Emerald City Boys

Chapter 21-Busy. Busy, Busy

<Logan and Madison at Madison’s house>
Madison woke up before Logan. He looked down at his friend and wished life was different. He thought Logan would make a perfect boyfriend, but Logan was taken. Madison respected his friend enough to not try to step between him and Tony. Madison wanted a boyfriend badly but didn’t know how to find one who would accept his differences—like colored hair and toenails. What he really wanted to do right now was get up the courage to ask Logan to help him find a boyfriend—or even a totally awesome BFF. Madison trusted Logan more than any friend he had and knew Logan would do his best to find somebody if he were asked.
As he stared at the beautiful blond boy, Madison detected movement. “Hey, are you awake?” he asked.
“I’m getting there,” Logan mumbled. He yawned, stretched, opened his covers.
“Nice morning wood,” Madison said admiringly.
Logan wrapped his left hand around Madison’s erection. “Yours isn’t bad for a young dude.”
“Hey, I’m almost twelve,” Madison pointed out.
“When, like five years from now?
“Ha ha ha. September fourth is the big day. Now, let’s get up and piss and see if somebody will make us breakfast.”
Logan got out of bed and picked his underpants off the floor. Before he could step into them, Madison stopped him.
“Dude, my mom will be naked so we might as well be too.”
“Won’t she scream and faint when she sees our boners?”
“You must have brain lock or something. She’s seen both of us naked in my house and yours.”
“You mean she didn’t come home with her date?” Logan asked.
“She probably did since she was dating Carmen and she almost always comes over. And Carmen’s, like, seen me naked more than once, you know what I’m saying?”
“Hey, dude,” Logan said with a smirk. “If you’d say clearly what you mean in the first place you wouldn’t have to ask me if I know what you’re saying. You know what I’m saying?”
Madison flipped him off. “Ha, ha, very funny.”
“Well, she’s never seen me naked,” Logan went on. “And I don’t know if I want her to. Plus, I thought your mother wasn’t comfortable with you and your friends running around the house naked. She kinda hinted at that when she was helping my mom with the cousin thing.”
“She was trying to be, you know, mom like. That’s how my mom literally works. But she really doesn’t care if we’re naked.”
Logan pulled his underpants on. “Well, two ladies aren’t going to see me naked, even if they’re naked themselves.”
“Your boner’s gone, so it’s no biggie.”
“That’s because thinking about them made my cock go soft which makes it a smallie. Now, I gotta go pee and then let’s go eat.”
The boys went into the bathroom and stood side-by-side. Logan pulled down his briefs and the two friends let go at the same time, giggling as they crossed their urine flows.
“The only thing keeping me from turning and pissing on you is the rug,” Logan said.
“That would have been totally sick in so many ways, but a lot of fun,” Madison giggled. “Let’s go back to my room before we go see about breakfast.” As soon as they reached the bedroom, Madison grabbed a fresh pair of boxers out of his chest of drawers and pulled them on. “Sometimes being naked is the bomb and sometimes it’s just meh. This is a meh time, let’s go eat.”
When they entered the kitchen, they found Madison’s mother and her friend Carmen starting up breakfast. They were both wearing robes that covered the parts needing covering. Madison and Logan were willing to bet that the women were wearing nothing or next to nothing under the robes.
“Good morning boys,” Madison’s mother, Laurie, said. “I heard you two stirring, or I would have woken you up. I assume you’ve washed up to eat.”
“We have, mom,” Madison nodded.
Laurie looked the boys over. “Nice to see you put some clothes on, even if it’s just underwear.”
“We figured you had company.”
“You mean if it was just me at home you would have come out here naked?”
“Well, not exactly,” Madison lied. He could see he was painting himself into a corner and decided to leave it at that.
“Carmen, this is Madison’s friend Logan. Logan, meet my friend Carmen.”
Logan surprised Carmen by holding out his hand and the two shook. Logan noted how Carmen moved her hand along his for a couple of seconds and gave a gentle squeeze instead of a firm handshake. For her part, Carmen found herself nursing a crush on the young adolescent boy. He had a beauty and a confidence that almost overwhelmed her.
Breakfast was fried eggs cooked to order, bacon, toast, and fried potatoes. The boys started scarfing down their food as soon as it was set on the table. The ladies did all the talking until Laurie caught Logan’s attention by saying, “You have the most lovely blond hair, Logan. I’d love to bleach some streaks into it to enhance the look.”
