The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 16-Happy Birthday Logan



Logan went to sleep as a ten-year-old and woke up on Monday as an eleven-year-old. He looked up at his bedroom ceiling thinking about how his life had changed completely over the weekend. In what seemed like an instant two foster brothers had moved in, one who he’d spent a fun night with and one who was just plain weird. His dad had explained why he was so weird but, as far as Logan was concerned, that just made him weirder.
He could hear the shower going in Chase’s bathroom, which wasn’t going to be Chase’s bathroom anymore. On Thursday a door would be put in between the bathroom and Logan’s room. They would start sharing the bathroom. Logan was going to move his stuff into it when he got home from school. While there was enough room for his stuff in there, he liked having his own private bathroom, even if he had to go across the hall to use it. But with Eddie and Curt moving in, one of them was going to get the hall bathroom.
Time to get out of bed, Logan thought, even though he wanted to be able to sleep in on his birthday. Wednesday was the last day of school, which Logan thought was very unfair. Surely the school calendar could have been juggled so last Friday would have been the last day. Then he could have slept in on his birthday.
After a stretch and a loud yawn, Logan rose from his bed. He turned on his light and checked his naked body in his dresser mirror. I still have no hair, my dick is still small, and my balls are still tiny, he thought.
He turned sideways and checked out his butt. He bent over a little, so it stuck farther out. It didn’t grow overnight either, and that was going to be crucial. Logan knew that Chase had told Dillon he was going to fuck his butt when he turned eleven. Logan checked out his butt again hoping he saw it wrong. He was certain that Chase was going to tell him he was still too small to get fucked and he was going to have to wait until he was twelve. Well, Aiden was going to be at his birthday party and was spending the night, so maybe he could talk Aiden into fucking him. Then he remembered his two new brothers would be there, too, and he might never even get the chance to ask or the privacy to do it. From what he knew, however, sex was not a hang-up for Curt and Eddie.
After showering and dressing, he went downstairs for breakfast. His mom, dad, and Chase were sitting at the kitchen table. They started singing “Happy Birthday” as soon as they saw him. Logan beamed with pleasure. The family tradition was to have the birthday presents from the family laid out on the breakfast table.
The first thing he picked up was the new smart phone he had been promised. “You’re going to middle school next year so you’re ready for an upgrade,” his dad told him. Now he would be equal with Chase. He knew that before he could use the phone, he would have to sign a contract of responsibility, which his parents would sign as well.
He also received a gift certificate for Evergreen Goods so he could purchase a new infielder’s glove. His current glove was going to need replacement and if he got one now, he could get it broken in for next spring and his first year of middle school baseball. He also got some clothes, including a package of fancy boxer briefs he was certain Chase had picked out when they had gone shopping on Saturday, and a couple of Mariner t-shirts.
Logan looked at Chase and pointed to the package of underpants. Chase’s nod and grin told him all he needed to know—Chase had picked them out and his mom had purchased them when she paid for the clothes for Eddie and Curt. The last present was a fitted blue Mariner hat with a teal bill, which he promptly placed on his head.
“It’s too big,” he complained.
“Of course it is,” Susan said. “The one you have still fits, but it’s getting a bit of a worn look to it. You’re going to grow into this one sooner than you think, and I can always place some temporary lining in it to give you a snug fit until you do.”
Logan thanked everyone for the presents and hugged his mom, dad, and brother. “You’ve got a couple of other presents coming from me later,” Chase told Logan after breakfast.
At Logan’s request, dinner was spaghetti. Logan ate with his mom and dad. Chase had to leave for baseball practice and would be eating a reheated dinner later. Logan studied for his last test after dinner, which would be his Social Studies final. He stripped naked and studied on his bed.
His homework was interrupted by a phone call from his cousin Aiden. Aiden wished Logan a Happy Birthday and said he would be bringing his present on Saturday.
“You remember that I won’t be there until like three or so,” Aiden said. He had a late-morning baseball game in East Olympia, which was about an hour-and-a-half from Logan’s house.
“The twins are coming with you, right?” Logan asked.
“Right. They’re on the Yard Goats so we’re all going to come together. And we’re all bringing our own sleeping bags, air mattresses and pillows.”
“It’s going to get crowded on the floor,” Logan giggled.
