The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 8-Coming Out

EPISODE 8        


Aiden had hoped to reprise his Naked Chef role for breakfast. Larry and Phil both let him know the night before that breakfast was going to be cereal, toast, and the fresh fruit bowl Phil had prepared on Thursday.
Even though he couldn’t be the Naked Chef, Aiden decided he could still be the naked breakfast eater. “What do you think?” he asked Nolan after they woke up.
“It sounds good to me as long as you can promise your dads won’t slice off our dicks as punishment.”
“Hey, my dads are gay. Gay guys like dicks. Therefore, our peckers are safe.” Aiden was pleased with his little piece of logic.
“Then let’s do it. If they yell at us they yell at us. I’ve been yelled at before.”
Aiden thought about the contrast between Nolan and Gordy. Gordy got nervous about going around in just t-shirt and underpants, but Nolan was usually ready to push the envelope.
“Should we shower before or after breakfast?” Nolan asked.
“After. Then we can eat with my pops since he has to get going to the school and get everything ready to put on the bus.”
“You mean he doesn’t have it ready to go now?” Nolan thought Larry would be more organized.
“Sure. The team’s gear is in the gym, but the bus will be in the parking lot.”
“Oh, duh,” Nolan moaned. “I need breakfast to feed my brain so it will think better.”
The boys went into Aiden’s bathroom, stood side-by-side at the toilet and peed. They headed downstairs in the nude and went straight to the kitchen for some cereal and toast.
“Well,” Phil said as he came into the kitchen. “There appears to be two naked wood elves in residence today.”
“We’re naked boys,” Aiden insisted. “And before you say anything, we’re naked to save everybody time.”
“Oh, but of course. You boys certainly wouldn’t be eating breakfast naked to see if you could get away with something because it’s a little chaotic this morning.”
“Oh, no, we’d never do anything like that, right Nolan?”
“No, never,” Nolan agreed with a smirk just as his toast popped up.
“I’m sure there is somebody somewhere who would believe every word of that line of pure bull,” Phil chuckled. He didn’t mind the boys being naked, mainly because he hadn’t realized what a gorgeous and athletic young adolescent body Nolan had. He was a striking example of boyhood. Phil could see that Aiden had gotten himself a real prize not only in the personality department, but in the looks department as well.
Nolan buttered his toast and took it to the kitchen table where he sat next to Aiden and proceeded to wolf down his first helping of toast and cereal. Larry entered the kitchen and saw the shirtless boys at the table. He’d already had his breakfast.
“I’m leaving to take care of getting the Mustang show on the road,” he announced. Then he noticed that the boys were more than shirtless, they were naked. “See you guys at the game.” Larry paused and looked over the two boys. “Oh, and don’t spill your breakfast on your clean clothes.” He left the kitchen and headed for the stairs down to the garage.
“Clean clothes?” Nolan asked. “What’s he talking about?”
“That my pop’s way of yelling at us,” Aiden informed him as he poured a second bowl of cereal.
“Maybe we should wear these clothes to the game to show him we kept them clean,” Nolan giggled.
“If we did that, he might just end up actually cutting off our cocks and balls.”
Phil reentered the kitchen. “I know you guys have an infinite capacity for food, but let’s get showered and dressed. Unless the facts have changed, we’re picking up Mason, Miles, and the twins, right?”
“Right,” Aiden confirmed.
When they finished eating, Phil told the boys he would clean up the kitchen and they should hurry with their showers and teeth brushing and the like.
Nolan and Aiden hopped into the shower. “Dang, I should have set the alarm earlier,” Aiden said as they washed each other, including their boy bits. “I was hoping we could get off in the shower this morning so I could watch myself shoot.”
“You’ll just have that much more to shoot tonight.”
“If it wasn’t for the District games we could set up my tent and sleep in the backyard tonight.”
“Are you complaining?”
“Nope. The tent and camping gear will be here next time and all summer.”
Nolan pointed to his crotch and said, “I’m starting to bone up, which means it’s time to get out of the shower before we get yelled at for taking too long.” Aiden agreed and since they were rinsed, he shut off the water. “But I can’t wait until we camp in your new tent, even if it’s just in your backyard.”
“Me either.”
