The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 17-Crisis



<Sammy and Jeffrey>
Jeffrey was sitting at the kitchen counter enjoying his breakfast and checking emails on his phone. He was freshly showered and shaved and felt great. He was going to work for a few hours then he had a ball game later in the afternoon. After that, he was going to dinner and a movie with his sometime boyfriend Nick, followed by a night together. Jeffrey felt his teen cock stiffen a bit as he anticipated being with his old boyfriend. Life was good. He put down his coffee and looked up to see Sammy sauntering into the kitchen.
“Where is everybody?” Sammy yawned. Jeffrey was pleased that his brother’s attire consisted of a pair of wolf paw slippers and nothing else.
“Happy birthday, bro,” Jeffrey said.
“And just where is the cheering crowd? How can my birthday be happy without a cheering crowd?”
“Get yourself some cereal and read mom and dad’s cards. Some people have to work so you can maintain the luxurious lifestyle that lets you sleep in until nine.”
“It’s only nine? How can I be awake if it’s only nine?”
“I forgot that they don’t teach you young kids how to read numbers in school anymore. Back in my day we learned to look at a digital clock and know what time it is and if it was our birthday and our parents let us sleep in, we’d turn around and go back to sleep at nine in the morning.”
Sammy poured himself a bowl of corn flakes, soaking them in milk and covering them with sugar. “Yeah, and back in your day they had month long blizzards where you had to walk to school uphill both ways in knee keep snow. Or was it dad who did that? I forget. You old guys all sound so much alike.”
“Hey, Mr. Fifteen-year-old, you’re reaching old age yourself. You’ve got a nice long dong hanging in front of you, full balls, and you’d have a big bush of pubic hair if you didn’t trim it like some sissy girl.”
Sammy sat on one of the bar stools at the kitchen counter. “David likes it that way,” he said defensively. “I mean, he shaved his all the way off when school got out.”
“No shit? I’d love to see that.”
“See him shaving or see his bare pubic area?”
Jeffrey got up and walked over to his younger brother. “Both—or better yet, watch you shave his pubes.” He planted his lips on his brother’s lips. Sammy opened his mouth and let his brother’s tongue wander in. Sammy’s cock grew to its full six inches while Jeffrey felt his nearly seven inches push at his boxers.
Sammy broke the kiss and looked up at his brother. “What the fuck are you doing wearing boxers? Are you afraid mom and dad have cameras going or something?”
“I didn’t want to scare you so early on your birthday morning.”
Sammy stood up and ran his hand over the front of his brother’s boxers. “Damn you got a beautiful cock.” He reached inside and fondled his brother’s erection. “Holy shit dude, this thing is gettin’ huge.”
“I know,” Jeffrey said with a leer. “And I grew it all myself.”
Sammy’s cock stiffened even more. “I bet Nick loves it.”
Jeffrey grinned. “Let’s just say it fits him very nicely.”
“Scare me is right. Fuck, you’ve got hairs growing on your chest. Now that is scary.” Sammy sat back on the bar stool. “What time do you have to work?”
“Eleven. I’m off at three which is plenty of time to get ready for my ball game.” Jeffrey was playing for the Stallions, Mayfield’s Senior American Legion team.
“Eleven? That means you have time for a quickie.” Sammy chewed another mouthful of cereal. “Come here and give me another kiss.”
“Fuck,” Jeffrey moaned. “A guy has a birthday and he thinks he runs the universe.”
“Dude, you know I run the universe twenty-four seven. Now, pull off those awful green, pre-cum stained boxers and give me a kiss and let me touch your cock so it’s ready to give me a birthday fuck before you go. I mean I can tell it’s hard but it probably could use an extra tweak or two.” 
“I thought David was coming over.”
“He is. You’re the preliminary.”
Jeffrey remained in his seat. He remembered when he was The Hurricane and Sammy was the quiet, studious little brother. Then came booze and drugs, followed by recovery, and a personality that was much more open and outgoing. He was willing to give Sammy the morning birthday present he wanted, but he would have to pay.
“Read your cards first,” Jeffrey told his brother in a quiet but commanding tone of voice.
“Whatever suits you.” He opened the birthday wishes from his mom and dad, each with hints of a nice present, and a promise of dinner out at Parker’s in Centralia. He saved Jeffrey’s card for last. Inside was an off-color card which made it clear that Sammy’s penis needed to do some serious growing. There was also a one-hundred-dollar bill in the envelope along with a question on the card.
“Wow, what’s with the big money?”
“I’m lousy at buying presents, but good at picking great brothers. All I ask is you spend it on something special.”
“The park department must be paying pretty well.” Sammy then read the question which asked: “Are you okay now?” The atmosphere in the room suddenly became serious.
