My Foster Father

Chapter Two: Tested

by Zarek A Dragon

Tuesday. 13 November 2018

I grabbed my bike and was getting ready to head to school when Dad stopped me, "Are you and Brandon heading to the clinic after school?"

"We can, but…" I began.

Dad smiled, "Well, if you are, I said I would pay. Here is forty dollars to cover you both."

"Thanks, Dad. Now, we probably will. My 'but' was that I didn't have any money to cover it, yet."

"Speaking of which, we need to get your bank account set up soon. We can do that tomorrow after school."

"I love you, Dad." That felt good saying, even though I am not really in love with Dad anymore since I've met Brandon, but I love him almost the same as I love Mom. Even though she is gone, I still love her, and always will.

"I know you do, Son." Dad gave me a hug.

Brandon met me where our driveways meet the road. "I normally do a light jog to school, but since we want to go to the clinic, I figured I'd ride my bike," he told me.

"Dad gave me the money to pay, like he said he would."

Brandon laughed, "Dad gave me money just in case. He wasn't sure when your dad would give you the money, but he feels this is important, so he wants us to go today. He also said that if your dad DID already give you the money, then I should save it to take you on a proper date."

I think we arrived at school about the same time as we would have by car. We had the same stop signs, but we caught a green traffic light. It had turned green just as we were about to apply our brakes. Brandon and I locked our bikes at the bike rack. His was across from mine, and we locked them so both locks were on both bikes. That could be a problem if something happened to one of us, but we took that chance.

Nothing special happened today in classes except in PE. We told Ashton first, but then Brandon announced, "Guys, I am off the market! Zack has officially become my boyfriend."

"Hey, congratulations, guys." "Way to go!!!" "Ah man, I wanted to date you," and a few other nice comments were heard. Even though Brandon told me how gay friendly this school is, I was surprised I never heard one bad comment about Brandon's announcement.

Ashton walked up to us. "I hope you don't mind, but I had a feeling, and bought rings for you guys," he announced, then handed a box to each of us.

Brandon's RingAt first, we told him that he shouldn't have spent the money, but he claimed his uncle owned the store where he bought them, and he got them at cost. We opened them together and the rings were identical, except for the engraving. Both rings were black tungsten, but my ring said, "I'm Brandon's Boyfriend," while his said, "I'm Zack's Boyfriend." Zack's RingHe even got my name spelled correctly, even though I see more boys spelling it with an 'h' rather than a 'k.' I asked how he knew the correct spelling.

Ashton admitted, "I cheated and asked Miss Hampton. She didn't see any harm in telling me how you spell it."

"I still think you shouldn't have spent the money, but I do love it… them," I told him. Brandon and I put them on our right ring fingers. Left is for engagement rings and wedding rings, right? Then we kissed, but Coach Leopold caught us.

"You two, separate lips now and we will forget this happened," he ordered. We both thanked him. I don't know why we kissed then, other than it felt like the right thing to do.

After class, Coach Leopold told the two of us, "It is against school policy, but I don't have a problem with you kissing as long as it doesn't interfere with class or make any of the other boys feel uncomfortable."

"We will try to control ourselves," Brandon promised.

Coach chuckled, "You want to kiss right now, don't you?"

"Yes, Coach, we do, or at least I know I do," I admitted.

"Go ahead," Coach grinned, "then get your showers. Kissing, THAT is all I will allow, got it?"

We kissed, but nothing like we really wanted since Coach was there, then we headed to the showers, thanking Coach on our way. He was still laughing as we left.

After school, Brandon and I rode our bikes to the clinic. We signed in and the nurse, I guess she's a nurse, but maybe she is just a receptionist, anyway, she handed us clipboards with a bunch of forms. Some of the forms asked for a parent or guardian's signature, then it said, "If unaccompanied, print their name, address and phone number."

We completed the forms, turned them in and waited. A waiting room is appropriately named because you do a lot of waiting at these places. Finally, they called Brandon's name. He told them that we were together, so they allowed me to go back with him. The nurse gave us gowns, "Strip completely, put on the gowns and the doctor will be in shortly." Then she left.

