Emerald City Boys

Chapter 19-Getting to Know You

<Miller Brothers>
The four Miller brothers sat around the kitchen table eating breakfast and chatting. It was rare that they breakfasted together on a non-school day. Since their parents were at work, they all ate in the nude, although they might have done so anyway. Curt was the only one of the four who usually wore at least a pair of underpants during a meal when at least one of his parents was home.
“I don’t understand why you don’t want to go to the dinner to be introduced to Tony and Marco’s cousin,” Chase told Curt.
“Because I invited Duncan to spend the night before I knew about this dinner,” Curt responded. “I mean if you had, like, a baseball game tonight, would you go to the dinner?”
“Of course not, but I know that Mrs. DeLuca checked if any of us was playing tonight, so that is what is known as a moot issue. Why don’t you just come to the dinner and bring Duncan with you? I’m taking Dillon with me.”
“Because why should I care about meeting some twelve-year-old I won’t be doing anything with anyway?”
“Says the thirteen-year-old,” Chase said shaking his head.
“What Curt is saying is he wants some private time with his boyfriend,” Logan giggled.
Curt glared at his younger brother. “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my best friend, but yeah, it would be nice to have some time with nobody else here.”
“And Trajan is fourteen which makes him older than you are,” Logan informed his brother. “And you don’t have any problems hanging out with Madison, who won’t be twelve until September, I think.”
“What are the two of you going to do for dinner?” Chase asked.
“Go to the Village and get burgers and fries,” Curt answered.
“Wait! Hold it! Time out! You’re going to walk with Duncan to the Village to get fast food burgers when you could go to the Village and get a kick ass free Italian dinner at Luigi’s?”
“Why are you guys picking on me, all of a sudden?”
Eddie decided to add his two bits worth. “Because you’re being a total dork,” he said.
“Okay, you guys win. And not just because I want to shut you all up, but because you’re probably right. I didn’t think this was such a big deal, especially since mom and dad weren’t making a big deal out of it.”
“Like they told us, going to this would be up to us, but if we didn’t go, we had to get our own dinner,” Chase said. “I just can’t see passing up a Luigi’s dinner, especially when it’s all on the house.”
“I guess it sounds better than burgers and fries, especially since Duncan and I would have to pay for them,” Curt admitted.
“Of course, it does. Now, admit it bro, but you were being a bit selfish weren’t you?”
“How was I being selfish?”
“By not taking the time to meet a boy who’s come all the way from California on his own to live with two cousins who are younger than him. The idea of the dinner was for him to meet guys his own age who he might want to be friends with.”
“But what if I end up not liking him?”
“Sheesh, the answer to that is pretty obvious. Then don’t be friends with him.”
“Maybe he’ll be a bad boy like me,” Eddie smirked.
“Yeah, whatever you say, bro,” Chase grunted.
“Somebody has to be the bad brother.”
“I thought that was me,” Logan said.
“You want to compare notes?”
“Hey, guys, let’s cool it,” Chase said sternly. “Tonight, we all go to the dinner and meet Trajan and after that what we do with him is up to each of us. I don’t know about you guys, but as long as he’s not a total asswaffle, I plan on making him feel welcome here.”
“Tony told me that Trajan was a lot nicer than he thought he would be,” Logan informed his brothers.
“I guess that’s a good start then.”
“Anybody want to jerk off with me?” Eddie asked.
“You just finished breakfast and you’re all horny?” Curt asked.
“There’s no law against it. I’m gonna jerk off no matter what and it would be nice to do it with one or more of you.” Eddie stood up displaying his almost five-inch erection. “If I go visit Maria this afternoon, I don’t want to have a hair trigger dick.”
“How do you know you’re going to visit her this time?” Chase asked, knowing how often Eddie’s plans to visit and make out with the girl who might or might not be his girlfriend seemed to derail.
“I just know.”
“I’ll jerk off with you,” Logan offered.
“I guess I’ll make it a threesome,” Chase said.
“I’m saving myself for Duncan,” Curt informed them.
“Damn, Curt, you’re thirteen and can’t get off more than once in a day?” Eddie asked.
“Of course I can, I just want it all to be with Duncan.”
“I thought he wasn’t gay,” Chase said.
“He’s not and I’m not either, which is why we gotta get the most out of our time together while we can before we get totally girl serious.”
“Whatever. Your bed or mine?” Chase asked.
“You’ve got the biggest bed,” Eddie reminded him. “Plus, we can hop into your shower as soon as we’ve squirted.”
“Let’s quit talking and do it!” Logan hollered as he led the parade to Chase’s bedroom.
Curt joined his brothers because he had nothing else to do right then. ‘Nothing says I gotta jerk off,’ he told himself.
<Justin, Donkey Daddy, and Papa Dawg>
Justin’s alarm woke him up as planned. He rose from his bed and donned a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. He headed to the bathroom where he took a piss. After dutifully washing his hands, he went out to the living room where Mike was reading the paper.
“Good morning, Donkey junior,” Mike said.
“Good morning, Donkey Daddy,” Justin responded.
“My you’re well-dressed this morning. I assume you weren’t wearing all those clothes when you slept last night.”
“Nope, I dressed nakey last night like usual.”
“You should say, ‘Like I usually do,’” Mike corrected him.
“Daddy, it’s before fucking breakfast.”
“Ohhh, a quarter will go into the fund.”
“Good, because it’s not going to a shitty cause, and you said I only had four more dollars to pay and then I wouldn’t owe you anything.”
“I was hoping you were going to pay me back with payments out of your allowance, not with putting on a cuss-a-thon.”
“But this is more fun. But, if that’s what you want, I’ll quit saying fucking cusswords and give you the damn money.” Justin turned toward his room, but his daddy stopped him.
“Hey, I take it you’re going to get some cuss jar money.”
“And more. I’m going to pay you what I owe you.”
“Well, before you go, answer me this: what does it being before breakfast have to do with using good grammar and syntax?”
“Papa Dawg said I should use it as much as I can, but he promised he wouldn’t correct me until after I had food in my stomach,” Justin told his daddy.
“I guess I forgot about that,” Mike said, even though he was certain that Ryan hadn’t told him about his promise. ‘The Dawg’s probably embarrassed that he loosened up a rule, which is why he never told me,’ he thought.
Justin left for his room and came back with a five-dollar bill. “Here is what I owe you. One dollar is cussing jar money, three dollars are from my allowance, and the other dollar is to help pay for a tip for the waiter. And now I only got…only have…a dollar left until allowance day.” Justin was paid a twenty-dollar allowance on the fifteenth of the month and on the last day of the month. If he helped with a job or did an extra job, he could earn extra money. “So, I’m not cussing for the next three days.”