Logan quickly swallowed what he had been chewing. “Oh, no, I can’t do that. My mother would have a heart attack and then give me something worse,” he said.
“I don’t see why. It would look beautiful. Don’t you think so, Carmen?”
“Oh, yes, I so agree. He’s beautiful as it is, and with streaks the girls would fall in love with him.”
“Or the boys,” Madison interjected.
“Oh? You mean this young beauty is gay?”
“Yes, I am,” Logan answered. For a moment he resented Madison outing him before realizing it was no harm no foul. Laurie knew he was gay and Carmen wouldn’t care because she was gay, too. Besides, he would probably never see Carmen again.
“How lovely,” Carmen said sincerely. “You look like you’re a good athlete.”
“I play baseball, soccer, and basketball.”
“You’re beautiful, confident, athletic, and gay. If I were younger and not a lesbian, I think I would be in love with you.” What Carmen had just expressed was how she actually felt. She wished now that the boys hadn’t worn their underpants and she hadn’t worn a robe.  Logan’s bare torso was sexy, and his naked body would only make him sexier. She felt her heart fluttering madly. Yes, the young man was male, but he wasn’t an adult male; he was, instead, something she could not describe but wanted desperately. And if he had the streaks that Laurie had suggested it would be all she could do not to seduce him on the spot.
Madison broke the spell by saying, “Forget the bleached streaks, he would look radical with red hair.”
Logan was happy to hear Madison say something because Carmen was talking weirdly and giving him strange looks. “If I had red hair, I wouldn’t have to worry about what kind of punishment my mom would give me because she’d just kill me right on the spot.”
That got everyone to laughing and the talk went into baseball, school, and last night’s date. When they finished eating and left the table, Logan and Madison were happy that Carmen didn’t ask if they were boyfriends. That would have been the ultimate embarrassment since they were nowhere near being boyfriends, although they were solid best friends forever.
An hour later the boys had taken separate showers and dressed. “I’ve got to get home since I’m sure my mom left me chores to do,” Logan said. “Thanks for the breakfast and for letting me stay at your house, Mrs. Baker.”
“It’s Laurie or Miss Baker if you insist on being formal.”
“Then thanks, Miss Baker. And nice to meet you, Carmen.” Since Logan didn’t know her last name he called her by her first name, at least for the time being. “And I’ll see you tomorrow at practice,” he told Madison.
On the way home he decided to flop out on his bed for a while then call Tony. He knew Tony had a game that evening and wanted to see what he was thinking, plus he wanted to tell him what he and Madison had done the night before. As he entered his house, he realized more than ever that he wanted to fuck Tony as soon as possible. As sexy and as good of a friend that Madison was, the boy he was horny for was Tony DeLuca, his boyfriend.
<Tony and Trajan>
Tony, Trajan, and Marco were sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast. Tony and Marco were wearing colored briefs and Trajan was wearing a Padres t-shirt and white boxers with scattered blue circles. They all would have liked to have been wearing less, but Marne had strongly suggested they wear “something” while eating. The boys correctly interpreted “something” as being at least underpants.
“What time is Uncle Luigi picking me up?” Trajan asked.
“I think he told you last night that it would be at eleven,” Marne said.
“I just wanted to make sure.”
“Are all teenagers as forgetful as you and Tony?” Marne asked.
“Hey, I’m no teenager and I don’t forget anything, especially how old I am,” Tony responded.
Trajan grinned and gave his cousin a thumbs up.
“Boys,” Marne huffed. “And I include Luigi in that group.”
“Do I forget stuff?” Marco asked.
“Oh yes, you do,” Tony told his little brother.
Marne left for the living room which she planned to vacuum.
“Is she mad?” Trajan asked.
“No, it’s just her fun way of telling us we’re not perfect,” Tony answered.
“What? You mean I’m not?”
Tony finished off the last of his cereal, his silence being all the answer that Trajan needed.
“Time to brush my teeth, get dressed, and give Logan a call.” Tony rose from his seat and took his dishes to the kitchen where he loaded them into the dishwasher. Trajan and Marco were right behind him.
After Tony finished with his brushing he went to his bedroom where Trajan was jerking off on his bed. He didn’t miss a beat when Tony entered.
“Whoa, you must not have done anything last night,” Tony commented.
Trajan stopped whacking his cock and stroked it slowly. “I was tired and so were you since you fell right to sleep. And I thought we agreed to knock before coming into the room just for this reason,” Trajan groused.
“I didn’t think you’d be jerking off right after breakfast.”