It didn't bother us seeing each other naked as we followed the instructions; I mean, we have gym together and shower there, so there's nothing new. Brandon tied the strings on the back of my gown, and I tied his.

There was a knock on the door and Brandon called out, "Come in."

"I need to get your vitals real fast," the nurse informed us. She took Brandon's first. She had just finished mine when a doctor walked in.

"Greetings, gentlemen, I understand you want to be tested for STDs. Are you both sexually active, and are you a couple?"

"Zack's never been sexually active, but I have oral sex. We've just started dating, and we want to be a hundred percent sure we don't give the other anything."

"Well, Brandon, the only way you can be a hundred percent sure is if you don't have sex. You are aware that both of your parents will be notified about you having these tests and they will be sent the results?"

"It was my dad who first suggested it, but Brandon did ask his dad for permission."

"Good," the doctor proclaimed, "I am pleased that you boys are taking the precaution of testing. If you are sexually active, it is recommended that you be tested every six months, and if you are not, then at least once a year. Have you ever done the 'turn your head and cough' routine?"

We both shook our head, so the doctor explained. He was going to feel our testicles, and we may get hard when he does, most guys do, even straight guys. We shouldn't get embarrassed. Then, we were to turn our heads so that when we coughed, we wouldn't accidentally cough anything on to him. He reached under Brandon's gown and then mine.

"Both of you are in excellent health, there. Now, I would like to examine your prostates. Do you know the easiest method for doing that?"

Brian explained, "In Health Class, they said the prostate is in the anal canal. It is about the size of a walnut."

"That is correct, and since neither of your fathers are here, I need to have a male nurse in here with me. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, Sir," Brandon and I chimed together.

The doctor opened the door and called out, "Chris, can you come in here for a few minutes?"

About a minute later, a gorgeous man in his early twenties (about Dad's age) came in. The doctor explained what was going to happen, then donned a glove on his right hand. "Brandon, if you will stand up, turn around and bend over, then grab each of your butt cheeks and pull them apart."

"Is this going to hurt?"

"Seeing this will be the first time you've been entered, it will feel uncomfortable, but I am only using two fingers, and they will be lubed, so it shouldn't really hurt. Again, this may cause some stimulation, so don't be embarrassed by it."

Once he was done with Brandon, he did the same with me. It hurt at first, especially when he had to push through my sphincter, and he kept having to tell me to relax, but then, I actually started to enjoy it. I wonder if this feeling was what Dad was talking about. "Zack, will you please quit pushing back on my fingers?" the doctor chuckled. Brandon and Chris started laughing.

Once he was done with me, he started talking to us about safe sex and using condoms. He even gave us five condoms a piece. He had another one and opened a drawer to pull out a dildo. When I called it that, he corrected me, "While this may look like a dildo, it is not. This is a model of a teenage male penis. Notice, it is NOT hard..."

"So not a real teenage boy," Brandon chuckled. Chris was about to lose it. The doctor never told him he was done, so he stayed in the room with us.

The doctor started laughing, "You do have a point, but you cannot use this model like a dildo. It is purely for demonstrating how to put on a condom."

He demonstrated how to put the condom on, then took it off and gave each of us another condom to try ourselves. Once he was done, he explained, "I am done, but Chris needs to draw blood for various tests. When he is done, we will need urine samples from each of you; behind that curtain is a toilet. Fill the cup as much as you can, and if you fill it completely, you can finish in the toilet. Once you are done, Chris will label your samples and take them to the lab. Then you boys may get dressed, grab a doughnut and bottle of juice and head to the waiting room. Finish your doughnut and juice, then pay the receptionist, and you can head home to wait on the results. Today is Tuesday, so you should have them in the mail on Friday."

Brandon offered, "Thank you, Doctor."

Again, Brandon was first; I think they did that since he was the one called. Chris took a lot of blood. That's probably why they gave us the doughnuts and juice. I was beginning to worry Chris was nearly draining him. Then Brandon went to give his urine sample while Chris drained me. Then I pissed into the cup, nearly filling it. Chris left and we got dressed.