“Who knows, you might actually manage to do it,” Mike grinned.
“Daddy, it’s my turn to use the snark-o-meter and…whoa…you just sent the arrow into red with your snarky remark. Now, I’m hungry. And where’s the envelope?”
“Right in front of you on the coffee table. It’s the one with the Ivar’s logo on it.”
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking because I guess I’m all excited about a woof woof birthday.” Justin picked up the envelope. “And where’s Papa Dawg? If I’d have known he was gonna sleep in I would have slept in too. Doesn’t he have to go to work this morning?”
“He does and he’s awake and showered, so I don’t know where he is.”
As if on cue, Ryan entered the living room. Justin grinned, ran up to his papa, gave him a hug, then looked up at him. “Happy birthday, Papa Dawg, I love you,” Justin said with enthusiasm.
“Thank you, Justin. And I love you, too.”
Justin handed Ryan the envelope. “Oh, my, what do we have here?”
“Birthday dinner at Ivar’s on Sunday from Donkey Daddy and me,” Justin responded proudly. “We can’t go today because we’re invited to meet Marco’s cousin and that’s a dinner, and we can’t go tomorrow because I have a baseball game and I know it’s in the afternoon and dinner’s at night, but we wanted Sunday to be birthday dinner day so we’re going Sunday, and I helped pay for it so it’s my present and daddy’s present.”
“Did you get all of that?” Mike asked his husband.
“I think so,” Ryan replied. “In essence it means my birthday present is a delicious seafood dinner at a waterfront restaurant paid for by my loving husband and my awesome son that we will have on Sunday.”
“Sounds close. But I have instant replay available if you need a translation.” Mike had made a video of the birthday greeting on his phone.
“How come you’re later than usual?” Justin asked. “Don’t you have to go to work?”
“Not on my birthday,” Ryan answered. “One of our perks is getting our birthday off. But I have a big project close to its deadline, so I’m going in a little later instead of taking the day off. Walker said I could put in for the day off at another time.”
Justin wanted to pout because he wasn’t told and ended up getting up earlier than he needed to. Then he figured out it wasn’t more than a half hour difference and decided to just go with it and enjoy a birthday breakfast.
“Why is it you’re all dressed up this morning?” Ryan asked.
“You sound just like Donkey Daddy,” Justin responded. “It’s because I know you like me to be dressed when we eat even when you don’t care much if I am or not, so since it’s your birthday, I’m all dressed for breakfast. And PJs and a tee is not being dressed up, so there.”
“Then I’m going to cook up a pot of oatmeal while Justin sets the table and gets out some fruit and juice. And then we’ll sit down to a nice breakfast and talk about what you know about the dinner tonight and then talk about your baseball game tomorrow.”
Twenty-minutes later they were seated and eating. “We need a better birthday breakfast next time,” Justin said.
“Oh, that’s gonna be at IHOP tomorrow,” Mike said.
On that note the family started chowing down and chatting about the cousin from California and the Jammers game against the Queen Anne Royals the next day.
Trajan woke up with a loud grunt when he heard Tony’s alarm go off. “What the fuck is that about?” he barked.
“What’s what about?” Tony said sleepily after squelching the alarm.
“The fucking alarm, dork!”
Tony glared at his cousin, thinking that this behavior seemed more like he had been expecting from the person who never replied to his phone messages. He took a deep breath and, showing more maturity than his cousin, said, “I told you last night that mom told me to set it because we are going to have a busy day today.”
“I had a busy day yesterday, too, so why should I care more about having a busy day than getting some sleep?”
“Because that’s the way it is, I guess. Do you want first shower or second shower?” Tony asked hoping that changing the subject would calm Trajan down.
“I’ll take second; that will give me a chance to snooze.”
“Okay.” Tony uncovered himself and rose from his bed.
Trajan decided to roll over to turn his back on his cousin and send a message that he had no interest in his cousin. As he started his turn, he opened one eye slightly to catch a glance at the boy he wasn’t interested in. When he saw that Tony was naked, he opened his eyes wide to take in the sight of his naked cousin facing him and taking a full morning stretch.
Tony had black hair and had an athletic build. His hairless, uncut, cock hung down around two and a half inches; Trajan wondered how big it had been last night when his cousin was jerking off. He watched intently as Tony turned toward the door, showing his firm ass. “You’re fucking beautiful,” Trajan barely whispered as Tony opened the door.
Tony stopped and turned. “Did you say something?”
Trajan answered by rolling over to face the wall. Tony swore he had heard Trajan utter the word “beautiful”. He shook his head, stepped out of the room, and shut the door. As he showered, Tony’s thoughts turned to Trajan’s weird behavior since waking up and concluded that his cousin was tired, or wasn’t a morning person, or both. He then recollected the action on Trajan’s bed the night before, getting a sexual charge from thinking of the sounds emanating from his cousin and wondering yet again who Mark was.
Trajan was snoozing when Tony returned from his shower. He considered not waking him up, but decided he’d rather be in trouble with his cousin than with his mother. “Your turn, Trajan,” he said. He opened his underwear drawer, wishing he had taken a pair of briefs with him to the bathroom.
“Thanks,” Trajan mumbled. He pulled off his covers and stood up, letting Tony get a full view of his naked body. He figured he might as well return the favor and was pleased when he observed Tony giving him a long stare. “Do you like what you see?” Trajan asked.
Tony looked at Trajan’s body with the same intense interest that Trajan had taken in Tony’s. Trajan’s teen cock was erect. Tony had seen a hard teen cock before at Logan’s house when he had seen Chase bone up. He was impressed by his cousin’s five inches which was topped by dark pubes spread about three inches wide and one-and-a-half inches upward from his cock. Tony definitely liked what he saw. “It’s okay,” was all that he had to say, however.
“Just okay?”
Tony didn’t want to make any comparisons for fear it would upset Trajan and maybe become an issue at the dinner that night. “Well, it’s big and it’s got hair, and I guess it shoots out lots of cum, so I guess that makes it okay.”
“You can be really weird, you know that cuz?” Trajan left the bedroom without waiting for an answer. He went about six feet down the hall and crossed over into the bathroom before realizing he had walked out of Tony’s room stark naked. At first, he was mortified, but he calmed himself down, figuring it probably wouldn’t be the last time he did that.
He started up the shower working to get the right temperature and the proper flow of water. He liked that the showerhead was detachable. He had learned in his shower at home how to aim the showerhead to give his cock maximum stimulation. He soaped up his cock and put that bit of knowledge to use, the showerhead and his left hand, bringing him to an intense climax. He didn’t think of Mark this time. Instead, his fantasy was about Tony sucking him off.
