The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 18-Broken Boy



Aiden paced around the pitcher’s mound. He was upset with himself for walking the first batter of the game on four pitches. It was not a good way to start off the biggest game of the season. Going into the game the Mayfield Yard Goats and Meadow Park Cougars were tied for their league lead with 12-3 records. The game was the last league game of the season for each team, meaning the winner would win the league championship.
Taking a deep breath, he tried to get into his zone. Nolan was the hitter at the plate and Aiden knew he would have to be at his best. He toed the rubber and looked in at Lenny for the sign. Lenny showed fastball with his fingers. Aiden went into his windup and released the pitch. As soon as the pitch left his hand Aiden knew his release was wrong and the pitch was going to cross the plate right in Nolan’s wheelhouse.
Please foul it off, Aiden pleaded silently, but as soon as Nolan’s bat met the ball Aiden knew he was in trouble. He turned and stared at the left-field fence hoping the ball would fall short of the fence and land in Barry’s glove. But all Barry could do was stand and watch the ball clear the fence by seven feet and land in the grass on the other side.
Nolan circled the bases with a serious look on his face, but Aiden knew his boyfriend was smiling on the inside. Aiden tapped the bill of his cap to indicate his admiration for Nolan’s blast. With nobody out in the top of the first, the Cougars had a 2-0 lead.
The bleachers at the Mayfield Recreation Complex were full for the big game. Most of the fans were Yard Goat fans, but the smaller contingent of Cougar fans made plenty of noise as they celebrated Nolan’s home run.
Lenny came out to the mound to settle Aiden down. Muddy, who was playing first base, joined the conference but said nothing. He was often Aiden’s catcher and had learned to let Lenny do the talking when he was not catching.
While Aiden still wasn’t sharp, he managed to get the next three hitters out. He sat in the right corner of the dugout, which his teammates knew was his spot during the games he pitched. He was batting sixth instead of his usual second or third. Early in the season he had asked Scott and Conner if he could bat lower in the lineup when he was the starting pitcher help him start the game in his zone. The coaches were happy to accommodate him; he was their ace after all.
Aiden settled in after his rocky start, but the Yard Goats were unable to score off Nolan, who allowed only one baserunner over the first four innings. Aiden allowed nobody to reach base after his rocky first inning and the score remained 2-0 after four innings.
Aiden and Nolan had been talking about this game for a couple of weeks, but the talk became super serious when they realized that the game would determine the league champion. While both teams would go to the Washington State League 12 and Under Southwest Regional, the first-place team would receive a potentially better seed. The game was just as advertised—a well-played, hard-fought battle.
The boys agreed that of the two, Aiden was the better pitcher. They also agreed that Nolan was a very good pitcher which, as Nolan put it, must make Aiden a “very, very good pitcher.” But over the first four innings, Nolan had outpitched his boyfriend.
Aiden gave up a one-out single in the top of the fifth, but the runner died on first base. The Goats finally got to Nolan in the bottom of the fifth. Aiden hit a ground ball to the right of the shortstop, who made a good play on the ball. He knew that Aiden was fast and ended up rushing his throw. The throw sailed on him and the ball soared over the fence behind first base. The base umpire awarded Aiden second base on the overthrow.
Gordy was up next and flied out to centerfield. The next batter was Trent, who smashed a double up the third base line and into the left field corner, scoring Aiden to make the score 2-1.  Unfortunately for the Yard Goats, they couldn’t score Trent. Lance relieved Aiden in the sixth and put the side down in order. Nolan threw a 1-2-3 bottom of the sixth and Cougars defeated the Goats 2-1 with Nolan throwing a complete game.
Aiden and Nolan had arranged for Nolan to spend the night at Aiden’s house. Nolan joined most of the Goats at Bob’s Burger Barn for a late meal. Of course, he and Aiden got a hard time from the players. They called Aiden a traitor and told Nolan he could have been a better friend to Aiden and let the home team get more than three hits for the game. It was all in fun and both Aiden and Nolan had a few choice comebacks.
“You guys shouldn’t be mad at me. You should be spending your time figuring out what you could do for Hank who tried his best to help you out,” Nolan said after one bit of ribbing. Hank was the shortstop who had made the two-base error.
“Have you ever done something for Hank?” Miles asked suggestively.
“Well, don’t tell Aiden this, but yes I have,” Nolan grinned.
Later that night while getting ready for bed Aiden asked Nolan what he had done for Hank. “You never told me anything about Hank,” Aiden said as he put his toothbrush on its stand.