Long JohnBrandon grabbed a cream filled long john and I found a lemon filled doughnut. No one else was in the waiting room, so Brandon acted like he was giving the doughnut a blow job. I was surprised that he was able to stick the hole six inches in his mouth. I was laughing as he continued, but then he stopped and sucked the cream out. The most superb blow job of a doughnut I had ever witnessed. Of course, it was the only one I had ever seen, but still.

We finished our doughnuts, I paid the receptionist, who was the same lady I thought was a nurse, and we headed home. I asked, "How were you able to fit that whole doughnut in your mouth?"

"Experience," Brandon explained. "Last school year, a senior with an eight-inch dick bet me that I couldn't take him in completely. He offered to pay me a hundred bucks if he could fuck me, but I refused. He said that if I didn't accept his money, he was going to fuck me for free. Then two of his buddies grabbed my arms and he started undoing my pants. Ashton got the principal and they were suspended for two weeks."

"I'm glad," I smiled. " I hope they graduated, because I would want to kill them. I want to be your first fucker. "

"And I will be yours," Brandon agreed, "but not until we both are ready. As for the senior, he was arrested, and his family moved away after he was expelled for raping a junior. Were you really pushing back on the doctor's fingers?"

"I don't know, maybe, but it did feel good," I explained.

Brandon admitted, "Yeah, after he was fully in, I enjoyed it, too. So, to change the subject, are you ready for the Spanish test tomorrow?"

" Sí, creo que si," I replied. For those of you who don't know Spanish, that is "Yes, I think I am." The teacher told me that since it is only my third day, I should still take the test, but she will take that into consideration when she grades mine. I want to do good on the test, but how hard is she going to grade me?

NoteWhen we reached our driveways, Brandon said he would see if he can come over after a bit. I parked my bike in the garage, noticed Dad's SUV wasn't in there, and I went inside. There was a note on the fridge…

I thought, Great, I can get as comfortable as I want and not worry about it. I just slipped off my shirt and the doorbell rang. Much to my displeasure, I put my shirt back on. After all, while I hoped it was Brandon, I had no way of knowing.

When I opened the door, I was glad I put my shirt on. Some old lady was there. "Good afternoon, I am Evelyn Chambers with Grace Church of Faith, and we are seeking donations to help those families who lost their homes during various disasters. Is your mom or dad home?"

"Sorry, they are not, and without dad's permission, the only things I can give you are my old clothes from when I lived in a group home."

The lady smiled, "If you wish to part with them, these families can use anything you can give; that includes socks and underwear."

I decided to give them all my old clothes, except for my boxer briefs. I still used them, except when I am home, I like wearing the silver briefs Dad bought for me. The lady counted what I had given her and wrote me out a receipt. I guess that was in case Dad wanted to use it for tax purposes.

I put the receipt on the table beside the receipt from the clinic and started taking my shirt off again. The doorbell rang again, so once again, my shirt was back on. This time, it was the guys from Best Buy delivering my desk and everything else Dad bought for me. I led them up to my room and they assembled the desk and set up the laptop. They even hooked up the monitor, keyboard and mouse for me. I couldn't believe how fast they did things, and to be honest, I forgot they were coming today.

Dad put the internet password on my phone, so after going through the initial startup for Windows 10, I connected to our wi-fi. Windows 10 was a whole new OS to me. In the Home, we were still using Windows XP. I was so enthralled by my new system, I almost forgot to get comfortable.

For a third time, I took off my shirt. I waited a few seconds to see if the doorbell would ring. When it didn't, I took off my jeans. Bing bong… Gosh darn it, I slipped on a pair of shorts, grabbed a tee shirt and headed downstairs. I slipped on the shirt, opened the door and there stood Brandon.

"You look flustered," my boyfriend told me.

"Yeah, well…" I told him how the doorbell kept ringing as I tried getting comfortable. Then I told him about my new system and invited him to my room to check it out.