“Well, now you know I can do it anytime.”
“Hey, it’s not like we haven’t jerked off together, so what’s the big deal?”
“Privacy is the big deal,” Trajan insisted.
“Like I’m going to stand out in the hall in nothing but my underpants waiting for you to cum.”
“You sat at the breakfast table in your underpants; what’s the difference?”
“The difference is that it was my decision. If I’d known you were gonna whack your pud, I would have dressed first. So how about we both be cool about what the other guy is doing and not have to knock. If we want privacy, we can let each other know ahead of time and then everybody is happy.”
“You know you can be a real hard ass for a little shit,” Trajan grinned.
“It’s Marco who’s the little shit. You’re losing your boner.”
“No duh. How about shutting up and jerking off with me and I’ll get it back in a hurry.”
“I’m gonna see if Marco wants to join us,” Tony said.
“We can all do it together before bed some night. Right now, let’s blow our wads.”
“Whatever. You’ll probably say no every time I bring it up.”
“I promise I won’t. Now get out of those undies, get on my bed, and get me hard again.”
Tony stripped off his briefs, displaying his three-and-a-half-inch boner.  He plopped down next to his cousin and started right in masturbating his own cock.
“Hey, I thought you were going to get me hard,” Trajan protested.
“We can do that before bed some night,” Tony responded haughtily. “And you look plenty hard to me.” Not for the first time Tony was surprised by his being snarky with his cousin who had so intimidated him just a few days ago.
“Like, I said, you can be a real hard ass.” Trajan didn’t intend what he said to be a derogatory statement. He had grown to respect his young cousin who had seemed so shy when they first met and was now willing to stand up for himself. Trajan was starting to realize he was going to have to treat Tony as more of an equal.
As they jerked off, the cousins looked at each other’s hand move quickly along his cock. “Hey, you aren’t using lube,” Trajan pointed out.
“I knew I was close to cumming, now shut up and let me shoot.”
A minute later Trajan fired first, firing a wad up to his nipples and then covering his belly. Seconds later Tony shot shots of light cum on his belly and onto his bare pubic region.
“That was nice cuz,” Tony said when he got his breath back. “Next time I promise to do you, unless Marco joins us.”
“And then what will you do?”
“I dunno. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”
Tony hopped out of the bed and grabbed some tissues to wipe himself off.
“What’s dad going to make you do in the restaurant today?” Tony asked.
“He’s not gonna to MAKE me do anything. He’s gonna pay me to get some training.”
“It won’t take much training to learn how to clear a table and put the stuff in the dishwasher and then learn how to empty the dishwasher and wipe drops off of the glasses and silverware. Unless me and Marco are there to do it.”
“There’s stuff you can put in the dishwasher that keeps spots from forming you know.”
“I know, but sometimes a spot or two sneaks by. Me and Marco are really good at finding them.”
Tony headed to the bathroom to shower. He wasn’t worried about his mother catching him naked in the hall. He considered the hall from the bedroom to the bathroom to be open territory and would treat it as such until somebody yelled at him to do otherwise.
Trajan and Tony watched TV until Luigi stopped by the house to pick Trajan up. Marco had gone to Justin’s house. Trajan wondered why Luigi made the trip to pick him up when Marne could have driven him to the restaurant but figured that was their business.
It wasn’t until after Trajan left that Tony remembered to call Logan. “Are you ready for tonight’s game?” Tony asked Logan.
“I am if you are.”
“What’s that supposed to mean.”
“Did you have fun with anybody last night?”
“No, that waited until this morning,” Tony answered. “Trajan and me jerked off together.”
“That’s all?”
“That’s it. But we did promise to jerk each other off next time and I want to suck his dick really bad. What did you and Madison do?”
“I rimmed him, we pissed on each other, and humped and I got him all cummy,” Logan told his boyfriend. “So, since we both did something with somebody, I think we’re ready for tonight’s game.”
“Awesome, I’ll see you then.”
Justin was busy cleaning his room under orders from his Papa Dawg when he heard the doorbell ring. He was naked and couldn’t answer the door, but he knew his Daddy Donkey would answer it. He went back to sweeping the dust bunnies out from under his bed. He was pleased when heard Marco’s voice in the hall.
Justin opened the door to his room and stepped into the hall. “Hey, Marco, nice surprise,” he grinned.
“I thought if you were home, you or your daddy would let me in and if you weren’t home, well I don’t live that far from you and I’d go back home,” Marco said.
