Emerald City Boys

Chapter 30-Ready for the Fourth (2)

Greetings and welcome back. My editor in chief, Larry, and I will be collaborating on the writing of Emerald City Boys for a while as we work to get it caught up with Mayfield Magic, on which I am working to keep pace with The Brat (not to be confused with the brat in MM) and East Harbor Boys. To add to hectic activity, I will be away cruising for almost a month starting this weekend. Larry has contributed a great deal to my stories and has added some fantastic scenes. His big interest in ECB will be telling the story of Pierce and Drake, but he will be helping out with all aspects of the story, especially with his wonderful editing work. 
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Madison stopped by Logan’s house after lunch Sunday and ended up talking his way into staying for dinner and spending the night. Madison’s gift of gab never ceased to amaze Logan. He seemed to be able to charm himself into almost anything he wanted.
The boys were skinny dipping when Logan said, “Damn, I gotta pee bad.”
“So, pee in, like, the pool. It’s water, right?” Madison asked.
“No, that’s gross. Then you gotta swim in pissy water, which I don’t want to do. But I don’t want to go into the house all wet, so I’m going over there where those bushes are and do my business.”
“Then I’ll, like, join you.”
They climbed out of the pool and headed over to the bushes, using shrubbery along the way to cover them. “You can pee on me if you want,” Logan said.
“You mean you weren’t going to, like, piss in the pool, but you’ll let me piss on you. Isn’t that, like, kinda really weird?”
“It’s not the same. I can wash this off in the pool and it isn’t like adding one kind of water to the water in the pool.”
“Hmm, if you say so. Did anybody ever tell you that you were, like, weird?”
“Okay, then I won’t tell you you’re weird even though you’re like epically weird.”
But the weirdness didn’t stop Madison from standing in front of Logan and a bit to his left side and pissing on the left side Logan’s of chest, belly, and crotch, while Logan pissed out ahead of himself into the bushes. “It would have been fun pissing on you,” Logan said, “but I’m more into receiving than giving.” Logan didn’t go into the times he’d intentionally pissed his pants or underpants outdoors. He didn’t want Madison to think he was beyond epically weird. Logan made Madison happy by rinsing in the basement shower before jumping into the pool.
But the day was about more than sexy stuff. They also talked about their upcoming trip to Mayfield to visit Logan’s cousin Aiden for the Fourth of July.
Later that night, after their somewhat daring walk to the end of the block and back, Logan’s parents having arrived home, the boys retired to Logan’s bedroom.
Logan and Madison undressed and hopped onto Logan’s bed. Logan gave Madison a long, deep, wet kiss, with lots of tongue. The kiss was almost overwhelming for Madison. As Madison moaned with pleasure, Logan moved his head down to Madison’s crotch and went to work sucking his four-inch, hairless cock while fingerfucking his ass.  When Madison shot his drops of sweet, clear cum into Logan’s mouth, Logan was more than pleased. Madison added to that pleasure by giving Logan a blow job for his second orgasm of the day. It was the first time Madison and Logan had enjoyed oral sex with each other.
“Damn, do I have a lot of stuff to tell Bailey. It was, like, everything except fucking,” Madison said.
“Is Bailey becoming your boyfriend?”
“I wish, but I guess you gotta be best friends first.”
“Having a sexy best friend doesn’t hurt. Remember, we gotta get up to my alarm since I’m going to that geology camp or whatever it is. My mom will be driving Tony and me to the house of this kid named Levi. His mom is one of the teachers for the class,” Logan told Madison as Logan cleaned the cum off his belly and pubis in the bathroom.
“What time is it set to, like, go off?” Madison asked.
“That is much too early, but I’ll survive it. I’ve lived through alarms before. And where does your booooyyyyyyyyfriend live?”
“In Lake City. And that’s where Levi lives, too.” He handed Madison a new toothbrush that he took out of the medicine cabinet. “That’s your sleepover toothbrush. I’ll write your name on the box and put it in the big cabinet with the other sleepover brushes.”
After brushing and pissing, the two friends climbed into Logan’s bed and fell asleep feeling that they had enjoyed a fantastically wonderful day.
Trajan spent Sunday night at Levi’s. Because the Geology Workshop started the next day, they would be getting up early. They checked out each other’s naked bodies before turning out the lights and clambering into bed. They agreed they wouldn’t make out or get each other off since they wanted to fall right to sleep. They stuck to their resolve even though the thought of their friend being with them in bed didn’t make it easy. After they fell asleep they slept straight through until the alarm went off at 7:30. Both teens were happy that they didn’t have to deal with wet dreams.
Logan and Madison finished a breakfast of cold cereal and hot toast with a choice of strawberry jam or grape jelly. Both boys picked the jam. The boys helped clean up and then headed to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Susan put together a lunch consisting of two salami sandwiches, a bag of chips, and a banana for Logan.
As soon as everybody was ready, the boys piled into Susan’s car. She dropped Madison off at his house, picked up Tony, and then drove Logan and Tony to the Hanson house where he would meet with Trajan, Levi, and Dr. Hanson, who insisted on being called Arlene by the boys.
Susan talked to Arlene about picking up Logan after the day’s session. “This is one of those days when I may not be able to make it to pick up the boys until 4:30,” Susan said. The camp session ended at 2:30. She had once told Arlene there might be a couple of days when she would be late picking up Logan because of her work schedule so Arlene wasn’t surprised. Since Tony lived just a couple of miles from the Hanson’s, Arlene said she could drop him off. She was willing to drive up to Magnolia to drop off Logan as well, although Logan could also wait with Trajan and Levi. Since Trajan and Levi had lacrosse practice it was decided the better plan was for Arlene to take Logan home this time.
There were 20 middle school aged students attending the workshop. A few were afraid the affair would be boring and were going only because their parents insisted. Most of the kids were excited about the class because they had an interest in science. And some, like Trajan, were fascinated by the geology surrounding them in Washington and were anxious to learn more about it.
Nobody was disappointed or bored. Dr. Hanson, and her two student assistants, had put together a fascinating program. George Baron and Roger McKinney had both graduated in the spring and would be entering graduate school in the fall. Assisting with the class helped them earn tuition money. Dr. Hanson and her assistants had already had one middle school workshop and learned a few ways in which they could enhance the experience.
The big thing everyone liked was the geology display room which consisted of displays of various geological structures in Washington. Many of the displays were hands on; for example, the students could manipulate the tidal flow in the model of Puget Sound that stretched from north of where Seattle would be to the southern tip of the Sound.
There were other activities that kept the students active and thinking. Arlene listened to the four boys in her car while driving them home. They were bubbling over with excitement, which was one of the goals of the workshop. She couldn’t have been more pleased.