When Trajan finished showering and returned to the bedroom, he found Tony fully dressed except for his shoes. He was supine on his bed reading a book.
Except for the towel wrapped around his waist, Trajan was naked. He yanked off the towel and tossed it on his bed. “What are you doing reading a book?” he asked his cousin. “It’s vacation time.”
“So? I like reading,” Tony replied.
“More than you like jerking off?”
Tony thought that was an intrusive question, but he answered it. “It depends where I am and what’s going on.”
“Whatever floats your boat. What color undies do you think I should wear today?”
“What are the choices?”
“Hey, you helped me unpack. Get the cobwebs out of your brain and think about what you saw.”
Tony thought for a moment and then said, “How about the dark blue briefs with the white waistband and the vertical white stripes?”
“Consider it done.” Trajan reached into his underwear and socks drawer and made an obvious production out of settling his cock and balls into position in the pouch as he pulled them on—a production that Tony did not fail to notice. “I like your shower. The detachable showerhead is nice, and I made good use of it.”
“So that’s what took you so long?” Tony smirked.
“Do you have a problem with it?”
“Oh no, I sure don’t, but mom and dad might. I get the lecture on the water and gas bill when my shower goes on too long. And, yeah, some of mine go long for the same reason I think yours did because that showerhead is nice. Marco isn’t ready for it yet, but we’ve got each other off in the shower a few times. But we learned not to go long when our dad is there. Mom doesn’t say anything because she probably figures the two of us showering together saves water. But the best ones are when they’re both not home.”
“Do you and Marco always jabber a lot?” Trajan asked as he pulled on his shorts.
“Marco doesn’t, although he’s been talking a lot more since he and Justin became friends. You think I jabber a lot, wait until you hear Justin go at it.”
The boys were soon at the breakfast table scarfing down a breakfast of pancakes, sausage patties, and a bowl of sliced cantaloupe and honey dew melon. “How come me and Tony had to get up to an alarm this morning?” Trajan asked his Aunt Marne in a stern voice. Trajan saw his question as a test of his aunt to see how she reacted to his questions.
“I thought you, Marco, and I would drive around town to give you a look at what’s out there. You might find some things to put on your list of things to do,” Marne responded in a pleasant voice. “I wanted us to go early so we would have plenty of time to see stuff and get back early to get ready for the dinner.”
“Thanks, Aunt Marne,” Trajan said in a more agreeable tone of voice than he had used earlier. “Sounds like it could be fun.”
“Are we going to have lunch?” Tony asked.
“Do you think I would let three growing boys starve?” Marne asked. “How does Dick’s Drive In sound?”
“Yippee! It sounds awesome,” Tony cheered.
“Are they supposed to be good or something?” Trajan asked.
“They’re the best burgers around and their fries are epic.”
Trajan ended up enjoying the day. It was sunny and warm. Trajan was happy he had decided to wear shorts even though the morning was cool. The fact that Tony and Marco were wearing shorts as well confirmed to him that he had made the right decision.
Trajan got a lot of good looks at Mt. Rainier and was going to put it on his list of places to visit. He also noticed a high peak to the north from some higher vantage points. “What’s that mountain over there?” he asked.
“That’s Mt. Baker,” Marco replied just ahead of Tony.
“Is it a volcano, too?”
This time Tony answered. “Yep, but it’s not as tall as Mt. Rainier.”
“How many volcanoes are there around here?”
“There’s Mt. Rainier, which you know, and Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens in Washington. And Mt. Hood is in Oregon, near Portland, and you can see it from southern Washington.”
“How do you know so much?”
“Because we studied geology in science this year and a lot of it was Washington geology.”
Trajan admired Lake Washington, Puget Sound, and the Cascades and Olympic Mountains as they travelled around the Seattle area. The geological features intrigued Trajan more than the manmade sights. Although, his interest perked up when he learned that the white building in the Seattle Center they were driving by was the Pacific Science Center.
“They have a cool volcano exhibit there,” Marco pointed out. Trajan made a mental note to put the Science Center on his list.
“How can a volcano be cool?” Trajan asked. “I thought they were hot.”
“You know what I mean.”
“He means that the exhibit is sick,” Tony grinned.
“I still don’t understand how something that is supposed to be wonderful can be described as sick,” Marne said.
“It’s just a different word for awesome,” Tony said. “And another way to say it is to say that volcanoes are smoking.”
“Or to put it another way, it means it’s extremely bad or something totally fun,” Trajan added.
“I don’t understand how the English language changed without my permission,” Marne said.
“You sound just like Mrs. French,” Trajan laughed. “She was my English teacher this year.”
“Mrs. French was your English Teacher?” Tony asked. “Does that mean Mr. English was your French teacher?”
The conversation ended when Marne pulled into the Dick’s Drive In parking lot. After scarfing down his lunch, Trajan agreed that the burgers and fries were delicious. “Or should I say they are sick?” he giggled.
“Ewww, don’t use that word for food,” Marco groaned, causing his mother to break out into long, loud laughter. She was truly having a good time hauling the boys around. She hoped that her nephew’s good mood would continue. His first two days had been much better than she had expected.
The last destination of the tour was Carkeek Park in North Seattle. The park was on the Sound, separated from the beach by the BNSF Railroad double track main line. A pedestrian bridge provided access to the beach from the main park. Tony had brought a frisbee with him and the young adolescents burned off excess energy throwing the frisbee around an open field.
They also did some wading along the beach. Marne had brought towels just in case the urge to wade had struck the boys. At one point Trajan stopped and peered west across Puget Sound and took in the snow-capped Olympic Mountains. “Are those volcanos?” he asked.
“My science teacher, Mr. Olson, said that the volcanos were all in the Cascades, and they’re that way.” Tony turned around and pointed east. All Trajan could see in the distance were trees, but he knew what Tony was pointing at.
“I need to find out more about this stuff. I mean, it’s like there are two totally different kinds of mountains around here. I got even more questions popping up in my head.”
“Sounds like you’re going to google the mountains.”
“The biggest mountain is Mt. Olympus,” Marco said as he pointed west toward the Olympics. “It could be a volcano, but it don’t look like one.”
Trajan thought of Professor Hanson, his seatmate on the flight up from
San Diego. “I might do some googling, but I think I know somebody I can call and ask about it,” Trajan said. He was amazed by how much his cousins knew about the mountains. He wanted to know that much and more.
“Boys, it’s time to dry your feet and put your flipflops on. It’s about a half-hour ride home and you boys will want to clean up and dress for the dinner,” Marne told her charges.
