Piano Forte

Chapter 18-Recitals



Austin woke up wondering what he was doing in bed with James. After a few moments to clear his head he remembered he was in bed with William; not only in bed with him but naked in bed with him.
After another few moments, he remembered why he agreed to sleep with his roommate. He also remembered their having sex together before agreeing to sleep with each other. Before he could focus on any more thoughts, William’s alarm went off. Austin looked at the time and saw it was six forty-five, the time they agreed to wake up.
“Hey, William, are you awake?” Austin asked.
“Fuck, whose idea was it to get up this early?” William moaned.
“Mine. I’m meeting with the trio at eight and I need to get breakfast if I’m going to be at my best.”
“I got nothing until nine, so I don’t know why I agreed.”
“Probably because of my good looks and charm and because I gave you really good sex last night.”
“Hell, ya, it was good, but I sure would like to know why you suddenly became so sexy with me.”
“That’s for you to figure out. I’m gonna shower and get breakfast. I’ll probably meet Christian and Benny there.”
“Mind if I shower with you?”
“Go for it. You can even wash your cum off me.”
William laughed as they got out of his bed. Austin hadn’t heard William laugh very much and it sounded good. Nothing happened in the shower beyond the roommates washing each other. For the first time being naked in the shower together felt normal rather than sexual.  
Austin didn’t see Christian and Benny in the dining hall, so he and William sat together at breakfast. About five minutes later, Austin’s trio partners entered the dining hall. They acknowledged Austin’s wave, grabbed some breakfast, and were soon sitting with him and William.
Their conversation was on various topics until Christian brought up that they were scheduled to present their Mozart trio the following Monday. At that point, they talked about how many recitals they each had scheduled, and if they thought they would be ready for any of them.
“There’s a lot of shit keeping us busy,” William said.
“Well, Ned and I are going to do our duet on Thursday. We think we’re ready,” Austin said. “I’ve got a solo recital next Tuesday, too. I was hoping for more time before we played the trio, but we’ll be ready, right Christian?”
“Right,” Christian responded.
“Austin, knowing how hard you work, you’re going to be beyond ready,” William said. Austin gave William a quick look. That was the highest praise he had received from his roommate. But he wasn’t so sure William was right. They’d been cautioned at orientation not to schedule too much. It was suggested that first- and second-year campers limit themselves to two recitals, while the veteran campers do no more than four, which would be a recital a week for them.
“Maybe, but as Austin’s sponsor or guide or whatever the fuck I am, I have to say I think he’s doing too much.”
Austin objected loudly. “I’m doing what the teachers and everybody want me to do, so I think it’s okay.”
“Trust me, Austin, the teachers aren’t always right. I just don’t want you to burn out.”
“I won’t burn out, okay?”
“Whatever you say.” Knowing he was part of the problem since he was the one who dragged Austin into his trio, Christian decided to back off. “What does the recital schedule for you two guys look like for the next two weeks?” he asked Austin and William.
Austin answered first. “Like I said, Ned and I are doing our piano and flute duet on Thursday and I’ve got the trio on with you and Benny next Monday. And then next Tuesday I’m playing the Granados that I played at Benaroya. Mr. Shepard asked if I would play it for the whole school.” Austin looked straight at Christian. “See what I mean about being asked to do stuff. But this is no big deal since I know I can play it, so all I have to do is go over it a couple of times again.”
“And you William?”
“Well,” William replied, “I’m doing my guitar recital next Monday, which is just for fun. I just need to figure out what I’m going to play from the stuff I’ve been learning. But before that, Cindy and I are doing our piano four hands this Thursday, and will I be fucking happy when that is done.”
“Because Cindy is a whack job.”
“He means she teases him to make him horny and then she won’t put out for him,” Austin smirked.
“Shut up, roomie. You won’t either.”
Austin shot William a glare that told his roomie that all the good feelings built up over the past twelve hours had just been erased. Only instead of feeling superior, William felt like he had just stuck his foot deep into his mouth. “Sorry, Austin, I shouldn’t have said that.”
Christian looked at Benny and then at Austin, wondering if they were as surprised by William’s apology as he was.
“Apology accepted,” Austin said sincerely, believing that he and his older roommate might be making real progress.
“Then, next week, on Thursday, I’m playing a Chopin Etude,” William went on, “and on Sunday a Beethoven Bagatelle.”
“Wow, everybody sure is busy,” Benny said. It was one of the rare times Austin had heard him say anything, including in their practice sessions.
“Speaking of busy, we better get to our practice room and get to rehearsing,” Christian urged. “Monday is only a week away.”
The boys bused their dishes and headed to their destinations. For Austin, Christian, and Benny the destination was Practice Room 1; for William it was his dorm room for what he saw as a well-deserved nap.
The trio entered Practice Room 1 six minutes after eight. Christian was upset that they’d lost minutes of practice time. The fact that Austin and Benny didn’t think it was a big deal aggravated him further.
