Mayfield Titans

Chapter 5-Twelve (Overnight Party)

TWELVE (Overnight Party)


By eight o’clock everyone who wasn’t spending the night had left Aiden’s party. Those who didn’t stay either couldn’t get parental okay for a variety of reasons, didn’t want to stay, or couldn’t stay, mainly because of their gender.
During the pool party, Aiden made one last try to get Larry and Phil to agree to let Kalie, Gretchen, and Brittany spend the night. “I promise nobody will get naked and that the girls will sleep in the big bed in the guest room.”
“Right,” Larry stated doubtfully. “It will be just a matter of time until somebody either sneaks up the stairs or down the stairs or they meet halfway. I wouldn’t be surprised if some groping hasn’t already occurred between those somebodies and the girls down in the pool area.”
“Pop, you guys have all been watching us close. I bet there’s been nothing more than a quick feel, and everybody does stuff like that to everybody. I know Kalie’s mom doesn’t mind. If the girls stay, we’ll play in the games room and then…”
“Aiden! The answer is no. Nada. Nix. A girls’ overnight won’t happen here. Now, go down to the pool and let everybody know that it’s time to get ready to eat.” Larry was pleased to see Aiden switch from sulk mode to big grin mode. There’s nothing like birthday party food to brighten the outlook of a boy, he thought.
That was when Aiden walked into the back room and found Kalie naked, Brittany topless, Trent and Gretchen making out naked on the couch, and Miles with his swim shorts pulled down to his knees busily jerking off. Maybe Pop was right, Aiden reluctantly conceded when he saw how sexually charged the room was.
With Larry and Phil’s okay, the dress code was now clothing optional. With only the overnighters remaining, Aiden announced that it was okay to strip. “You can strip down by yourself, keep your swimsuit on, or do the group striptease in the games room.”
“The games room?” Phil asked.
“Yeah, so we can play games,” Aiden replied. Phil gave him a knowing grin and Aiden realized he’d taken the bait. “Dad, not THOSE kinds of games! You know, game room games.”
“Whatever you say son,” Phil chuckled. “I’m going to find some soda and leave you guys to your fun. Enjoy your…um… games.”
“He makes me so mad sometimes,” Aiden groused to Nolan.
“Parents have weird senses of humor,” Nolan responded. “Except my mother, who doesn’t have any kind of sense of humor.” Nolan knew that at least half of Aiden’s irritation stemmed from knowing that he’d let himself be taken.
“I’ve seen her laugh a few times.”
“Yeah, and I don’t have a clue what she’s laughing at. Maybe that’s when she has an ultra-weird sense of humor. Oh, well, at least dad usually knows what’s funny and what isn’t.”
“If he’d just quit with the unfunny puns.”
“Hey,” Nolan protested. “I like most of his puns.” He shook his head. “Okay, some of his puns…oh, never mind, let’s walk down the pool.”
Aiden and Nolan weren’t surprised that Mason was already naked. Mason was on the pool deck waiting for them. He bent over and wiggled his smooth, shiny ass at them.
“Anybody want to lick it?” he asked. “It’s nice and clean.”
“Maybe later,” Miles said. “I want to do the striptease right now.”
“Let’s do the striptease out here in the pool area,” Chase suggested. The late summer evening was still warm, and nobody objected.
So far nobody had said anything about not wanting to strip, including Grant. Grant had told Aiden his own sexual history during the afternoon. “I know I hinted at me and Alex doing stuff, but I want you to know what. I haven’t told anybody this, not even my sponsor.” Grant’s AA sponsor was Peter Astor. “But me and Alex would jerk off together and hump and kiss and a couple of times even suck each other. I don’t remember it all cuz I kept having those blackouts which would piss me off the next day. We never did anything when we were sober except jerk off together a couple of times.” Aiden was surprised that the sweet looking blond was experienced at sex, while at the same time he wasn’t surprised. “We were really bad, weren’t we?” Grant added.
“You didn’t do anything I haven’t done, except I was sober when I did it, so you have catching up to do,” Aiden said. “Don’t tell me anything you haven’t told Peter yet—unless you have to say it right away or you might drink.”
“Why not? I trust you.”
“If he’s going to be your sponsor, I think you should talk to him first. There’s nothing that says you can’t, I just think you should open up to him first, just like I do with Sammy.  Have you done your Fifth Step with him?” The purpose of the Fifth Step was confessing to someone the things you did wrong. 