“Well, Daddy Donkey let you in, and I’m here, so that means it doesn't matter how far away you live because you get to stay.”
“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning my room because Papa Dawg said it was getting too messy.”
“Do you have to be naked to clean your room?”
“No, but this way I can’t get my clothes dirty. And if I get dirty I just go in the shower and get clean and then put my clean clothes back on. Only I can’t put my clean clothes back on because I never put clothes on today at all which means when I get dressed, I’ll put on totally clean clothes because I never wore them.”
Marco nodded in agreement. He was getting used to his boyfriend’s long convoluted answers. They were answers that Justin called “donkey logic” because it was the way his Daddy Donkey liked answering questions.
“Want me to help you?” Marco asked.
“Thanks, cuz that way it will get done quicker and you should take your clothes off so they don’t get dirtier. And then when we’re done, we’ll take a shower together.”
Marco didn’t have to be asked twice to strip. As soon as he was naked, he went to work doing the tasks Justin assigned to him. They were finished within a half hour. Justin called for his daddy to inspect their job.
Mike grinned when he entered the room and saw both boys were naked. It was what he had expected to see. “Daddy, can you tell us if we did a good job?”
“You mean, tell both of you?” Mike asked.
“Yeah, both of us.”
Mike looked straight at Marco. “That must mean he put you right to work. Now, what kind of host has his best friend come to visit and instead of giving him chocolate milk and cookies he makes him get naked and clean up a messy bedroom.”
“I volunteered,” Marco said.
“Then he’d better pay you double cookies, especially since they were made with the Dawg’s secret chocolate chip recipe.”
“I was almost done, and I did the worst part which was the dust bunnies.”
Mike got down on his hands and knees and checked out underneath the bed. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pants pocket and swept it along part of the floor. He held it in front of him and nodded. “And you did a damned fine job under there, too.”
“Thanks,” Justin and Marco said together. 
“Just remember that the Dawg is way stricter than me. I’m sure he’ll put his white gloves on to check everything.”
“You used a white handkerchief.”
“Oh, but those white gloves can detect the most minute speck of dust. Handkerchiefs need a lot of dust and dirt to detect it.”
“I’ll worry about that later. Right now, me and Marco…I mean Marco and me…um…Marco and I are going to shower and get some of those cookies,” Justin said.
“Nice catches,” Mike said.
“Think about it. Now, you guys have fun until lunch.”
After showering, Justin called Joey to see if he could come over and was surprised when Joey received permission to stay for lunch and was told he didn’t have to be home until three.
Justin and Marco pulled on their underwear and shorts. When Joey arrived he took off his shirt to match his friends and the trio went outside for tag, netless badminton, wiffle ball, and catch with Donkey Dad Mike. They stopped only for lunch. Mike wasn’t worried about the boys wearing themselves out before the game; after all, being nine was about having lots of energy to burn while having fun. As far as Joey’s mother disapproving of the active afternoon, he figured what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.
<Trajan and Pierce>
When Trajan entered Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta with Luigi, he saw Pierce sitting at a table. He went to his table and stood next to his chair. “Hey, Pierce, remember me?”
“Duh, how could I forget,” Pierce answered. “That was a great welcoming party you had. Are you here for lunch?”
“I’m here to learn about being a busser and a dishwasher. My uncle owns the place.”
“I know. I should have put one and one together and figured it out. Well, I’m here for pizza and since your uncle is nice enough to have pizza by the slice starting at noon I’m here to indulge--courtesy of my dad, of course.”
“Trajan, are you going to come back to the kitchen area?” Luigi asked.
“Sorry, Uncle, I was just saying hello to Pierce.”
“Game day pizza by the slice lunch?” Luigi asked Pierce.
“Best way to get the pizza I need,” Pierce answered. “I do this most game days,” he said to Trajan. “Dad says it beats him cooking something up. I buy six slices then eat four here and take two home to eat just before I leave for the game.”
Trajan saw his uncle looking at him. “I guess I’d better start my training.” From the look on Luigi’s face Trajan figured his uncle was about to lose patience with him just like his dad did.
“Have you had lunch, Trajan?” Luigi asked.
“We’ll need to make a meal schedule for the days you work. How about you have some pizza with Pierce and start after lunch. Losing an hour won’t hurt anything.”
“Thanks, Uncle Luigi.” One thing Trajan was slowly learning was that even though his uncle could give the impression of being gruffer than his father, he could also be much more forgiving than his father.
