My Foster Father

Chapter Four: Thanksgiving Surprise

by Zarek A Dragon

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

All day, my classmates congratulated me on my adoption. I felt like a celebrity. Then when Brandon and I got home, I asked Dad, "Did the test results come?"

"Test results?"

""Yeah, Dad. Remember, Chris said they could come today or tomorrow, or did your Alzheimer's kick in again?"

"For the record, I do not have Alzheimer's, I just like having fun with you."

"I know, Dad, and I have fun picking back. So, did the results come? I hope I am not still pregnant."

"Did you have an abortion?"


Dad held up an unopened envelope, "You mean these?"

"Well, open it," I begged.

"Do you have any reason to believe you may not be clean?" I swear, Dad loved torturing me.

"Since all I've ever done is kiss Brandon and he is clean, I know without any doubt that I am. I'm more interested in hearing about the DNA results."

"Well you will have to wait."

Non-alcoholic Champagne"Why?" I sighed, or maybe it was more like whining.

"Chris is coming for dinner, along with Brian and Brandy, oh and Brandon, you know you are always welcome. We are celebrating Zack's adoption and maybe what is in this envelope. I have Welch's sparkling non-alcoholic champagne."

"In that case, I guess I can wait. And I might as well change into shorts and a tee since I will need to be wearing them when we have company. What time is everyone coming?"

"I hope no one is coming for a while, it might make them sticky. And you two best not be cumming any time soon, we haven't read your test results."

I shook my head, "I can't believe you said that to your own son." I have to admit, I did find it funny.

"Well, Brandon is already here, so he won't be coming. Chris gets off work at five and wants to go home, shower and change, so he will be here in roughly about two hours. Brian and Brandy are coming over at 5:30, about the same time as Chris. Homework?"

"Just working on my story due in January. Brandon agreed to edit for me, since I need an editor outside of class."

"What exactly is the assignment?"

"I have to write a story about visiting Mars set a hundred years in the future, and the only parameter is, it must be at least five thousand words. Did you know there is a volcano on Mars?"

"Yes, Olympus Mons, named after Mount Olympus. I'm surprised you didn't know that."

"Well, I'm not really a Greek god, am I, Eros?"

Dad smiled, "I'll call you when our company has arrived, Zackus."

Brandon and I went to my room, "I can't believe I have to wait two hours to find out the test results, but then, I think finding them out with Chris will be fun. Did I tell you that the judge said my grandparents claimed I have an older brother?"

"Now who has Alzheimer's? You've probably told me at least fifteen times," Brandon chided me.

"I know, but I am so excited. I'm sure it's Chris, but Dad said it might not be."

"Have you tried calling your grandparents? Maybe they know who it is."

"Yes, I tried, but all I get is, 'The number you have dialed is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again.' It's like they want nothing to do with me."

Brandon put his arm around me, "I'm sure it's nothing like that. Do they live in El Paso?"

"No, they live in Horizon City."

"Maybe Jase would take you to visit," Brandon suggested.

"He probably would, but what if they get mad at me for coming to their house, or what if they moved?"

"Then at least you would know." Brandon thought a nap would do me good, and he cuddled beside me. We didn't even change. He kissed my ear as I drifted to sleep. It kinda tickled but felt so loving.

Dad woke us up, "Chris, Brian and Brandy are here."

That was all I needed to hear, and I moved so fast down the stair, I made the Flash look like a slowpoke. As soon as I got downstairs, they all congratulated me on my adoption being approved.

Dad came downstairs followed by Brandon. Dad had the envelope in his hand, "Before I open this, Zack you might want to answer that."

"Answer wh…" Suddenly my cell phone started ringing. It came up "Out of Area." How did Dad know my phone was about to ring? I answered it, "Hello?"

At first, all I could hear was giggling, then I heard two voices that made me cry, "We love you, Zacky, and we miss you. Your new daddy invited Gramma, Grampa and us to come visit for Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see you. Wanna talk to Gramma?"

"I love both of you so much, and I can't wait to see you, too. Yeah, I would love to talk to Gramma."

"Zack, it is so good to hear your voice. I'm sorry we didn't get to see you at the Home, but they thought it would be in your best interests if we didn't. They were worried it would keep hurtful memories too fresh. We should have insisted."

"Then I tried calling you and was told your number was no longer in service, I felt like I had died with Mom."

