My Foster Father


Here is what I wrote. If you noticed, I decided to change how I started. I didn't like the way it was going. I ended up with a 2258 word count, including the chapter title and my name.


By Zack Morris

It was 2018 and most the people had forgotten about the Greek gods. Two young gods were placed in houses next to each other. One god boy was born of the earthly parents he called Mom and Dad, while the other lived in poverty until he was adopted by a kindly gentleman. Neither knew of the other's godliness, nor of their own. This was a test to see if their hearts were truly intertwined as they had claimed.

Back on Olympus, Brandicus and Zackus grew up together. They sat listening to the Greek philosophers, they listened to music together, and they played together. When they ran, Zackus liked to lag just a little so he could watch the muscles of Brandicus, barely covered by a thin silver cloth around his loins. "Com'n Zackus, catch up, or am I going to have to work you hard to build your stamina."

Zackus laughed, "You know, I like it hard. Besides, I can't help it, you take my breath away."

"Want me to run backwards so you can keep up?"

"Mmmmm," Zackus moaned. He could only imagine staring into the face of the god boy he loved, seeing the chest and abs rippling from his graceful movement, the silver cloth leaving little to his imagination. Zackus truly loved seeing Brandicus.

Brandicus stopped and Zackus, not realizing it, ran into his true love. Brandicus put his strong arms around Zackus and pulled him tight. They pressed their lips together, slightly opening their mouths. Brandicus pushed his into Zackus' mouth, along with an endless breath. When they separated, Brandicus whispered, "I truly love you Zackus, now and forever."

Zackus hugged Brandicus tightly, nuzzling his nose against the god boy's neck, he had never felt such a connection as he did with the boy, this god boy.

Zeus decided to test these two and see if they were truly in love, so he placed one boy in the town of El Paso, and the other in nearby Horizon City, one of the four cities in El Paso County. There were towns and villages that Zeus could have chosen, but he chose these two cities, so the boys had very little chance of meeting each other. "If they were truly in love and meant to be, they will find a way to meet," Zeus proclaimed.

As I said earlier, Brandicus was born of earthly parents who loved him. He grew up in El Paso and started school. Not knowing he was a god, he excelled in his classes and on the track team. When he played baseball, he was the only player to never get a strike. Everyone wondered how that was possible. His coach always had him hitting fourth. His parents named him Brandon, but they didn't know his real name was Brandicus.

Zackus, on the other hand lived in a poor family. Well, his dad made money, but never shared any more than was necessary to have a roof over his family and food on the table. The dad also went on business trips once school let out, and he wouldn't return until late August.

At first, it was just Zackus and his parents, but when the god boy was nine, twin sisters appeared. Zackus doted over them as any brother would, but he still felt so alone. He felt like a part of him was missing.

Then, three weeks after Zackus' twelfth birthday, his father left on the usual business trip. This time, the father decided he wouldn't return, and he refused to pay alimony or child support, so the mother had to work hard and Zackus had to watch his siblings. The family was struggling, but they were getting by, until one of the places were the mom worked closed up. Then her parents visited, they said they could take either Zackus or the twins. Logic dictated that the logical choice was the twins since Zackus would have needed to watch over them otherwise.

A few days later, people came and took Zackus away. The house caught fire that night, and the police said the cause was a cigarette, but Zackus' mom never smoked. His good-for-nothing dad did, but not his mom.

For two years, Zackus lived in a group home. Due to his age, no one seemed interested in him. The twins were so cute, they probably would have been adopted right away, but not Zackus. He was too old, and nobody wanted him. Still, the boy caused no trouble and was well behaved. The headmaster spoke highly of Zackus to anyone considering adoption or fostering, still Zackus felt unwanted. His heart was heavy, and a part of him was missing. He couldn't figure out what that part was.

Then one day, after two years of waiting, a man with the aura of an angel came to the Home. He was the most handsome man that Zackus had ever seen. The two talked and the angel took Zackus to his home.

Once they were home, James treated Zackus like a son. He made sure Zackus had everything he would need without spoiling him. Zackus thought his new father was spending way too much but James insisted, "You need this stuff, and I can afford it."

James also took his son to meet an old friend, and I mean he was really old. The guy was an old Navy man, possibly from the Roman Empire. He claimed to by 1976 years old, but Zackus didn't think he looked that old.

James had bought Zackus some silver briefs, and when the god boy tried them on, he thought, These make me feel like a Greek god. Little did he know, he WAS a Greek god.

The following Monday, James took Zackus to start school. The receptionist asked a boy to show Zackus around, and when Zackus saw the boy, he was smitten. As handsome as he thought James was, this boy was even more handsome. WOW!!! Zackus thought, this boy is more handsome than even Adonis.

"Hi," Brandicus introduced himself, "My name is…"

"Brandicus?" Zackus interrupted.

"No, Brandon, Brandon Jacobs, but my friends call me BJ. How'd you get close to my name?"

"I had a crazy dream that I was a Greek god, and there was another Greek god boy named Brandicus. You look just like him."

"Interesting, but I assure you, I am no Greek god. Let me look at your schedule, and I'll help you find everything."

It turned out that Brandicus, aka Brandon Jacobs, had seven classes with Zackus as well as the same homeroom.

After school let out, Zackus and Brandicus discovered that they were neighbors. That worked for them because they also were discovering they loved each other.