“No, I’m scared to.”
“Well, I’m about to do mine with Sammy. Maybe it’s time for you to get going with Peter.”
“I know, because maybe then I wouldn’t want to go getting drunk again.”
Aiden nodded and their conversation ended when Mason came up and asked Grant if he wanted to sit in the hot tub with him. Grant said he did and the two boys walked under the deck to the hot tub. Aiden had warned Mason about being careful around Grant, but now he wished he had kept his nose out of their business. He was certain Mason would get some groping in. He would learn later, much to his surprise, that all they did was soak and talk.
And now it was time for the big mini-striptease. It was mini because everyone except Mason was just their swimsuit away from being naked. The boys talked and argued and finally came upon a method to strip one at a time. They would go one-on-one against each other in reverse alphabetical order. Using the finger match method, one of them would end up taking off his swimsuit and the other would take on the next boy until only one boy was left standing, and he would join the naked crowd.
“When Mason’s turn comes up, I think he should put his swimsuit on if he loses,” Nolan suggested.
“I like it. And then he has to go to the end of the line and take the last turn to get naked again,” Miles said.
“That’s not fair,” Mason whined.
“You’re right, it’s not, but that’s the way it is,” Aiden told him.
“Mason, you’re going to be dressed for just like two minutes or so, so man up and have fun.”
“You’re mean, Aiden.”
“I know, but it’s my party, so there.”
“Fine, but I still plan on rimming you tonight, so there to you, too.”
Aiden stuck his hands into the back of his swimming suit and rubbed his ass cheeks. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”
The first two boys to match up were Trent and Scott Keller.
“Trent matches Scott,” Chase said. Trent and Scott each placed a hand behind his back. The winner would strip and jump into the pool and the loser would take on the next challenger. The original idea was to shoot darts to determine the strippers, but everyone agreed staying outside in the warm evening air would be more fun.
Chase counted to three and they brought their hands forward with either one or two fingers showing. Trent came out with two fingers showing and Scott with one, which meant Trent had failed to match Scott, making Scott the winner. Scott pulled off his swim trunks and jumped into the pool.
“One boner,” Chase announced in case somebody missed it.
“Virgin,” Scott called out when he surfaced. It was agreed that each boy could call out his status if he wanted once he stripped. Aiden told everyone that they shouldn’t feel forced to say anything. Except for Grant and Curt, everyone knew each other well enough not to feel shy or embarrassed about their status since by now it wasn’t a secret anyway.
Nolan was the next challenger. “Nolan matches Trent,” Chase said, which Nolan did. He stripped and jumped into the pool. “Not a boy virgin top or bottom,” he called out when he surfaced.
Trent then beat Miles and finally got to strip. He, too, was boned up. “Just like Nolan, not a boy virgin.”
Mason beat Miles, which meant Mason got to stay stripped. “Not a virgin,” he yelled as he jumped in. That caught the attention of the adults in the house. Since the adults were the three Miller brothers plus Larry, nobody was surprised by the confession. Phil and Larry were also not surprised by the fact it was Mason who shouted it out. Aiden and his friends had given away enough information about Mason that they knew about most of Mason’s life as a horn dog.
Logan then beat Miles. Knowing his father was upstairs in the house, all he said when he surfaced was, “Not!”. The boner call ended after Trent since it looked like everyone was boned up.
Lenny was the next to beat Miles and confessed to not being a virgin. Damn, am I the only virgin in this group? Scott wondered. I need to get my ass in gear, he thought with a light giggle.
Miles finally got to strip when he matched Lance. He was another “not”.
Grant was the next winner, beating Lance. He pulled off his swimsuit and jumped into the water in almost one motion, embarrassed about everyone seeing his boner, even though every naked boy had been sporting one. After surfacing from his jump, he swam over to Scott and placed his arm around him. “I’m just like Scott,” he grinned. Grant had never felt so comfortable with a group of boys as he was feeling at Aiden’s party, even if he had been a bit shy about his erection.
Next was Gordy, who beat Lance and then stripped and jumped. “I am a virgin in every way,” he proudly announced when he surfaced. He joined Grant and Scott, who were no longer feeling out of place.
Lance then beat Eddie. “I’m exactly like my twin brother,” he giggled when he surfaced.
