The Mayfield Episodes

Episode 21-Tops and Bottoms (Part 1)



While they didn’t make it out of Division play, the Goats did pick up one more win. They defeated the Washougal Wolves 6-1 in the four o’clock loser-out game. Aiden was the starting pitcher. Even though he didn’t have an opportunity to work on getting into his zone, he did manage to sit alone on the bullpen bench for five minutes. His teammates knew enough to not bother him while he meditated.
Although Aiden worried early about his focus, he managed to put down the first seven Washougal hitters before he gave up a base hit to the Wolves’ first baseman. Aiden stomped around the mound after giving up the hit. Lenny, who was catching, hustled out to settle his pitcher down. While Lenny was a year younger than Aiden, he was a perceptive boy who had learned over the past two years how his friend and teammate’s mind worked when he was on the mound.
“Hey, come on, they got a hit. You act like that was the game winner. Last I looked we were ahead 2-0.”
“I don’t like not having time to get ready.”
“Get over it and pitch. You’re thinking too much. Just pitch.”
The umpire sauntered out toward the mound. “Let’s play ball, boys,” he called out.
Lenny patted Aiden’s ass, which normally would have given each of them a little thrill, but in a ballgame it meant about the same as a fist bump. “Quit thinking and play ball. You’re the best.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll go back to pitching. Thanks, Lenny.”
Aiden quit sulking, which was the major byproduct of his overthinking, and got out of the inning, which was the top of the third. After a one-two-three fourth, he gave up a run off of a one-out walk and a two-out double, but the Goats had a 5-0 lead going into the inning, so the Wolves were still down 5-1. Lenny’s talk had brought Aiden’s focus back and he fought through the little rally. The run-scoring double was the last hit he gave up and, outside of a one-out walk in the top of the sixth, Aiden cruised through the rest of the game for a complete game win.
When Aiden’s game ended the Mariner-Astro game was in the fourth inning. Larry checked the score on his phone throughout Aiden’s game, but Marty’s name hadn’t appeared in the box score.
As soon as Aiden and Larry got into Larry’s Accord, Aiden tuned the radio to the Mariners game. Mason was riding back to Mayfield with them; in fact, he would be spending the night with Aiden. While he had never met Marty, he was excited about him not only because he was a big-time Mayfield celebrity, but also because he was Aiden’s friend.
The Mariner game was in the top of the eighth with the score tied 4-4 when they got to Aiden’s house. Aiden and Mason dashed through the garage, up the stairs, and into the Mariner viewing room, where Aiden turned on the television.
“It’s still 4-4,” Aiden pointed out. Aiden and Mason sat on the love seat and Larry sat in the overstuffed TV viewing chair.
“Phil should be here any minute,” Larry said.
“They have to play Marty,” Aiden said. “He flew all the way there to play today. Plus, Hollister sucks.” Ryan Hollister, a utility player, had started at third.
Lewis Richards, the Mariner right fielder, struck out to end the Mariner half of the eighth, and everyone raced to the kitchen to get lemonade. Phil arrived home just as Mason and Aiden got settled again. Larry was starting up some popcorn to snack on.
“Sounds like a really tough loss,” Larry told Phil, who had texted him the score of the Chinooks, the high school aged team he coached. The Chinooks consisted mostly of boys who would be juniors and seniors at Mayfield and were part of the Mayfield Mustang baseball program.
“One run losses are always tough, but when you go into the bottom of the seventh with a 5-2 lead and a good pitcher on the mound to finish the game for a good team, you don’t expect to lose 6-5 thanks to two errors, three walks, and three hits.”
“Well you know what they say about shit like that. ‘That’s baseball’.”
“The hits I can handle, the other team was good, too. But the errors, walks, and a mental error that doesn’t show up in the scorebook—they make for a stupid way to lose. To make it worse, that ends the season for us.”
Larry told him about Aiden’s game and that so far Marty hadn’t played in the Mariner game. “Popcorn is ready, let’s see if our hero gets to pinch hit in the top of the ninth,” Larry said.