“By dress up, do you mean like wearing neckties and shi…and stuff?” Trajan asked.
“No, a nice, collared shirt and jeans is good enough. It’s going to be mostly kids.”
“And anybody coming to Luigi’s wearing a tie would look totally out of place,” Tony laughed.
The tired boys were quiet on the drive home.
<Pierce and Drake>
Pierce watched the Metro bus make its stop in the Village. He grinned when he saw Drake come out the door at the middle of the bus. He gave his boyfriend a hug and a kiss as soon as he cleared the door. There had been a time when Pierce and Drake would have hesitated to share a kiss in public but they were now beyond those kinds of concerns.
“Hey, Duck, when are you going to get yourself a car?” Pierce asked as he and Drake started walking in the direction of Pierce’s house.
“When I either get a loan from my dad or get more than a part-time job at the deli,” Drake replied. “In the meantime, I get to spend my riches on Metro transit so I can come visit my boyfriend.”
“Forget giving you a loan. If I was Keegan, I’d fucking give you the car.”
“Well, shit, Pooka, that almost makes me wish you were my dad instead of my boyfriend.”
“Well, Keegan is more likely to give you a car than I am but I’m more likely to give you a world class fuck than he is. Which would you rather have?” Drake walked alongside Pierce saying nothing and peering straight ahead. “Are you going to answer my question?”
“I’m thinking, I’m thinking…”
Pierce gave Drake a friendly punch on his right shoulder and both teens laughed and traded soft punches and well-placed giggles until they reached Pierce’s house a block and a half away. After entering the house, they headed straight for the kitchen where Pierce pulled two bottles of Dr Pepper out of the refrigerator.
“I had a great dream last night,” Drake said.
Pierce had a gut feeling this was going to be one of Drake’s jokes, but he played along. “Um, okay…was it a wet one?”
“Damn skippy it was. I was in bed with Cable—you know, the guy that did the grilling at the duzzin’ cousins party? That dude was a bear.”
Pierce put on his now-I-really-feel-hurt-and-jealous expression. “You mean I wasn’t there?”
“Nope. You told me you were going to the park to meet with Taylor and Dane.”
Pierce couldn’t help giggling. “You’re so full of shit.”
Drake planted a passionate kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “I know, and that’s why you love me so much.”
“Hmm, and I love the way your kisses taste like Dr. Pepper.”
They sat on the sectional in the living room and chatted about the upcoming dinner that night wondering what kind of a kid Trajan was. “Even if he’s a total asshole it will still be cool because we know how good the food at Luigi’s is,” Pierce said. Before he could say anything more his phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw that it was from Marne DeLuca. “Speaking of Luigi’s,” Pierce grinned.
“Hello, Mrs. DeLuca,” Pierce answered in his formal, polite ‘talking to adults’ voice that his mother had taught him in his previous life.
“Hello,” Marne said, impressed by Pierce’s respectful formality. “I take it you’re coming to the dinner for Trajan tonight,” she said as if it was a done deal.
“Yes, I am. And so are Drake and my dad.”
“I was wondering if you could do a favor for me.”
“I would be happy to,” Pierce said even though he had no clue what the favor would entail. He was confident that he wasn’t going to be asked to wash dishes.
“Tony is going to introduce his cousin to everyone since he knows him as well as anybody, but he thought you might be a better choice to introduce the guests because you know everybody. He told me you are a good speaker and have experience in front of an audience.”
“I’ve been in a couple of plays, which is different than giving some kind of a speech. That said, I think this would be something I can handle, and I will be happy to help out.”
“Thank you, Pierce. Sorry about the late notice but Tony insisted you would be good at this. If you could arrive fifteen minutes or so early, we can go over any questions you may have.”
“That works. Oh and before you go, I have a question.”
“Ask away.”
“Is it okay if we bring our friend Nathan with us. I haven’t talked to him about it yet, but he’s a great friend and I bet Trajan would like him a lot.”
“Not a problem. The more the merrier,” Marne responded.
“Thanks. I’ll see you then, Mrs. DeLuca.”
“What was that about?” Drake asked after Pierce disconnected.
Pierce told his boyfriend what he had agreed to do. “I should have put the phone on speaker, but I had no clue what the call was going to be about.”
“It’s cool. The only problem I can see is my wanting to play with myself while watching you be the sexy master of ceremonies.”
Pierce reached over and fondled Drake’s cock through his jeans. “You are what Walker calls insufferable.”
“I think my dad would call me the same thing,” Drake said before planting a long, deep, wet kiss on his boyfriend’s lips, “except using multisyllable words isn’t really his thing.”
Trajan lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. He thought about how Tony, Marco, and his aunt and uncle had worked at making him feel welcome. He decided Seattle wasn’t as horrible as he thought it would be. It wasn’t home, however, and as long as it wasn’t home, he knew he wasn’t really going to be happy. He missed his friends, and as much as he found himself liking Tony, Tony was his twelve-year-old cousin, not one of his homies from school, lacrosse, or from wherever else he found his friends. Working in the restaurant two or three days a week wasn’t going to keep him busy enough.
More than anything he wanted his friends. He was certain that as much as the boys coming to the dinner would like the food and each other’s company, they would never get to know him well enough to like him like his friends at home did. Or they might end up not liking him, which was the case with some of the peeps he knew.
Trajan’s mind shifted from his friends to the day he spent with his Aunt Marne, Tony, and Marco. As much as he hated to admit it, he had fun. He even saw things he wanted to see and do that he wrote for his homework assignment his aunt had given him. What had really interested him was the mountains. He didn’t know why, but the volcanic peaks and the snow-capped mountains of the Olympics had grabbed his attention on his previous visit, which was long before he saw Mt. Rainier from the airplane. He wondered if it was because there weren’t any mountains as big as Mt. Rainier in California, at least not where he lived.
He remembered the mountain he had glimpsed from the plane long before they reached Washington. He wondered what it was and whether it was in California or Oregon. From the conical shape he surmised that it was most likely a volcano. He wondered what its name was and where its exact location was. He turned on his phone and after doing a little searching decided the mountain was Mt. Shasta, which was in California.
A little more research gave him a surprise result—Mt. Shasta was just a couple of hundred feet lower than Mt. Rainier. Not only that, but Mt. Whitney, another California peak, was taller than Mt. Rainier. In fact, it was the tallest mountain in the continental United States. ‘Wow, California mountains rock,’ he thought. He wondered if Mt. Whitney was a volcano. From the picture of it he guessed it was not.
He checked the time and saw he would need to get ready in a half hour or so. He then reached into his wallet and pulled out Professor Hanson’s card. His impulse was to give her a call. The idea of calling a university professor was intimidating, but he took a deep breath and called her anyway.