Darnell beat Eddie. Eddie, Chase, and Aiden were the only boys who were certain about Darnell’s status. When he surfaced, he was aware that he had everyone’s attention. “This boy is not a virgin. Except for girls, of course,” he grinned.
Eddie and Curt then matched up, with Eddie winning. “Not,” Eddie yelled before completing his cannonball off the diving board.
Curt beat Chase and announced he was not a virgin. It was now down to the last two: Chase and Aiden. They had agreed beforehand if they were the last two, they would strip simultaneously and announce their lack of virginity, which is exactly what they did.
At that point the boys entertained themselves with naked darts, naked foosball, naked ping pong, naked Nerf basketball, and some plain old naked making out.
The first two boys to make out hadn’t planned on doing so. In fact, they hardly knew each other. But as the game playing went on, mixed with the erotic chatter and humor of tween boys, not to mention the rising and falling of tween cocks, the two boys started chatting after becoming a darts team.
“Thanks for asking me to be your partner,” Grant said.
“I could tell you wanted to play so I figured I’d ask,” Lance replied.
“How could you tell?”
“I could tell because you were standing off to the side watching and looked like you were afraid to ask anybody.”
“What if somebody said no?”
“Well, then you ask somebody else. But I don’t think anybody would have turned you down,” Lance told him. “Even though me and Lenny don’t start there until Wednesday, I know this is the friendliest group of boys at Mayfield Middle School.”
“But the four Seattle dudes don’t go there.”
“Still, you get the idea. Those guys are cool, too. What surprised me is nobody has asked you yet.”
“I was asked by, I think his name is Curt, if I wanted to be his ping pong partner. I told him I suck at ping pong, but he said he didn’t care. I was afraid of being laughed at.”
“Dude, you’re going to find out that nobody here laughs at anybody. Like Aiden says, we all laugh with each other and not at each other, and if we laugh at something somebody does it’s because we’re all friends and we don’t care how bad they were, but we all know we can laugh because, well, I dunno, I guess because it’s funny. But that really makes no sense, does it?”
“I think I get it,” Grant told him. “And I think it’s our turn to play. Oh, and I suck at darts too, but I got tired of not playing anything and I was really happy you asked.”
Lance looked directly at Grant and gave him a sample of his sweet smile. “I kinda like you, even if you are a seventh grader.”
“I like you, too. You’re really nice.”
“Let’s go into the backroom and talk.”
“That works for me.”
When the boys walked into the backroom, they were surprised no one else was there. They worked their way around the laid out sleeping bags and sat on the old couch. “Is it always this weird here?” Grant asked.
“What do you mean, weird?”
“Like everybody getting naked and saying if they’re virgins. Isn’t that kind of weird? I mean, that many guys have been with a girl?”
“We didn’t mean being virgins or not with a girl. I don’t think any of us has done a girl other than, like, making out,” Lance said. “We’re talking about being a virgin with boys.”
Grant gave Lance a disbelieving look. “You mean, like, doing it up a guy’s butt?”
“Or somebody doing it up your butt.”
“If everybody is telling the truth, then almost all of you guys have done butt sex.”
“Yep, even me.”
“Wow,” Grant whispered. “That’s, like, so hard to believe. I mean, you had a guy with his dick up your butt and he, like, fucked you in the ass.”
“Yep. I guess now that you know what we were talking about you’d still say you’re a virgin.”
“That’s because I am.”
“Are you sorry you came to the party?” 
Grant pointed to his rock hard three-and-a-half inches. “Does this make it look like I’m sorry? Seeing all you guys naked and with boners has been fun. I guess you guys all do it to each other.”
“Nah. We all mess around together, but we don’t all fuck together.” Lance noticed that Grant was fondling himself, so he did the same thing. “Have you ever messed around with a boy?”
“A little. I’ve jerked off with another boy and tried, you know, sucking, but, well, I don’t remember a lot of it. I was drunk and stoned most of the times we did it.” Grant saw the look on Lance’s face and quickly added, “But I’m working to not drink and drug no more.”
“So, you’ve never kissed a boy?”
“I’ve never kissed nobody—at least I don’t think I have.”
“Want to try it?”
Grant wasn’t sure how to answer but figured the way the party was unfolding he might as well try it. “With you?”
“Like I said, I like you, and I think you’re cute,” Lance said shyly.
“I’ll try it, but you gotta show me what to do.”
