Three Finger Cove: Billy ~ Book Six

Chapter One

When Mr. Ken returned home that Friday, all the Cover boys were in great spirits. The boys 'dad' told them Collin had found a house to purchase, but it would be sometime in the spring before he could take possession. The boys asked and 'dad' Ken told them he did not buy a house, as he figured he didn't need the hassle, with all of his other many projects he had going on.

While Mr. Thomas was away, the contractor for the Cove Skate Park had brought his heavy machinery onto the property and had begun excavation. The owner of The Cove reminded his boys not to go up there unless he, Mr. Wayne, or even Mr. Chris, took them to see what had been done.

Mr. Ken explained to his 'boys' that the project will look like nothing was happening, for the longest time, because the contractor had to bring in electrical, water, sewer, drainage and the closed circuit television cables before they would even begin to start forming the skate park. He asked them to be patient.

That weekend, Mr. Wayne had coordinated with Joel Carrier to allow the twins to visit their mom. The Estate Master told his employer that he'd take the boys down to BAMC on Saturday, so his boss could catch up on his work related things, like phone messages and emails.

Dan Fischer, Sheriff's Lieutenant, stopped by The Cove the previous Wednesday evening, while Ken Thomas was gone, for one of Momma's fabulous meals. The woman was happy to see the lieutenant and welcomed him warmly.

While there, the Sheriff's Lieutenant talked to Robert about going to the shooting range that weekend and trying out his new gun. Robert was all smiles, but he wondered why his dad wasn't coming along. Mr. Dan told the teenager his dad wanted him to learn the right way, not the easy way. That put a big smile on the teen's face.

When Saturday came, Mr. Wayne drove the twins down to San Antonio and the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). Detectives Joel Carrier and Jose Cortez met the trio at the burn unit. The two detectives pulled Wayne aside and told him that after the twin's finished their conversation with their mom, they were transferring her to a prison medical ward where her husband had been taken right after the first of the year.

While the twins were talking with their mom, Robert and Mr. Dan were at the shooting range. Mr. Dan took the first half-hour to orient the teen Cover with his new Glock 26 Gen3 9mm pistol. He showed him how to check to see if it was loaded and how to disassemble and reassemble it. The man also explained how to clean his gun after the teen was finished shooting for the day.

After the orientation, Mr. Dan took the teen to the end cubical, so as not to disturb the other shooters. The Sheriff's Lieutenant took his time to explain the proper methods to hold the gun to Robert, and he then let him dry fire it to get the feel of the tension on the trigger.

Then, Mr. Dan showed the Cover teen how to load the magazine with bullets and then insert it into the gun itself. When the LT was satisfied, he allowed the teen to send a few rounds down range. Robert was all smiles from the experience.

The twins talk with their mom began as a cordial conversation. The boys told their mom what they got for Christmas, including watches, electronic games, cell phones and a skate park 'Dad Ken' was going to build for them and their 'brothers'.

After Vivian Parchsons learned Mr. Ken gave them both new cell phones for Christmas, she admonished her sons for not calling her during the Holidays. Then, she ranted that they never come to visit her.

Kevin tried to explain to their mom how 'Dad Ken' kept them busy during the entire Holidays. The older twin explained about all of The Cove's Christmas parties, their trip to Six Flags with their friends, and then how after Christmas they took a four-day trip to visit Mr. Ken's three amusement parks.

Mom Parchsons didn't care. She continued to berate her sons for not calling her after getting new cell phones, and then she complained their Mr. Ken bought them all that fancy stuff that they didn't need.

The twins' mother told them that their real dad and she took very good care of them and when they were all back living together again, there will be none of that frivolous spending after all the things their father and she had bought for them.

The dialogue went downhill after that. The exchange went something like this.


MOM: Don't you dare talk and sass your mother like that!

KYLE: Why! You and dad made all that money ... and all you ever did with it was ... was spend it on YOURSELVES! We had practically nothing and you ... you both had good clothes, a high-end TV, a new adjustable bed and ... and all we ever got were hand me downs or second hand clothes. And you ... YOU never protected my brother ... from what dad made him do almost every Sunday.”

MOM: What are you talking about? What did your father and Kevin do when they were gone on those Sundays? Tell Me! What did they do!

