The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 7-The Titans (Part 2)



Every team in the Seamount Middle School league was scheduled to play one Saturday game; the rest of the games were weekday afternoon games. Rainouts could change the scheduling and could lead to other Saturday games, but those were unpredictable.
Practices could be rained out as well. By lunchtime, the Titan players were certain their practice would be rained out. Coach Randall made the rainout official at the start of fifth period. Aiden received permission from his pop, whose practice was also rained out, to dodge the raindrops and go to Gordy’s house. Early in the season, practices would often be moved indoors, but at this point of the season they were usually cancelled, unless the coaches felt a practice was badly needed.
Aiden, Miles, Mason, Brody, and Muddy ended up at Gordy’s house. The rain had eased up to a cold drizzle, but the fields were in no shape for practice. When he texted her, Gordy’s mom told him to put the cookies in the cookie jar out for snacks.
“When’s your mom going to be home?” Mason asked Gordy.
“She was subbing at Clark Pass, so I’d say at least a half-hour from now,” Gordy answered. “Plenty of time for games.” Gordy hoped Mason got the hint, but that wasn’t the case. As Gordy suspected, Mason’s mind was more on taking his pants off than on playing whatever games Gordy had in mind.
Mason’s pants and briefs were off in an instant, and his little hard on almost looked happy to be free of its confinement. “Don’t worry, I got my pants ready to take to the bathroom if your mother comes,” Mason assured Gordy. Mason lay back on a recliner and started to casually jerk off. “I’ll suck anybody who wants it.”
Since the boys were well aware of Gordy’s often conservative ways as far as doing sex went, only Muddy took Mason up on his offer. That surprised nobody since Mason sucked Muddy’s cock anytime he could and anywhere it was possible.
“Do it in the bathroom,” Gordy told his friends. He wasn’t mad, since Mason hadn’t done anything that surprised him, but, not for the first time, he wondered why he invited Mason to his house.
Muddy stripped off his pants and boxers, proudly displaying over six inches of preteen cock. He and Mason headed to the bathroom, carrying their clothes with them. Brody followed them, ostensibly to watch the action. The fact that his little boner was poking out of his zipper indicated he was hoping for more than just spectating.
Muddy pulled off his t-shirt and was now naked except for his socks. Mason had just given Muddy’s fat piece of uncut meat a few good licks and sucks when he heard Gordy call out, “Get dressed, my mom just drove up.”
“I’ll go to Gordy’s room,” Mason volunteered. He grabbed his jeans and underpants and zipped down the hall, followed by Brody. Muddy closed the bathroom door and quickly jerked himself to a climax, shooting his mature cum into the toilet bowl.
“I was hoping you’d suck me, too,” Brody whined as Mason dressed. His two and three-quarter-inch cock was still poking out of his zipper.
“I’ll get you by Sunday,” Mason promised his friend.
“For real? How?”
“Just invite me to your house to do homework or whatever and we’ll figure something out.”
Brody nodded, knowing none of that would happen. He put his little boner back inside of his pants and he and Mason left Gordy’s room and went to the living room.
“Oh, hi boys,” Mrs. Lansing smiled. “Goodness, you boys are popping up from everywhere.”
Aiden almost lost it when he heard Mrs. Lansing’s inadvertent play on words.
The boys chatted and played games until the time came for them to head to their own homes for dinner. Aiden was the first to leave when Larry picked him up and within minutes Gordy was home with his mother. He started on his homework, but before he got very far he got a phone call from Kailie and went to his room for a private talk.
“Mason’s got to learn how to keep his dick in his pants,” Gordy said after telling Kalie how the afternoon with his friends had gone.
“Well, you’ve got to learn to get yours out more,” Kalie retored. “I do more with Aiden’s penis than I do with yours.”
“We never have a chance to do much.” Somehow, Gordy could see Kalie shaking her head and not buying his excuse at all.
“That’s because you won’t spend much time here at the farm.”
“Okay, how about this.” Gordy gave Kalie his proposal, wondering if he had just lost his mind.
“Oh, that’s a deal and it means you WILL have to talk your mom into letting you spend the night out here.”
“No, it means your mom will have to talk my mom into it and make her think you and me would never get a chance to mess around.”
“We don’t mess around,” Kalie said, “we have sex.”
“Whatever. I think I’m pretty safe because I don’t think you can make it happen.”