Lance scooted over, put his lips to Grant’s, and pressed their lips together. It didn’t take long for Grant to learn about open mouth kissing, French kissing, kissing while stroking your partner’s dick, kissing when your partner was on top of you, kissing while your partner humped you and made you cum, rubbing your partner’s butt while coming down from the sexual high, and being embarrassed when your partner’s twin brother came into the room just as round two of kissing resumed.
“Well, at least you guys got a room,” Lenny giggled when he saw what his twin brother and Grant were doing. Lenny felt a strange sense of pride and brotherly love when he saw Lance making out with a boy on his own accord.
Lance rose from Grant’s supine body and both boys quickly sat up on the couch. “We were, um, I was, you know, I wasn’t like…well…,” Grant stumbled.
“Don’t worry about it,” Lenny told them. “Nothing wrong with making out.”
“But, he’s your brother.”
“That makes it even better. It’s not like Lance and me don’t make out together. Plus, I’ve got a boyfriend. Plus, all of us here like making out with each other. So, welcome to the crowd.”  Lenny already had visions of him and Keith doing a four-way with Lance and Grant. Damn, I’m turning into a total pervert, Lenny thought. And I love it. As his brother and Grant rose from the couch, Lenny didn’t miss the way they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.
After what happened in the backroom, Grant wasn’t surprised to see Mason and Eddie as well as Darnell and Aiden in the hot tub. Mason was giving Eddie a blow job and it was obvious from the motion of their hands that Darnell and Aiden were doing more than kissing. Mason had always had a thing for “bad boy” Eddie even though the bigger boy would sometimes bully him. Darnell and Aiden had a long-time crush on each other and enjoyed messing around.
Games were played, chat was exchanged, kisses were exchanged, there was stray groping and ass grabbing, along with a couple of orgasms.  Suddenly the tired, horny boys were ready to turn in.
“I’ll go up and say goodnight to the dads for all of us,” Aiden told them. “No use flooding them with naked boys,” he giggled.
“Why not? I bet they would enjoy it,” Chase said. “But, hey, Logan and I are going with you since our dad is upstairs, too, not to mention our uncles.” Troy, Keegan, Larry, and Phil had been upstairs chatting all evening. It was the first time the three brothers along with Larry, the husband/brother-in-law, had sat together and chatted for a long time. They enjoyed every minute, especially now that Keegan was sober and not saying and doing crazy things.
The Miller brothers, plus Larry, were busy chatting in the Brothers Room, soft jazz playing in the background when three naked boys bounded up the stairs and into the room. Aiden was grateful that Darnell had got him off in the hot tub, which had taken care of the erection he’d had even before they had all peeled off their swimwear. Logan hadn’t worried about his penis much, even though it had morphed from hard to soft a couple times during the evening. At eleven he was not being swamped by hormones.
Chase was having the hardest time, so to speak. He wished he’d gotten off but playing a hard game of ping pong against Curt had helped ease his erection down to a semi. He figured a semi-hard teen cock wasn’t anything his dad and uncles hadn’t seen already. His dad had seen him boned up more than once and there were a couple of times when he tried to sneak a jerk off in the back seat of their SUV and his dad figured out what was going on. The lecture he received after he was caught was much more embarrassing than simply being caught.
“Well, the naked wood elves arrive,” Phil grinned.
“Who are you calling an elf?” Chase, who was two inches under six-feet tall, asked.
“Okay, two wood elves plus one wood hunk.”
Chase flexed his still developing arm. “That’s me, Chase the hunk of the forest.” Despite everything he was doing to try to control his body, for reasons he couldn’t comprehend, his semi raised itself to full mast in front of his father and his uncles.
“Anyway, we came up to say goodnight for everybody,” Aiden told them. “We’ll see you all in the morning.”
“You’ll be seeing Larry and Phil,” Troy said. “Keegan and I are camping out at the Mayfield Inn and will eat breakfast out. Your dads say that the morning repast will be clothing optional and we don’t want to crimp your style.” Although, seeing a dozen or so naked tween boys would be a real feast for the eyes, especially considering this evening’s display, he and Keegan both thought.
“Okay, then we’ll see you whenever,” Logan said. Unlike his brother and Aiden, he was feeling self-conscious standing naked in front of his father and uncles. He gave his dad a quick hug and started out the door. Aiden decided Logan had the right idea. He said his goodnight and followed his cousin.
