Emerald City Boys

Chapter 29-Ready for the Fourth

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The week up to the July Fourth weekend was one of wins, losses, education, and growing relationships for the Emerald City Boys.
For Eddie and Curt Miller and the Vipers baseball team, the week was a big one as they won all three of their games to improve their record to 7-1. Of the three games the highlight for Eddie and Curt was the first game, a 4-0 win over the Shoreline Slammers that was played on Saturday. With Curt pitching and Eddie catching, Curt threw a two-hit complete game shutout. He struck out twelve and walked one. Eddie provided the hitting heroics with a bases loaded double in the bottom of the sixth to give the Vipers a 4-0 lead going into the last inning.
The two brothers had never felt closer to each other than they did that game. Eddie was totally tuned in to what was working for Curt on the mound and Curt had total confidence in the pitches Eddie called for.
After the game and the  postgame cookies and juice, the brothers walked to the adjacent field where Logan’s team, the Magnolia Stampeders, would be playing in ten minutes against Tony’s team, the Addams Guardians. The boyfriend vs boyfriend rivalry of Tony and Logan was something only a couple of teammates were aware of. They all knew that the two were close friends, however.
Curt and Eddie didn’t really want to sit through a twelve-and-under baseball game, but mainly because something had clicked between them during their game, they wanted to be alone and revel in the feelings they had. However, they knew this was a huge game for their brother Logan and decided they could be big brotherly for a couple of hours before going home.
The six-inning game lasted a few minutes longer than an hour and a half. Logan and the Stampeders knocked off the Guardians 4-3. Curt and Eddie congratulated Logan and Tony on an exciting well-played game and then climbed into the Miller’s SUV with Troy for the ride home. Logan and Tony rode with Marne DeLuca since Logan would be spending the night with Tony.
Susan was in Kirkland watching Chase’s game. The Rainiers were clubbed 10-4 by the Kirkland Wolves. Chase rode home with Dillon since he would be spending the night at Dillon’s house. Pierce rode out to the game with Walker but would ride with Drake and Keegan after the game, since Pierce would be spending the night at Drake’s house. Keegan had brought Drake to the game since it would give him a rare chance to watch Pierce play.
Eddie and Curt chatted about the game with Troy on the way home. After arriving, the boys went upstairs to their rooms, changed out of their uniforms into t-shirts and sweats, and came back downstairs to scarf down some food. Susan had left sliders in the refrigerator and the boys eagerly ate sliders and chips with cokes to hold them over until dinner.
Meanwhile, at the sports complex in Lake City, Trajan’s Lake City Falcons enjoyed a closely fought battle with the Everett Eagles. They pulled out a 12-10 win by outscoring the Eagles 5-to-1 in the fourth quarter. Everything clicked for the Falcons in that quarter. Trajan and Levi each scored a key goal in the quarter. Trajan finished the game with two goals and two assists, one of which was a fourth quarter feed to Levi. After the game, Trajan rode with Levi and his parents for an overnighter at Levi’s house.
The overnights were as energetic as the games had been, with a few intense romps in bed—or at least in bedrooms.
Eddie and Curt had anal sex together for the first time in Eddie’s bedroom.  It wasn’t their first time overall, however. Outside of their time on the streets, Eddie had bottomed for Chase and Pierce and had topped Logan. Curt topped Chase, and had gone both ways with his best friend, Duncan.
They agreed that since Eddie wanted to fuck his girlfriend Marie, soon, that he would be the top for their sex together to get practice for his big moment, whenever that came.
“You know, bro, I totally felt connected to you as a brother during the ballgame,” Eddie told Curt.
“I felt the same way,” Curt said. “It’s like we were meant to be a pitcher and catcher combo. I hope coach keeps us together like that every game I pitch.”
“We probably should talk to him about that.”
“Agreed. Now, let’s get on your bed and do it.”
Curt didn’t particularly enjoy being the bottom, but he didn’t hate it either. He was willing to tolerate it if he was with the right person for the right reason. That was how it was with Eddie that night.
Eddie topped his brother fast and hard and within ten minutes was flooding Curt’s ass with his thick teen cum. Curt was surprised by how much pleasure he got from being fucked by Eddie. He screeched with glee when he had a spontaneous orgasm seconds after Eddie came, firing his cum over both of their bellies.
“Hey, I just got to thinking, dude,” Eddie said as the two teens recovered from their vigorous sex.
“Whoa, that’s something new for you, isn’t it?” Curt asked.
Eddie gave Curt the finger. “Shut up, bro. Just because I like to say that thinking gives me headaches doesn’t mean I don’t do it.”
“So, what were you thinking?”
