Emerald City Boys

Chapter 7-Aiden's Brothers

Drake had just finished his 3200-meter run in his school’s track meet against Lake Washington High School. Keegan had asked for the day off to watch his son run. It wasn’t something he could do for every track meet, but he knew Lake Washington had a strong runner in the 3200 meter and was eager to see Drake compete against him. Drake ended up doing more than competing, he ran a smart race and won what had been a close race by ten meters. Keegan was as happy as Drake was. They were even happier when Kirkland defeated the Lake Washington High School track and field team 70-66 after all the points were totaled.
While Drake was running track, Pierce was playing baseball for Whittier Middle School. He started at first base and went 3-for-5 with a double, two runs scored, and an RBI in Whittier’s 8-4 win. Walker, who could take the time off because he was the owner of the company, was at the game and thoroughly enjoyed every pitch even if the weather was a bit cool for baseball.
That night Drake and Pierce linked up via Skype. “Hey, Duck, how’s it hanging?” Pierce said as he connected to Drake’s Skype call. He couldn’t help noticing his boyfriend was naked.
“I won my race, we won our meet, and they’re hanging low and howdy there, Pooka. What about you?” Drake said.
Pierce told him the outcome of the game and how he had fared. “By the way, how far is 3200 meters?” he asked.
“It’s about two miles.”
“Did your dad get there?”
“Yeah, he did, and we were both so glad he could come. He said he won’t be able to get to all my meets, but he’ll make as many as he can. Dude, I can’t tell you how happy I was to have my dad there - it felt so great. Was your dad at your game?”
“Yep, and he had a great time. He’s not a super baseball expert but he loves watching the game. You know, you look good without clothes on.
“You look good dressed or naked,” Drake responded. “You just look better when you’re naked.”
“Remind me not to run through the park with you. I’d never keep up with you.”
“Well, don’t forget, I can’t hit a baseball.”
“Plus, you throw like a girl,” Pierce chortled.
“I do not! I just don’t throw hard like some animal I know.”
“It’s all good. Throwing a baseball isn’t all it’s quacked up to be anyway. Are you ready for your cousin’s visit?” Pierce was asking about Aiden’s visit from Mayfield on Saturday to meet his new little brother.
“You mean my brousin? And by the way, I picked up on your little quack. Very funny.”
“Yeah, your brousin.”
“What’s to be ready for? You’ll be here by noon and can teach me how to throw like a big baseball stud and I’ll get you turned on by telling you how sexy Aiden is for a tween.”
“Are you going to fuck him when you guys go to bed?”
“I keep telling you that we agreed anything goes between us except fucking.”
“I understand, but with you being a studly teen horn dog it might just be tempting.”
“Except for one thing,” Drake said.
“What’s that?”
“His credo is nobody should ever be talked into anything sexual they don’t want to do. I live by that, too, as you know. He has told me what he does not want to do and there is no way I am ever going to get on his bad side by asking him if we could fuck this time. It will be totally up to him to bring it up. I’ve been on the other side at his age, being made to do sex shit I didn’t want to do. Hell, you kinda know what that’s like. But, for me it’s all a big reason I won’t bring up the topic of fucking with him.”
“That’s what I love about you. You’re a dude with a lot of integrity.”
“It wasn’t always that way, and I still have my moments.”
“I’ll see you on Saturday and look forward to meeting your brousin and your uncles. I’d love to talk some baseball with them.”
“They know a lot. And I’m ready to catch some zees,” Drake said.
“See you Saturday. Night night and I love you, Duck.”
“I love you, too. Night night, Pooka.”
Larry, Phil, and Aiden arrived at the Miller residence in Kirkland a little after two-thirty, close to their expected time. Drake came out the front door before Phil turned the engine off. Following him was a stunning blond teen who was well-dressed and wearing a big smile.
“Hi Uncle Larry and Uncle Phil,” Drake said as his uncles stepped out of the car. When Aiden exited out of the rear door, Drake stepped up to him and gave him a big hug.
