Mayfield Magic

Chapter 44-Down the Coast

<Lenny and Lance>
Because Leslie, their mother, was at work, Lenny and Lance had to get their own breakfast. They were both naked, which was their usual state of dress when their mom wasn’t home.
Lenny and Lance each grabbed a cereal bowl out of a kitchen cabinet and set theirs on the kitchen table along with a spoon and a butter knife.  Lance poured two glasses of orange juice, setting them on the table as well and Lance got a couple of bananas. Soon they were each munching on Rice Chex with sliced banana on them and toast that was slathered with butter and jam.
They were halfway finished eating when Brenda entered the kitchen. She was naked as well. “How come you guys are up before me?” she asked.
“Probably because you got up later than we did,” Lenny answered. “Which is weird because you never sleep in late.”
“Well, I did this time. How come you didn’t set a bowl and stuff out for me?”
“Could it be because you never set anything out for us when you got up earlier?” Lance asked.
“That’s not fair. There’s two of you and just one of me so why should I do twice the work?”
“Whatever,” Lenny and Lance said in unison. They made no attempt to decipher their sister’s weird logic.
Brenda finally poured herself a glass of orange juice and a bowl of Raisin Bran. “Mom needs to start letting us eat better cereal that’s sweeter than this shit,” she groused.
“Whoa, when did you start using nasty words?” Lenny asked.
“I learned it from you guys, so you figure it out.”
“Whatever,” Lenny and Lance said in unison again.
“How come you were in such a bratty mood when you got home from Emmett’s yesterday?” Lenny asked.
“Don’t call me bratty. You’re so mean, I hate both of you because you keep calling me a brat,” Brenda shot back.
“Okay, I’ll be nice then. Please tell us what was bothering you. Who knows, maybe we can help you,” Lance said with genuine sincerity.
Lenny shot him a look that said, ‘Where did that come from?”
Brenda thought for a moment and decided, against her better judgment, to trust her brothers. “Because Emmett said he wasn’t going to fuck me or Wendy anymore.”
“And he said that because he’s shooting cum now, right?” Lance asked.
“Right. And I know it’s also because Wendy is his sister, and he wasn’t going to do that anymore even if he couldn’t shoot cum or whatever you call it. But he said he’d do anything else with us and we could even suck his dick. Big fucking deal.” Lenny swallowed the urge to tell her to watch her mouth.
“Well, you know that’s why we won’t do it with you because we make cum now, too.”
“But you wouldn’t do it even when you didn’t make cum. And you always promise to do stuff, but you never do what you promise,” Brenda whined.
“Yeah, I know, and it wasn’t right of us.”
Lenny could hardly wait to get his brother alone and ask him what the fuck he was thinking by being nice to Brenda the brat.
“I’ll let you kiss my dick as soon as we put our breakfast stuff away, how’s that sound?”
“I guess it’s a start. What about you Lenny; don’t you want to do anything with me?”
Lenny got up and started clearing the table. Lance and Brenda followed his lead and soon everything was either put away, thrown away, or placed in the dishwasher.
“Go to our room and get on one of our beds,” Lenny commanded Brenda. “We’ll be right there.” Surprisingly, she obeyed without griping.
As soon as Brenda left the kitchen, Lenny asked Lance what he was doing. “You and me are never this nice to the brat,” he said.
“She came home pretty upset last night and had nobody to talk to about it and she’s got nobody to talk to today. I thought maybe we could be good big brothers for once,” Lance responded.
“Okay, let’s see how it works. But no way I’m going to fuck her.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t be doin’ it either. But I don’t think a little touchy feely will hurt.”
“If she kisses your dick and asks you to kiss her pussy, are you gonna do it?”
“I’ll kiss it real quick like, but I won’t lick it or eat her out like Emmett’s done.”
“Okay, but don’t expect me to do it,” Lenny said as they headed for their bedroom.