Sammy dismounted the bar stool and wrapped his arms around his older brother. “You’re the best big brother in the galaxy.” Sammy gave his brother a moist kiss. “I thought I was done with booze and drugs and suddenly I’m at some party that was supposed to be clean and guys are lighting up and somebody pours me a beer and I’m sitting there wanting to drink that beer and light up so bad I was shaking. I mean, I was cured, right?”
Jeffrey nodded. Of course, he knew how Sammy’s situation played out, but he wanted to hear Sammy tell the story on his birthday.
“So, there I was sitting on a chair, with a cold beer on the table next to me, and this girl, Sierra, comes by smoking a joint and she squeezes in next to me and blows smoke in my face and unzips my pants and puts her hands in my boxers and plays with my cock. The old me would have already shared her joint and guzzled the beer, but instead I say, ‘Zane told me there would be parents here and it would be a clean party…well, except maybe for making out, but fuck, why go to a party if you can’t make out right?’”
Jeffrey nodded. He didn’t know why he thought it was important for him to have Sammy tell the story on his birthday, but he was sure it was the right thing to do. Maybe it had to do with Mel, Sammy’s sponsor, telling him that it was important that Sammy understand what happened the weekend before and how his ego and cocky attitude played a big role in his even showing up at the party at Zane’s. It’s not that Jeffrey didn’t know the story of what happened a few days ago, but he hadn’t heard Sammy tell it from his heart. Mel, who understood the close relationship of the two brothers, told Jeffrey it would do Sammy good to come totally clean with him. What Mel didn’t tell Jeffrey was the details Sammy had shared with him.
“So then Sierra takes off her t-shirt and I help her take off her bra and I can see her boobs are pretty big for fourteen or whatever. Last time I saw them she was like twelve or so.”
“Tell me bro, did you really go to that party thinking it would be clean?” Sammy’s silence gave Jeffrey the answer, but he wanted to hear his brother answer out loud. “I know you lied to mom and dad. I don’t know what you told Mel, but damn, bro, I always know when you’re lying to me.”
“Why are you being mean to me on my birthday?”
“Because I want you to start your sixteenth year on this planet with a clean slate.”
“I wanted to be with my old friends,” Sammy said without emotion. “I thought I was all recovered and shit and could be with them and not get fucked up. And then there I am in this big chair with Sierra sitting next to me with her hand stroking my boner while I have a cold beer in a paper cup in my hand and I smell the odor of weed and I wonder where the parents are and I think I can get away with guzzling one beer and smoking a joint. Then Sierra says to me, if I guzzle that beer straight down she’d give me a blow job and my dick is hard and I’m thirsty.”
Jeffrey only knew the big story, not the details. Once again, he wondered how much of the story Mel knew.
“I reached for the beer and then stopped. I told Sierra I probably shouldn’t drink it. She says, ‘You use to be cool, Sammy. You’d drink that whole beer in one big guzzle and give out a championship belch and say “go down on me bitch” and I might even let you fuck me tonight. We all liked you better when you were getting drunk and stoned with us. Now, you think you’re too good for us because you don’t drink.’”
Jeffrey waited patiently while Sammy caught his breath. “I told her I was there at the party and she says nobody knows why since I’m not partying. It was then I noticed she wasn’t stroking me and my dick was still hanging out of my boxers.  I was still pretty hard but not like I was just a minute or so ago. I said I came to the party because I thought I could get laid and I didn’t know I had to be wasted to get laid. But that was a lie. I really came because I wanted to see if I could really drink a little bit and prove I wasn’t an alcoholic so I could start coming to parties again.
“And then these pages in the Big Book come into my head. It’s pages 100 and 101 if you want to check them out later. It’s about being around alcohol and how you could do it if you were spiritually fit and if you were there for good reasons. Well, I knew right then I was at the party because I wanted to be at a party whether to get laid or drunk or stoned, it didn’t matter. I was there for the wrong reasons.
“While I was thinking about all this shit, I saw that Sierra had gotten totally naked and guys were cheering her on, especially Zane. I took my t-shirt off and my shorts were pulled down to my ankles, so I was really just in my boxers with my boner sticking out. Everybody was telling me to get naked and guzzle the beer down so Sierra would sit on my dick and they could watch us fuck. People were already wasted and stoned and most of the guys had their shirts off or were just in their undies, and a couple, like Zane, were naked and were stroking and toking and drinking and, fuck bro, I knew that was what I wanted so bad. I kicked my shorts the rest of the way off and yanked my boxers down and off, so I was naked, too.