“That’s because it happened after practice on Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to.”  Nolan and Aiden had agreed to share sexual exploits outside of their relationship either face-to-face or by phone if more than a week passed by, unless it was one of their regular buddies. “I know you knew I did something after what I told Miles.”
“That was cool. The look on his face said he thinks you’re a big-time stud. What did you do?”
“We jerked off with Carter on Carter’s bed.” Carter was Nolan’s best friend in Meadow Park. They had become regular JO and suck buddies. Carter and Hank had jerked off together before, but this was the first time Nolan had done anything with Hank.
“Sounds like fun. My Saturday was weird. I rode to Kalie’s house with Gordy. We got naked with her in the backhouse and Gordy and I got to feel up her boobs and she jerked me off and sucked Gordy, and Gordy got her off. It was odd to see a girl have an orgasm.”
“Do you think you’ll ever go all the way with a girl?”
Aiden thought for a moment and said, “Maybe, just to see what it’s like. I mean even Marty did a girl back when he was in high school, and now he’s married to his high school boyfriend. Like pop says, don’t be afraid to see what the world is like.”
“My dad says something just like that.” Nolan rolled on top of Aiden and put a long kiss on his lips which soon turned into a tongue battle.
“What are we going to do?” Aiden asked when he was finally able to come up for air.
“Let’s hump and get all cummy,” Nolan suggested.
“Since when did you like getting cum all over you? I thought that was what I liked.”
“I don’t know, I hang around perverts like you and I end up liking all kinds of stuff.” Nolan then started humping Aiden in earnest, their dicks rubbing against each other as their naked bodies worked up a sheen of sweat. Even though they were tired after a long day, they were young and horny and soon Aiden squirted his few drops of watery cum followed by Nolan’s more liberal supply.
“That felt really good,” Nolan cooed. “Do we want to wipe it all up?”
“You can if you want, I’m keeping mine. It’s time to change the sheets anyway.”
“You’re lying. You said you always changed your sheets on Saturday.”
“Except when I know you’re coming to spend the night, then I wait until after you leave. We get them all sweaty if nothing else.”
The boyfriends exchanged chaste kisses, snuggled up to each other, and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


When Nolan woke up, he found himself alone in the bed.  He looked sleepily around the room and saw Aiden sitting at his desk looking at his computer monitor.
“What are you doing?” Nolan asked.
“Oh, this guy who claims to be my boyfriend had sex with me last night and kept me from watching the Mariners or even looking up the score.”
“Damn, what an asswaffle. I wonder who he is.”
“He would have to be somebody who’s pretty hot to keep me from checking on Marty and the M’s.” Aiden turned and looked at his bed. “Holy crapola, that hot dude is in my bed. How did that happen?”
“Magic. Quit being a goof and tell me what happened.”
“The M’s lost 6-3 and are ten games out. Pop and I agree that the Mariners are about to become sellers and I think being ten games out clinches it. I’m hoping they sell Andy Packard.” Packard was the Mariner third baseman.
“We should get a couple of good prospects for him.”
“Yep. Plus, it would open up third base for Marty.”
“What about Rodriguez?” Nolan asked, referring to AA third baseman Jorge Rodriguez.
“With the season Marty is having at Tacoma there is no way the Mariners call up Rodriguez ahead of Marty. None, zero, zippo, zilch chance of that. Rodriguez hasn’t come all the way back from his injury last year. He only has twelve home runs and is hitting .248. Marty is leading the PCL (Pacific Coast League) in RBI and is third in home runs, with 26, PLUS, he has a 0.977 OPS (On Base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage) which is second in the PCL. How can they not call him up?”
“Rodriguez was ranked ahead of Marty last season.”
“Well, he isn’t this season.” Aiden got out of his chair and fell onto the bed next to Nolan. “Whose side are you on, anyway?”
“I’m on your side. Which means I want to fuck you today.”
“No way. You can make love to me, but fucking is hard work.”
“Making love is harder.”
“Both of them are too hard to do right now. I need some breakfast.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Nolan said. “Except don’t you have company coming?”
“Not for a couple of hours, so we can do my good plan for breakfast, which is to go down and eat naked. My pop won’t mind.”
“What about your dad?”
“He’s at work. Let’s go see what pop says and then eat a naked breakfast.”
“Even if he says for us to dress first?”
“Trust me, he’s not near as strict about this as he thinks he is.”
