Emerald City Boys

Chapter 11-Facing the Past

When Justin and Marco wandered naked into the living room hunting for breakfast, they found Mike sitting on his recliner reading the Sunday paper. Mike was wearing black lounge pants with scattered drawings of waffles on them and a white tee shirt with the picture of a donkey on the chest. He also had a smile on his face.
“Why are you smiling, Daddy?” Justin asked.
“Good morning, son,” Mike responded.
“Oh, yeah. Good morning, Daddy and why are you smiling.”
“Because I’m happy to see you and Marco this morning in your matching clothing.”
“Think about it.”
Justin looked at his naked friend and then looked down at his own naked body. He broke out into a grin and said, “I get it. Birthday suits like on Nude Year.”
“Plus, I’m reading the best part of the newspaper,” Mike added.
“He means the comics,” Justin told Marco.
“It’s the only part of the paper I totally believe.”
“Is he serious?” Marco asked.
“You gotta ask him. All I know is we both like the Sunday comics and I really like it when we read them together. I usually sit next to him on his recliner but there’s not room for both of us, so let’s sit on the couch.” The boys sat side by side on the big sofa. Justin was hoping Mike would join him and Marco so they could all read the comics together and was disappointed when his daddy didn’t budge from his recliner.
“Papa Dawg should be coming to make breakfast in a few minutes. Why don’t you and Marco give him a head start by mixing some pancake batter,” Mike said.
“We’ll do it. Making pancakes is even better than reading the comics.” He and Marco jumped up from the couch and started toward the kitchen.
“Don’t forget to wash your hands and make sure you put aprons on,” Mike reminded them. He felt like a nag, but knew it was a necessary reminder. He also felt a tug of guilt for not reading the comics with the boys, but while he felt comfortable with Marco being naked, he didn’t think it appropriate that he sit next to him when he was nude. Justin was a different story because Justin was family and knew what the rules were and that his Daddy Donkey would never violate them.
Ryan had taught Justin how much batter to mix for a family breakfast and how much more he should stir up for each boy who was visiting. Justin had the feeling Ryan would show up soon and started heating the griddle when he finished mixing.
“Do you want to help pour the pancakes on the griddle when we start?” Justin asked Marco.
Marco grinned and nodded yes. He had helped his mother as well as Justin and Ryan, so he knew how to pour perfect pancakes. “When are we starting?” he asked.
Justin heard Ryan’s voice coming from the living room. “I think we’re going to start really soon,” he replied.
“Good morning, boys,” Ryan said when he entered the kitchen. “It looks like you two are ready to cook.”
“Yep, as soon as you say, ‘Go’.”
“Well, then I’ll get the Donkey to set the table and take care of the juice and condiments. I’ll also heat up the sausage.” Ryan wanted to teach Justin how to work the juice, condiments, and other items to cook, like bacon or sausage, into his routine, but he felt he wasn’t ready yet for that part of the culinary juggling act.
It didn’t take long for pancakes to be stacked on a serving plate and soon the two men and two boys were settled in at the table attacking the pancake breakfast. Ryan was getting used to having naked boys sit at the table to eat, although he wondered how acceptable he would find it when the boys hit puberty and had perpetual erections.
Because the boys did most of the cooking, Mike and Ryan took care of the cleanup. Marco and Justin headed to Justin’s bathroom to shower. Since they were already naked, all Justin had to do was set the water to an agreeable temperature. As soon as the mission was accomplished the two preteens climbed into the shower and quickly began washing each other.
When Justin washed Marco’s cocklet, he was happy that he managed to give his best friend an almost instant boner. Justin was surprised by how badly he wanted to put Marco’s boner into his mouth, but he stuck to his guns and ignored the urge, even though the idea of doing it gave him an erection as well. His desire brought on a flash of him and Skip in bed together at Aiden’s house making him think even more about giving his best friend a blow job.
“We got boners,” Marco said just in case Justin hadn’t noticed, which was unlikely since Justin was rubbing Marco’s little nail.
“Yeah,” Justin agreed. “But we better finish up and get out, so you’re dressed when your mom and dad pick you up and I’m dressed and ready to go see Marty and the Mariners play.”
“You’re right,” Marco said in a disappointed voice.
“Next time we can do more,” Justin told his friend.
“Pinky swear.” Justin held out his right pinky and the boys sealed the bargain with the sacred oath.
Justin didn’t dress for the Mariner game until after Marco was picked up. He wore his plain blue t-shirt and pajama pants until then. As soon as Marco left, he dressed for the game. 
“You look sharp and ready for baseball,” Mike told Justin when he came into the living room wearing a green Mariner t-shirt with Carlson and #20 on the back. He had a blue Mariner cap with a green bill on his head.
“I’m ready for baseball,” Justin grinned. “When are we going?”
“Not for another half hour. Relax and watch the Red Sox and Blue Jays game until then.”
“But I don’t care about the Red Sox and Blue Jays.”
“Watch them anyway, you might learn something,” Mike told him.
Justin sat on the sofa reluctantly. It didn’t take him long to get interested in the game. It was baseball, after all.
<T-Mobile Park>
Justin was having a problem sitting still in the back seat of the car as Ryan drove to the Northgate Mall. “It’s a good thing he’s buckled in back there or he would bounce right out of the car,” Ryan told Mike, who was riding shotgun.
Justin overheard the comment and said, “No, I wouldn’t because that would be dumb. And what would you do if you were going to T-Mobile to watch Marty and the Mariners play against the Cubs?”
“Well, it just so happens that I am going to T-Mobile Park to watch the Mariners and Marty play the Cubs,” Mike said, “and I am not bouncing in my seat. And believe me, if a donkey was bouncing in the front seat of this car, you would know it. And the Dawg is doing the same thing and he isn’t bouncing either.”