After they broke the hug, Drake turned and waved his arm at Pierce. “This is my boyfriend, Pierce. Pierce, meet my Uncle Larry, Uncle Phil, and my brousin, Aiden. There was an exchange of handshakes between Pierce and the two uncles and fist bumps between him and Aiden.
The gathering went into the house where they were greeted by Keegan and Natalie. Keegan gave Aiden a big hug, happy that his son didn’t try to push away as he would have at one time. He then exchanged a loving hug with his brother, Phil. Not long ago that hug would not have been full of love—in fact they probably would not have hugged at all.
“Well, where is he?” Aiden asked.
“Natalie and Drake just went back to get him,” Keegan replied.
“It takes two people to carry a baby?”
“One to do the carrying and one to play the fanfare.”
“The fanfare?”
Aiden’s question was answered by Drake stepping out of the nursery and calling out, “TA DA! PRESENTING THE ONE AND ONLY LINCOLN CLAYTON MILLER!” His fanfare was followed by Natalie carrying the two-month-old bundle of joy into the living room.
Larry and Phil were surprised that the baby didn’t start squealing because of the noise, but all he did was lie in Natalie’s arms looking cute. “What a cute little sweetheart,” Larry grinned.
“He’s a baby,” Aiden said. “He’s supposed to be cute. And how come he didn’t start crying when Drake screamed out his fanfare?”
“Because, he’s used to me being loud.”
“Hey, look, a dog.”
“That’s Fido.”
“Fido? I thought somebody like you would have some kind of fancy name for a dog,” Phil said.
“I do. The name Fido has a history going back to Abraham Lincoln. If Fido is good enough for Honest Abe then he’s good enough for Cute Lincoln. And Fido even got assassinated. You can look it up.”
Aiden was determined to do so. He knelt to pet the beagle, letting him have a sniff of his hand first. Fido apparently liked what he smelled because he immediately wagged his tail and licked Aiden’s hand.
“He likes you,” Drake said.
“It means he’s got good taste,” Aiden responded.
“Do you want to hold your little brother?” Natalie asked.
“Oh, yeah, my little brother.” Aiden mentally kicked himself for being more interested in the dog than he was in his little baby brother. “I don’t know. I mean don’t you need training or something to hold a baby?”
“Dude, if a klutz like Pierce can hold Lincoln, it should be a piece of cake for you,” Drake said.
“Who are you calling a klutz?” Pierce asked.
“You. I’m trying to give Aiden confidence. I mean you both play baseball, so holding a baby should be a piece of cake.”
“What does playing baseball have to do with holding a baby?” Keegan asked.
“Beats the hell out of me, but it sounded good.”
“Do you see why Drake made me his boyfriend? He needs to be kept track of twenty-four seven,” Pierce grinned.
“The way I see it, fielding a baseball takes soft hands and a lot of coordination, which is exactly what holding a baby requires,” Larry pointed out.
“That’s exactly what I was saying,” Drake said.
“Come on over and sit on the couch,” Natalie told Aiden. “I’ll place him gently in your lap.”
“He won’t pee all over me, will he?” Aiden asked.
“He is wearing diapers, you know,” Drake said.
“Sorry, I’m a little nervous is all.” Aiden went to the couch and sat next to Natalie. He thought how he wouldn’t be half this nervous if he was pitching with the bases loaded and nobody out with a one run lead in the top of seventh.
Natalie gently set Lincoln in Aiden’s lap, instructing him how to hold his baby brother. Once Natalie felt she had everything set, she backed away and smiled at the nervous twelve-year-old. When Lincoln gave a happy gurgle Aiden grinned. “I think he likes me.”
“Whoa, think what this says,” Drake said. “Aiden Miller visits his father and his adopted brousin and ends up being liked by a doggy and a baby.”