“Well, I know that I can.”
Gordy’s proposal was a simple one. If Kalie gave Aiden an orgasm on the school bus in the morning, then he would do everything he could to spend a night with her at her place. Gordy felt he was safe, since he knew Aiden wasn’t real keen about Kalie getting him off on the bus, even if he told Kalie otherwise.


The weather was cloudy on Thursday morning. The rain had stopped just after midnight and by practice time the school district grounds crew had the field ready for practice.
Coach Randall stopped Aiden in the hall before homeroom to tell him that he would be the starting pitcher against the Chinook Totems. The Totems had clobbered the Titans 11-4 in their first game of the season. Yonder Sanchez had started that game. It had been a home game for the Titans, which meant their Saturday game was going to be at Chinook.
Practice was a little sluggish, partly because the field, while playable, was a bit soggy, especially in left field, and also because the temperature never reached 60. Coach Randall told them after practice that it had been a good effort and to be ready to step things up over the next two days.
Friday was sunny with a high of 65 expected and Saturday was supposed to be more of the same. A dry field, warm weather, and the game looming the next day led to a much crisper practice.
At the end of practice, Coach Randall told the team that the team bus would be leaving the next morning 11:30 and to be at the school by no later than 11:15. “If you’re late, we’re not waiting for you,” Coach Randall assured his charges. Nobody doubted him.




Everybody was at the school on time or earlier. Aiden, Miles, and Gordy were fifteen minutes ahead of the fifteen minutes early deadline, which was not unusual for them. Only one varsity softball player arrived close to as early as they did, which made the early birds feel a bit smug. Baseball beat out softball once again.
The Titans played much better against Chinook than they had the first time they played each other. Aiden pitched the first four innings, giving up three runs on five hits, a walk, and three strikeouts. The Totems led 3-0 when Aiden was replaced by Kenny Gray, who pitched a scoreless fifth inning. The Titans scored twice in the top of the sixth to close the gap to 3-2, but Jared Finn gave up two runs in the bottom of the sixth. The Titans managed to eke out one more run off a solo home run by Muddy and lost by a final score of 5-3. The Titan JV team was now 2-5 and in sixth place out of seven teams. They had improved a great deal since their first game, but not quite enough for a win. Meanwhile in Mayfield, Chinook defeated the varsity 6-4 for the Titan’s first varsity loss of the season.
Aiden was happy to see Nolan at the game. This was Meadow Park’s bye day, so Nolan asked his dad to take him to Chinook to watch the game. He didn’t have to beg. He asked a simple question on Monday, got a simple yes answer right away, and on Saturday they were in the bleachers enjoying a good baseball game together. The only negative was that the team they were rooting for lost.
“Thanks for coming to watch, Nolan,” Aiden said after the two exchanged a hug. Neither boy gave a thought to what anybody would think about their hug since they weren’t necessarily verboten. They did pass up a desire to exchange a long, hard kiss however.
“Thank my dad. He’s the best. I had to come watch my boyfriend play and he brought me.”
“Did you have to beg?”
“Nope, and I won’t have to beg to eat now, either,” Nolan giggled as he rubbed his flat tummy through his Meadow Park hoodie.
After Aiden arrived home, he sent a Happy Birthday text to his cousin Chase. Chase had turned fourteen and more and more was becoming a big boy in Aiden’s mind. Chase thanked Aiden and told him he wished Aiden could have come to his party. Aiden texted him back that the next time it was possible he’d pay Chase what he owed him. That meant he’d let Chase fuck him.
That night Aiden stayed over at Gordy’s house. They stayed up late talking baseball with Gordy’s father. They were tired, but horny, when they went to bed and jerked each other off on top of the covers. After Gordy wiped off his splats of cum they went under the covers and quickly fell asleep.
Muddy, who was becoming much more sociable as he realized who his real friends were, spent the night at Miles’ house along with Mason. None of them were surprised when Mason took his clothes off at his first opportunity. Mason and Miles’ brother John did a sixty-nine while Miles and Muddy dry humped. Mason and John hoped for more as Muddy tried hard to talk Miles into bottoming for him. He came close and settled for finger fucking his friend’s ass during part of their make out session. Everyone, including Miles, figured Mason would lose his virginity before seventh grade started and maybe before sixth grade ended.