What happened in their bedroom was more sexual than they’d ever done with their sister before. Brenda kissed both of their cocks, Lance kissed her bare pussy for a second at most, and Lenny surprised himself by doing the same. The session ended when Brenda fingered herself to an orgasm as she watched Lance stretch out on his right side and Lenny on his left and they dry humped each other complete with French kissing. She came when her brothers had mutual orgasms and shot clear, watery cum over each other.
She gave each of them a kiss on the cheek, thanked them for being nice to her, and calmly left their room. They were so used to her stomping out in a huff they had to double check that she was actually gone.
A truce in the ongoing battle between the twins and their sister had been declared. The big question on the minds of the three siblings was how long was it going to last?
<Alex and Jaden>
“Thanks for a great visit,” Jaden said to his cousin Grant as he gave him a big hug. “It was special for me.”
“Yeah, thanks,” Alex said as soon as Jaden moved away. He gave Grant a tighter, longer, hug with a ten-second kiss on his right cheek. “It was great to come back to my hometown and you helped make it super special. I know we were on not so good terms when I vanished and went to Cali, but I’m really, really happy that between what we did at the tournament and here in Mayfield we kinda got things back together.”
After Alex broke his kiss, Grant returned it, only he kissed Grant on the lips. “For good and for bad you were my first boyfriend,” Grant said after he broke the kiss. “I love you and I’ll always love you.”
The boys were standing in the front yard of Grant’s house waiting for Grant’s mother, Carla, to close up the house and then back their SUV out of the garage. As soon it was completely out of the garage, she pushed the button on the rear-view mirror that operated the door. As it closed the boys climbed into the SUV and they headed off to Centralia.
They arrived at the train station at 11:20. The “Coast Starlight” was due around 11:40. The Amtrak app on Alex’s phone indicated that the train had just left Olympia on time. They sat on one of the wooden benches in the station and chatted about the visit until the station agent announced the train would be arriving in a couple of minutes.
The Foursome rose from the bench. Before they could move to the doors to the platform, Alex gave Carla a hug. “I know you kinda hated me for a while and I know I deserved it. So, thanks for being so good to me and I tried to do my best on the visit.”
“You were wonderful, Alex. I’m glad you and Grant are friends again. You’ve grown a lot since you left Mayfield, and I don’t mean your body shooting up, I mean you maturing into a good person. I wish you the absolute best and I hope this isn’t the last time we see you here in Mayfield.”
“Thanks for being my honorary aunt, Aunt Carla. I’ll do my best not to let you down.”
Jaden then hugged his aunt. After Alex’s hug, his felt almost anticlimactic.
They walked onto the platform and within seconds the “Coast Starlight” came into view. The four walked to the position the station agent said the sleeping cars would load. Carla and the conductor went through the unaccompanied minor ritual and the car attendant led the boys to their roomette. There would be no upgrade for the trip home so they would be riding in a roomette instead of a bedroom. It didn’t matter to them—it would be just for one night. They were in Roomette 4 which was on the second level of the car. 
“I have a lunch reservation in the dining car for the two of you if you want to eat lunch,” the attendant told them. He was not surprised when the two teens said that of course they wanted to eat lunch. Their reservation was for one. When the dining car lead attendant announced the one o’clock reservations, they headed to the dining car where they each enjoyed an angus burger with chips and a chocolate brownie.
They decided to do a finger match to decide who would get to pick his bunk. “I’ll match you,” Alex told Jaden. Alex counted up to three and on three he held out one finger of his right hand to Jaden’s two.
Jaden elected to choose the bottom bunk. “In case I gotta get up to pee in the middle of the night,” he said.
The “Coast Starlight” ran on time all the way to Klamath Falls where they arrived at 9:58. They stepped off the train and stretched their legs being careful to remain within view of their attendant. Two blasts on the locomotive horn at 10:05 signaled them to board the train for the 10:08 departure. The sleeping car attendant had lowered their beds around 9:30 and they had taken care of their evening toiletries while he did so. All they had to do after boarding was take their pisses in the downstairs restrooms and then head upstairs to Roomette 4, strip down to their underwear and climb into their beds. They had each set a pair of pajama pants and slippers by the door in case they had to use the toilet sometime during the night and they felt prepared as veteran travelers should. They were both asleep by 10:15.