“Pizza is on the house this time, so don’t bother digging your father’s money out of your pocket. Spend it your boyfriend.” Luigi walked away and came back with two glasses of Coke. “Sodas are on the house, too.”
Trajan sat next to Pierce. “Every time I think my uncle is going to have a cow, he does something nice like this.”
“I think he likes you,” Pierce grinned.
“I know he likes you. I mean he knows why you’re here, he knows you have a boyfriend, he knows what kind of soda you like. You must be a good customer.”
“Dad and I are pretty regular. Their lasagna is to die for. Logan got me turned on to that. But pregame meal for me is pizza by the slice.”
Customers were starting to come into the restaurant, most of whom would be ordering pizza slices at the lunchtime pizza bar. The bar was open from twelve to two on weekdays.
The two teens went to the pizza bar and picked their slices. Since they didn’t have to pay, they skipped the register and returned to their table. They ate and chatted about sports and the boys who had been at Trajan’s party.
“Your boyfriend is really nice and pretty good looking,” Trajan told Pierce.
“Just call him Drake. It’s not what I call him, but it’s his name.”
“What do you call him?”
“Because a drake is a male duck, right?”
“Smart boy,” Pierce nodded.
“What does he call you?”
“Pooka, which is a big imaginary animal that only certain people can see. He calls me that because he says the animal part of me is hidden from everybody but him.”
“I guess you guys really like each other a lot.”
“It’s more than that, Trajan. You see, we really love each other a ton.”
The teens concentrated on their pizza for a couple of minutes before Trajan restarted the conversation. “Can I ask you something, like, really personal?”
“You can ask anything you want, but I reserve the right not to answer,” Pierce responded.
“Fair enough. Anyway, from everything I’ve heard you’re an orphan. When did you become one and how did it happen and how did your dad end up becoming your dad?”
“Dad’s name is Walker.”
“Sorry, I forgot and hoped it would pop into my head.”
“I know that feeling,” Pierce chuckled. “Look, I don’t have a problem telling you my story, but you’re gonna have to tell me your story of how you ended up having to live for a summer in Seattle—and I mean the real reason. But this isn’t the place to tell it since there’s lots of big ears sitting around us, but I have a proposal for you.”
“You mean you’re going to ask me to marry you? I mean, damn, we just met—we hardly know each other.”
“You and Drake will get along great. You both seem to have the same warped sense of humor. Anyway, here’s my proposal. Drake is coming over to my place Thursday after he finishes work, which is around noon. He’s gonna be spending the night. We both would love if you could come over and spend the night with us. That would be a perfect time for all of us to tell our stories and get what the adults like to call, bonded.”
“Do you and Drake know each other’s stories?”
“In detail, and you’d get to learn ours while we learn yours.”
“I’ll ask Aunt Marne when I get home and call you.”
“Can’t you just ask your Uncle now?”
Trajan shook his head. “Once thing I’ve learned in my short time here is that Aunt Marne runs the family schedule. I know I have lacrosse practice Thursday, though. Coach Vincent said it will be at four and only last an hour.”
“Wow, you made a lacrosse team that easily?” Pierce asked.
“They’re a little short on bodies, I guess, and I have some experience.”
“Well, ask your aunt and we’ll work it out. Just make sure to ask about spending the night.”
Trajan said he would take care of things and call Pierce that evening. The boys finished their lunch and Pierce left for home. Trajan watched him leave thinking how it looked like he may have made another friend. Life was certainly looking better than it had when he stepped on the airplane in San Diego. He rose from the table, grabbed a tray from the pantry area, then returned to the table and gathered up the plates, silverware, and glasses. He carried the tray to the kitchen to start his first day on the job at Luigi’s.
When he walked into the kitchen he found Luigi waiting for him. “Thank you for clearing those dishes. Place the tray by the dishwasher and grab a fresh cloth by the sink. I’ll show you how to treat it and the table with cleaner and you can go back and wipe it down. Oh, and put new rubber gloves on before you start. You showed me a lot by taking the initiative, nephew. You’re off to a good start—keep it up.”
Trajan walked out of the kitchen after treating the cleaning cloth with disinfectant cleanser. He took a bottle of cleanser with him. He was glowing from the praise his uncle had given him and made up his mind to do what he could to earn more. Between getting off with his cousin, making a new friend in Pierce, and earning the praise of his uncle, the day that started out looking gloomy was turning out to be better than he expected.
