Three Finger Cove: Matthew ~ Book Five

Chapter Fourteen

"Is your place always this crazy?" asked a laughing Owen.

"Well ...I've never had this many lads spend the night at one time before. I did have about 30 back during the summer but ...if I get any more kids I'll have to consider limiting the number of boys," replied Ken Thomas.

Wayne Mitchell laughed at what he just heard and he told Mr. Ken there is no way he could refuse his boys something as simple as a sleepover. The two adult guests laughed at what Wayne said. Mr. Ken, not believing Wayne would say that, opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but decided not to. He laughed instead.

The Cove's owner then told his guests that he had to agree with Wayne that is what would probably happen. He further explained his boys have gone through so much in their short lives that they need to be kids and be given the chance to move on from that horrible time in their lives.

Nathan innocently asked his host what were some of the things the lads had to deal with. Mr. Ken told Nathan that he would be breaking the trust he has with his boys if he told anyone anything about the boy that the lad himself didn't reveal.

Owen looked at his partner as if to say 'What are you trying to do? Are you trying to cause a problem, or you just want to be nosey and have a laugh?'

Nathan understood that look from Owen and then immediately apologized to his host. The man told Mr. Ken he was just curious and didn't mean anything by it. Nathan continued and said he didn't realize that asking what the boys had gone through was very personal and it could be very embarrassing if it got out.

Mr. Ken didn't pursue it. He understood that people are naturally curious. He realized they didn't know how insensitive it was to ask him what happened to the boys that would put them in the foster care system. So, the owner of The Cove changed the topic.

"I'll be honest with you guys. When I told you to come over and bring your kids and stay for the weekend, I really didn't count on the weekend being so busy. I'm sorry if you are not getting the chance to sit back and relax and just chill. When you come again, and I hope you all will, I'll make sure we don't have the whole school here," now laughed Mr. Ken.

Owen spoke up and said he was glad the weekend was happening as it is. The man said he met them as a large group and this is just an extension of it. The man continued and said he was glad he had the opportunity to meet some of the boys' parents and talk to some of the boys who were on the Howl-O-Scream Trip.

Nathan spoke up and offered, "Now don't get me wrong here, if what I say doesn't come out the right way, but ...I too was glad to have met some of the parents today and, you know, talk to the lads. We knew we were taking a chance that October night, allowing our boys to go with your group, but our boys needed a chance to have some fun, you know, and be kids.

"We knew the name, your name that is, and what it stood for. And with so many chaperones we felt we made the right decision. Now, after last night and, and so far today, I know we made the right choice letting our boys join yours. They've had some rough times these last four or five months, but what you offered them that night was a wakeup call for us.

"You know what? The boys ...they still talk about that night. Especially what they did and how everyone, but mostly your boys, treated them. They felt fully accepted and they even had a good talk with Robert and Charles about the shit they've had to put up with from the kids at school for them having two dads.

"Your boys ...they accepted our boys at face value and that innocent acceptance increased their self-esteem 1000%. And from that night on they stopped letting what the kids said about us, Owen and me, get to them."

"Some of their friends don't believe them that they were at the Howl-O-Scream with the man who took a bullet for his 'son'," spoke up Owen. "We hope that you will let us take a few pictures with you and your boys so our sons can, well, we hope they will, gain more acceptance with the other kids in the neighborhood and at school."

"Even though you live this far away from where we do, your name means a lot to people far and wide. Your friendship means a lot to our boys, but it also means a lot to Nathan and me as well. Our blended families are lucky to have you as our friend!"

That said, both Owen and Nathan got up to shake Mr. Ken's hand and they wound up also giving him a big manly hug.

After the boys finished eating, they did what they always do; they put everything away. Matthew and his four friends joined in that exercise, but they each went with a different group that time to learn more about the process.

"They do this every time?" asked Noah, after the four friends got back together.

"That's what they said. I heard some of them talking how fun it was to cook every day after skating and swimming and have a great burger or dog, meaning hot dog, after skating and swimming," added Ryan.

"Boy, you sure are lucky to be living here," said Brant. "My older brother has told me some of the things he and Robert and their friends got to do. They went to the Coast Guard Boat Safety Training, so they could ride and drive the personal watercraft, you know the WaveRunners, and they even helped build the ramps. Sam and Terran got the chance to help build them too, but well ...they said I was a bit too young, at the time, to help."

