Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 31 The Trap

                                              Chapter 31 The Trap


By Monday we were getting a picture of Sanchez's movements. Evening were spent at the Bridge with Eric Collins and Jeff Brown.  Wires were up on all their phones and even Sanchez's condo.

 We were set up for 24/7 surveillance. I found I was spending  a lot of time in the wire room, day and night. I was sending daily reports to all the agency Directors. As well as Attorney General Ashworth. Linzie I called.

She was holding up fairly well.

 Nearly three weeks passed when I got a phone call from the Director of the DEA. He had me call Nina in. When done we had a meeting.

 "So are we going to arrest these guys?" Frank asked as I walked in. "Is that what we're here to talk about."

 "We are not," I told them. There was disbelief by many. "Nina will be giving you all the information that will explain it."


 "Well we know Ignacio Mendoza is in town ahead of Felix," she told them. "Our CI has confirmed this."

 "How is this connected to Sanchez," Jake Hempsted said. "They belong to two different cartels."

 "The word from DEA Agents in Ecuador and Colombia is that these cartels have made a peace treaty," Nina went on. "Part of which is being worked out here in Chicago to cover their mid west operations. "

"This is being done by Sanchez and Mendoza. Word is they're also sharing certain resources. Like Lt. Eric Collins and his unit."

 "The Director of the DEA wants to get all of them," I told them. Getting some grumbles. "And so does the Attorney General."

"But Sanchez is still our primary target," I added.

 "And if it looks like Sanchez is getting away?" Jim Tucker asked. Terry had been Jim's training officer, and friend.

 "We take him!,"  I told them. "We are not losing him!"

"I'll say this again as well," I added. "Shoot if you have to, but only to wound."

"We want them both alive."

 "So you have something  planned for Sanchez and Collins?" Serena asked with a knowing smile. I must have smiled back.

"What is it?" she asked me.

 "We aren't asking for the death penalty," I told everyone. They were shocked. 

"Why not?" Someone asked.

"We're going for life," I told them. "We have spots for both in Pelican bay."

 That seemed to lift their spirits. Pelican bay was one hundred percent solitary. 

 "So is everyone ready?" I asked.

 So we started by going everything. Wire intelligence gave us a clearer picture. We knew where they had been by trackers on their vehicles.

 "Have I forgotten anything Billy?" Jim asked as I poured my third cup of coffee.  He had done it deliberately.

 "Well yes ," I said. "It's looking like both Mendoza and Sanchez are moving to Chicago."

"And Sanchez has his family on their way now."

 "They just arrived at the condo," Omar said from the door way. "Diego and the missus had words. He told her to go to their new home."

 "Who picked them up?" I asked him.

 "Sgt. Moreno and a Detective Sarah Davis," Omar told me. "She just started this morning."

 "Moreno's been her mentor since she was in patrol," Jake told us. "We were in the academy  together."

 "Do we have her phone wired up yet?" I asked.

 "Soon," Jim Tucker replied. "We didn't have her name till just now." Shawn coughed a fake cough.

 "What is it Shawn?" I asked.

 "I know Sarah Davis as well," Shawn told us.  "I'm not surprised that she's in this unit."

 "Babe! Could she let them know about you?" Jessie asked concerned.

 "No. We bumped into each other in my parents neighborhood," he explained. Shawn fished an ID out of his wallet. 

"She thinks I'm working for Des in Albuquerque." he smiled as he showed the ID as a private investigator.

 "How did you get that?" I asked, honestly surprised.

 "Des did it for an Investigation I was doing for the US Attorney in Albuquerque," he said as he put it away. "I actually just got it after  the other night's surveillance."

 "I told him not to wake you," Jessie said defensively. "You were actually asleep for once."

"You haven't been sleeping to well Billy," Bob added.

"Bob's right," Jim threw in.

 "Anyone else?" I asked  getting ticked off. They all raised their hands. "Okay, okay."

"Well we're done for now," I said. 

"Wake me when we're ready  to head for the club," I said. "I'll try to get a nap."

 "Will do," Bob said. And I went to my room. I slept for nearly three hours when there was a knock at the door.

 "We're loading up now," Bob said stepping in.  Then Jessie and Shawn steeped in as well.

 "Jessie, Shawn. You two still doing okay undercover?' I asked them.

 "You've heard them, " Shawn said. "They want to get with us real bad."

 "We're adding a third person tonight," Jessie said with a sly smile.

 "Troy," Shawn said before I could asked. "But their reputation makes me nervous."

 "How so?" Bob asked.

 "They don't like taking no for an answer," Shawn said.

 "If you guys need to stop for your safety. Stop," I told them.

 "We have thought about it Billy," Shawn said. "If we pull out that may alert them."

 "Okay then," I said. "Let's load up."

 We parked  the trailer down the block. Then Shawn and Jessie arrived together. And Troy  walked up a few minutes later."

 "Troy this is Eric, Diego, and Jeff," Shawn said introducing them. "Eric, Diego, Jeff. This is Troy a friend and a playmate."

"Hopefully he loosens Jessie up enough for us to play later this week."

 "Well that will be nice," Diego said. "But  tomorrow is unavailable."

"I have business to wrap up for my employer. But I will be living here from now on.