“Sierra put her pussy over my dick and slid right down it and was sitting on it and I didn’t even have a rubber on and I didn’t care. I picked up the beer and brought it to my lips. Sierra’s face was like inches from me and she was riding her way up and down my cock and the beer was ready to be guzzled and this voice says to me, ‘How the fuck can you be all recovered if you aren’t fucking spiritually fit so get the fuck out of here.’ That was my HP talking to me, but I had a naked girl on my lap with my dick inside her and a beer in my hand ready to drink and she was bouncing on my cock when she bumped my beer and it spilled over both of us. So, she slapped my face and got off my dick and I got up and grabbed my clothes off the floor and got the hell out of there through the back door with everybody telling me what a pussy I was. I got dressed on the back lawn and then I started walking home and called Mel on the way. I met him at the park and I told him what happened and I cried and I said I didn’t drink anything even if I smelled like beer and he told me I was lucky I didn’t drink because I let my ego take over from my Higher Power.
“You saw me after Mel brought me home and that’s when I told you that it wasn’t your business where I was. Then I told you I went to a party and told Mel about it and thought I wanted to drink, but I didn’t. I didn’t tell him the whole story then, but I did when we met the next day. He said I should tell you, but I was hoping you would ask me to tell you. Did Mel tell you what I said?”
“Nope. Mel has too much integrity for that,” Jeffrey replied. “He knew I knew you were at a drinking party and said I should ask you about what happened. He told me how much you respected me and wanted to be honest with me. I decided to ask you today because, well, I could see you moping around like you did before you got sober. And, like I said, I wanted you to start this next year of your life with a clean slate with me and with yourself.” Jeffrey took his brother by the hand and led him to the couch in the sunroom. Sammy sat on the couch and watched his brother take his boxers off, so he was naked, too.
Jeffrey could tell his brother was fighting tears. He kissed Sammy on the lips and within seconds the brothers were kissing and moaning with unchecked passion. Their hands were all over each other, stroking chests and nipples and bellies and asses and cocks and balls. Their kiss seemed to last into infinity until Sammy broke it.
“I want you to fuck me,” Sammy said with a quiet urgency.
“How about if I make love to my brother.”
“Making love is for old farts. I’m fifteen today and I want to be FUCKED hard, harder, and hardest by my big brother.”
Sammy rose from the couch and walked to the kitchen. Jeffrey could see that Sammy knew how he wanted it done and let the birthday boy take the lead. The emotional road to this moment had been a bumpy one, with jokes, teasing, and angst mixed with tears. The fusion of emotions coupled with the hormones of youth had the teens rock hard.
After grabbing some cooking oil from a cabinet, Jeffrey slicked up his cock. Sammy was standing at the breakfast bar, his arms folded on the counter supporting his head. Jeffrey slickened Sammy’s ass and stood behind him. Without fanfare he slid his almost seven inches of teen cock into his brother’s smooth ass. Sammy let out a moan of pure pleasure.
Jeffrey did what his brother wanted and went at him hard. Each pump drove him deep into his brother’s insides and caused his balls to slap Sammy’s athletic teen ass. He slammed into Sammy, who screamed for Jeffrey to go faster, and harder, and harder, and faster, and Jeffrey complied, his flared cockhead brushing Sammy’s sweet spot with each thrust in and each thrust out.
“Fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh my Gawd you are the sexiest fucking bro there is,” Sammy babbled as his smaller body shook with each of his brother’s thrusts. “Oh, shit oh fuck here I cummmmmmm,” Sammy screamed as his no touch cum shot against the side of the counter as well as on the tile floor. “You are so good,” Sammy cried.
“Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Jeffrey yelled as he went as deep as he could and squawked as the contents of his full testicles filled his little brother’s ass. “Shit, that was one great fuck, bro, one fucking great fuck,” Jeffrey said as he finally pulled out of Sammy’s ass, some of his cum following him.
“Beats making love, huh bro?” Sammy giggled nervously. He was drained emotionally, mentally, and sexually.
“You are something else. Happy Birthday.”
Sammy stood up straight, pulled a paper towel out of the towel holder, and faced his brother while he patted the cum and goop off his butt. “Think about it, bro. You took my cherry when I was like ten-and-a-half, then you fucked me on my eleventh birthday, fucked me on my twelfth and thirteenth birthdays, and fucked me on my fourteenth, and here we are again. I’d say this is a brother tradition that needs to continue.”
“Well, let’s see if we can make it work,” Jeffrey grinned. “And now that I’ve pretty much fucked the shit out of you, what do you and David plan on doing this afternoon?”
“I think we plan on making love,” Sammy laughed as he streaked for the bathroom.
Halfway there, he suddenly stopped and walked back to his brother. “Oh, by the way – to answer the question in your card: Yeah. I’m okay now.”
The brothers shared another long kiss. “I love you, bro,” Jeffrey whispered.
“I love you too.”