“As Aiden would say, that would be kick-ass awesome,” Phil grinned as he carried a bowl of popcorn out to the snack room. To the disappointment of everyone, Marty did not pinch hit. To add to the disappointment, Jose Alvarez, the Astros’ second baseman, launched a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to give the Astros a 6-4 win.
Between losing to Nolan’s team, Phil losing, Marty losing and not playing, it hadn’t been a good baseball day for Aiden. But he wasn’t going to let it affect his evening. After all, Marty had been called up to the Big Leagues. And even more into the moment was the fact that he was sharing his bed with Mason, who seemed to become a bigger horn dog and better cocksucker daily.
“I’m so happy you can cum,” Mason said after they said their goodnights to Larry and Phil and headed to Aiden’s room. “Yours tastes really good, you know.”
“I know,” Aiden giggled. “I have no problem eating it. You should be shooting pretty soon, too. You’re going to be twelve just a few days after me.”
“Yep. I can hardly wait to shoot, and to be twelve, and to be fucked.”
“I thought you weren’t ready for being fucked,” Aiden pointed out.
“I wasn’t but I am now. But don’t worry I don’t want you to do it yet. I promised Muddy he could be the first. I’ve been shoving things up my butt and fucking myself. My mom almost caught me last week when she got off work early. That would have been, like, mega embarrassing. Instead it was only just embarrassing. She saw me naked on the couch with a boner, but she didn’t see the dildo I was hiding.”
“Where did you get a dildo?”
“From Guy Corbin. He’s in my church chorus and is going into ninth grade. I sucked him a couple of times after choir rehearsal and told him I was looking for things to put up my butt. He said I could use his cock, but I said I wasn’t ready yet, but he said he knew his sister had something I could use. He said sometimes he used it. Anyway, I have to give it back next Sunday. But I promised Guy my third fuck since Miles gets number two.”
“It sounds like you’re moving from sucking to fucking,” Aiden observed.
“I doubt it. I’ll never get tired of sucking because you can’t eat and taste the cum when you fuck and you know how much I love cum. Plus, I might not even like fucking, but I gotta try it. Do you like fucking?”
Aiden nodded. “Yeah, it’s more fun than I thought it would be.” Mason saw Aiden rubbing his cock and decided it was time for action. “Okay, but now it’s time for me to take care of your hot cock,” Mason grinned.
Aiden lay back on his bed and spread his legs to allow Mason to commence with one of his expert blow jobs.


Aiden and Mason had gone upstairs early the night before. They had prepared for bed early so they would have plenty of time for sex and still get a good night’s sleep. When Aiden’s alarm jolted Aiden and Mason awake at 6:30, Aiden was glad he and Mason had taken care of their cums and had the lights out by ten. Aiden thought Mason’s BJ had been heavenly.
After Aiden shot his clear boy cum into Mason’s mouth, Mason rubbed his cock along Aiden’s belly, kissing Aiden’s nipples, neck, and lips until he moaned through an intense dry cum. Aiden wasn’t the only one who had noted that Mason was getting better at all-around sex, meaning he was being sure to take care of his own needs as well.
Aiden and Mason took a quick shower together, dressed in their uniforms, and went downstairs for breakfast. Of course, they would have preferred going downstairs in the nude, but this wasn’t the morning for it. Larry and Phil had no doubts that the two boys had sex in Aiden’s bed, they just didn’t know exactly what they did.
They were on the road by 7:30 and in Centralia by 8:30 for the 9:30 game. They played the Yelm Bobcats in a loser out game. Lance was the starting pitcher. He didn’t pitch badly, but the Bobcats threw a big, strong kid who had just turned thirteen. He was on his game and dominated the Goat lineup as Yelm knocked off Mayfield 5-2. The Bobcats would be facing the Meadow Park Timbers for the tournament championship and the season was over for the Yard Goats.
The Bobcats followed up on their win over the Goats with 4-1 and 6-5 wins over the Timbers, ending the season for Meadow Park and Nolan.


August would be a busy month, not only for Aiden, but for his friends as well. Much of it was planned, like the Saturday party at the Bear to celebrate Gordy’s twelfth birthday, Aiden’s trip to Montana with his dads and Nolan, or Aiden and his dads taking in a Mariner series to watch Marty play for the Mariners. What wasn’t planned were the changes in the sex lives of so many of the Mayfield gang—anal sex had become desired and acceptable. Some boys lost their cherries, some had anal sex with a new partner, and some got to the end of the month still wondering what the fuss was about.