"That man, I refuse to call him your father, he was never any kind of father to you…"

"Thank you," I whispered.

"He kept calling us and harassing us. We had to change our number to get him to stop, and we had no way of getting it to you, that is, until the judge called us. We gave the judge one condition when he asked for our approval. We asked that the judge give your new dad our number. I am so sorry that you felt we no longer loved you, but we do. And all I want is for you to be happy."

"Did you know, they want to exhume Mom's body to do an autopsy?"

"Yes, the police called us. Grampa and I weren't able to attend the funeral, because I was ill, but we will be there for the exhumation and the new funeral. When that nice police man asked if I would grant him permission, I said if it helped put that son of a… well that man a way, I was all for it. I knew she never smoked. I never bought that story that she was smoking and must have fallen asleep."

"Me neither, in fact I wrote a story for one of my classes, and the teacher called the police to share it with them."

"Grampa and I love you, Zack, and we will see you on Thanksgiving. We will be there early so I can help your Dad make supper."

"I love you Gramma," I wept, "and do you know who my older brother is?"

"I do, but I am not allowed to tell you, not until you are eighteen."

"Before you hang up," Dad finally opened the envelope… "As was expected since Zack hasn't had sex, he has a clean bill of health. Now for the part everyone has been waiting for. Zack Alexander and Chris Massey have a sixty-eight percent match in DNA. They are definitely brothers."

I heard Gramma ask if Chris was there. When I told her that he was, she asked to speak with him. I hugged Chris and then gave him my phone. I was so happy and overwhelmed, I had to sit down. Brandon asked me if I was alright.

"More than alright, Boyfriend. I am officially Dad's son, I found out why my grandparents seemed to have abandoned me, and I found out Chris IS my brother. The only way I can be any happier is if Dad asked Chris to marry him."

"Chris and I spoke about that, and we both want to get married, but we want to wait," Dad surprised me. "I have given him a key to this house and told him he is welcome any time, even if we aren't here. I love Chris like you love Brandon. Neither of us knows each other very well, but our hearts just seem to mesh."

"Okay, that's close enough, I don't think I can get any happier."

"Wait until Thanksgiving, when your sister hug you," Dad reminded me, and I started to cry.

Celebration DinnerThe six of us sat down for dinner; I had a hard time eating because I was smiling so much. Dad fixed a roast that was so tender, you could cut it with a butter knife. We also had bacon-wrapped asparagus and little red potatoes. This meal was worthy of its own celebration. Dad really outdid himself on this meal, if you ask me.

I think Chris thought so, too. "You are definitely doing the cooking once we get married. You cook even half this good when you go to propose, I couldn't say no."

With a very serious expression, Dad looked at Chris, "I know we agreed to wait, but apparently, you are as eager as I am to get married. Christopher Matthew Massey, would you do me the honor of becoming my husband?"

"That's not fair, I told you a meal half this good would prevent me from saying no, not that I would, anyway. Jase Lewis Alexander, from the moment I walked in the room with you and Zack, I started feeling pulled to you. Some may complain that we are moving too fast, and though we only met four days ago, I have no doubt that I want to marry you, but not this year."

"This year is almost over, I was thinking maybe a January or February wedding."

"Hmmmm, The twenty-sixth of January is a Saturday and a month and a day after my birthday. And it gives me a little more than a month before my lease is up."

"If that is the day you would like to get married, then that is the day we will set. That will also give us plenty of time to get to know each other better."

Zack looked at Chris, "You are my brother, and you will become my dad. I call Dad 'Dad,' but will I call you 'Brother Daddy' or 'Daddy Brother'? Dad didn't know which it would be."

"Zack, you are first and foremost my brother," Chris replied, "I hope that you continue calling me Chris, even after I become your dad."

"I am glad that you are my brother, and that we found each other."

Chris got choked up, "I am, too."

After Brian, Brandy and Brandon went home, I looked at Dad, "Since you are marrying Chris, which I told you that you would, does he still count as company?"

"I'm glad you are not the 'I told you so' type," Dad smiled. He stared at me with that smile for a few seconds, knowing what I was asking and making me wait for an answer. Finally, Dad asked Chris, "Do you mind if our son gets comfortable?"

I liked hearing Dad say, "our son." Even more, I liked what Chris had to say, "If he means getting undressed, then by all means, get comfortable. It's not like I haven't seen several male bodies, probably about half being teenage boys. Zack, strip down as much as you want."