After Jeffrey left for work, Sammy rode his bike into downtown Mayfield (such as it was) and met his best friend David at Bob’s Burger Barn. Their plan for the afternoon was to eat lunch and talk about David’s trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, and about the three baseball games David missed while he was away. After eating they would ride to Sammy’s house, go upstairs to Sammy’s bedroom, get naked, and have sex on Sammy’s bed.
Then that evening David and his family would accompany Sammy and his family to Porter’s Steak House for dinner. That was all Sammy wanted for a birthday party. “I’ll go bigtime when I turn sixteen,” Sammy said.
“You know I am having my sixteenth birthday party tomorrow, so I guess that makes me bigtime. You better be there.” David’s birthday was two days before Sammy’s.
“That’s my plan.”
“Especially since the cake icing will be in both of our names. I mean everybody knows it’s a party for both of us.”
“Shit, David, you didn’t have to do that.”
“Well, I did it, so shut up and enjoy it.”
When they arrived at Sammy’s house, Sammy told his friend who was sometimes his boyfriend, that there would be a slight change of plan.
“You mean we’re going to have sex out by the pool with our clothes on instead of doing it naked in your bed?” David asked.
“Actually, doing it naked next to the pool would sound good. Too bad we don’t have the privacy that Aiden has at his pool or I’d say we do it.”
“Your neighbors are probably at work, so why not?”
“Since when did you become Mr. Daredevil?”
“Since we became friends,” David laughed. “I learned from the finest. Now, what is this change of plan about?”
“You remember when you asked about the shit we do in AA and I told you, right?”
“I guess I remember most of it, yeah.”
“And I told you sometimes we screw up and have to make amends for it.”
David stared at Sammy. Sammy had all but told him he was going to make amends for something. “Okay, what did you do?”
Sammy told David about the party at Zane’s house in the same detail he’d told Mel and Jeffrey. He had told his father only the barest of facts knowing he would have to swallow his ego at some point and give him the entire story.
“Yeah, I heard that you were at that party and it really bugged me. But, wow, Sierra actually sat on your cock? You’re lucky you didn’t shoot your load into her and get her preggers or something.”
“I bet she’s on the pill or she’d have been preggers like a hundred times over.”
“She is such a slut. I’m not saying anything that everybody doesn’t know already. When’s the last time you’ve been naked with a girl like that?”
A long silence seemed to fill the room. When Sammy finally broke it, he didn’t answer David’s question. “I want you to sit on me like she did.”
“As soon as I say two more things. First, she was so stoned and wasted she probably would have let Zane’s dog fuck her.”
“I heard a couple of guys say they watched her do that once.”
Sammy ignored the comment. He had heard the same thing. “She could use a few visits to the Fourth Dimension,” Sammy said referring to the youth AA group he and Peter Astor had formed after the Thanksgiving feast the year before. “She’s a drunk and a druggie just like me.”
“Why did you go to the party?”
“That was second thing I wanted to say. I was pissed over not getting a start in two straight ballgames. The coach said I wasn’t hustling or working hard. I thought he was full of bullshit and so I showed him what lack of hustle really was and that led to benching number two. And no offense, I was bummed that you went out a couple of times with Elena Kinney.”
“But I told you I was and that it didn’t mean…”
Sammy shook his head and laid it on David’s forearm. “You did everything okay, David. My alcoholic brain was working hard at putting me in a bad place. I was blaming my baseball coach, blaming you, blaming my brother, my dad, my mom, my cat. I even blamed my sponsee who was supposed to be keeping me thinking sober thoughts because I was helping him. And he’s only been my sponsee for a couple of weeks.
“Hell, I could see now I was thinking just like he was when he came to me about his problems.” Sammy maintained the anonymity of the middle school boy he was sponsoring, but he had a suspicion that David knew who he was. But that didn’t worry Sammy because he trusted David totally.
“I was doing everything right and my life was shit and it was time to get wasted, so I went to that party even though I knew it wasn’t clean like I told people. I mean all I had to do was look at who was going to that party to know that.”
“But you didn’t drink or use.”
“It wasn’t because I did everything right. My good old Higher Power made Sierra bump my beer all over the two of us just as I was ready to guzzle it down. Talk about a fucking wake-up call. Stinking of spilled beer is one way to realize how full of shit you are.”
The room filled with silence again. This time David broke it. “I’m glad I came here with you. I was upset when I heard you were at the party, and, well, I love you like you are, not like you were.”
Sammy silently took off his clothes. “I love you, too, David, even if you want to fuck Elena Kinney.”
“In her dreams.”  David was soon naked, too. The boys went to Sammy’s bedroom. They kissed and petted and stroked until David was sitting on Sammy’s cock. Even though he was quite a bit heavier than Sierra, Sammy thought that having David on his lap was perfect and when he filled his boyfriend’s ass, he knew that having David ride his cock was as right as having Sierra ride it had been wrong.
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