“That’s why it’s a good idea to share sleeping bags. My dads said that Eddie and that other kid will be living with you. Is that for real?” Aiden asked.
“Yep. Me and Chase are getting foster brothers.”
Aiden felt the urge to protect his younger cousin. “Have you heard what Eddie is like?”
“Mom and dad said that he’s a troubled kid and we’re all going to help him grow up right.”
“He was a total asswaffle here in Mayfield. He ran around with the worst kids in town. Come to think of it, he was one of the worst kids in town. Nobody but the buttheads misses him.”
Logan wondered if Aiden knew everything he knew, like Eddie being a prostitute to make money to eat. He was about to ask his cousin when he clamped his mouth shut. He decided that if Aiden didn’t know then it wasn’t his business to tell him.
“Pop says they’re living with Darnell right now. Are they going to be at your birthday party?”
“They’re moving in for good on Friday.”
“Where? I know you live in a big house and everything, but they’re still going to have to share a bedroom, right?”
“The rules say they each have to have their own bedroom.”
“So that means you and Chase have to share.”
“Nope. It just means we won’t have a guest room anymore and mom is moving her junk room to the room above the garage. Which will make it the even more junk room,” Logan giggled. “One of them will get the old junk room and will use the hall bathroom and the other gets the guest room and their own bathroom. I don’t know who’s getting what cuz mom and dad said to let them decide. Mom is taking family leave days Wednesday to Friday to move her stuff out and buy furniture for the new bedroom and I don’t know what else. I know me and Chase are going to be helping her a lot.”
“Isn’t the hall bathroom your bathroom?”
“It just happens that Chase’s bathroom has space against my wall to put a door in, which is going to be done by carpenters or somebody on Thursday so me and Chase will be sharing the bathroom, which is huge anyway.”
“Wow, I can’t believe all this happened so fast.”
“Well, it did. Curt is really and totally cool. We messed around on Saturday night and slept together. But I guess we’ll all have to see what Eddie does. I’d be totally cool with a foster brother like Curt. Eddie’s been okay, but it’s like we’re all gonna be waiting for him to get in trouble.”
“Just so you know, Eddie and I don’t like each other at all. But I’ll try hard not to mess up your party. Are you still having the overnight?”
“I know you’ll be cool about everything. And yes to the overnight. I want to sleep with you no matter what.”
The two cousins chatted for a couple more minutes before disconnecting. Logan couldn’t wait to see Aiden, who he knew was the best cousin the world.
After finishing his studies, Logan pulled on a new pair of black boxer shorts with white trim and lettering on the waistband. That was all he wore downstairs; he wanted to look sexy for Chase when he got home.
Logan sat at the kitchen table with Chase as soon as he got home and watched while Chase reheated his dinner and gobbled it down. “How was practice?” Logan was wearing just his new boxer shorts while Chase was stripped down to a t-shirt and gym shorts.
“It was okay. We don’t even have a game this week and the only reason we practiced was because Coach could get a field for us.”
“Yeah, but you’re making up for it next week, right?”
“Yep. Our new bros are going to be seeing a lot of baseball. I know Eddie played ball in Mayfield, but I don’t know how much. I should call Aiden and ask him. Curt said he played, too. It’s probably too late to get them on a team, though.”
Logan stood up and paraded around the table and then stood next to his big brother. “Thanks for the undies. Do you think I look sexy in them?”
“I think you look like my little brother with next to nothing on.”
Making sure no parent was close by, Logan said, “I’m eleven now, so are you going to do my butt?” 
“Not tonight. We’re going to have to figure out when to try it, or if we’re going to try it.”
“Try it? I thought we were going to do it. I get it that we can’t do it tonight, but I want to do more than try it. And can we at least do something tonight?”
“That’s my other present for you.”
“What are we going to do?”
Chase finished his last bite of meatball and said, “It’s a surprise present. I’ll show you in my room. I’m done eating, so we might as well go there now. And yeah, you and me are sleeping together tonight. Happy Birthday, little bro.”
“Thanks, big bro. I saved my dessert until you got here, so let’s eat dessert first.” Susan had purchased cupcakes for dessert on Logan’s actual birthday. With ice cream, of course. The real cake would wait until Saturday’s party.
“I was gonna eat you and I bet you’re even sweeter than cupcakes and ice cream.”