<Pierce and Chase>
Logan, Eddie, and Curt were sitting in the top row of the third base bleachers watching their brother Chase’s baseball game. The rest of their row and the row ahead of them were both empty. A dozen or so parents were sitting two rows down. The two parents on the far left end of the bleachers were their dad, Troy, and Pierce’s dad, Walker.
Eddie was seated between Logan and Curt. Between the second and third innings Eddie’s hand wandered onto Logan’s crotch, and he started massaging his younger brother’s cock creating an instant hard-on.
“Eddie, what are you doing?” Curt whispered.
“Calm down, Curt. Nobody’s gonna look back here and see us unless a foul ball comes our way,” Eddie said.
“But you can’t do it all exposed like that.”
“Who’s exposed, dude? I didn’t open his pants and he’s sure as fuck not going to open mine.”
“That would be hard to do when I’m not even groping you,” Logan pointed out.
“Do you want me to make you cream your pants?”
Before Logan could answer, Chase came to the plate with runners on second and third. He singled on the second pitch to him, scoring both runners and giving his Rainiers a 2-1 lead in the second inning. Logan, Curt, and Eddie stood up and cheered their brother. The bulge in Logan’s shorts was obvious to Curt and Eddie.
“Well, what about it?” Eddie asked again.
“My little head says yes, but my big head says not a good idea with us not being able to cover up what we’re doing. Plus, this is a big game and I think it’s gonna be a close one, so my answer is no,” Logan answered.
“What if we brought hoodies or something to a game to cover up what we’re doing?”
“That I’ll think about.”
“You two are disgusting,” Curt said.
Eddie pointed to the bulge in Curt’s shorts. “You must like disgusting, since it looks like it turned you on big time.”
Curt snorted and said nothing. Eddie and Logan could tell their brother was fighting a grin. 
“Before we get too far into the game, I’m gonna ask dad for some hot dog and soda money,” Logan said.
“Sounds like a plan,” Curt said. “I’ll go with you.”
“I’ll hold our expensive suite seats. Bring me a dog the way I like it and a Dr. Pepper,” Eddie said.
After Curt and Logan returned, the brothers put their full attention into what was now a 3-2 game with the Rainiers trailing. But that changed as the game progressed and the game was tied at 5-5 by the seventh inning.
“Pierce has come a long way,” Troy said to Walker, “especially considering his background. I admire you for the work you’ve done.”
“If you’re referring to Pierce the baseball player I had very little to do with it outside of signing the permission papers,” Walker chuckled. “As for his personal growth, he had a good upbringing until his father went off the tracks. He has a positive attitude, which is helped a lot by his friends, like Chase and especially Drake. Playing sports has helped him as well, and his experiences have made him an intense competitor. And, he appears to be a good teammate.”
“Chase and Dillon both think Pierce has been an integral part of the team’s success,” Troy said. “Is Pierce still seeing the psychologist?”
“Regularly. They have it down to once every two weeks now. Dr. McGregor has been fantastic.”
While the fathers chatted, the Rainiers executed a 1-2-3 top of the seventh and were now coming to bat. “We’ll be seeing Chase and Pierce, so we have something extra to cheer for.”
“I think it’s time we got our focus back on the game,” Troy said. Walker nodded in agreement. He liked Troy a great deal and was pleased that the two had become friends after their inauspicious start when neither one of them trusted the other.
Spencer Payton, the Rainiers’ left fielder, was the first batter in the inning. He grounded out to short on a 2-1 pitch for the first out. Chase was next and he clobbered a 2-0 pitch up the left field line for a standup double. That put the winning run in scoring position for the Rainiers.
Walker, Troy, Logan, Curt, and Eddie all noted the intense look on Pierce’s face. They knew that look meant that the laid-back Pierce was buried under the fierce competitor. Pierce was out for blood.
Walker pulled his phone out of his pocket and began videoing his son’s at bat. He had a feeling it was going to be a game winner.
Pierce had noted that the Eagle’s pitcher was having trouble throwing strikes and knew he had to be patient. His patience paid off when he got a fat 3-1 pitch that he lined into center for a hit.
“Chase is running HARD,” Logan screamed. “GO CHASE! GO CHASE!”
“The coach is sending him home,” Walker yelled.
Chase flew home and hit the dirt just ahead of the throw from the center fielder. He slid across the plate in a cloud of dust and the umpire gave the safe signal and called out an emphatic, “SAFE!”. The Rainiers had won the game.
