Mayfield Titans

Chapter 4-Twelve (Pool Party)


TWELVE (Pool Party)



Aiden wasn’t surprised that his dads’ bed was empty when he awoke. They both had to go to work, which meant getting up early. What surprised him was that their morning activity didn’t wake him up. I must have been super tired, he thought. He checked the clock on his pop’s nightstand. The time told him that his dad would be on the road to Centralia but that his pop would probably still be home.
He got out of bed, took a satisfying morning pee in their toilet, grabbed Horace from the foot of the bed, and walked out to the kitchen. Larry was seated at the table eating toast and oatmeal.
“Good morning, son,” Larry said. “I’m surprised you’re up this early. You looked so peaceful in bed, so your dad and I silently agreed to do all we could not to wake you.”
“Morning, dad. You did pretty good. I just woke up. I’m hungry.” Aiden wandered to the refrigerator, opened the freezer, and pulled out a box of Extra Fluffy Eggos. He dropped two of them into the toaster, poured some orange juice, and set a place for himself at the table. By the time he had finished the toaster popped up his breakfast.
“You look weird in your underpants,” Larry grinned.
“Say what?” Aiden looked down at himself, wondering if he had his briefs on backwards or if his dick or balls had become exposed.
“These days you’re usually naked.”
“Oh, well, I slept with you guys in my undies and figured that if I took them off then I’d have to go get them to take to my room, so I kept them on. And before you ask, I came downstairs with them on because I just never bothered to take them off.”
“Whatever you say son, but you still look weird.”
Aiden sat at the table with his Eggos and stuck his tongue out at his pop while he buttered them. After pouring syrup on his waffles, he stood up, pulled off his briefs, and tossed them at his dad, who snatched them in midair before they hit him in the face, laughing the whole time. “Son, thanks for putting me in a great mood. I think I’m now in the proper condition to survive a boring staff meeting.”
“Well, at least you’re only working for half a day.”
“Good point. What do you have planned today?”
“Shower and shave and dress and ride off to meet everybody at the park.” Larry knew better than to ask for a list of who the term everybody included.
“Shave?  Let me see those whiskers.”
“I mean shave my pubes.”
Larry rose from his seat and ruffled his Aiden’s hair, much to his son’s chagrin. He looked down at Aiden’s barren crotch and shook his head.
“Hey, why do you think I don’t have any hair down there?” Aiden asked.
“Most likely because you still haven’t hit puberty yet.”
“Rats, you discovered my secret.” Aiden looked down at himself and ran his hand across his pubic area. “Not even a hint, is there?”
“I wish my undies had hit you in the face, then you wouldn’t have noticed.” Aiden looked up at his dad. “But I shoot when I orgasm, does that count as puberty?”
“It’s a good start son, it’s a good start.” Larry was pleased that Aiden was so open about discussing his body and its functions. He started for the entryway to the dining room and stopped. “Are you going to be home for lunch?”
“Nope, lunch is at Gordy’s.”
“Is there enough room for extra guests?”
“I knew I threw those undies at you too soon.”
A few minutes later, Larry said good-bye to Aiden and went downstairs to the garage. Aiden cleaned up his breakfast mess, went upstairs, and showered.
He had an hour to kill before leaving for town, so he turned on his TV and switched the channel to the MLB Network. He was just in time to see that the Mariners had lost to the White Sox 6-5 in Chicago. He was disappointed in the score and that Marty didn’t show up in any of the highlights. He logged into his computer and went to Baseball Reference to check the box score. Marty had gone zero-for-three with a walk, another disappointment.
At that point his phone rang; he saw that it was Grant. “Hey, Grant, wazzup?”
“Hi, Aiden. I was just wondering if I was still invited to your birthday party?”
“Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t you be?”
“I dunno, you’re, like, big time and I’m just a dweeb wearing glasses who got drunk when he wasn’t supposed to.”
Aiden wanted to scream at his new friend to get over himself. Instead, he hesitated, took a deep breath, and said, “You’re my friend, Grant. I don’t fuck over my friends. That’s all you have to know.”