 Then Omar spotted one of Sanchez's guards taking a picture.  "Got it!" He said. Then grabbed his coat and out the far door from the club.

 "You guys watch it," Omar told our UC's.  "They took your pictures."

 Omar came into view from down the street. His phone in his left hand. Talking as if to someone.

 "Baby I'm past it already," Omar said to the phone. "If I go back I'll be late. You know your mother."

 The one guard started to turn. The two slammed into each other. Omar bobbled his phone.

 "Hang on babe," Omar said righting the phone. "Sorry man. You okay?"

 "I'm fine."

 "Sorry again. You know women,"  Omar said then headed out.

 We had to laugh.  Zooming in, we saw that the guards phone was gone. Then Omar came in the door he went out.

 "These pictures are blurry beyond belief," he told us with a laugh. "But he sent them to Sgt. Moreno."

 "You thinking facial rec.?' Frank asked.

 "Well they aren't going to work for that," Omar told him. "Or even a DMV photos." He showed us quickly. They were terrible.

 "We have to get the phone back to him," Bob said bring us back.

 "Bob do you think you can find this on the sidewalk?" I  asked as I flipped Bob the phone.

 "Sure," Bob said Grabbing an earwig finally. Then he was out the door. It took Bob a little longer to come from the other direction.

Once there Bob stopped and bent over. Rising phone in hand.

 "Hey guys. Does this belong to one of you?" he asked them.

 They both checked for their phones. The one guard  realized it was his. 

 "Thank you," he said taking it from Bob. He quickly checked it. Bob added a few scratches.

"Thank you very much," the guard said handing Bob a $50 dollar bill. But Bob waved it off.

 "They bought it," Jim Tucker said with a laugh.

 As Bob came back in. Eric, Diego, and Jeff walked out. Our hidden microphone heard what they said.

 "I'm sorry we can not stay to play tonight," Sanchez said to Jeff Brown. 

"It's okay Diego," Jeff said before they kissed. "But you're here now."

 "Maybe we will get lucky with our new friends,"  Eric Collins said with a wicked smile. "I think that Troy may come back anyway."

"What an ass on that man."

 "Well I have an hour or two to burn," Jeff said. "I'll see  you two Thursday? I need...."

"You know." They waited as he went inside.

 "Eric I will see you tomorrow," Sanchez as his man opened the door to the car.

 "Moreno and I'll be there tomorrow," Eric said then he kissed Sanchez.

 "Check to see if Hickok knows about Felix please," Sanchez asked. "He wants to know if there is a leak with his people."

 "That would be good to know," Eric said as Sanchez got into his car. Then they were gone.

 "Frank if you'll tell the Commissioner in the morning?" I asked him

 "Warrants?" he asked.

 "They've been signed and sealed," I told him "Ready to go."

"What if Collins calls you before we get back?" Bob asked. 

 I gave him another phone number.," I told Bob for the first time. It calls forward to my phone without a trace."

 "I like that Billy," Frank said with a smile. "I'll have to have my guys use it some time."

"Come on Jake. Let's go get some rest. Tomorrows going to be busy."

 "Come on Bob," I said. "Jimmy and Omar have this."

 Back at the house Bob gave me some melatonin. I slept through the night for the first time.

 I woke at about 8:30 the next morning. I took a shower and got dressed. I had a message from Dante. I hadn't called him last night. I made a mental note to try and call him.

 When I entered the kitchen Bob handed me a cup of coffee. Jessie handed me breakfast.  I sat down to eat.

 "Thanks Jessie," I said digging in. "This looks pretty good."

 "So do you, again," Serena said. "If I may say so."

 "She's right," Bob said cutting me off. I was getting ticked again.

 "So I looked that bad?" I asked the room.

 "You did," Frank said as he came in. He grabbed a cup and poured some coffee.

 "Collins called me a little while ago," he told us. "I told him we were still looking for Felix."

 Just then my phone rang. It was Collins on the ID. I put my finger up and the phone on speaker.

 "Hickok," I said in answer.

 "Marshal Hickok, It's Eric Collins of Narcotics," Collins said. "We have it that a shipment of cocaine is coming in tonight.'

"Have you heard anything on that?"

 "Not a word," I told him. "We're looking for Felix Mendoza. "

 "We think he gave us the slip and is back in Colombia," I lied to him.

 "What if he's at the sale?" 

 If you can catch him. Arrest him I told him," I told him. To everyone's surprise. "If you need us call me. We're about to have a metting."

 I waited a moment and hung up.

 "Billy Hickok! What did you do?' Serena asked almost laughing.

 "Hopefully confusing the hell out of him," I told her. 

"Now did we get the blueprints to this place yet?" I asked.

 "Jake's getting them from a friend at city hall," Frank said. 

 It wasn't long and we were going over the blue prints.  The good thing was that it was a commercial ware house with a maintenance garage. It was a front company that transported the drugs from Mexico to Chicago. 

 Franks people set up surveillance on the place. They reported that people were showing up for the meeting. Once or twice gang members face off against one another. But the cartel goons quickly broke them up.

"There they are," Jake said pointing at two Town Cars pulling in. We waited for them to get inside and park.

"Let's take these guys," I transmitted. Then We were out and moving.