“Chill out,” Austin told him as he stripped to his black briefs. He had warned the other two trio members that he would be stripping down to his underpants. “I’d go naked if I were alone, but even in my underpants I feel more comfortable practicing than being fully dressed.”
“You’ve told us this every time you strip down when we rehearse,” Christian groused.
“I just want to make sure. Plus, I always tell you guys you should strip down, too. That would make us a team and make us all more comfortable.”
“It’s a good thing you’re a genius on the keyboard, because you’re really weird.”  
Austin pointed to the right corner of the room. “I guess that makes Benny weird, too.”
“Huh?” Christian turned and saw Benny taking off his pants. He had already removed his t-shirt. “Benny, what are you doing?” Christian asked.
“Like Austin said, I’m being weird,” Benny responded.
“Fuck, dude, you’re the least weird person I know.”
Benny was now stripped down to a pair of boxers with musical notes on them and light blue socks. “If it helps us relax some, I’m all for it.”
“Are you saying we’re not relaxed?”
“I’m saying you’ve been so uptight since that last rehearsal you almost sawed your cello in half with your bow.”
“I like you better when you don’t talk much.”
“Are you saying the truth hurts?”
Christian glanced at Austin, looked back at Benny, and then kicked off his flip-flops, and pulled off his shirt. “Fuck you both,” he growled. “You guys don’t know shit.” Then his pants came off and he was standing in a pair of teal boxer briefs. “I’ll show you guys what uptight is about.” He yanked off his underpants and dropped them on the floor. “Now, let’s go kick ass.”
Austin pulled the Nudist at Work sign out of his backpack, opened the door and hung the sign on the handle, closed it, took off his underpants the same time Benny took his off, and sat at the keyboard. After some warmups they went to work on the third movement of the K 502 trio. It was their best rehearsal by far.
“I think we know how to rehearse next time,” Austin said after they dressed. “At least we won’t have to waste time talking about it.”
“No argument from me,” Christian conceded. “Now let’s see what we can do when we’re dressed since Howard will be here.” Christian was referring to Darrell Howard, the head string teacher at the camp, who would be sitting in on their second hour of work.
“Well, this will be good practice for us, too. We’re going to have to be dressed when we perform,” Austin said as he took down the sign.
“Says who?” Christian laughed as they started a short break between sessions.
After the Expanding Your Horizons workshop ended at eleven, William went to Practice Room 12 to do some guitar work for his upcoming recital. Room 12 didn’t have a piano, which suited William just fine—he didn’t want to be distracted by the siren call of the keyboard. He thought about what Austin did when he practiced, which was strip naked. What the fuck? he thought, if it works for the little geek it works for me.
After he was down to his boxers, he realized he didn’t have a warning sign like Austin had. There was blank paper for writing thoughts and notes on the small table in the room as well as a pen. He printed “Nudist at work” and shut the door on it, sticking it against the frame. He figured if it fell it wouldn’t really matter. If somebody walked in and saw him naked, well they weren’t supposed to come in anyway.
William enjoyed his hour of practice. Austin was right: practicing in the nude was very relaxing. Sure, he practiced in the nude in his dorm room, but doing it in a practice room in the music building had a special feel about it.
Before he knew it, it was time for lunch. After lunch he planned go to the pool for an hour and then work with Cindy on their Schubert piano four-hands under the eye of Ms Zimmer. Being naked for an hour had been great, but even with no Ms Zimmer his work with Cindy would have been fully clothed. Then he remembered Cindy teasing him by pulling down her shorts and added the word “maybe” to his thought.
When William entered the recording room, Cindy was already sitting at her piano. She flashed him a sweet smile and William replied with a quick wave. He sat on his bench and made some adjustments. Having an adjustable bench was one of the things William liked about the recording room. Ms Zimmer arrived just as William completed his adjustments.
The presence of Ms Z insured that the practice session would operate on a businesslike basis, which was fine with William. Cindy was a good pianist, but William and Cindy hadn’t really clicked as duet partners; too many personal issues were getting in their way. The teacher placed an emphasis on teamwork and gave them suggestions on how to better coordinate their performance. When the session was over, William and Cindy both felt good about what they had accomplished.
Their practice session ended with a bit of a surprise for William, however. After their practice session ended Cindy produced what William saw as another tease.
“My roommate won’t be in my room for the next hour,” Cindy told William with a suggestive grin. “Do you want to make out for a while?”
“I guess.”
Cindy placed her hands on her hips. “What do you mean, ‘I guess’? Do you or don’t you?” she asked sharply.
“Are we going to take any clothes off?”
“Depends on what?”
“Whatever it takes to see what’s worth seeing.”
“I guess we can see what that is,” Cindy said. William thought this looked like this was going to be more than a tease.
When they got to Cindy’s room, Cindy sat on her unmade bed and patted the spot next to her, where William parked himself. He looked around the messy room thinking it was supposed to be boys who were messy, not girls. Since Austin was a neat freak, their room always looked neat and clean.