Soon the boys were piled into the middle seat of the Odyssey. Miles, Mason, the twins, and Muddy, who was at Miles’ house and was a surprise ride, were picked up along the way. Before long Phil was driving seven preteen boys to Centralia to watch the big District playoff game. Since Aiden was his son, Phil chose him to sit in the front so that everyone was buckled in. Aiden would rather have sat next to Nolan, but he understood why he was picked and didn’t complain.
After arriving at Centralia High School, the boys sat in the upper seats behind the third base dugout which the Mustangs occupied. They were joined by Sammy Bednarzyk who had come with his dad and David’s dad to watch his boyfriend David Fitzgerald and his brother Jeffrey play. Even though David was only a sophomore, he was slated to be the starting pitcher.
The game against the Yelm Tornadoes started at 11:30. The Mustangs won the coin flip and were home team. David put the Tornadoes down in order to start the first inning and the Mustangs scored five in the bottom of the inning. The big hit was highlighted by a bases loaded double by Jeffrey Bednarzyk to give the Mustangs a 3-0 lead. He then scored on a single by David. The game ended up being a surprisingly easy 8-1 win by the Mustangs. Their next game would be against Kentburg, who were also undefeated in the tournament.
Even though the boys had made trips to the snack bar during the game, they were more than ready for lunch. They had brought money for lunch with them and Phil drove them to Classic Burgers to eat. They were joined there by Larry who was busily figuring out his lineup for the Kentburg game. Because the Mustangs had the play-in game they were running short on pitchers. Larry elected to go with two or three innings from his second-string pitchers and save Mark Elder, his best pitcher, for either Sunday’s game if the Mustangs beat Kentburg or the Saturday evening game if they lost.
Aiden was pleased to see Keith show up with his father just before the game. Keith and the Mayfield boys traded fist bumps and high fives and Keith also gave Lenny a hug. Gordy also showed up with his father and mother. The family had to tend to some business in Olympia in the morning.
“How did you know it was me and not Lance?” Lenny asked.
“By the steel rod in your pants,” Keith grinned. Lenny looked down, saw the small bulge he’d made, and blushed.
The winner of the Mayfield-Kentburg game would play Sunday at ten while the loser would be playing Mount Adams High School right after this game ended. Mayfield lost the coin flip but won the hard-fought game 7-5. Both teams went deep into their pitching, but Mayfield’s string of pitchers prevailed.
The Odyssey wasn’t quite as crowded on the way home. The twins went back to Mayfield with Gordy and his family.
That night Nolan and Aiden talked about changing their minds about “making love”. As much as they wanted to “fuck” (both terms were used in their discussion) they decided to stick to their original decision. What they did wasn’t a bad alternative; a sixty-nine all the way, allowing Aiden to shoot his two little squirts of boy cum into Nolan’s mouth for the first time.


<Aiden and Nolan>
After waking up, Aiden moved from his bed to his desk and booted up his computer. Nolan was still sleeping. Aiden saw that the Rainiers won their game 4-1 but Marty was 0-for-4 with a strikeout. He also sent an E-birthday card to Drake, who had become his unofficial cousin.
“You look really cute, naked,” Nolan told Aiden when he woke up. “You look cute dressed, too, but you look way cuter naked,” he giggled. Aiden moved back to the bed and gave his boyfriend a good morning kiss.
After showers and breakfast, Nolan placed his gear into the back of the Odyssey. They would not be picking anyone up this time since Phil wasn’t sure when he and Aiden would be returning to Mayfield after the game(s). The Mustangs would be playing the Kentburg Royals again since the Royals had won the evening game against Mount Adams.
This time the boys sat up behind home plate. In a sense this was neutral ground, so Keith felt more comfortable sitting with his Mayfield friends. Having his best friend Shannon with him made the situation even better.
“Where’s Lenny?” Keith asked.
“We were short on rides today,” Aiden replied. He didn’t miss the fact that Keith had inquired about the whereabouts of Lenny instead of both twins.
Larry’s gamble to save his best pitcher paid off. It was not the first time he had used that strategy. While it hadn’t always worked, it had been successful about two-thirds of the time, which made it a worthwhile gamble. Since the Mustangs were undefeated in the tournament and the Royals had one loss, if the Mustangs won this game they would advance to the State Regionals the next weekend. The Royals would have to win not only this game but the following “If” game to advance.
