Three Finger Cove: Matthew ~ Book Five

Chapter Fifteen

The boys swam while they waited for Mr. Ken to return. Some of the boys kept asking the ten year olds what the name of the movie was, but none of them would tell. Owen and Nathan heard the older boys trying to badger the younger ones to tell them the name of the movie, and they told them to 'can it' and wait until it is on the wall.

Mr. Wayne had a number of bags of fresh made popcorn ready, so he called out to the lads to 'come and get it'. Some of the boys went for a bag then grabbed a can of soda. Then remembering Mr. Ken's Rules, about popcorn nowhere but the beach area, they sat on the pool wall there. Sitting there, depending on how deep into the beach they went they could have their feet and some of their legs in the water.

Mr. Ken finally came back to the pool wearing his swimsuit. He called the boys over to the edge of the pool, over by the rock-jumping ledge and reminded them of his rules. He stressed the fact that the ceiling lights were going to be at a low intensity and if the underwater pool light was too bright he'd shut them off, too.

The man stressed to them that if he did that no one was to dive under the water to try to scare someone. He told them that if they caught someone doing that they would sit by him for the remainder of the movie. The boys all said they understood.

Mr. Ken turned the ceiling lights down low and went over to turn the projector on. In a few moments the movie started. The movie that night was Ender's Game.

Most of the boys hadn't seen the movie since they were too young to understand it at the time. Some of them saw it on HBO and told the other boys it was a good movie with lots of action. The boys settled themselves in and watched the movie.

Many of the boys sat on the coving on the top of the pool wall. Since Mr. Ken hadn't bought any floating devices, such as, inner tubes, rafts or noodles the boys had nothing to float on. That meant they were relegated to sitting in the water in the beach entrance or on the wall. A few sat on the benches placed around the pool's perimeter.

Matthew spied the lifeguard platforms and wondered if he and his friends could sit up there. He went to Mr. Ken and told him what he wanted to do. The young Cover told his foster dad that it looked like two or three people could sit on them and he wanted to do that with two of his friends while the other two took the other one.

Mr. Ken looked at both platforms and he didn't see anything wrong with Matthew's request. He told his newest foster son he and his friends could do that, but they were not to jump into the water off them. Matthew thanked the man and hugged him and quickly went to Brant, Ryan, Chase and Noah.

"Hey, guys, I asked my 'dad' if we could sit on the lifeguard platforms he said we could. Since there are five of us, three can sit on one and two can sit on the other. You want to do that?" asked Matthew.

"That sounds kinda cool, but who sits on which platform," asked Ryan.

"I don't care," answered Matthew. "Why don't you and Brant take the one across the pool and Noah, Chase and I will take this one. We can switch up if someone calls for a pee break. OK?"

Matthew's friends agreed to the plan and Brant and Ryan headed over to the far side lifeguard platform. While those two went to sit over there, Matthew, Chase and Noah climbed onto the platform that was close by.

"Hey, look at what the young pups are doing!" called out Brad, as he pointed to the platforms.

The other lads looked and saw the five ten year olds now had the best seats to watch the movie. They were up high and had a nice comfortable chair to share and the platform to sit on and dangle their legs and still lean back and have a good view.

"Why didn't we think of that?" asked Sam. "We'll have to remember that for the next time."

The boys watched the movie and when they saw the first fight between Ender and the school's bully, Cadet Stilson, they all cheered because the small kid beat up the much bigger one. It was then they all began to like the main character, Ender Wiggins.

When Ender was chosen to attend Battle School, and he settled in the spaceship to take him there, the boys saw that many of the characters were going to be kids their age. They thought that was great so they paid more attention to the movie.

As the movie played on, the boys changed places as some went to get popcorn and a soda, or pee, and ultimately lost their seat. Matthew saw that was happening, so he told Noah and Chase that if one of them went for popcorn and a drink they'd get three so they don't lose their seats.

They watched as Ender and his team of students from his initial cadre were brought together to fight in their own Dragon Army. They thought the team-based three-dimensional laser tag competition in the zero-g Battle Room was awesome as the kids could float through space.