“But he can’t bounce because he is driving the car,” Justin pointed out.
Ryan turned into the parking lot. “One more thing to consider,” Mike said. “Instead of saying Marty and the Mariners, how about remembering that team comes first and say the Mariners and Marty.”
“I have to say Marty first because he’s Marty.”
“Let me put it this way, then. Which way do you think Marty would want you to say it?”
Justin thought for a moment as Ryan entered a parking spot. “He would want the Mariners first,” Justin answered quietly.
“So how are you going to say it from now on?”
“I’ll try to say the Mariners and Marty unless I forget and get it backwards.”
“That’s a good start,” Mike nodded.
“Or I could just call them the M and Ms.”
“You could, but that would make you hungry.”
“Not if I have a bag of them in my pocket.”
The family left the car and walked to the underground light rail station where they would catch the train to the Stadium Station stop. The stop was a couple of blocks from the ballpark. Mike and Ryan felt it was easier and quicker, not to mention cheaper, to squeeze onto one of the light rail trains than to drive to the ballpark and pay for parking.
After getting off the train at the Stadium Station, they walked up Royal Brougham Boulevard to the ballpark. Justin thought about asserting his independence and walking on his own, but the river of people flowing to the stadium made him nervous, so he grabbed Ryan’s hand and held tightly. Ryan was surprised and pleased that Justin had picked his hand to hold over Mike’s, but Justin had done it for a practical reason—Ryan’s hand was closer. Mike had seen the nervous look on Justin’s face and suspected his son might look for a hand to hold. He intentionally held back a little so Justin would have to grab a Dawg paw instead of a Donkey hoof. Mike smiled as he followed his husband and his son; the two were such opposites and yet loved each other totally and unconditionally.
Of course, they purchased Mariner dogs, sodas, and garlic fries on the way to their seats. “Why did you get four hot dogs for three people?” Justin asked Mike after doing the math.
“Because your Donkey Daddy feels he will end up on the brink of starvation if he has only one hot dog at a baseball game,” Ryan answered for his husband.
“What does he do when he’s coaching.”
The Donkey took that question. “He starves.” 
Justin found one of the big Mariner dogs covered with mustard and a few fistfuls of garlic fries to be plenty.
The game was an exciting one. The Mariners jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first inning, were behind 5-3 after four innings, and took a 6-5 lead in the seventh on Marty’s two run double, which elicited a long, loud, screeching cheer from Justin. The Cubs came back to tie the game at 6-6 in the top of the eighth only to have left fielder Wade Whalen hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth. Mario Diaz, the Mariner closer threw a 1-2-3 ninth, striking out two to earn a save, and the Mariners had an 8-6 win.
Justin went home a happy boy. The Mariners won, Marty had a good game at the plate (2-for-4 with a double, a run scored, and two runs batted in) as well as making three routine plays at third along with a lunging stop of a hard-hit grounder to start a double play. Plus, the hot dog, the fries, and the chocolate ice cream cone that Mike claimed he found when he stepped out on the breezeway, were a good addition to the afternoon, although the stew that Ryan had put together the day before for Sunday dinner was a typical delicious treat from his Papa Dawg.
<Justin and Marco>
As much as Justin wanted to tell Marco all about the Mariner game the day before, he sensed that doing so would hurt his friend’s feelings. Justin often was not aware of how his words affected others, but it was different with Marco. He and his friend had become so close as friends that they could often sense how the other was feeling or, as in this case, how he would react to certain situations. It was a big reason why Justin wanted to talk to Aiden about Marco’s feelings regarding oral sex. Neither boy was old enough to understand why they felt what they felt about each other’s feelings, they just knew that they could frequently read how their friend felt. 
After practice, Marne picked up the boys and drove them to her house as she usually did. Justin and Marco knew they wouldn’t have much time together since Ryan texted Marne that he would be picking up Justin in a half hour or so.
They slipped into Marco’s room and stripped off their practice gear and underwear. Once their shoes were off, they got naked almost instantly. Even though neither preteen was hard, they were horny in their own way. Marco didn’t bring up getting a blow job since he finally began to sense how tense the subject made Justin. Justin didn’t bring it up because he wanted to talk to Aiden about it first.
After admiring and touching each other’s naked bodies, the two enjoyed a brief, but wet kiss. “Tony’s going to that big cousin party this weekend, right?” Justin asked.
“Yep. Him and Logan are best friends,” Marco answered. “I wish we could go, but it’s for brothers and cousins and their friends.”
“Tony’s your brother,” Justin pointed out.
“I know, but he’s going because he’s Logan’s friend, not because he’s anybody’s brother.”
“That’s dumb. Why can’t they just have a party that other people can go to?”
“Because the Miller brothers started it, I guess.”
Justin looked at Marco’s desk clock. “I guess I better get dressed before my Papa Dawg gets here.” He heard the front door close and voices from the living room. “That must be him.”
Instead, it was Tony arriving home from baseball practice instead of Ryan. He knocked on Marco’s door and Marco told him to come in.
“Well, what a big surprise,” Tony smirked as he shut the bedroom door behind him. “You guys are naked on Marco’s bed. Who would have ever guessed that happening?”
“Stop being a dip dong,” Marco told his brother.
“What’s a dip dong?” Justin asked.
“It’s a dip shit,” Tony replied.
“I gotta remember that. Dip dong, “Justin repeated. “That will save me a few quarters.” He checked the clock again. “I better be getting dressed.” He picked his underpants off the floor and started dressing.
“I bet your Dawg Pop has seen you naked.”
“Well, yeah, but I’m worried he’ll be mad because I’m not ready to go.” He pulled his shirt over his head and straightened it out once he had it on. “Aiden’s coming to that big party this weekend, right?”
“Right. He’s a Miller cousin.”
“Do you think there is some way I can talk to him while he’s here? I promise to stay just long enough to ask him a question and then I hope he answers it.”