“Arlene Hanson,” a now familiar voice answered.
“Hello, Professor Hanson. This is Trajan DeLuca. I’m the boy who sat next to you on the airplane from San Diego.”
“Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise. And I would be more inclined to call you a young man rather than a boy.” Trajan beamed when he heard the professor’s praise. “And to what do I owe this surprise?”
“Well, it’s about, you know, geology.” Trajan wasn’t sure how to answer since he wasn’t sure why he made the call to the professor. He waited for the professor to say something, and when she didn’t, he continued with his answer, gaining confidence as he talked. “My aunt took me…I mean she took my cousins and me on, like, a tour of the area. I saw more of Mt. Rainier and got to see Mt. Baker and the Olympic Mountains. I was wondering if there were volcanos in the Olympics, like is Mt. Olympus a volcano for example?”
“The Olympic Mountains are not volcanic. Their creation is by other geologic forces.”
“And I know I had the window seat, but did you get to see any of that volcano we flew over in California?”
“I caught a glimpse of it.”
“I was wondering if maybe it was Mt. Shasta?”
“Indeed, it was,” the professor replied. “It appears you have been doing a bit of research. Any other questions?”
“One more question and then I won’t bother you anymore. Is Mt. Whitney a volcano?”
“Did you look at any pictures of it during your research?”
“Yes, ma’am, I did.”
“What do you think the answer to your question is?”
“That it’s not a volcano,” Trajan answered instantly.
“You are correct. I want to propose something to you before we disconnect. The university’s geology department is sponsoring five-day workshops on local geology for high school as well as middle school students. The workshops meet from nine until one the first four days with a field trip on Friday. I think you might enjoy participating. We still have openings in the one beginning on Monday the 26th, which is also the last workshop. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?”
Trajan didn’t even have to think. “Oh, yes, that sounds awesome.”
“If you have email, I will send you all the information you need to sign up. You can also go to our website.” Professor Hanson gave Trajan the URL. Trajan returned the favor by giving her his email address. “Have your aunt and uncle look over the information. If you want to sign up, have one of them give me a call Monday afternoon and I’ll make sure you get in.”
“Are you going to be teaching the class?”
“Some of my teaching assistants will be doing the bulk of the instruction, but I will be involved with some of it and will be your guide on the field trip.”
“Thank you, Professor Hanson. This sound like it’s going to truly rock on.”
Professor Hanson was amused by Trajan’s play on words, but she had more to say. “Wait. Don’t go yet, Trajan. If possible, please let me talk to your aunt or uncle now so I can get a feel of what they think.”
“My Aunt Marne is home. I’ll get her for you.” He left the bedroom wearing just a t-shirt, boxer briefs, and socks. He was already feeling comfortable with the informality of dress in his temporary home.
Trajan found her in the living room playing Phase 10 with Marco and Tony who were both dressed similarly to him. He told her who he was talking to and then handed her the phone. He glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that they would have to start getting ready for the dinner soon. He was pleased to hear that his aunt and Professor Hanson appeared to hit it off right away.
“What’s going on?” Tony asked in a low whisper.
Trajan held up his index finger as a signal to wait a moment. He could tell by listening to what his aunt was saying that she was interested in the workshop. When she said, “My son, Tony, is in middle school and I’ll be sure to ask him,” Trajan wondered what she was going to ask about.
After a couple of minutes, Marne said her good-bye and handed the phone back to Trajan.
“This sounds like a great opportunity for you, Trajan,” Marne said. “I will do everything I can to help you make it happen. She told me there was also a middle school workshop and I said I’d see if Tony was interested.”
“Interested in what?” Tony asked. Marne told him, and he thought it sounded like it could be a good way to spend a week. “As long as they don’t have homework,” he said.
“What about me?” Marco asked.
“When you are in middle school, and if you are interested, I will get you enrolled. Professor Hanson said it is an annual event.” She turned to Trajan and said, “You should have an email. Tony will show you how to connect your laptop with the printer.” Marne felt that Trajan should have printer access if he needed it, and this was a great opportunity to give him a wireless connection.
Five minutes later Trajan and Tony returned with the printed brochure. “We need to get ready to head for the dinner now. Luigi and I will read this later, but I’m certain that if this is what you boys would like to do we will approve. The cost is reasonable and besides, the education you’ll receive during the week will be priceless.”
<Luigi’s Restaurant banquet room>
The Miller family along with a couple of friends were the first guests to arrive. Cindy, the waitress who had been assigned to the banquet room, greeted them and told them to sit anywhere they wished except at the head table. “That’s the DeLuca table,” she told them even though she was certain they could figure it out on their own. The Miller contingent consisted of Chase, Logan, Eddie, Curt, Troy, and Susan, along with Chase’s boyfriend Dillon and Curt’s friend Duncan. They were soon followed by Pierce, Drake, Nathan, and Walker.
Their chatter stopped when everyone saw Tony and Marco enter the room. They expected to see the guest of honor as well and were disappointed when no one followed them in. Their disappointment was brief, however.
Trajan, looking self-conscious, came in next with Luigi and Marne. Trajan wasn’t used to being the center of attention. It embarrassed him while at the same time it delighted him. He was also pleased that Luigi would be eating with them. Trajan had nursed the impression that Luigi would play the role of the big boss restaurant owner instead of being part of the family. It turned out that wasn’t the case at all.
Trajan sat at the table reserved for the family and surveyed the other guests. He saw Tony stop next to a cute blond boy who looked about twelve and exchange a few words with him. He gathered the boy must be Tony’s boyfriend, Logan. Tony then took the seat to the right of Trajan and Marco took the seat to the right of Tony. Trajan saw Marco’s eyes light up and checked the door. Two men entered with a boy who looked to be around Marco’s age.
Trajan leaned across Tony. “Is that Justin?” he whispered to Marco.
Marco grinned and nodded his head. “Yep, it sure is,” he replied.
The next two to enter surprised Trajan, or at least one of them did. That person was Professor Hanson. He had no clue she was coming. Trajan figured Marne said something to her after he had quit paying attention to their phone chatter. But the person who really caught his eye was the red headed boy who came in with her. He looked to be thirteen to fifteen and, in Trajan’s opinion, was absolutely gorgeous. It was apparent that the rest of the boys were equally surprised by the guests. They ended up sitting next to Justin and the two men he came with.