“Oh. Well…thanks for letting me be your friend. I was just worried is all.”
“Well, don’t worry, I expect to see you Saturday. Oh, and now that we’re getting to be good friends, I’m having an overnight for some of the guys. How would you like to join us?”
“You’re the only person I’m talking to on the phone.”
“That would be so cool. I’ll have to ask my mom, though. She’s at work, but I’ll tell you as soon as I know. I’ve only done overnights with Alex, and she didn’t like that because of the pot and booze and shit.”
“Well, none of that will happen here. She can ask my dads about that if she wants. And if you get bored today, a bunch of us are meeting at the downtown park to kick a soccer ball around. You can come and join us if you want.”
“Thanks. I’ve gotta go, but I’ll see you.”
“See ya, Grant.”
Grant called Aiden back that evening. He apologized for not making it to the park. He didn’t say it was because he was nervous about kicking a soccer ball with a bunch of jocks. He did say his mom said it was okay for him to spend the night. Aiden was downstairs with his dads watching the Mariners game when he answered his phone. He told them that Grant would be spending Saturday night.
“I hope you don’t expect him to wear the same outfit you’re wearing right now,” Phil laughed. Of course, Aiden was naked.
“You know how it goes. Nobody has to get naked, and if he has a problem with the rest of us, then we’ll at least keep our underpants on. But Grant really needs to get out and do stuff, and if it means not getting naked in the basement, then we don’t get naked. I know my friends won’t have a problem with it.
 “You’re a good man, Aiden. I think Grant is going to be spending the night with the best kids a guy could ask for.”
“Yep. He’s really happy.”
“His mom called me this morning,” Larry told Aiden. “She was more concerned with drugs and alcohol than boys in their underpants or less. I agree with your dad, you know what’s right and you know what to do if necessary.”
“Yep. But Marty is coming to the plate, so it’s time for baseball.”


Aiden yawned, stretched, and sat up on his bed. He looked down at the sleeping boy next to him and felt a stirring in his groin. He wondered how he was so lucky to know someone who was so beautiful inside and out. He lightly stroked his friend’s smooth cheek. Touching him reminded Aiden that he wasn’t lucky to know somebody so perfect, he was lucky to LOVE somebody so perfect.
Sliding back under the covers, Aiden stroked his lover’s warm, smooth, chest. It was the chest of an athlete, a major part of the beautiful body of an athlete. He thought about their night together. He thought of Nolan inside of him, making love not once, but twice, causing him to have two no-touch cums, shooting his boy jism on his blue striped sheets. He thought of him ramming his own cock into Nolan’s ass for the last of his four orgasms since dinner.
The first of the four happened as Aiden and Nolan kissed and made out in the pool, rubbing their cocks until they came in the pool water, all the while hoping Larry and Phil weren’t looking out at the pool too closely. Phil had looked out at the pool and when he saw the two boys kissing passionately, he had two reactions. The first, from his little head, had him rock hard within seconds. The second, from his big head, told him to back away, close the shades, and let the boys enjoy their moment. He listened to head number two and told Larry that it would be a good idea if he didn’t dwell on what was happening in the swimming pool.
Larry had a good idea of what Phil meant and took a quick glimpse. When he saw Nolan almost eating Aiden’s neck he wanted to walk out on the deck and scream at them to stop before Aiden ended up with a hickey. As with Phil, common sense prevailed, and he turned away.
“Damn, they’re going at it like a couple of eighteen-year-olds,” Larry marveled. “For a couple of preteens, they seem to know their stuff.”
“Hell, compared to a couple of adults they know their stuff,” Phil responded. “But sometimes instinct takes over. Speaking of adults and instincts, watching those two naked boys making out so passionately has me, well, pretty turned on. Shall we retire to the boudoir?”
“Sure. What’s good for the boys is good for the men.” Larry nibbled on Phil’s neck, and the two men retired to their bedroom, messing up the bedding with their passion while the two boys outside stirred up the water with a wildness they had never felt together before.