William started to lift off his shirt. Cindy placed her hand on his arm and stopped him. “What are you doing?” she barked. “We’re supposed to be kissing, not stripping.”
“We don’t have much time, and kissing is a bigger turn on when you at least have your tops off,” William explained.
“Says who?”
“Says everybody. Besides, you said we could take things off so we would make out better.” William started to lift up the hem of the shirt, but Cindy stopped him again.
“What if Elaina comes back earlier than she said?”
“Then she’ll see my awesome naked chest and your good-looking boobs. No big deal, they are both worth looking at.” He finally got his shirt off and unbuckled his pants. Before Cindy could say anything, he told her he wasn’t going to take them off, he was just loosening them up to be comfortable.
“I think you better go.”
“I’ve seen you with your pants down and didn’t freak out. What’s the difference?”
“I don’t want to do this, is the difference.”
William grabbed his shirt. He sensed that if he didn’t get his ass out of the room quickly it could mean trouble. He couldn’t wait until the recital in three days so he could get the bitch out of his life. He wondered why he couldn’t just find a fun-loving girl at camp to do some heavy making out with. He pulled his shirt back on and left the room without a word.
One thing he considered was the fact that there were high school students on the campus. They would be mostly in the high school building for the four days of their minicamp, but they could also be seen going to the music building. Maybe a good-looking piece of pussy would be willing to get more serious than the freaky middle school girls at the lower school camp.
That night he told Austin about Cindy teasing him again, hoping for sympathy from his nerdy roommate. He was not disappointed. Once again, they kissed and humped and came and slept together. Austin might have his nerdy moments, William thought before falling asleep, but he sure wasn’t a nerd in bed anymore. It might be time for the next step.
<Carlos and Titus>
“Do you want to try seeing what it’s like when somebody plays your skin flute?” Carlos asked Titus as they prepared for bed.
“I guess I have to learn some time,” Titus shrugged.
“Totally, but only if you’ll let Austin sleep with me soon.”
“If he wants to, and if I can stay in the room,” Carlos responded.
“That’s up to Austin, but I bet we can set it up so you and William can mess around.”
“Aren’t you little Mister Horndog tonight.”
“And if he agrees, you can watch, but you can’t mess with us.”
“And Mister Tight ass.”
“I’m new at this. I just don’t want to, like, do too much.”
“Well, I’ll tell you this, kiddo. Once you have your skin flute played your life won’t be the same again and you might just beg to have a three-way.”
“Try me,” Titus grinned.
And so little blond Titus, who had just turned eleven, received his first blow job from big, dark haired Carlos, who was far enough into puberty to have a string of thin hairs over his cock. Titus squeaked and squawked and moaned and groaned and had a dry cum that he thought was going to shake his body apart.
“Whoa, that was amazing,” Titus eventually uttered. “You can play my skin flute anytime you want.”
“Well, sex stuff is a two-way street. You receive and you give.”
“But you never said I had to…”
Carlos held up his hand. “That’s because you don’t. Your introductory offer is free. After that, I expect some kind of payment, even if you just jerk me off. Fair enough?”
“I guess,” Titus said with a hint of disappointment. Then he brightened up. “I wonder if I can play Austin.”
“You have to ask him. Now, let’s get ready for bed so I can jerk off. You’re welcome to watch.”
Titus wanted to watch, but even with the bedroom light on and Carlos naked on top of his covers, he fell asleep before Carlos shot his boy seed on his belly.
<Ned and John>
Ned and John talked about doing another roommate trade with William and Austin. John agreed to talk to William if Ned would talk to Austin. Ned said he would be happy to do that since he wanted to sleep with Austin again.
John invited Ned into his bed. “It’s good practice for you if you sleep with Austin again.” Ned said nothing and crawled under the covers with John. He almost purred when John started to rub his butt.
“That feels awesomely good, John,” Ned cooed. When John’s hand moved into his crack, he almost screeched, but didn’t stop him. Instead, he decided to see if John would make his hard cock feel good, too. “You can touch me down there, if you want,” Ned whispered.
“I am touching you down there,” John pointed out.
“No, I mean touch my peter.”
“Oh, you’re learning fast. I like it.”
When Ned had his orgasm after having John’s big hand envelop his little cock, Ned realized he had just taken another big step when it came to sex. He couldn’t wait until he told Austin what had just happened.
At that point he understood he would have more to tell as he felt John rub his boner along his own left ass cheek. After feeling the warm wetness of his roommate’s orgasm, Ned felt that he had had real sex for the first time. Little did he realize that his sexual education was still in the infancy stage.
<Gary and Brian>
Brian said little as he and Gary prepared for bed. When Gary stripped naked before going under his covers, Brian pretended like it never happened.
Gary jerked off, fantasizing about what he would do if he and Austin could sleep together. He had no doubt that the Master Quartet needed to have a meeting.
The quartet, plus Carlos and William, slept soundly. Like every day at camp, Tuesday would be a busy one.
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