Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 32 The Arrest

                                           Chapter 32 The Arrest                    

"Here they come," Jake Hempstead said pointing, As  two Towne cars pulled into the facility. We waited for them to pull in and park.

"Let's take these guys," I transmitted over the radio. Then we were out and moving toward the gate. We were then spotted by the guards.

They raised their firearms.  Three of us opened fire as our weapons were suppressed. They went down without firing a shot. But they must of been seen from inside. There were shouts and few wild shots.

Then gunfire and shouts erupted from all over. And now we were in a fight. Shouts of Federal Officer and Chicago Police were heard. Chatter on the radio directed Officers toward or away from fire as needed.

"Anyone see our boys?" I finally asked over the radio.

"They're heading for the maintenance garage," said one of Frank's officers.

"Who's with them?" Frank asked.

"It's Collins, Moreno, Sanchez and both of the Mendoza's, " Omar told us. "They have half a dozen cartel guarding them."

"Remember we want them Alive!" I transmitted. Then I saw them enter the service trench. I took out the last cartel soldier as I transmitted it over the radio.

"Sanchez! Collins!," I yelled from my end of the trench. "You're trapped!" There was no response.

"We've got a shield if you want us to go get them?" Jake asked me.

"Give it to me," I told him. "Frank! We're going in with a shield from this end,"  and down the stairs we went.

"We're coming in from this end with a shield," Nina said. Where had they gone? the trench was empty except for us.

Then I saw the door knob.

"Door on my left!" I yelled.

We opened it and there were shots immediately. Frank was carrying on 870 shotgun. he hoisted it over the shields  and cranked off three rounds.  The shooting  at us  stopped.

As we got to the steps we heard. "This way jefe!" and movement.

I saw Eric Collins start across an open area. My Coonan .357 roared and he went down.  Blood pouring down his leg.

"Sorry my friend," Sanchez said pointing a pistol and exposing his arm. I triggered the Coonan again. Sanchez dropped the pistol as my bullet hit bone in his arm.

We rushed in from all sides. The bad guys mostly just gave up. But Ignacio and Felix gave us a tense moment. They thought about going down in a hail of bullets. 

When I turned around, Eric Collins had retrieved his pistol. He had it pointed at Sanchez.

"Put it down Collins!" I ordered.

"You were going to kill me?" a shocked Eric Collins asked his friend.  

"I was protecting you," Sanchez told him. "Because they will kill us in jail."

"Put it down Collins," Jake told him. "Serve him up to get back at them"

"Why not try to get us out?" Eric Collins asked Sanchez.

"You have no further use for us," Sanchez told him. "And that is what the boss has said."

"And they will be brutal about it."

"Let's get some EMT's and ambulances in here," I said over the radio. We had them all. A few officers were wounded. But the dead all belonged to the cartels or gangs.

While we waited for the EMT's. We started with the legal things. We read them their rights. Bob walked over holding a bleeding left arm. As I shook my head, Bob smiled and  shrugged. 

"So it's over,' Frank said to Collins. "IAD is on the way."

"Do you wave your rights?" I asked Eric Collins.

"Diego?" He asked me.

"The same," I told them.

"For now," Eric told me. "I want to make a statement about Jeff."

"I would like to do the same," Sanchez said.

"Okay," I told him as several of us stepped up to listen. "What do you want to say about Jeff Brown."

"Jeff Brown has no knowledge that the money he invests is drug money," Eric Collins said as the EMT's walked up.

"He is telling you the truth," Sanchez added. "We never told Jeff that the money is from cocaine."

"We told him it from exports of oil, cacao, and gold," Sanchez added.

Jessie and Shawn were listening. Collins and Sanchez saw them. Eric shook his head with a chuckle.

"So was it all an act?' Eric asked.

"Not all of it," Jessie told him.  Then he and Shawn kissed. "We're getting married in May."

"Hey that's cruel and unusual," Eric said with a laugh. "What we could have done together."

The EMT's worked quickly.  They put a tourniquet on Sanchez. He was going to lose that lower arm.

"We're ready," said the head EMT.  "Who's going with who?"

"Bob you go with Sanchez," I told him. "Nina and Omar will follow us. "

"And Bob get your arm looked at when we get there."

"Hickok will you ride with me?" Eric asked  me.

"That was the plan from the start," I replied, as we walked to the ambulance.

Once loaded. "Will you tell me about my dad's life in New Mexico?"  

"Sure," I told him. "So what do you want to know?'

"Him and Jimmy," he said. "Jess said they were engaged.'

"That they are," I replied. So is your brother Jason to his Peter. "

"Jessie and Shawn are also part of our group," I said. "We're all getting married the 23rd of May."


"I'm Marrying my Dante," I told him.

"My dad said he was 17," he said getting some attention. "Is that true?"