Lenny and Lance, the twins, spent the night with each other as they did every night since they shared the same bedroom. However, as they had keep promising to do and kept putting off doing, they finally let Brenda, their sister, watch them nude wrestle. She had turned ten on the seventeenth of April and insisted she be allowed to watch or she’d tell their mother everything she had witnessed over the past year. The twins reminded her that they had some dirt on her, too, but promised to let her watch by the end of the month.
 When they put it off one more day they told Brenda that one more day wouldn’t hurt. She was so sure they were lying again that she pouted all day Saturday until they invited her into their bedroom late that night to watch.
 The twins didn’t go beyond some very active wrestling; they both had boners when they told her they were finished. Brenda was naked as well and had been busy rubbing her pussy while she watched her brothers wrestle in ways she thought was like them having sex.
“Who won?” she asked when they announced they were finished.
“Lenny,” Lance told her in the way little brothers give credit to big brothers when there was any doubt, even if they were twin brothers.


TUESDAY, MAY 6      

Coach Randall decided to give Scott Keller his first pitching start. Scott had worked hard to improve his pitching skills. The seventh grader had increased his velocity as the season progressed and he threw strikes. He and Aiden had a lot in common in the way they pitched, but Scott was a bit more successful because he was bigger and stronger. Of the seventh-grade pitchers Scott and Trent were the pitchers Aiden was the closest  to because they worked hard and smart.
The Titans played Evans Middle School who had ten-runned them 14-2 in their first matchup. Evans was tied for second in the league with a 5-2 record. The game was played at Mayfield Middle School. The bleachers were full as many students and townspeople came out to see if the Titans could turn things around and beat Evans.
The Titans put together their best game of the year. Scott baffled the Vikings with his changeup (another reason Aiden liked him) over the four innings he pitched. The Titans were ahead 2-1 when Scott left the mound. Collin, who had been battered by Evans in their first game, pitched the next two innings and gave up a run in the top of the fifth. A two-run double by Aiden in the bottom of the sixth gave the Titans a 4-2 lead. Kenny put the Vikings down in order in the seventh to get the save. Collin was the winning pitcher.
This was the biggest win of the season for the Titans. They excitedly hugged each other and exchanged fist bumps and high and low fives before being herded into the handshake line with Evans.
An even bigger win took place on the high school field where the Mustangs defeated Winston 7-6 to earn a District Tournament berth. They would play their first game on Thursday evening in Centralia.
Friday’s Titans game would be against the first-place Meadow Park Cougars, who were 5-1. The Titans had given the Cougars a good battle at Meadow Park, losing 5-3. After their big win over Evans, they were confident they were good enough to beat the Cougars if they played at the top of their game. Being young was no longer an excuse; they were now convinced they could beat anybody in the league.
 But even that wasn’t going to be the biggest part of the weekend. Since the game was at Mayfield, Nolan wouldn’t be taking the team bus home. Instead he would be spending Friday AND Saturday night with Aiden.


Aiden, Gordy, Miles, and the twins rode with Phil to Centralia to watch the Mayfield Mustangs take on the Beachwood Ospreys in a District Tournament loser-out game. Nolan rode to Centralia with his dad. As boys that age tend to do, they congregated together leaving Phil and Paul Moyer to watch the game alone.
The two fathers liked the private time because it also gave them an opportunity to talk about their sons and their relationship between the two. Phil swore he saw a lot of the outward behaviors between Aiden and Nolan that he and Larry must have exhibited at that age as they discovered the magic between them. He wasn’t about to tell that to Paul, at least not yet. He and Larry had promised both boys that they wouldn’t discuss the boyfriend angle with Nolan’s dad until after Nolan had come out to him.
But, as he looked at the boys behind the fence just past the first base dugout, Phil couldn’t help but notice the touchy-feely and looky-loo going on between Aiden and Nolan. He was certain Paul wasn’t missing any of it and wondered what he’d say if Paul mentioned it. He was relieved that Paul was more willing to talk about their sons and baseball than he was about any burgeoning romance between the two. He felt disappointed that the good judge couldn’t bring himself to talk about what he saw unfolding in front of him.