KYLE: You know damn well what they did, mom! Don't lie to us! Dad sold my brother's body to the highest bidder and you both benefited from all the money dad brought home.

MOM: I did no such thing!

KYLE: Don't lie to us! We know dad was arrested and ... and so were you. You let my brother be used for what? So you and dad could live the high life while Kev and I were ... were kept from having friends, good food and nice clothes!

Kyle then ran out of the room crying. He ran right into Mr. Wayne's arms and just cried his young heart out. All Mr. Wayne could do right then was let the lad cry it out. The man held onto the younger twin and rubbed his back to let him know he was there to support him.

Upon their return to The Cove, Kyle ran through the house and up the stairs to his bedroom while loudly crying the entire time. Mr. Wayne explained to Mr. Ken what he understood had happened in the hospital room. Kevin filled in the blanks. It took Mr. Ken quite a bit of time to get the full story out of Kyle, and then to calm the young twin down.

During the first week after his return, 'dad' Ken took Charles, the twins, and Matthew to get their pictures taken for their passports. It was something he should have done well before Christmas, when he initially planned the boys Spring Break trip. Now the owner of The Cove had to pay for expedited handling to ensure the passports would be there by the first of March.

Back before Thanksgiving, the Boy Scouts of America had notified Logan Anderson's scout troop the teen was to receive the BSA Life Saving Medal for his role in helping save Walt Tankards' life.

The teen wanted Mr. Ken at the ceremony, but with everything the man was involved in during that fall, the ceremony was delayed until after the Holidays. Mr. Ken felt honored that Logan waited until he could be there to watch the teen receive his award.

Stewart Russel, the Cover lads' attorney of record, had begun work on trying to convince Gina Lewis, Charles' mom, to relinquish her parental rights to her son. Their conversations were intense as Ms. Lewis didn't appreciate hearing the lawyer wanted to have Charles put up for adoption. Even after being reminded she could still be in prison when her son graduated from college, she would not relent.

Gina blamed her son for everything that happened to her, including the death of her boyfriend, 'Smokey'. She told Stewart Russel that Charles needed to pay for what he did, and that he didn't deserve the chance at a better life. Even after subsequent meetings and the promise of monthly deposits in her prison commissary account, she was still adamant and would not relinquish her parental rights that would allow her son to be adopted.

Later that month, 'Dad Ken' took the twins on their special trip. The twins decided to go to Houston to attend a Houston Rockets basketball game. So, after school, at the start of the 3-day weekend, the three Covers flew over to Space City, so they would be there at the start of the long 3-day weekend.

While in Houston, the twins asked to visit the Houston Zoo, the Aquarium, Moody Gardens and the Battleship Texas. Mr. Ken told them he would fit in what he could. But, the highlight of the weekend for the twins was watching the Houston Rockets beat the San Antonio Spurs.

While 'dad' Ken and the twins were on their trip, that Saturday night Robert stayed at Eric's and Charles stayed over at Cooper's home. Matthew was then allowed to host his own sleepover. After the Covers' friends left for the day, Mr. Wayne took Matthew and his friends to the pizza parlor that had the games in the back.

Upon their return to The Cove, the boys decided to swim. But, before Matthew caught up with his friends he asked Mr. Wayne to make sure he rang the bell before he came down to the pool. That request put a big knowing smile on the Estate Master's face.

During that month of January, Mildred Johnston's trial for embezzlement and other crimes began. Four contractors who helped in the theft Mildred was accused of had also been arrested and would face their own trials in the future. Some pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Mildred in exchange for a better deal at their sentencing.

Mildred Johnston was ultimately found guilty and because of her advanced age she was sentenced to ten years' probation and ordered to repay all the money she stole, plus interest. The judge also told her that if she didn't arrange to fully pay her debt her probation would revert to prison time, and she would still be obligated to repay the monies she had stolen.

Also, the pre-trial hearings for Julian Hankers, Jerome Bredshaws, Stanley Vahnn and a Daniel Zackerson, the men who tried to kidnap the twins, Kevin and Kyle Parchsons, was held. All four men were charged with theft of two motor vehicles, use of said stolen motor vehicle in the commission of a felony, attempted kidnapping, kidnapping, intent to do bodily harm, and a slew of other crimes.