Even with the passion in their bedroom, Phil and Larry could hear Aiden’s squeal of pleasure as he unloaded into the pool water. They understood that as parents their duty was to discourage preteen sex, but they KNEW as parents that their role was to help their son enjoy as much happiness as possible as he grew up. Their role trumped their duty and they went back to work on their own happiness.
Aiden grinned at his recollection of the previous day and previous night. It was without question the best and wildest night of sex they had ever enjoyed, the pattern of boner-cum, boner-cum, boner-cum, boner-cum lasting almost five hours. If this was what being in love was about, Aiden wanted more of it.
Nolan woke up to Aiden’s gentle petting. “Good morning, sweetie,” Nolan whispered.
Aiden was pleasantly surprised by what he heard. “You never called me sweetie before.”
“I thought it sounded almost as good as, ‘fuck, shit, I love you Nolan, I fucking love you, ohhh fucking shit’,” Nolan giggled. “How does somebody as cute and sweet looking as you come up with such dirty language?”
Aiden kissed his boyfriend. “It’s your fault. You made me do it, you sex fiend. Gawd, I hope dad or pop didn’t hear…they’ll freak out if they know what we’re doing.”
“You weren’t too worried about doing it outside in the pool.”
“We were just making out, even if we did end up humping each other. I bet they even saw us doing it. It’s what we did in my bed that would freak them out. Fuck, I better change my sheets—I can feel the crust on these.”
“Do it later, sweetie.” The two boys kissed gently and held each other until they drifted back to sleep.
They woke up an hour later to the smell of bacon cooking. “Smells like it’s time to get up,” Nolan said.
“Yep. Smells like breakfast is about ready. Let’s go down now, we can shower later.”
Nolan agreed and the two lovers went to the bathroom. They stood next to each other and peed into the toilet, having a swordfight with their streams. They then trundled downstairs in all their naked glory.
“Good morning to the naked wood imps,” Phil said as the boys walked into the kitchen.
“Good morning,” the boys said together.
“Being called a naked wood imp is okay for now,” Aiden said magnanimously. “But since I’ll be twelve in two days, no more naked wood elf.”
“So, you admit to being an imp, do you?” Larry asked as he flipped the pancakes on the griddle.
“Yep. An imp is a rascal and that’s me,” Aiden grinned.
“What about you, Nolan?”
“I’m with Aiden. An imp is also a scamp, so that’s me,” Nolan replied.
“Interesting,” Phil said slowly. “We have Aiden the Rascal and Nolan the Scamp, better known as the Imps of Mischief.”
“And don’t you forget it,” Aiden said with a playful stomp of his right foot.
“I think I can keep that all in mind if you two urchins set the table for breakfast.”
During breakfast, Aiden couldn’t help wondering how much his dads suspected about what he and Nolan had done the night before. It wasn’t the first time that thought had crossed his mind, but he always shook it off. Yesterday had been different since he and Nolan had never messed around outdoors in plain view of his dads. Even though his dad said nothing about seeing them kissing and hugging and humping each other in the pool, Aiden knew that didn’t mean they hadn’t seen anything. It also didn’t preclude Larry and Phil from having a private chat with Aiden later about being discreet; which was a talking to they had given more than once.
The topic of conversation during breakfast was the upcoming birthday party that afternoon, followed by a big overnight. While Aiden wouldn’t turn twelve until Monday, today was the day of his big party. It wasn’t going to be a naturist party; that had been earlier in the week. But it was going to be a swimming and games party, with a barbecue, followed by cake and ice cream. He’d be blowing out his twelve birthday candles early. As far as he was concerned it just meant he would be twelve for two extra days.
“I figure there will be twenty-five at the most at the party,” Aiden said.
“Even more if you decide not to dress,” Nolan giggled.
Aiden stuck his tongue out at Nolan and went on. “And eleven said they will be spending the night, so figure on twelve.”
“Well, the weather is good, the pool is warm, the hot tub will be hot, the game room has games, and the boat is fueled up, so there is lots of room for afternoon fun,” Larry said.