“I was thinking that I caught you and you caught me today.”
Curt thought a few moments and then said, “And I enjoyed both times a lot.”
“So did I, bro. I enjoyed them a hell of a lot.”
The brothers had agreed earlier that they weren’t going to sleep together after they finished their sex with each other. They found that was easier said than done. After pissing in the hall bathroom, they dropped onto Eddie’s bed and wordlessly cuddled. The fact that they didn’t kiss hadn’t bothered them, but they felt a good brotherly cuddle was needed.
<Tony’s House. Logan and Tony>
“Well, our game was about as close as it gets,” Logan said as he and Tony lolled on the living room couch watching the Mariners game. They had the living room to themselves. Marne was in her sewing room, Luigi was at the restaurant, Marco was spending the night at Justin’s, and Trajan was spending the night at Levi’s. The boys were wearing briefs, t-shirts, and socks as they enjoyed the comfort of the couch as well as each other’s company.
“It don’t get much closer than one run unless we end up in a tie or something,” Tony pointed out. “What makes me mad is we scored two runs in the fourth to take a 3-2 lead and then blew it.”
“Hey, dude, you guys didn’t blow that game. That was a game we won, not one you lost.”
“That’s what our coach told us too. I believe it more coming from you than coming from him. Brent threw some good pitches and you guys hit them, especially you with that two-run double. You hit that sucker hard.”
“Speaking of hard hits, I think Marty just got one of his own!” Logan shouted as he shot his arms into the air. “I think that thing’s gone.”
“That’s gone alright,” Tony said as the camera followed the ball into the left field stands at T-Mobile Field. The three-run home run gave the Mariners a 6-3 lead over the Athletics in the bottom of the seventh.
Marne stepped into the living room and said, “It sounds like something good happened to the Mariners.” Tony told her about Marty’s home run, and she went back to her sewing room.
“Does she really sew stuff in that room?” Logan asked.
“Sometimes. She spends a lot of time on Facebook and stuff, too.” Tony looked down at Logan’s bulging black briefs and said, “It looks like Marty gave you a boner.”
“I think it’s more like you gave me a boner.” Tony squeezed Logan’s erection through his underpants. “Mmmm, that feels nice.”
“I bet I can make you cum in your pants,” Tony told Logan.
“I’d rather you cummed in my ass.”
“Really? You want me to fuck you?” Tony whispered. “I thought we were gonna wait to do that. And for sure we weren’t going to do it here with my mom or dad home.”
“I decided since I fucked you, you should be able to fuck me as soon as you wanted to.”
“And what if I don’t want to fuck you right now?”
“Then don’t do it,” Logan responded matter-of-factly.
“Look, my dad should be home in fifteen minutes or so. Let’s wait until we say our goodnights to my mom and dad and after they go to their bedroom, we do it. I mean me and Marco, and now me and Trajan, have sex a lot when they’re home and we don’t get bothered—but we better do it quietly.” Tony saw a wet spot form on Logan’s briefs. He slid his hand inside the waistband and rubbed on the head of Logan’s cock. “You’re leaking precum.”
“No duh. I am totally turned on.” Which recently had begun to feel like Logan’s normal state of affairs.
“You better take your hand out of my undies or you’re going to have a lot more shit on it than precum,” Logan giggled.
“Hey, look at my undies.” Tony’s blue with red trim briefs were bulging too. “Let’s go brush and piss and try to get our boners to go down and then say goodnight to my mom.”
While their erections didn’t go completely away, they did die down some during the boys’ bed prep. When they headed for the sewing room to say good night to Marne, they covered their crotches with their untucked t-shirts. The ploy apparently worked because Marne didn’t comment on the state of their tween sexual organs. After the boys left for Tony’s bedroom, Marne shook her head and thought, ‘boys will be boys.’
Before reaching Tony’s room, the boys heard Luigi enter the house. Their erections had gone from semis to near flaccid in the sewing room so there was nothing for Luigi to notice. After a bit of small talk and hearty goodnights, Logan and Tony turned toward Tony’s room. But first, they stopped to check the Mariner score. The Mariners led 6-4 with one out in the top of the ninth. They watched closer Mario Diaz strike out the last two batters and then finished their trek to Tony’s room.
They were instantly naked and madly kissing each other. Their hands rubbed each other’s erections until Tony brought some order to their making out. “We better fuck now before we blow our loads over each other,” Logan said.
On that note they dropped onto Tony’s bed with Tony on top of Logan. Logan raised his legs to give his boyfriend ready access to his ass and within seconds Tony had lubed and inserted his cock and was grinding away.