As we walked to my room, Brandon asked, "Where's your dad? Was he in the kitchen?"

"Nope, Dad is working late, so we have the house to ourselves until you have to go home."

"Damn," Brandon cursed, which surprised me. "I wish we had the results of our tests. I want to kiss you, but what if I have something and give it to you through our saliva?"

"Either you gave it to me yesterday, or you're not going to give it to me," I encouraged. "I don't think we should do anything other than kissing before we get our results, but I don't see how kissing would matter at this point."

Brandon pulled his shirt off, then he pulled mine off. That felt kind of sexy, and I really liked it. He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly. The feel of our chests touching sent thrills through my whole body, and I mean thrills, not chills. It was totally awesome. As our lips connected, I felt his hands slip into the back of my shorts, He kneaded my butt cheeks as he sucked my tongue into his mouth. Part of me freaked when his hands went into my shorts, but a certain part of me enjoyed it and got hard.

Brandon let me have my tongue back and he asked, "Did you enjoy me playing with your butt? It's not the same as what the doctor did, but I noticed you got hard."

"I enjoyed it a lot and wouldn't mind more of it, but I need to take care of something in the bathroom."

"I wouldn't mind watching you take care of it," Brandon grinned.

"I'm sure, but for now, I think I need to do it in private. Once we get the test results back, then maybe YOU can take care of it." I wiggled my eyebrows and smiled. Brandon responded by licking his lips.

Believe it or not, we behaved ourselves. Brandon ate spaghetti with me, then went home. I was getting ready for bed when I heard the door to the garage open. I rushed down to see Dad; he looked tired. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"I was getting ready for bed when I heard you come in, besides, it's only 9:45."

"It feels later than that, but…" Dad was getting ready to say something, but I stopped him.

"Dad, we can talk in the morning. You look exhausted, and I'm ready to go to sleep myself."

"I think that sounds good," Dad said as he made his way to his bedroom.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

As tired as Dad was, I expected Dad to sleep in, but when I got to the kitchen, there he was. He was flipping pancakes on the griddle alongside bacon and eggs. As soon as I walked in the door, he asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"I slept fine, but you looked exhausted and I worried about you."

"You needn't worry, usually once a month we work really hard, but most of the time, I have it easy. So, what did you do yesterday?"

I explained about going to the clinic and said the test results will be in the mail on Friday. I also told him about the church lady and Best Buy coming and the doorbell ringing each time as I took my shirt of.

"That explains the two receipts," Dad laughed. "I don't need them but do appreciate you having them just in case. I completely forgot about Best Buy coming yesterday. So, did you ever get comfortable?"

"I started to, pausing to see if the doorbell would ring once my shirt was off. It didn't so I took off my jeans, and…"

"Who was at the door this time?"

"How did you know anyone was at the door this time? Do you have hidden cameras?"

Dad laughed, "Just a guess with how you are telling the story. I can promise you, there are no hidden cameras. I do have the Ring camera on the front door, but I was too busy to look at it yesterday."

"So, I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt before answering the door. It was Brandon, and before you ask, all we did was kiss. I figured since we've already kissed, that couldn't hurt, and we don't want to do anything else until we get the results. We did our homework, I showed him my new system and he helped me eat some of the spaghetti, then he went home."

"Yesterday," Dad looked serious, "I was thinking during my free time. You know, it really doesn't make a difference if you and Brandon see each other in your boxer briefs. As you said, you two do see each other naked in the showers at school. I won't allow nudity with him in the house, but I don't care if you wear only your underwear. But I can't give Brandon the same permission."

"Okay," I teased, "when we get naked, I'll close my door." Dad shook his head; I don't think he took me seriously.

"What did you think of the tests at the clinic?"

"I couldn't believe how much blood they took, and the doctor seemed thorough. When he examined my prostate, he said I was trying to push his fingers in deep, but he said my prostate felt normal, and I got hard when  he did it. He had a male nurse in with him."

"Standard for when a boy doesn't have a parent with them, and you getting hard is normal, too."