What they liked best, though, were the guns the kids had. They thought it was neat, just as Ender did, that when you were hit you lost feeling in that extremity. Some of them inwardly wished they had something like that there, on earth that they could do, too.

As the movie played on, Kyle went to Mr. Ken and asked him to get some floats, or inner tubes so they could watch the movie better. He said it would be more fun floating around in the water rather than sitting alongside the pool. Mr. Ken told the youngest twin he'd look into to that but he couldn't do anything about it right then. Kyle didn't like the answer, but he knew his 'dad' was right, so he went back to where he was sitting with his friends.

About an hour into the movie some of the kids asked Mr. Ken if he could pause the movie so they could all go relieve their bladders. Mr. Ken called out and asked for a thumb up from the lads. When he saw that virtually all the kids had their thumbs up, the man paused the movie.

The boys rapidly scrambled to the locker room where they had to stand in line to empty their bladders. Charles and his friends saw the line, so they went over to the Women's Locker Room to relieve themselves. Others followed their example.

The movie was paused for about ten minutes. Surprisingly, after the boys relived the pressure on their bladders, many of them went and got another bag of popcorn and a drink. Mr. Ken saw what was happening, so he laughed to himself and then announced the movie was starting back up in 30 seconds.

After the thirty seconds were over and whether the lads were ready or not, Mr. Ken restarted the movie.

As the movie played along, the boys really got into the actions scenes. They booed Bonzo and the way he treated Ender. And, they celebrated as Ender and his team of students, from his initial cadre, were brought together to fight in their own Dragon Army. They cheered even harder when the Dragon Army got the better of two teams in the zero-g Battle Room. And they applauded when Ender took care of the bully Bonzo Madrid in the showers.

But what they all liked the most were the battle scenes. Ender was ultimately assigned to Command School and they thought it was great that Ender could just move his hand and arms and make his forces move to where he wanted them.

But, it was the movies ending that had the boys yelling the loudest. That was when Ender penetrates the Formics defensive perimeter and destroys their planet itself. Everyone, including Ender, thought the battle was a simulation only to learn the adults cheated and made the fight the real thing.

The boys, just as did Ender, felt that the loss of so many people in their army was a waste as was the genocide of the Formics. They were happy that Ender found a queen Formic on Eros and was eventually allowed to go find a new home world for them to live on.

The boys thought, at first, they wouldn't like Ender's Game, but as they got in to the movie they were glad that was the one chosen. They liked that it had a good story and characters. So, when the two-hour movie was over, the boys went to Matthew and thanked him for choosing such a great movie.

The adults took care of putting the popcorn machine back near the Theater where it is usually kept. Mr. Ken took down the projector and placed it back in the media room adjacent to the Theater.

The boys were anxious to swim after the movie, but Robert reminded them that Momma and her friends had made some snacks for after they swam and while they were pretty much dry they should head to the Kitchen Nook and try them out. That's what they did.

That night the boys enjoyed two different desserts. Their first choice was Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars. They were made with cinnamon, sugar, a sweet cream cheese filling and a crunchy-sweet topping put into a flaky crescent crust.

Their second choice was a Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Roll-ups. That concoction consisted of Fresh strawberries, cream cheese and crescent dough that was baked. All the Cover lads had to do was heat them up some before serving.

While Robert and Eric heated the Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Roll-ups, Charles, Kevin and Kyle got out some very cold plain white milk, chocolate milk and Momma's special vanilla milk. Matthew got out the plastic cups and placed them on the table.

The boys each took a Sopapilla Cheesecake Bar and then filled up a cup with their milk of choice. They then watched the Cover lads fill their cup up with Momma's special vanilla milk. The boys were curious and asked them what was so special about that milk. All the Cover lads could say was they had to taste it, to know it.

After Robert, with Eric's help, had heated up the Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Roll-ups, the adults came into the Kitchen Nook. The boys, mouth full of Cheesecake Bar, or not, voiced a loud 'thanked you' to Mr. Ken and the other three men for making that a very special Dive-In movie night for them.

The men thanked the boys for what they said and then they wanted to know if they had left any of Momma's desserts for them. The boys laughed and showed them the tray that was still half-full of Cheesecake Bars.