Logan gave his brother a look of confusion. “Huh?”
“You’ll find out soon. It’s your birthday, so dessert should be next. Thanks for waiting for me, little bro.”
“I want to find out how you are going to eat me. Are you, like, a cannibal or something?”
“You’ll find out after dessert. But I’ll give you a hint what it’s about.” Chase pulled down the front of his shorts, revealing his five-inch teen cock, which was drooling precum.
“You mean being a cannibal is sexy?” Logan asked with an impish smile. He pulled down the front of his new boxer briefs, showing off his thin two-and-three-quarter inch rod. He looked down and said, “I guess it must be.”
After finishing dessert, the boys went up to Chase’s room and, without a word, stripped naked. Needless talk wasn’t necessary; the brothers knew that birthday sex was on the agenda. They sat next to each other on Chase’s bed, using the headboard as a seat back.
“How come you said you were gonna to fuck me when I turned eleven and now you’re not going to do it?”
“Did I ever I tell you face-to-face that I was going to do it?”
“No, but I heard you hint that you were to Dillon and Aiden and kinda to me.”
“Looks like I talk too much. Look, bro, you know I want to do it, and I know you want me to do it, I just think we need to think about it more.”
“I’ve been thinking about it since the New Year started.”
“How did a shy boy like you become such a horndog?”
Logan pointed to Chase with a lustful grin and giggled. “Since I found out I had a big brother who is a horn dog. I’ll let you be a cannibal if you promise me one thing.”
“That you promise I won’t be a butt virgin when I start middle school.”
“You mean there are other kinds of virgins?”
“Shut up and show me what cannibals do.”
“Okay, get on your knees and lean against the head of my bed. And hurry, my dick is so hard it’s getting sore.”
Logan did as he was told. Chase then spread his brother’s legs, kneeled between them, and looked at his younger brother’s smooth, white ass. He kissed both cheeks, spread the cheeks, and started licking inside of the eleven-year-old’s crack. Logan grunted in surprise. He was about to say something and then decided to keep quiet and see what unfolded.
What unfolded was Logan learning what rimming was about while Chase gave his fifth rim job. Dillon had been the recipient of two of them and Drake received the other two while Dillon watched. Dillon had rimmed him twice and Drake had done it once.
Logan learned quickly that he liked what his brother was doing to him. He liked Chase’s tongue massaging his asshole, he liked the tongue snaking up his butt, he loved the tongue being replaced by his brother’s middle finger. He was putty in Chase’s hands as his big brother moved him so he was prone and then stuck two fingers into his ass, which massaged his rectum, and he totally loved humping the covers of Chase’s bed and having a mind-blowing dry cum when Chase rubbed his button. And when Chase turned him over and shot his cum over Logan’s chest and belly and then rubbed the almost mature cum over his belly, cock, and balls, Logan moaned in ecstasy as his brother wrapped his fingers around his still hard cock and jacked him to a second birthday dry cum.
“Oh, wow, big bro, that was the best ever. I mean the very, very best ever. You can be a cannibal with me any time you want.”
“Glad you liked it. I won’t even make you shower to sleep with me, but you might need to clean up to say goodnight to the ‘rents. I know we smell like sex stuff.”
“I’ll put my undies plus sweats on and give quick hugs. I need your cum on my cock and balls because it’s like fertilizer to make them grow bigger and help me grow hair.”
“You’re silly.”
“Do you think we can still do this after Curt and Eddie move in?”
“Of course we can. It’s not like they’re prudes. I mean we know what it was Eddie did and we know they’ve had sex with each other.”
“And with me.”
“Say what?”
Logan told Chase what he did with Curt Saturday night, which promptly revived the teen’s cock.
“I’m never calling you shy again, Logan. You are just a total horn dog.”
The boys dressed and went downstairs to say good night to their parents. If either one smelled anything through the fresh sweats worn by their sons, they said nothing about it. After the good night hugs, and the last “Happy Birthdays” and “Thank yous,” the brothers went back upstairs, stripped, peed, brushed, and climbed into Chase’s bed.
“Okay, we fertilized your cock and balls, now we need to give you some protein to digest to make you big and strong,” Chase told his little brother. The brothers got into a sixty-nine position and Logan swallowed Chase’s protein soon after. When they finished that round of sex, they cuddled and fell into a sweet and loving sleep.