“Tomorrow, we go from Puget Sound to Olympic Mountains building,” Tony said.
“And Olympic Mountains tearing down,” Trajan reminded him.
“Both will be fun if it’s like today,” Logan grinned.
Arlene dropped Tony off, took Logan home since Susan was working late, and then headed home with Trajan and Levi. Susan had mentioned that morning that she would have to work late. After they changed into their practice gear, Arlene dropped Trajan and Levi at lacrosse practice. Trajan would be spending the night with Levi once again. Trajan had all but moved in since school had let out and she didn’t mind a bit. She found him to be a good kid, who was smart and eager to learn, as well as a great friend to her son. She had checked with Trajan’s aunt, who said that as long as he fulfilled his work and lacrosse commitments, she was fine with Trajan’s frequent overnights with Levi.
“Levi is welcome to stay over with us as well, as long as he understands he may have to deal with Trajan’s cousins most visits,” Marne said.
The boys’ evening was one full of surprises. Trajan and Levi surprised Levi’s parents when they announced at 9:30 that they were going to bed. They surprised themselves by wearing t-shirts and underpants when Levi pulled the covers over them. “Are we acting weird tonight by not messing around?” Levi asked. He didn’t want to upset his sexy new friend.
“I don’t know about you,” Trajan replied, “but it’s been a long day what with the workshop and practice, and I’m pooped. And tomorrow we’ve got the workshop in the morning and a game in the evening. I want to be ready.” Trajan started to giggle.
“What are you giggling about?”
“You thinking that we might be weird because we’re not gonna mess around. Aren’t you the one who’d never messed around with anybody except maybe a JO until we started doing it? And now you’re wondering if it’s weird not to.”
“I guess I wanted to make sure you’re okay with going to sleep early and not messing around. I didn’t plan on asking you to do it and then I asked you and you were okay with it. I guess that’s not really weird,” Levi admitted.
“Do you think it would be weird if I gave you a good night kiss?” Trajan asked. Levi gave him a startled look. “Just a quick one, but on the lips,” Trajan hastily added.
“Go for it. It sounds cool to me.”
Trajan scooted closer to Levi and gave him a fifteen second kiss on his lips, which was about ten seconds more than he had planned on.
“Oh, wow,’ Levi gasped after Trajan broke the kiss. “I don’t mind doing that every night we sleep together. I didn’t know a kiss could feel so wicked.”
“You haven’t felt a REAL kiss yet.”
“Wowsers, hard for me to believe that wasn’t real.”
“Just keep hanging around me for the next couple of months and you’ll see.”
“Oh, I plan to, I plan to,” Levi grinned. He turned out the light and the two teens quickly fell asleep with Trajan’s left arm wrapped around Levi’s shoulder.
Troy Miller was sitting in his study reviewing a legal brief when his fifteen-year-old son Chase came to the door.
“Dad, can I ask a question?”
“Sure son, come on in.” Troy had a feeling he knew what the question was going to be, but he wanted to hear his son out.
“Since Logan and all those guys are going to Mayfield for the Fourth of July can we plan a cookout here on that day?”
“I think we could do that. We’d have to check with your mom first, of course. Who would you plan to invite?”
“Well, let’s see,” Chase said thoughtfully. “It would be Dillon, Drake, Pierce, Nathan, Trajan, and Levi - plus Eddie, Curt, and me.” Chase was careful to use proper grammar when talking to his dad.
Troy got up and they both headed out to the kitchen. “Let’s go talk to mom.”
Susan was sitting at the kitchen table folding some napkins.
“Chase is wondering if we could have a cookout here on the Fourth since Logan is going to be out of town.”
“Sounds good to me,” Susan said agreeably. “I’m sure Eddie and Curt would be up for it.”
“Don’t forget our rule,” Troy said. “No nudity in the back yard when we have guests.”
“Thanks, Dad! Thanks, Mom!” Chase said with a grin. “I’ll get in touch with the guys.” Chase briefly considered reminding his dad that he and his brothers and an occasional friend were allowed to be naked in the back yard so why couldn’t the rest of the guys - but he knew better than to offer that kind of argument to his dad.
“I’ll talk with Walker and Keegan and work out the food details,” Troy said, more to his wife than to his son. “We’ll have a great time.”
After Chase left the room, Susan looked at her husband and smiled broadly. “I could have told you he was going to ask.”
“I know, and I was ready for him,” Troy grinned.
That evening when the Lake City Jammers defeated the Des Moines Sea Lions 7-5 at the Lake City field. Justin had three hits, stole two bases, and scored two runs. He felt on top of the world after the game. And the best news of the day (or so it seemed) was that he would be spending the night at Marco’s house on a night that Trajan would be spending the night with his friend Levi.
During their shower, Levi asked Trajan what he thought of the idea of Logan and Tony spending a night before one of the workshops sessions.
“I like the idea,” Trajan said. “They’re a pretty fun pair. We’ll find stuff to do.” Trajan didn’t bring up the idea of the four of them messing around. He knew Logan and Tony had sex with each other, and that Logan was a big-time horn dog. He decided he’d bring the topic up if one or both of them were able to spend the night. But first, Arlene had to approve. He and Levi were pleased when she readily agreed.
Trajan and Levi were ready to go to the camp when Susan dropped Tony and Logan off. She had been pleased to hear the excitement in the boys’ voices as they talked about the upcoming day at the workshop. Professor Hanson had succeeded in grabbing their attention, not an easy thing to do with a pair of tween boys on a sunny summer day. She started thinking that the workshop, or camp as Troy called it, might truly be a worthwhile learning experience.
The day at the camp was another good one as the class learned about the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. From the model in the demonstration room, they got to do hands-on work simulating the process of mountain building alongside the effects of erosion.
Logan, Tony, Levi, and Trajan sat together during lunch. As they munched on their sack lunches, Levi asked Logan and Tony if they wanted to do an overnight before the camp was finished. They both loved the idea.
“One thing, though,” Logan said. “We’ll have to wait until after the Fourth since Tony and I are going to Mayfield on Thursday for a few days.”
“Sounds good to me. We’re going to be pretty busy before the Fourth,” Levi said.
“So will my family,” Trajan added. One thing he was thankful for was that the restaurant would be closed on the Fourth. Luigi had learned long ago that business in Magnolia Village sucked on the Fourth. He also had learned that the takeout business was huge on the third.  Luigi and Marne would be enjoying a holiday picnic with friends, Tony and Marco would be off visiting that Mayfield town everybody kept talking about, and he would be spending time with Levi. The DeLucas had everything covered.