The twelve-year-olds had been hot for each other most of the evening and didn’t last long. Soon Tony felt his sperm draining into a boy’s ass for the first time in his life. Tony was the sixth boy to fuck Logan’s ass. Logan had lost track of how many individual times he had been fucked, but he knew he needed more than ten fingers to count them on.
The self-proclaimed boyfriends fell asleep in each other’s arms, not sure if they were in love with each other. But even if they weren’t, the way they felt about each other was good enough for them.
When Pierce and Drake got to Drake’s house, they were greeted by Natalie, who was holding four-month-old Lincoln. Pierce grinned and cooed over the cute baby, while hoping he wouldn’t be called on to change a diaper during his stay. He knew that was probably too much to ask for. He had learned the art of diaper changing and was good at it, but if given a choice he would choose to skip the task. On the flip side, he thought Lincoln was such a delightful little critter. He couldn’t help but wonder if the way he felt about Drake’s little brother was the way a doting uncle would feel about his nephew.
Natalie then went to the nursery to put Lincoln in his crib while Drake, Pierce, and Keegan went to the kitchen to grab the poppyseed muffins Natalie had baked. Keegan asked Pierce how his team managed to lose by six runs.
“Simple,” Pierce answered with a mouthful of muffin. “They’re a better team than us plus we didn’t play very well. There’s a reason those dudes are in first place.”
After finishing their snacks and soft drinks, Pierce and Drake said goodnight to Keegan and Natalie and went to Drake’s room. They discussed fucking and decided that this wasn’t the best place to fuck when Natalie and Keegan were home. They ended up being happy to keep things simple with a lot of kissing that led to them jerking each other off. They agreed that what they did felt great and was the best they could do under the circumstances. They kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep wrapped around each other.
“Well, what do you think?” Pierce asked after he kissed Drake awake.
“I think you kiss a pretty good wakeup kiss,” Drake answered. “Of course, it depends on what time you give out the kiss. What time is it?” Before Pierce could answer a cry started up in the nursery. “Hmm, I guess according to a certain infant president it’s time to get up.”
“Yep, president baby says it’s five to nine and way past feeding time.”
“But it is way before wakeup time.”
“Not anymore.” Pierce pulled the covers off him and Drake, revealing their naked bodies. “Well, I see at least one part of you thinks it’s wakeup time.” Pierce started stroking Drake’s morning wood.
“You are one nasty boy. And I hear Keegan heading into the nursery, so we might as well get up…okay, I know, I’m already up...but I mean up and shaved and showered.”
“Speak for yourself, Duck. My face is as smooth as Lincoln’s butt.” Pierce fingered the light peach fuzz on Drake’s left cheek. “It can be left to grow a few more days and nobody would notice it even then.
“Whatever,” Drake said. “But I do have a nice nest over my cock, which you don’t seem to mind fingering, and some fuzz in my pits, which you don’t seem to mind licking, and all this while you’re jerking my seven inches of total sexiness.”
Pierce leaned over and planted another kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “Hmm, and I love every millimeter of it. Which would be right around 175 of them.”
“Fuck. Pooka, only you can do math in your head while kissing and masturbating your boyfriend.”
“I calculated that a long time ago. And you’ll notice I’m as hard as you are now.”
“I want to go for 200 millimeters.”
Pierce caressed Drake’s erection. “Ooooh.., That’d be almost eight inches. That’d be awesome!”
“Damn skippy - and it would fit you perfect.”
Pierce licked and sucked Drake’s cockhead. “Your 175 millimeters looks and tastes and fits just perfect the way it is.”
“Okay, you asked me what I think. Now that we’ve had some sweet morning bullshit, I need to know what you want to know about my think,” Drake asked.
“Boys, how about getting your lazy asses out of bed,” Keegan called out through the closed bedroom door.
“Don’t be crude when Lincoln can hear you since I know you’re holding him and feeding him,” Pierce said.
Keegan said nothing and walked away with his infant son in his arms eagerly sucking on his bottle of formula.
“I know this will sound weird, but I woke up to a dream about you and me dancing in the nude, and we had all the moves,” Pierce said.
“And you want to know what I thought about your wet dream?”
“Sheesh, Mr. Guttermind, you seem to have noticed I’m hard as a rock.”
“So? You’re fifteen and that means a quick recovery time, especially since your hormones don’t seem to be interested in putting any hair on your face.”
Pierce waved his hand over his crotch and the sheets. “Look, Duck, no cum. What I wanted to know, I think, since it’s all kind of fuzzy, is what you think about dancing.”
“You know I like it and I know that you love it. Now, let’s either get each other off or get up and get some breakfast and then get each other off, or shower and get each other off, or whatever. But getting out of bed and eating is first my first choice.”