Mark Elder, who was a junior, pitched five innings and the Mustangs had another one-sided win over their rivals. This time the score was 10-4.
After the game Phil took Aiden and Nolan out to lunch at the Centerville Café. A phone call after they finished eating verified that Nolan’s parents were home. “Coming out” time had arrived. Larry returned to Mayfield on the team bus with the Mustangs.
Phil and the boys arrived at Nolan’s house fifteen minutes after the phone call. The three of them entered through the front door and were welcomed by Nolan’s father.
“It’s great to see you again,” Paul Moyer told Phil as the two men shook hands. Nolan’s mother, Vivian, came out of the kitchen and greeted everyone. “Thanks for having Nolan for the weekend. Paul and I enjoyed our time at the Hot Springs.”
“It was our pleasure,” Phil said. “He didn’t spend much time at our house since we had a busy weekend of Mustang baseball.”
“How did today’s game come out?”
“The Mayfield Mustangs are the Southwest District champions,” Phil grinned. “Next weekend will be State Regionals against an as yet unknown opponent.”
“Would you and Aiden like to stay for dinner?” Vivian asked after Phil accepted Paul and Vivian’s congratulations.
“Sorry, but I will have to turn down your kind offer.  As soon as Nolan and Aiden have a chat with the two of you, Aiden and I will be meeting Larry and going to dinner to celebrate the big win.”
“Did the boys get into some kind of trouble?” Vivian asked with a concerned look.
“Not at all. The boys were wonderful all weekend. Nolan and Aiden have something on their minds they would like to discuss with you.”
“Well, then, let’s go into the den and discuss whatever it is,” Paul said.
“I’ll wait out here in the living room. I already know what they have to say. The boys want this to be between them and the two of you.”
Paul had a pretty good idea of what the subject of the conversation was going to be. He hadn’t expected it this early in the boys’ relationship, but from what he’d seen between the two of them, he also wasn’t very surprised that the time had come for them to come out.
Paul and Vivian sat on the couch in the end, while Aiden and Nolan sat together in the love seat. The boys had discussed if and how they were going to touch. They decided to not touch to start and go with what felt right as they went along.
“What is this big news you want to tell us about?” Vivian asked. She and Paul had discussed his feeling that there was more going on between the boys than a simple close friendship. Unlike Paul, she didn’t want to believe it. Although she now suspected her husband might be right, she was hoping that the topic would be on another subject entirely. She was wishing for a harmless subject like maybe going to two weeks of baseball camp.
Aiden and Nolan had agreed to get right to the subject. Since the discussion was with Nolan’s parents, it was agreed that Nolan would take the lead.
“Mom and dad, you guys know that me and Aiden are best friends and all.” Nerves had Nolan reverting to playground language. Paul and Vivian glanced at each other. They knew exactly where this was going and were thankful that they had discussed the topic prior to this conversation. “You see, we’re kinda like boyfriends.”
“What is a kinda like boyfriend?” Paul asked in judgelike fashion. “Tell us exactly what you are.”
Nolan sputtered, afraid his dad was about to turn against him. Aiden decided to say what Nolan was afraid to say. “Nolan means, we are boyfriends.”
“You mean you’re gay boyfriends?”
This time Aiden and Nolan exchanged glances. They were ready for this question and now that the toughest part had been said, Nolan took over again. “Dad, we don’t know if we’re gay. Aiden’s dads said we’re too young to be totally sure, so we shouldn’t be worrying about it.” Nolan put his right hand around Aiden’s left hand. “All we know is that we’re boyfriends and we love each other.”
“You’re twelve,” Nolan’s mother said. “What do you know about love? How do you know you love each other?” Paul glared at Vivian.
“Because we do.”
“That’s not knowing.”
“How do you know you love dad?”
After a long pause, Vivian replied quietly, “The reasons are so many, I couldn’t begin to list them. Love is love.”
Aiden squeezed Nolan’s hand and said, “Yep, we love each other because love is love and we just know it. I’m always happier when I’m with Nolan.”
“And I’m always happier when I’m with Aiden.”
“And that’s why we love each other,” they said in unison. They looked at each other and giggled, wondering how they had just pulled that off.
