Emerald City Boys

Chapter 6-Justin and Skip


“Okay guys, you two have to work something out between you,” Aiden told Skip and Justin after he woke them from a sound slumber.
“What?” Justin asked sleepily.
“I’ll tell you when you come back from pissing if you have to go piss.”
Both boys jumped out of bed and into the hall. They returned from the bathroom a couple of minutes later and plopped back down on the bed.
“We decided to work whatever it is out by going back to sleep,” Justin told his big bro.
“Or, you could decide who my assistant chef will be this morning.”
“Will he be naked?” Justin asked.
“That’s the only way to assist the Naked Chef.”
“Skip can do it because I did it yesterday,” Justin said.
“I was going to say that Justin can do it because I live closer than he does,” Skip said. 
“How about you do it this time and the next time we both spend the night here and can help my big bro, Aiden, it will be my turn.”
“That sounds fair.”
“Is it time to go down to cook now?” Justin asked.
“Yes, it is. Wash your hands if you didn’t do it after peeing and meet me downstairs.”
“Where’s Nolan?” Skip asked.
“He’s downstairs telling the dads that we’re coming down to cook as soon as we agree who the assistant will be, so they don’t start breakfast,” Aiden replied.
“I washed my hands good, so let’s go,” Skip told Aiden.
Aiden and Skip were soon at work making French toast and sausage. With eight people to feed, it was a big breakfast. Nolan donned an apron and worked as the deputy assistant to the assistant Naked Chef. Justin helped Larry set the dining room and kitchen tables and then sat at the kitchen table watching the French toast coming off the grill and onto the serving dishes. The three boys worked well together and were soon serving breakfast to the dads before sitting down with Justin at the kitchen table.
Nolan was picked up at ten-thirty by his parents. He was wearing his church clothes, which is where the family was going next. Justin would be leaving with his dads a half-hour later.
“Thank you, big bro, I had fun,” Justin told Aiden as they exchanged hugs. He gave Skip a sly look. “And Skip is the best there is to teach you-know-what.”
“That’s good to hear. I’m glad you enjoyed it and learned something,” Aiden responded.
“Yep, I did both. But I want to talk to you about it.”
“We’ll see what we can set up.”
Justin and Skip exchanged hugs and said they couldn’t wait to see each other again.
After Aiden hugged Mike and Ryan, the Boyer family hit the road.
“Did you have a good time?” Mike asked Justin as Ryan drove down Lakeshore Drive.
“The best. Aiden is the best big bro, and Nolan is really nice. Plus, I liked Skip a lot. Can we have him come to our house sometime? I bet Marco and Joey will like him a lot, too.”
“I think it’s something worth looking into,” Mike grinned. Mike felt good giving Justin another connection to his and the Dawg’s hometown of Mayfield.
“Watch your speed, Dawg,” Mike said as they turned onto Highway 12. Ryan had a tendency to have his speed run between five and ten over the limit and Larry had mentioned the highway was well patrolled by the state gendarmes.
A minute later, Mike turned around and checked the back seat - it seemed awfully quiet back there. Justin was already asleep.
<Justin, Marco, Joey>
Justin and his two best friends, along with a few other boys at Meeker Elementary School, could barely contain themselves for much of the day. Ryan had been more than happy to shoo Justin out the door to school after listening to his son’s nonstop chatter about his upcoming baseball turnout that afternoon. Mike often talked about how his earlier departure for school had him missing breakfast with his son and how he wished there was a way around that fact of life. Ryan thought that if Mike could stay to eat breakfast with Justin, this would be one of those mornings when Mike wished he could leave for school earlier.
Still, it was great to see Justin excited about baseball. Ryan knew it was a much better behavior than Justin moping around complaining about being bored. Ryan grabbed his car keys and headed to the garage feeling excited about baseball himself. In fact, he hadn’t been this excited about the sport since he had played high school ball.
Marco and Joey sat with Justin at lunch. They were eager to learn what Justin had done with his ‘big bro’ and Justin was more than happy to tell them. Speaking barely above a whisper he giddily told them about practicing baseball, about playing naked games in the basement, about him making Aiden cum by jerking him off, and about Skip teaching him about blow jobs.
“Now we both done those.” Marco didn’t talk much louder than Justin had. Nobody mentioned anything about doing blow jobs together which made Justin happy since he didn’t want to do that with his friends.
“Aiden had to leave when we were practicing baseball to help a friend,” Justin told Marco and Joey.
“Was his friend in trouble or something?” Joey asked.
“I don’t know what it was but I was mad that my big bro was going somewhere to help his friend instead of playing baseball with me and I thought my big bro should stay with me.”
“Are you still mad at him?” Marco asked.
“Nope. He apologized to me and then I kinda thought about it and I thought I had a really special big brother who helped his friends and that’s who I wanted to be my big brother to teach me about being there to help people. It’s even better than teaching me baseball. My Daddy Donkey said I should be proud of my big bro being special.”
After Aiden apologized to him and after he talked to his dads about it, Justin thought that Aiden showing how special it was to drop something he liked doing to help a friend was the best thing he learned from his big bro. It was better than learning baseball, better than learning to make his big bro shoot his cum, or learning how to give a blowjob. Even though he wasn’t mature enough to express the thought lucidly, what Justin learned was how to be a friend from the big bro he loved.