"Maybe when Mr. Ken lets us build more ramps at the front to the house, you know at the bottom of the driveway, we all can help," spoke up Matthew. "I know I'd like to help. I think it would be fun to learn how to use a hammer and other tools."

Matthew and his friends were out at the ramps as they talked. They watched as the older boys took turns on the ramps and they saw they definitely needed more ramps. They picked up their skateboards and went over to try to skate. Some of the older boys told them to wait their turn.

"When IS it OUR turn?" shot back Matthew. "We've been sitting and waiting and we went to skate, too!"

Charles heard the exchange and quickly went over to the ten year olds. The pre-teen asked them what the problem was and after hearing they had been sitting and waiting and now they figured it was their turn.

Charles immediately went to Robert and told him what was happening with their younger brother and his friends. The two talked and then the oldest Cover told everyone that Matthew and his friends were to be allowed to use the ramps just as much as everyone does.

When Robert heard some grumbling about Matthew and his friends being allowed to skate, and them being called twerps, Robert had everyone stop skating, as he wanted to say something.

"Listen up everybody ...especially those of you who have skated here for a long time. Matthew is a Cover and as a Cover ...he has more standing than any of you do. He may have only just arrived but not and I stress this NOT ...treat my 'brother' any less than you treat me or Charles or Kevin and Kyle.

"No one has ever been banned from The Cove for not being a team player or for being a disruptive person or for causing trouble. But, if you want to be that first person banned, then continue to bad mouth Matthew and treat him, as he doesn't belong here. He and his friends have been patiently waiting over there for their turn to skate, and now it is time for at least five of you get off the ramps and allow them their turn.

"My dad has been very good to all of us. He's allowed each of his foster sons to invite their main friends to come over here and skate, swim, and have BBQ's and much, much more. If you want him to put a stop to all that plus the sleepovers, and some of the other things he has planned, then treat Matthew, and his friends, as if he doesn't belong here.

"Yes, yes I know it is very crowded out here, but it is what it is. I told you earlier we talked to our 'dad' about getting more ramps and he told us that after the Holidays he'll talk to us about getting some more and putting them at the bottom of the driveway, you know, towards the beach. Until then, we'll have to share and get along.

"Brad, Chuck, Trevor, Gordon and Eric can tell you what we only had to use before my dad let us build what we have here today. Keep in mind, if my dad gets more foster kids then there'll be even more kids out here and we'll have to wait even longer to take turns. Any questions?"

After his speech, Robert reminded all the boys that they should have told their parents they needed to be picked up by 1 PM on Sunday and if they hadn't they should stop skating and to call them right then. The Cover teen also told the group that he and Eric would be cutting the field on Monday and maybe Tuesday, if they need the time, and his 'brothers' would be the hosts.

Robert also reminded all the boys that they would be leaving Wednesday morning to go to Collin's for the Thanksgiving Holiday and would not be back until late Saturday. He told them to call on Sunday to see if they can come over that day. Additionally, Robert told the lads that after Thanksgiving week his dad would start having The Cove decorated for Christmas. The teenager added the place might be extra busy, so to be aware they may have to plan on the go.

The large group of eleven to thirteen years olds were very quiet after Robert's speech. Eric then spoke up and thanked his Best Friend for reminding them that what they have is because of the generosity of Mr. Ken and they need to remember that. Eric then began to clap his hands. A few other joined in and before he knew it everyone was clapping including Matthew and his friends.

Matthew quickly went over to Robert and thanked him for saying what he did about him being a Cover and was his 'brother' and was more important than the rest of the guys. He also told Robert he was happy he was the big brother he wished he always had. Then, with happy tears in his eyes he hugged the teenager for all his worth. Matthew's friends looked on at the exchange and knew what he meant as they had older brothers, too.

It seemed that they just had burgers and dogs when the four adults came out to the ramps to tell the boys to start getting ready for dinner. Mr. Ken told the boys that it would be a very crowded dinner since there were something like 45 people Momma Maria, Sophia and Isabela were preparing for.

The owner of The Cove told the boys they'd do what they did that time he served spaghetti, which was to spread out and sit anywhere somebody wasn't. That brought a round of laughter.