Zeus' test was proving that the boys really did love each other and were meant to be together. All they had left to do was kiss and the test would be over.

The boys were talking with Zackus lying on his bed, Brandicus was sideways on the bed with his head on Zackus stomach. Zackus asked, "Have you ever felt like a part of you was missing?"

"You mean like a when you do a number two and your stomach feels empty?"

"Gross, Dude," Zackus chuckled, "but in a way, yeah, only it feels like part of your heart is missing."

"Yeah, all my life until today, when I met you," Brandicus began to cry. "I've done things that I'm not proud of, trying to find that person to fill my void, but then I met you and I felt like I was whole. At the time, I didn't even know you were gay, but I knew your heart and mine were intertwined. I love you Zack."

"I have felt that way my whole life, too. I've wanted to do things, but never seemed to find the right person to do them with. As soon as I saw your face, I knew you were the one I had been searching for. Then you told me that you were gay, and I wanted to cry, not out of sadness, but because I finally felt whole. I finally felt truly happy. I've wanted to kiss you all day."

Brandicus stood and put his hand out. Zackus reached up and grabbed it. Brandicus helped him up and pulled him into his embrace. The two were about to kiss when James came in. "You boys want a snack?"

"What do you have?" Brandicus asked.

James replied, "I'm planning to make some grilled cheese and maybe have some corn chips with them."

"Do we have any dip or salsa for the chips?" Zackus inquired.

James said, "Yeah, Son, I found a new brand I thought you might like since you joked about being a Greek god. The brand is called Nectar of the gods, and I got the 'hot as hades' flavor."

"Ooooo, I like spicy," Brandicus chirped. Zackus nodded his head.

The boys ate their snack, then Brandon went home. Zackus asked James, "Do you believe in fate?"

"Fate, destiny, karma, yeah, to a degree. Why do you ask?"

Zackus asked, "Do you remember when I had that dream that I was a Greek god?"

"It was two days ago, I don't have Alzheimer's."

"Well, in the dream, I was playing with a boy named Brandicus, and he looked just like Brandon, but I had never seen Brandon until today," Zackus seemed puzzled.

James smiled, "Maybe it was a memory from another life, and not so much a dream."

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"

James shook his head, "No, I was just joking. So, do you really like Brandon?"

"Yeah, Dad," Zackus replied, "I believe that I really love him. I want to kiss him, and almost did."

"Yeah, my timing was off there, wasn't it?"

"Would you be upset if I do kiss him?"

"Son, if you truly love Brandon the way I think you do, then yes, you should definitely kiss him."

"I love you, Dad."

Zackus went to his room and all he could think about was how much he wanted to kiss Brandon. No, correct that, how much he needed to kiss Brandon. He felt as if his heart and Brandon's heart were pulling them together, and if they didn't kiss soon, their hearts were going to rip out of their chests so they could join.

All day in school, Zackus had trouble concentrating. He kept sneaking glances at Brandicus.  He also thought about what his dad had said, was it possible that the two were lovers in another life? Zackus didn't believe in reincarnation, but that didn't mean it didn't exist. Or maybe there was a different "another life."

One thing Zackus was sure of, he had to kiss Brandon today. He didn't know how or when he would be able to accomplish the task, but it needed to be done, and the sooner, the better.

At lunch, Zackus asked, "Are you planning to come over today?"

"I don't think I could make it through the day if I don't," Brandicus teased.

The entire school day seemed to drag, but finally, Brandicus and Zackus were on their way to Zackus' house. The two stared at each other, slowly moving in to kiss when the doorbell rang.

"Hello, I am Miss Nobody from the…"

"Go away," Zackus ordered. He wasn't normally rude like this, but he was feeling the urgency to kiss Brandicus.

Their lips were centimeters away from each other when the doorbell rang again. Zackus growled, "I said…"

"I'm here to deliver a computer system for James Allen. Where would you like for me to set it up at.

Zackus led the men to his room, since the system was really for him. The men had everything set up and was gone within an hour. That included assembling the desk, which took most of the time.

He left and Zackus looked at Brandicus, "If that doorbell rings again, I am ignoring it. I have been dying to kiss you since yesterday."

"I want to kiss you, too, so if the doorbell rings, they can wait."

Brandicus put his strong arms around Zackus and pulled him tight against his body. Their lips touched and Brandicus slipped his tongue into Zackus' mouth. There was thunder and lightning around them, and it felt like the earth shook. When they parted, they were wearing their silver breech clothes around their loins. Zeus and Eros were standing before them, Zackus called out, "Dad?"

"Yes, Zackus," Eros replied.

"I'm confused, what just happened?"

Zeus raised his hand for Eros to hold his tongue. "I wanted to test you and Brandicus to see if your love was as true as you thought it to be. You father kind of tainted the test by adopting you and moving you next door to Brandicus, but nonetheless, I do believe that your love is pure and true."

Eros chuckled, "I am the god of love, if I couldn't help my own son find his true love, then what good am I?"

"What about the people we've interacted with? My parents?" Brandicus asked.

"Mortal versions of yourselves will be left behind," Zeus answered. "They won't know the difference. As for you two, I declare you the first husband-husband god couple. If you wish to kiss, it may not seem as dramatic as that last kiss, but I believe it will seal your bond."

Zeus was wrong. As Zackus and Brandicus kissed again, the world swirled beneath them, and they appeared again on Olympus.

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