“I’ll ask Logan in school tomorrow, and we’ll let you know.”
“Okay, thanks.” Except for his shoes, Justin was now dressed. When Ryan arrived a couple of minutes later, he was ready to go home.
“Don’t forget to ask,” Justin told Tony as he left.
“No worries.”
“Ask about what?” Ryan asked Justin as they walked to the car.
Ryan thought Justin was still too young to give the standard noncommittal answer of an adolescent, but he let it ride—this time.
Tony returned to Marco’s room. “How does a sixty-nine sound after dinner and we have our homework done?”
“It sounds like fun,” Marco grinned.
Two hours later the brothers did just that; they had fun.
The middle school baseball season was winding down. The Blaine Stingers JV team won their second to last game 7-4 over the Meeker Middle School Pioneers, giving them a 9-2 record. They would be playing the Denny Middle School Cougars on Thursday and would finish in first place if they won. Logan pitched four innings for the win and had a single and a walk in three trips to the plate. Madison had two doubles and three RBI. The varsity won the game over Meeker 5-3. Eddie and Curt each had singles and Eddie also threw out two runners trying to steal second.
Tony went hitless in his game for Jane Addams, but the team defeated Hamilton 8-2.
Pierce was also playing his second to last game of the season. He had a double and two singles in four at-bats as Whittier defeated St. Charles 12-5 in the Olympic League, which consisted of private middle schools in the Seattle area.
The Lake City Jammers were playing their first home game in a game that started at 5:30. They were facing the Magnolia Emeralds at the Lake City baseball park. Justin and Marco didn’t know it, but Chase and Logan had each played their first game of “real” baseball for the Emeralds when they were starting out.
Karl was the starting pitcher and pitched three innings of shutout ball. The Jammers led 6-0 when Rick Butler replaced him. Rick gave up two runs in his three innings, but the Jammers scored three, with the help of Justin’s two run triple, to win 9-2. Justin scored on a wild pitch after hitting the triple. Because the Jammers would be playing again the next day, Coach Wood didn’t pitch Justin so he could start the next day. He slated Marco, Lewis Jackson, and Casey Michaels to throw an inning each in that game.
Coach Wood told the team after the game that he was pleased how they bounced back from their loss to put together their best game of the young season. The Jammers were ready to make it two in a row the next day.
As he usually did after baseball practice, Pierce went to the Metro bus stop on the street in front of his middle school. He had to cross the street to catch the bus going to Magnolia. The bus ran every half hour, and the next one was due in fifteen minutes. Sometimes Walker picked up Pierce after practice if his schedule allowed it, otherwise Pierce rode the bus.
The bus stop had a bench and Pierce plunked his ass on the hard metal. Practice hadn’t been particularly difficult, but it did involve standing all the way through it. Pierce thought about his game the next day which would be against Lynwood Academy at home. Both teams had 6-3 records and were a game behind St. Leo’s, who was in first. The season was winding down which made this a big game. Then his mind shifted to the Cousin Dozen which would be starting on Friday. He wondered what kind of sexy things he and Drake would be able to do together with Drake’s cousins and their friends.  
Pierce stood to stretch and get his ass off the metal bench for a moment. He saw a nice-looking silver Jaguar coming up the road. Whoever is driving that car must have some serious bucks, he thought. He tried to peer into the car windows to see if he could make out the driver, but they were too darkly tinted to make anything out. He sat back down and checked the time on his phone and was pleased to see that over ten minutes had passed since he had arrived at the stop. Three other players normally rode his bus, but today they were all picked up by the mother of Cole, who was one of the three. Two other players rode the Metro, but they lived in the opposite direction and had made it to the stop just in time to board their bus.
As he looked up the street to see if his bus was coming, Pierce noticed that the Jag had circled the block. He figured the driver must have missed a turn and was circling back. He was surprised when the car made a right turn and returned in his direction. He was even more surprised when the car pulled up to the bus stop. The driver opened the passenger side window and signaled for Pierce to approach the car. Pierce did not feel good about the situation and stayed on the bench.
“Hey, Blue, you won’t make any cash sitting on your ass,” came the voice of a man. Right away, Pierce knew why the man had circled around the block—he was a former trick. This was one of his bad dreams coming true.
“I’m sorry, are you lost or something?” Pierce asked, feigning politeness.
The man opened the driver’s door, exited the car, and scurried around the front before traffic caught up to him. Pierce thought the man was maybe in his mid-thirties and remembered being picked by him up by him a couple of months before he met Walker. He remembered he didn’t like the man because he wanted to have rough sex and got irritated when Pierce balked at the idea. The man decided to be satisfied with a hard fuck minus the spanking. Pierce remembered the scene took place in a seedy motel room on Aurora Boulevard. He recalled how it all played out, including his thinking that the man was a lousy top. He could recollect everything about the night except for the trick’s name.   
“I was lost until I found you,” the man smirked. “You ready to make a pile of cash? I’ll pay double your usual rate if you let me give you a good whupping while I fuck your beautiful ass. Is it still as tight as it was the first time I took it?”
Pierce didn’t like how this was playing out and decided to fake making a 9-1-1 call, hoping that would scare the man off. He reached for his phone and pulled it out of his pocket, making sure the man saw it.
“You got me mixed up with somebody else.” He glanced to his left and saw his bus coming up the road and was relieved to be saved by the bell, so to speak. He kept his phone in his left hand and picked up his equipment bag and backpack with his right. 
“That’s my bus coming, and you might want to move your car out of the way, asshole, so I can get on because if you don’t, I’m punching my panic button.”
The man opened his driver’s door and glanced over the roof of the car. “You don’t fool me, punk. You might have found some sugar daddy to feed you and give you nice clothes, but you know you want the cash and a bigger cock than he has up your ass.” He quickly ducked into his car and peeled away from the bus stop as the bus came up behind him, horn honking. 