Jerome Bredshaws and Stanley Vahnn, because of their cooperation with the police in the attempted kidnapping of Kevin and Kyle, had their trials separated from their co-defendants. It was indicated they would plead guilty and turn state's evidence against Julian Hankers and Daniel Zackerson. For their cooperation, it was speculated, they would have the major charges against them dropped and would receive reduced sentences for their part in the attempted kidnapping.

The preliminary hearings for Grace Turnsten's friends Carter Dunlapman, Lonny Charles Acheterts, Benjamin Bateterson and Lincoln Redwingger were also held. Only Carter Dunlapman had enough money to meet his bail requirements. Their trials would be held in late spring or early summer.

Matthew's mom also had her preliminary court appearance for her attempted kidnapping of her son. During that review she was also charged with aiding and abetting Lincoln Redwingger during his reign of robberies over the summer, receipt of stolen monies, and conspiracy in the foiled robbery attempt of the armored truck the day before Christmas.

Grace Turnsten would not see the outside of her jail cell until the outcome of her trials were announced and only if she was found not guilty. She faced 25 to 30 years in prison on each account if found guilty.

The Covers also celebrated Mr. Ken's birthday that month. He told everyone that with everything that was going on he didn't want to add to his sons' stress by having people buy unneeded birthday presents for him. No one listened to him.

All of the boys, their friends and parents conspired with Momma Maria, Mr. Chris, Mr. Wayne, Mary Taylor, Dan Fischer and Ms. Judy to have an afternoon birthday party for the owner of The Cove, with only gag gifts allowed. The day was a complete success, and it almost made Ken Thomas cry because of the love he felt that day.

Robert visited his mom in prison that month. Bill Jackson worked with Angela Harrison and her lawyer to set up the meeting. When the day came for the one-on-one reunion, Robert was on pins and needles.

The teen still wasn't too sure that it was the best thing for him to do, but something inside of him told him he really wanted, no, needed to visit his mom. It helped him to begin to put that bad part of his life behind him. But, he was far from a final resolution.

Back east, the weather did not cooperate after the first of the year, but Jason was able to finally get to visit and do a thorough inspection of the two amusement parks Mr. Ken was looking at buying. Two weeks after his inspections, he finally submitted his reports to Mr. Thomas. Mr. Ken was surprised at the disparity between the two.

Jason reported to Mr. Ken the Crystal Lake Amusement Park was an outstanding property. The man conveyed the park had very good maintenance records for all the rides as well as weekly, monthly and yearly attendance statistics along with financial figures for the five years he asked for.

Jason's final recommendation for Crystal Lake was it was in good shape financially and physically as his home turf, Fantasy Fun Park, was. Jason ultimately felt the park was in a turnkey condition and would be a good purchase, if, of course, Mr. Ken decided to add it to his other amusement parks.

As for the Edgewood Amusement Park, Jason had virtually nothing good to say about it. Fantasy Fun Park's assistant park manager told Mr. Thomas the record keeping was abysmal at best and their park attendance records were haphazard, and, as for their financial records, he recommended to Mr. Ken he would need a certified public accountant to make much sense out of the finances of the park.

Jason's biggest complaint about Edgewood dealt with the record keeping for all the rides. Mr. Ken's special inspector explained how annual state inspection records were missing on many of the flat rides. Jason's report also told how he saw no indication that any major maintenance of any kind was ever entered in the folders of the larger rides. The report stated that the records showing the change out of wheels, brakes, fire inspections and electrical continuity checks were haphazard even though the maintenance personnel said they all had been done on time.

Jason recommended against the purchase of Edgewood unless the owner of three other amusement parks purchased it for well below the asking price and was prepared to take up to two years to bring it up to Fantasy Fun Park standards.

After reading the reports, Mr. Ken called Jason and had a lengthy conversation over the man's two extensive reports of Crystal Lake and Edgewood amusement parks. Mr. Ken also praised Jason for the thousands of pictures his envoy took as part of his extensive inspection of both parks.

In the end, Mr. Ken asked Jason if he was ready to go back and meet with him at Edgewood and point out all the mismanagement at the Edgewood amusement park. They agreed to meet in February, at a time as yet to be determined.

After the Holidays, Mr. Chris did order new chairs for the Study. Originally, he only ordered six, but after they arrived Mr. Ken liked what he saw and had his Estate Manager order two more. The Study would now be filled with newer, more comfortable leather chairs, but there would be no room for any more.

