The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 22-Tops and Bottoms (Part 2)

Greetings and welcome back. My apologies for not having an introduction to Episode 21. I had just come back from a long and enjoyable trip and so eager to post the episode that I jumped the gun and skipped right over the intro.
What I would have said it that Episodes 21-23 (Tops and Bottoms) were mostly sex without a lot being added to the plot line. If it’s plot and not sex you’re looking for, skim through the erotic parts (which would mean most of the episode). My goal was to get a lot of the sexual issues out of the way before I start posting Part 3 (which won’t be until some time next year). Episode 23 will end the Mayfield Episodes, so matter how much or how little you read of what’s left, enjoy the ride.


As Gordy rode his bike past Aiden’s house, he wondered how Aiden’s trip would work out. Aiden hadn’t been himself for a while. He’d become whiney and sulky instead of the positive person everyone was willing to follow. Supposedly Aiden was going to get help with his attitude on this trip, but Gordy wasn’t sure how that was supposed to happen. Gordy was happy that Nolan was going on the trip. Everyone could see that things hadn’t been the same between him and Aiden. An image of Aiden and Nolan having sex in the sun on the shore of a mountain lake went through Gordy’s mind.
With that image in his mind along with an aching erection in his pants that the image had produced, Gordy turned into the driveway leading to Kalie’s house on the family farm. Thinking of Kalie caused him to become even harder. Gordy was tempted to stop, open his zipper, and release his boner. Kalie’s mother wasn’t supposed to be home and her father should be out in the fields working with her brother and two other workers. He was certain Kalie wouldn’t mind his showing up with his erection sticking out of his shorts, but he kept it in his pants just in case someone was with Kalie at the house as his conservative self took control of his actions.
Kalie was sitting on the swing couch on the wrap around front porch waiting for him. She was wearing a halter top that stopped short of her navel and a pair of very short shorts. He dismounted his bike and set it against the house. When Kalie stood up Gordy could see her buns pushing out of the legs of those extremely short shorts. Gordy’s boner twitched as he walked up the steps. The last time he’d had a cum was Monday when he and Miles jerked each other off on his back deck. As a result, he was so horny he was burning.
Gordy got to the top of the steps, placed his arms around Kalie, who was a little taller than him, and planted a wet kiss on her lips. He worked his hands down to her ass and rubbed the buns exposed by her incredibly short shorts. As the tweens shared tongue Gordy felt very grownup—he was a big boy with a girlfriend he could walk up to and kiss as soon as he saw her.
“Where are your parents?” Gordy asked as they broke their kiss.
“Right where I said they’d be,” Kalie answered. “Mom went to Centralia and Dad’s working in the fields with Travis, Jerry, and Tommy. We won’t see them until lunch and mom won’t be home until just before dinner.”
That was all Gordy needed to know. He unzipped his shorts and pulled his piece of preteen steel out of the pee hole of his boxers. “I’m really horny,” he explained.
“Me too.” Kalie removed her top, dropped it on the porch deck, and started a new kiss. After they broke the kiss, Gordy removed his t-shirt and dropped it on top of Kalie’s halter. He then placed his lips around his girlfriend’s budding left breast and sucked on it. “Let’s go swimming,” Kalie said breathlessly.
“I brought my swimsuit,” Gordy told her as he came up for air.
“I was thinking skinny dipping. You can’t see the pond from where my dad and them are working.”
“But they still might see us.”
“So? My dad is my dad and Jerry and Tommy are cool and Travis has seen me naked since we were little.” Travis was Kalie’s older brother who was a college junior and home for the summer. “We even showered together a couple of times this summer.” She saw the shocked look on Gordy’s face. “Don’t worry, the only touching we did was washing each other’s backs. It’s not like it was planned, we were in a hurry.”
“Did you wash his butt cheeks?”
“Yeah, and he washed mine, which is way different than you rubbing mine. He’s my brother. You have a dirty mind sometimes.”
“That’s because all my friends have dirty minds. And Ian and Gretchen are brother and sister and look what they do.”
“But they’re only a couple years difference. Travis is eighteen and six years older than me. No way I want to play around with him. And before you ask, he didn’t have a boner either time, but I’ve seen him with a boner, but not since he was like sixteen and that was by accident.”
“Too much information,” Gordy said. Even though he acted appalled by what Kalie was saying, it made his dick harder.