"Even naked?" I asked.

"As I said, I've seen my share, so it wouldn't bother me any."

"There you go, Zack," Dad smiled, "Chris is now considered part of the family. If you want to be naked when it is just us, feel free, but the rest of the rules still apply."

"If you don't mind, I'm going to get comfortable myself," Chris chuckled. I was surprised when he began taking off his clothes. Or was I more enthralled? He kicked off his shoes, then pulled off his shirt and socks. Dad started clapping as Chris undid his belt and dropped his pants.  I think I was in shock when Chris was wearing only a purple jock strap. I didn't get to see much because Dad and Chris went to Dad's room right after, but my brother has a cute butt.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Chris was gone before I got up for breakfast; he had to go to his house to change for work. He said the clinic was closing early for Thanksgiving, then he had Thursday and Friday off, but he had to work a seven to noon shift on Saturday.

As Dad and I ate breakfast, I commented, "Chris surprised we by stripping down to a jockstrap."

"Why? You considered stripping completely," Dad countered, then added, "and he IS your brother. Oh, and you were right about his favorite color being blue."

"So Dad, do we have the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? We were talking about it in school, and we would like to watch it."

"Yes, there is a copy of it and its sequel in the stand by the television. Who is 'we'?"

"Eric Boyer, his boyfriend Seth, Brandon and myself."

"Invite them here, and I will order pizzas and make popcorn, and I promise to leave you boys be."

"I wouldn't mind if you watched with us, between making batches of popcorn, that is," I smiled.

"Okay, Goofball, you best be heading to school."

"I love you, Dad."

I think Brandon was as excited about Chris being my brother as I am. He told all our friends while I just smiled, nodding my head. They all thought it was cool and funny that Dad is going to marry him, making him my daddy brother. We decided that since "brother" was first and foremost, "daddy" was the adjective.

The school day went by quicker than I expected. The teachers gave light lectures, and in our second period AP US Government and Politics, we discussed that Thanksgiving this year was the fifty-fifth anniversary of when President Kennedy was assassinated. That made it kind of sad, but at the same time, it was a part of history and affected our government and politics, so I can see why it was discussed. None of our teachers gave homework due for Monday, and I let Eric know about the Space Odyssey marathon this Saturday. He said that he and Seth will be there.

Normally Brandon and I jog home, but today, we decided to just walk home. We talked about what we were gonna do since we both tested clean. "Brandon, I want to do so much with you, but I think we need to take things slowly."

"Yeah, I know," Brandon agreed. "And about our bet…"

"What about it?"

"When I win, I don't want you doing anything just because I won. I feel like it will cheapen what we have."

"Yeah, you're right, but I still want to bet, only let's make the reward something not sex related."

Brandon smiled, "You mean like, if I win, you gotta clean my bedroom?"

"Seriously?" I grimaced, "you know it is unconstitutional to give cruel and unusual punishments."

"Hey, my room isn't THAT bad. Sure, it isn't as pristine as your room, but my mom never complains about it."

"Dude, I found a grungy sock under your bed."

"I know, that was an odd sock, so I use it to wipe up. I keep it on that side of the bed so Mom doesn't see it."

"Ewww," I shrieked, "I touched your cum?" Then I started laughing.

Brandon smirked, "You want that sock now, don't you?"

"Nah, I think I'd prefer something freshly made."

We got home and walked into my house. Brandon has been coming to my house after school almost every day since we met, so his parents have grown to expect it. "Dad, I'm home!" I called out.

Chris answered from the kitchen, "He's not home yet. He stopped at the market to get some potatoes, frozen corn and cranberry sauce."

Brandon and I went into the kitchen and Brandon's eyes bugged out. Over the counter, all I could see of Chris was from his navel up. "Are you wearing just a jock strap, again?"

"What if I am?"

I smiled, "Then I might want to shield my boyfriend from seeing your cute butt. No, seriously, it's cool if you are comfortable, I was just curious."

"You really think I have a cute butt?" Chris laughed.

I nodded, "Yeah, it's like a slightly older version of mine, how can it not be cute?"

Chris laughed, "While all I've seen of yours is through your boxer briefs, it IS a cute butt. Seriously though, Jase warned me that Brandon would be here, and since you are my brother, I don't have a problem if you see me, but I'll need to get to know Brandon better before I feel THAT comfortable with him. I have a pair of shorts on."