“It must be because he’s a likeable person,” Pierce said. Pierce also thought Aiden was everything everyone had said about him: smart, cute, and incredibly sexy looking for somebody who wasn’t even a teenager yet.
Aiden didn’t have to hold Lincoln, who was starting to get fussy, long. He handed his little brother to Keegan, who took over since Natalie had retired to the kitchen to finish her beef stew. Natalie left the stew simmering when Lincoln started crying.
“It’s feeding time, so I’ll take care of him,” Natalie said as Keegan, Drake, and Pierce, who had started for the nursery, stopped and turned around.
“It looked like you guys were going to take care of him,” Aiden said.
“Natalie likes to breast feed him whenever she can,” Keegan told him. Aiden shrugged wondering what the big deal about breast feeding instead of bottle feeding was.
The rest of the afternoon zoomed by quickly and soon the seven of them were ready to eat.
“How do you like having a baby brother?” Keegan asked as the group dug into their stew.
“Well, Natalie breast fed him, so I didn’t get to watch that,” Aiden replied.
“I had no problem with you watching,” Natalie cut in. “Sorry, I should have let you know. It’s all part of learning what having a baby is about.”
“Maybe next time,” Aiden grinned and Natalie nodded. “And when he needed his diaper changed, I was in the backyard with Drake and Pierce, so I missed Keegan daddy doing that. But I will say this, that little bugger can sure be loud.”
“Another part of the package,” Keegan said.
“And we’ll make SURE you watch the next diaper change,” Pierce chuckled.
Sure enough, Aiden got his chance while they were watching the Mariner game on TV. Lincoln was in a bassinet stationed on the long coffee table between the couch and the television. He started with a couple of whimpers and then let out a soprano squall that had everybody jumping.
Pierce jumped up and said, “I’ve got this with Aiden’s help.” He picked up the bassinet and carried it to the nursery with Aiden and Drake following him.
“I guess they must be the answer to that age old question, ‘How many adolescents does it take to change a baby’s diaper?’.” Larry said.
The boys entered the nursery and Pierce set the bassinet on the changing table. “And now, Aiden, you get to watch the best diaper changer at Whittier Middle School at work.”
“I claim the title as the best boy diaper changer at Kirkland High,” Drake said. “There’s a couple of girls there who are moms, so they are probably better at changing than I am.”
“You mean moms with their baby at home?” Aiden asked.
“So I’ve heard.”
Aiden watched Pierce go through the entire diaper changing routine from taking off the old diaper, to cleaning the baby, to powdering him, and putting on the new diaper. “Voila, perfection itself. See how calm he is and how he looks at me? He knows he’s been diapered by an expert and wonders when his big brother will be just as good as I am.”
“By big brother you mean Drake, right?”
“Close enough,” Pierce grinned.
“Hey, just remember I can deny my ass to you anytime I want,” Drake grumbled.
“Ah, but would you actually do it?”
Drake walked up to Pierce and planted a long kiss on his lips. “I doubt it,” he said after finally breaking the kiss, “but if I threaten it enough times you might end up believing it.”
“Aiden, have you ever considered the idea that your brousin just might be a whacko?”
“Hey, I happen to KNOW he’s a real whacko,” Aiden said.
By then Pierce had Lincoln in his crib and covered with the donkey blanket that was a gift from Mike the Donkey.
When the boys entered the living room, Keegan asked Pierce if he was ready to go. “Nope,” Pierce answered, “but I’ll get my stuff anyway. A deal is a deal after all.”
“You won’t be riding the light rail into Seattle. We’ll be meeting your dad near T-Mobile Park.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
Pierce gave Aiden a hug. “You’re as cool as your brousin said you were. Stay cool and be good to him tonight. As you know, Duck is a horny critter.”
“Duck?” Aiden asked.
“It’s my term of endearment. I shouldn’t have to explain how I came up with it. And I won’t tell you what his name for me is.”