Sex wasn’t at the top of anybody’s agenda at Gordy’s party however; it was pizza that took the forefront. The desire to eat and the desire to get off often battled for supremacy in the pubescent boys. Aiden, Nolan, Mason, Miles, Brody, Trent, Blake, Lance, Lenny, Scott Keller, Collin, Keith, Muddy, Kalie, Brittany, and Heather Gardner attended the party.
As seventh grade approached couples were more common in the group. Of course, there was Aiden and Nolan as well as Gordy and Kalie, who were long-standing couples by tween standards. Brody and Heather Gardner started “going together” just as their sixth-grade year came to a close in the spring. Trent and Brittany had been an item, as had Trent and Miles, but then Trent and Scott Keller had become tight during the summer. Blake had moved in to fill the vacuum left by Trent and was now “going out” with Brittany. Mason and Miles were best friends, but Mason also enjoyed an active sexual relationship with Muddy. Even though they wouldn’t admit it, everyone was certain that Keith and Lenny were boyfriends. Lance felt that Lenny was as good as a boyfriend, but he also had his eyes on Skip Emerson, the grandson of Mrs. Emerson who doubled as a bus driver and lunchroom/playground supervisor.
After the pizza party, Aiden, Nolan, Miles, Mason, Lance, Lenny, and Trent went to Gordy’s house for Gordy’s overnight. Scott Keller had been invited to the overnight but couldn’t get parental permission because of family plans. Gordy’s family would be going to the eleven-thirty service at their church the next morning, so sleeping in was an option which meant staying up late was also an option. Mason’s mother would be picking him up at nine, so Gordy’s mom said she would make sure Mason would be up and ready to go on time.
The boys grabbed a basketball and headed to the downtown park where they played three-on-three on one of the four half-courts, substituting every five minutes or so. They played shirts versus skins. Since everybody wanted to go skin it quickly became a contest of skins versus skins. They played until Gordy announced that it seemed like a good time to head back to his house to finish off the cake and ice cream left over from the pizza party.
“Did you ask if Kalie could spend the night?” Aiden asked Gordy. Gordy had told him the week before that he was going to make the attempt to talk his parents into letting Kalie stay overnight.
“Yeah, but I got a real quick, NO!” he laughed. “I told them what I told you about us sleeping in the living room with her falling asleep next to me, but I got nowhere.”
“They let you stay overnight at Kalie’s house,” Miles pointed out.
“I said the same thing and they said it was because I was really staying in a different house from Kalie.” He shook his head and went on, “Like that makes any difference.”
“How come you haven’t fucked her yet?” Mason asked.
“Damn, Mason,” Trent said, “some things are, like, private.”
“I plan on telling you guys when Muddy takes my cherry. And Miles told us about you doing it to him.”
“Yeah, but it’s not like those two bragged about it,” Gordy said, pointing to Aiden and Nolan. “We just kind of figured it out.” Gordy couldn’t help but notice that Aiden and Nolan weren’t holding hands as they walked. For most of the summer it had been like their hands were superglued together. Neither Aiden nor Nolan commented on what was being said about them.
The conversation quickly turned to sports as the boys entered Gordy’s yard. Other than Trent, none of them had started seventh grade yet. Of the eight boys at the overnight, however, only Mason, Gordy, Lance, and Lenny were virgins in every possible way. Later that night, the boys talked about that little fact as well and then speculated about who the virgins were among the kids who were at the pizza party. They added Kalie, Brittany, Brody, and Heather to the for sure virgin list, added Muddy and Collin on the for sure not-a-virgin list, leaving Scott Keller, Blake, and Keith on the not sure list. Trent knew the actual status of Scott (he was a virgin) but elected to honor his friend’s privacy. They wondered if the virgin list would change before school started in a month.
The eight boys slept in the rec room, but only the twins slept together. The other boys didn’t feel they had the privacy they needed to partner up. The twins figured that since they were twin brothers nobody would think their sleeping together was a big deal. In the end it didn’t matter since nobody checked in on them during the night.