<The California Zephyr Cars>
Aiden and Nolan were showered and dressed by eight-fifteen. “It seems weird not having Landon with us,” Aiden said.
“It does,” Nolan agreed. “I like the dude. He’s so friendly and outgoing and nobody likes trains the way he does.” Aiden flashed his boyfriend a look. “Including you, Sweet Cakes.”
Aiden held his index finger and thumb as tightly together as he could without them touching. “Maybe by that much,” he conceded. “But I’m a better photographer.”
“He takes way better videos than you.”
“Well, duh. That’s because I hardly ever shoot videos. And, yeah, it would be cool if he lived in Mayfield.”
“Well, he will be coming to one or both of your birthday parties, so we’ll be seeing him soon.”
“Another thing that’s weird is these cars just sitting in the yard and not moving,” Aiden said. "I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because the car wasn’t going anywhere. It still feels weird even though we’re awake.”
“If I’d known you were having trouble sleeping because we weren’t moving, I would have rocked you to sleep. And besides, your bed at home doesn’t move so why should the train being still bug you?”
“Because I’m on a train and it’s supposed to move.”
“Whatever. My way of moving you would have been better than any train motion.”
“I assume you’ll do me from the dominant top position as Trent calls it.”
“What does he know? He’s straight,” Nolan said.
“Tell Mac that.”
“Those two will get it straightened out someday, so to speak. But I really would like to get breakfast before the day runs out.”
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s attack the mini-buffet and eat.”
The boys walked the short distance from their room to the lounge area under the Silver Solarium dome where the breakfast fixings were laid out. They grabbed scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh cantaloupe and honeydew melon, and one fresh waffle apiece. They knew William, Kelly, or Marshawn would be coming upstairs into the dome to serve coffee or juice. Most likely Kelly since William and Marshawn were busy keeping the buffet area stocked and organized. All the passengers who slept on the Zephyr cars would be eating in the Silver Solarium. They wouldn’t have a full load on board until after they’d been coupled to the “Coast Starlight” at the Oakland station. Aiden glanced out of a window and saw a silver Amtrak train roll by on the mainline and knew they would be moving soon.
They had just settled at their table when they were disturbed by a clanging jolt. They knew a switcher had just coupled to the Zephyr cars to shuttle them from the coach yard to the Oakland train station. As soon as the switchman secured the coupling, the Zephyr cars were on the move. The last day of their Zephyr private car adventure was beginning.
As they ate their breakfast, Nolan and Aiden looked out the front window and observed their cars approach the big double decker Superliner III cars. Within minutes the Zephyr cars were coupled with the “Coast Starlight” and the air hose and electrical connections were completed. At nine-ten they pulled out of the station right on time.
The first interesting sight came up after the boys had finished eating. What they saw was two white mountains of salt, each standing around 90 feet tall. The salt was harvested in salt evaporation ponds along the east shore of San Francisco. When a pond was empty, the salt was then piled into salt mountains. The operation was run by Morton Salt.
Aiden’s Canon was busy catching as much as it could. Since the salt mountains were on a tide flat well away from the tracks, he was able to get some good shots.
“Boy is Landon going to wish he’d stayed on board when he sees these pictures,” Aiden told Nolan.
“He’d be totally psyched out if you had gotten a picture of the train from the top of one of those salt mountains,” Nolan chuckled.
“Good point.”
That pretty much covered the scenic wonders for a while. When they passed through Gilroy, they were informed by Burt, the owner of the Zephyr cars, that Gilroy billed itself the “Garlic Capital of the World.”
“I’ve actually been able to smell garlic through the HVAC system during the peak of the season.” Burt took a seat at a table in the dome and chatted with the passengers. He usually sat downstairs in the observation lounge, but he enjoyed the views from the dome as well. And he also enjoyed the conversation no matter where he sat.