“Plus, the basement is big enough for more, especially if you share sleeping bags,” Phil pointed out.
“Daaaad.” Aiden dragged the title out to show his mild displeasure. Maybe dad actually did see what me and Nolan were doing in the pool, Aiden thought. Then he remembered his dad’s sense of humor could be a little kinky at times.
After breakfast, Aiden and Nolan did the cleanup and then headed upstairs holding hands. Larry walked into the foyer when the boys were half-way up the stairway. When he saw the hand holding, he smiled.
After showering, Aiden and Nolan dressed in t-shirts and shorts and came downstairs to help set things up for the party. Other than a colorful “Happy Birthday Aiden” sign in the party room, there were no decorations. It was as if a sign was needed to remind everybody what the party was about. But, the paper plates, flatware, plastic cups, snacks, and drinks all had to be laid out.
Gordy was the first guest to show, which was no surprise since Gordy was almost always the first guest to show. Aiden and Nolan were helping Larry get things set up for the barbecue.
“How come you’re doing so much work when this is your birthday party?” Gordy asked Aiden. “You guys should be out riding your bikes or something.”
“We’re doing it because that’s the way my family is—we’re always doing stuff for each other no matter if it’s a birthday or just a regular old day kind of day,” Aiden responded.
“Yeah, that’s the way mine is, too,” Gordy admitted.
Mason and Miles showed up next. “Is the work almost done?” Mason asked as he watched Aiden, Nolan, and Gordy scurrying around.
“We’re getting there,” Nolan said.
“Rats, I guess that means we’re early.”
“We have enough finished that you boys can put your swimsuits on and hit the pool now if you want,” Phil told them. With shouts of glee, Aiden and Nolan scampered up the stairs, accompanied by Mason who was hoping to get a glimpse of Nolan’s cock. Aiden started up his model train set, which delighted both Mason and Nolan. But Mason wanted more than to just watch a train circling the room.
Nolan knew exactly what Mason wanted to see and kept his back to him as he undressed. When Nolan pulled off his underpants, Mason tried to scurry around him to get a quick looky-loo.
“Mason, you saw my cock all day at the skinny dip,” Nolan said as he pulled on his swimming trunks.
“That was a couple of days ago and I forgot what it looks like,” Mason responded.
“I bet you still remember what it tastes like, though.”
“It was delicious, and the special cream was oh, so good.”
Miles wasn’t rushing to cover his naked body. “I thought your cousins were going to stay the night last night,” he inquired.
“I still can’t believe Eddie is living with him, he was such a butthead,” Mason added.
“He was worse than that,” Aiden said. “He was a total asswaffle.”
“I know, but I kinda liked him at the skinny dip,” Mason said.
“Are you going to put your swimming trunks on?” Aiden asked Mason and Miles.
“I guess so, but I’d sure like to swim naked,” Mason grinned.
“That was what the naturist party was about.”
“I might do it anyway.”
“Well, be careful. My dad told me he’d cut off your balls if he saw you naked in the pool.”
“For real?” Mason asked shakily.
“I wouldn’t push it, Mason, I wouldn’t push it.”
When everybody was in their trunks, the guests gathered up their clothes to take down to the basement. Within minutes, Gordy, Nolan, Aiden, Miles, and Mason were in the pool.
The night before, Larry had reprogrammed the doorbell to play “Happy Birthday”. When Aiden heard the song play, he jumped out of the pool, wrapped a towel around his wet trunks, and dashed upstairs to answer the door. He was pleased to see Grant standing there with a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon. Aiden gave Grant a surprise hug. “I’m really happy you could come,” Aiden grinned.
Grant not only couldn’t believe that he was attending a party at Aiden Miller’s house, but that one of the most popular boys in the sixth grade had just given him a hug. Not only that, Aiden didn’t have a shirt on when he hugged him.
“Hi, Aiden. I got my swimming stuff in my backpack, and my PJ’s too.”
“Great. You can change into your trunks in the basement. I’ll show you where.”