Pierce was swamped by his teammates and worked to make sure he didn’t get crushed by the pressing bodies. When he and Chase were able to face each other they traded a hard hug and were bumped to the ground by a celebrating teammate. The teammates rolled in the dirt and stopped with Chase on top of Pierce.
Chase gave Pierce a quick hump, causing the two to giggle. “Careful, dude, I just might not want to get up,” Pierce said.
Chase got up and offered his hand to Pierce, who took it. Chase helped Pierce to stand and the two went to the forming handshake line to shake the Eagles’ hands.
“Were we a pair or were we a pair?” Chase asked as he and Pierce walked back to the dugout with their teammates.
“Do you mean at the plate or on the ground?” Pierce asked as they stepped into the dugout.
“Take your pick,” Chase grinned as he grabbed Pierce’s crotch. “Those damn cups just aren’t sexy to feel at all.”
“What, did you think I wasn’t wearing one?”
“No, it’s just that you kind of turned me on in the celebration pile. I almost grabbed a kiss.”
“Ditto,” Pierce grinned. “We need to do something about it sometime.”
“You can count on it.”
Pierce was soon riding home with Walker. Walker congratulated Pierce on having a good game and a great clutch hit.
“I had to hit it since I know how much you hate extra-inning games,” Pierce said.
“I do?” Walker asked.
“I dunno, but it was good motivation,” Pierce chuckled.
“Well, it appeared to work. No overnights with anyone tonight?”
“I’m sure I could’ve gone to Chase’s, but I’ve got Duck and Trajan coming tomorrow and I wanted an evening with that dad person who hates extra innings.”
Walker laughed out loud. “Well, I wasn’t prepared for extra innings, since I knew you’d take care of business.”
“And if I hadn’t, Rodney would have come through. Anyway, I want an overnight with Chase—tonight just wasn’t the night. I don’t want a last-minute job even if Chase and I kind of turned each other on a bit after the game. We’ll know when the right time comes.”
“By the way I got a video of your at bat and of Chase scoring the winning run,” Walker said. “I had a gut feeling you were going to come through.”
“Awesome dad,” Pierce grinned. “We gotta show it to Duck and Trajan.” He found himself wondering if the video went on long enough to show Chase humping him.”
“Be careful how far you go with Trajan. Don’t push him to do anything he isn’t eager to do.”
“Do you know something about him that I don’t?”
“No, it’s just that he’s probably a confused boy right now. You and Drake need to be careful reading what he wants and what he might not want.”
“Gotcha,” Pierce said. “He said he wants to talk to me about how I ended up getting adopted and about what happened to my parents. You know the routine.”
Walker turned into the driveway and pressed the garage door button on the car’s mirror. “I do.”
“How much should I tell him?”
“About yourself, whatever you feel comfortable with. As for you and me, you’ve got the routine down pretty pat.”
“Which is telling the truth without giving the details,” Pierce said.
The two exited the car and headed into the house. It was time for an aftergame snack and a rehash of the exciting game.
<The Miller Brothers>
Chase did get some good sex in that night to celebrate his win. Logan’s ass was the willing target of his teen cock two times, giving Logan three orgasms for the night.
Eddie and Curt discussed having their first brotherly fuck but ended up satisfied with a sixty-nine. What Eddie had really wanted that night was to fuck Logan, but he still managed to be happy with the final result. Chase had earned his fuck as a reward for his big game at the plate: a single, a double, two runs scored, and two runs batted in.
Eddie had developed a huge brother crush on Logan. His younger brother had bottomed for him before, and he wanted that tight ass again soon.
<Trajan and Tony>
When Trajan got home from working at the restaurant, he felt a sense of accomplishment. He had worked until five, which was the start of the dinner rush. He was quickly becoming proficient at clearing and cleaning the tables, but Luigi felt he needed more seasoning before he worked the dinner rush. As instructed, Trajan turned on what charm he had when he dealt with the customers. He notched up the charm a bit when a customer was a cute boy or even a handsome, sexy looking man. The customers, many of whom were regulars, were friendly in return and a couple of them even left an extra tip.
After Trajan’s shift ended, Luigi complimented Trajan on his work and gave some constructive criticism. Most of the criticism consisted of reminders of what Luigi had already instructed him on.
Marne then drove Trajan home. While his time in the restaurant wasn’t as bad as he expected, he was glad he would be working no more than three shifts a week and that normally it would only be one or two shifts. Already he could tell that not only would lacrosse keep him busy but, hopefully, so would the new friends he was making. And all of that didn’t include the week he would be spending in the geography workshop, since it was possible he could end up doing both work and the workshop on the same day.