February started out slow. Matthew couldn't wait for his special trip with 'dad' Ken, who was taking him up to Dallas. He talked with Charles about his trip there, and the two 'brothers' used Charles' computer to find other venues for Matthew to consider visiting.

Mr. Ken left Mr. Wayne in charge for four days in the beginning of February. The owner of The Cove met Jason at the Edgewood Amusement Park, as he had planned. The current owner and his management team were not happy their perspective buyer wanted to inspect the property, and this time, personally along with his initial inspector. Jason pointed out all the known discrepancies at the park and Mr. Thomas saw for himself what he'd be getting himself into if he acquired the Park.

At the end of the inspection tour, Mr. Ken told the owner what he would pay for the property and why. The owner was miffed at what he called a low-ball offer, and told Mr. Ken, right to his face, where to stick it.

Mr. Ken told him if he ever got a better offer he had better take it because he wouldn't budge from his current offer and that he might even go lower as time moves on. Mr. Thomas also told him if he ever had any incidents during the coming year his offer would definitely be appropriately lowered.

Mr. Ken Thomas did submit an offer to buy Crystal Lake Amusement Park and it was accepted by the current owners. The agreement called for up to five years of oversight administration and involvement in the parks operation, by people designated by Mr. Thomas, before a complete turnover of the park was finalized.

That was to ensure the park continued to operate as it had the previous five years. The contract was written that the final purchase and takeover of the park could occur anytime thereafter, up to the five years.

Mr. Ken then asked Jason if he was ready to move. Jason was surprised at the question. It was then Mr. Ken asked him to be his on-site administrator and overseer for Crystal Lake. Jason, with a huge smile on his face, didn't hesitate to ask when he could report for duty.

The men shook hands and Mr. Ken told Jason as soon as he was ready, but no later than the first of May. The new parks owner also told Jason to start looking for people to replace any employees that he didn't feel were doing their best.

The date for Matthew's trip with 'dad' Ken finally arrived. Unfortunately, the closer to the three-day weekend it got, the more the eleven year old became anxious about flying. It took 'dad' Ken and Doctor Doug to calm the boy down, and make him understand that he shouldn't be afraid of what he could not control.

Besides watching the Dallas Mavericks versus the Houston Rockets basketball game, Matthew went to the Dallas Aquarium, Speed Zone and the Museum of the American Railroad. At the railroad museum the youngster loved seeing all the old steam engines and early diesel designs.

The young Cover thought walking through old passenger cars and sitting up in the copula of a caboose and seeing all the old rolling stock was awesome. Matthew especially enjoyed driving the go-karts at Speed Zone. He remembered what Charles told him about driving on the slick concrete oval surface of the Slick Trax and the youngster had a blast.

It was while 'dad' Ken and Matthew were away on their trip that the twins came across Robert's old wall posters, plush animals, model airplanes, games and magnets they'd brought back from their older 'brothers' home. The twins also remembered Robert telling them they could have them, so after checking to make sure they could; they talked to Mr. Wayne about putting the posters on their walls.

Mr. Wayne looked over what they had, to make sure they were appropriate. He agreed they could put a few up, but not all of them. He also allowed them to place some of the plush animals on their beds, but he had to agree on the number. The twins were happy they were able to personalize their bedroom.

When Matthew and Mr. Ken returned from their trip, the twins had to show them what Mr. Wayne allowed them to do to personalize their room. 'Dad' Ken remembered seeing those items from when they visited Robert's old home, and he readily approved of what they'd done.

The man then told Matthew he could choose from what the twins didn't use and decorate his own bedroom. Charles was also allowed to hang some of the model airplanes from his ceiling.

Wayne Mitchell attended a concealed handgun permit course recommended by Lt. Fischer. The Estate Master was surprised at everything he had to learn about the law, even before he began to take shooting lessons.

The man passed his course, but signed up for additional gun safety training and lessons on how to better shoot his gun of choice, a 9mm Taurus PT111. He chose it because of the compact design of the frame to tuck under a shirt or waistband for concealed carry. It also had a 13-round capacity, which made it an overall great gun in his mind.