Before Aiden could take Grant anywhere, he saw his father Keegan’s Ram pickup pull into the driveway. Drake exited from the passenger door while Sammy, David, and Peter Astor sprang out of the back doors of the crew cab.
“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Aiden told Grant. Aiden went down to the driveway and greeted his father and the four teens. Aiden got hugs from Sammy and Drake. The teens were already wearing their swim trunks; Sammy and David would be standing guard duty at the pool while Drake would be ogling the boys. Peter was amazed to get an invitation to Aiden’s party. It seemed like just a few hours ago they were all but mortal enemies. It’s amazing what happens when you get sober, Peter thought.
“I thought you were coming with Jackson,” Aiden said to Peter. Peter and Jackson Hallion had become close friends during the last part of summer. The friendship started seriously when both of them were elected as officers in the Mayfield Baseball Club in June: Jackson was the vice-president and Peter surprised everyone, including himself, by being elected secretary.
“He’s coming with his brother,” Peter said, referring to Jackson’s younger brother Trent. “I didn’t see you at the meeting this morning.” Peter was referring to youth AA meeting, known as the Fourth Dimension Meeting. It met at ten every Saturday morning.
“I told Sammy I wouldn’t be there, that I had lots of stuff to get done for the party,” Aiden responded.
“I know, I just wanted you to know you were missed.”
“Dad brought you a great present,” Drake told Aiden, referring to Keegan. “You gotta open it right away.”
“I haven’t even opened my dads’ presents yet,” Aiden replied.
“Just do it. Everybody will love you.”
“I thought they all loved me anyway.”
Drake gave Aiden a friendly punch on his arm. “Don’t be a smart ass.”
Keegan waited patiently while the boys exchanged their greetings. The teens then headed up the stairs to the house, yelling that they knew where to go and what to do. After they disappeared through the front door, Aiden gave Keegan a quick hug. “Hi, daddy.”
“Good to see you, son.”
“Drake said you brought a present and I should open it.”
“Drake talks too much,” Keegan chuckled. “But, I agree, I think it would be great to open it soon, but I want to see your dads first.”
“Works for me. I have to take care of my new friend Grant who’s waiting to change.”
They went up the stairs and into the house where Grant was waiting. “Sorry, Grant,” Aiden told him. He turned to Keegan. “This is my bio father, Keegan. Daddy, this is Grant, who is my new friend.” Grant surprised and pleased Aiden by holding out his hand, which Keegan took in a vigorous handshake.
“Nice to meet you Mr.…um…Miller.” Because Grant didn’t know the origin of Aiden’s last name, he wasn’t sure if Miller was Keegan’s last name.
“It’s good to meet a new friend of Aiden,” Keegan grinned. “I have met only two Grants in my life, and both have been in the past couple of months. The first was the father of a friend of Aiden’s, and the second would be Aiden’s polite new friend.” Grant grinned on hearing the praise.
“I’m going to take Grant down to the basement and show him where to change into his trunks,” Aiden told Keegan.
“I’ll follow you,” Keegan said, “at least part way. What I have will need to be unwrapped in your games room. I assume that isn’t where Grant will be changing.”
“Nope. He can change in the backroom or in the stall in the bathroom.”
Phil came into the foyer and grinned when he saw Keegan. The brothers traded hugs and Phil took over taking care of Keegan, leaving Aiden to take care of Grant.
“You have a nice house,” Grant said as he and Aiden entered the backroom. “It’s really big.”
“Wait until you see the game room. That’s the fun place down here…well, at least until tonight since this is where we’re going to sleep. And I know you don’t have a sleeping bag, but like I told you, we have plenty of bedding and just about everybody will be sleeping on the floor.” Aiden hoped that by nighttime, Grant will have received an invitation by a partier to share a sleeping bag, but he was going to let that play out on its own.
“I’m going to change now,” Grant announced, which Aiden interpreted as, “I would like to have some privacy now.”
“That’s cool. You can see that everybody is leaving their clothes around the big table across the room.”
“Thanks, Aiden. I can’t believe how nice you are to me.”