“Son, I accept you as you are,” Paul said. “I love you unconditionally. Aiden, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole boyfriend thing, but I do know that Nolan’s happiness is paramount with me. I don’t think he could have found a finer person for a boyfriend. You make him happy, and for that I love you and accept you as a part of my family.”
It was then they noticed that Vivian was crying. “You love each other because you make each other happy. I don’t care if you’re twelve or ninety-two, that is love.” She wiped her cheeks and then blew her nose into a handkerchief.
“I know you think I’ve held on to you too tightly, Nolan, but also know that I love you unconditionally. Like your father, I don’t know if I like this boyfriend business, but I won’t stand in your way of being happy.” She looked straight at Aiden. “But, Aiden Miller, don’t you DARE ever do anything intentionally to make my son unhappy. I understand that life happens and sometimes disagreements happen, but if you love each other you will work through it.”
“I love Nolan, Mrs. Moyer, and I will always love him and want him to be happy.”
“Does that mean that you plan on this relationship to last for the rest of your lives?” Paul asked.
“We don’t know. My dads say what Mrs. Moyer told us. We’re young and a lot can happen. A girl could come into my life or into Nolan’s life or maybe even another boy, plus we live in different towns. What my dads said is do things a day at a time which is easier than trying to do it for who knows how many years.”
“Your dads are wise men. There are some who might say your dads recruited you two into the gay world. I’m not one of those. I know the goodness of your dads and how they’ve raised you into the fine young man you are. My feelings echo theirs.”
“As do mine,” Vivian said. “I love you both.”
Nolan let go of Aiden’s hand and rose from the love seat. He went to his mother, sat next to her, and gave her a loving hug. He then moved down the couch and hugged his dad. Aiden followed him and hugged them as well. “Dad, come in here,” Aiden called out when he finished.
Phil entered the room and saw a combination of tears and smiles. He was instantly set upon by two pubescent boys and given joint hugs. “I’m part of the Moyer family,” Aiden grinned.
Phil looked down at his smiling son and congratulated him. “Which makes Nolan part of the Miller family. We love you Nolan.” Aiden was hoping Phil would ruffle Nolan’s hair and was disappointed he didn’t.
After some more hugs and discussion, Paul said, “Nolan’s mother and I want to talk to Phil for a few minutes. We’ll be talking with Larry very soon, too, I’m sure. While we talk some parent talk, how about you boys going up to Nolan’s room or down to the train room.”
The boys elected to go up. The second the door to Nolan’s room was closed they exchanged long, hard kisses, deep kisses. “That went better than I thought,” Nolan said breathlessly.
“Your mom was pretty good about it,” Aiden agreed.
“I think she and dad did some talking. Like your dads told us, we weren’t fooling my dad and he got mom ready for us.”
“How much time do you think we have?”
“Not much. Mom had dinner cooking and you’ve got a half-hour or so drive to get home and pick up your pop. I wish we had a lot of time.”
“Me, too,” Aiden said as he unbuttoned and unzipped Nolan’s jeans. “I want you to, fuck me…um…don’t say it…I want you to make love to me.” Aiden wriggled his hand inside the pee slit and fondled Nolan’s rock-hard cock.
“They never asked us about sex,” Nolan said.
“I bet you’re going to get a lecture about it soon. I’ve had plenty of them from my dads. I mean, think about it, they do have to act like parents even if you and me already know what’s going on and what to do and what not to do.”
“I just hope they don’t tell us we can’t have sex.” Aiden pulled Nolan’s cock out of his boxers and started masturbating him with one hand while Nolan opened Aiden’s pants and fondled him through his white briefs.
“You know your dads won’t tell us that, because they know we’re doing it. I don’t think my dad cares and I bet he tells mom his boys-will-be-boys line for the zillionth time and she won’t stop us. She’ll set rules about where we can do it, and maybe to not kiss in front of her, or whatever she can think of, but she won’t stop us.”
“They could stop our overnights and stop us from sleeping together and…”
“When did you become a big worry wart?”
“About ten minutes ago. But let’s quit talking and get each other off before we get called downstairs.”