Unaware of what their dads were thinking, Nolan stood next to Aiden at the fence with his arm around the shoulder of his boyfriend. Nolan’s hard cock was so ready for the weekend.  The fact was he would have been looking forward to the weekend even if there wasn’t sex to look forward to, which was indicative of how deep their friendship had become. Even though they lived in separate towns, they had each developed an instinctive feeling about the other. Or maybe that feeling had developed because they lived in separate towns.
The top of the third inning ended with the score tied at 0-0. As Mustangs hustled off the field, Aiden turned to look at Nolan and his heart almost melted. He wondered how he was so lucky to have a boyfriend, and not only a boyfriend, but a boyfriend like Nolan. He placed his arm around Nolan’s shoulder so that they were holding each other. He wished he could kiss Nolan right there in public but knew he couldn’t. Maybe someday.
On the baseball field a pitching duel was unfolding between the Mustangs and the Ospreys. Jeffrey Bednarzyk was throwing a gem for the Mustangs as was Randy Bell for Beachwood. Jeffrey’s father, George, had a late appointment with a long-time client, but made it as the teams started the top of the fifth.
“Looks like I didn’t miss much,” he said to Phil and Paul when he saw the 0-0 score.
“No, you’ve missed a lot,” Paul said. “Your son has been lights out on the mound.”
Jeffrey ended up pitching all seven innings, giving up three singles and no runs while walking one and striking out ten. The Beachwood coach brought in a new pitcher in the bottom of the seventh since his pitcher was ten short of his pitch limit. The result was a walk, a sacrifice bunt, an intentional walk, and a walk-off double to give the Mustangs a 1-0 win. They would be back to play Saturday morning at eleven-thirty.
Aiden and Nolan shared a quick kiss on the way to the parking lot. The only ones to notice were Gordy and Trent, who had come to the game with his father. Neither one of them cared since they were fully aware of how the relationship between their friends had progressed. The only problem Gordy had was that he didn’t have the opportunity in the breezeway under the seats to sneak in a kiss with Kalie.


Jared was given the start against Meadow Park. Nolan was the starting pitcher for the Cougars. The score was 2-2 after four innings with Jared having been what is known as “effectively wild”. His inexperience showed as he frequently overthrew his fastball, but his talent showed when he kept things under control even though he walked five batters over his four innings.
Aiden relieved Jared in the top of the fifth and executed his pitching fundamentals. He had worked hard to get himself into his zone as he warmed up in the bullpen area. As a result he was able to keep his mind from wandering and was able to focus on execution. After a shaky start, he pieced together his best pitching outing of the season, holding the Cougars to one run over his three innings. The run happened when he gave up a lead-off double in the top of the fifth inning, which was his first inning, to Sean Wright, a seventh grader, who was playing center field. He got the next two batters out and then had to face Nolan.
Nolan fouled off a couple of two strike pitches with the count at 2-2. He then drove the seventh pitch to him into the gap for a triple. The hit scored Sean and gave the Cougars a 3-2 lead. Aiden struck the next batter out to limit the damage. Nolan set the Titans down in order in the bottom of the fifth and Aiden did the same to the Cougars in the top of the sixth.
The Meadow Park coach moved Nolan to first to start the bottom of the sixth and brought in Ken Martin, his big seventh grader, to pitch. Martin threw hard, but too many of his pitches were in the middle of the plate. By the time the coach made a pitching switch, the Titans had a 5-3 lead with runners on second and third. Yonder Sanchez knocked them both in with a scorching double to left-center, making the score 7-3.
Aiden set the Cougars down in order in the top of the seventh to seal the 7-3 win for the Titans. He was the winning pitcher, making him 1-1 for the season. After Nolan’s triple he had dominated the Cougar lineup, setting down the last seven batters. The Titans had won four of their last five games and were now 4-5 for the season.
For all her flaws, Nolan’s mother was a big supporter her son’s participation on sports and other organized activities. Every afternoon he had a game, she got off work early and attended the game. She and another mother traded off scorekeeping duties every other game and she was going to be the cookie and snack provider for the team’s eleventh game.
Since the Mustangs had played a big game on Thursday and had another big game on Saturday, Larry decided not to have practice on Friday. He not only wanted the team to have a chance to relax, but he also wanted to have the opportunity to watch Aiden play. Phil arrived from work just as the fifth inning started.
Phil and Larry were both pleased to see Nolan’s mother give Nolan’s coach a note excusing Nolan from riding the team bus. She then turned her son over to Larry, admonishing her son to behave himself.