Aiden understood he would have to be patient with Grant. He had learned by listening at the Fourth Dimension meetings how little self-confidence Grant had. Before Aiden could turn to leave, Grant pulled off his t-shirt. Aiden liked what he saw of Grant’s torso. As he walked out the door, he hoped one day he would be able to see more.
Phil and Keegan were coming out of the games room at the same time Aiden was exiting the backroom. “You’re going to like what you’re getting,” Phil told his son. “Keegan and I are going to get it all set up. We’ll tell you when it’s ready and you bring can your friends in to see.”
Aiden nodded and started up the stairs when he again heard the doorbell play “Happy Birthday”. He barely beat Larry to the door where he was met by the twins and their mother. Leslie Hazen had volunteered to be the party mother for Aiden’s birthday and would be staying to help Larry and Phil deal with the horde of boys.
Like the teens, the twins were already dressed in their trunks. They were carrying their sleeping bags with them, although they were certain they wouldn’t need more than one. Carrying two was more for show than for utilitarian reasons.
“Where’s Brenda?” Aiden asked. He was relieved he didn’t see their ten-year-old sister, who was, to put it mildly, a pest.
“She’s going to the Fair with friends, and then they’re having a pajama party tonight,” Lenny replied. He was referring to the Lewis County Fair in Centralia. Aiden would be going with his dads as well as Nolan and his family the next weekend.
“That’s girls for you,” Lance said. “Girls have pajama parties and us boys have naked overnights.”
“I bet Brenda and her friends won’t have their pajamas on all night,” Aiden laughed. The twins grunted in agreement.
Just after the twins took off for the pool, Aiden’s cousins and foster cousins arrived, as well as Darnell. Darnell, Chase, Logan, Eddie, and Curt were out of the SUV almost before Aiden’s Uncle Troy and Aunt Sue could open their doors. Hugs were exchanged all around—even Aiden and Eddie exchanged hugs. Another formal mortal enemy who I invited to my party, Aiden thought.
Keith, Blake, Collin, and Muddy arrived within the next few minutes. The three girls invited were next: Kalie, Gretchen, and Brittany.  Right behind them were Skip Emory and Gage Polk. Rusty, Brody, Trent, and Jackson were the last to arrive, driven by Trent and Jackson’s mother.
It was then that Keegan’s present was revealed. Attached to the game room wall were not one but two dartboards. Aiden squealed in delight when he saw them. He had wanted a dartboard for a long time and was more than happy to get two considering how big his parties often were.
“Thanks, daddy. I wanted one of those so bad, and you got me two,” Aiden gushed.
Looking at all the kids squeezed into the room, Keegan said, “I think you could have used three. But thank your dad, too. He told me to get one and said him and your pop were getting one, and it should make you double happy.”
Larry and Phil received hugs as well. “Thanks, everybody. Now we’re going to need a dart tournament party.” That brought a round of cheers from his friends.
“You could make Sammy’s ass a target. It would be something that’s pretty hard to miss,” Drake chortled.
“I know you’ve found the target just fine,” Sammy retorted, netting him a quick glare from Larry.
With the presentation finished, most of the group dispersed to the pool. Some, including Aiden, stayed behind to try out the new dart boards. Gordy, Mason, Trent, Peter, and Jackson were the first to go out in the boat to waterski.
The next couple of hours consisted of kids having fun on the basketball court, in the pool, in the hot tub, on the lawn playing croquet, in the basement throwing darts, and waterskiing on the lake.
Other than the obligatory gropes there were only a couple of sexual interactions. One involved Keith and Lenny in the hot tub. Since the hot tub wasn’t visible from the deck, Keith got bold and led Lenny to a bench seat in the spa. The two had already exchanged a few gropes in the pool. Lenny knew that Keith wanted to do more. Since Keith didn’t get permission from his parents to spend the night, he wanted to get more from Lenny than just a grope through his trunks.
“Pull down your shorts,” Keith pleaded.
“You mean take them off?” Lenny asked.
“No, just pull them down, like to your knees or something so you can pull them up fast if an adult comes down the stairs.”