The boys pulled their underpants and pants down to their ankles. Nolan grabbed a towel out of his bottom dresser drawer and the boys dropped onto Nolan’s bed. They kissed, trading tongue and spit, as they masturbated each other. In the manner of hormonal young adolescent boys, they pulled themselves from one of the most serious talks of their lives to putting each other over the top. Nolan shot first, his white cum standing out on the dark green towel. Thirty seconds later, Aiden’s lighter emission landed next to his lover’s.
“Boys, come down please, we have one last thing to talk about,” Vivian called out.
“For once we got called after we came instead of in the middle of something,” Aiden giggled as Nolan shoved the towel into the dirty clothes hamper.
“I’m glad we did what we did, because I think this talk is going to be about sex, just like we were saying,” Nolan said. The boys pulled up their pants, wiped off their slimy faces, straightened their shirts, and went downstairs for the next serious talk.
Drake had a quiet fifteenth birthday. Most of the kids he knew from before he started his program were low-lifes and he wanted nothing to do with them. The feeling was mutual, since Drake had been just somebody to get drunk and stoned with more than he had been a friend, which was exactly the way he had seen them.
He invited Chase and Dillon, as well as Max Walker, a thirteen-year-old he met in AA. Max would turn fourteen in July. The two had hit it off, especially when they learned they both leaned to the gay side. They hadn’t had any kind of sex and agreed that right now they needed to put their energy into their sobriety instead of into a relationship; at least that was what their sponsors, among others, told them. For now, they agreed.
Max had lived an even wilder life than Drake. But they both had found good role models, supportive adults, and kids at the meetings who helped them learn to be sober. Max had been drinking since he was eight and using weed and some stronger stuff from age nine. He had been sober for almost a year.
Drake had also invited Sammy and David, knowing they couldn’t come. But he wanted them to know he would have loved having them at his mini-party had it been possible. Sammy emailed Drake an E-card and suggested he take the train down for a visit after school was out. “Peter Astor has a little thing for you,” Sammy noted. “I think I might too LOL”
Natalie made up a big pot of spaghetti and meat balls at Drake’s request. Drake was pleased that Chase, Dillon, and Max liked each other. Chase suggested they have an overnight at his house soon. Life kept looking better and better from Drake’s perspective.
Keegan, who was Chase’s uncle, was a gracious host. He enjoyed the company of the young teens. It was especially fulfilling since two of them were working hard on their AA program, his nephew had yet to drink or use drugs, and the same was apparently true of his nephew’s very cute boyfriend.
The cake was store bought with special icing wishing Drake a Happy 15th Birthday. Drake thought it was the best cake and ice cream he had ever had. This was the first birthday since he was nine that he wasn’t drunk, stoned, or both. He couldn’t remember his birthday cakes, although he knew he had had some. Funny how much better everything was when you could taste it all and enjoy it all and have three friends whom he liked a lot enjoy it with him. It was even better with Natalie and Keegan being just like real parents to him. His party wasn’t big, but it was very very special, which made this a very Happy 15th Birthday.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Aiden and Nolan sat in the loveseat again. Before they left Nolan’s bedroom, they agreed not to hold hands. It was an agreement easier said than done; Aiden’s left hand and Nolan’s right hand were just a couple of inches from each other.
Judge Moyer opened the session. “Nolan’s mother, Aiden’s father, and I think it is important we discuss the ‘S’ word. I’m certain you know what that word is.”
Stupid was the ‘S’ word that popped up in Aiden’s mind. Had he been talking with just his dads he might have said it, but right now the last thing he wanted to do was anger Nolan’s father. Aiden was also intimidated by the word ‘Judge’ that came before Paul Moyer’s name.
“I’m not going to ask you if you’ve been sexually active,” Nolan’s father said. “I’m going to assume that as two, healthy, pubescent boys who have been in a lot of close contact, you have been active sexually. If I am wrong in that assumption, feel free to tell me.”
Aiden and Nolan realized they had just been boxed into a corner. If they said nothing that would be tantamount to confessing their sins, and if they denied messing around, they’d be lying. The way they saw it they’d be in the wrong no matter what they did. To Aiden, Paul had sounded much more like the judge he remembered from his hearings than like Nolan’s father, and the position he had put them in proved it. Aiden grabbed Nolan’s hand, not caring who saw it happen.