"That's what the doctor said. Overall, other than how long it took, I didn't mind the tests. The doctor suggested having them every six months if I am ever sexually active, but at least once a year."

"Just to be safe, I recommend every six months," Dad informed me.

"Oh, and Brandon's dad didn't know you had given me the money, and wasn't sure when you would, so he gave Brandon forty dollars, too. He told Brandon that when you did give me the money, he should use it to take me on a date after we get the results."

"Remember, I am picking you up after school so we can establish a bank account for you. Do you want a ride to school?"

I shook my head, "Brandon jogs every morning to school, and I'd like to join him."

"Okay but try not to work up a sweat; you will be in classes all day."

"We shouldn't, it's cool enough, and we're not pushing ourselves."

Brandon and I jogged to school, but Brandon had to stop a few times so I could catch my breath. I was actually surprised since I jogged every morning while I was at the Home. Only thing I can figure, we might be jogging faster than what I did when I was alone. Brandon gave me a hard time, "What? Am I gonna have to give you a hard workout to build your stamina? I know you want me to make it hard."

I laughed at his innuendos. "Yeah, I think I will like it hard," I shot back.

The rest of the school day went as usual, except there was a rumor going around. Two seniors were caught having sex in the shower after their eighth period PE class yesterday. Mr. Leopold heard one boy screaming "harder" over and over and walked in on them. I won't tell you their names because I don't like spreading rumors. I will tell you that the boy screaming "harder" is on the football team; I imagined he was a wide receiver or a tight end, but I really can't say.

Also, we took the test in Spanish I. As the teacher handed out the test, she said, "Responde lo que sabes. Calificaré por lo que estuvo aquí, el resto será crédito extra."

Okay, so I am to answer as many as I can, and anything that wasn't gone over Monday or yesterday would be extra credit. I thought that was more than generous. I nodded my head and responded, "Bien, Señora," which I meant, "Okay, Ma'am," but it could also mean "good, Ma'am." In case I forgot to mention it, we are only allowed to speak Spanish in Ms. Suárez's classroom. While most of us had to take time to think of how to say it in Spanish, Ms. Suárez spoke fluent Spanish. Most of what I know, I picked up in the Home and on the streets. I don't even like being given the option to speak Spanish on the phone, but that's just me.

A large portion of the test was covered the last two days. I think Ms. Suárez did that for my benefit. I think I did alright, and even believe I got a few of the other questions correct. We'll see when the test is returned.

After eighth period, Dad was waiting in the parking lot. Brandon asked if he could ride with us and Dad didn't see any reason why not. I was surprised with how quickly Dad was able to get help and we had my account set up. The lady that took care of us informed me, "This is a temporary card; an actual card will be mailed out with my name on it. When it arrives, activate it and destroy this card. Your pin will be the same."

"Can I activate it, or will Dad have to?"

"Anyone who knows your pin can, you'll do it over the phone using a touch pad."

Dad also set up the savings account for direct deposit of the foster care checks.

We got home and Brandon came in with us. I went to my room and stripped completely, then slipped on the silver briefs. Brandon's mouth dropped, "Dude, those look as sexy as fuck, but what will your dad say about you not wearing shorts?"

"He told me this morning that he doesn't see a need since we see each other in the shower at school, but he can't give you the same permission without approval from your parents."

Brandon can be a goofball sometimes. He looked at me and declared, "I shall call thee Zackus, the Greek god of awesomeness."

I shook my head, "I bet you would look even more awesome in these."

"Hey," Brandon seemed to have a bright idea, "We should get swim trunks that are silver. Did you buy any yet?"

"No, but Dad might let me get a pair. Let's google some and see what they cost," I suggested. When I did, I was surprised by the cost, "Whoa, the ones I like are almost forty bucks on Amazon. We might as well forget it."

"Forget what?" Dad asked. He was walking to his bedroom and overheard the last part of my conversation.

I explained, "We were wanting to get silver speedos for when summer comes, but they aren't cheap."