“Mom, I have to behave or Aiden will get mad at me,” Nolan grumped.
“Good, because Aiden is always such a well-behaved boy when he visits you.”
“That’s because I’ll get mad at him if he doesn’t behave,” Nolan told his mom with a mischievous grin, who then realized that her son had been teasing her.
“We’re happy to have Nolan spending the weekend with us,” Larry said.
“Paul and I plan on making the most of our time alone together this weekend.” She gave Nolan a look that said that if that time together was ruined because she got a phone call complaining about his behavior he would be on restriction until the day he turned eighteen. As Phil told Larry later, Vivian Moyer had made some progress in freeing Nolan from her control, but there was still room for improvement.
Nolan and Aiden rode in the backseat of Larry’s Honda. While Larry didn’t look back, he was well aware that Aiden’s left hand and Nolan’s right hand were clasped between them.
After arriving home, Aiden and Nolan grabbed their baseball equipment bags, as well as Nolan’s overnight backpack, and carried it all to Aiden’s bedroom. They then got in the big, deep, wet kiss they’d been waiting to share for days. Aiden moaned into Nolan’s mouth when he felt his boyfriend fondle his rapidly rising cock.
“Boys, don’t dawdle up there,” Larry called out. “As soon as Aiden’s dad gets home and you two are ready, we’re off to The Bear for pizza.” That reminded the boys they were hungry as well as horny. “Being ready means taking a shower, so be quick.” Both boys had worked up a sweat during the game and since they were on the outer edges of puberty Larry felt a shower was in order.
The boys stripped off their uniforms and undergarments and were quickly naked. Both were sporting hard-ons as a result of their sensuous kiss. Aiden set the shower in his bathroom to a satisfactory temperature and the  boys hopped in. They speedily washed themselves and then enjoyed washing each other’s back and white, athletic bubble butts.
They wanted to do more but were in and out in a hurry. Their boners were dying down as they dried, dressed, and bounded downstairs, ready to head to The Bear.
Not surprisingly, baseball was the topic of dinner conversation, both the Mustangs and the Titans. If the Mustangs won their eleven-thirty game against Yelm on Saturday, they would play at four-thirty against the other undefeated team. If they lost they would play at two in a loser out game. The rest of their schedule was dependent on how they did in those two games.
Aiden was excited about the Mustangs and was wearing his Mayfield Mustangs t-shirt. Understandably, Nolan didn’t share Aiden’s passion. He had much more interest in talking about their division in the Seamount Middle School league. His Meadow Park team was still in first after losing to Mayfield. They had a 6-2 record while Chinook and Evans were 6-3. Mayfield, at 4-5, was in fifth place, trailing those three teams and Kentburg, who was 4-4. The top three teams would make the league playoffs.
“We still have a chance to make the playoffs,” Aiden insisted.
“You’d have to win the rest of your games to have a chance,” Nolan pointed out.
“We’re good enough to do it.”
Larry and Phil were pleased that Aiden was over his baseball funk. It was amazing how many funks were cured by simply playing hard and winning.
One thing Larry and Phil had been discussing was the relationship between Aiden and Nolan and whether they should talk to Nolan about telling his parents how he and Aiden felt about each other. Larry thought Nolan should quit trying to hide what was obvious while Phil felt it wasn’t their job to counsel Nolan on how to handle his parents. But after what he had seen at Thursday’s Mustang game he was changing his mind. It was obvious to him that Paul Moyer knew what was going on and probably was feeling left out of his son’s life. While they waited for Nolan and Aiden to finish their shower, they came to an agreement that after they got home from the Bear, they would ask the boys to sit down together with them in the conference room and have a serious discussion about Nolan telling his parents that he thought he might be gay and that he and Aiden were boyfriends.
“I’m cool with telling my dad,” Nolan said after everyone sat in the conference room for the serious discussion. While Larry and Phil hated to infringe on the boys’ rare time together, they also knew that for their continued happiness, the subject of how to deal with Nolan’s parents had to be discussed. “It’s my mom that’s the problem. She’ll go ballistic if I tell her. She’d say something like, ‘I knew this would happen when we let the boys sleep in the same bed together. This is all so wrong’.” Aiden was surprised how Nolan sounded just like his mother.
“What if Nolan’s mom says we can never see each other again?” Aiden asked his dads anxiously. “Then what?”