Most of what they saw until well to the south of Salinas was farmland, with a variety of crops being grown in the fertile Salinas Valley. Lunch was served in the domes a few minutes after the train’s twelve-ten departure from Salinas.
It was during that time that Aiden and Nolan started to get a bevy of texts from their Southern California friends, Michael in particular. Mason also kicked in a few. All of the texters sounded excited about their meeting up the next day.
“I’m glad we met these guys during the BaseBrawl and got to make friends with them,” Aiden said. “I’m looking way forward to seeing them again.”
“And Mason sounds really excited to see us, too,” Nolan said. “As does his new boyfriend.”
“Yeah, right, Mason’s boyfriend.”
“You need to chill out about him. He makes Mason happy, and that’s what counts.”
“We’ll see. Mason’s wanted a boyfriend for so long he’ll probably latch on to anybody, good or bad. Think about it—Mason’s friends have been his teammates—we’ve been the ones who always watched out for him.”
“Maybe you should meet this Alejandro dude before you go getting all judgmental.”
Aiden gave his boyfriend a long look before saying, “I promise you I’ll give him a chance, but I’ll also promise you he’s gotta convince me he can be there to protect Mason when he needs it the way we have been doing.”
“You mean like you’ve been doing.”
“Whose side are you on anyway?”
“I’m on yours, of course,” Nolan replied. “But I owe it to you to remind you not to get too full of yourself. You are probably Mason’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have other important friends in his life.”
“You know, if you weren’t the best boyfriend a guy could have and somebody I love beyond loving, I’d tell you to go fuck yourself.”
“Well, I’m saying what I’m saying because I love you.”
“I know. And that’s why I’m not saying that. The scary thing is you might be right about this. But Alejandro is the one who’s gonna have to prove that you’re right and that he is good for Mason.”
The conversation then shifted to the fun they’d be having enjoying the festival and the music in Los Angeles over the next two days. They finally sat back and enjoyed the views out of the dome windows as the flat farmland soon changed to more rugged terrain as they entered the Coast Mountains. That meant climbing, twisting traffic, valleys, and the golden mountains of the Coast Range. Soon after starting up a slight grade they arrived in Paso Robles, an area known for its vineyards.
After the train left Paso Robles, Burt came up to the dome and sat at the left front table with Aiden, Nolan, and Paul. He had enjoyed talking with and listening to the boys during the trip. He liked their intelligence, their humor, and their love of trains. The boys were obviously long-time friends, and he enjoyed the byplay between the two. They both enjoyed taking pictures, but Burt could tell that Aiden was much more into photography than Nolan.
He wished he had known that the third boy, who was the biggest train buff of the boys, had detrained in Emeryville with his father to return home. He wished that he had talked to the boy’s father about his son staying on the train. He would have been more than willing to comp the ride from Oakland to Los Angeles and pay his way home. That trio of boys were three of the most amazing passengers to have ridden in his cars in years.
After Paso Robles, the train went deeper into the Coast Range. They ran along twisting winding track as they climbed the mountains. They also passed through numerous tunnels along the way. Aiden was able to get some great shots of the train, especially on tight turns, as they wound their way through the brown, arid mountain range. But Aiden and Nolan knew the best was about to come as far as the Coast Range was concerned.
Nolan asked about one of the curves. “Is this the horseshoe curve?”
“It is a smaller horseshoe curve, but the turn isn’t quite as sharp as the major one coming up next,” Burt answered.
They were working their way west when Burt pointed out a bridge below them which was served by a track coming from the west. “We’ll be down there crossing that bridge soon,” he informed the boys.  
“Wow, that must mean we’re getting close to the horseshoe curve,” Aiden said.
“That would be correct.”
“What’s the reason for having horseshoe curves?”
“Well, you saw how far down that bridge was,” Burt answered. “The horseshoe curve allows the train to get down there with a less steep grade and in a shorter distance than if it tackled the pass straight on. In essence, it reduces the maximum gradient. The key is to have a turn that is tight, but without the radius being too tight or wear on the tracks would become severe.”