After the workshop students were dismissed, Arlene drove the four boys to her house. The boys waited for Susan enjoying the comfort of the lounge chairs on the swimming pool patio. After a few minutes of sports talk, Trajan decided to see if Logan was the horn dog he was reputed to be and groped his own crotch, which was emphasized by an obvious bulge in his shorts. “Damn, I think I have a boner,” he said, stating the obvious.
“Then you’d better do something about it soon,” Levi said. “I wouldn’t want to witness somebody breaking it in tonight’s game.”
Logan glanced over at Tony, who grinned and gave him the thumbs up.
“Well, I can’t do it out here, that’s for sure. Too bad Tony’s gotta leave soon or we could help him out. Nothing like being jerked off by your cousin.”
Logan returned Tony’s thumbs up as he felt his dick starting to stir.  Before the sexy talk could go any further, Susan showed up right on time. She spent a few minutes getting to know Arlene better and then dropped Tony off at his house before driving home with Logan. The talk in the backseat between Tony and Logan had been focused on baseball. Logan wished he could have found a way to give Tony a good luck kiss and Tony wished the same thing about Logan. Susan warmed up a premade spaghetti dinner and admonished her son to take things easy and let his dinner settle before his game.
The Swing Dance Club at Pierce’s school had a meeting that night at Pierce’s former school. Drake was getting ready to join Pierce there.
“What time does the club meeting start?” Natalie asked.
“Seven,” Drake answered. “I’m taking the light rail over to the station to meet Pierce then we’re taking the bus to the school. After the club meeting, I’m staying with Pierce overnight and then after breakfast Walker’s gonna take us to the ballpark because the Rainiers are playing the Mukilteo Orcas at 10:00am.”
“Okay, honey,” Natalie said. “Shoot me a text about how the dancing goes.”
“Will do. The meeting’ll be over by 8:30.” Keegan had once told Drake that Natalie was like a diner waitress in that she occasionally called people “honey”, so it never bothered Drake.
The gym was filled with the sound of “Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Loggins and Messina when Drake and Pierce arrived, and they immediately began dancing together. Then two girls walked up to them.
Kerri and Kelli Kinsman were fifteen-year-old twin sisters. Blonde, blue-eyed, and knockout cute, they both had a figure that could only be described as having a little too much of everything. Both of them wanted nothing more than to get into either Pierce or Drake’s pants and they really didn’t care which one. At the same time, they were fun, popular, honor roll students, loved to dance (either together or with boys), and always had a blast at the Swing Dance Club meetings. Pierce and Drake loved both of them - they were also past masters at having fun with the girls and stringing them along while always maintaining that they were boyfriends and planned to stay boyfriends.
“Do you mind if we cut in?” Kelli asked with a big grin. She took Drake’s hands and danced him away from Pierce while Kerri took Pierce’s hands and they finished the song together.
“Thanks, KK,” Pierce and Drake said in unison.
“Anytime,” Kelli and Kerri said in unison.
“Pierce is such a great dancer,” Kerri sighed as the boys walked away. “And oh my God those blue eyes...”
“Yeah, and Drake’s drop dead gorgeous, too,” Kelli said with a smile. “He’s such a stud. I’d like to get into his pants. But damn, he’s got a Pierce as his boyfriend.”
“What a waste,” Kerri said with a grin.
“Come on, Kerri, they’re both great dudes and you know it.”
“I know. I’m just sayin’.”
After dancing three more numbers, Pierce and Drake sat down at the refreshments table. Drake remembered that Pierce’s team, the Magnolia Rainiers, had beaten the Bainbridge Bears 7-3 at yesterday’s game.
“That was a great win you guys had over the Bears,” he said. “You pitched awesome.”
“For sure,” Pierce agreed. “Nathan went 4 for 4. He really held me up - I didn’t do crap on offense.”
“Main thing is the Rainiers won. You play the Orcas next, right?”
“Yup. Tomorrow morning.”
At each club meeting, one of the members functioned as DJ and worked with Miss Rutledge to choose the program of music for the meeting.  A tall, handsome, impeccably groomed black senior named Austin, who is also a star player on the basketball team, was tonight's DJ.  All his life Austin has heard the swing music played by the great black Kansas City dance bands led by Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, and many others using the CDs in his parents' collection. Austin had a knack for skillfully blending this music with more current rock and roll and rap music.  Everybody in the Club looked forward to having Austin as the DJ.
“Here’s a new remix of Young MC’s “Bust A Move,” he announced as he started the song. “Check this out.”
“So, what are you two doing Saturday for the Fourth?” Kerri asked as she and Kelli sidled up next to Drake and Pierce at the refreshments table.
“Probably swimming and eating and maybe sunbathing,” Drake answered.
“I know that’s not ALL you’ll be doing,” Kelli said with a leer.
“Well, there’s always a chance,” Drake admitted.
Both girls looked at Pierce with a so-what-do-you-have-to-say look on their faces.
Pierce shrugged and smiled. “Guilty as charged.”
“And where will all this be happening?” Kerri asked.
“Right here in the Emerald City,” Pierce replied.
“So, I guess the exact location is classified information,” Kerri said.
“It’ll cost you to find out,” Drake said with a wink.
Kerri put on her poutiest look. “You’re mean, Drake.”
“Yeah, but I still love ya.”
Pierce and Drake jumped to their feet and ran to the center of the dance floor as Austin played Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White”. The rest of the club members simply stood and screamed encouragement as the boys put on a show of whirling bodies and dancing feet.
They came off the dance floor sweating and out of breath. “Holy moly, that song’s a workout!” Pierce gasped as he and Drake sat down. They saw Austin give them a thumbs up - he knew the song was one of their favorites.
Austin finished the meeting with “Sharp As A Tack” by Harry James and “One O’Clock Jump” by Benny Goodman - then, after thanking everyone for being there, closed his program with Vanessa Williams’ beautiful ballad “Save The Best For Last”. It was one of Pierce and Drake’s favorites - the lyric always brought their lips together and tears to their eyes as they danced.
The Lake City Falcons lacrosse game was in Bothell against the Bothell Fury. Trajan scored two goals and assisted a goal by Levi as the Falcons won 13-9 to improve their record to 7-1.
At the Magnolia baseball fields the Blaine Stampeders edged the University Cubs 6-5 with Bailey’s single in the top of the sixth being the winning hit. Three of Bailey’s private school classmates played for the Cubs, making the win especially sweet for him. The Addams Guardians, Tony’s team, ended a two-game losing streak with a 6-2 win over the Capital Hill Panthers.  
The Magnolia Rainiers played a 10:00am game against the Mukilteo Orcas. Thanks to some solid Rainier offense, four errors by the Orcas, and non-stop cheering by Drake and Walker, the Rainiers prevailed in a 5-0 shutout. Pierce’s only hit was a ringing double that drove in two runs.
