milk and went back to the park to eat. The cashier recognized Alex and wondered what he was doing back in town with a strange kid. He decided that couldn’t be a good thing at all because Alex had always been trouble. He had watched them carefully from the time they had entered the store. But they paid for everything they took off the shelves, so what could he say?
As Alex and Jaden bit into their jelly-filled donuts, Alex commented that he was really feeling the urge to bake cookies.
“Well, so you don’t have to think about it, let’s ask Aunt Carla if it’s okay,” Jaden said.
“You think we both should ask?”
“You know it, dude. If it’s okay with you, I’d love to be your assistant baker and see what I can learn.”
“You’re on, my friend.”
As they walked back to Grant’s house, Alex thought about the bizarre encounter with Vinnie and Artie. Because they had been so aggressive in their behavior, he wasn’t anywhere near tempted to indulge in what they were going to offer. Having Jaden with him was also a factor; his presence helped keep him grounded.
‘But what if they’d hadn’t acted like total assholes?’ he thought. ‘What if they’d offered something like a free sample? What if it had been Grant with him instead of Jaden?’ The what-if’s spinning wildly through his head were driving him nuts. The park by itself brought back memories of getting totally fucked up on booze and drugs.
He knew he needed to talk to somebody about what was in his head. He pulled out his phone and checked that he still had a text Aiden had sent him before he and Jaden left East Harbor for Mayfield.
“If you need to talk to somebody, call Sammy. Here’s his number.” Alex breathed a sigh of relief when he saw he had kept the text. He had a habit of deleting texts he should have kept.
“Whatcha looking up?” Jaden asked.
“A phone number Aiden gave me. I need to talk to somebody about what just happened in the park, because it’s kind of bugging me.”
“You’re not thinking about going back out using, are you?”
“I think about it a lot. But I’ve been learning you can’t help what you’re thinking but you can use the tools you’ve been getting to make sure you don’t do what you’re thinking. And talking to someone who knows about this shit is one tool to use.”
“You could talk to Grant.”
“I’m gonna tell Gary, Glenn, Grant what happened in the park since I’m sure he sees those dickwads around town, but I need to talk to somebody older. This guy helps Aiden. He’s in high school, so I’m positive he knows who Vinnie and Artie are. The other tool I have is cookies and I really need to bake some. They help me relax and get outside of myself, as Doc Meijer likes to say.”
When they reached Grant’s house, Alex pulled the key Carla had given him out of his pocket and unlocked the front door. Jaden headed for the bathroom to piss while Alex sat on the couch, pulled out his phone, and dialed Sammy Bednarzyk’s number.
Sammy wasn’t working that afternoon and answered the phone on the second ring. Sammy knew Alex’s story and agreed to meet him at his house as soon as Alex could get there. Thirty minutes later they were meeting outside on the backyard patio.
Sammy remembered Alex as a wan, sickly alcoholic addict and was amazed not only by how much he had grown, but also by how healthy he looked. In fact, Sammy thought he was flat out sexy looking.
They talked for almost an hour. Aiden was right about Sammy; he was easy to talk to. Alex also found the 16-year-old junior to be smart and knowledgeable. After they finished their session, Alex was relieved to have somebody he could trust to talk to face-to-face. If this hadn’t worked, he would have called Lars (Dr. Meijer) that evening. He decided he would probably call him anyway, just to check in.  Alex promised to attend the Fourth Dimension meeting the next night. He hoped he could talk Grant into going with him. He also promised Sammy a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Sammy had a very satisfactory masturbation session on the patio after Alex left.
Grant and his mom arrived home at five-thirty. They had stopped at The Bear, where Carla bought pizzas for dinner. Darren arrived ten minutes later and soon they were scarfing down pizza and listening to Grant regale them with stories about what he did at the clinic.
After dinner, Alex got his wish and was able to bake not one, but two dozen cookies with the help of Jaden and Grant. Most of their help consisted of grabbing ingredients that Alex asked for and staying out of the way. Carla had learned earlier from Jaden that Alex was a master baker and that all she had to do was enjoy watching television.
Carla and Darren swooned when they tasted Alex’s freshly baked cookies. They agreed with Jaden that the boy was a master baker. Carla drove Alex the short distance to Sammy’s house to deliver the promised plate of cookies. Alex knew that Carla would be wondering how he knew Sammy and told her that Aiden recommended that he talk to Sammy if he needed to talk about certain “issues”. Carla was experienced enough to let Alex say what he felt he needed to say and not push him to say more.
When Alex told Grant about meeting up with Vinnie and Arnie in the park, Grant was visibly upset. Grant had nothing but bad memories about the two older boys. Alex then told him about meeting with Sammy, which made Grant feel better. He agreed to go with Alex to the Fourth Dimension meeting the next night. They told Jaden he could come with them as a guest, but he elected to stay at the Foster house.
After Alex returned, the boys sat in Grant’s room in their underwear and chatted. The big news from the soccer clinic was news that Grant couldn’t share at the dinner table.
As planned, Jaden went to bed with Alex that night. And, as planned, Alex gave Jaden an expert blow job. It was all Jaden could do to not scream as Alex went from sucking and licking the head of his cock to taking the 14-year-old’s five and a half-inches down to the dusting of pubic hair covering his pubis. It was at that point that Jaden stifled his last scream and emptied his load into Alex’s eager mouth.
“Wow, that was something else,” Jaden squeaked as he fought to get his breath back. “Hell, I’d give you anything you wanted for free after getting something like that.”
“I wasn’t quite that good when I was 11,” Alex chuckled. “For one thing, Vinnie’s cock was as big as yours, but my mouth wasn’t as big as it is now. But I knew how to use my tongue.”
“And I gotta say, you still do,” Jaden said as his breath returned fully. “Thanks for doing that. I’d return the favor but…”
“Not a problem. You’ll do it when you can do it. It will feel just as good in East Harbor as it does in Mayfield. But, right now I gotta jerk off or I probably won’t get to sleep and if I do sleep I’ll mess up the sheets with a friggen wet dream.”
It was close to bedtime when Lenny and Lance decided to lay out Thursday’s plan for Brenda. “It’s simple. You go have fun with Wendy and Emmett and me and Lance will have fun with our friends.” Lenny told her. “Very simple. Everybody is happy and nobody gets mad at anybody.”
Of course, Brenda didn’t agree with their plan, but the twins didn’t expect her to. That would be so unlike their sister.
What was finally agreed to as the final plan was Wednesday’s itinerary. Brenda getting a chance to watch her brothers fuck on one of their beds (she wanted them to fuck her, but they adamantly said “NO” which she eventually accepted). And she wanted her brothers to watch Emmett fuck her while they sat on the floor with Wendy. After Emmett was finished Brenda would suck one of the twins and Wendy would suck the other (she wanted them to fuck Wendy but was met with another no, although it wasn’t quite as forceful).
After the twins clambered into Lenny’s bed, they talked about the deal they had struck with the brat. They didn’t plan on following through since they rarely followed through on their sexual promises to their sister, and she seldom bugged them about that. That didn’t include them fucking her since she was always bugging them about that.
“We both know she peeked through our open door and watched us fuck, so why does she want to watch us sitting in our bedroom?” Lance asked.
“Because she can see us better and she doesn’t have to worry about getting caught since we allowed her to be there,” Lenny replied.
“I still think we should have said something to her about spying on us,” Lance said.
“Nah. Make her think she got away with it and she won’t bug us as much. And if she does, then we tell her what we know,” Lenny answered sagely.
“How about we keep it simple tonight and hump each other and sleep together.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
And that was exactly what they did.
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