The two teens climbed out of bed, pulled on t-shirts and gym shorts, shared the toilet for much needed pisses, and went to the kitchen where Natalie greeted them as she cooked up a teen-age-boy-sized breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and fried eggs. That, along with their favorite infant snoozing in the carrier next to them, gave them both a feeling of contentment. It didn’t take long for them to add the feeling of being stuffed to the list.
They helped Natalie with the after breakfast cleanup, gave Lincoln a few chin tickles, and headed out to shower. They hopped into the shower together without giving it a second thought and within seconds they were madly kissing each other and rubbing their wet erections together until they blasted out their teen cum within seconds of each other. Pierce couldn’t contain his squeal of delight.
“They’re showering together as usual,” Natalie said to Keegan as they shared cups of coffee.
“Saves on our water bill,” Keegan grinned.
“As long as they don’t plug up the drain.”
“Honey, you know as well as I that the stuff is water soluble.”
“They’re lucky to get the freedom to be themselves,” Natalie said. 
“As long as it’s not around Lincoln, even at six months old, there’s no reason why we should care. They’re even luckier to have found young love.”
“I ran into Drake coming out of the bathroom naked yesterday,” Natalie confided. “I reminded him to keep the word ‘modesty’ in mind.”
“What did Drake say?”
“He just mumbled ‘Sorry, Mom.’ and kept walking. Natalie lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Damn, that kid’s hung.  No wonder Pierce always has a shit-eating grin on his face.”
Keegan roared with laughter. “I guess you never know how big a number the genetic slot machine is going to land on.”
After finishing their shower, the boys went to the living room and played video games on the wide-screen TV for an hour until Pierce’s phone rang. “It’s Walker,” Pierce said as soon as he heard the ring tone. After a brief back and forth chat, Pierce took the phone to Natalie. “My dad wants to talk to you or Keegan,” he told her. “You’re closer so you win.”
After some chatter and some nodding, Natalie disconnected. “Walker is going to pick you guys up and will be bringing lunch. In the meantime, how about you put the baby in his stroller and take him for a walk in the park.”
“When will Walker be here with lunch?” Drake asked.
“It figures that the first thing you ask is about food.”
“Hey, all I’m doing is asking so Pierce doesn’t have to ask.”
Natalie smiled and shook her head. She truly loved those two boys. “Don’t worry about it. It’s a beautiful day for a walk - and if you don’t get back until after he gets here, that’s okay.”
“Ah, so you’re gonna have a private chat, are you? Probably about me and Pierce.”
“Hey, look at it this way, Duck. If they’re talking about us, it can only be good,” Pierce said.
“Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?”
And on that note they went with Natalie into the living room where Lincoln was waiting in his stroller. Natalie had dressed him for the warm sunny weather. The cover was up to keep him in the shade as much as possible. Drake and Pierce had become experts on baby walks.
Pierce couldn’t help noticing Fido wagging his tail with a pleading look on his face. “I think Fido wants to go along with us. I’ll go get his leash.”
“It’s hanging on the hook by the back door,” Drake said. “Bring some poop baggies, too.”
“They have restrooms in the park, you know.”
“They’re for the dog, not for me, you dork.”
“Oh, okay. Now it makes sense.”
Drake flipped Pierce a friendly salute with his right middle finger.
Pierce attached Fido’s leash to the dog’s collar. Fido was obviously beyond happy that he was going to be going for a walk. In his canine mind, the anticipation was about all the smells he’d find in the park.
“Thanks for a great breakfast, Mom,” Drake said. With Drake pushing the stroller and Pierce in control of Fido, they were out the front door and off to the park.
Walker arrived fifteen minutes later. He was carrying a bag of sandwiches and pastries, which he gave to Natalie to place in the refrigerator. Natalie offered him a cup of coffee, which he accepted.
“The boys are in the park walking Lincoln,” Natalie said as she, Keegan, and Walker sat in the living room sipping coffee. “They took Fido along, too.”
“The boys seem to be quite domesticated when it comes to dealing with that baby,” Walker grinned. “Pierce even knows how to change a diaper, something I would never have dreamed he’d learn.”
“Well, on a different note, those two seem to have gotten quite interested in dancing,” Keegan said. “They’ll move to any kind of music, and even dance around Lincoln’s bed if he’s awake. His eyes follow them, and he smiles at their antics. Fido doesn’t know what to make of all the commotion around his charge, but he trusts them, and he doesn’t bark at all of the movement.”
“I know Drake joined Pierce for some Saturday dance club at Pierce’s school, but how did Pierce get involved in that?” Natalie asked.