"The EMT's head snapped around. Waiting for my answer.

"Yes he is," I told him frankly. "He's in his 3 year of college. He asked me with his parents next to him."

"So what is it you want?"

"Do something for my kids," Collins said as we pulled in.

"And what do I get out of this again?' I asked him.

"Everything I know about their mid west operations,"  he told me as the doors flew open.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked him.

"Get to my kids and see that they're safe," he said. "Arrest my wife for trafficking. There's 10 Kilos in her crafts room."

I got on the phone immediately. I called Troy and Frank. I had them get over to Collins home and  told them where the drugs were. I also had them arrest Isabella Collins., and to take the kids to our house. I also sent Jessie and Shawn.

The doctors were quick and precise. But he would need surgery. Sanchez though was going first. His wound was far worse.

"There's more," Eric told me.

"Go to Teddy Collins at Collins Investment Group. He has an envelope I left with him." Eric told me. Teddy's my cousin. He doesn't know what's in the envelope."

"What's in it?' I asked .

"Authorization to access a safe deposit box, the banks address, as well as the key," he explained. "There are also papers giving dad guardianship of my kids. Signed by me and Isabella."

"The safety deposit box has all you need to get started." I was at a loss. I just couldn't believe it.

"Jake. Go take over for Bob," I told him. "Tell him to go get his arm looked at now."

"He's getting treated right now," Jake's partner told me. "Nina, I mean agent Pena took over for him."

"Thank you. Jake go see if Nina needs any help," I said. "I'd rather have two with him."

"Can do."

"Hannah right?" I asked his partner .

"Hannah Southworth," she told me.

"Hannah can you take over here for a bit?' I asked her. "I need to take care of things and see how it's going."

"I would love to," She said. "Oh! IAD's here. They want a crack at him." I stuck my head out the door.

"OMAR!" I bellowed. he came running. "I need a witness."


"Hannah raise your right hand," I told her getting a funny look.

"Do you swear to up hold the laws and the Constitution of the United States ."

"I do?" she answered

"Good. You are now an acting US Marshal," I told her. "So your IAD can come in. But they play nice since  Eric is cooperating."

"Do I throw them out if I have to?" she asked me.

"Only if you have to," I told he. "Now I have to make a call."

So I dialed the number. I put it on speaker.  Someone picked up.

"Andrew? It's Billy with news," I told him.

"Have you arrested him or is he dead?" Andrew asked.

"I'm fine dad," Eric told his father. "I need you here to get the kids."

"What about Isabella?" Andrew asked Eric.

"They're arresting her for drugs as we speak," Eric explained. " Hickok will get you the legal documents."

"Please dad," Eric said starting to cry. "I've made a mess of it. But Tony and Lotte deserve a chance."

"I'll be there in the morning," Andrew told us. "I'll fly commercial."

"Good," Eric and I both said.

"Text me the details and I'll have you met, "I told him.

"Andrew. Shawn and I will come get you," Jessie said from the doorway. He had heard it all.

"Grab Shawn and get back to the house," I told Jessie. "Get some sleep. I want you fresh."

Jessie turned and left.  Commissioner Lange stepped in. I stepped between him and Eric. IAD also stepped in. So I explained the help Eric had already provided and what was going on.

"So you're co-operating?" Lange asked him. "Do you know what you have done to the department?"

"Unfortunately I do Commissioner," Eric told him.  "I am afraid I can not answer any more questions though."

"They have given me preparatory drugs for surgery," he told us. The nurse nodded.

"But only half my guys are on the take," he explained. "Isn't that right Hickok?"  

"He's telling the truth," I told Lange and the IAD detectives. "We will give you everything we discovered."

"It's a start," Lange said. "But the damage is done." The IAD detectives stayed. Lange left.

We worked into the wee hours of the morning. I managed to get some sleep.  Andrew arrived on a red eye at about 6am at O'Hare. Jessie and Shawn had him at the house nearly and hour later.

I was out on the porch waiting when they pulled up. Andrew was the first one out.

"Billy where are my grandkids?" He asked right off. But before I could say a word the front door burst open to cries of "Grandpa!".

Tony and Lotte rushed past me to be engulfed in the arms of their grandfather. Bob followed right behind them.

"Lotte spotted the car as they pulled in," he told me.

But I could see that Jessie had something to tell me. So I had Bob get Andrew and the kids inside.

"We picked up a tail almost immediately," Jessie told me. "But CPD took care of them. Bangers with warrants already out on them."

We walked into the kitchen. Tony and Lotte were telling him about all that had been going on. 

"Grandma Gutierrez said we're going with her," Lotte told her grandfather.

"To Ecuador!" Tony added in a huff.  Stomping. "I'm not going. I refuse."

"You're not," I told him. "Miss Baker and your Granddads new lawyer Jamie Daley are taking some documents to family court. To get your grandfather declared your guardian at your parents wishes."