They did enjoy a circle jerk before they went into their sleeping bags and after Gordy’s parents retired to their bedroom. The masturbation session was made even more interesting than in the past by the fact that all the boys except for Mason, Lenny, and Lance had wet cums with varying amounts of boy juice discharging from their hard little penises.


The boys had debated how to wake Mason up and decided it would be better for him to set his alarm to wake himself up rather than have Gordy’s mother, Flo, do it. They planned on sleeping naked and didn’t want to be seen by her if they happened to kick away their covers. Also, if Mason woke himself up, the twins would be more comfortable sleeping together.
Mason was in the shower before Flo Lansing realized he was awake. “Have fun singing,” Miles told Mason as he dressed in his church clothes. He would be singing with his church chorus for both Sunday services.
“I always have fun singing,” Mason grinned. “See you guys later.”
Gordy told his friends that his parents wouldn’t mind if they shared showers if they were quick. He had already argued that they would be saving on money as well as on the gas required to heat the water. Neither his mom nor dad argued.
They drew cards to determine who would shower with whom and in what order. Even with them showering in pairs the last shower or even the last two could run low on hot water, so they agreed to shower as quickly as they could. Nolan and Miles were first, followed by Aiden and Lance, and finally Lenny, Trent, and Gordy as a trio. The showers were quick, efficient, and the closing trio did not run out of hot water. The big surprise was nobody popped a boner, which would not be the theme for the rest of the month.  


Mason called Muddy right after his mother left for work and told him he could come over anytime. Being almost twelve had its advantages for Mason, the big one being that his mother was willing to leave him alone when she went to work. Mason had told her that Muddy and Miles might be coming over. She liked Miles a lot. She felt that having Miles and Aiden as friends was the best thing to happen to her son. She wasn’t as enamored with Muddy. She thought he was a good boy but was too old for Mason to hang out with. Muddy was just over a year older than Mason, but because he was mature for his age, he seemed much older. He was two weeks away from his thirteenth birthday.
“This is the day,” Mason told Muddy as his friend showed up an hour after Mason called him. Muddy grinned. He knew what Mason was referring to. “Where are we going to do it?”
“I guess on my bed,” Mason said.
“Not on the sofa? It is very fun doing sex with you there.” Mason had given Muddy a half-dozen blow jobs on the living room sofa and they had dry humped a couple of times on the sofa as well.
“Not for this, at least not the first time. My bed is better for that.”
Muddy didn’t argue. He was looking forward to fucking Mason’s cute little ass. Even though they wouldn’t have sex in the living room, Muddy stripped naked there within seconds. Mason wished he could just get down on his knees and suck Muddy’s almost seven inches of boy cock. He thought Muddy was extra sexy with his big cock, his hanging balls, his thick bush of pubic hair, his boystache, underarm hair—Muddy was not quite thirteen yet, but he looked sixteen.
Mason didn’t undress until they got to his bedroom. Muddy had come prepared with lube and had more than once gone over the process with his little friend. For his part, Mason had done everything he could to loosen up his ass for Muddy’s big cock. In the end, however, Mason’s first fuck was not as dreamy as he thought it might be. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure, cussing and sweat, and an earthshaking orgasm for Muddy, but Mason was glad he let Muddy take his virginity.
 Mason didn’t have an orgasm until Muddy had finished screwing him and sucked him off.
“Did you like?” Muddy asked after Mason shot in his mouth.
“I dunno. I want to try it with Miles who is littler than you and see if it feels better. Right now, I’ll go back to just giving you BJs.”
“That is okay. Muddy loves your BJs. They are the best anybody gives.”


Lance and Lenny were awakened by their mother just before she left for work. They moaned as soon as she opened their bedroom door, knowing there was nothing they could do about the situation. Their mom woke them and their sister Brenda every weekday morning before leaving for work. This morning she could only wake the two of them since Brenda had spent the night at her friend Wendy’s house.