Of course, Marne quizzed him about how his day went. Even though he wanted some time to himself he politely gave his aunt complete answers. As he entered the house, he realized that his aunt had received better answers than he could remember giving his mother during one of her interrogations. But his mother started firing questions at him after he had done something bad more often than after he had accomplished something good.
Marne had planned on dropping Trajan off at the house and then driving to Tony’s baseball game. She was pleased when Trajan said he wanted to go to the game with her.
Marco and Justin came over to Trajan when he took a seat in the bleachers. Mike the Donkey had given them a ride to the game so they could watch Tony play. Mike sat with Marne where they watched the game and talked about Justin and Marco as well as Trajan. Mike left for home at the end of the fourth inning.
Trajan was amazed that the two younger boys had been excited about sitting with him. He wasn’t used to that kind of a reception. Different kinds of friends seemed to be springing up everywhere.
“The Guardians are going to win big time,” Marco said confidently.
“That’s because Tony’s on the team,” Justin added knowingly.
The game started five minutes later and was a wild one with a lot of hits and runs along with a few errors. Trajan had decided to go to the game because he didn’t want to hang around the house by himself. He found himself enjoying the action on the field and the company of Marco and Justin. He never had anything to do with boys that young at home in East Harbor.
After five innings the Guardians led 8-5. As they ran out on the field for the top of the sixth Trajan received a text message from Levi: “I hope work was good and see you tomorrow at the game.”
The text gave Trajan a warm feeling. He wasn’t going to be able to play, but one of his teammates was looking forward to seeing him at the game. “work was work but not bad and I’ll c ya tomorrow,” he texted back.
The game ended with the Guardians winning 11-7. Tony, Trajan, Marco, and Justin would all be riding with Marne. Justin would be spending the night with Marco.
After arriving at the DeLuca residence, the boys stripped down to their underwear and watched the last few innings of the Mariner game. The Mariners defeated the Major League Guardians 4-1. During the game, Trajan received a text message from Pierce. ‘What’s with text messages during Guardian games,’ he thought. He liked getting the texts, he just thought it weird to get a text during each Guardian game he was watching.
“I enjoyed talking with you today. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Dad said we’d pick you up from your practice,” the text read. Trajan replied, “5 o clock cya then”. Trajan was surprised by Pierce’s precise texting. He had never seen anybody do that, even his parents.
After the game, Justin and Marco retired to their bedroom and Trajan and Tony went to theirs. After taking care of their evening toilet, Trajan and Tony stripped naked and climbed into their own beds.
After he and Trajan said their goodnights, Tony asked, “When are we going to sleep together?”
“I didn’t know we were going to.”
“I think it would be cool to do it. Justin and Marco are going to tonight.”
“Marco only has one bed in his room,” Trajan pointed out.
“But we have a couple of cots in the basement so they could sleep separate if they wanted to. So, when are we going to do it?”
“How about this. I’ll do it with you, but not tonight.”
“Then when?”
“You’re making it sound like a big deal.”
“That’s because it is a big deal,” Tony said.
“I can’t say when, but there will be a night when it seems right. When it happens, it happens.”
“One more thing. Marco wants to jerk off with us some time.”
“Same thing with Marco joining us as with you and me sleeping together,” Trajan said.
“But then you can put it off forever.”
“I’ll tell you what. You can remind me at bedtime every night until I say yes. And that means one reminder each night.  Period. Otherwise, I’ll be a very unhappy cousin and you don’t want me to be unhappy.”
“Okay, but only until the middle of July and then I get to bug you to death.”
Trajan rose from his bed, walked over to Tony’s bed, and held out his hand. “Deal, so let’s shake on it.” The cousins shook hands and Trajan returned to his bed.
In Marco’s bedroom, even though the two young tweens went to bed together naked, they had had as much sex as Trajan and Tony. They figured they’d have time the next day to mess around if they wanted to.
Before falling asleep Trajan looked across the dark room at his cousin’s bed. He couldn’t believe how well things were going. He was on a lacrosse team and in a few days he would be playing for that team. He had friends who wanted to see him tomorrow. He had a cousin who wanted to sleep with him, which most likely meant he wanted to mess around. His aunt and uncle were patient and understanding. Even his first day on the job was okay—in fact it was even fun at times.
He fell asleep curious about what Pierce’s story was going to be like and wondering how much of his own story he was going to share with Pierce.
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