After the game, Pierce met Drake and Walker at the car. It was a little after noon and Walker knew that the main thing on the boys’ mind now was food. “What say we go have burgers for lunch.”
Both boys instantly gave a big thumbs up. “Dick’s Drive In?” Pierce suggested.
“I was thinking about going down to the Luna Park Cafe,” Walker countered. “I know it’s a bit of a drive, but the food is outstanding and I haven’t been there for months.”
Walker’s suggestion was eagerly accepted and twenty minutes later they arrived at the Cafe.
“Place looks pretty busy,” Walker said as he parked the car.
“I’m starved so I hope they’re not too busy,” Drake said.
After about a ten-minute wait, they were seated in a booth with Walker on one side and Pierce and Drake on the other. The boys each ordered the classic cheeseburger plate complete with a huge logjam of French fries; Pierce got a chocolate shake and Drake got a strawberry shake. Walker ordered a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich with sliced tomatoes and iced tea.
“Beautiful game, Pooka,” Drake said as the waitress delivered their food. “That double came at just the right time.”
“Thanks, Duck. The Orcas had some tough fielding luck but that’s all part of the game.”
The vintage jukebox at Luna Park was always filled with great oldies and while they were eating, somebody played Paul Anka’s famous ballad “Put Your Head On My Shoulder.” Walker noticed Pierce listening intently to the song and when it finished Pierce said, “Dad, who sang that song?”
“Paul Anka in 1959.”
Pierce and Drake looked at each other and shrugged. “Never heard of him,” Drake said.
“Well, he’s a little before your time,” Walker said with a chuckle.
“I need to see if one of the club DJs has that song,” Pierce said. “I’m always ready to lay my head on Drake’s shoulder.” He surreptitiously squeezed his boyfriend’s hand under the table.
A short while later, the three of them were done with their lunch. “We better get going,” Drake said. “I told my mom I’d be home at two o’clock to watch Lincoln.”
When they arrived at the University Station, Drake and Pierce both got out of the car and exchanged hugs and kisses.
“Nice win today,” Drake said. “I’ll text you when I get home. Love you bunches.”
“Love you, too.”
Since he would be visiting the best cousin in the world with some of the best friends a boy could ask for, Logan pretty much took over organizing the planned train trip from Seattle to Centralia. He had started making serious plans in early May. His dad had told him the earlier he got the train booked the better because of the impending holiday.
Tony and Madison agreed to go on the trip immediately. Madison was overwhelmed that he was being asked. As outgoing as he was, Madison didn’t have many really close friends, but Logan was quickly becoming one.
Another friend he invited was Darnell. Even though Darnell lived north in Bellingham, there was a closeness between him and Logan. But even bigger was the fact that he had lived in Mayfield and had also been close friends with Aiden. Darnell was as excited as Madison about spending the Fourth in Mayfield, but for different reasons.
Logan now needed to find an adult to go with them and be their chaperone on the train. Once he had that person, he would ask him to get final permission from everyone’s parents. It was Tony who came up with the ideal person: Mike Boyer, aka the Donkey.
“Think about it,” Tony told Logan. “First he’s an adult.”
“Which is very important,” Logan grinned.
“You know what I mean. Second, he’s a middle school teacher, so he knows how to handle kids. Third, he’s a totally nice guy, but you better be sure to stay on his good side. And fourth, he’s got a kid of his own. And fifth, he grew up in Mayfield, which gives him a really good reason to want to go.”
“You know him better than I do since your brother and Mr. Boyer’s son are besties, which means you’ve probably talked to him a lot.”
“Yep. But I guess I should add one negative to this,” Tony said.
“What’s that?”
“If he agrees then he’s gonna want Justin and Marco to come, too.” Justin was Mike’s son and Marco was Tony’s brother.
“I’ve got no problem with that, but they’re both kinda young,” Logan said. Both boys were nine years old.
“That’s what I thought you’d think the problem would be. But they both know what messing around is all about, so they can be around anything like that without being a problem.”
“How about we ask him together?” Logan said.
“I like it. Let’s set it up.”
The Donkey met with Tony and Logan the next day and readily agreed to be the chaperone. Logan told him that his and Tony’s parents were offering to pay for his ticket. “Give your parents a big Donkey thank you, but I’ll pay for my ticket since I’m also going as a parent since Justin and Marco will be coming along with me. They’re your cost for having a donkey as your chaperone.”
“Hey, Marco is the best little brother a guy could have and him and Justin are besties, so it all works,” Tony said as the Donkey cringed internally after hearing Tony’s grammatical butchery.
From there tickets for the boys were purchased and the proper forms were procured and filled out by Mike. It was the day before their departure and the boys were ready to roll.
Trajan didn’t think rocks could be interesting. He found out differently on the third day of camp as they learned how rocks were formed and learned how to identify them. There were a lot of hands-on activities with individual rocks as they learned their possible history and how to determine their hardness among other actions. They even walked to the university’s arboretum where they got to use their newfound knowledge along with a guidebook to identify various rocks.
After returning to the classroom to prepare for the end of the day, they got a chuckle when Professor Hanson (Arlene) thanked them, tongue in cheek, for not getting into a rock fight during the day.
Since Tony would be leaving for Mayfield the next day, Trajan spent the night at “home” so he and his cousin could enjoy each other’s company. Marco, who would also be on the trip to Mayfield, slept over at Justin’s giving Tony and Trajan more freedom.
 Their enjoyment included dinner, playing video games, watching TV, and finishing up the evening with a 69 on Trajan’s bed. Tony and Trajan slept naked in Trajan’s bed after warming it up with sex.
With the help of his husband, Ryan the Dawg, Mike the Donkey had all of his charges at King Street Station in downtown Seattle by 1:30 to catch the 2:20 Amtrak Cascades bound for Portland and Eugene. Ryan took a personal leave day at work so he could help his husband. They would be detraining at Centralia, which was halfway between Seattle and Portland at 4:00. Mike had Justin, Marco, and Tony ride with Ryan since they were used to his personality. Mike figured to have a good time driving his three boys since he knew Logan pretty well and was eager to get to know Darnell and Madison, who he heard were a pair of lively and interesting boys; just the kind of kids he enjoyed dealing with.
Mike counted boys and came up with six of them. Nobody had snuck off to the bathroom or the snack bar. Logan, Tony, Madison, Darnell, Marco, and Justin were ready to go.
“Why did we have to be here, like, almost an hour early for the train?” Madison asked.
Before Mike could answer Justin piped up. “It’s because we should be ready to start loading a half hour early and like everybody knows you better not drive anywhere in Seattle without planning for a lot more traffic than we saw. And, yeah, we were ten minutes later than my daddy Donkey planned, right daddy Donkey?”