Pierce then said his good-byes to Larry, Phil, Natalie, and, of course, Fido.
Then Pierce and Drake shared a long kiss and Pierce followed Keegan out the front door.
“If I kissed Nolan like that in front of his mom, she would freak,” Aiden said.
“I’ve accepted Drake as gay for years and I love Pierce like a son. If they want to kiss in front of Keegan and me, well, it shows how much they trust us,” Natalie said.
<Aiden and Drake>
As planned, Aiden spent the night in Drake’s bed. They were naked and hard when they clambered under the covers.
“Before we talk about anything else, what is your pet name for Pierce?” Aiden asked.
“You mean the one he didn’t want to tell you?” Drake chuckled.
“Yeah, that one.”
“It’s Pooka.”
“Whatever that means.”
“Well, it’s a mischievous Irish spirit or goblin, or even some kind of untamed animal spirit. I call him Pooka because that describes him. I tell him that he has to remember that I am the only person who knows how to tame his mischief.”
“Probably the same way you tame Nolan,” Drake grinned.
“Not that way. All that happens is he gets more wild when we do it.”
“Nice to know you guys do it. Anyway, now you know that I am Duck and he is Pooka, and right now you and Lincoln, my two bros, are the only people who know—so keep this secret.”
“Lincoln is a baby,” Aiden protested. “How could he tell anybody, or even know what you’re talking about?”
“He can’t. That’s why it’s safe to tell him.”
“I want to be able to tell Nolan.”
“Go for it,” Drake said. “Me and Pierce agree we will have no secrets and I bet you and Nolan are the same way.”
“We are.”
“Nothing better than complete trust between boyfriends.”
“I’m glad my brousin sees that the same way as me.”
“By the way, you understand that you got a free ride on your first bro visit,” Drake said.
“I think I know what you mean. I got to watch Lincoln get his diaper changed. Next time I get to do it.”
“You’re not a true big bro until you’ve done it. You’ve seen it, next time you do it.”
“Hmm, I could practice on somebody at home, I guess.”
“Like Nolan?”
“No, I was thinking more of Mason. He’s goofy enough he might do it once.”
“Whatever. How about we take care of these hard-ons?”
“Like with a sixty-nine, maybe?”
“That works.”
Aiden came first, giving Drake a taste of his sweet tween cum. Drake followed by three minutes and Aiden received a mouthful of Drake’s thick but flavorful teen cum. The brotherly cousins cuddled up and quickly fell into a sound sleep.
Aiden and Drake were showered and dressed by nine. They joined Keegan and Natalie in the living room. Keegan took Lincoln to his car and strapped him into his car seat. Natalie, Aiden, and Drake joined them as they finished.
They met Larry and Phil at the IHOP near the motel where they stayed and enjoyed breakfast together. The talk was about the Mariners 6-5 loss the night before. Marty went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts.
“That’s two straight games that he’s got the collar,” Aiden said.
“It happens to the best,” Larry reminded him.
“I know, but he is Marty after all and should get hits every game.”
“Seriously?” Drake asked as he wondered if Aiden was losing touch with reality.
“No, but one can hope.”
“Then he would end up chasing Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak record and what a circus that would be,” Larry observed.
“But, it would be fun circus. Anyway, we should be home in time to watch this afternoon’s game and if I actually watch it all this time maybe I’ll send him some good karma.”
“Well, I’ll watch it then, too. Then we can send him double karma,” Drake said.
Aiden slept during half of the ride home. But he didn’t sleep through any of the Mariners game as the M’s defeated the Twins 5-2 with the help of a two-run homer by Marty.
“The double karma worked,” he told his dads.
“Well, in that case, let’s go out for pizza tonight to celebrate.”
Aiden couldn’t argue with that bit of parental logic. They went to the Bear soon after. Aiden thought about names and what he and Drake had discussed at breakfast. As much as he loved pizza, his favorite Bear was the Sugar Bear who lived in Meadow Park.
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