My Foster Father

My Class Schedule

This is my schedule as was set in Chapter One. Note, this does not reflect any true schedule at Coronado High School. It is merely for the story.

Zack Morris Alexander

Locker 162 (I was told, this will be my locker next year, too.)
Combination 36-16-48-24 (Right-Left-Right-Left)
I always thought combination locks were three digits, but these had four.


School Year 2018 - 2019

Junior Year

School Year 2019 - 2020 (Not set yet)

Senior year

Period Time Class Teacher Room Class Teacher Room
Zero 6:45a
Used to make up work NA   Used to make up work NA  
HR 7:25a
Homeroom Mr. White B19 Home Room Teacher B1
First 7:40a
AP Literature & Composition Ms. Turner B21 Spanish II Ms. Suárez B6
Second 8:30a
AP US Government & Politics Mr. Walker D8 AP English Language & Composition Teacher B1
Third 9:20a
AP Calculus Mr. Fields E29 Robotics Mr. Jenkins E4
Fourth 10:10a
P.E. Coach Leopold G1 AP Statistics Teacher E3
11:00a - 11:55a


Fifth 12:00p
Spanish I Ms. Suárez B12 Creative Writing II Mr. Ziegler B19
Sixth 12:50p
Physics Ms. Green E2 Computer Programming Teacher E20
Seventh 1:40p
Creative Writing Mr. Ziegler B13 Study Hall Teacher C7
Eighth 2:30p
Study Hall Mr. Butler C7 P.E. - Weight Training Coach Williams G21


Campus Lower Level Campus Upper Level

This schedule is for the convenience of knowing where I should be during which periods of school. You can also see how much I have to travel between classes.

Coronado High School has six main buildings labeled A, B, C, D, E, and G Building. G is the Gym. On the east side is the Thunderbird Stadium.


I hope you enjoy the story and that it draws you in, wanting more. If you have any suggestions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me. Thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed and may or may not be implemented. Concerns will be considered and addressed as much as possible.

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