Mr. Ken had set the coffee maker to turn on, so there would be fresh coffee after 10 PM for them to drink while they enjoyed some of Momma Maria's, Sophia's and Isabela's special treats. The men each filled a large mug of coffee and sat down at the Nook's table and then grabbed a Cheesecake Bar to eat.

When the Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Roll-ups were ready, Robert and Eric placed them on the counter, but they told their friends to wait until his dad and the other adults had taken one. Once the men had placed at least one on their plate, the boys grabbed for one.

That time a few of the boys took some vanilla milk. When they tasted it they all got big smiles on their faces. The other boys saw that and asked them what it tasted like. The lads who had taken the vanilla milk that time told them it was sweet and had a great vanilla flavor. More boys wanted to try it, but before everyone had the chance to taste it there was no more left.

It was thirty minutes to midnight when Robert asked if they could swim until 1 AM. Mr. Ken told the boys he'd ring the bell when it was time for them to change and be off to bed. Then as the boys filed out of the Kitchen Nook, Mr. Ken called all of his 'sons' aside and told them, there would be NO skinny dipping.

Robert and Charles began to argue, but after Mr. Ken told them an emphatic 'NO!' They instantly got the message.

"What's so good about skinny dipping, Robert?" asked Matthew. "Aren't you embarrassed to have the other boys see your boy stuff?"

Robert stopped and turned to his youngest 'brother'. He told him that is was something his dad told him about the first time he caught them swimming without their swimsuits on. The teen told Matthew his dad called it a 'bonding' moment between friends.

But the youngest Cover couldn't understand what that meant so he asked. All Robert and Charles could tell him was that if he ever tried it with his friends he'd hopefully understand that they would share something that very few kids ever got the chance to do. Matthew let the question go, telling himself he didn't think he'd ever try it, for now.

The older Cover boys caught up with their friends, who had skinny dipped before, and whispered to them they were not to take their swimsuits off even though Mr. Ken told them he'd ring the bell when it was time to go to bed. The boys balked at hearing that, but the Cover boys were persistent and told them not to upset their 'dad' under pain of never getting the chance to do it again.

Matthew and his four friends swam together. But, they began to feel the length of the day catching up to them, so they decided to get out of the water and go change before all the other boys got into the locker room.

"Did you know Mr. Ken told Robert and Charles they were not to allow any of them to swim without their swimsuits on? I asked my older 'brother' what that was all about and he told me Mr. Ken caught them and told them it was a sort of a bonding thing amongst friends. Would you guys ever want to swim, you know, naked?" asked Matthew.

The five friends looked back and forth at one another. They each said they might like to try it, but not when all those older boys were there. Brant spoke up and said he wouldn't care if his brother were there, because they've seen each other naked before.

Even Ryan said he thought it would be fun. He told the other boys that ever since they changed at the Labor Day Picnic he and his brother get along very well. He added they don't even mind seeing each other without their clothes on. He said he's even seen how big Richard's morning boner was. That brought a big laugh from everyone.

Noah was quiet on the subject. He said if his friends did it then he'd probably want to do it too. He said he saw many of the boys naked when they changed at the Labor Day Picnic, but that even though he changed then, too, he said it felt weird.

Matthew told his friends that he'd never showered with another boy until he and Kyle showered together last Monday morning. He told them his new 'brothers' all shower together in the boy's bathroom. He explained Mr. Ken allowed him to use the girl's bathroom because he hadn't ever showered with another boy before. Matthew said he thought he'd be embarrassed when he went in there with his penis hard and seeing the other boys naked. His four friends laughed.

Brant spoke up and told the young Cover that he's had sleepovers with other friends and they always talked about boners and then they did a 'show and tell'. He said that even though he was somewhat embarrassed back at the Labor Day Picnic, when he changed, he saw how different the older boy's dicks and balls were and that some of them even had hair above them.

Ryan told the rest of the boys that he didn't notice any hair above Richard's dick when they changed back at the Picnic, but he's now noticed that he has some sparse hairs and he is proud of them. Ryan said Richard sometimes pulls them straight out to see how long they are. That made the boys laugh.

As the five friends talked and told each other of their personal experiences, they had begun to change out of their swimsuits. It wasn't until they stopped laughing at what Ryan just said that they noticed they were all naked. That made them laugh all the more.