"Let me see what you're wanting, you will need a swimsuit, and now is the best time to buy them." Dad came into my room and looked at my screen. "May I?" Dad asked, gesturing toward my mouse. I moved aside so he could get in.  He asked what size we each wear, and we told him. "There, a pair for each of you will arrive tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" I wasn't sure if I heard right. "You paid extra to have it overnight when we won't go swimming until summer?"

Dad shook his head, "No, I have Amazon Prime, so next day shipping didn't cost anything."

Brandon smiled, "I know you can't give me permission to wear just my briefs, what about these?"

"The way I see it, if you can wear it outside, you can wear it inside, so yeah, I have no problem if all you wear are these."

"Awesome," Brandon cooed.

I joked, "And when thou art wearing them, thy name shall be Brandicus."

"Hey, that sounds like a cool name, I like it," my boyfriend agreed.

"Brandicus? Is that supposed to be his Greek god name?"

Silver Swim Briefs"Yeah, Dad," I acknowledged, "and I am Zackus, the Greek god of awesomeness."

"Hey, you never said what I was the Greek god of," Brandon pouted.

I took in a deep breath and let it out. "Thou art the Greek god of breathlessness because seeing thee taketh my breath away."

Dad was shaking his head, "You do realize that 'thee,' 'thou,' 'thy,' 'art' and 'taketh' are Old English and not Greek, don't you?"

"But you gotta admit, it sounds good," I chuckled.

"Well, I'm gonna lie down for a bit." Dad continued his walk to his bedroom. Brandon suggested we take a nap, too. I thought it sounded like a good idea, and I think I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It seemed like just a few seconds, but I could hear someone say, "Brandon, Brandon, wake up, it's time to go home for supper." I opened my eyes and saw Dad standing in the doorway smiling, but it wasn't his voice I heard. I turned to look at Brandon and there stood Brian standing beside him, nudging him repeating those words.

I felt Brandon getting up, "I'm awake, Dad. What time is it?"

"Almost six o'clock. Jase tells me that he decided Zack can wear just his underwear, even when you are here."

"Yeah, but he said he can't give me that same permission. I don't see any difference than wearing swimming briefs, and Zack feels really comfortable in his."

"I may be biased, but I think as cute as he is, you would look even cuter, and you do have a point."

"So, are you saying you wouldn't get upset if I strip to my briefs here? I wouldn't at home because I'd be embarrassed in front of Mom."

I heard Brian laugh as they walked out of earshot. I looked at Dad and claimed, "I'm glad that was Brian and not Brandy. I would have been embarrassed."

"I would have never let Brandy come to your room with you wearing your Greek god briefs, Zackus," Dad smiled.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Not much happened today. The teachers in all of my classes handed me notes describing what was already covered in class. I would not be responsible for making up homework or tests, but it would be my responsibility to cover the material and ask the teacher if I have any questions. There is a lot I need to go over, and I can't expect the teacher to take class time just for me. Transferring to a new school in the school year sucks, but I would rather do that than not have Dad.

In AP Calculus, the teacher reminded us that there is a test every Friday. Since he said, "This is a reminder, mainly for Zack's benefit..." I seriously think he was mainly talking to me. The test would be at the end of class and cover everything we went over since Monday. No extra credit there, since I was here for everything. In a way, that actually felt good.

In Spanish I, we did get our tests back. Out of fifteen questions, I missed three, and one was on what we covered, so it counted against me. Still, instead of a ninety percent, I got a ninety-two. At this school, ninety-one to a hundred was an A. I would have liked to have gotten a higher A, but considering this was my first test, and I just started at this school, I think I did well. Of course, if I would have been here for everything on the test, I would have only received an eighty percent, but then I also might have answered those other two questions correctly, too.

In Creative Writing, Mr. Ziegler announced, "During class today, I want you to write a short story. That means no more than three thousand words, Eric. I do expect at least one thousand words. The story will be fiction, and clean. That means no sex scenes, no nudity mentioned, and no foul language. There may be kissing, as I don't consider that sex. If you include any of the other, it is an automatic F." I guess Eric has a reputation for writing long stories.

"Awww, man," Eric groaned.