Aiden was right, of course, and the two boyfriends enjoyed a naked breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon. Larry shook his head at their pubescent audacity but let them enjoy their minor triumph. What had caught his attention more than their nudity was their holding hands when they came into the kitchen and how two macho athletic tween boys could look at each other with such infatuation. He wondered if he and Phil had the same looks around each other when they were that age.
Nolan and Aiden were dressed when company started to arrive. Since their plan was to play hoops on the backyard court, clothes were necessary. Gordy and Miles were the first to arrive, pulling into the driveway on their bikes just after eleven. Blake and Trent were dropped off by Blake’s mother ten minutes later. Trent was carrying a basketball.
“The only guys I invited who haven’t shown are Collin and Barry,” Aiden said at eleven-thirty.
“Collin probably got stopped for riding his bike naked through town,” Trent laughed.
“It wouldn’t surprise me,” Gordy said. “He’s more into nudity than any of us.”
“Well, his parents are naturists,” Aiden reminded them. “He’s been running around naked at nudist camps since he was a toddler. I’ll give him a call and see if he is coming. Either way, let’s go out back and start shooting.”
“What’s really amazing is that you invited Barry,” Miles said. “I mean you used to hate Barry—we all hated Barry.”
“Well, he’s changed. He wasn’t sure he was coming though.”
“You probably invited him knowing he wasn’t coming,” Trent said.
“Well, there is that,” Aiden snickered.
The boys went down to the basement. Nolan took Aiden’s basketball out of his ball cage as they went out to the asphalt court in back. Aiden was talking on his phone as he followed them out.
“Okay, here’s what’s going on. Collin is on his way. He said he went to Rusty’s and talked him into coming. He and Rusty are about to cross the dam but stopped so he could answer the phone. Barry texted and said he had to finish a chore, but his mother was going to drive him so he should be here soon.”
“I like that Collin was being safe,” Gordy said. Gordy was always safe and respected anybody who did things safely, which was one of many reasons he and Aiden were such good friends.
“Rusty? I didn’t know you invited Rusty,” Miles said.
“I didn’t,” Aiden said. “But I’m glad he’s coming. I mean, he never goes anywhere or does anything except sometimes with Collin.”
They went back to shooting around. When Collin and Rusty arrived, they were greeted warmly and were given time to shoot and warm up. Aiden was pleased to see everyone treating Rusty like a normal kid coming to play hoops instead of someone who should get special treatment. Barry arrived five minutes later.
The boys had agreed in advance that they would be playing three-on-three. Since they had enough for exactly three teams, setting up the games would be simple. They would play games to five of make-it-take-it (the team that scores keeps the ball). Games could be won by one point. The team sitting out would play the winner, who would stay on the court as long as they kept winning.
Aiden went into the house and came back with nine playing cards and a plastic container. The cards were numbers one through nine and everybody received a number. The first three numbers made up the first team. The team consisted of Gordy, Nolan, and Rusty. The next team was Aiden, Blake, and Miles. Team three was Collin, Trent, and Barry.
“We got lucky on the draw,” Gordy said. “The teams look pretty even.”
And that turned out to be the case. Gordy’s team beat Aiden’s 5-3 and then lost to Collin’s 5-3. Aiden’s team then beat Collin’s team 5-4 and avenged their loss to Gordy’s team with a 5-4 win before losing to Collin’s team 5-3. And so it went until they stopped for lunch and some of Phil’s famous ice cold lemonade. Only one game had been one-sided, a 5-1 win by Gordy’s team over Collin’s. Lunch was a variety of sandwiches prepared by Phil.
After lunch they decided there would be three more games of three-on-three and then it was swimming time. The forecast was for hot and sunny weather. That was deemed ideal for a skinny dip which could be a preview for the big skinny dip coming up in August.
Aiden managed to find a moment to talk to Collin while they were finishing their sandwiches. “Did you tell Rusty we’d be skinny dipping?”
“Yeah. He said he was cool with it, but he wanted to talk to you first.”
“He’s never wanted to talk to me before, so why now?”
“To tell you his story. He’s told it to me and now he wants to tell it to you. He said while everybody in our group has been nice to him, you and me are the only ones to go out of our way to be his friend and now he wants to make up for being a pecker head.”
“Rusty actually said pecker head?”
“Yeah, go figure.”
When the basketball games restarted Collin’s team played Aiden’s in the first game. Aiden’s team won 5-4. Gordy’s team then beat Aiden’s team 5-3 and lost 5-2 to Collin’s team in the last game. Since each team won one game, everybody was happy, not to mention hot and sweaty. As soon as Trent scored the winning basket for Collin’s team the clothes started flying off.