Pierce boarded the bus, pleased to see that Edgar, the regular driver, was at the wheel. He tapped his Orca card and took the seat across the aisle and a bit back from the driver’s area. He knew that he would have to leave the seat if a handicapped individual or a senior citizen needed it, but that didn’t happen often.
“Good to see you, Pierce,” Edgar said as he pulled away from the curb.
“You too, Edgar,” Pierce responded.
“Was the driver of that Jag somebody you knew?”
“No. He thought he knew me and was being kind of a jerk about it.”
“I noticed you had your phone out—I take it you were a bit concerned.”
“I was just being on the safe side.”
“You’re a smart kid. I wish my boy had the same smarts as you. He probably does, but it’s hard to get any smarter when you already know everything,” Edgar chuckled. “So, big game tomorrow, right?”
“Yep. And then a four-day weekend. And next week is the last week of the season, and I may not see you again.”
“Promise me this, kiddo. After your season is over and before school is out, figure out a way to ride my bus once. I want a last reminder before summer vacation arrives that teenagers can think successfully, so I can pass the message on to Kyle.” Kyle was Edgar’s fourteen-year-old son.
“Edgar, I’m not that much different from your son,” Pierce said a bit defensively.
“You are and you’re not.”
“Spoken like a dad.”
Edgar returned the grin in spirit since he was looking out of the bus’s windshield. Edgar’s end of the conversation had been directed to the windshield as much as to Pierce. Edgar turned the bus onto a four-lane road and Pierce knew their conversation would be on hold for a while. The road was tricky and required all the driver’s concentration.
After Edgar turned the bus into the Magnolia neighborhood, he made a stop and then they continued on the route to Magnolia Village, an upscale business district consisting mostly of restaurants and small shops.  “Tell Kyle if he makes his day the best he can and has a plan to do that he’ll do great,” Pierce told his friend as the bus entered the Magnolia Village business district.
“Where did you learn that bit of wisdom?” Edgar asked.
“From my boyfriend, Drake.”
“Okay, then you have a wise boyfriend.”
After the bus came to the Village stop, Pierce got up to exit the bus. “Good luck in your game tomorrow and do your best to have…no…no make your weekend a great one,” Edgar said.
“You’re learning,” Pierce grinned. “See you next week.”
Pierce exited the bus and looked around to see if a silver Jaguar had followed him. He didn’t see a sign of it and started out on the six block walk home. The business district was compact in size and the high-end neighborhood he lived in was about a half-mile away. As soon as he crossed the two-lane arterial and through a small park that acted as a buffer, he was in his hood. On the walk home the name of the Jaguar driver popped into Pierce’s head. It was Burt, or at least so he said.
After entering the house, Pierce checked his phone for texts and saw one from his dad saying he would be home by five-forty-five and would bring enchiladas from Tacos Guaymas for dinner. Pierce knew the dinner would come with a salad, or he would have tossed one. He got a couple of sodas out of the fridge and set plates, silverware, and napkins out. He quickly had the dining room prepped for dinner.
When Walker came home, he asked Pierce about his day at school and practice. After they got seated at the table and were eating, Pierce decided to tell his dad about Burt.
“And he thought you were standing at the bus stop waiting for some trick to pick you up?” Walker asked.
“That’s what it sounded like,” Pierce responded. “I’m sure it was wishful thinking. You know what those metal seats at the stops are like—you can only sit on them for so long before your ass tells you to stand up. So, I did. I guess my timing was bad.”
“It had nothing to do with timing and everything to do with this Burt guy being an asshole.”
“That’s exactly what I called him,” Pierce giggled.
“I like it.”
“He said you were my Sugar Daddy.”
“That guy’s a total asshole.”
“You’re not my Sugar Daddy,” Pierce said seriously. “You’re my DAD and I love you more than anything in the world. I didn’t tell Burt that but that’s how it is.”
“You’re my son and I love you more than anything in the world, too.”
“What do I do if I see him again?”
Walker’s face turned deadly serious. “Get out your phone and if he doesn’t drive off, then he’s obviously stalking you. Don’t be afraid to hit 9-1-1 and report a stalking. Make sure he hears you. I’m going to do my best to meet you after your practices next week, but as you know that’s easier said than done. Call me as soon as you can, too, because if he does show I’m dropping everything.”
“Thanks dad. You’re the best. Now, after we clean up how about a chess game?”
“No homework?”
“Finished my math. Nothing else is due until after the holiday.”
After Pierce won the chess game, he called his wise boyfriend, Drake. Drake laughed at being called wise. “And here I thought a sixteen-year-old was a wise guy and I end up being called something like a wise guru by a bus driver,” Drake laughed.
“Not just any bus driver,” Pierce said. “A very wise bus driver.”
“Are you ready for the big Cousin Dozen Blowout?”
“You know it. You’re still picking me up after school, right?”
“You got it. Dad doesn’t have to work tomorrow, and he’ll pick you up and drive us to the Seattle Miller house.”
“It’s not like they live so far away from me that we can’t walk there.”
“I know, but this way our chauffeur can drop us off in style.”
“Good point. Love you. See ya tomorrow.”
<Rogers Middle School Field, Des Moines>
While Pierce was dealing with Burt and telling his dad about it, the Lake City Jammers were taking on the Des Moines Sea Lions. Mike and Ryan thought it was weird that Des Moines played in the Seattle Parks League instead of in one of the south county programs. Justin was the starting pitcher for the Jammers and was scheduled to throw three innings. The Jammers scored three in the top of the first inning thanks to a two-run triple by Justin. Justin threw a 1-2-3 first and felt like he was cruising.
That feeling lasted until he gave up two runs in the bottom of the second and learned that you played “real” baseball a batter at a time. The second inning ended with the Jammers up 3-2.