The lads skated for another ten minutes before Robert told them to head inside and use the party restrooms to get cleaned up. He also told them to wash up to their elbows. They laughed, as they knew that was Mr. Ken's line.

For dinner that night Momma Maria and her two women friends first discussed making chicken and cheese enchiladas along with chicken and beef fajitas, fresh tortillas, guacamole, salsa and refried beans along with the diced tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese.

But the three women came to realize that was a very ambitious menu to fix for 45 people, so Momma went to Mr. Ken and asked him if they could cook what they thought would be a hit with the kids. Mr. Ken told Momma to 'go to for it!' and she did.

That night when the 41 boys arrived in the Kitchen Nook, they found Momma Maria and her two lady friends had prepared a huge pot of al dente spaghetti and one of twists macaroni. To top off either of those they prepared a meat sauce along with meatballs. They also offered garlic bread and a salad with four different dressings and cold ice tea, milk and soda.

"'Dad', this is so awesome!" said Kyle. "I love spaghetti and meatballs."

"Yeah, dad, this is what we did back in the summer and we all had a good dinner and clean up was easy. Does Momma Maria need us to help serve?" finished Robert.

"Noes myes ninos, Momma and myes amigas hases everytings oks. Justs enjoys yourse spaghettis ands meatsaballs as eyess knows youse do," answered Momma for Mr. Ken.

The women had two serving lines set up. They utilized the heavy duty plates, napkins and plastic flatware the boys used when they cooked their burgers and dogs,

Matthew and his friends, being the newbies, were asked to go first. The boy's eyes had lit up when they saw the two different macaroni's, meat sauce and meatballs. So, when they went through the serving line they each skipped the salad then one took a good helping of spaghetti while the other two took the twists. They each got a good helping of sauce and three meatballs, grabbed two sticks of garlic bread and a soda each and went directly to the Kitchen Nook table to sit down and eat.

The teens saw a problem materializing. Where would everyone sit? Eric recommended they go get two of the folding tables and enough chairs to fit around them. They knew that would not solve the seating problem, but it would ensure they had a seat and it might help relieve it some. They quickly got the tables and chairs, set the tables and chairs up out in the garage and then got in line

The rest of the boys went in reverse age order, so the next lads to get to eat were Kevin and Kyle and their friends. Charles and his friends went next followed by Robert and his buddies. Some of the lads took a salad, but the majority of them just took either the long noodle spaghetti or the twists and they all added meatballs as well as the meat sauce. They each took two pieces of garlic bread, got a soft drink and found a place to eat.

The twins and some of their friends had taken up the remaining seats around the Nook's table but with the adults already sitting there not many boys could sit down. The rest took a seat on the floor, set their drink next to them and ate as best they could.

After Charles got his plate of twists and four meatballs with meat sauce, he went to his 'dad' and asked if they could sit at the Dining Room table. Mr. Ken saw the boys sitting on the floor and knowing there wasn't very much room for 41 kids, he told the twelve year they could.

When it came time for the teens to eat they already had two tables set up out in the garage and told anyone who wanted a seat they could have one after they were all seated since they did all the work. A few of the eleven year olds took them up on the offer.

The adults were the last to get their plate of spaghetti and meatballs. They each thanked the women for making that wonderful meal and then sat at the seats they had claimed at the start of the meal.

Most of the lads went back for seconds of spaghetti, but the majority went back just for the wonderful meatballs. When the ten year olds had finished eating, they put their used plates, napkins and utensils in the trash and headed out to the ramps to sit and let their meal digest.

With five seats now available at the Nook's table, Mr. Ken then asked the three women to fix a plate for themselves and sit with them.

After dinner, the boys all felt stuffed because they ate so much. They went out to join the ten year olds to sit around talking, as they had no extra energy to get on the ramps as their bodies were digesting their meal.

"Do you think Mr. Ken will setup the, you know, the movie projector and let us have a Dive-In movie? When we did that back during the summer it was so much fun. Mr. Ken sure knows how to create fun things for us kids to do," offered Mason.

That question brought up a discussion of all the things many of the boys were able to do ever since Robert and Charles began living there. Matthew, hearing what the other boys were able to do before he arrived, put a big smile on his face. He knew if he were allowed to stay there for a long time he'd get a chance to do some of those things, too.