“Well, it went something like this,” Walker replied. “During his second semester of eighth grade, Pierce appeared in two of the school's plays.  One of them involved a lot of dancing by the cast and Pierce loved it.  The cast members suggested he join the school's Swing Dance Club.    
“The club met every other Thursday after school and once a month on Saturday morning.  Miss Rutledge, who taught drama and English, served as the teacher/advisor of the club.  She’s a professionally trained dancer and she started the club on a whim - it turned out to be one of the most popular clubs at the school. Pierce went to one of the Thursday meetings of the club and he was hooked.  The teacher helped the students learn various dance steps and they had a great time dancing to everything from current rock and rap music to old rock and roll songs to swing songs from the big band era to classic waltzes.”
“He goes to a private school, right?” Keegan asked.
“Right. They had a lot to offer that public schools rarely can provide. Anyway, everybody in the dance club knew Pierce was gay and had a boyfriend, so Miss Rutledge was not surprised when Pierce asked if he could bring his boyfriend to a Saturday morning meeting of the club. She replied that he'd be welcome.”
“So that’s how Drake got involved in the dance,” Natalie said. “I mean I knew it was through Pierce, but I wasn’t aware of the story behind it.”
“That private school seems a lot more tolerant of gays than the school I went to,” Keegan said. “We weren’t abusive to them, but we weren’t exactly open to them either. Here I was with a gay brother, and I was part of the group that wouldn’t have anything to do with them.”
“Sadly, like anywhere there were a couple of gay bashers in the student body, but the administration shows zero tolerance toward their antics,” Walker said. “As you know, Drake joined Pierce at the next Saturday meeting. Drake has a good sense of rhythm and quickly became a proficient dancer - indeed, watching Drake and Pierce dance together became a highlight of each meeting.
“I remember I picked them up after one club session. After they belted themselves into the backseat, Pierce said, ‘Duck, you were great today. I loved that little extra step you did during You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. That was perfect.’ Drake answered, ‘Thanks, Pooka. Not really sure where it came from. It just seemed to fit in.’ "
“Those two have become quite a couple,” Natalie said. “And to think they don’t live that close to each other. But they’ve certainly flourished with your support.”
“You and Keegan have had just as much, if not more, influence on them. After all, you’ve made them learn a lot by making them big brothers for Lincoln.”
A noise at the front door stopped the conversation. The door opened and Drake pushed the stroller over the threshold and into the house.
“Okay everybody, no more talking about us unless it’s good things to our face,” Pierce said as he petted Fido and detached the dog’s leash from his collar.
“We talked about good things behind your back,” Walker told them. “I was telling Keegan and Natalie about how Drake ended up learning dancing in a dance club at a middle school in Seattle.”
“From Miss Rutledge and a Pooka who showed me what I missed before I attended my first class,” Drake said.
“Duck, the guy who was busting the moves at the end,” Pierce pointed out.
“We were a total team that last day. Everybody stopped just to watch us dance and take videos of us.”
“You know that Cable caterer guy you thought to ask to teach us to dance?” Pierce asked Walker.
“Why, do you want to start with him now?” Walker responded.
“I don’t think we need him, what with Miss Rutledge having those Tuesday dance classes at the school for July.”
“How about we leave it open ended for now?” Walker wondered if Miss Rutledge would be willing to give a few private lessons beyond her weekly class. The boys seemed to respond to her, and he was willing to pay her a premium rate. He kept that idea locked in his head, deciding to keep that plan open-ended as well.
“Fair enough. Either way, Duck and I are going to be busting the moves on that cruise.”
“How about we bust a move over to that lunch?” Drake suggested. Pierce grinned and the two teens danced over to the counter. Drake looked over at Natalie and said, “Yes, mom, it IS all about my stomach.”
And then Lincoln went into his ‘feed me’ mode. Natalie shook her head in mock disgust. “Babies and teens. When it comes to food they’re never satisfied.”
After lunch Walker and Pierce prepared to head home. Pierce and Drake went to Drake’s room so Pierce could pick up his belongings. The two lovers shared a long, deep kiss, with a few whispered ‘I love you’s’ and a grope of each other’s hard cock through their shorts as the finale. They returned to the living room where Pierce thanked Keegan and Natalie for their hospitality. He and Walker then went to Walker’s car and headed for home.
“Thanks for telling my dancing story along with the Duck’s,” Pierce said to Walker as they crossed the 520 bridge.
“I was hoping to get them to appreciate Drake’s talent as much as I do.”
“And as much as I do. Do you think it worked?”
“Without question. They’re a great set of parents.”
Pierce rode quietly the rest of the way wondering what he had done to find so much happiness in his life.
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