The Jammers scored three more runs in the top of the third. The score was 6-2 when Justin went to the mound in the bottom of the third and threw another shutout inning. He gave up a base hit but struck out the side for a relatively easy inning.
Marco went to the mound in the bottom of the fourth with the score still 6-2. Marco was so nervous he was almost shaking when he faced his first batter and ended up walking him on four pitches. Justin, who was now playing shortstop, trotted to the mound and told his best friend how awesome he looked in practice and to get the next guys out. That is exactly what he did, with a grounder to short, followed by two strikeouts. The Jammers scored a run in the top of the fifth inning. Lewis Jackson gave up a one-out double in the bottom of the inning, but the Sea Lions left the runner stranded on second. The Jammers scored another run in the top of the sixth to make the score 7-2.
Casey Michaels pitched the bottom of the sixth, giving up two runs, and the Jammers ended up with a 7-4 win over the Sea Lions. Coach Wood praised the team for its hard and smart baseball and told them to have a great four-day weekend. He reminded them that their next practice was next Wednesday.
Marco, Joey, Karl, and Justin were looking forward to Friday night when the four of them would be enjoying another sleepover together. Being on the cusp of puberty, Karl was feeling horny just thinking of sleeping with his three teammates again.
Pierce was happy to be playing baseball, especially after his little after practice adventure of the day before. He and Walker had speculated as to whether Burt would attend the game. Pierce said that he didn’t remember saying anything to Burt about going home from baseball practice. His glove was zipped up inside his equipment bag and his bat was locked in his gym locker at school. Nevertheless, Walker kept a lookout for a silver Jaguar in the school parking lot.
Pierce started the game at first base, his favorite position. He knew his coach liked to move players around, saying middle school was about learning the game as much as about winning. That said, he did his best to make sure he put players where they wouldn’t be set up to fail. Pierce liked first base because it had the most action of any position outside of catcher and being in the middle of the action was why he played.
The game was a good one between two evenly matched teams. The Whittier Wildcats won 6-4 over the Lynwood Academy Lynx. It was the battle of the cats, as the players put it. Pierce went two-for-four with a double and two runs scored. He was credited with seven putouts and one assist at first. All-in-all, a good game and one he would have no trouble talking about among all the baseball players who would be at the big Blowout.
Pierce showered after the game as did a couple of his teammates. Most of the players went directly home after Coach Wilson’s post game meeting. Pierce enjoyed showering with teammates so he could enjoy their naked bodies. Nathan Perry was the boy who he crushed on and was his best friend on the team. Pierce often threw him into his masturbation fantasies. His favorite fantasy was a three-way involving Drake, Nathan, and himself. He had a plan that he hoped would soon make that fantasy a reality.
Nathan was a thirteen-year-old eighth grader with well-trimmed blond hair, just a sprinkle of hair in his pubic area, and hairless balls. Pierce liked that Nathan’s balls were hanging and wondered how much cum he produced.   
He was going to see more of Nathan after they showered since Nathan and his parents were going to join him and Walker for dinner at Luigi’s. Pierce thought it was mega-cool that Nathan’s parents were two married lesbians. Nathan’s birth mother, Carrie, was the office manager at Walker’s company. Her official title was Vice President of Operations. His other mother, Patricia, was an attorney in a downtown firm.
After they finished their showers, Pierce and Nathan dressed, grabbed their backpacks and equipment bags, and walked out of the locker room to meet their waiting parents. Pierce congratulated himself on not giving in to his urge to grope Nathan during their shower. What he didn’t know was that Nathan would have welcomed a friendly grope from Pierce—had he asked for permission first.
<Blaine Middle School JV Baseball>
As Pierce’s game was being played, Logan and Madison were the stars of the Blaine Stingers JV team’s 6-1 win over the Denny Middle School Cougars. Madison pitched a complete game, giving up four hits while walking two and striking out nine. It was his third win of the season against one loss. He also had a single and a Double.  Logan hit him home both times. The first time was with a two run-triple in the first, knocking home Madison as well as Cole Grainger. 
The second time was in the sixth inning after Madison doubled. Logan matched Madison’s double with one of his own, scoring Madison for the Cougars’ sixth run. The win over Denny gave the Cougars a final record of 10-2 and first place in the JV league.
The Blaine varsity lost to Denny 6-5, finishing in second place with an 8-4 record. If Blaine had defeated Denny and Madison lost to Addams, then Blaine and Madison would have finished in a tie for first. It didn’t happen that way—not only did Blaine lose its game, but Madison defeated Addams 7-4. The Madison Middle School Bearcats, coached by Mike the Donkey, finished in first with a 10-2 record.
Curt played varsity in his last game of the season, going one-for-three with a single and also walked.  Eddie had an RBI single in the seventh to cut Denny’s lead to 6-5, but his designated runner was thrown out trying to steal second for the last out of the game.
After the game and the celebration, Logan and Madison changed into their street clothes in the locker room. Logan couldn’t help noticing that the nail on Madison’s left big toe was painted light blue and the nail on his right big toe was painted dark green. Logan pointed to Madison’s feet.
“What’s with the toenails?”
“Those are our school colors, dude.”
“Yeah, but why the toenails?”
“Remember a couple weeks ago I told you about that one dude in school who was, like, asking me why I didn’t have red fingernails since I color my hair red?”
Logan nodded. “Yeah. So?”
“I’m not much into painted fingernails on a dude but I see chicks all the time with painted toenails, and I was like I bet I could do that with our school colors. My mom’s got every color of nail polish in the universe so I went ahead and did a paint job. Cool, huh?”
Logan had to agree it was kind of a neat idea, if a bit off the wall - something only Madison would think of.
“Couldn’t you just see it if, like, the whole team painted their toenails this way?” Madison giggled.