“I think you nailed it, son,” Mike grinned.
No sooner had Mike gotten those words out than the conductor called for passengers to line up to get their tickets scanned. He divided the lines between business class and coach. The Seattle group was traveling coach. Their seats had been assigned when the tickets were purchased. All they needed to do was get their tickets scanned and they could board the train.
Even though the boys had had lunch before leaving home for the station, they all jumped up when the Bistro Car attendant announced that he was open and serving. The Donkey instantly sat them all back down. “We’re not going to go there as a group and plug up the line,” he said in his best teacher voice. “You will be divided into two groups of three using the random number generator in my phone. You were each assigned a number between one and six and now you’ll learn why I assigned it.”
Justin rarely heard his daddy Donkey in teacher or coach mode and when he did it never failed to amaze him how his daddy made total sense when he talked, instead of burbling things in Donkey “logic”. What Justin didn’t know was after establishing his authority with a group of kids he sometimes reverted to his infamous logic.
The random number generator ended up assigning Logan, Darnell, and Tony to group one and Marco, Madison, and Justin to group two. “OK, group one goes first,” Mike said. “And no number trading! You’ll be awarded a Donkey hoofing if you try trading numbers”. Only Justin and Marco understood what a Donkey hoofing was and knew that it wasn’t as horrible as it sounded. However, it wasn’t something to strive for either.
Surprisingly, everyone had their snack and/or drink and was back in their seat before the train reached Tacoma. Mike was impressed with the boys’ good deportment—they could be in his class or on his team any time.
This was Madison’s first train ride of any sort, let alone an intercity trip. He’d never ridden the Sounder commuter train, the link light rail, or the Seattle streetcar. He was blown away by everything, especially the walk to the Bistro car, which meant walking through his coach and the next coach. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to go from car to car. The fact that he and his friends could buy snacks and drinks on the train like they were in a convenience store was also mindboggling for him. From the time they left Tacoma, he sat in his coach seat and stared out of the window. For a brief time, they paralleled I-5 and he loved how they passed most of the traffic. He was actually disappointed when they arrived in Centralia—he wanted the ride to continue. But, knowing the fun that was awaiting them in the town of Mayfield, where that Aiden kid everyone talked about lived, his disappointment didn’t last long.
All of the other boys had taken at least one intercity trip on the Amtrak Cascades. Logan and Darnell were the veterans in the group with over ten trips each. Justin was the youngest boy in the group and even though the Donkey and Dawg had taken him on two train trips, he felt the same excitement that he had enjoyed his first times.
The Amtrak #507 arrived on time at 3:55, less than an hour and a half after leaving King Street Station in Seattle. The boys followed the conductor’s instructions on the PA and stayed seated until the train came to a complete stop at the Centralia station. They grabbed their backpacks and headed for the door the conductor had opened.
Larry and Aiden had left Mayfield about three and arrived at the station at a quarter to four. Aiden checked his Amtrak phone app and saw that the train was running on time. They soon heard the sound of a train horn coming from the north. Just as the headlight appeared, Phil joined them on the platform. The bells at the Maple Street crossing began to ring, the gates dropped into place, and Aiden, never one to miss photographing a train, pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of Amtrak #507 as the locomotive approached.
“Does anybody know which car they’re riding in?” Phil asked.
“Logan texted me that they were in the second car,” Aiden replied.
“That’s interesting, because Mike texted the same information to me,” Larry grinned.
“Then that must be where they are,” Aiden said with mock seriousness.
When the six-car train came to a stop, the Millers looked to see which door the conductor was going to open. When the one on the south end of the car opened, they were waiting for the passengers to disembark.
Mike the Donkey stepped off the train first. He waved to the Millers and stepped away from the door. “Well, here we are,” Mike said as he motioned to the boys to start detraining. “I’m letting you know just in case you thought we might not be here.”
“You certainly look here to me,” Larry said. Larry was used to Mike’s convoluted logic. Logan stepped off next and was followed by Justin, Marco, Tony, Darnell, and Madison. They stepped away from the train to allow outbound passengers to board.
“Hey guys, welcome to Centralia,” Phil said. He looked at Madison. “And who do we have here?” Phil and Larry hadn’t met Madison, so Aiden introduced them to the blue-haired boy.
Aiden had messed around with him at the Cousin Dozen Blowout. He was a little surprised when Logan asked if Madison could come to the party, but since Logan and Madison had become good friends, Aiden figured it would work out great, especially since he liked Madison.
“Did you guys have a good trip?” Larry asked.
“Yep, the train was on time and everything,” Justin gushed. “It was a mega fun ride. The conductor was really nice, and the hot dogs were good.”
“Good hot dogs are very important,” Mike pointed out. “And, everybody behaved really well.”
“Yeah, even Tony did,” Marco said.
“Well, I had to set an example for my little bro,” Tony said.
They headed for the parking area and tossed their bags into the back of the pickup, which had a canopy.  The boys were loaded into the Odyssey and Mike rode with Phil in his Silverado pickup.
Before heading to Aiden’s house, a stop was made at the Bear Pizza. Larry had reserved the party room for a welcome to Mayfield pizza fest.
Dinner worked out as planned, full of friendly chatter, laughter, and the Seattle boys politely answering questions posed to them by Aiden’s dads while Aiden chatted with Mike the Donkey. As tempting as they were, the boys didn’t sample the video games.
After dinner they went straight to Aiden’s house, where he gave the six Seattle boys a tour. Marco, Tony, and Madison were the only boys who hadn’t been to Aiden’s house before. Logan, Justin, and Darnell were impressed by Aiden’s remodeled bedroom. They all loved the dock on the lake, the swimming pool, the hot tub, and the games room.
The boys finally congregated in the back room of the basement, where they sat on the couch (Aiden, Logan, Darnell, and Tony), the overstuffed chair (Justin), and on the two folding lawn chairs (Marco and Madison). Justin got right down to business. “What are the rules gonna be?”
“Rules? What rules?” Aiden asked with feigned innocence.
“You know, the dress rules. What do we have to wear?”
“Yeah, Logan said we were all gonna literally be naked,” Madison said.
“And Logan’s right,” Aiden said, setting up a round of cheers. “So, let’s start stripping now.”
Tony wasn’t comfortable stripping in front of a crowd, and he knew Justin wasn’t either. He stripped down to his blue and red briefs and his socks. But Justin had stripped naked quickly and Tony decided to accept the inevitable and yanked off his briefs. Nobody laughed or hooted and he realized that the situation wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. In fact, now that he was naked, he found the situation to be kind of fun. His boyfriend Logan looked comfortable, and he had a boner, as did Madison. Since he knew a skinny-dipping party was planned for the next day and he would be naked in front of a lot of boys he had never met, he was happy that this phase of the trip had worked out okay.