'Dad Ken' never got around to getting the twins a computer for their room, so while his dad was away, Robert pulled out the one he brought back from his old home. He set it up for his twin 'brothers', so they could have access to the World Wide Web and stop using his and Charles' computers.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ken had his home server set up to not allow any access to any device connected to the home's internet server without a passcode. The teen knew then he had to talk to his dad when he returned home from his trip with his youngest 'brother'.

Towards the end of February, Ms. Judy had a special request for Mr. Ken. She asked him if he was ready to take on and foster a young girl. At first, Mr. Ken thought the Director of Children's Protective Services was joking. But when she brought the thirteen year old, going on thirty female, to The Cove that Wednesday afternoon for him to meet, Mr. Ken didn't know what to say.

Mr. Ken reminded the woman that he had to talk to his 'sons' about the new addition, as they would be just as involved, or much more, as he would be in getting the girl settled into the home.

Mr. Ken also reminded the Director that Spring Break was coming up and if the girl worked out she would have to be placed somewhere else, while they were gone, because he already had their Spring Break reservations made. All Ms. Judy could do for now was hope the girl would work out, and she would deal with the Spring Break issue later.

The boys weren't totally on-board with adding a girl to The Cove. They argued she would upset their routines, and they would have to be dressed when they walked back and forth to the bathroom from their bedrooms. But in the end, they agreed with their 'dad' they had to give her a chance.

On Thursday, Ms. Judy returned with Caroline Shawertz to The Cove. Mr. Ken welcomed her again and told the young teenaged girl what he essentially told all the boys about giving him two weeks, before deciding if she wanted to stay, or have Ms. Turner find her another foster home. He told her there were also a number of Rules she would have to learn if she wanted to remain at The Cove. The man told the girl the boys would help her along the way.

The Owner of The Cove also explained she would be expected to become a member of The Cove, and would be expected to participate in what they do together as a 'family'. He also told the young girl that Chief would be her responsibility. He explained she would have to put out fresh kibble and water for Chief every morning, and she was to check the bowls when she came home from school

Mr. Ken reminded her she would have five 'brothers', aged thirteen down to eleven years old in the house, and would have to be modest, as she went from her bedroom to her bathroom. All three adults, Mr. Ken, Ms. Judy and Mr. Wayne, watched as Caroline rolled her eyes at hearing she would need to be modest, and discreet, around the boys.

Momma Maria immediately did not like the girl. The woman Cover didn't like the girl's attitude, and the way she acted so superior and pranced around. Momma kept her opinion to herself. She knew it was Mr. Ken's decision to foster the girl, and all she did was keep the Pantry full and prepare their meals.

Mr. Chris and Mr. Wayne also kept their comments to themselves about the girl, and decided to wait and see how this girl worked out at The Cove. The boys weren't overly enthusiastic at meeting their new 'sister', either. They didn't appreciate the way she took over the conversation at dinner, or being told by her how they had to treat her.

Mr. Ken took Caroline to school the next day to register her, get her a lunch pass and answer Principal Chadwick's many questions about his adding a girl to his mix. It was too late for the foster dad to schedule the young female teen a full physical with Doctor Powers, but he made a mental note to call Doctor Rick and the Doctor Doug on Monday to schedule her to see them.

At lunchtime, Caroline met more of the other girls in her class, and heard their stories about her 'brothers' and their friends. They also convinced her that as a Cover she could invite anyone she wanted over to The Cove. What they all didn't know was the new resident of The Cove needed to coordinate whom she invited over with her new foster dad, Mr. Ken Thomas, before inviting them over to her new 'home'.

When Caroline returned home, she looked for Mr. Ken to tell him she had invited a bunch of her new friends over the next day. When her foster dad asked her who these girls were, and if she had their phone numbers, she started to cry.

The newest Cover argued that her 'brothers' could invite anyone over, and asked why she couldn't. Mr. Ken told her she should have asked first and that she just couldn't invite just anyone over. She ran out of the Study crying. Mr. Ken didn't follow her, but Chief did.

At dinner the boys were astonished at hearing that Caroline invited a bunch of girls over to The Cove, on Saturday, and hadn't received permission. Then, when they heard whom she invited over it started a big argument at the dinner table.

Mr. Ken quickly put a stop to it, and told them they would discuss it after dinner, in the Study. The table became extremely quiet the remainder of the meal. The boys did give Momma Maria a hug after dinner, but Caroline threw her nose up as she passed the woman by.