Logan looked thoughtful but then shook his head. “I’m not so sure about that.”
“It’d be, like, mega-cool, dude. But I might take these colors off - I want to, like, have a different look for the weekend.” Madison abruptly changed the subject to the Cousin Dozen Blowout. “Curt is going to come to my house at, like, noon and walk with me to your house, right?”
“Right,” Logan confirmed.
“Like I haven’t, like, been to your house before.”
“I think Curt is trying to be a good friend and let you know how happy he is that you’re going to be his partner for the weekend.”
“Well, if that’s why he’s doing it, then I’m gonna, like, have a happy blowout.”
“Or just a happy blow j…?”
“Logan, don’t get nasty.”
“I’m not being nasty,” Logan said innocently. “Wait until tomorrow, then you’ll see nasty.”
“I can’t wait,” Madison grinned.
<Addams Middle School Varsity Baseball>
Ryan picked up Justin and Marco at Meeker Elementary as soon as school let out. They went from there to nearby Addams Middle School to watch the varsity baseball game between the Addams Tigers and the Madison Bearcats. Marco was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to see Tony play since Tony would be playing in the JV game at Madison Middle School.
Even though Justin and Marco would be attending Addams when they reached middle school, they had been rooting for Madison to win the championship for Justin’s Daddy Donkey. They weren’t disappointed. The game was tied 4-4 after seven innings. Madison broke the tie with a three-run top of the eighth to take a 7-4 lead into the bottom of the eighth. Todd Brock, the Bearcats’ best relief pitcher, got the first two batters out, gave up an infield hit, then struck out the last batter for the Seattle Middle School league championship.
They saw Karl at the game. His mom, Louisa, and dad, DK, had picked Karl up at Lake City Elementary, his school. Since DK taught with Mike at Madison, he and Karl would both be rooting for Madison, even though they lived in the Jane Addams district.
As Karl, Marco, and Justin watched the Bearcats celebrating on the field, they told each other that was exactly what they wanted to do someday. Madison didn’t know that with Blaine losing they would have finished first even if they had lost, and they wouldn’t have cared. Madison had won it the right way, with a win, instead of backing into first.
Mike and Ryan had decided that win or lose, dinner that night would be at Luigi’s. Ryan invited DK and Louisa to join them. They quickly accepted the invitation. DK and Louisa received more evidence their boy was growing up when he asked if he could ride to the restaurant with Marco and Justin. The drive from Lake City to Magnolia would take 10-15 minutes and Karl obviously didn’t want to be away from his friends that long just so he could ride with his parents.
Pierce and Nathan’s families rode to Luigi’s in separate cars. On the drive, Walker reported seeing no Jaguars, but cautioned Pierce to be careful and follow the protocols they had agreed on after next week’s practices. “I’ll do exactly as we agreed, Mr. Sugar Daddy,” Pierce grinned.
“I hate Burt for that as much as anything,” Walker grumbled.
“And you should. I know how hard you work to keep my sugar intake under control.”
“You can be a snarky boy, you know.”
“Did my comment raise your snark-o-meter?”
“Something like that,” Walker laughed.
“And hating somebody is not good, as you like to tell me.”
“Except when they deserve it.”
“Whatever you say, Sugar.”
Walker and Pierce arrived at the Village a few minutes ahead of the Perry family. The Perrys had never eaten at Luigi’s and were looking forward to it. Carrie knew it by reputation, but most of what she knew came from her boss raving about it whenever he ate there. The Perry’s lived in the Green Lake neighborhood and didn’t go the Magnolia Village often. When they did, it was to shop at one of the high-end boutiques situated there. As Walker and Pierce waited near the entrance to the restaurant, two young men who appeared to be their late twenties literally stumbled over each other gawking at Pierce.
"I think you just got cruised," Walker said with a chuckle.
"Well, at least it wasn't Burt," Pierce said. The Perrys arrived a short time later and the two families entered the restaurant.
Marne welcomed Walker, Pierce, and the Perrys to the restaurant and handed them menus. She had arrived at the restaurant a few minutes earlier having been at Madison Middle School watching Tony play his last game of the season. Marne seated the group, told them what the special was, and left them to peruse their menus and make their choices.
DK and Louisa were the next to arrive at Luigi’s. Marne greeted them when they entered. Louisa told her they would be meeting Ryan, who would be bringing her son Karl. Marne escorted the couple to the private dining room.
“So, you must be Karl’s mother, since I know Coach DK is his father,” Marne said to Louisa. Louisa nodded. “If your husband hasn’t told you, I am Marco’s mother.” Within a couple of minutes Louisa and Marne had become new best friends.
Pierce had noticed the black couple enter the restaurant and be escorted to the back dining room by Marne. He thought he recognized the black man but couldn't place him.
“Why aren’t you eating with the group?” Marne asked Walker when she returned to take their orders.
“What group?” he replied.
Before Marne could answer, Ryan entered the restaurant with Marco, Karl, and Justin in tow. “That group,” she grinned.
Walker and Pierce recognized Ryan, Marco, and Justin who recognized Walker and Pierce. Not more than ten seconds later, Tony arrived with the whole Miller family: Logan, Curt, Eddie, Chase, Troy, and Susan. It didn’t take long for introductions to be made and for Walker, Pierce and the Perrys to be invited to join the group dinner in the back room.
Mike was the last to arrive since he had to ride the team bus to West Seattle with his celebrating players, and politely accept accolades from the parents gathered at the school to pick up their children. He made his escape as quickly as possible and made the commute from West Seattle to the Magnolia District.
Mike had texted his food order to Ryan before leaving Madison school. He gave an ETA based on experience, which he knew meant little in the jungle of Seattle traffic. Ryan placed Mike’s order about ten minutes after the group arrived and hoped the traffic was its normal mess (or maybe dare he hope—better than usual) through downtown.