Since all the guests had arrived, Marne stood and asked to have everyone’s attention. She welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. “I also invited two guests whom none of you know,” she said. “When you get the opportunity, please welcome Mrs. Hanson and her son Levi.” Marne elected to skip over the professor title, and least for now. “Mrs. Hanson met Trajan on his flight from San Diego and she was very kind to him on the flight and once again today. I thought it would be nice to invite them to the dinner.” She had invited Arlene’s husband as well, but he had left that morning for a weekend seminar in Las Vegas. Marne wondered if it was a seminar on cards and dice and slot machines.
Knowing he had to be quick, Pierce introduced himself to Levi, told him he was going to be introducing all of the teens, and asked him a couple of questions about what he enjoyed. Levi felt his teenage cock come to life as he talked with Pierce.
Trajan wanted to get to know Levi, and he wasn’t the only teen in the room to feel that way. He saw the boys he figured were Logan’s brothers along with friends of theirs looking at Levi as well as the three boys at the table across from them.
“As you no doubt surmised,” Marne went on, “the boy sitting to my left is our new guest, Trajan DeLuca. Since dessert will be set up on the table behind me for everyone to get up and grab, that will be the time for all of you to introduce yourselves and personally welcome Trajan to Seattle. But now, it’s time to serve dinner. I think you will all enjoy Luigi’s famous lasagna, along with a Caesar salad.” Two part-time waitresses, who mostly worked gatherings in the banquet room, went to work serving the meals.
The chatter was subdued as everyone dug into their dinner. As they finished up, the waitresses cleared the tables. When Marne noted that the tables were cleared, she stood and asked for the guests’ attention. “I now wish to turn our gathering over to my son, Tony.”
Tony stood up, feeling somewhat self-conscious. Tony’s mother had said more than she had told him she would, but he was used to that; he knew his mother loved to talk.
“Hi everyone,” he started out. “This is my cousin Trajan and he’s from a town in California called East Harbor. His parents had to go away to Italy to take care of his and my grandmother for a while, so he came here to Seattle to live with us while they’re gone. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and we were both nervous about sharing my bedroom and stuff.” The audience laughed and then Tony went on while wondering what was funny.
“Anyway, he’s been really nice and is already finding things to keep him busy and stuff. Now, I’m gonna introduce two guys Trajan doesn’t know. He does know my little brother Marco,” Marco waved shyly. “And in the next table over the blond dude is my best friend, Logan.” He pointed to the other side of the room. “The kid over there is Justin, who is Marco’s best friend, plus they play on the same baseball team. The two guys he’s sitting with are his dads.”
Trajan looked that way again, interested in the fact that Justin had two dads. ‘Strange that Marco never told me that,’ he thought. ‘Maybe he thought I’d think it was weird, but they’re just like Lars and Zach at home, which isn’t weird at all.’
“And now Pierce is going to tell you all about the older guys here. Pierce was an orphan, but he was adopted and now he lives with his dad who he’s sitting with. Pierce likes baseball a lot.” Tony sat down and Pierce stood up. Drake led a round of applause, both for the good job Tony had done and for Pierce.
Pierce started right out speaking smoothly and with confidence. “Hello, everyone and thanks for coming. And welcome to Seattle, Trajan. I’m looking forward to talking with you during dessert, but I’m willing to bet that everyone else is, too.” He paused for a moment as the audience chuckled.
“Sitting next to me is my boyfriend, Drake, who I call Duck. Drake doesn’t play baseball, instead he runs track. Don’t try running with him because he’ll leave you in his dust. He made it into the Metro Area track regionals as a sophomore this spring.” He paused again, this time for a round of applause. “The other dude at my table is our friend Nathan.” Pierce looked over to Trajan’s table. “I think you’ll like Drake and Nathan a lot.”
Trajan looked back at Pierce and smiled. Even though Trajan thought that Pierce was one of the hottest guys he had ever seen, his smooth presentation said that there was more to Pierce than good looks.
Pierce placed his hand on Walker’s shoulder. “This gentleman is my dad, Walker. How that happened is a long story. I will say that when he found me, I was a pretty messed up boy. But he’s done more for me since I became his son than I ever dreamed anyone could do.” Pierce felt his eyes beginning to moisten. “I love you, dad.”
Walker stood, fighting off tears of his own, and exchanged a hug with his son. Pierce then went on with the introductions.
“The table loaded with boys is the Miller family table, though not everyone there is a Miller. I’ll start with the tween dude and then go to his right. The tween dude is Logan, who is Tony’s best friend. I figure you already knew that since Tony just told you. Next is Logan’s big brother, Chase. Chase turned 15 last month.” Even on short notice, Pierce had done his homework. “Next to him is his boyfriend, Dillon.”
‘Damn, another dude with a boyfriend. What’s with all this boyfriend shit? Not that it’s bad, but this is sounding like East Harbor,’ Trajan thought.
“Then we have Eddie, who thinks he’s a bad dude, but he’s really a nice guy,” Pierce went on. “Don’t tell him I said that about him, though.” Pierce’s comment elicited another chuckle and a covert middle finger flashed by Eddie, who was also grinning broadly from getting the attention. “Then we have Curt, who’s the quiet one in the family. Eddie and Kurt are both Miller brothers. Like me, they’ve been adopted. Next to Kurt is his friend Duncan.” Pierce had to really scramble to find out Duncan’s name.
Pierce changed his focus to the next table. “You’ve met Levi and I’ll tell you this, Trajan—you’ve known Levi about as long as I have. I did find out that Levi likes chemistry, enjoys fishing with his dad, and loves playing lacrosse.” Trajan’s eyes lit up when he heard the mention of lacrosse. “And Tony already introduced Justin to you.”
“Okay everybody, looking at that table to my left I guess dessert is ready. I’ll let Mrs. DeLuca organize everybody getting dessert. And remember, this is supposed to be getting to know you time, and we all have two guys to meet—Trajan, our guest of honor, and Levi, who both look like they’re really ready for dessert and meeting all of you guys.”
Pierce sat down to a round of applause from both his friends and the adults in the group. Drake patted Pierce on his knee. “Great job, Pooka, a truly epic job.”
“Thanks, Duck,” Pierce grinned. He felt an urge to kiss Drake but satisfied his urge by copping a quick feel of his boyfriend’s crotch.
Marne stood and told the guests that Trajan would start the cake line. “Dessert is a delicious carrot cake from Hess Bakery. With few exceptions we purchase all of our baked items from Hess. They’re one of the top bakeries in the city. It’s four stores up the street from us for those of you who don’t know.
“We’re going to have the boys go first so they can get their cakes and start getting to know Trajan and Levi. Trajan and Levi followed by the Millers and their two guests, then Pierce and Drake and their guest, and then Justin.” She looked down her two sons and said, “And last but not at all least, Marco and Tony. I think the adults can then figure out how to line up without my help.”