Kalie could see that Gordy was uncomfortable with the conversation. “I don’t like what Ian and Gretchen are doing and I would never do anything like that with Travis and I know he wouldn’t do it with me. He’s had his chances in the shower and never touched anything but my back and my butt. We’ve slept together a couple of times, but never did anything we shouldn’t.”
“Got it. I guess I was just surprised is all.”
“Can you spend the night?” Kalie asked.
“We’ve talked about that more than once.”
“I know, but everything got messed up. It’s like between you and Aiden nobody knew for sure what was supposed to happen. Mostly it’s us not telling Aiden what’s supposed to happen.”
“Then let’s do this. I’ll tell Aiden what’s going to happen if you get him off. And what’s going to happen is I’ll be spending the night here at the farm and you’ll be sneaking in bed with me.”
“Maybe we’ll even go all the way,” Kalie said in a voice filled with lust.
“Maybe is right, as in maybe not. But I’ll say the same thing I did before, I’ll spend the night here if you get Aiden off. And that means not just get him off but doing it on the school bus. And I’ll talk to my mom about letting me stay here if you do it.”
“What about your dad?”
“He just says, yes dear, and she gets her way.”
“I can tell we’re talking too much,” Kalie said.
She fondled Gordy’s semi-hard dick. “You don’t got a boner anymore. Let’s go to the back house.”
“What about swimming?”
“Let’s wait until after lunch.”
“Yes, dear,” Gordy giggled. Kalie responded by playfully punching his arm.
Kalie picked up their clothes and the two half-naked children walked through the house, out of the back door, and into the back house, a one-time storage area that was converted into a private house for Travis when he was a teen.
After Kalie closed and locked the door, she pulled off her unbelievably short shorts and her panties. Gordy removed his shoes, socks, shorts and boxers, his cock having recovered its previous hardness.
Now fully naked, they walked to the big bedroom and flopped onto the king-size bed. They went right to kissing, licking, fondling, and rubbing each other’s smooth skin. Kalie enjoyed running her fingers through Gordy’s brown pubic hair, which was starting to fill in the blank spaces on his pubis. While Kalie was developing sexually, she was still waiting for her first pubic hairs to sprout.
That didn’t bother Gordy since he was more into her growing breasts than her smooth pussy. He had eaten her pussy but enjoyed sucking Aiden’s cock more. Other than that quirk, he enjoyed Kalie’s other attributes better than Aiden’s, including finger fucking her, which he proceeded to do. One thing he had learned when making out with his girlfriend was that it was a good idea if he sometimes took the initiative and gave her the first orgasm.
Not for the first time, Gordy thought about replacing his fingers with his cock. Kalie was on the pill, so fucking her wouldn’t have the cloud of pregnancy hanging over it, but his conservative side kept taking over. Kalie often hinted at going all the way, but Gordy kept backing down, although in the heat of the moment he would often come close to going beyond thinking about intercourse and actually doing it.
Gordy was pleased, however, when he got Kalie off before he shot his load. Usually he shot his load on himself or Kalie and then she got herself off. And this time, as if to reward him, she got down next to him and put her lips around his cock. That surprise netted an almost instantaneous orgasm for Gordy; Kalie had no problem swallowing his thin emission.
After cumming, they snuggled on the bed and told each other how good it was. Kalie knew not to nag Gordy about doing the big nasty, but even after her orgasm she still wished they could do it. She often wondered if Aiden, the gay boy, would be more eager to try it. Aiden and Gordy were the only boys she wanted taking her cherry. They had barely fallen asleep when Kalie’s phone rang.
She reached for it on the nightstand, saw it was her brother, and answered it. She already knew what he was calling about, but she had to tell him she knew.
“Hey, sis, whatever you and your boyfriend are doing, it’s time for you to put your clothes on and get lunch set out,” Travis said.
“You’re nasty.”
“Was I wrong?”
“No, but still.”
“We’ll be there in around 20 minutes.”
That ended the making out and sex for the tweens. Kalie and Gordy quickly got dressed and headed to the main house. Gordy noted that while Kalie had put her halter top back on, she had pulled on a longer pair of shorts.
After lunch, Kalie asked her dad if she and Gordy could go skinny dipping in the pond.
“You two can go swimming, but not in the nude.”
“Why not?” Kalie whined in her best pubescent pout. “It’s not like me and Gordy haven’t done it before.”
“You know I have no problem with you being naked with Gordy or Aiden or Miles or your cousins or even your brother.” One of the things Travis and Kalie both appreciated was the openness of their parents when it came to nudity and sexual experimentation. As their mother was fond of saying, “The children are growing up on a farm and learn all about this stuff, anyway.” But it still rubbed them the wrong way when a restriction was placed in front of them.