As six screeching and yelling naked bodies jumped into the pool, Aiden, Collin, and Rusty went to the back room in the basement. The three boys had pulled off their sweat-drenched t-shirts and their socks and shoes, but kept their basketball shorts on.
“I’m really sorry I was such a pecker head to you, Aiden. But I was scared of everybody.” Yep, Rusty really did call himself a pecker head, Aiden thought.
Rusty then told the quick version of what had happened after he moved to Seattle. He talked about making quick friends with a kid named Jim Zehnder and how they became more than friends. He fought back tears when he told how his step-dad had come home early from work and caught them naked on Rusty’s bed with Rusty sucking away on his friend’s little boner.
“He never did give me any privacy,” Rusty complained. “He caught me jerking off twice and said he’d whup my ass the next time he caught me. Then he caught me and Jim because he came home from a dentist’s appointment. He kicked Jim out of the house. Jim had to get dressed out in the backyard in the cold. He asked me if I learned how to be a queer from my friends in Mayfield. Then he took his belt off and whupped my bare ass calling me a faggot. Then he kicked me out of the house and said he didn’t want little pussy queers living in his house.
“He called me pussy queer for jerking off and for wanting to play soccer and even for getting an A on a test. He wouldn’t let me have my phone when he kicked me out so I couldn’t call mom and then he told her I ran away because he caught me having sex with Jim.”
Rusty related how he went to Jim’s house to call his mom. “My mom got my step-dad to let me back in the house and then tried to work things out, but he was a total asshole to me and we finally moved out. She filed for divorce and then got her job in Kentburg back. We even got to move into our old house because the new renters moved out.”
“Why wouldn’t you be friends with us?”
“Because my step-dad said you guys made me queer. I mean we were doing sex stuff and everything, so I looked for new friends. But then I told them how you guys made me queer and they all started calling me a faggot, except Barry. But he didn’t stop them either. Roger was the worst. He’s a total asshole except for one thing.”
“What was that?”
“He had weed to sell me, and I started getting high and stoned and shit. Then he sold me some pills. He always called me a faggot, though. And you guys kept trying to be my friend, but I kept thinking you made me gay. So I OD’d on the pills and ended up in a hospital for a long time, and then in rehab for the weed and for booze and that’s why I was never around.”
Rusty looked at Collin and smiled. “Collin kept hanging with me when I came back to school and never asked me to tell him anything; he just wanted to be my friend. I stayed away from Roger but found a high school kid near me who sold weed and got me beer. I ended up being gone from school again because I was always stoned, and it was back to rehab.
“Then one day, I told Collin this story, I guess because I trusted him. He just listened and when I was all done talking and crying, he said he didn’t care what I did I was still his friend. And if I was a queer, I was still his friend. And he said you guys didn’t make me queer. That he learned I either was or I wasn’t. Now I think if I am, it’s no big deal, cuz I think you and your friends don’t care if I am either.”
Aiden wasn’t surprised to see Collin and Rusty holding hands. Rusty saw that Aiden noticed what they were doing and said, “I’ve held more of Collin than his hand, and if you hate me for it then it’s your problem.”
“Well, you met Nolan today,” Aiden said. “Just about everybody knows that Nolan and I are boyfriends, so I’m sure not going to hate you for holding Collin’s dick.”
“You’re for real boyfriends?”
“As real as it can be.”
Rusty looked at Collin and said, “Collin is my boyfriend and he’s not even gay. He said he’d be my boyfriend until he got a girlfriend or even longer than that. I’ve even gone to a nudist camp with him, so I won’t mind skinny dipping in your pool this time instead of like before when I thought that’s the kind of stuff that made me gay.”
“Thanks for trusting me and telling me this, Rusty,” Aiden said.
“You’re not going to tell anybody are you?”
“If you say it’s okay, I might tell Nolan. We trust each other with everything.” Aiden decided this wasn’t something he needed to share with his dads, at least not in detail since Rusty wasn’t in any danger. “And my dads might want to know why you’re doing better and came here today after my never being able to get us to be friends again.”
“Just tell them my stepdad was what mom calls an abusive dad and I just got all depressed, which is true. You can tell them about the weed and beer I suppose, but nothing else.” Then he thought for a moment. “Fuck it, since you’ve been telling them about me you can tell them but it’s gotta be a secret—they can’t tell no one. Same with Nolan.” He stood up, gave Collin a kiss, and ran his hand through his red hair. “Now, let’s go skinny dipping.”