“I wouldn’t be too sure,” Chase called out, eliciting a round of laughter.
Marne then finished her instructions. “Where all of you sit or stand after that is up to you. There’s plenty of available space.”
After Trajan grabbed his piece of carrot cake, he sat at one of the unused tables. He felt overwhelmed by all the attention he received at first, wondering if he was ever going to start eating his cake, but the younger boys sat in their own group while Pierce, Nathan, Drake, Chase, Dillon, and Levi squeezed into Trajan’s table. Curt, Eddie and Duncan, who were not social butterflies, went back to their original table.
“Aunt Marne was right about the cake,” Trajan said. “This is the bomb.”
Trajan found himself liking the boys at the table. They were all outgoing and seemed to be smart. Knowing he had a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth and pissing people off, he gave himself a pep talk to watch what he said and not do anything to make them mad at him. Pierce, Chase, and Levi were his favorites. He exchanged phone numbers with Pierce, Chase, and Drake.
When he started talking with Levi, Trajan asked what he knew about the geology workshop. “I know my mother is in charge of it and that I’m going there during the last week, which is when you’re going there, too, according to mom.”
“Oh, cool, so we’ll be in it together,” Trajan said.
“Yep. This will be my first time with the high school group since I’m starting ninth grade this fall.”
“How old are you?”
“Thirteen. I’ll be fourteen on the Fourth of July.”
“No shit…er…I mean, really?”
“Yeah, no shit. But don’t tell mom I said that,” Levi giggled.
“You said you played lacrosse. I play it too. With all these baseball guys around me, I didn’t think anybody around here played it.”
“Hey, don’t knock baseball,” Pierce said.
“I’m not,” Trajan responded, hoping he hadn’t hurt Pierce’s feeling in some way. “It’s just that I like lacrosse better.”
“Then it looks like Levi is the right guy for you to talk to.”
“How old are you?” Levi asked Trajan.
“Fourteen. I’ll be fifteen in September,” Trajan replied.
Levi thought for a few moments and then said, “I know we have a couple of roster spots open and as long as you don’t turn fifteen before the end of June, you’d be eligible as far as age goes.”
Trajan thought of all kinds of reasons for telling Levi there was no way he could do it and then hoped Levi would start begging him to think about it. But he had made up his mind to try to not be an asshole, and this would be a place to start. “I’d be lying to say I’m not interested, but there’s all kinds of stuff we’re going to have to work through. Instead of boring my other new friends, you call me, or I’ll call you in the morning. That gives us time to find out if I can even play and we can talk about it then.”
“Sounds good to me,” Levi said. While they chatted both boys had noticed their Marne and Levi’s mother engaged in an animated conversation.
“I didn’t know you played any sports,” Tony said. He had been standing behind Trajan and Levi listening in on their conversation.
“Well, now you know,” Trajan said.
“I think it’s cool that you do. I hope you can get to play. Say hello to my friend Logan.”
“Hey, Logan.”
“Hey, Trajan.” The two traded fist bumps.
Trajan and Logan talked sports briefly. Trajan liked Logan. He was a good talker and seemed to be a mature tween. He reminded Trajan of Michael, but without the edge.
Pierce and Chase then got into a conversation and talked with Trajan, as well as Levi, about overnights and swimming parties. Trajan was all for doing stuff with his new friends.
On the ride home, Marne asked Trajan for his feelings on how the getting to know you dinner went. “I think it went awesomely,” Trajan said. “I’ve made some friends. Thanks for doing it, Aunt Marne. I feel way better about being here now that I know peeps. I got phone numbers, and invitations to do stuff, and when we get home (Trajan surprised himself by calling his Aunt and Uncle’s house ‘home’) I want to talk to you about lacrosse.”
Levi talked to three people about lacrosse after he arrived home from the dinner. He was excited to find someone who liked lacrosse and could maybe help fill out the roster. Between injuries, vacations, and one player quitting, he knew the team could use a couple of players. Coach Vincent had told them to see about finding another player or two, and finding out that Trajan played lacrosse was perfect, especially since he really liked him.
The first person he talked to was his teammate and best friend CJ Thomas. He called CJ, who was all for calling Coach Vincent to find out if Trajan was eligible to play for the Falcons. The second person was his mother. She said there was no question Trajan was eligible age wise, and since the Falcons had players from the Lake City district, she was certain he should be eligible.
Levi then called Coach Vincent who listened intently. “Do you know how good he is?” the coach asked.
“I’ve got no idea; I just know he played. I think it was with a bunch of other middle school players.” Coach Vincent told Levi to find out if Trajan could come to Monday afternoon’s practice. Since Coach Vincent was a teacher and was on summer vacation, he was able to hold afternoon practices now that school was out. All Levi had to do was call Trajan in the morning and find out what his parents had to say about his turning out.
Later that night, Levi stripped naked and jerked off twice thinking of Trajan jerking him off. Because Trajan was from California, Levi was certain Trajan knew everything there was to know about sex.
<Miller brothers>
Curt and Duncan lay naked on Curt’s bed. “Did you like the dinner?” Curt asked.
“The food was good. But the rest of it wasn’t all that fun because I didn’t know anybody except for you and your brothers. I mean we said hi to the new kid and everything, but then all we did was sit at the table with Eddie.”
“Sorry about that. We should have said hi to that Trajan kid and then come back here. I didn’t know everybody would get so into meeting him. I guess I’m not all that gaga about meeting people.”
“I’m all gaga about having sex with you though,” Duncan smirked. “And I know you’re not all that keen on being bottom, so how about you fuck me.”
Curt was happy to oblige and fucked his friend fast and deep, giving them both very satisfactory orgasms. There was little kissing involved, and no snuggling in bed after they finished. Kissing and snuggling was gay, after all, and there was no way they were gay—they were just two friends who liked getting each other off.
<Logan and Eddie>
Logan wished he was in bed with Tony instead of Eddie. Not that being in bed with Eddie was a bad thing, but Eddie wasn’t his boyfriend. But Tony didn’t want to leave Trajan alone on his second night, and especially not on the night of his big dinner.
Logan and Eddie agreed not to make out, fuck, or sleep together. But a hearty sixty-nine sounded like a good way to get each other off. Logan went after Eddie’s cock with enthusiasm, while Eddie was a bit staider in his approach. They managed to get each other off at close to the same time. Eddie never failed to be surprised as to how sweet Logan’s cum tasted, while Logan felt Eddie’s was okay tasting, but had a bit of a sour taste. It was like it almost fit his personality, a nice guy who could be a sourpuss sometimes.