The horseshoe curve Aiden was referring to was the second most famous one in the country, ranking only behind Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania, which was tripled tracked. Like most western railroad lines, the one the “Starlight” was running on was single tracked. The sharp curve essentially made a 180 degree turn which the train would creep around as it reached the high point of Cuesta Pass. They would be heading downgrade to the bridge Burt had pointed out.
William, who had entered the dome earlier, joined the group at the left front table: Aiden, Nolan, Larry, and Paul. Phil and Burt sat at the right front table and William stood in the aisle between the tables.
Aiden could make out the curve and quickly noted that as the train headed west he could see the eastbound track. His camera clicked steadily while Nolan took a video of the entire turn. William noted as the train was halfway through the turn that passengers sitting in the “Starlight’s” lounge located close to the middle of the train would be able to see both ends of the train at the same time. He also told the boys to be on the lookout for a red wooden picnic table on the left side of the train where the train was halfway around the curve.
On the right side of the train, which would be on the outside of the curve, was the California Men’s Colony, a maximum-security prison. Aiden took two pictures of it mostly to show not everything seen on this part of the trip was great scenery.
Setting up on the inside, Aiden was able to get a picture of the red picnic table. Burt told them the story of the table. “It was built as a project by a group of Eagle Scouts. Members of a fraternity at university would ride their bikes up here and enjoy a picnic at the middle of the curve. The scouts eventually moved on to other things and no longer kept it up. It was turned over to the fraternities and now they sand it down and paint it every year and still use it for picnics.
“It must be fun to watch the trains come through here,” Nolan said. 
“There’s not much to watch,” Aiden reminded him. “There are the two Coast Starlights and the schedule says we should have passed the Number14 at the siding we went by a few minutes ago. Since we didn’t see it, it must be running late. Then there is the “Valley Service” train that goes from SLO to San Francisco that was started up a couple of years ago. That’s two more trains. I don’t know how much freight service there is on this line.”
“Not much,” Burt informed him. Once again, he was impressed by the boy’s knowledge. “Just a couple of local movements and neither one operates on a daily basis. Still, the fraternity can always study the prison on the other side of the tracks and swear on all that is holy that they will never do anything to end up there.”
“Amen to that,” William added.
The Silver Solarium had completed the turn, and the entire train was once again heading in the same direction. In less than ten minutes, they arrived in San Luis Obispo on Track 1. Northbound Train 14 was on Track 2 and started off as soon as the Southbound Train 11 cleared the switch, and the switch was lined for 14.
“It’s cool that we passed each other at the station even though it means that 14 was late.” Aiden noticed that a Surfliner was tied down on the third track and took a couple of pictures of it.
SLO was a crew change point and the stop was scheduled for thirteen minutes, which meant the passengers had plenty of time to stretch their legs and get some fresh air—or inhale clouds of cigarette smoke depending on their preferences.
Aiden and Nolan took some pictures of the station and of the Chinese Worker Memorial Statue just outside the south end of the station. The sculpture depicted two workers laying a section of track.
After taking their pictures the boys had to walk the length of the train in order to get to the Zephyr cars. “I got another text from Michael,” Aiden said. “He said he wants me, but only if you approve.”
“Well, it says a lot about his taste that he wants a beautiful boy like you, but just what is it he wants?” Nolan said.
“He wants my beautiful bod of course.”
“Just as long as he doesn't expect to get his Sweet Cakes on stage, I’m cool with it.”
“Get it on stage, yeah right…you have the world’s dirtiest mind which is what a guardian Sugar Bear needs to have.”
Aiden’s phone chimed again. “Hmm, Mason just texted and said he wanted some private time with me.”
“Well, at least he didn’t say he wanted you. I guess he knows he can get that at your birthday party.”
“Damn your mind is dirty.”
Two blasts of the locomotive horn told the passengers on the platform it was time to board the train. A small group of Amtrak passengers who had been chatting with Burt turned and hustled back to their cars. Aiden and Nolan boarded the Silver Lariat where William was waiting. William told Burt that all of his Zephyr passengers were on board, and he boarded the car after the boys.