“Little boys get embarrassed easy,” Chase grinned. “But, I’ll get going, too.” Keegan, Larry, and Phil were all impressed by how much Chase had developed. Keegan could see he was not only taller than Drake, but his sexual organs were more developed than the older boy as well. He wondered what Chase and Drake would be like together in bed.
“That was embarrassing,” Logan said as the three Miller boys returned to the basement.
“You’ve been naked in front of dad lots of times,” Chase reminded him. “I am the one who should be embarrassed, since I got fully boned up.” He looked down at his crotch. “And I still am boned up. But hey, they all survived the sight of my amazing sex tool at full mast.”
“Yeah, I’ve been naked in front of dad before, but not in front of my uncles.” Logan pointed out.  
“We all survived it,” Aiden grinned. “I know we’ve all been talking about it, but who is gonna sleep with who?”
“Why don’t we just have an orgy,” Mason suggested. “We’ve never had a real orgy.”
“And we won’t have one tonight either.” Aiden glared at Mason who was about to protest. “And since it’s my birthday party, that’s the way it’s going to be.”
“What about some other time? We always wonder if something was an orgy, but we never do it.”
“How about this idea?” Aiden asked. “We’ll have a wild and crazy orgy when I turn thirteen, either at my birthday party or close to it.”
“For real?”
“I promise.” Aiden’s promise led to a round of applause from the partygoers. “Now, let’s figure out who is sleeping with who so we can get everything laid out on the floor right.”
The boys had been discussing sleeping arrangements most of the evening and as a result, making the final decisions didn’t take much time. They all paraded through the bathroom taking care of their evening rituals, and soon some of the sleeping bags and blankets were occupied by horny pubertal boys and some were devoid of any boys.
Chase wanted to be with Aiden. He loved his younger cousin and considered him the sexiest boy he knew outside of his boyfriend Dillon and his brother Logan. With the consent of Nolan, Chase filled his cousin’s ass with his seed not once, but twice. He was extra turned on by Aiden’s sexy moans and grunts and by his no-touch cum as well as the one he enjoyed by jerking off after Chase’s second cum.  Between them they left a sticky mess in Aiden’s sleeping bag and moved to Chase’s to sleep.
Nolan decided that since Chase was going to do Aiden, he was going to take care of Aiden’s younger cousin, Logan. The result was much the same as what had happened between Aiden and Chase, except Nolan wanted to see what giving a rim job was about. While he had been rimmed by Aiden, he had yet to be the one doing the rimming.
As he licked, Nolan discovered that Logan’s smells, while not strong, were sexy. He licked around Logan’s smooth ass until he worked up the courage to push his tongue into the younger boy’s pucker. He didn’t think it was anywhere near the sexiest thing he had ever done, but it was more of a turn-on than he expected. He could see why some boys really liked doing it. After having enough of experimenting, he filled the eleven-year-old’s ass with his cock and enjoyed two orgasms. Logan came dry both times, but neither of his orgasms was a no-touch.
It was no surprise that Lance matched up with Grant. Everybody could see the chemistry building between the two. They exchanged numerous kisses, feels, and gropes, with Grant enjoying his first blow job while sober and learning the wonders of the sixty-nine.
Curt and Darnell paired up in Darnell’s sleeping bag. “No sense making a mess in your brand new one,” Darnell giggled.
“Won’t be the first time I messed around in it,” Curt confessed. “Me and my friend Duncan did the humping thing in it once when I spent the night at his house. I’ve spent four nights with him - the first night we jerked off together on top of his bed and ended up sleeping together, the second night we humped in the sleeping bag, and the third night we had sex. The fourth night was at my house and he never unrolled his sleeping bag.”
“Wow, you made a good friend fast,” Darnell said. “Do you want to hump me in my sleeping bag?”
“Or maybe do what you and Eddie did?” Curt asked hopefully. Darnell grinned and was the bottom the first time and the top the second time.
Trent, Gordy, and Scott Keller slept on the mat that was laid out in the game room. It was spacious and spongy with pillows, sheets, and blankets set out on it. Trent and Scott knew that Gordy wasn’t sexually adventurous and that they were both virgins. All that knowledge led to an almost chaste three-way jerk off session. Each boy enjoyed two orgasms—the first being solo with them watching each other jerk off and cum and the second being with them stationed so that Gordy jerked off Scott who jerked off Trent, who jerked off Gordy. Trent was pleasantly surprised when he felt Scott’s lips close on his cock a few minutes into the second session, and beyond pleased when Scott took his load in his mouth.