"Damn," Brandon joked. I smacked him. I gotta admit though, I was both disappointed at not seeing Chris's butt and glad that Brandon couldn't see it. We went up to my room. We decided that "comfortable" would be shorts today since Chris didn't feel comfortable in less than shorts with Brandon.

With no homework to do, Brandon and I went downstairs. Chris was still in the kitchen, so we went to see what he was doing and if he needed any help. "I appreciate you asking. If you want to help, I'm just making pies for tomorrow. I have the traditional pumpkin pie in the oven, I need to put this jar of mincemeat in this pie shell, and that can of cherry filling in that shell, plus make the top crusts for each."

"If I put the cherry filling in, can I steal a cherry?" I asked.

Chris laughed, "I already stole one, but you can too, but only one."

"I'll pour the mincemeat filling in," Brandon offered.

As we helped Chris make the pies, we chatted and had fun. Even though we had only met a week ago, I felt as if I had known him my whole life. But then, maybe that's because he and I are a lot alike. Sure, we have our differences, but even though we grew up in two different families, we have a lot more similarities.

"So, have you decided what colors for the wedding?"

"Your dad likes purple and I like blue, so we are going with roses, a third blue, a third purple and a third white. Speaking of the wedding, your dad and I were talking and we both want the same person to be our best man."

"Me?" It wasn't really a guess, I mean, it was obvious who he was referring to. That would be a tough decision.

"Yes, and we don't think it would be fair to make you decide between us. If you and Brandon agree, Jase has agreed to have Brandon as his best man if you will be mine."

"Thanks for not making me choose," I smiled. "I'd be happy to be yours as long as Brandon agrees to be Dad's."

Brandon smiled, "I will be honored to be Jase's best man."

"I see your are getting the best man situation taken care of," Dad averred as he walked in.

"Dad, I'll need to rent a tux for the wedding."

Tux on Dad's Phone"No, we are going next Saturday to be fitted for custom tuxedoes. Chris and I decided we want dark purple tuxedoes with white shirts, blue cummerbunds and bowties. Here is a pic of what Chris and I are thinking." Dad showed us a pic on his phone.

"That looks sharp, but won't that be expensive?" I inquired.

Dad shook his head, "If you rented one for the wedding and then rented one for your junior and senior proms, you would be spending more than buying one."

"Speaking of prom, Brandon, will you be my date?" I was sure he would say yes.

"I don't know, I was thinking of asking my cute neighbor if he would go with me."

I just shook my head, "You're a goofball."

Thanksgiving Thursday, 22 November 2018

Thanksgiving morning. Brandon spent the night, but all we did was kiss and sleep. We thought about jacking off, but neither of us were ready to take that step… soon, though. When we got up, we showered together, nothing sexual, but it felt nice having someone wash from the back of my shoulders down. I have a back brush, but having someone else do it, I feel cleaner. When we got dressed, we put on pants and a shirt since my grandparents and sisters were coming. Gramma said they would be here early, but I wasn't sure how early.

We were on our way downstairs when the doorbell rang. I answered it, and two five-year-olds attacked me, "Zacky!!!"

"Tabitha, you two are getting so big. Samantha, you lost a tooth."

"I'm Tabitha," Samantha claimed.

"No, you're not, you are Samantha," I started tickling her belly, "you have green eyes. You can't fool me."

"We was just testing you, we wanted to see if you remembered."

"I have missed you two so much," I hugged and kissed both of them.

"Gramma said that we have another brother."

"You do," I was excited, "Once Gramma and Grampa get in here, I'll take y'all to meet him." The twins must have run to the door as soon as Gramma and Grampa let them out. As happy as I was to see them, they must have been just as happy to see me. It seemed to take my grandparents forever to get to the door.

Grampa looked at me, "I hope you don't mind, but we have presents for your fifteenth and sixteenth birthday. We bought them, hoping to see you some day."

"Grampa, you brought the best presents right here," I squeezed my sisters' shoulders gently, "you didn't need to get me anything."

"Well, it's not much. Since we have two little girls to take care of, money is a little tighter; not too tight, but still, we can't save as much as we were before. That will change soon, though."