Once in the Study, Caroline immediately argued that she was being treated differently than the boys were, and she should be able to invite anyone she wanted to her house. Robert told her they all had to coordinate with their dad before they invited just anyone over, and she was no different.

The young lady called them all bigoted, racists and prejudiced and were discriminating against her, a woman. She then ran out of the Study, with Chief at her heels. The boys sat there opened mouthed.

After Caroline left, Robert argued that the girls she invited over were some of the ones who had done something to him the previous year. The teen added how some of their sisters had given Matthew a difficult time earlier that school year.

Even Charles made the case that in the beginning they all could only invite one or two friends' over at a time, had to get permission before hand, and here she was inviting seven trouble making girls over, at the same time, and never even asked if she could.

Caroline didn't go far from the Study when she ran out. She quietly came back, so she could hear what they all had to say about her, and her inviting all her new friends. She heard Mr. Thomas tell the boys that he would have a sit down talk with her and explain what was expected of her.

'Dad' Ken explained he'd tell her she needed to sit back and watch and learn before making decisions that affected them all. Mr. Wayne just sat back listening and observing the entire upheaval.

When the boys left the Study to go up to their rooms to finish any homework they had, Mr. Ken and his Estate Master talked about the turmoil the newest addition to The Cove had created and she had only been there one whole day.

Mr. Ken had no idea where the girl would have gone in the huge house, so he called for Chief, and had the resident pet take him to her. She wasn't happy that the dog was used against her and told Mr. Ken that. He in turn told her to follow him to the Study, where they would have another talk about respect and the rules all of the boys, and now her, would adhere to.

When she entered the Study she asked why 'that man' was there, meaning Mr. Wayne. Mr. Ken reminded her he was the Estate Master and has the same authority he has when he is gone. She wasn't happy some other person was in the room listening and would be a witness to what was said.

Mr. Ken almost read her the riot act when he began to remind her about the Rules and how things happened there at The Cove. He told her he knew the father of one of the girls she invited over, and he was going to call him, and she would tell Joanna she could not come over on Saturday, or any other day.

Dracken laughed when Mr. Ken told him he had taken in a foster girl. Dracken welcomed him to the club, and wished him better luck than he had with his two daughters. When Joanna came to the phone Mr. Ken made Caroline tell her she could not come over and she was to call the other girls. Joanna laughed and told Caroline to find the numbers for herself, and then hung up.

While at dinner, earlier, Robert heard Caroline name the girls she invited and knowing his new 'sister' didn't have their phone numbers, he made it a point to get them, He called all of his friends who had contacts, and were able to call the teen Cover back with the phone numbers.

Robert quickly went to the Study with his information to give to his dad. Subsequently, Caroline had to call all of the girls and cancel their invitations to stop by The Cove, the next day.

That done, Mr. Ken told the newbie she wasn't to invite anyone over until she understood the rules, and would act as a 'guest' until she was told otherwise. That set the girl off and she used some choice vulgar words that got her sent to her room, with a promise they would continue their talk in the morning.

That night, Caroline thought she would go to Robert's room and climb into bed with him and have sex. She'd done that at other foster homes with the older boys and enjoyed the fast sex. When the girl started to get into bed with the teenaged boy, Robert didn't know what was happening.

When Caroline grabbed his man parts and then tried to pull his boxer briefs down Robert realized who it was and what she was trying to do. The teen boy pushed Caroline out of the bed and then out his door into the hallway.

During their talk the next morning, the girl told Mr. Ken she was a lady and should be treated as such, and she should be able to do whatever she wanted. Mr. Ken told her she was no lady, nor a woman, but was his responsibility and she better listen to him, and abide by the rules set for The Cove, or she would be sent away. Mr. Ken had initially decided he would take his new charge out shopping for new clothes that Saturday, but decided against it that morning because of her attitude.

All of the Cover lad's friends came over around twelve noon, as they usually did on Saturday. Caroline met them and began to berate Mr. Ken in front of them for making her cancel her invitation for her friends.

When Robert told the boys she'd invited Joanna Schwimminger, Kaelyn Farlow, Sarah Pikerson, Skyler Sippelle, Nora Vestiklle, Callie Zemorah along with Leah Hoalmes, the eighth and seventh grade boys were happy they would not be there. That sent Caroline off once more and she used some filthy language to tell the boys what they could do with themselves.