As it was getting late, and no one was moving to ask Mr. Ken about the Dive-In movie, Matthew decided to go ask Mr. Ken about the movie himself. His four friends followed along to see what would happen.

Matthew wasn't sure where Mr. Ken would be. They had guests that weekend and he didn't know where his foster dad would be with them. The young Cover started looking in the Kitchen Nook because that was where he saw him last. The newest Cover didn't find him there.

Matthew and his friends left the Kitchen Nook and walked over to the glass bannister across from the MRS Room and then looked down into the Great Room. They didn't see any of the adults there, but they did here some laugher coming from Mr. Ken's Study, so that was where they went to next.

Hearing the laughter and more talking coming from the Study, as they approached it, Matthew went to the doorframe and looked in. Seeing the four adults sitting in the leather chairs, the lad knocked on the frame.

"Ahh, 'dad', ahh Mr. Ken ...ahh, I was wondering of the guys asked about having a Dive-In movie. I heard them talking how much fun they had during the summer laying in their sleeping bags out on the patio and you making popcorn for them.

"Do you ...ahh do you think you could ahh ...maybe do that for us tonight, too? It really sounded fun and ...and it would give us something we can all remember," slowly got out Matthew.

After hearing what Matthew had to say, Mr. Ken looked over at his guests. "Guys ...what would you say to help me look over the pool area to see if there is enough room out there to project the movie and to see if it is safe enough for the boys?"

Owen looked over to Nathan and, with smiles on both of their faces, the two guests stood up and asked their host what were they waiting for.

Mr. Ken told Matthew and his friends to come with them to give him their opinion. Asking that put big smiles on all five youngsters faces. Mr. Ken, Mr. Wayne, Owen and Nathan along with Matthew, Brant, Ryan, Chase, and Noah walked out of the study, down the stairs and into the indoor pool area.

"Well, our first question should be where can we project the movie? Now, boys, you look around and see if you can find a good wall we can use. Guys, let's us look as well," said the owner of The Cove with a wink.

The boys smiled at being asked to help and they took their charge to heart. They immediately discounted the glass wall as the windows spread across the entire width of the poolroom. They saw the windows looked to be at least eight feet high and they didn't think everyone would want to look high up over them.

The lads went to the wall that served as a break between the indoor pool and the Great Room. They saw it looked fairly smooth, but they went over to feel it to make sure. They liked that wall and they saw it would allow a large picture to be projected on it.

They next checked the wall where the lockers were. They noticed it was similar to the windows wall as the lockers, although, not as high as the glass windows, they did present an eye distraction. They saw the wall above the lockers looked just as smooth as the first wall, but they waited to check out all of the walls

The five boys talked about the locker wall and they all agreed the wall might work out, but for them the smooth wall was best one so far. They walked over to the last wall. It was the outside wall and they saw it was sure high enough. That wall was where the ground on the other side sloped away from the house. They saw the wall was just as smooth as the other one and was big enough to project a big picture, too.

The adults also walked around and talked about the Dive-In movie and how the boys would be able to watch and enjoy a soft drink and popcorn, but not get into trouble in the water. Owen and Nathan volunteered to be in the water with the lads. Mr. Wayne said he thought the Dive-In movie was a good idea and he was sort of looking forward to seeing how it went.

When Matthew and his friends were finished doing their inspection of the four walls they went over to the adults.

"'Dad', we looked at all four walls. We decided the window wall wouldn't work because you'd have to look up above them and it would probably hurt your neck. We also decided the locker wall could work, too, but you still would have to look up.

"The wall that is part of the Great Room would work and so would the outside wall. They are very smooth and are a light tan color, which probably wouldn't hurt the picture quality. The only thing you'd have to figure out is where you would set up the projector without it being in the way," reported Matthew.

"Boys, do you all agree with Matthew's assessment?" asked Mr. Ken of Brant, Ryan, Chase and Noah.

The four friends told Mr. Ken they talked about each wall as they checked them out and afterwards they discussed them one more time. Noah added that he liked the outside wall as it was out of the way and they could put the projector up on the jumping ledge. Then Ryan spoke up and agreed with his friend.