“Yeah, like my mom at home.”
“Does that bother you?”
“Me and Lance get daring all the time.” Lenny quickly yanked up his swimming trunks. “See? I can be fast and who’s going to wonder about a splash? Guys are splashing all over the pool.” He then pulled them back down to his knees.
“Are you going to let me jerk you off?”
“Go for it. I can’t make a mess in the water yet, but pretty soon, watch out.”
Keith started on Lenny’s hard little cock, his hand agitating the water. Anybody looking into the hot tub would have had no doubt about what Keith was doing.
Skip walked out of the basement just as Keith started taking care of Lenny. He had gone in with Gage to take a pee. He turned to Gage, who was coming out behind him, and pointed to the hot tub. The two young boys grinned and slid into the spa across from the two older boys.
“Hey, little boys, this isn’t for you,” Keith said good-naturedly.
Skip took Keith seriously. “I’m ten and I’m going into fifth grade and that means I’m old enough to watch. I know Lenny was doing stuff when he was ten. Gage is only nine, but he’s my friend and he messes around with me, so we’re going to watch.”
“I was just kidding you,” Keith responded. “Skip can do Gage while I finish off Lenny if he wants.”
Gage felt it was okay for Lenny to get jerked off with almost everybody able to get a look, but there was no way he was getting jerked off in front of a bunch of older kids, and especially not with girls in the pool area. Gage’s mother wouldn’t give him permission to spend the night at Aiden’s. As a result, Skip made the decision to not stay overnight either—his friendship with Gage was more important than any messing around he might end up doing with the older boys. While it would make him as grown up as all the middle school boys, Gage would feel bad because he couldn’t be part of it.
As these thoughts went through his head his little cock also got hard. He could see the tip of Lenny’s cock stick out of the water a few times. Skip was surprised by how quickly Lenny had an orgasm. All of them were surprised when Kalie yelled out, “Way to go you guys.” That led to the faces of three boys flushing with embarrassment; Keith thought it was awesome that a girl had watched what he had been doing.
The other sexual interaction involved the three girls, Kalie, Gretchen, and Brittany. They managed to sneak into the basement after arranging a meet with Gordy, Trent, and Miles. A couple of minutes after the girls went into the backroom and took off their swimsuit tops, the boys joined them.
“You don’t have your tops on,” Miles stated.
Kalie looked down at herself and said, “Whoa, I really don’t have it on. I wonder what happened to it.”
Gretchen looked at herself. “Mine is gone, too.” She pointed to Brittany. “And look, Brittany’s is gone, too.”
“We came back in here and somebody stole our swimsuit bras right off our chests,” Kalie said as she started for the door to the room. “Maybe I should go out and tell Aiden there’s a thief in his house.”
“Okay, okay, so what I said was dumb,” Miles admitted. “It’s just I was surprised and everything.”
“Do you want us to take our bottoms off?” Kalie asked.
“Aiden said we shouldn’t do sex stuff because we can do it in the overnight,” Trent told her. Gordy was standing a few feet away wondering if he should leave the room before he got into trouble.
“Well, that works for you boys, but Gretchen, Brittany, and me can’t spend the night because we’re girls,” Kalie said. “So, we should be able to mess around. And besides, that rule didn’t stop Lenny and his friend from jerking off in the hot tub…at least, I’m pretty sure it was Lenny.”
“And I bet if we invited Aiden to come in, he would get naked, like right away,” Gretchen said. “Have any of you fucked a girl yet?” All three boys shook their heads. “Kalie’s told me she wants Gordy to do her really bad.”
“And I want Miles to do me,” Brittany told them.
“So that means Trent does me,” Gretchen grinned.
“You mean you three girls want to fuck here, right now, on the floor?” Gordy asked.
“That sounds like fun,” Gretchen said.
“But we’re all virgins.”
“I’m not. I’ve been fucked by guys lots of times,” Gretchen grinned.  
“You mean you’ve fucked more guys that Ian?” Brittany asked, referring to Gretchen’s brother.