“Then we all work together to solve the problem,” Larry said.
“Nolan, I think your dad knows,” Phil said. “I could see that at Thursday’s game. He would have to be blind not to know since you two aren’t exactly the most subtle pair around. Maybe it’s time to make the relationship official instead of something he thinks is probably happening.”
Nolan and Aiden were sitting close to each other on the loveseat, their hands intertwined, their bare legs touching. They were wearing nothing but t-shirts, underpants, and socks. The fact that their cocks were flaccid despite their touching each other was indicative of how seriously they were taking the conversation.
Silence took over the room as Nolan deliberated on what to do. Aiden could see that his boyfriend was troubled. He let go of Nolan’s hand and placed his arm around his shoulder. Nolan rested his head on Aiden’s chest for over a minute, before sitting up straight and looking directly at Larry and Phil.
Nolan then spoke up. “Thank you for thinking about my parents and me. I keep wondering when to tell them. I know we’ve talked about this before, but I was scared of what my mom would think. You’re right, I’ve got to tell my dad.”
“That’s a mature thing to say, Nolan.” Larry said.
Nolan looked into the eyes of his lover and touched the hand Aiden had draped around his neck. “I want Aiden to be with me, though. If it’s okay with him that is.”
“For sure, it’s okay,” Aiden said. “I’ll be right there for you.”
“With your arm around my shoulder?”
“With my arm wherever you want it.”
Nolan grinned and kissed Aiden’s cheek. Larry and Phil saw a lot of themselves in the two tweens and they also saw two boys who were much more confident in their feelings for each other than they themselves had been at the ages of Nolan and Aiden.
“I love Aiden,” Nolan said with quiet confidence. He knew that Larry and Phil accepted how he and Aiden felt about each other and was not ashamed to say it to Aiden’s dads. “I want to tell my mom and dad that.”
“I love Nolan and I’m glad my dads know about us. Now I want Nolan’s parents to know,” Aiden said.
“But we need to find a time to do it when Aiden can be there,” Nolan reminded Larry and Phil.
“Well, this weekend you’re here and your parents are wherever they decided to go,” Larry said. “Next weekend we might be playing in the State Regionals.”
“Then I’ll do it this Sunday when you take me home,” Nolan said as if it was a done deal. “Now that I’m going to do it, I don’t want to wait around. So, I won’t go home until mom and dad are home.”
“You’ve got a deal. One of us will take you home and will also stay out of your way.”
“You can be with me if you want.”
“This is between you, Aiden, and your parents. Phil or I will be hanging around since we have to take Aiden home, but this should be about you kids and your parents. If they want to talk after you’re finished, we’ll talk.”
The boys then did something that was unplanned. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed long and hard on the lips. Coming up for air, Aiden got up and sat on the couch between his dads. They saw the tent that had formed in their son’s briefs but discreetly said nothing.  Aiden planted an arm around each of his dad’s and said, “I love Nolan and I love you for being the best dads in the entire universe.”
“I love you all, too,” Nolan said.
“Are we done?” Aiden asked with more than a hint of adolescent impatience.
“I believe so,” Phil grinned.
Nolan adjusted the erection in his boxers, hoping Larry and Phil didn’t notice. They did. He and Aiden stood up, gave the dads hugs, said their good-nights and headed for Aiden’s bedroom.
“You boys be careful,” Larry said only because it sounded like something a concerned father should say. Along with Phil, he knew things were going to get heated on Aiden’s bed. Larry was upset with himself because the thought excited him sexually. He was sure that Phil, with his love of young adolescent sexuality, was even more excited than he was. It looked like their bed would get heated as well.
“What happened to the good-night tuck-ins?” Phil wondered as the boys’ underwear clad asses disappeared up the stairs.
“It’s called being twelve and ‘almost twelve’,” Larry replied. He missed the tuck-ins as much as his husband did.
 Aiden was naked within seconds of closing his bedroom door. Nolan was right behind him. While the boys had a lot to talk about, this wasn’t the time for talk. They’d been in full horny mode since putting their arms around each other’s shoulders at the Mustang game on Thursday.
Before they got into sex, however, Nolan dropped the rail bridge at Aiden’s door and Aiden started up his train. If they were going to have sex, they might as well have a sexy model train whizzing around the room.