It turned out the traffic moved a little better than normal, and Mike arrived five minutes after the last meal had been placed on the table. He had barely removed his Madison Middle School hoodie when his salad arrived. Mike grinned, knowing he was as good as caught up with everyone else.
The chatter was about championships and missed championship. The Blaine Middle School JV and the Madison varsity were the highlights. The near miss by the Blaine varsity was a low point. Chase still had two weeks of baseball left on his high school schedule.
During the dinner, the Perry family raved about the food. “This has to be the best Italian food in the city,” Patricia raved. “Even in a group dinner setting it’s totally delicious. Why haven’t we ever heard of this place?”
“They like being in an out-of-the-way part of the city,” Walker answered. “They enjoy being a small, family run operation.”
Pierce and Nathan sat next to each other. Pierce decided to ask his friend a question that had been brewing in his head ever since he had learned two days ago that he would be eating dinner with Nathan after the game. Pierce had never seen him with a girl other than the usual contact that occurred in school. Like Pierce, Nathan hung mostly with the jocks.
After some baseball and food chatter, Pierce asked the question. “Do you think you could spend a night or two at my house the weekend after our last baseball game? My friend Drake will be there, too.”
“Drake is the kid you know in Kirkland, right?” Nathan asked.
“He’s the one.”
“I’ll have to ask my moms. Want me to do it now or wait until after we get home?”
“It’s up to you, as long as you ask them.” Pierce had already checked on Drake’s plans. Drake had replied he would be free unless his parents decided it was their weekend to be slave drivers.
Nathan conferred with his parents, who then checked with Walker to make sure everything was above board. Carrie and Patricia were happy that their son was making a new friend. He was an outgoing boy at school and on the team but had only one friend who could be considered close, John Keene, one of his teammates. Since John also lived in the Magnolia District, Nathan had little contact outside of school other than texting and phoning. It looked like that was about to change.
For his part, the suspicious side of Walker wondered if Pierce saw Nathan, who was incredibly cute for a young teen, as somebody he and Drake could seduce. He decided to give the boys more credit, understanding that no matter how innocent their motives might be, three horny teen boys on an overnight stood a good chance of having sex, especially when two of them were gay. He thought back to what happened in many of his sleepovers when he was a teen and felt a stirring in his groin. Time to clean up your mind, at least for now, Walker Bledsoe, he told himself.
Marne and Wendy, the regular waitress at Luigi’s, worked hard to serve the back-room crowd. Marne loved the atmosphere in the room. There were seven adults and nine boys who were filling the room with good feelings. Her boys had found a great group of baseball boys to hang out with, plus their parents seemed to be good people. Marne knew her husband Luigi would be thinking about the income they brought to the restaurant, but Marne was more into what the people in the room added to the lives of her and her family. 
Dessert, which was on the house, consisted of various flavors of gelato. Luigi dropped into the backroom where he and Marne thanked everyone for being friends of the family. Even the Perry and the Dansby families, who were at Luigi’s for the first time, felt as if they were friends of the family. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant had won some regular customers with great food and great service. 
After getting home, Pierce texted Drake, telling him that their date with Nathan was set. “should b a fun weekend” Drake texted back, along with a smiley face.
That night Pierce thought about John Keene, who he considered to be his second cutest teammate, Nathan being the cutest. He knew Nathan and John hung out together at school but did nothing together outside of school that he knew of. But then, I don’t see much of John either, Pierce thought. He never rides the bus after practice.
Pierce’s attempts to get together with John after school or on a weekend since they didn’t live far apart, had been politely shunted aside. He thought John to be standoffish. If I can’t get John to do some stuff even though we live less than a mile apart, then Nathan sure wasn’t going to get far since they didn’t even live in the same neighborhood.
All of that was shunted aside as Pierce concentrated on his fantasy. He fucked Drake while next to them Nathan fucked John. After shooting his load over his chest and belly, it occurred to Pierce that he had never seen John naked since he never showered after practice. Well, getting John involved was for another time—his first overnight with Nathan would be the three way he had been imagining all during the baseball season.
<Miller Brothers>
“That dinner was a lot of fun,” Chase said on the short drive home from Luigi’s.
“Yeah, the food was even good,” Eddie added.
“Thanks mom and dad for taking us all there,” Logan said.
“I second the motion,” Curt added.
“All my boys have been heard from,” Susan said. “Since we’re providing lunch and dinner tomorrow for your big shindig, there was no way I was cooking tonight.”
“The dinner was almost like a warmup for the Cousin Dozen Blowout,” Eddie noted.
“Which is going to kick ass…oops, sorry mom…but it will kick ass because of Eddie organizing it like he did,” Logan said.
“Apology accepted,” Susan told her youngest. “We’ll blame it on the excitement.” She had to admit to herself, however, that she was surprised by Logan’s outburst, since he wasn’t prone to outbursts using colorful language.
Troy turned into the Miller driveway. “I just want to say before we get out of the car that I had three brothers who were a mega-help to me with this thing,” Eddie said.
As the boys piled out of the car, Susan asked her husband why he was uncharacteristically quiet. “Because the competition was stiff,” Troy chucked.
“Since when has that stopped you from competing?”
“The boys are excited about this big blowout of theirs, so I figured the best thing I could do is let them blow out some of the building steam.”
Susan stepped out of the car. “A wise decision, as always, sweetheart,” she told her husband before closing the door. Troy then pulled the car into the garage. When Susan entered the house, she listened for signs of adolescent life. She detected it coming from the basement. As soon as she started down the steps, she heard the television. When she reached the bottom, she turned into the home theater where the Mariners were playing on the big screen TV. What she saw in the seats had her shaking her head. Clothes and underwear were strewn about the premises and her four boys were sitting naked in front of the TV.