“Well, we’re all naked, now what do we do?” Logan asked, which is what everyone else was wondering as well.
“Do you Seattle boys have suggestions?” Aiden asked.
“What would the Mayfield boys do?”
“It depends on our mood, and which ones are here,” Aiden explained. “Usually, some of it might have to do with sex, but not with everybody doing it at once. Most of us would go to the games room and play naked ping pong or foosball, or soak in the hot tub, or whatever. I think the Seattle boys should do what they want to do, not what they think the Mayfield boys want to do.”
The boys sat silently, some of them slowly stroking their erections, trying to figure out what to do. “What are we gonna do tomorrow when the Mayfield boys are here?” Tony asked.
“Like I said, let’s take it a day at a time,” Aiden replied. He thought about what he had learned in his Fourth-Dimension meetings and from mentors like Sammy and Marty. “Do what you want to do today and don’t worry about tomorrow.”
The Seattle boys were impressed by Aiden’s answer, Logan in particular. Not that he really thought otherwise, but he was beyond convinced right then that his cousin wasn’t any kind of a dork.
“Before we decide on some radical sexy thing, I’ve got a wicked idea,” Madison said. “Instead of having lame names like the Seattle Boys and Mayfield boys let’s have some special kick ass names we can use.”
“What did you have in mind?” Darnell asked.
“Well, you’re not a Seattle boy so it can virtually have nothing to do with Seattle.”
“Why not?” Logan asked. “He can be an honorary Seattle boy.”
“I like it,” Darnell grinned.
“Now we just need a name,” Tony said.
“Hey, dudes, I wouldn’t have, like, said anything if I didn’t have an epic name in my head.”
“So, tell us,” Logan said. “If it’s as epic as you say, maybe it will stick with us when we get home.”
“It’s so epic it’s radically epic,” Madison responded. “So, here’s something I learned in social studies. What’s the official nickname for Seattle?”
The other six boys thought for a few seconds before Justin surprised them by raising his hand as if he was in school. “I know! I know!” he called out. “My Papa Dawg told me at his birthday dinner on Sunday.”
“So, tell us,” Marco pleaded. He was proud of his boyfriend for speaking up and now he wanted to be proud of him for giving the right answer.
“It’s The Emerald City!” Justin shouted out.
“And what do you think the name that the most awesome Madison came up with is?” Madison asked.
Ironically, the member of the visiting group who did not live in Seattle was the one who came up with the name. “I bet it’s the Emerald City Boys,” Darnell grinned.
“And you win the epic grand prize. And if you can’t figure it out and tell me what it is, then you’re not gonna get the prize, somebody else will.”
“Do I get a hint?”
“Darnell goes, ‘do I get a hint?’ so the most awesome Madison says it’s something you can do with me tonight and I ain’t talking about brushing our fangs,” Madison grinned.
“I get to sleep with you!” Darnell stated confidently.
“That, dude, IS the epic grand prize.”
“And I can’t wait.” Darnell had a crush on the cute eleven-year-old the moment he first saw him.
“And the most awesome Madison can’t wait either.”
“I love the name,” Logan said. “And because he’s with us and guessed the name and gets the grand prize that the most awesome Madison dude is giving out then I think Darnell gets to be an honorary Emerald City Boy.”
“Everybody who likes the Emerald City Boys raise their hand,” Tony said.
All the hands rose, including Aiden’s. Aiden decided that the Mayfield boys would need to come up with a name tomorrow.
“What about the guys who aren’t here, like Eddie and Curt and our other good friends, do they get to be Emerald City Boys too?” Logan asked.
Everybody agreed their circle of friends would be Emerald City Boys.
“What about Aiden?” Justin asked.
“I’m gonna wait and see if my friends who are coming tomorrow want to come up with a name of our own,” Aiden said. “If they don’t, then I’ll ask to be an honorary ECB.”
The group cheered their new identity and then asked Aiden if they could celebrate by going outside and running around the yard naked. Without waiting for an answer, they headed out the door and ran around the side and back yards. It wasn’t completely dark yet with a smidge of twilight still left.  The group of boys yelled and shrieked and displayed the pure joy they were experiencing.
When bedtime came, Logan and Tony snuggled into Aiden’s bed with the host. Marco slept with Justin in the pullout bed in the basement. As promised, Darnell slept with Madison.
There was some action before sleep came, of course. Madison and Logan enjoyed a quick, but wild, sixty-nine. Sixty-nine was the magic number for Marco and Justin as well. Their cocklets were wet with spit but their orgasms were dry. Tony jerked off as he watched Logan fuck Aiden. Seeing the pleasure both of them enjoyed had him jerking off fast and hard. The three tweens enjoyed their climaxes within fifteen seconds of each other. Tony shot clear cum over his torso seconds before Logan shot into Aiden. Aiden fired watery cum over his belly.
Aiden was pleased to note while Logan and Tony were both twelve, like him their pubic area was baby smooth. The negative for Aiden was that he would turn thirteen in two months while Tony and Logan wouldn’t be turning thirteen until May and June respectively.
Bailey woke up on a king size bed in a hotel room in Westport. His parents were sleeping on the other bed in the room. They had left Seattle last night as soon as his dad came home from work. They were in Westport to enjoy the big Fireworks at the Ocean show. Every hotel and campground was full from Westport to Aberdeen and Hoquiam.
Bailey had been looking forward to this trip since his parents booked it in the spring. A couple of days at the beach along with a Fourth of July fireworks show over the ocean—what could be better than that?
The thing that could be better had entered his life at the start of baseball season and that was the boy who was now his best friend: Madison Baker. Bailey wished he could have gone with Madison to Mayfield where there was supposed to be a lot of boys having a lot of fun, including Logan Miller. The idea of having a swimming party with all of them naked sounded both scary and totally dope at the same time.
Bailey just hoped that when his family went to the beach to sunbathe and wade and swim in the surf he’d be able to meet a boy or two. The idea had made him hard when he went to bed last night. Fortunately, he was able to fall asleep even though he wanted badly to jerk off. He didn’t know if he could hold out for another night.
He ended up seeing a few boys his age, but they never got together. As dinner time approached, he wondered if he could fall asleep without taking care of his horniness when he went to bed that night.
Aiden and Justin prepared the breakfast. Aiden was the naked chef, of course, and Justin his naked assistant chef. Justin had told Aiden that he sometimes helped his Papa Dawg fix breakfast and Michael confirmed that he did a good job. The breakfast was a simple one to make: pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit, and orange juice. The fruit, consisting of cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, and peaches, had already been sliced and just had to be placed into the bowls. Orange juice or milk was the drink choice. The breakfast was a big success and all the pancakes disappeared down tween gullets.