Knowing Mason’s reputation, Eddie wasn’t surprised when Mason asked to partner with him. “I always like sucking on a new dick,” Mason grinned.
“Well, first, I want to apologize for treating you like shit when I lived here in Mayfield,” Eddie told him.
“You already did that.”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t naked with a boner and wanting you to suck my dick really bad. I want to make totally sure there’s no bad feelings between us first. I don’t want you to think I’m, like, taking advantage of you.”
“I’m cool with your apology and cool with sucking your dick. And you don’t have to suck mine or anything like that, but if you want to, I won’t stop you,” Mason chuckled.
Mason gave Eddie one of the best blow jobs of his life. Eddie felt it was better than any blowjob he’d received from his johns and had no problem getting Mason off before Mason’s encore BJ.
Lenny and Miles paired up for the first time in the time they’d known each other. They’d messed around together in the past—it was hard not to simply because their group of friends messed around together so often. Miles was surprised when Lenny gave him permission to take his ass.
“Are you sure you’re just going into sixth grade?” Miles asked. “I thought fucking was the grossest thing in the world when I was heading to middle school.”
“You didn’t have older guys to hang around with like I do,” Lenny responded, his right arm sweeping the darkened room to point out who he was talking about. “I can rim you, too, if you want and if your butt is clean.”
Miles was willing. He said he thought his ass was clean and offered to shower just in case. Lenny told him he’d make the rimming quick and not deep and then he’d give Miles his bottom. That was the way they went as Lenny took the third cock of the summer up his tight, smooth ass.
The only light in the basement room came from a nightlight near the door, but it was enough for Aiden to have a good idea of who was doing what to whom. He began to think the overnight really was an orgy, even if most of it was obscured by darkness, by a sleeping bag, or walls, as in the case of Trent, Gordy, and Scott. Aiden thought it was ironic (yes, Aiden knew what irony was) that the three who had their own room would probably be the ones least likely to have heavy sex.
“This is almost like an orgy, isn’t it?” Aiden asked Chase.
“That’s putting it mildly,” Chase chuckled.
“I’ll deny it if I get asked.”
“Wow, with that attitude you’re going to make a great politician someday.”
Aiden wasn’t sure of what Chase meant, so he simply said, “It’s starting to get quiet. I’m gonna try to go get to sleep.” He rolled on his left side, his back to his cousin and was soon asleep.
Grant fell asleep amazed that boys really did fuck other boys in the ass. He thought it was all a kind of fantasy. He was happy he had come to the party and learned that sex is even more fun when you’re sober.


The horde of boys started stirring around seven-thirty. This would obviously not be a morning for sleeping in. The first boys to awaken got the first pees and the first showers. Mason, Miles, Trent, Logan, and Aiden simply combined the two when their turn to shower came. Chase and Eddie made sure to shower together so they could pee on each other. With the water running, they kept it clean compared to some of the things they did together in their showers at home. Gordy, Curt, Lance, and Lenny, who were the last ones waiting to shower, all uttered the expected yucks and icks when they saw where Chase and Eddie were aiming their urine streams.
Trent, Aiden, and Nolan soaked in the hot tub after their showers. “I thought you were the breakfast chef,” Trent said to Aiden.
“The Naked Chef is taking his birthday weekend off. My dads are doing a pancake and bacon breakfast. They think it’s the best way to feed what they call ‘an army of young boys.’”
By quarter to nine the boys were lining up for breakfast. Three of them were wearing t-shirts and underpants, six others just underpants, while Aiden, Chase, Eddie, Mason, Miles, and Nolan remained naked. Nobody cared who was wearing what since they had all had it drilled into them that the choice of what to wear at Aiden’s house was generally an individual choice to be respected, and frankly their minds were on food. The big thing that caught Larry’s attention was how well-endowed his nephew, Chase, was even when he was flaccid.
At ten, Gordy, Mason, and Miles were picked up by their parents for church. By eleven the only boys remaining were Nolan, Chase, Logan, Eddie, Curt, Darnell, Lenny, and Lance. Lenny and Lance left at eleven-thirty and Troy showed up at noon to pick up Curt, Darnell, Chase, Eddie, and Logan. The party was over. Aiden and Nolan looked at each other and grinned. They would have the entire afternoon to themselves and they planned to take advantage of it.
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