After the final bell rang at school, Justin, Marco, and Joey headed to the boys’ room to change into their practice gear. Justin had everything he needed packed in his backpack, including his glove, which he would now be using for real baseball for the first time. There were seven other third and fourth graders there who were also changing. Justin knew some of them and knew they would be turning out, but he didn’t know them all, especially the fourth graders.
Seven of the ten boys walked the two blocks to the park together; the other three, all fourth graders, rode their bikes. Since the team they were turning out for drew players from Meeker as well as a couple of nearby private schools, nobody knew how many boys would be at the turnout.
That number ended up being sixteen. Coach Leon Wood directed the boys to sit in the bleachers and welcomed them to the first Lake City Jammers baseball practice. He then introduced himself as did Coach DK Dansby, who would be Leon’s assistant.
Coach Wood was a long-time youth coach. DK was a big black man who had played high school baseball and football, as well as four years of college football. He was currently the head football coach at Madison Middle School and was the father of Karl Dansby, a fourth grader at Meeker school. DK thought that being an assistant coach on his son’s team would be a way for him to be active in his son’s life without taking on the responsibility of running a team. Getting to practice on time would be a challenge since traffic from West Seattle could often be miserable.
DK also knew that one of the boys in the bleachers was Michael Boyer’s son. Michael was the head baseball coach at Madison, so small wonder his son was coming out for baseball. He knew that Michael wished he could coach his son while at the same time he was happy he wasn’t coaching him. DK understood since he wasn’t sure he would want to be the head coach of his son’s team.
“He teaches at the same school as my Donkey Dad,” Justin told Marco.
Coach Wood had each boy introduce himself and then bring up his permission slip and hand it to Coach Dansby. When Justin handed his slip to DK, the coach said, “I teach with your dad.”
“I know, but he never told me you were going to be here. And Karl is your son, right?”
“Yes, Karl is my son.  I wasn’t sure I would have the time to help until this weekend, which is why your dad didn’t know. I didn’t tell him until today.    And I think we’re slowing things down a bit.”
“Okay, I’ll go back to the bleachers and thank you for helping coach.”
After practice ended Justin came up with one word to describe it, which he tripled. The word was, fun, fun, fun. He had learned most of the individual fundamentals from his Donkey Daddy, but he saw that there was a lot to learn about doing things as a team. No matter what was happening on the field, the coaches saw to it that everyone was involved and that the practice sessions moved fast.
Mike arrived at the field just before practice was scheduled to end. He had ended his middle school practice early in order to be there to listen for the end of his son’s first practice. The plan was for Marco’s mother to take care of Justin until Mike or Ryan arrived to pick him up, but Mike wanted to be present when Justin’s first real baseball practice ended. He walked to the stands and greeted Marco’s mother, who was sitting in the third row of the metal bleachers. When practice ended, Justin ran over to his Dad.
“How was the first practice?” Mike asked.
“Fun, fun, fun,” Justin grinned. Marco and Joey concurred.
DK walked over with Karl and introduced Karl to Mike.
“Justin liked practice,” Mike grinned.
“Good to hear. You’ve got yourself a good kid there.” DK wanted to add, “And a very talented and well-schooled kid,” but decided to save that for a private chat at school the next day.
“We have practice again on Thursday,” Justin said as Mike drove the short distance home.
“Wow. The calendar on the fridge says exactly the same thing. Is that weird or what?” Mike responded.
“If you say it’s weird, then it’s weird. I heard Donkeys know all about weirdness.”
“We are the experts in weirdness. It’s a good thing that calendar with the right date showed up on the fridge or we would never know when the next practices happened.”
“Yes, you would, because you would have me to tell you.”
“Once again your logic is impeccable,” Mike told his son.
“You mean impossible, because that’s what your Donkey logic is—impossible to figure out.”
“No, I mean impeccable. Make sure you look it up. And Donkey logic is easy to understand if you just take the time to think like a donkey.”
“How can I look that word up if I don’t know how to spell it?” By the time they entered the house, Mike still hadn’t answered. Justin finally surrendered and said, “I know, I know, looking it up is all about detective work.”
Justin stripped naked and then emptied his backpack. After putting everything in its proper place he sat at his computer and did some detective work. He soon ran down to the living room, where his Daddy was reading, and yelled out, “It means it’s perfect!”
Mike rose from his seat and gave his still naked son a hug. “Nice job Donkey Dawg.”
“Does that mean I’m impeccable?”
“Sorry, not quite. But it does mean you’re a persistent lad.”
“What is…I mean, I’ll go look it up.”
The chat was interrupted by Ryan arriving home from work. Justin gave him a hug, and then looked up at him. “Baseball practice was fun, fun, fun, and I learned from Donkey Daddy that I am a persistent impeccable lad.”
Ryan gave Mike a questioning look.
Mike gave his husband a kiss. “We’re working on vocabulary skills.”
“And I should start working on your warming up dinner skills.”
“Only if you want to have a perfectly good meal removed from the refrigerator and burned to a crisp.”
“What Donkey Daddy just told you is that he is not an impeccable cook,” Justin grinned.
The laughter in the living room was the start to a loving and delightful family evening.
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