They each put their boxer briefs and a t-shift on and then walked out onto the pool deck. Matthew asked Robert where they should put their wet swimsuits. The Cover teen told his 'brother' to just take them back to the dryer and toss them in. He told the ten year old he'd turn the dryer on when all the boys threw theirs in.

"Where are you guys going to go?" Robert asked Matthew.

"I think we'll go lay on our sleeping bags and talk. We're all really tired. This was a long day for all of us," replied Matthew. "Come on guys, let's put these wet swimsuits in the dryer and then go out to our bags."

It wasn't very long after Matthew and his friends left the pool area that Mr. Ken had rung the bell. Robert told everyone to get out and get changed for bed.

Matthew and his friends went over to where Robert had them set up their sleeping bags. The five boys lay down on them and just talked about the day. They talked about the ramps and then the first swim. They also talked about the dinner Momma Maria and her friends made for them and how the spaghetti and meatballs hit the spot for them.

Noah asked Matthew if Mr. Ken's cook always made fancy desserts as she did for them earlier. Matthew told his friends that Momma Maria always had a special snack for them when they came home from school. He also told the three lads that Momma Maria wasn't a cook. That she was a Cover just like him and his 'brothers' and had been with Mr. Ken from the beginning. The young Cover asked his friends not to call her a cook.

As they talked, Noah told his Cover friend he never thought he'd ever get the chance, like his brother Dylan had, to have a sleepover here at Three Finger Cove. Noah thanked Matthew for inviting him and then added he hoped they would get to do it again. Brant and Ryan seconded that motion. Chase said he'd like to do that too, but since he lived so far away he didn't know if he ever would again.

Brant told the others that he always heard stories from Brad about the things they did over here. He told them about how Brad would tell him about the rides in the Commander and in particular about how Todd and Logan and Mr. Ken saved that teenager, Walter Tancards, who was caught under the sail.

The younger Sullivan told the four other boys some of what happened that wasn't said at the awards ceremony. Brant told them his brother Brad said the two other boys didn't even try to find Walter. He said they swam to the Commander when they saw it coming towards them. Brant told his friends it was Robert who told his dad that the kid was caught under the sail and it looked like he was trying to lift the sail above his head so he could breathe.

Brant continued to tell Brad's story that it was Logan who tied off the sailboats mast to the Commander's cleat. The youngster said they did that so the mast couldn't drag the teen under, if the weight of the mast continued to slip under the water. The ten year old continued and told them it was Charles who saw Mr. Ken had begun CPR and yelled to Todd that they needed to get some flotation out to him and the teen. Brant said that was when Logan took off his clothes and dove in to help Mr. Ken.

The four boys listening to the tale were surprised at the added detail Brant had. Matthew said he only heard about the rescue and now hearing about it in more detail made it all that much more real to him that his 'dad' and 'brothers' were heroes and involved in saving the teen.

"And please don't spread it around that Walt's friends didn't try to help him," said Brad, startling his four friends.

"You heard what I told them?" asked a startled Brant.

"Yes, we listened in to make sure you didn't say anything that wasn't right, but you did good, sport," said Brad. "But keep that info to yourselves, guys. We don't need a controversy started from a third or fourth telling of the rescue now do we?"

The four boys said they understood and that they wouldn't repeat what Brant just told them to anyone. Matthew then asked Robert and Charles what were the rest of the guys were going to do.

But he got his answer from Mr. Ken, who called out from the balcony that overlooked the Great Room. "Boys … it is well past one o'clock in the morning and breakfast will be served promptly at 9 AM. I hope you will all go right to sleep and not stay up half the rest of the night talking to one another. I'd think you guys would have said all you needed to say to one another in school!" Mr. Ken laughed at what he just said and there were some chuckles in the background from the other adults.

"Good night Jay, Ry and Chase," called out Nathan and Owen.

"Good night dads," yelled back the three young guests.

"And remember … NO staying up late talking," called out Mr. Ken.

"We heard you the first time 'dad'," chuckled Charles.