"Guys," started Mr. Ken, as he talked to Owen, Nathan and Wayne, "are we sure we want to do this? It won't be hard to set up but ...well, the boys will be in the water some and because it will be fairly dark in here we have to ensure the boys can't get into trouble, water wise."

Owen and Nathan enthusiastically said, "Yes". Wayne asked what he needed to do to make it happen. The Cove's owner hearing their support said all they needed to do now was to pick a wall, set up the video projector and get the popcorn machine moved into the pool area. Then last, but not least, they needed to choose a movie.

"'Dad', don't forget we'll need drinks and napkins," spoke up Matthew.

"Good thinking 'son'. Now, what do you say you, with advice from your buddies, pick out a movie for everyone to watch? Do you think you can do that?" asked a smiling 'dad' Ken.

"But we don't know where they are," replied Matthew.

Just then Robert, Charles and Eric came into the pool, area. The Cover teen said they were looking for Matthew and couldn't find him. Charles added they looked for him and his friends in the Study, but when they weren't there they figured they might be here.

"So, dad ...are we going to have, you know, a Dive-In movie?" asked a hopeful Robert.

"Well, that was what Matthew and his friends were helping decide," replied dad Ken. "They figured out which wall would be best and where to hook up the projector. They also said that besides that popcorn we'd need drinks and napkins. And, as you three came in here, we were just talking about which movie to show."

"We can? We are? Can we tell the rest of our friends," quickly asked Robert.

"Well, first, I want you to show Matthew where the DVDs are kept. I told him to pick the movie with help from his friends. After they choose the movie, and I don't want any arm-twisting from you three, you can tell the rest of the boys.

"It's getting late, so first help Matthew and then you tell your friends you need to get the sodas on ice and brought down to the pool. After that, they can all change into their swimsuits. Then, most importantly, I want all of you to meet me just outside the pool door. You got that son?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes, dad, I understand," replied Robert.

The eight lads all headed to the Theater. Robert showed Matthew where they kept the DVDs. Matthew and his friends started looking through the latest releases Mr. Ken had Mr. Chris keep buying as they came available.

"Wow, would you look at all these DVDs!" exclaimed Chase. "And ...and they look like they are all the latest movies."

"Yea, there's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Justice League. Awesome!" said Noah.

"And here's Spider-Man: Homecoming and It. I heard about that movie. It is a Stephen King horror book made into a movie and it is real scary," spoke up Ryan.

"Hey, look at these, guys. Murder on the Orient Express, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Dunkirk and Beauty and the Beast. It's going to be hard to choose the right movie," offered Matthew.

"Here's two more, Despicable Me 3 and Wonder," said Brant. "That last one is about a kid who was born with facial differences who finally gets to go to a normal school. I think he enters the 5th grade. At the school, he has to deal with the kids who run away from him, totally ignore him and treat him like he's a monster of some kind."

"That sounds so sad," said Matthew. "It wasn't his fault he was born that way. I bet it is a good movie. Let's set that one aside."

"Look at these, there's Independence Day: Resurgence, The Space Between Us, which is a new release. Hey, how does your dad get all these recent movies, Matthew?" asked Chase.

"I don't know. I just got here last weekend," answered Matthew.

"Hey, guys, look ...look what I found. There's Transformers: The Last Knight and Ender's Game is also here. Did any of you ever read the book, you know, Ender's Game? I did. It's a short story, they made into a movie," said Brant.

"Anyhow, it's about this kid, Ender, who is recruited by an International Military group to lead the fight against an alien race I think were called Formics. They sort of look like huge ants, or something like that. Anyway, Ender is tested to see if he can be trained to lead their military. I bet the movie is good because the book had lots of kids our age in it."

"Robert what type of movie did you guys watch when 'dad' did the movie thing out on the patio?" asked Matthew.

"It was a Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. And it was fun being out under the stars. It was like being at an old timey Drive-In, but we were out on the patio. Dad really knows how to make things fun," replied Robert.

"Yea, I bet it was and I hope we have just as much fun tonight. ...OK, we have way too many movies, to choose from, so which one are we going to watch?" asked Matthew.

"Well, I for one do not want a scary movie,' said Ryan. "So, let's axe the movies It and Jumanji. OK?"

"I like the idea of watching an action movie," said Noah. "So what say we watch either Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: The Last Knight or maybe Dunkirk? Did you know Dunkirk is based on what actually happened during World War II?"