“You boys be good,” she told them like she did every morning. “You can get lunch at the community center.” The downtown park and community center provided a sandwich lunch along with games and activities Monday through Friday during the summer for kids eight to thirteen. Older kids could get lunch at Eastlake Park. As she looked at the twins snuggled under the blankets, she wondered how much longer they would sleep together before they decided they were too old to do that and even demanded their own bedroom. She had given up trying to convince them to sleep separately a long time ago, deciding they would eventually outgrow the practice.
“Okay. Love you, mom,” Lenny said. As soon as the door closed, they fell back to sleep. They woke again an hour later. The first thing they talked about was taking advantage of Brenda not being home by finally doing “the deed.” The naked eleven-year-olds rose from Lenny’s bed, went to the bathroom to pee together, and headed to the kitchen for a breakfast consisting of a bowl of cereal, a sliced banana, and two pieces of toast each.
“I think I have the energy to do it, now,” Lenny said.
“Well your dick sure has the energy,” Lance giggled as he grabbed his brother’s rock-hard three-inch boy tool.
The twins cleaned up their breakfast clutter then sat in the living room. “Are we gonna do it here?” Lance asked.
“Doing it on the couch would be fun,” Lance replied. “But what if Brenda comes home early?”
“Then she’d see us doing it,” Lance said, stating the obvious. “It’s not like she can tattle on us after what we saw her doing.”
The week before, the twins had come home from riding their bikes to Aiden’s house with Gordy for swimming and lunch. What they found when they came into the house was Brenda and their friend Emmett Haskins naked on the couch making out.
Brenda screeched and Emmett covered his two-and-a-half inch erection with his hands. “What are you doing home?” Brenda asked accusingly.
“I think we live here,” Lenny said.
“Don’t tell my mom,” Emmett wailed. “She’ll kill me.”
“And if you tell our mom, I’ll tell her about what you guys do with each other and other guys,” Brenda told the twins.
Emmett looked at the twins with fresh interest. “What do they do?” he asked.
“None of your business,” Brenda replied haughtily.
“Look, me and Lance aren’t going to say anything to anybody, as long as Brenda promises to quit saying she’s going to tell on us. We’re all just having fun and it’s not my mom’s business or Emmett’s mom’s business. Now if you want to keep messing around, we’ll ride our bikes for a while, but mom’s coming home soon, anyway.”
Emmett and Brenda agreed that they would tell nobody about what the twins did. Lance and Lenny didn’t fail to note that Brenda was going into fifth grade while Emmett was going into sixth grade like they were. But they weren’t surprised to see them together since Brenda’s best friend Wendy was Emmett’s sister. They wondered how much messing around Emmett and Brenda did together and if they messed around with Wendy, too.
Whatever, seeing their sister naked with one of their best friends had given them boners, just like thinking of their upcoming deed kept them hard and horny. “Let’s do it on the couch, since Brenda has to keep her mouth shut,” Lance finally said. Lenny was more than willing. The twins had discussed the process with their friend who knew the most about it, Aiden. They draped two towels over the couch and opened the tube of lube that Aiden had given them.
“Are we going to lick butt?” Lance asked his brother. The twins had become fond of rimming each other but had yet to do it with anybody else other than Mason. They had first learned that sexual act from Mason.
“I’m so ready to fuck butt,” Lenny giggled as he spit out the almighty F word. “We can always do both the next time we do it. We both know this won’t be our last time.”
“I hope I like it,” Lance said nervously.
“Aiden said it might hurt some but since he’s fingered us and we’ve been fingering each other and Miles has fingered us he thinks we should be okay since our dicks aren’t that big yet.”
“Yeah, well, my butt’s not that big either.”
The twins had agreed in advance that Lance would be the bottom the first time. Since Lenny was the alpha twin, the decision wouldn’t have surprised an impartial observer.
And so, on a warm summer morning, Lenny Hazen took the cherry of his twin brother, Lance on their living room couch. Lance took the supine position with his legs in the air and his left hand stroking his hairless three-inch cocklet as his ass got fucked surprisingly hard. Lenny came in his brother’s butt with a dry orgasm so intense it almost shook the couch. Lance jerked himself to a climax a couple of minutes later.
“Well, did you like it?” Lenny asked after Lance came.
“After the first couple of minutes, it felt pretty good. I’d do it again.”
“Let’s go shower and we can clean up after we’re done.”