Phil could see the boys’ discomfort, especially when they grabbed each other’s hands, and came to their rescue. “Boys, we truly understand if you guys are messing around. Like Paul said, we understand. You don’t need to admit to anything either way. What we want to do is set some ground rules to help ensure that nobody gets hurt.”
The boys relaxed a little but kept holding hands. The rules were almost word-for-word what Aiden had been told by his dads since he was nine. Aiden and Nolan had agreed to make those rules their rules.
“We’re good with all that,” Nolan finally said as his mother rambled on about, “No meaning No”. “It’s what Aiden and I agreed to when we decided to be boyfriends. Nobody makes anybody do anything and like mom said, no means no.”
There was one curveball thrown at them however. “You’re a bit young for this now,” Paul said, “but as you boys grow you might decide to see what intercourse is about. We hope you don’t go that route, especially now with you being so young. But if you do begin thinking about intercourse, we hope you’ll talk it over with us as your parents before you do anything.”
“Intercourse? Isn’t that between a boy and a girl?” Aiden asked innocently. He knew that sexual intercourse happened between a boy and a girl, but he hadn’t heard the term used with two boys involved.
“I know you’ve heard about anal intercourse,” Phil said.
“Oh, that,” Nolan replied. “Yeah, we know what that is.” Aiden and Nolan knew it better as butt fucking or cornholing.
Aiden felt Nolan squeeze his hand tighter. Seeing as they had already had “anal intercourse” they decided it was a bit late to start a discussion. Aiden thought that maybe when Nolan was ready to be the bottom, they’d mention something, but he doubted it. Fucking was their business, not their parents’.
After a bit more chat that was adding nothing new to the discussion, the session broke up. The boys stopped holding hands and stood up, happy that nobody had brought up the handholding. Hugs were exchanged between the boys and each parent.
Aiden and Nolan hugged, and Nolan followed Phil out to the car. Before the day was over, Nolan and Aiden agreed through texting to discuss the whole “discussing intercourse” business. Neither one of them had been happy about being made to all but confess to being sexually active and to going all the way. That discomfort made them unsure if they wanted to have any further discussion with their parents.
That evening at the celebratory dinner, Larry and Phil chatted with Aiden. Aiden brought up how he and Nolan felt about being made to all but confess their sexual activity. “It’s our business and we shouldn’t be almost forced to tell it, and besides, I kept thinking Nolan’s mom was giving me dirty looks once she figured out what we were doing.”
“First, thank you for being upfront just now about you and Nolan and sex,” Larry said. “Your dad and I appreciate your trust.”
“You’ve never made me say that I mess around. I know you know I do, but you never made me say it. Nolan’s dad pretty much made us say it.”
“Son, I think he got too far into his judge mode and got out of his dad mode,” Phil said. “Paul is a good father and the fact he and Nolan’s mom didn’t try to stop the friendship between you two says that. He just wasn’t sure how to handle the topic, even though I know he’d thought about it a lot.”
“I love you guys,” Aiden said. “And thanks for standing up for us, dad.”
A half hour later, Aiden received a phone call from Paul Moyer. He apologized to Aiden for putting him on the spot. “I know it was the wrong thing to do, and Nolan’s mother told me as much. She just wanted to set some parameters and not get too deep into your business, unless someone got hurt. I feel the same even if it didn’t look that way. Nolan’s accepted my apology and I hope you will as well.”
“Yes, sir, Mr. Moyer, I accept your apology. I felt a little scared then, but I feel way better now. I was afraid you’d make Nolan and me break up or something.”
“Son, that’s not going to happen. I meant what I had said earlier. You’re a part of our family and we love you. I made a mistake and am happy you can forgive me.”
“When can we spend the night together again?”
“Nolan asked me the same question,” Paul chuckled. “I’ll tell you what I told him. There’s a lot of baseball going on, especially the next two weeks. Your school season is ending, you’re both starting practices for your summer team, your father has Regionals next weekend. We’ll figure something as soon as we can, fair enough?” 
“Yeah,” Aiden answered. What he wanted was a definitive answer, but that wasn’t going to happen right then. “Can I talk with Nolan?”
“He’s waiting right here.”
The boys didn’t hang up until forty-five minutes later as they discussed the entire coming out from beginning to end. When they finally hung up, they agreed that everything seemed okay as far as the parent department was concerned and that they loved each other totally and completely and absolutely.
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