They flopped onto Aiden’s bed, their preteen cocks throbbing—Nolan just over four inches, Aiden just under four. “After I tell my parents you can fuck me,” Nolan said as Aiden rubbed his nipples.
“Right in front of them in the living room?” Aiden asked with sly grin.
Nolan rolled them both on their sides and gave Aiden a quick kiss. “You’re the world’s silliest boyfriend, you know?”
“I know, but you still love me anyway.”
“That’s because I’ll always love you.”
“Do you want to fuck…no, not fuck, make love to me? Marty says friends fuck each other, but lovers make love to each other, at least most of the time.”
“What does he mean most of the time?”
“He told me I have to figure it out for myself.”
“How about we don’t do it at all until after we come out on Sunday, and don’t you dare ask me that question again.”
“But you’ve done me more than once so why can’t we…”
“Because it makes everything equal.”
“Oh,” Aiden said. “I don’t totally get it, but it kinda makes sense. That means the first chance we get you and me can have a making love fest.”
Nolan stroked his hard cock and kissed Aiden on the lips. “I’m ready for it already.”
“Well, if we’re not going to FUCK, then how about a kickass sixty-nine?”
Nolan’s reply was to shift positions and put Aiden’s dick into his mouth. With Nolan’s cock right in front of his own mouth, Aiden did the same. They sucked, and licked, and moaned, and squeaked, and hoped nobody downstairs heard them. Nobody did, since the two men downstairs were in their bedroom with Larry making wild love to his husband.
Letting Aiden’s cock slip out of his mouth Nolan said, “Fuck, I’m close to cumming.”
Aiden dropped Nolan’s cock, rolled on his side and started masturbating his lover’s wet cock. “I want to see you cum this time. It’s been so long since I seen you cum.” Grammar and syntax were not a part of anybody’s thinking; all of the blood in the big head seemed to have moved to the little one.
“But you haven’t tasted it in a long time,” Nolan said.
“I’ll lick it off.”
Nolan adjusted a little and the boyfriends got into seriously masturbating each other. They had already been close, so orgasm didn’t take long. Nolan took his hand away from Aiden’s hairless little cock, opened his mouth, and moaned. Aiden, using his spit as lube, rubbed his thumb on Nolan’s glans, then twisted his hand around it, causing Nolan to moan as he shot four wads of clear, light preteen cum.
“Ah, shit, that was good Aiden. You got me off so good. Give me a sec and I’ll do you just as good.”
“You can suck me off if you want, since I don’t shoot nothing.”
“You never know. This could be the first time.”
Nolan placed his lips around Aiden’s cock to get it wet and slick, then let it go and went to town, rubbing his lover’s hard shaft, moving his thumb along his glans, fondling his tight hairless balls, and finally, using his fist to power Aiden to his own orgasm.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, fuckshit, Nolan this feels soooooo good and here I come.” A tremor shook his body, he raised his hips wondering why this jerk off felt so much better than anything before. Spasm after spasm ripped through his hairless pecker with the first one shooting a drop just over his belly button, the second one kicking out a smaller drop onto his bare pubis, and the rest of them dry.
“Holy crap, Aiden, you came! Look at you, you came wet!” Nolan gushed.
“I felt that first drop hit me. You were right, you said it could happen any time.”
“My first time was just a dribble that dripped down my boner. And I was older than you are now when it happened.” He dipped his finger in the drop at Aiden’s belly button and placed it in front of Aiden’s mouth. Aiden licked it off. “I think I taste good,” he grinned.
Nolan fingered off the smaller drop and tasted it. “Tastes exactly like you. Sweet.”
The boys kissed hard and rolled around the bed, half wrestling, half humping, got hard, got sweaty, got spit and drool over their faces, and came for the second time that night. Aiden was dry this time, but he got shots of Nolan’s boy cum on his chest and belly, which he rubbed around his torso.
“I can’t wait to tell my dads what happened.” Aiden read the shock on Nolan’s face. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait a few days. I mean, they know we mess around, but we don’t have to go telling them what we did in my bed tonight.”
“Whew,” Nolan grinned. “I’m glad shooting cum didn’t cause you to lose your mind.”
“It didn’t, but I still want to tell them I’m becoming a man,” Aiden squeaked in his boy soprano.
The naked boys took care of their evening toilet, cuddled under the covers, and fell asleep under the watchful eye of Horace.
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