That night, Caroline tried to get in bed with Charles. But, the pre-teen had been warned by Robert, and as soon as she opened his bedroom door, Charles jumped out of bed and pushed her out the door and onto her ass. She immediately showed the pre-teen the middle finger and told him he would be sorry.

Charles told her he wasn't going to jail because she didn't know how to masturbate herself. The thirteen-year-old girl threw some more choice four-letter words towards Charles, but he'd already closed his bedroom door and only heard some mumbling outside it.

Sunday morning was a very tense time at the breakfast table. Robert and Charles hardly said a word after saying good morning to their 'dad'. Caroline also heard the other three boys call Mr. Ken 'dad', to her foster dad, and she began to criticize them. She told them, using some of her most obscene vocabulary, he wasn't their or her dad, but was only after the money the county government gave him to keep them.

Robert was tired of the girl's superior attitude and foul mouth and had heard enough and stood up. The teen told her Mr. Ken had adopted him and was indeed his dad and his 'brothers' used the term 'dad' with his dad's permission, as a simple means of communicating with their foster dad. Robert then walked out of the Kitchen Nook, quickly followed by Charles. The other three boys kept quiet and continued to eat.

That afternoon, Ken Thomas called Judy Turner and told her how disruptive Caroline had been. Mr. Ken told his friend she had better start looking for a replacement foster home for the girl. The man explained he felt she would not change her attitude, nor would she willingly abide by the rules, or even try to become a Cover. Ms. Judy was disappointed by what she heard. She told her friend she would look into it in the morning.

That afternoon when the boys went swimming, Caroline decided she would join them. But, not having a bathing suit, she decided to wear a bra and panties that became transparent when wet. The twins and Matthew and their friends were shocked at what she'd done. The teens and pre-teens got a good show that they never expected and, as such, snickered at.

Robert quickly retrieved his cell phone and called his dad and told him what she was doing. Mr. Ken was livid when he saw for himself the girl had no shame or morals. He sent her to her bedroom to change and meet him in his Study. Mr. Wayne was there when she arrived.

The thirteen-year-old girl loudly argued it was her body and she could do with it whatever she wanted. She told the two men she already had sex and would do so whenever the opportunity presented itself. After hearing what the girl stated, Mr. Ken immediately sent her to her bedroom.

When the boys burned the burgers and dogs later, Mr. Wayne went up to the girl's bedroom and told her she could come down for lunch. The Estate Master let her get what she wanted to eat and then had her sit with him.

That evening Mr. Ken had the foster girl come down and join them as they went to Four Corners for dinner. Upon their return, the Covers went to the Study as they normally did. Once there, Caroline was adamant about not talking about what had transpired since she arrived. She told them all that she saw The Cove as a male bastion set against her. She was immediately sent up to her room.

That night Caroline decided that Matthew didn't know anything about sex, and she was going to indoctrinate him. When she felt everyone was in bed and asleep, she snuck down to Matthew's bedroom. She slowly opened the door and quietly entered, with Chief following behind. The teen girl pulled the covers off the eleven year old and began to arouse the boy.

Matthew didn't know what was happening, and thinking it was a dream, he enjoyed the manipulation. It was when Caroline began to pull the boys underwear off of him that he awoke. He didn't know who it was at first, but when he saw Chief he knew it had to be Caroline.

The young Cover told Chief to go get 'dad', and Chief went barking down the hall. Robert and Charles heard Chief's barking. They instantly got out of bed to see what was happening. They both found Caroline in Matthew's room, with the boy's underwear down to his knees, and their 'brother' crying.

Mr. Ken knew something had to be wrong when Chief came barking into his bedroom. He hurriedly dressed in his shorts and sleeping shirt, the boys had gotten him for Christmas, and ran up the stairs.

When the owner of The Cove arrived at Matthew's bedroom, he found Robert, Charles and Caroline in Matthew's bedroom. When he heard why they were there, he was livid. He sent the two older kids to their rooms, and told them he would talk to them after he heard from Matthew.

After the boys, and Caroline, went off to school the next day, Mr. Ken waited until 8 a.m. to call Judy Turner at work. When she came to the phone, he told her Caroline tried to have sex with both Robert and Charles over the weekend.