Mr. Ziegler continued, "If I feel you are preaching to me, you will get a D at best. Other than that, be creative and write whatever you want. You will write them on your computers, set your paragraph to justified, six points before, six points after, and multiple line spacing of 1.05. If you finish before class is over, you may turn them in. If not, I expect to have them first thing tomorrow. Any questions?"

I raised my hand, "How can I work on it if I don't finish?"

"That's right, you weren't here yet when I handed out the flash drives." Mr. Ziegler reached into his desk, wrote on what he pulled out, then came over to me. "This is yours. I expect you to have it every day for when you need to save your work. And Class, when should you save your work?"

Thunderbird Flash Drive"Often," the class chanted. The flash drive (some call it a memory stick or thumb drive) had an image of the Coronado High School Thunderbird on one side, and Mr. Ziegler wrote my initials on the bottom. Hopefully, they will be worn enough by when Dad adopts me, I can write a ZA over the ZM. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I was surprised when I plugged it in and saw it was a 128G drive. Okay, now what should my story be about? I wonder if I could write a decent story about Brandicus and Zackus. Only problem is… I can see my mind drifting toward sex.

I started writing (or actually typing, I guess)… "It was a beautiful day on Olympus when Brandicus…" I completed my story, then looked at the word count – 2257 words. I could have written more, but I liked what I had. I printed the pages, stapled them together and turned them in. I wonder how close Eric was to the 3000.

On the way home, I told Brandon about the paper. "When you get it back, can I read it? You DID use me in it."

"Why wait until I get it back," I pulled out my flash drive and continued, "I have it saved."

We got home and Brandon plugged my drive into my computer. He read the story and laughed, "I'm not sure who is worse, Brandicus or Zackus, but they have it bad for each other. I almost thought you were going to have them have sex."

"Well, if I did, it would have been an automatic F. I will admit that I wanted to."

"And what would you have them doing?" Brandon teased.

I just laughed, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Brandon looked serious, "Well, I know what I would like this Brandicus to do."

"What's that?" I didn't think he would answer after how I answered him, but I had to ask.

As serious as he could be, Brandon did answer, "Love Zackus in any way that made him happy."

I smiled, I mean I really smiled, "You do that just being with me. Yes, I eventually want to have sex with you, but I am very happy right now, just being with you and talking. This is all I really need, and we can work up to the other stuff slowly."

"I really want to give you a blow job, but I also want to wait to do it. There is no doubt in my mind that you love me, but still, I want to wait. Does that make sense?"

"I'll be honest, I'm itching to have my cherry popped, I want to feel someone inside me, and I want that someone to be you. But at the same time, I agree that we should wait. Thanksgiving is a week from today, then Christmas is in a month and ten days. If either of us don't feel we are ready by then, that is fine. I love this side of our relationship. I love you Brandon James."

"And I love you, Zack Mor..."

I interrupted him, "Please, I will use my real name when I have to, but I prefer to be called Zack Alexander, and when Dad feels we are ready for the actual adoption, that will be my name."

"I love you, Zack Alexander." Brandon stood up, pulled me in for a kiss and then pulled my shirt over my head. He so wanted to read my story that we forgot to get comfortable. I reached to undo my belt and he smacked my hand. He laughed and said, "I do it." Once my jeans were down, he asked, "Are you planning to put on your silver briefs?"

"Yeah," I replied, "and I have two pair still never worn if you would like to wear a pair."

Brandon nodded his head as he lowered my boxer briefs. He went to my dresser and got both pair of silver briefs out. He held one pair out so I could step into it, and then he pulled them up. No sex was involved, but I never felt more loved than I did by him undressing and dressing me.

Brandon began pulling his shirt up, but I smacked his hand and mimicked him, "I do it."

I stripped him completely naked, and yes, the thought of taking his dick in my mouth crossed my mind, but we hadn't gotten our test results back yet. Then, I grabbed the other clean pair of silver briefs and slipped them onto him. Brandon smiled, "Do you know how sexy you just made me feel? Man, the feeling going through my body."