Friday the thirteenth was a good day for everybody. While they packed the few belongings they had, Curt told Eddie he felt lucky to be going to a home with a mom and a dad and brothers. Eddie wasn’t so sure how lucky it was. He had become used to being independent and the twelve-year-old “bad boy” wasn’t convinced he wanted to be under the thumb of parents, or even a big brother, for that matter. While he wasn’t going to admit it, Chase scared him.
Tyson’s four-hundred level Biology class had its final on Friday morning. He planned to grade the tests until one-thirty and finish the rest Monday morning. He told the boys he’d be home around two o’clock and then they’d pack up the car and head to Seattle and the beginning of the next phase of Eddie and Curt’s lives.
The three boys made good use of the morning by having sex and a communal shower after they were sexed out. Eddie finger fucked Darnell to a no-touch cum while Curt jerked off to two cums. That was followed later by a daisy chain where Curt sucked Darnell, Darnell sucked Eddie, and Eddie sucked Curt. Since Eddie had yet to cum, he had a body shaking cum, filling Darnell’s mouth with his thin emission.
The shower had a lot of erotic washing, but nobody had an orgasm. The boys admitted that it had been a great week, way better than anybody thought. They talked about the things they could have done together if they knew each other better.
“Hey, I finger fucked Darnell, so that was a start to butt stuff,” Eddie said.
“Maybe next time we see each other, who knows what will happen,” Darnell said. The boys were dressed and ready to go when Tyson arrived from work.
They arrived at the Miller residence just after four and were greeted at the door by Susan. Chase, Logan, Dillon, and Royce zipped upstairs from the basement and introductions were made. Darnell went down to the basement with the four boys while Eddie and Curt followed Susan upstairs to see their new bedrooms.
Susan showed Eddie and Curt how their bedrooms had been fixed up. She explained that it would be up to them as to who got which room and if they couldn’t agree then she’d assign them to one.
“Can we switch if we don’t like how it worked?” Eddie asked.
“That’s between the two of you,” Susan replied.
“Can we sleep together if we want?”
“Yes, but not on school nights.”
“Well, there won’t be any school until September,” Eddie grinned.
That’s when Susan dropped the first bomb into their new lives. Because Eddie had missed most of sixth grade and Curt had missed the last few weeks of sixth grade, they would be attending half-day summer school sessions. “You will have to pass your classes with a C or better to start seventh grade,” Susan said. “Because he missed less school, Curtis will be going for four weeks, while you, Edward, will have six weeks.”
Eddie complained how that wasn’t fair. Susan responded by telling him he didn’t have to go.
“I don’t?”
“Oh, no. But you’re going be enrolled in sixth grade in the fall. Curt would be enrolled in remedial seventh grade classes to start his year. So, no, you don’t have to go to summer school, but your life would be simpler if you did.”
“I guess I’ll go,” Eddie groused, “but it’s still not fair.” Eddie wished he could have stayed with Darnell. At least he wasn’t being bossed around there. He was unable to see that he would be running into some of the same difficulties in Bellingham as he was running into in Seattle.
But on the fair side, the boys matched fingers with two out of three matches winning. Eddie had to match Curt in the first round and did so as they each flipped out one finger. Curt had to match Eddie in round two. Once again Curt flipped one finger, but Eddie showed two fingers for his second win. Eddie chose the room that had been the guest room while Curt got the newly converted bedroom. The boys agreed that it would have been cooler to have turned the storeroom over the garage into the other bedroom. The same reason popped into their tween minds: privacy.
Curt and Eddie went down to the basement and joined the other five boys. They told the five boys who got which bedroom.
“That spare room sucks for a bedroom. It’s too small,” Chase said. “I kept telling mom she should make the room over the garage into the other bedroom.” Eddie looked at Chase with some new respect; they were thinking the same way. “She said it was too far from the bathroom. But you guys know it’s not much farther than the spare room. Yeah, you have to use a few stairs to get there, but that’s what nightlights are for. If I were you, I’d start talking about the upstairs room. I’ll back you guys up.”
“So will I,” Logan volunteered.