It turned out they did something else after they finished their shower. While showering they couldn’t keep their hands, lips, and tongues off each other. The pubescent boys had recharged in a hurry. Deep down they both wanted an encore that day. Lance licked Lenny’s ass as they dried themselves. They were soon back on the couch, almost daring Brenda and Emmett to catch them in the act, especially Emmett. Lenny followed his brother’s lead and soon both had completely lost their boy on boy virginity.
Brenda hadn’t caught them—this time. As the start of sixth grade and middle school approached, the twins had gone from sometimes horny little boys to pubescent horn dogs almost overnight.


Logan came into Chase’s bedroom after they had said their goodnights to their parents. He was naked, as was Chase. He climbed into Chase’s bed and snuggled up to his big brother.
“Let’s do it tonight,” Logan said bluntly.
“Well…,” Chase started slowly.
“No! I’m tired of you saying no all the time. You promised and I’ve practiced and you have to do it.”
“I have two things to tell you, Little Bro. First, you never tell anybody they have to do something sexual. Never, as in never ever.”
“Sorry,” the eleven-year-old said contritely. “I guess I blew it, didn’t I?”
Chase ignored the question. “What I was going to say was, well…I guess it’s about time we do it.”
“And now it isn’t time, right?”
“Get the lube out of my dresser drawer. This is a great night to do it because nobody’s up here, but you still better not scream.”
“I promise not to.”
“If it hurts too much, stop me. It’s going to hurt some the first time, so don’t be afraid to stop. If it doesn’t work tonight, we’ll try it again as quick as we can.”
Logan and Chase had the upstairs all to themselves. Curt was spending the night with his new friend Duncan Woodward. Sue Miller and Duncan’s mother were friends through their PTA work and Curt and Duncan quickly hit it off. They would be entering seventh grade together at the start of the school year.
Eddie was at Western Washington University in Bellingham where he was attending a camp for academically troubled boys who were behind in class for reasons other than learning disabilities. The camp had started on Monday and would be over Friday, after which Eddie would spend two nights with Darnell Carr.
While Eddie fought the idea of going to the camp, Troy and Sue made it clear that for him to be a functioning part of the family, he was going to have to work to live up to certain expectations. Doing his best in school was one of those expectations and the camp would not only help him learn what subjects he needed to work on academically, it would help him to develop good study habits. Eddie liked his new family. He couldn’t remember being as happy as he had been since the Millers had taken him in and the more comfortable he felt with the family the more he realized he was willing to do whatever he was asked to do to keep from losing what he had. But even that didn’t prevent him from throwing an adolescent hissy fit on occasion.
Because of the loving preparation Chase had given his little brother over the past few months and the loving care he showed that night, Logan’s first experience with intercourse was a positive experience for him. Chase spent time rimming Logan’s hairless little ass, then loosened him up with one, two, and finally, three fingers. He started penetrating with his rock-hard teen penis by lying on his back and having Logan sit on his quivering erection.
By the time they finished Logan was on his elbows and knees, presenting his well lubed anus for his brother to fuck. Chase fucked with authority, but not hard or rough. It was just enough for Logan to feel the passion from his older brother without being overwhelmed by it. Logan had a dry orgasm less than a minute before Chase filled his ass with teen cum.
The brothers lay on the bed facing each other, saying nothing as they waited for their breathing to return to normal. “Well? Was it worth the wait?” Chase finally asked.
“It was fun. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought. Having you inside me when I sat on you felt really weird. Then it hurt some. And in the end when you did it from behind me it started feeling really good when you were hitting my button. It’s really hard to say, but I guess I like it,” Logan rambled.
“You guess you liked it? You mean you don’t know?” 
“I dunno. But I know this is not gonna be my last time,” Logan grinned. “So, you’ve done it with me, and with Hatcher, and with Dillon, and that’s all, right?”
“And you’re gonna do it with Aiden. Maybe when he comes to visit in a couple of weeks.”
“Only if he wants to,” Chase reminded him. “I don’t want him doing it if he thinks he has to. I would have helped him with how to fuck no matter what.”
“What about Curt and Eddie?”