The older boys all peed and then headed to their assigned sleeping sections. Matthew and his friends saw the other boys use the party restrooms, so they decided they should do that as well. They were the last of the lads to use the facility, so they turned off the lights as they exited.

The groups then settled down in their own areas for a good night's sleep. There was some whispered chatting between some of the boys, but many of them did fall right to sleep as it had been a very busy day for them and they were tired.

Brant whispered to Ryan and asked if he wanted to zip their sleeping bags together. Ryan said he did. So, the two boys unzipped their bags and fumbled trying to get the zippers matched up so they could put them together.

"Chase … do you know what are they doing?" whispered Matthew.

"They're putting their sleeping bags together like, you know, like it was one bed. Hadn't you ever done that?" replied a whispering Chase.

"Well, I never had a sleeping bag to do that with but … well, Kyle and me … we slept together in my bed the first couple of nights I was here," answered a soft voiced Matthew. "It was a strange house and I didn't know what to expect. I think I even had a nightmare that first night. That's why Kyle slept with me."

"I can understand that, you know, being in a strange house and all and having four new 'brothers'," reasoned an equally low voiced Chase, trying not to wake up any of their friends.

"Chase … can I ask you what you meant by … you know what you mean that you know another way to make your ahhh … your morning boner go down in the mornings?" whispered the young Cover.

"Matthew … you mean you only get a stiffie in the mornings? You never get one at any other time?" whispered back Chase.

"Well … I have but … well; I usually ignore it and let it go away. That's why I asked you what … what you meant by, you know, you knew another way to make it go down," explained Matthew.

"Don't you ever play with, you know, do you ever play with your dick when it … when it gets hard at any other time than in the morning? Did you ever look at your boner to see what it was all about and sort of play with it while you were looking at it? … Did you ever get a good feeling from it? You know … did you ever get a tingling sensation from the front of it when you touched it?" Chase wanted to know

"Yes, I've sort of looked at it. I wanted to see if I could figure out what made it get hard like that all the time. And, yea, as I did that I did get a tickling feeling at the underside. What does that mean?" asked a perplexed Matthew.

"Haven't you had any sex education at your other school?" asked Noah.

"Well, they did but … the parents could opt out and that's what my mom did. She said I'd learn about that stuff as I got older and she thought nine and ten was way too early," replied the young Cover.

"Oh," said Chase. … "So … you don't know any other way how to make your boner go down other than to pee?"

"Yea, so will you tell me?" quickly asked Matthew.

"OK, well … when you get a stiffie the next time … what you do is slide your fingers up and down it. Just make sure you have one finger on the underside where you got that tingly feeling before. Then … when you do it long enough you'll get this super extra feeling throughout your dick and it'll make you feel tingly all through your body," explained Chase.

"Also, when you get older your testicles …" started Noah before being stopped by Matthew.

"Your, your what? Your test-tickles? What are they?" asked Matthew.

"The proper name for your balls is testicles. It's in them that sperm is made and that is what fertilizes the female egg to make a baby. Didn't you ever read anything about how babies are made?" finished Noah.

"No, my mom wouldn't let me read anything, but history books and true story books. But … what's sperm? And how does it fertilize the female egg? I just don't understand all that Chase," honestly said Matthew.

"Wow, you are behind, at least in the sex stuff, that's for sure. It's kind of difficult to explain if you haven't read any of the books or pamphlets on sex reproduction," answered The Cove's youngest guest.

"OK, I'll have to ask my 'brothers' to explain it to me then. But, what about making my stiffie go down? Can you show me how to do that?" whispered the Cover.

"We can't do that down here," said Chase. "There's way too many people around and you don't know if they are really fast asleep. You don't want to be caught especially by your brothers, at least not down here. Maybe in your bedroom or the shower, but definitely not down here." laughed Chase.

"But, where can you show me, then?" quickly asked the youngest Cover.

"Well … we could go up to your room. But, if I show you, ahh … you'll have to show me your ahh your … your stiffie. Will you be too embarrassed to do that? It's a lot different than being nude when you change into your swimsuit," explained Chase.

"Well … if I want to learn I guess I'll have to show you. … Come on. Let's sneak up to my bedroom," whispered Matthew.