After they finished, Aiden told them about the festivities in the park the next afternoon. “The Mayfield Baseball Club will have a booth there,” Aiden told them. “Since I’m on the board I have to work there for two hours starting at ten. But you can run around with the Mayfield boys who will be coming this afternoon. If you have any problems, all three dads will be there. This is a small town, so it’s not like there’s going to be thousands of people there, but it will be busy. There will be a lot of fun things to do. Any questions?” Aiden didn’t tell them that there used to be a Fourth of July parade, but that it ended the year before he came to Mayfield to live.
The Mayfield boys were expected to arrive at Aiden’s house by noon. Only Mason would not be spending the night on the Fourth. His mother had no love for Fourth of July Fireworks and would be staying with church friends who lived in Pine Lake and wanted Mason to be with her for the holiday. She and her friends planned on attending the Mayfield celebration in the town park to listen to her son sing “America the Beautiful” to open the festivities.
Aiden and The Emerald City Boys ate breakfast at the dining room table. Nobody had dressed after getting out of bed. They agreed with Aiden that it would be a good idea that they be dressed when the Mayfield boys came and save the nudity for later.
“I think all of us getting naked together kind of like we did yesterday would be more fun instead of us already being naked when the Mayfield boys come,” Aiden said.
“The Mayfield boys, like, need a name,” Madison pointed out, not for the first time.
“A name will come when it comes and until then they’re the Mayfield boys. Who knows, it might just stay that way.”
Skip was the first to arrive, followed by Lenny, Lance, and Riley.
“I thought Riley wasn’t going to be able to come,” Aiden said.
“Change of plans. ‘Rents decided to save money and stay home. We’ll go to Centralia tomorrow and watch their fireworks show,” Riley said. His family had planned to go to Seattle for their big fireworks show. Then they saw the cost of hotel rooms and changed their minds. “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but they just made up their minds Wednesday night and then I forgot to tell you. Lenny said there would be plenty of food and space for me.”
“Always. I’m glad you could come, Riley.” Aiden then looked over at Lance who was standing by himself. “And where is it that Grant went?”
“Eastern Washington. The Tri-Cities. Grant’s mom has an old college friend who lives there. No change in plans for them. Grant says they have a big fireworks show there at the Columbia River. He says she also has two cute tweeny sons for him to look at.”
Mason showed up five minutes later. “Oh, so you’re me minus the d i,” Madison said after Mason was introduced.
“Then you must be Madison,” Mason said. “That makes you just like me plus the d i. Aiden told me about you and how close our names are spelled. He said there’s some things you and me really like doing.”
“If Aiden said what I think he said, then he’s, like, totally right.”
Phil had lunch ready. Since the day was going to be sunny and hot, it was served outside. “Are we getting naked before we eat, or after?” Logan asked.
“Whatever you want,” Aiden said.
“I say after. Then we won’t spill food on our privates.”
Everyone agreed. After they finished eating, the boys talked, played ping pong on the patio, or dipped their feet into the pool. Mason and Madison were the last to finish eating since they had spent much of their lunch time talking each other’s ears off. It was decided to leave getting naked to the individuals. They could do it where and when they wanted as long as they weren’t naked in the “forbidden” zones that were visible from the road.
Within fifteen minutes of finishing lunch all dozen boys were naked. The Seattle and Mayfield boys gave each other’s naked bodies careful looks and they liked what they saw.
The afternoon was filled with games, swimming, soaking in the hot tub, grab ass in the pool, and a lot of chatter as the boys got to know each other. While nothing sexual occurred, outside of ass, cock, and balls grabbing, sex was talked about as part of the getting to know each other process. Admiring the results of those who popped a boner was also part of the process.
Mike, Larry, and Phil came out on the deck at times for fresh air and enjoyed the view provided by the dozen naked pubescent boys. “None of those boys is embarrassed by their bodies, which is a very healthy attitude,” Mike observed. “But I am a bit worried about how Justin will deal with a sea of horny naked pubescent boys.”
“Did you have a talk with him about what he’ll be seeing?” Phil asked.
“I did and he said, ‘I know what a naked boy looks like so what’s the big deal?’ I guess they’re not only not embarrassed by their bodies they’re not embarrassed by other bodies either.” Mike thought about what a hard time he’d had convincing his husband Ryan that Justin wouldn’t be scarred for life by seeing an army of pubescent bodies. He reminded Ryan of the time at Kelly Jacobson’s house when they were eleven and seven of them got naked and displayed their wares. Ryan said that none of them were strangers. Mike ended up winning the battle and Justin looked like he was having the time of his life at the pool.
“The Mayfield boys are used to it and the Seattle contingent is fitting right in, including your boy,” Phil said. None of the three dads had heard about the naming of The Emerald City Boys yet.
“They aren’t even embarrassed about popping wood when we’re outside.”
“They’re boys who have learned it’s part of how their young bodies function. Not that they don’t razz each other about it when they bone up. Now, the sex play is another matter. They are modest enough to keep that private. Which is why the basement is off limits to us and it would be best if we don’t sneak any looks into the hot tub,” Larry said. “Anything that happens in the pool and the pool area is open for the public, namely us, to watch. That’s why you won’t see much, if anything, happening there except for some not so innocent grab ass. As for the basement, anything that happens in the basement stays in the basement.”
When dinner time arrived, the boys dried off and went upstairs to get their food. Lenny, Lance, Logan, and Tony ate in the dining room. Mason, Darnell, and Madison ate together in the kitchen. Aiden, Skip, Justin, Marco, and Riley ate at the picnic table on the pool patio.
After dinner, the boys crowded into the backroom in the basement for dessert, which was lemon cake with thick frosting. “Did Aiden tell you Mayfield guys that for the party us guys from Seattle are calling ourselves the Emerald City Boys?”
“Emerald City? Wasn’t that in the ‘Wizard of Oz’”? Riley asked. After Aiden and Logan, Riley was the best-read boy in the group.
“Yep,” Logan responded. “And since I know what you’re going to ask next, the official nickname for Seattle is The Emerald City.”
“Gotcha,” Riley answered. “So, what’s the official nickname for Mayfield?” he asked the group.
“How about the Rainbow City for all the gay boys here,” Mason suggested. “We could call ourselves the Rainbow Boys.”
“Not a bad idea, Mason,” Aiden said. “But not everybody in our group who is gay is out to everybody.”
“So?” Lenny asked. “It could just mean we like rainbows. I mean the rainbow stuff is for you big city boys, right? Most of the Mayfield boys won’t get the connection.”
“Yeah, maybe, but there’s one more problem with it. Not everybody in our group is gay, and here we are talking about it,” Lance pointed out.