I thought about telling Grampa to take the presents back, but that may have hurt his feelings, so I accepted them graciously. The first present was a picture of my mom holding me the day I was born. It was obvious that she loved me. I started to cry, and I was happy because I didn't have any pictures of Mom. It probably didn't cost Gramma and Grampa much to get the frame and a copy of the picture, but it was worth more than money all the money in the world to me.

"Before I open the other present, would you like to meet Chris and the rest of the family? Since he's here, when can start with Brandon. He's my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend, eh" I started wondering if I shouldn't have come out to Gramma and Grampa. Grampa looked kind of like he didn't approve, but then he asked Brandon, "You like my grandson, do you?"

"Yes, Sir, I like Zack a lot. I feel like he makes me whole."

"He likes you, I can see it in his eyes. Have you two had sex yet?"

"Grampa?" I asked, placing a hand over one of each of the twins' ears.

"Anymore, they hear that stuff on the television. Heck, we were watching a show and they showed a bare butt. They told the man on the TV to turn around."

"You two are only five years old, you shouldn't be talking like that," I scolded.

"We're sorry, Zacky, we won't do it again," they apologized and kissed me on the cheek, one on each side.

Grampa looked at Brandon, "You never did answer my question."

"No Sir, I didn't and with all due respect, that is kind of personal, so I'm not going to answer, either."

"Good for you. It would have upset me if you did."

Brandon looked confused, "Then why did you ask?"

"To see if you were the kiss and tell type," Grampa chuckled. "I love Zack with all my heart, and I approve of you dating him."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Now that I approve of you, will you do me one favor?"

"What's that, Sir?"

"Knock of the 'sir' business. I was never an officer when I was in the Navy, so please don't call me 'sir.' I am Grampa."

"If that is what you want, Grampa," Brandon gave Grampa a hug.

We went into the kitchen and I introduced everyone. "Dad, Chris, these two bodies attached to me are Samantha and Tabitha. Don't let them try to fool you, Samantha has purple eyes."

"I do not, my eyes are green, remember?"

"I was just testing you to see if you knew," I teased. "Anyway, Samantha has green eyes and Tabitha has blue. Tabitha, Samantha, this is my dad and the other guy is our brother Chris."

"How's come you didn't live with us if you is our brother?" Tabitha asked.

Chris replied, "Well, that's a long story for when you get older."

"And these two wonderful people are my Gramma and Grampa Jenkins."

"Chris, it is good to see you," Grampa hugged him. "Just so you know, we wanted to adopt you, but that man wouldn't let us. The Masseys paid him very well for them to adopt you. We wanted to keep in touch, but your adoptive parents thought it would confuse you. Then when Zack was born, he tried putting him up for adoption, but Patricia wouldn't let him."

"My parents told me about you, but they never let me know who my birth family was. They said they would tell me everything on my eighteenth birthday, but then on the twenty-first of December of that year, they were broadsided by a drunk driver." I could see that Chris was about to cry.

Zack's ShirtI suggested that I go open my other present while Dad, Chris and Gramma finish prepping the Thanksgiving meal. I opened my present and pulled out a black tee shirt. On the front it said, "Of course I'm right. I'm Zack." I had to laugh and try it on.

I wasn't concerned with anyone saw my bare chest, so I pulled my shirt off. Samantha commented, "Awwww, we saw your boobies."

I quickly pulled on my new shirt, laughing, "Yeah, but if you come swimming here next summer, you'll see them."

"Speaking of which," Grampa began, "You know, I just turned fifty-eight and Gramma will be fifty-seven on January the seventh. I was offered a computer teaching job here in El Paso, at Coronado High School start next school year. They are offering me twice what I was making at Horizon City high School, and we will be closer to you, that is… if you want us to live closer."

"That's a silly question, Grampa, of course, I would love you to live closer. What class will you be teaching at Coronado High School?"

"Robotics," Grampa answered. "And I was hoping you would like us living closer. Gramma and I put a bid on a house about two blocks from here. We'll be paying fifteen thousand more than our current house will sell for, but it's three blocks from the school and it has a third bedroom. If you or Chris ever visit and decide to spend the night, we will have the room. And before you ask, yes, Brandon can come with you. And, we wouldn't mind if you bring the girls here, occasionally."

"Robotics sounds interesting. I wonder if I can take it next year."

"It is a Senior class, so maybe," Grampa replied. "Just don't ask for any favoritisms, if you do."