The Miller/Moyer group managed to procure their usual front tables. Aiden and Nolan sat in the window seats on the ocean side of the train, which was the right side.
The “Coast Starlight” left SLO on time at 3:37. About an hour later they were approaching the Pacific coast. The train would be running along 200 miles of the coast. This was considered one of the most scenic in the world. The tracks ran on a bluff above the ocean for many miles. 
For a long segment of the run the train went through Vandenburg Space Force Base and Aiden got pictures of a couple of the rocket launch towers. One of them had a rocket ready for launch and the cameras clicked throughout the dome.
Burt was sitting at the right front table with Aiden, Nolan, and Paul. “That’s a manned space flight close to launch,” Burt said. “It’s supposed to launch tomorrow evening, in fact.”
“Can you ever see a launch from the train?” Nolan asked. 
“That would be an interesting trip, indeed. But the railroad is shut down and the train would be stopped outside the border of the space base.”
“I guess that would just be the evening Surfliners, unless a “Starlight” is running way late,” Aiden said.
“You’re right on top of it again, young man,” Burt grinned.
Dinner being served in the dome didn’t stop them from gawking at the spectacular scenery. The dinner consisted of a Caesar salad, followed by barbecue ribs (with a healthy supply of barbecue sauce), mashed potatoes, and carrots. Dessert was lemon tortes with whipped cream.
After leaving Vandenburg behind, the train crossed a spectacular bridge. The train turning onto the bridge had the cameras firing away as the entire train stretched before them. They passed through state parks, saw surfers still going at it, looked at the oil rigs out in the water, and caught sight of the Channel Islands. They arrived in Santa Barbara four minutes early at 6:08. They left on time at 6:19.
South of Santa Barbara they passed some expensive beach mansions and homes before hitting the Pacific again. Unlike their earlier trek along the ocean, which was away from civilization, they passed busy beaches and ran alongside US 101. The tracks were now much lower and closer to the beaches.
Because all the stops for Train 11 south of Santa Barbara were D stops (detrain only), the train could leave the stops early and didn’t even stop at the Simi Valley station since nobody was getting off there. Between that and slack built into the schedule they arrived at Los Angeles Union Station at 8:35, which was 36 minutes early.
The Miller and Moyer clans thanked William for the great service as they detrained. They both left William a nice tip and thanked Burt for the great job he and his partner Darrin were doing with the California Zephyr cars. They walked through the station to the Alameda Street station and to the pick-up area. The Moyers secured an Uber to take them to the hotel where the group was staying. Phil, Larry, and Aiden had called another. The two Ubers arrived at the hotel within a minute of each other. The group had reserved three rooms so the boys could have their privacy. They figured that paying for an extra room for three nights wasn’t going to break them.
Aiden and Nolan were elated to have real beds to sleep in. They agreed that one bed was all they needed for sleeping and laid out their luggage on the other bed. What they couldn’t agree on was who was going to do what to whom, so they rolled around on the bed naked, deep kissing each other and then kissing, licking, and sucking each other’s erections, and finishing off with Aiden lying supine as Nolan fucked his tight, smooth ass. Nolan filled Aiden’s ass with his thick teen cum and Aiden shot his watery cum over his chest and belly a minute later.
“I love it when we don’t have a plan and just go with the flow until we finally do something to make us cum,” Nolan said.
“And sometimes it’s nice to have a plan for sex and see if we can stick to it.”
“Except that half the time we don’t stick to it.”
“No matter. I love my Sugar Bear more than I can describe,” Aiden said.
“And I love my Sweet Cakes. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe him.”
They cleaned up, kissed each other, and snuggled next to each other.
“Tomorrow morning we’ll be having a busy two-day adventure going to the gay festival,” Aiden said. “Michael said he has everything planned and will send us the details by the time we eat breakfast.”
“I assume everything he planned includes ‘having’ your ass,” Nolan said.
“Or better yet, him having both of us.”
The naked boyfriends cuddled gently and quickly fell asleep.
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