That night the boys all had partners in bed. Royce slept with Logan, Dillon slept with Chase, Curt and Darnell slept with Eddie in the king bed. Tyson could have broken in Curt’s new bed, but said he had no problem staying at a hotel. Sue and Troy knew they were going to have to deal with the guest room problem. They couldn’t believe that their house that had been more than big enough for the family had shrunk to being too small.


Logan’s birthday party was a big success. Eddie and Curt liked Logan’s friends and the friends liked the two new members of Logan’s family. 
The last birthday party Eddie had had was when he was six. He hadn’t been to a birthday party since he was seven and his mother was still around. That was the last time he’d had birthday cake.
Things changed, however, when Aiden arrived just after three o’clock. Aiden had changed out of his uniform in the baseball complex parking lot. He liked standing behind the car in just his underpants as he switched from his uniform pants to a pair of shorts and switched shirts. Parking lot changes were as close as he would probably ever get to being naked in public.
Aiden and Logan exchanged hugs and then Logan introduced him to Curt. Aiden and Curt exchanged fist bumps. Aiden thought Curt was really cute and Curt thought Aiden was hot. Logan asked Aiden how the game went.
“We won 7-4”, he said. “And, no, I didn’t pitch. I played third.”
Then Aiden saw Eddie lurking in the background and gave him his best glare. He was surprised to see Darnell standing next to Eddie. Aiden was certain that after living in the same house together for five nights Eddie and Darnell would have had at least one fight and would hate each other.
Well, I don’t like Eddie much, Aiden thought, so I guess that makes up for whatever went on between Eddie and Darnell. Aiden had told Marty Thursday morning about what had been happening to Eddie and that suddenly, he and some other street kid were living with Chase and Logan, at least for a while. Marty had told Aiden that Eddie had been though a lot of shit in the last year and it might be a good idea for Aiden to not pass judgement.
“How is not liking somebody and thinking they’re an asswaffle passing judgement?” Aiden asked. “Especially if it’s true.”
“I think you just answered your own question, Sport,” Marty replied. “Remember what I said about acceptance?”
“Yeah, and I guess it’s okay to accept people and things, except when they’re asswaffles.”
“Do I detect a festering resentment in my little bro?”
“Eddie called Darnell the ‘N’ word last year and now Darnell had to put up with him for a week. I bet Darnell thinks Eddie is an Asswaffle with a capital A.”
“Look, you might be right, but chances are you’re not.” Aiden, who was in full pubescent boy mode, bristled at Marty’s comment. “Just go to your cousins’ house with an open mind and take it from there.”
“I could have the most open mind in the world, and Eddie will still be an asswaffle. He was one of the meanest kids in Mayfield when he lived here, and I bet that being a street kid didn’t make him any better.”
They ended the phone call a couple of minutes later with Aiden feeling like he’d gotten in the last word, and Marty knowing that was what Aiden was thinking. While Marty could easily have conceded that he had gotten nowhere with his little bro, he also knew that once Aiden turned off his “attitude” switch he had a way of rethinking their chats. He often changed his stance and would later tell Marty, “I got to thinking about what you said and maybe you were right.” The word “maybe” was Aiden’s way saying he had conceded to Marty’s point of view without actually telling Marty he was right.
When Aiden first came into his cousins’ house, Darnell had noticed the stare down between Eddie and Aiden and it didn’t surprise him. He walked up to Aiden and gave him a hug. “Eddie’s not so bad,” Darnell told Aiden quietly.
“He’s an asswaffle and always has been.” Aiden gave Darnell a look of disbelief. “What did you guys do, kiss and make up?” he asked sarcastically.
Darnell grinned calmly. “Yeah, we did, and he kisses pretty good.”
“For real?”
Darnell nodded. “Eddie apologized more than once. So, if you’re mad at him because of what he said to me, then you have to quit being mad.”
“What if I’m mad at him just because he’s Eddie?”
Darnell glanced back at Eddie and waved him over. “I told Aiden you and I made up and he can’t be mad at you for that. He says he’s going to be mad at you anyway, so I’m gonna tell him that if he’s gonna be mad at you then he has to be mad at me, too.”  Darnell looked at Aiden, whom he loved as a friend. “And I mean that,” he said and then walked away with Eddie.