The foster dad then dropped the other shoe and told the Director of CPS the girl had Matthew's underwear down to his knees when the older boys found her in Matthew's bedroom, last night. He finished by telling the Director of Children's Services he wanted her gone by the end of the day. He added he was considering filing charges of statuary rape against the girl for what she tried to do to Matthew.

Caroline did not return to The Cove after the end of school that Monday. Ms. Judy took her out of school that afternoon and delivered her to another foster home. That evening the Director of CPS stopped by The Cove to retrieve the girl's things and apologize to Mr. Ken for what the girl had done to the peace, sanctity and tranquility of The Cove.

Ms. Judy also apologized to the boys for the girl's actions, telling them she wasn't aware of Caroline's proclivities to use foul language and push the envelope when it came to sex. Before Ms. Judy left, Ken Thomas told her not to ever consider bringing any females, of any age, for him to foster.

Things around The Cove were so mixed up in February, due to Caroline's stay, that 'dad' Ken never got around to allowing the twins' computer to access the home's internet server. When he realized that, he decided to have Mr. Chris buy three new computer systems for the three youngest Covers.

When they were installed, the three boys were ecstatic they now had their own and new computers. The only caveat 'dad' Ken placed on the boys, over their computer usage, was he told them not to access any pornography. They all smiled, at the request, and said they wouldn't.

Through the month of February, the Covers fully returned to their pre-Holiday routines. The Cover lads focused on their schoolwork and Matthew was allowed to remain in his 5th grade class as he had caught up with his classmates

The boys also had mini-sleepovers with just one different friend spending the night. Mr. Ken liked it when there were only five extra boys spending the night, instead of twenty to forty. He felt his boys were able to get to know their friends better this way, and the feeding logistics were much simpler, as well.

Mr. Ken and his son, Robert, did go to the shooting range one Saturday morning. The teen's dad asked his son to tell him what he learned from Mr. Dan, and then show him how well he controlled his Glock.

Afterwards, the only advice Mr. Ken gave Robert was to slow down sending rounds downrange, until he acquired better control over the recoil, and could better group his shots. Dad and son had a great time together, and Robert was all smiles as they departed the range facility.

By the end of February, the Cover lads got anxious and began to ask 'dad' Ken where they were going on their Spring Break. 'Dad' Ken told them he wouldn't tell them until after the four passports, he applied for, had arrived.

The owner of The Cove told all five boys that if the passports didn't arrive on time they'd have to make other arrangements. The boys were disappointed at hearing that, but they knew there was nothing they could do but hope and pray the passports got there, and soon.

The skate park contractor had also made good progress on his contract. The Cover boys and their friends saw how the dirt was moved around to create any needed high points and they could now see the full extent of the new Cove Skate Park.

The boys also saw the installation of electrical power cables to the light poles, the CCTV cables, and rebar to form the different aspects of the park along with drainage pipe for the low areas in the skate park.

The outline of the picnic shelter was now visible, and the footers for the support beams had been poured. All of the boys became anxious for what they'd see next and they couldn't wait for the project to be finished.

During the 1st week of March, Ms. Judy called her friend Ken with a request he take on another foster boy. Ken Thomas reminded Judy Turner that he'd already made Spring Break plans with just his five, Mr. Wayne, Mr. Dan and Eric and adding another boy right then would not work.

Hearing Mr. Dan's name in the mix caught Ms. Judy by surprise. The woman asked why he added the adult and Mr. Ken told his friend the man needed a vacation, and it would keep the cabins less crowded. Ken then told Judy that Dan was just as anxious about going as the boys were. That caused the two to have a good laugh.

Mr. Ken told her he wouldn't have enough time to get the boy a passport, or change their accommodations for the trip, as it was way too late for what he'd already planned. Ms. Judy was disappointed with his quick decision, but totally understood why. She did ask him to think about adding to his brood after they returned.

When the boys returned home from school that first Friday in March, they learned the passports had arrived for their 'brothers'. It was then the boys asked their 'dad' where they were going. After dinner that night he told them he planned a cruise for them, but it wasn't on Disney this time.

Their 'dad' explained he wanted to see what other ships had for fun, and he chose the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston, TX. When the boys left the Study, they all went to their computers and did a search on the Carnival Breeze and what it had to offer. Afterwards, they shared what they found with one another and now they couldn't wait until they were on the ship.

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