"Yeah, Brandon, I do, or at least have an idea because you did the same to me."

The doorbell rang and Dad yelled up, "I've got it, but I bet it is your swim briefs."

The package had the Amazon smile, so unless Dad ordered something else, he was right. Brandon and I were staring at Dad as he carried the box. He looked at us and commented about needing doggy treats because we made him feel like puppies were staring at him cooking a steak. "What are you waiting for? The package has MY name on it," he teased.

"But you got it for us," I shot back.

Dad chuckled, "Unless two nearly naked boys give me a hug, I might just send it back.

Brandon and I rushed up to him and wrapped our arms around him. I cooed, "I love you, Dad, and am so happy that you brought me home."

"I love you, too, Jase and am also glad you brought Zack home."

"You boys are really special," Dad purred. "Zack, I love you and am glad that you were the first and only boy I talked with. Brandon, I love how happy you make my son, and I love you for that."

We let go of Dad so he could open the box. When he did, he pulled out one pair of swim briefs. He looked puzzled, looked at the size and held them up to his waist. "They won't fit me," he joked and then threw them to Brandon. Brandon and I were about the same size, but his waist is about half an inch smaller. We ordered the same size, so I don't know why Dad gave that pair to Brandon, other than if only one pair came, I could wear my silver briefs until the other pair made it. He started to walk away.

"Where's my pair?" I asked. Dad shrugged his shoulders but kept walking. So, I looked in the box. They were lying flat on the bottom.

As I pulled them out, Dad turned around, "I had you worried, didn't I?"

"Maybe a little, but I thought maybe they were back ordered, or something." Seriously, I was worried a little, but I figured we have a while before we can go swimming.

Brandon and I put the swim briefs in my wash, then Brandon asked if we had an Xbox or PS4. I hadn't had either ever, so we went to where my dad was sautéing shrimp. "Dad, do we have an Xbox or any gaming consoles?"

"There might be an Atari 2600 out in the garage, but that thing is so obsolete, I doubt it works. I want to have it checked and if it is still good, maybe donate it to a group home."

"What games do you have for it?"

"Pac-man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Breakout, Frogger, Pong and Tanks. It was my grandpa's and he gave it to me when I was twelve."

"Can we hook it up and see if it will work?" I never heard of those games, so this MIGHT be fun.

"Sure, and if you decide it's still good, I'll take it tomorrow to the Home and pick up an Xbox."

Brandon and I figured out how to hook everything up, then put a game in and turned it on. I was surprised with how clear the picture looked, but the graphics looked like something from the stone ages. Still, Brandon and I had fun. We tested all the games out, and all of them still worked. Before Brandon went home, we disconnected it, boxed it up properly and I told Dad that everything still worked.

After supper, I decided to google Atari 2600. I was surprised to see that it came out in the late 1970s. No wonder the graphics looked archaic, they are way older than any of us, including Dad. While the Atari 2600 was fun, I think the Xbox will be more enjoyable. I decided to see if there were any games I might like.

Hmmm, Joe Madden Football, I'm not really a football fan, but it might be fun on the console. I'll give that one a maybe. Grand Theft Auto V? It looks like it might be fun. I saw Fortnite, and I heard kids at school talking about it. The Call of Duty series looked good. I made a list of the different games I might like and handed it to Dad. "Do you think you'd like to play any of these games?"

"I can't say for sure.  So, you like football?"

I shook my head, "Not really, but it might be different on a console, and I thought you or Brandon might like it."

"I'm not really a fan of football, so can we scratch that one?"

"Sure, Dad. I was thinking more of you or Brandon, anyway."

"Just a word of warning, do NOT use your debit card with Fortnite without checking with me first. I have heard of many scams and the company is suggesting you be leery about giving your card number in the game."

"Then, let's skip that one too, just to be safe."

Dad liked Call of Duty and said if we can't play together on the same console, he might get a second Xbox so we both can play. There were a few others that Dad thought sounded good, and he said he might pick up some other games, too.

I enjoyed spending nights with Dad, just talking or playing some game. This will give us more options.


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