“Four other boys,” the twelve-year-old said like it was routine for a girl her age to have sex. “Three were my friends from school and one was Cody, who is Ian’s friend. He’s fourteen like Ian only his dick is bigger. Ian and him did me back-to-back two different times this summer.”
Trent sat on the couch next to Gretchen, ogling her bare breasts. Then he started feeling her small, developing boobs. Gretchen flashed him an encouraging smile. “You can kiss my boobs if you want,” she cooed as she pulled off her bottoms.
Trent followed her lead and pulled off his swimming trunks, revealing his five-and-half inches of teen boner. “Well, I’ve done it with a couple of boys, but never with a girl. I’m thirteen and maybe it’s time I did it,” he mused. He leaned in and started kissing and sucking on Gretchen’s right breast and kneading her left one.
“I want to be your first one,” Gretchen whispered as she wrapped her hand around Trent’s erection.
Miles was so excited he pulled his swim shorts down to his knees and started whacking his preteen pud as he watched the action between Trent and Gretchen.
“This is dumb,” Gordy groused. “I’m going back out to the party. It’s almost time to eat, anyway.”
Before anybody else reacted, the door opened a crack causing all six children to jump. “It’s me, Aiden, so don’t worry.”
Aiden entered the room. “Well, half of you are naked, so I guess you were planning something. But you’re just gonna have to stay horny for a while because the food is being put out. It’s time to eat.” Aiden wasn’t surprised to see that Gordy wasn’t naked yet, but he was surprised that Miles wasn’t either, although he was as close as a person could get without having every stitch of clothing off. In that group he would have figured Miles would get totally naked, Trent might or might not, and Gordy wouldn’t because he would be worried about breaking the party rules. 
“I wish we didn’t have to eat yet. Like, this sex stuff would have been so fun,” Kalie said. “Miles wanted to take my cherry, but I would have had to say no, because Gordy gets me first, unless Aiden beats him to it.” Her comment set Gordy, who was already nervous, to experience a full body blush.
“I bet she would have let you do her, Aiden,” Gretchen said. “She wants you almost as bad as she wants Gordy. But I guess Gordy isn’t interested in doing it with anybody.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to,” Gordy protested, “I just don’t want to do it here where it’s just messing around and nothing else. And Kalie knows I want to wait until we’re older. But Aiden is my best friend and Kalie is my girlfriend, and if they did it together, it wouldn’t make me mad.”
“No matter who wants to do who, it’s time to eat, so I guess the three naked ones need to get dressed,” Aiden shrugged as he left the room. Nobody had missed the fact that Aiden’s swimsuit was tented by his hard-on.
“I would have done it,” Trent told everyone as he pulled his trunks back on. Deep down, however, he wasn’t sure what he would have done. Everyone’s thoughts changed from sex to food and the six horny young adolescents left the room to eat.
Nolan, Mason, Drake, Chase, and Eddie were in the games room playing darts. Aiden walked in and told them it was time to eat.
“Were they doing IT in there?” Chase asked. Eddie stood behind Chase and listened in with intense interest. Aiden was amazed by how well-behaved Eddie had been during the party. It was like an entirely different Eddie than the mortal enemy he had known had shown up.
“No, but Trent, Kalie, and Gretchen were naked,” Aiden replied, “and Miles had his shorts pulled down.”
“I’m surprised they weren’t all naked,” Mason said. “Well, maybe except for Gordy,” he giggled. “Gordy’s getting more like a nerd all the time. I thought puberty made you hornier.”
“Cut Gordy some slack,” Aiden told him. “Gordy will get things figured out when he’s ready.”
“Whatever, he still likes getting his cock sucked. Now, let’s go eat.”
While the girls had been doing their tease with the boys, Drake was seriously flirting with Chase. Nothing came of it, however, except two teen erections.  
The rest of the party was all about dinner, cake and ice cream, singing “Happy Birthday”, opening cards, and having PG rated (language) fun.
By eight o’clock, those who were not staying for the overnight had left, leaving the dozen overnighters as the only ones remaining, outside of Larry and the adult Miller brothers.
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