“Who’s winning?” she asked even though she could see that the Mariners were ahead of the Tigers 5-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning.
“Mooom, you can see that right on the screen,” Logan pointed out.
“I was just checking to see if anyone was paying attention.” She surveyed her four sons and continued. “How is it that I have four sons born into three different families who all inherited the naturist gene?”
“I have a theory that it is because we were all naked when we were born,” Curt answered.
“It’s as good as any, I suppose. Just make sure you pick up your clothes when you head for bed—which will be on-time tonight.”
“Does on-time mean school on time?” Eddie asked.
“Yes, it does. You boys have a LONG weekend coming. I have a feeling you won’t be enjoying a full night’s sleep until your next school night, which isn’t until Monday night. That means you’re going to bed at your school time tonight.”
“But, mom, it’s a four-day week…” Chase started.
“I will brook no argument. In the meantime, enjoy the game. Your dad and I will not bother you unless you don’t head for bed on time.”
“But what if the game isn’t over yet?”
“What about it?”
Chase looked at his mom and knew it was time to quit. “We’ll catch the final score in the morning.”
“Besides, the way the M’s are kicking ass, we should know the winner before the game is over.” This time Logan didn’t look chagrined about his choice of words. He figured it evened the score for the earlier than anticipated bedtime.
Susan gave Logan one of her moderate mother looks and then turned around and headed up the stairs. Just seconds after she left, first baseman Bud Whittier unloaded a long two-run home run in Edgar’s Café making the score 7-1.
“Anybody for turning off the sound and spanking our monkeys?” Chase asked. 
“I saw you trying to hide that boner from Mom,” Curt giggled.
“That was close to embarrassing. Usually, the formula is mom showing up equals boner going flaccid. I thought I hid it okay.”
“Maybe. But I’m willing to bet if I saw it, she saw it.”
“Fuck.” Chase looked down at his groin. “Now it’s disappearing.”
“I want to save all my juice for tomorrow,” Eddie said.
“Is that why you got hard as soon as Chase asked about jerking off?” Logan asked.
“You’re so keyed up if you don’t whack your pud now, you’ll lose your seed in a wet dream tonight, which isn’t near as much fun,” Chase pointed out.
“Good point.”
“Did you guys see that blond sitting next to Pierce in the restaurant?” Chase asked. “I’ve never seen him before. He was hot.”
“For sure,” Eddie said. “We’ll find out who he is tomorrow.”
“Here comes Marty,” Logan announced. “Let’s hold off a couple of minutes while he bats.”
The brothers didn’t have to wait long as Marty grounded out to third on the second pitch to him, ending the inning. Chase picked up the remote and killed the sound. “Last one to cum is a hairless tween,” he challenged.
“Hey, I resemble that statement,” Logan responded. At eleven, Logan was the only one of the four brothers who was not a teen. He was also the only one who was hairless, although Curt didn’t have much. All of them were wet and could shoot their proof of an orgasm.
Trusting their mom’s promise that they would not be disturbed, the brothers got themselves hard in a hurry and set to work furiously whacking their puds. At six inches Chase had the biggest cock and hairiest cock. Since he was two years older than Eddie and Curt, no one was surprised.
“Hey bro, are you getting some hairs on your balls?” Logan asked. Logan knew Chase’s cock better than Eddie or Curt since he’d been messing around with Chase since he was ten.
“Yeah, a couple,” Chase replied proudly.
“My big brother, the man.”
“Not quite but getting there. Now, let’s shut up and get off.”
Eddie fired first, shooting his thickening teen cum over his chest and belly. Eddie’s orgasm set Logan off and he shot four clear drops on his belly. Chase jerked off even harder to make sure he wasn’t last. He surprised Logan when he rose from his seat, stepped over to his little brother and shot his load on Logan’s face, some of it getting into his hair. That was all Curt needed to shoot his young seed over his belly.
“Just so you know, I got hair and I’m almost fourteen, so there. Sometimes the longest jerk off is the best one,” Curt said. He looked at the tween in the group and laughed. “Logan, your makeup is a total mess. Good thing there’s a bathroom down here.”
The boys were soon washed off and dressed in their underpants and socks. “I see the Mariners are up 9-2 now, so let’s count this as a win and make the momster happy by going to bed early,” Eddie said.
“Sounds like a plan,” Chase said. He picked up the remote and shut off the television.
 The brothers picked up the clothes they weren’t wearing along with their shoes and headed upstairs. They gave their parents, who were watching the much smaller TV in the den, hugs and kisses, and went up to their rooms. They were confident they had washed themselves off thoroughly and didn’t smell like jism. Because Chase had shot his wad over Logan’s face and into his hair, Logan had everyone inspect him closely since he would be hugging his parents. His brothers told him he looked and smelled safe.
“Logan’s face certainly smelled clean and freshly washed and his hair was a bit damp,” Susan remarked after the boys left the room. “I wonder what that was about?”
“Indeed, he did. He was just being a good boy and going to bed clean and fresh,” Troy replied. He felt a little tug in his groin, however, as he speculated as to what his youngest son might have washed off himself. Susan knew Troy’s explanation was bullshit, but she let the subject drop.
Despite their earlier protests, the boys were tired along with being full of anticipation for the Blowout which would be starting at lunch the next day. “Even the horn dogs in Mayfield won’t be having as much fun as us,” Eddie grinned as the quartet reached the landing.
“Maybe not, since the biggest horndog in Mayfield will be here tomorrow,” Chase reminded him.
“Oh yeah, Aiden. It will be fun, fun, fun.”
“And even more fun after that,” Logan added. “I am soooooooooo ready.”
The boys headed to their own beds, peeled off their clothes, and crawled under their covers.  They planned to wake up more than ready for the Cousin Dozen Blowout, but as eager as they were, they fell asleep much faster than they had anticipated.
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