As Aiden watched Darnell choose Eddie over him, he was beginning to think Marty was right. He had one of those resentments Marty always talked about. He hadn’t seen Eddie in months but here he was being mad at him. Maybe the asswaffle here today is me, Aiden thought.
His thought was disturbed by Logan. “Are you okay, cuz?”
“Yeah, I’m good. How about introducing me to your friends,” he said, which Logan did.
Logan had quite a few friends from school and sports, both boys and girls. He took Aiden, Lance, and Lenny around and introduced them to his friends. Out back on the patio, Troy, Larry, Phil, and Tyson were busily working on barbequing hamburgers and hot dogs for the gaggle of kids at the party.
When the line started forming for eats, Aiden maneuvered himself so he would end up behind Eddie in line. “I hear you and Darnell made up,” Aiden said.
“Oh, so you’re talking to me now?” Eddie said in what was half question and half declarative sentence.
“I was wrong,” Aiden said as his real personality pushed through his miasma of resentment. “Being an asswaffle isn’t permanent.”
“I’m not an asswaffle now?” Eddie was doubting Aiden’s sincerity.
“I was the asswaffle, today.”
Curt, who was standing in front of Eddie, listened with intent interest.
“Darnell says you kiss pretty good,” Aiden said.
Eddie grinned. “Darnell talks too much, but, yeah, we did kiss some.” Eddie wasn’t going to admit to more than Darnell had. “You can try me out if you want.”
“Maybe after I eat.”
“Are you spending the night?”
“Yeah. And I know you are.”
“It looks like I live here now, so yeah, I plan on it. I’ll tell you who kisses good, and that’s old Curt here.” Curt blushed deeply.
“Maybe next time Chase and Logan come to visit you’ll be coming with them.”
“Not that I want to go back to Mayfield, but, yeah, I guess I will.”
“So, who knows what will happen?” Aiden said aloud. But I’m hoping it will be nothing, he said to himself. But then, Curt is pretty hot. Aiden imagined a three way with him, Nolan, and Curt as he approached the food table.
After eating their fill of dinner, the kids hoped there was room somewhere in their stomachs as the cake and ice cream came out. “Happy Birthday” was sung, eleven candles were blown out, presents and cards were opened, and cake and ice cream were devoured.
Most of the partygoers went home an hour or so after everybody finished eating. Logan’s best friends were spending the night. Of course, none of the girls were overnighting, which disappointed Eddie, for one. He was hoping to see a half-undressed girl.
Royce, Lance, Lenny, and Aiden were spending the night as well as Logan’s friends Chad, Marshall, Tommy, and Calvin. Calvin was an African American boy and he and Darnell gravitated to each other. All of the boys had brought sleeping bags and pillows. Since there hadn’t been time to get the proper accoutrements for Curt and Eddie, one of them would get to use Chase’s sleeping bag and the other would get a bedroll put together by Susan. Since Curt had lost the match for the bedroom of choice, Eddie agreed to let him have the sleeping bag. Dillon and Chase decided to stay out of the way of Logan’s sleepover and slept together in Chase’s bedroom.
Just as Logan predicted, the basement floor was crowded. It was a night of boys in underpants, ghost stories, sex stories, and jerking off under the cover of sleeping bags. As overnights in Aiden’s life went, Logan’s overnight party was quite tame. All the boys slept in pairs: Royce and Logan, Aiden and Lenny, Lance and Darnell, Chad and Marshall, Tommy and Calvin, and Curt and Eddie. Eddie ended up not needing the bedroll. When things started getting sexy he and Curt agreed to not cum on the lining of the sleeping bag, so they came on each other and then licked each other clean.   
Chad and Marshall were the only boys who jerked themselves off and the only ones who didn’t sleep naked together. The only reason they shared a sleeping bag was because everybody else was. The rest of the boys participated in some form of mutual masturbation, which included the dry humping of Royce and Logan as well as Aiden and Lenny. Royce and Logan were long-time bed buddies, if not boyfriends, and Tommy and Calvin were also bed buddies. There was talk of blow jobs, but it never went beyond the talking stage. Eddie and Darnell couldn’t fail to notice the relationship between Tommy and Calvin.
After a big pancake breakfast the next morning, the overnight part of the party started to break up. Aiden and the twins were the only guests still hanging around after everyone else left. They were at the mercy of Phil and Larry and couldn’t leave until they were ready to leave.
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