The two friends slowly got away from their sleeping bags and began a slow ascent up the stairs to the main floor. Once there, they did the same slow ascent up to the bedroom floor. Chief was right there with them, her paws clicking on the hard surface.

The two boys stopped at the boy's bathroom to drain their dragons and then they headed to Matthew's bedroom. Matthew made sure to close his door and told Chief to lay down and to stay in the room. He wasn't too sure if she would listen, but he had to try so no one knew they were there.

"OK, what do I do?" asked the anxious Cover.

"Well … you need to take your clothes off. Then, lay back on your bed," directed Chase.

Once Matthew had done that he asked what was next. Chase told him he had to get his dick hard. Matthew didn't know how to do that, because his penis always did it on its own.

"How do I do that?" asked Matthew.

"Well, mine usually just gets hard when I want to play with it. But … well, maybe you need to just, you know, play with it some," suggested Chase.

After a few moments of trying to get his dick hard, Matthew asked Chase to show him what he did. Chase smiled at being asked to do that, so he took off his clothes and lay down beside his friend. The boy then proceeded to show Matthew how he got his dick hard.

After a few tries, Chase got his flagpole to rise to the occasion. Matthew watched with rapt attention and saw how his guest lay back and got comfortable, closed his eyes and then began to fondle his one-eyed snake and got it hard. He also saw that his friend would caress his baby makers.

Matthew decided to try doing that. He lay back and got comfortable and then did what he saw Chase do. As he manipulated his own pole he felt it begin to stiffen up, but it didn't get as hard as it did in the morning. So, what he did next was to touch his nuts and roll them. That made his pole get harder, but not as he knew it could.

So, Matthew opened his eyes and watched Chase. He saw the smile of contentment on his friend's face and that he was moving his fingers up and down the hardened shaft. As the Cover watched, his own dick began to get as hard as he knew it could.

Matthew lay back down and began doing what Chase was doing to his shaft. As the lad moved his fingers up and down the flesh tube, he began to get some tingling feelings at the tip of his dick. He was enjoying what he was feeling.

After a short while, the young Cover heard his friend make some sort of noise, so he opened his eyes to see what Chase was doing. What he saw was the boy had increased his up and down motion and he began to breathe faster and deeper. Then, The Cover's youngest guest made an upward jerking motion as if he was shooting something out of his penis.

Matthew lay back and began to increase his manipulations of his own flesh rocket. As he did that, he began to experience some intense feeling and as he did he went even faster. Then without notice his dick began to spasm, but he couldn't take his fingers away he was enjoying the feelings so much.

Then the lad's dick began to be too sensitive and he had to take his fingers away. When he did that he noticed he breathing had increased and he had as big smile on his face.

"So, what do you think about doing that to make your boner go down?" laughed Chase.

"It was awesome!" replied Matthew. "How did you ever learn that?"

"Well, I do have two older brothers," said a smiling Chase.

"You mean they showed you?" asked Matthew.

"Well … Ryder showed me one day when we were taking our showers. His dick was hard and I mean it was very hard. He asked me if I know how to make mine go down which was standing very tall just like his. I asked what he meant and it was then he showed me what to do.

"Boy, you should have seen how much sperm shot out if his dick," was all Chase was able to say before Matthew interrupted him.

"Sperm? What's that?" asked a naive Matthew.

"That's the stuff us boys make to help a woman make her baby. Boy your mom didn't do you any favors by not letting you sit in on the sex education classes," replied Chase.

"Anyway, Ryder got that great feeling and he shot loads of sperm out of his dick. It will happen to us, too, when we get older. Anyway, he then did it to me to show me what to do. Wow, did it ever feel really good to have someone else touch my hard dick like that," explained Chase.

"Hey, we better get back to our sleeping bags before anyone misses us," said Matthew.

The boys hurriedly put their clothes on, stopped at the boy's bathroom to pee and then snuck back down to the Great Room. There Matthew thanked his friend one more time for showing him how to make his boner go away. The two boys hugged and then crawled into their own sleeping bags. Chief then settled down right next to Matthew.

What the two lads didn't know was that someone had noticed they had slipped away, but the person didn't follow. He just snuggled up to his friend in their combined sleeping bags.

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