After Logan left his bedroom, Eddie thought about Trajan. He wondered if Trajan had a bit of bad boy in him, or if he was a goody goody dude like almost everybody at the dinner. Even Pierce had become a good guy; and he was the guy who had showed him what being a street kid was all about. ‘But I guess I’ve kind of gotten better too since I’ve become a Miller,’ he thought. ‘Especially with Chase staying on my ass.’
<Chase and Dillon>
“What did you think of Trajan?” Chase asked Dillon as they undressed for bed.
“I dunno. I had an okay first impression, I guess. It’s hard to say what somebody is like when it’s all crowded like that,” Dillon replied.
“Yeah, I know what you mean. But he must be okay if Tony’s mom and dad were willing to have him come live with them for the summer. She gives the impression of being a no bullshit lady, kind of like my mom. And from what Tony says, his dad is a takes-no-bullshit kind of guy.”
“Do you want to get to know him better?”
“I don’t see why not. That’s why I mentioned maybe an overnight here soon.”
“What if he doesn’t want to have sex?” Dillon asked.
“When did your mind go so deep into the gutter? I thought that’s where mine was,” Chase chuckled. “I don’t care about the sex part. Believe it or not my dear boyfriend, I do like to get to know guys as people and not sexual objects.”
“I know you do, and that’s why I love you. I’m a person first and your bed buddy second.”
“Well, in that case, how about charging up the bed buddy part of your brain and fucking the shit out of me.”
“If it makes you happy.”
It not only made Chase happy, it made them both happy and not once but twice.
“Wow that rocked,” Chase gasped as he and Dillon worked to recover from their romp. “The person part of you did a good job of mixing with the bed buddy part.”
“That’s because you were a good, loving teacher.”
Chase gave Dillon a long kiss and the two rolled around naked on Chase’s bed kissing and humping and grabbing until they had third orgasms, shooting what they could over each other’s torsos. As they snuggled and fell asleep, they both felt like they were very lucky boys to have each other.
<Justin and Marco>
Since Marco didn’t sleep in the same bedroom as Trajan, he didn’t feel the need to go home after the dinner. Tony would keep Trajan company and he would enjoy a night with his boyfriend. They kissed and held each other until Marco asked to suck Justin’s dick. Justin told him to go right ahead. After his dry orgasm, Justin returned the favor.
Justin and Marco then did what Justin loved which was hold each other and kiss, hump, and pet. That eventually led to another orgasm for each. While what they had wasn’t the kind of deep, adolescent love that Chase and Dillon were finding, it was something extraordinary between two special friends. Even though sex had become part of their friendship, the two tweens still had a way to go before it would become deep, serious, loving sex.
<Trajan and Tony>
Trajan was amazed how much he had enjoyed himself at the dinner. He never thought he would quickly make new friends during his summer. And yet, here he was with the phone numbers of four boys who wanted to be his friend: Chase, Pierce, Drake, and Levi.
Levi was the extra special one because of the upcoming geology workshop and his connection to lacrosse. One thing that surprised him was that as cute as the redhead was, Trajan didn’t have sexual thoughts about him. On the flip side he thought Chase, Dillon, Pierce, and Drake were sexy. He wondered if it was because they all but admitted to being gay by saying they had boyfriends, while Levi didn’t mention anything about sex.
After they arrived home from the dinner, Trajan told his aunt and uncle about his lacrosse discussion with Levi. “If that is something that makes you happy and it’s something you’re eligible to do, then we’re all for it,” Marne told him.
Trajan waited for his Uncle Luigi to disagree, but that didn’t happen. “I confess I didn’t think the dinner would accomplish anything except try to fill the bottomless pits you teenagers call a digestive system. I’m surprised and pleased how it all turned out,” Luigi said. “I agree with your aunt—we’ll do everything we can to make it work, just like we do with Tony and Marco with baseball and soccer.”
“I thought you wanted me to work at the restaurant,” Trajan pointed out. If he was going to be disappointed, he wanted it to be now rather than later.
“And I still do. I want you to develop good work habits and learn responsibility while making some money. But the work was meant to be part time, and now it might become even more part time. I love how you want to get involved in the college workshop and now you want to get involved in sports. I love how you’re working to fit in. I’ve been very impressed in the short time you’ve been here.” Luigi thought about how he was seeing much more from his nephew than he expected after what his brother had told him about Trajan’s personal issues. He was ready to do whatever he could to prevent any backsliding.
Later that night, after taking care of their nightly business, Trajan and Tony dropped on their beds. They were both naked and Trajan had an erection he didn’t bother to hide. Without saying a word to each other about it, the cousins knew that the lights were going to go off and they were going to masturbate. Seeing that Trajan was erect got Tony hard almost instantly, which Trajan noted before they each turned off their dresser light.
They both spread some lotion on their young cocks and went to work. Tony could hear Trajan’s grunts, heavy breathing, and the slap of hand on cock. Trajan heard the same thing from Tony.
“Look, since I know what you’re doing and you know what I’m doing, how about we turn on our lights and quit pretending,” Trajan suggested.
The idea of his cousin watching him jerk off scared Tony at first, but he decided that watching each other jerk off wasn’t that big a step from listening to each other, so he turned on his light before he could talk himself out of it.
“I guess that’s a yes,” Trajan said. The boys turned their heads to look at each other, putting them into an awkward position.
‘Oh well, I’ve gone this far so why not go one more step?’ Tony thought. “Hey, cuz, it would be easier to watch each other if you came over to my bed. There’s plenty of room for two,” he said.
“Are you serious?”
Trajan was on top of Tony’s bed in an instant and the two cousins went right back to what they were doing. While they both wondered what it would be like to take things one more step and jerk each other off, neither one was ready yet to take the plunge.
But they did enjoy watching each other at play. Tony shot first, shooting his spurts of clear immature semen on his belly with a long, satisfied moan. Trajan came seconds after him, blowing a powerful wad with his first squirt hitting his chin and the others working their way down his chest to his pubes.
“Shit, that was pretty awesome,” Trajan moaned. “Thanks for making my special day even more special, cuz.”
“My pleasure,” Tony said. “And, yeah, that was pun intended. And damn, do all guys your age shoot that far and shoot so much?”
“I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t seen all the guys my age jerk off. But the guys I’ve seen do it shoot it a long way. And I can tell you that was a nice load for a twelve-year-old.”
Tony wasn’t going to ask Trajan how he knew—at least not this time.
Trajan returned to his bed. Both boys wiped themselves off with their cum rags and turned out their light. As they tried to fall asleep, they each wondered if this was the beginning of special cousin sex of some kind.
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