Rusty pulled off his shorts and underpants like it had never been a problem. Aiden suffered a moment of disappointment when he saw that Rusty still had no pubes. He’d heard that redheads usually had black or red pubic hairs and wondered what Rusty would have. Oh, well, he thought, I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.
Rusty surprised Aiden by giving him a big hug after they were naked. It felt nice to have Rusty’s naked body touching his own. Aiden knew he had to break the hug or he was going to pop a boner. Once again, Rusty apologized for being a pecker head.
“You weren’t being a pecker head,” Aiden assured him. “Like you said, you were scared and I don’t blame you.”
“That’s what I told Rusty you would say,” Collin said.
“I am glad that you still want to be my friend,” Rusty said.
“And I’m glad you still want to be mine,” Aiden told him. “And I’m sorry hugging you got me boned up, but it was a…”
“I know, it was a naked hug and I got one, too.”
When the three boys came out to the pool, nobody asked what it was they had been talking about. Barry had a pretty good idea and Nolan knew Aiden would eventually tell him. It didn’t even bother them that Aiden and Rusty were boned up—it showed that they were friends again. The rest of them figured that for now it was none of their business and just wanted to grab naked asses and cocks and balls.
Just before four, the party came to an end. Everybody needed to be home in time for dinner. They went into the basement to shower the chlorine off and get dressed. With two to a showerhead it didn’t take much time for them to get clean and dressed.
Aiden couldn’t help but admire everybody’s crotches. Blake and Trent had the most pubic hair and the biggest dicks. Collin had a nice patch of pubes and Gordy’s were starting to grow in. Miles had some scattered pubes. Barry had a little nest. Nolan had a light dusting of pubes that Aiden loved. Aiden was a bit surprised that of the nine boys, only he and Rusty were hairless. He didn’t realize how many ways everybody had been growing during the summer before seventh grade.
As each boy finished dressing, he went upstairs to the main floor of the house.  Aiden was the last boy to come up the stairs. Everybody thanked him for the great day and then talked over each other trying to impress Larry with how good their three-on-three team was.
“We boxed out on the boards and moved our feet on defense and tried to do everything Coach told us about during the season,” Miles bragged.
“Yeah, Nolan had good fundamentals, too, even if he is from Meadow Park,” Trent laughed.
“Hey, at least he’s not from Kentburg,” Blake said.
“Speaking of Kentburg, I thought you were going to invite Keith to come,” Trent said.
“I did,” Aiden responded, “but his family is away on vacation.”
Gordy, Miles, Collin, and Rusty put on their helmets, got their bikes, and rode off to town. Blake, Barry, and Trent were picked up by Barry’s mom, who had obviously talked to Blake’s mom. Nolan was the only boy left. Neither of his parents could pick him up until after five, so he was staying for dinner, which was going to be served at five-thirty. Nolan’s dad said he’d come by at seven to pick up Nolan.
“I wish I could spend one more night,” Nolan said, but he had a list of chores to do the next day.
After they started eating dinner, Aiden went quiet for a while, not only so he could eat, but also because he was thinking about Rusty. He knew he should keep his talk with Rusty to himself and Nolan, but he desperately wanted to share the talk with his dads. By the rules they set up, he wasn’t required to share Rusty’s secret since Rusty wasn’t in any danger because of it. Aiden trusted his dads, however, and wanted them to know what he had heard. What he wanted deep down was their assurance that he had done and said the right things. Finally, he told his dads and Nolan that he wanted to talk to them after dinner. Nobody had to ask what the topic was going to be.
After revealing Rusty’s horror story Larry and Phil told him he had handled everything quite well, not only on that day, but during all his efforts to rekindle his friendship with Rusty. They also thanked him for trusting them.
“My mom might be weird at times,” Nolan said when Aiden finished, “but my family is pretty normal compared to a lot of them I hear about.” Nobody argued with his conclusion.
When Paul Moyer pulled into the driveway, Aiden and Nolan exchanged a kiss before Nolan went out the front door. Doing it in front of Larry and Phil didn’t bother the two boys at all, nor did it bother the two dads. Nolan picked up his gym bag and his bat and went out to meet his dad.
That night, Horace led Aiden down to his dads’ bedroom. For the first time since June he enjoyed the special security he felt when sleeping with Larry and Phil.
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