"I know you'll be fair and give me whatever I earn. Just know, in school, I might call you Grampa and not Mr. Jenkins, sometimes. I'll mean no disrespect by it."

"I see no reason you can't call me Grampa, except if you are in my class. I already have the final project that the class will be working on all year."

"What is it?"

"An android dog. You will use 3D printers to fabricate most of what you need. The expensive and hard part will be building and programming the computers."

Brandon asked, "What happens to the dogs at of the school year?"

"Not all of them will work; those that don't will be dismantled and used the following year. The ones that do function, the students who built them will have first option of buying them for fifteen hundred dollars. Any not claimed will then be offered to whoever wants to pay the price."

Dad walked in carrying a tray with cheese, crackers and summer sausage. Hearing our conversation, Dad commented, "You know, the military is working on building android dogs to help in combat. Based on their experience, I would say that most of the dogs built by high schoolers will probably not work"

"That is true," Grampa confirmed. "Any students who do get their android dogs to work will get a definite A, Those that don't will get graded according to their understanding."

"How do you know that, Dad?"

"Let’s just say, I told you the government pays my dad's company very well and leave it at that."

"Does your company make android dogs for the US Government?"

Dad looked upset, "I said to leave it at that."

"Sorry, Dad. Can I ask you one question?"

"You can ask, but if answering is a violation of my contract, I won't answer."

"Are you mad that I asked about the android dogs?"

"Zack, come here," Dad ordered. He sounded a bit angry, but I did as he said. He wrapped his arms around, kissed my forehead and told me, "Zack, I love you very much. You are my son. Yes, I was upset that you asked your question, but I will never be mad at you. And most importantly, I felt like you were really asking if I hated you. That will never happen."

I wrapped my arms around Dad, "I know, but you scared me when you said 'to leave it at that' the last time. I really am sorry, but I am curious, too."

Dad smiled, "I know the feeling. I always wondered what my dad did, too. It wasn't until I started working for the company that I found out. I will talk with my dad and see how much I can share with you, if any. Anything I do share will be confidential; you won't even be allowed to tell Brandon."

"Can you at least tell me the name of the company?"

"Alexander Aviation and Research," Dad chuckled. "I work in the Aviation section, but that is all I can tell you without getting permission from my dad."

"So, if I wanted to get a pilot's license, would you be able to help with that?"

"Rotary or Fixed-wing?" Dad chuckled.

I didn't know what that meant, "What are those?"

"Rotary is for helicopters, and fixed-wing is for planes. Fixed-wing is easier to get, but I have both and am certified to train others in both."

"I prefer helicopters, but if I can get both, that would be cool."

"And, what about you, Brandon?" Dad asked.

"I wouldn't mind getting a pilot's license for both, but what will it cost?"

"Well, I can train you for free, but the license itself will cost about ten thousand dollars in Texas. First, you two worry about your driver's licenses, after that, we will talk about getting your pilot license. You can start training at the age of sixteen but cannot get your license until you are seventeen. And before you say anything about the cost, Zack, I may find a way to offset it."

"Seriously though," I smiled, "That is way too much money. And I estimated, unless we have Driver's Ed classes through the holidays, I will complete it about a week after the wedding."

"Cool, then when we get back from our honeymoon, We can see about getting your license."

"So… will I be home by myself while you are on your honeymoon?"

Dad looked at me, "Do you have a problem with that? If you do, Brandon's parents suggested either you can stay over there, or maybe Brandon can stay here. But if he does, I want you to promise me, no parties, and nothing new when it comes to sex. I won't simply say no sex, and I have no problem with you doing what you're already doing, just nothing new."

"You have my promise, and I would like for Brandon to stay here."

"I will set it up before then. I will prepare meals for the week for both of you, and if you ever need someone, Brian and Brandy said they would be available. You have my trust and I love you."

"I love you, Dad, and I hope I never break that trusted."

"I don't think you will, you are a smart young man."

The talk with dad was nice, but I was glad when it was over. I don't know why, but it made me feel weird with him complimenting me. Not weird in a creepy weird, but maybe it's because I am still used to getting compliments.

At noon, we ate a light lunch, then Grampa asked if he could watch football. We set up the television for Gramps, then Brandon and I entertained the twins while Dad, Chris and Gramma finished making the feast. Dad said it would be ready around four. We would eat supper early and have dessert later. Now, which pie will I want? I like them all.


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