“We could just be the GOATS,” Riley suggested. “And I don’t mean the baseball team. G-O-A-T can stand for Greatest of All Time.”
“But not everybody is a Goat,” Skip said. “Like me. But maybe I’ll be one next summer.”
After more discussion, it was decided that, for now, being called The Mayfield Boys was good enough, at least for this party. As Aiden pointed out, the name might not be creative, but it was all inclusive.
“I just hope nobody thinks of the Mayfield Dam when they call us that, or we might become those Dam Boys,” Mason giggled.
With that settled, the boys went back to games, swimming, and hot tub soaking. They also got to talking about who would sleep with whom. When snack time ended, it was decided that Lance, Lenny, Darnell, and Tony would be sleeping in the tent. Madison and Mason had the guest room where they would decide who had the sexiest spelling. Logan and Riley would be with Aiden. Justin, Marco, and Skip, the three youngest boys, would be sleeping in the backroom of the basement.
It was then that the sexy talk turned into actual sex. The four boys in the tent enjoyed an oral sex party. Lenny paired with Darnell and Lance with Tony until all four boys had shot their watery cum into their partner’s mouth. After recovering for a few minutes, Darnell and Tony switched twins and they went through the same routine.
“Nice thing about blow jobs is they don’t leave a mess in the blankets,” Tony chuckled.
“It’s weird how cousins and brothers and the like don’t mind having sex with each other,” Riley mused as he watched Aiden lube Logan’s ass and then his own hard cock.
“Some do and some don’t,” Aiden said. “Since Lenny is your boyfriend you know the twins do each other a lot. Logan and I have been doing stuff since he started being a horny tween. I’ve fucked him before and I told him he could do me this time, but he wanted to be bottom and suck you off while I fucked him.”
“That makes me double sexy. I get plugged at both ends by sexy dudes,” Logan explained. “And if you want to get fucked by somebody, Riley, I can do it if I don’t fall asleep first, or I’ll get you tomorrow before we go do the Fourth of July stuff.”
“Let’s see what happens tomorrow,” Riley said. “I think one cum tonight will be plenty for me. We’ve been running and swimming around all day.” Riley liked the idea of somebody he had just met that day thinking him sexy enough to want to fuck him. And it wasn’t in a bad way like his ex-teammates, it was in a totally sexy way; or at least what Riley perceived to be sexy.
Aiden loved fucking his Seattle cousin and Logan loved being fucked by his Mayfield cousin and sucking Riley at the same time, and Riley loved watching the action while being sucked off by Logan. Logan was the first to cum as he spontaneously shot his clear tween cum over his belly, Aiden came seconds after, and the orgasms of the cousins set Riley off. As he came down from his sexual high, Riley knew he needed to tell Lenny and Lance about his three way and let them know he wanted more like it—even four ways with Grant.
Justin, Marco, and Skip had the choice of sleeping separately with two of them on the pullout bed and the third on a cot that had been set up or they would all sleep on the floor with blankets to cover them. They didn’t care much for either choice and elected to mess around on the couch and sleep separately.  The three young boys happily played around with each other’s hard little cocks to start. Somehow, they found themselves rolling around on the rug, humping each other, kissing each other, jerking each other, until they all completed their dry orgasms.
Justin enjoyed what they did and wished he could have done it the night before with Logan and Tony so he could have experienced all of their cum. But, messing around with his boyfriend Marco and with Skip was a decent substitution. He decided messing around with lots of boys was a lot more fun than he had thought and couldn’t wait to be older and do the stuff the big boys did.
Mason and Madison knew right away what they wanted to do. The only question was who would be the top and who would be the bottom. Even that didn’t take much of a debate. Mason loved bottoming. Being a virgin, Madison had done neither. The boys kissed deeply to get warmed up and then Mason showed Madison the art of lubing cock and ass and the two were soon ready to go. Madison was so excited about actually fucking, he was shaking. Mason decided doggy style would be best for Madison’s first fuck.
Neither of the two horny boys lasted long. Once Madison figured out how to do his thrusts without popping out of Mason’s ass, he got a pretty good rhythm. It didn’t take him long to have an intense cum in Mason’s ass. Mason, who had been masturbating as Madison fucked him, came seconds after Madison had slammed his cock as deep as he could into Mason’s ass.
“Wow, that was epic,” Madison gasped as he lay on his back reveling in the glow.
“You did good for a rookie,” Mason said.
“You said you’d be here overnight tomorrow, right?”
“I was wrong about that. My mom kept changing her mind—she’s like that. The last she told me was a text saying we’d be staying the night with one of her friends. I get to sleep by myself on the floor. No fireworks and no sex for me tomorrow.” Mason took a deep breath and whispered a sad, “Yippee.”
“I want to be with you again. What we did was totally sick, and I want more. Maybe you doing me next time.”
“Sounds like a plan to me. We’ll just need to figure out when and where and how to do it,” Mason said. “Now let’s take our pisses and then cuddle and get to sleep.”
Madison fell asleep realizing in his young mind that Mason had introduced him to REAL sex, and he was hooked.
Meanwhile, in the tent, Lenny, Lance, Tony, and Darnell made out on the floor to get their sexual juices flowing again. The result was a blowjob fest.
“Which one of us you think was the better cock sucker?” Lenny asked Tony as they settled down from their sexual highs.
“Well since you two are identical twins, it figures you’d do an equal job. I call it an exact tie,” Tony said.
“Wuss. You know it was me since I’m older than Lance,” Lenny insisted.
“I ain’t wussing. Both of you shot in my mouth and both of you made me cum. That sounds equal to me.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re probably right.”
“No, Tony is exactly right,” Lance insisted. “We were equal.”
“What do you think, Darnell?” Lenny asked.
“I agree with Tony—it was a tie and a wickedly fun tie,” Darnell responded.
“Okay, I’ll concede,” Lenny said. “Good job being great friends, Darnell and Tony. And for being sexy fun friends, too.”
“And thanks for being the sexiest twins I ever met,” Tony said.
“What other sexy twins do you know?”
“The Parker twins, but they’re girls so they don’t count.”
Lance gave his brother a deep, tongue filled kiss and then said, “Them being girls makes it automatic. Woohoo for the Hazen twins, the sexiest ones in Mayfield, Seattle, and…um…”
“Bellingham,” Darnell reminded him.
“Yeah, Bellingham.”
“Let’s go outside and piss off the dock and then get to sleep,” Lenny suggested. Lance, Tony, and Darnell agreed to Lenny’s suggestion. After they took satisfying pisses into the lake, they returned to the tent. The four naked tweens cuddled closely, with Darnell and Tony sleeping in between the twins.
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