"Which movies would you like to watch Brant?" asked Matthew.

"Well ...I think The Last Jedi would be good. Then there is Spider Man and Transformers. But ...well, I like your idea of watching something with kids our age in it. You know either the one with the boy who was born with facial problems, or Ender's Game. That one sounds like it would be fun, though. The kid ...he gets recruited to help lead army? That would be so much fun to even be tested for," enthusiastically replied Brant.

"OK, I agree with Brant," spoke Matthew. "What about you Ryan? Noah? Chase?"

"Yea, I'm OK with those two movies. At least they shouldn't be scary," replied Ryan. "But which one do we choose?"

"Well, those two movies sound pretty good from what we know about them. But, I think Dunkirk would be good. We could learn something about World War II," answered Noah.

"I'd rather watch the new Star Wars movie. It is a continuation of what we saw before," said Chase, giving his opinion of which movie to watch.

"OK. You've narrowed it down to two movies. We're going to tell everyone to get ready, so we don't waste any more time. Pick the one you want and meet us at the pool entrance, like dad said. You can change into your swimsuits after you give dad the movie," announced Robert.

The three older boys left the Theater media room, leaving the ten year olds to pick a movie everyone will watch. The five friends started to discuss which movie to show. But, that quickly turned into a yelling match with each lad choosing his own preference.

Matthew never had any real close friends and he wasn't used to how they would argue their point until, someone gives in. Even though Brant agreed with Matthew's choices he still wanted to watch Independence Day: Resurgence.

Ryan, even though he agreed with Matthew in principle, he really wanted to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so he argued for that movie.

Noah yelled for everyone to stop arguing and listen to what he had to say.

"Look ...Mr. Ken told Matthew to choose the movie with advice ...from us," spoke Noah.

"We advised him and now ...and now you are arguing for you own preference. That's not right! There are two movies that we said would be good, Wonder and Ender's Game. NOW is up to Matthew to choose which one everyone watches. Matthew ...which one do YOU pick?"

Robert, Charles and Eric rushed outside to tell their friends that Mr. Ken told them to get their swimsuits on as he OK'd the Dive-In Movie. The boys were happy at hearing that. Then, Robert told them before they went to change they had to ice down the sodas and take them down to the pool. The teen also told them that before they got into the water they had to meet with Mr. Ken in the Great Room next to the pool doors.

Logan, Robert, Charles and Eric went into the garage to ice down the sodas. When the ice chests were full they put them on the wheeled carts and took them to the elevator in order to take them to the indoor pool deck.

The rest of boys all rushed to the Men's Locker Room to change. The twin's friends were slowly getting used to changing in front of the older boys, but they weren't quite there yet, as they still tried to hide their boy parts. The older boys just inwardly smiled at them because the way the younger boys put their swimsuits on they could see the eleven year olds dicks and balls.

When all the boys had changed into their swimsuits, they met Mr. Ken and the other three adults out in the Great Room next to the indoor pool door, as he requested. Some of them asked why they were meeting there and all Mr. Ken told them was they had to wait for Matthew and his friends.

Matthew, Brant, Ryan, Chase and Noah soon showed up and Mr. Ken began to tell the boys what he expected during the Dive-In movie.

"Boys," began the owner of The Cove, "I've agreed to this Dive-In movie ...but there are some conditions that will cause me to stop it if you do NOT adhere to my directions. There will be NO eating of popcorn or drinking of sodas while wading in the water. You may sit along the sidewall at the beach entrance of the pool but nowhere else.

"Remember, the lights will be fairly low, so there will be NO horseplay or splashing of water on each other. Also, no loud talking. Let's not ruin the experience for the others because you are bored with the selection of tonight's movie.

"Mr. Wayne has volunteered to make the popcorn and Mr. Owen, Mr. Nathan and myself will be the observers, to make sure you all behave yourselves. They'll go change into their swimsuits while I set up the projector. Then, I'll get my swimsuit on and only then, when I am here, will I start the movie. I'll not ask for your questions. You heard the Rules, so go get wet while you wait for me.

The boys headed into the indoor pool area and dove right in. Brant, Ryan, Noah, Chase and Matthew stayed back until Matthew gave the movie to Mr. Ken. They then headed into the locker room to change into their swimsuits.

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