“Jerry and Tommy are good kids, but they aren’t friends or family and I don’t feel comfortable with them seeing you without your clothes on.” Jerry and Tommy were college kids working part time. They were filling in for Ramon, the farm’s full-time employee, who was taking the week off for the wedding of his niece in Fresno, and Hugo, who was recuperating from an emergency appendectomy performed the week before.
“But they can’t see the pond from where you guys…”
“Kalie Ann!”
And that brought an end to Kalie’s protest. Even though her parents were quite liberal, they set boundaries that were not to be crossed. When Travis was growing up his parents saying “Travis Henry!” meant the same as their saying “Kalie Ann!” and that was “end of argument.”
Even though they couldn’t swim naked, Gordy and Kalie enjoyed their time at the pond. The cool water of the pond and the shade around the pond helped make the hot afternoon pleasant. They kept their swimwear on but got in a lot of kisses and gropes during their time in the pond.
Travis showed up after he finished his tasks. “Dad said that you guys can skinny dip now if you still want to—the help has gone home”. He quickly stripped naked, revealing a seven-inch erection, and joined the now naked tweens for forty minutes of fun. Gordy was impressed by Travis’s well-developed body, not to mention the eighteen-year old’s adult package.
“I’m really horny,” Travis blurted out after fifteen minutes of swimming punctuated by a few “accidental” gropes. “Anybody mind if I get up on the rock and jerk off?”
Kalie and Gordy said they were okay with it. They got out of the water and started making out on the rock next to Travis, who got extra turned on watching his sister kissing her boyfriend while the two fondled each other’s genitals. “Kalie’s seen me jerk off a couple of times,” he said as he pounded his seven inches.
Gordy gave Kalie a quick stare. Kalie grinned and kissed Gordy’s forehead. When Kalie’s ministrations caused Gordy to shoot his boy cum on the rock, it set Travis off and sent him to an imposing climax, spewing his cum over his chest and belly.
“That was fun,” Travis said. “Thanks guys.”
“Not a problem,” Gordy said. It was the first time he’d seen a big, mature cock shoot and he was impressed by what he had seen.
He turned to Kalie and said, “I thought you said you and Travis never did anything…”
“We never did anything serious, okay?”
“Whatever you say, dear.”
Gordy was invited to stay for dinner but went home to eat with his family. He’d had a good day and would have stayed if the invitation had been made in advance. As he pedaled his bike home, he wondered if staying overnight with Kalie would be any more fun than the day he had just enjoyed.
Jeffrey was standing on the platform of the Centralia train station watching the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle arrive. He knew Drake was riding in the dining car, which was where unaccompanied minors were seated. He would be exiting from the coach trailing the diner, which was more of a lounge car than a dining car.
Drake was the second person to detrain through that door. He broke into a big smile when he saw Jeffrey, who was walking over to meet him. The conductor asked Jeffrey for ID, as he was required to do when someone was picking up an unaccompanied minor and checked the name against the form in his hand. He gave the birthdate an extra close look, making sure Jeffrey was actually eighteen, which he was. He then officially released Drake to Jeffrey and returned to his duties.
After they exchanged hugs, Drake asked where Sammy was.
“He, David, and Peter Astor are doing volunteer work at the community center, helping serve the youth lunches,” Jeffrey responded as they walked to Jeffrey’s car.          
“I hope he’s ready for a big weekend. Hell, I hope YOU’RE ready for a big weekend.” Drake tossed his backpack into the backseat and buckled himself into the passenger seat.
“I’m glad we got this set up,” Jeffrey said as he started the car.
“It was work, but Keegan and Natalie were great and Natalie made all the arrangements and took me to the train station with the form and made me the conductor’s new best friend and here I am.”
“And you’re taking the Sunday morning train back to Seattle, right?”
“Right. Keegan tried to get a run down here so he could pick me up, but his routes right now are mostly north. I have all of the paperwork; all you need to do is sign me over to one of the conductors. If it’s the assistant conductor I had coming down, maybe he’ll accept a blow job instead of paperwork. He was hot.”
“You’re nuts,” Jeffrey laughed.  
And so began what Drake would call his Fifteen and Sexing weekend. “I bet if the conductor knew what I planned on doing the next couple of days he would have tied me to my seat and not let me off the train,” Drake laughed as he and Jeffrey sped along Highway 12 to Mayfield.