"Andrew get some coffee," I told him. "The three of you have to be there by 9am. You'll have a protective detail as well."

"Who?" he asked.

"I hope you don't mind us," Jessie said handing Andrew a fresh cup. "And Detectives Hempstead and Southworth." Who stepped up and shook his hand.

"So I guess I can't take the kids to my house?' Andrew asked.

"Not to safe Andrew," I said "Besides we have the room here."

"So you and Marshal Hickok are really friends?" Tony asked his grandfather. Andrew and I smiled at each other.

"Yes Tony," Andrew told him. "He and his fiance are our very good friends."

"I was told you and Jimmy are getting married," Lotte said with a big smile.

"Yes we are," Andrew told her. "Objections?"

"Hell No!"  Tony blurted out. "I mean no grandpa."

"Andrew! He's been under a lot of stress the last 12 hours," I reminded him.

"How did you her about me and Jimmy?' Andrew asked Lotte., who giggled. "The good Marshal here?"

"No!," she told him. "Sonny says Mattie's in love again."

"Now when did you talk to Sonny?" He asked in total surprise.

"We were talking when I saw you pull up," she told him.

"Yeah. We were talking to Mattie, Cheryl, And Sonny for nearly and hour on the Marshal's phone," Tony explained.

"All Mattie could do was talk about this guy Jeff," Tony said laughing about it. Serena stepped in with another man.

"Well you guys have to get ready for court," she said.

"First I want to hug Marshal Hickok," Lotte said wrapping her arms around my neck. As she stood on a kitchen chair.

"Thank you Lotte," I said. "I'll see you guys when you get back."

Serena and Jamie DeVries went with them to family court.  The facts were laid out and the guardianship papers were presented.  Grandma Gutierrez's lawyer never had a chance. and I was told when he made a threat to take up a notch. Serena promised to get a Federal injunction to stop his fight. She also had Jamie call the FBI to see if he had any connection to the cartel.

That afternoon we took them to  their house to get a few personal items. Omar had gone over their personal computers and loaded what he could on thumb drives. We packed their clothes in new suite cases we had bought for them. They were allowed a few pictures and other keep sakes that had been check.

Well I guess I need  to get us some tickets for Albuquerque," Andrew said as we watched Lotte pack.

"No you do not," I told him. I have permission to take you guys back on the G-5.  Friday."

Andrew just stared at me. Then he smiled as Lotte hugged me again. Bob laughed from the doorway with Tony.

"Eric knows you guys are flying with us," I told Andrew. "And he continues to co-operate. Which has blow the door open for us."

"The Attorney General has organized a bigger task force to handle it.

"I'm surprised he didn't ask you to head it," Bob said.

"He did," I told them. "I turned it down.  I have someone to go home to."

"Hey Boss," Shawn said stepping in. "Jim says they found all the computer files Eric Collins had hidden."

"Great," I said. "Oh1 Shawn one more thing."

"What's that Billy?" he asked.

"Monday you report to me in Albuquerque," I said dropping it there.

"What for?" a concerned Jessie asked suddenly.

"Well Judge Aveloes can swear him into the  Marshal's service," I said. "Oh! And he joins our team."

Jessie hugged and kissed him. Bob, Andrew, and Tony  patted him on the back. I finally got a chance to shake his hand. Lotte hugged him and kissed his cheek.

We were on the way back to the house when Tony had a thought.

"When do we leave for Albuquerque?"  he asked me.

"Tomorrow morning," I told him. 

"Who all is going?" Lotte asked.

"Well Bob, Jessie, Shawn, and I will be going with you three," I told her.

"I thought Miss Baker lived in Albuquerque too?" she asked.

"She does," I explained. "But the Attorney General asked her to stay and turn the case over to an up and comer in the US Attorney's office."

"When will they take over?" Tony asked.

"He is finishing up a big RICO case in New York."

"What are we doing for dinner?" Andrew asked.

"We haven't really thought about it," Bob told him.

"Well how about some Chicago Pizza?' He said. "We won't be able to get it in Albuquerque."

"Deep dish?" Tony asked with a grin.

"Deep dish, thin crust," Andrew said. "I'll buy."

"You pay for you guys," I told him. "I'll pay for my people. But you do the ordering."

We ordered 36 thin crust and 6 deep dish pizzas from Andrew's favorite pizzeria. We went to get them. Best I could do for beer was near beer. Sorry folks we are working. Lotte even managed to sneak a deep dish on the plane.

On the flight back to Albuquerque we told Tony and Lotte about what there was to do. Lotte thought she might like to finally learn to ride. It seems she was afraid of horses. Before long we were home.





Author's notes: I would like to Thank my readers for their patience over the last year. I think I'm fired up and will hopefully have a chapter about every month or so.

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