“Probably not. If I do any butt stuff with either of them, I think it would be with Curt before Eddie. He seems to like sexing more than Eddie does.” At the time, Chase didn’t realize how wrong he was about Eddie.
“I like messing around with them, but, yeah, Curt’s more fun to mess around with.” Logan gave his older brother a kiss on the lips. “Can I sleep with you tonight?”
“Hey dude, after I made love to you, you’d better want to sleep with me. I love you, little bro. Let’s get you cleaned up first and brush our fangs.”
“Shouldn’t we shower?”
“Good idea. If the ‘rents ask we’ll tell them we worked up a big sweat playing video games.”
“You’re my favorite crazy big brother,” Logan giggled.
After getting ready for bed, Logan reminded Chase the futility of showering when he was horny by jerking him off in his bed. Logan licked the effluent from his brother’s belly, gave him a cum kiss, and the two loving brothers fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Curt was enjoying his first sleepover with a friend since his parents died. While Curt’s main attraction to his new friend Duncan was his engaging personality, it didn’t hurt that he was also incredibly cute. From his neatly cut dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and button nose, to his athletic body and enticing ass, the twelve-year-old was a good-looking boy.
While Curt didn’t go to Duncan’s house with the idea of seducing him, he somehow found himself naked on Duncan’s bed with his friend’s cock in his mouth. It was the first time Duncan had received a blow job. He was more than happy that Curt had moved into his neighborhood and was looking forward to more sleepover fun.


Darnell moaned with pleasure as Eddie ate out his ass. Darnell’s father had gone out on a date, so the two boys had the house until around midnight. While Darnell was not a virgin, he had never been rimmed; he hadn’t even considered being rimmed. He knew what it was through his communications with Aiden, but it wasn’t something that interested his young mind. Eddie’s mouth and tongue were making him very interested.
Darnell’s father, Tyson, had picked up Eddie at the dormitory where he had just completed his academic camp. Eddie would spend Friday and Saturday nights with Darnell and then Tyson would drive him home to the Miller’s in Seattle. He and Eddie picked up the staple diet of boys home alone, pizza.
Eddie had finished eating pizza and was now eating Darnell. He thought about how it hadn’t been that long ago that he had called Darnell racially charged names, and now he was naked in bed with his tongue in the crack of his new friend’s brown ass and his hand on his hard, nearly four-inch cock. In the short time Troy Miller and his family had rescued Eddie, he had learned a lot of new things about life and about himself. Learning that he could have a black boy as a friend, let alone as a sexual partner was just one of his discoveries.
Eddie’s biggest surprise was that he genuinely liked Darnell as a friend. He was a sweet, even-tempered boy who was smart, funny, and sexy. The part of Darnell’s personality that may have meant the most was his willingness to forgive. He had been an asshole to Darnell, and yet here he was in his bed having sex with him; and not only were they having sex, they were enjoying each other’s company.
“Fuck me,” Darnell pleaded in a quiet tone of voice. The twelve-year-old had fallen in love with anal sex. Conrad, his best friend, along with Conrad’s fourteen-year-old brother, Gene, were his most frequent partners, sometimes doing it back-to-back.
Darnell worried at times that he was becoming a sex fiend. Since he knew his father was sexually active with members of both sexes, he also thought that what was okay for his father was okay for him.
As soon as Darnell made his request, Eddie pulled his face out of Darnell’s ass and prepped them for some serious sex. Darnell rolled over on his back and flashed a brilliant smile. Any lingering racial thoughts flew out of Eddie’s head as he admired the beauty of the twelve-year-old boy in front of him, with his nearly four-inch erection, his smooth, brown scrotum, and even his surprisingly thick bush of curly pubic hair.
Eddie lubed his boner and Darnell’s still wet ass. He then pushed his cock up Darnell’s ass. His new friend was warm and tight, and as Eddie started fucking him deep and hard he had to admit that Darnell was maybe the best fuck he’d ever had.
Eddie wondered how good Darnell would be as a top. He would find that out on Saturday night. What he learned was that Darnell was sexier than Peter Astor, not as rough as Blue, but much more loving than either one.
If Chase and Logan had watched Darnell and Eddie together in bed, they would have realized how wrong they were about Eddie’s interest in sex.
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