“You are one horny fucker, I’ll give you that much,” Jeffrey chuckled.
“Shit dude, I ain’t jerked off since Sunday,” Drake laughed.  “Good thing I had a fucking wet dream last night or I’d have jizz coming out of my ears. I’d rather have it coming out of my mouth.” He squeezed the bulge in his shorts. “Little Drake is ready. Wanna see it?”
“I’m going to say yes, just to be sure you didn’t stick a banana in there or something.”
Drake quickly opened his shorts, raised his butt, and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. “There it is, in the flesh. Are you ready for it?”
Jeffrey  glanced over at Drake's erection. He felt his own cock stiffen as he did his best to maintain a look of innocence. “Not while I’m driving.”
“I could give you a blow job while you’re driving, if you want. That could be kind of fun for both of us.”
“I want to keep the car on the road, although I now have an official hard-on.”
“Can I see it?”
“On this highway, driving better be your number one priority.”
“Well, I ain’t driving, so I can suck your dick just fine.”
“That’s what the hot tub is for,” Jeffrey said, his needy seven inches begging to be let free of the confines of his pants.
The hot tub was where Jeffrey received his blow job, quick as it was. He then rimmed Drake and jerked him off to an intense orgasm while he did so. Drake’s sexing adventure had started.
That night, Drake slept with Sammy. The fifteen-year-olds were able to sample each other’s nether regions before falling asleep.
On Friday afternoon, Jeffrey fucked Drake outside next to the hot tub with David fucking Sammy next to them. That night Drake slept with Jeffrey and engaged in a rousing sixty-nine with the older boy.  


Saturday, Jeffrey and Sammy’s parents were home. It was a day of family fun at the pool, including a barbecue. David and his parents came over, as did Peter Astor and his boyfriend, Jackson Hallion, who was Trent’s brother. Nick McCall, Jeffrey’s best friend and one-time boyfriend showed up as well. One thing that George and Lois Bednarzyk observed about Drake was how much he had matured since they had last seen him. He was not only polite to the adults, he was more into engaging in adult conversation with them. He also fitted in well with the six Mayfield teens at the BBQ/pool party.
Those six boys and Drake had an overnight in the small house off the pool patio where Marty used to live. He had moved all of his and Rich’s possessions out, but it was understood that they might stay there for a day or two at times.
That night, Drake learned that Peter was an animal in bed. Peter gave him the hardest of the three fucks he enjoyed that night. The other two were from Jeffrey and Sammy in a three way on the King bed, while in the living room Peter reminded Jackson why he had given up his girlfriend to gain a boyfriend, at least for a while. Neither David nor Nick were interested in taking direct part in the orgy, but they had no problem jerking each other off as they watched the action.
Drake slept with Peter and Jackson. He had his last orgasm of the visit when he dry humped Jackson and finger fucked him while Peter licked Drake’s ass when he could.


“Thanks for the great visit,” Drake said as he and Jeffrey waited on the Centralia platform for the Cascades.
“I never thought it would turn into a major orgy,” Jeffrey laughed.
“Having the spare house helped.”
“Oh yeah. We never would have done all that shit if we were in the same house as my parents. Tonight, I will enjoy a nice quiet night in bed with Nicky. He might like chasing girls, but he likes me in his ass even better. I wish the dude would make up his mind.”
“The only thing I wish is that I could have at least seen Aiden over the weekend.”
“He came home Saturday from his trip, but no chance of you getting even a glimpse. But you are going to be here for his birthday party, right?”
“I wouldn’t miss it. I’m tired of hearing how he is almost twelve—now he can at least be twelve for an hour or two before he turns almost thirteen.”
The sound of a train horn broke the quiet. The crossing lights started flashing and the gates came down as the Cascades came into view. Drake stood on his toes and gave Jeffrey a quick kiss on his lips. He pulled out his ticket while Jeffrey got the paperwork ready to hand to the conductor.
“I’ll see you in a couple of weeks,” Jeffrey shouted as Drake climbed the steps into the coach.
Drake thought his Fifteen and Sexing weekend was one of the best times of his life. He was certain it was going to take a week to replenish the cum he’d shot; his last orgasm had been close to dry. He could hardly wait for Aiden’s birthday pool party.
As the train began to roll and Drake settled into his seat in the café car, the same assistant conductor he had met on the way to Centralia walked down the aisle. The two exchanged wordless smiles as Drake felt his cock begin to stiffen.
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