Mayfield Titans

Chapter 28-Winter Break (1)

<Aiden and Nolan>
Phil picked up Nolan after work. Nolan was looking impatiently out of his living room window when he saw Phil’s pickup approaching. He was waiting in the house because he had no desire to wait outside on gray 35-degree day. He was so ready that he was out of the house and at the curb within seconds after Phil stopped. Nolan’s parents were both working, and he had said his good-byes in the morning, which meant his mother’s hug and her admonitions for him to behave himself were all out of the way.
“Hi, Coach Miller,” Nolan said as he tossed his overnight bad into the back seat. He exchanged a fist bump with Aiden’s dad.
“Phil works.”
“Not until we get away from my house. I don’t want my mom to get any vibes saying I called you by your first name.”
“Your secret is safe with me,” Phil grinned.
Nolan would be spending two nights with Aiden. He had Aiden all to himself this night and then Gordy, Mason, Miles, Lance, Skip, and Grant would be spending Saturday night with them.
Nolan and Phil discussed the struggles the Meadow Park Middle School basketball team was having even though it was undefeated. “We’ve got some pretty good talent,” Nolan said, “but our team chemistry sucks. I’m surprised we haven’t had a fight in our locker room.”
“Is it one issue or a lot of issues.”
“Well, it’s like it’s a lot of issues but it’s mostly Roland Barker who is what Aiden would call an asswaffle. He and I don’t get along at all, mostly because he knows I’m gay, and he barely gets along with anybody else. He’s maybe our best player, but all he wants to do is shoot. He leads the team in scoring and all, but still, you gotta be a team player.” Nolan caught his breath and said, “Sorry, I get all worked up every time I talk about him.”
“Maybe it’s time for you to forget about someone you can’t control and concentrate on what you can control?”
“Which is what?”
“Which is yourself,” Phil grinned.
“Yeah, I get it. You’re probably right. Anyway, I can tell you I’m one of only two seventh graders on the varsity and the only one who starts. My friend Carter is the other one and my friend Hank plays JV. Playing is fun most of the time but it would be better if Roland wasn’t always pissing people off—oops, excuse me, I mean if he wasn’t making everybody mad.”
The conversation went to the Seamount Middle School League overall and the four undefeated teams going into winter break. Phil and Nolan agreed it was going to get very exciting when the games started up again after New Year’s Day.
Aiden was sitting at his watching window eagerly waiting for Phil’s truck. Nolan had been texting him their progress and he knew they were only a few minutes away. He was wearing a blue Mayfield Titan hoodie and a pair of gray sweats. He thought about greeting Nolan wearing just his underpants, but decided it was too cold for that. They would have plenty of time to see each other’s underpants and less over the next couple of days but that wouldn’t start until later in the evening.
Aiden went out into the cold to greet his boyfriend (and his dad). They entered the house through the garage and the basement. Nolan said hello to Larry, who was sitting in the reading room with a book.
“You mean you two haven’t stripped down yet?” Larry chuckled. Nolan was still wearing his coat and Seahawks stocking cap and Aiden was dressed in the hoodie and sweats he had worn all afternoon.
“I told Nolan we’re heading to The Bear for pizza,” Aiden said.
“Well, you do have an hour before you go. I assumed that was way too long for the two of you to remain dressed.”
“Ha ha, very funny,” Aiden scowled. “We might just take off more than our underpants just to listen to you get funnier.”
“Is Aiden giving you a hard time” Phil asked.
“As always,” Larry replied. “We may have to deduct from his allowance every time he gives me the Aiden scowl after being teased.”
“Or, you could quit teasing and then you’d never have to see the scowl.”
Larry rose from his overstuffed chair, stepped up to Aiden, and ruffled his hair.
“Ohhh, see what I have to live with, Nolan? Every morning I have to look in the mirror to see if my dads have given me any gray hairs.”
“I thought we were the ones having to check for gray hairs after dealing with a pubescent son.”
Aiden pulled off his hoodie and Seahawks t-shirt. He kicked off his slippers and pulled off his sweats. He was now wearing just a pair of white briefs and green socks with purple diamonds. He wiggled his hips and said, “Get some gray hairs from this.”
Phil was laughing so hard he had to fight for breath. “I will say this, son,” Larry said, unsuccessfully fighting off his own laughter, “laughter is a good antidote for gray hair. I think your dad and I won’t have that worry about that for a couple of days.”
Nolan had taken off his coat and hat but was still fully dressed otherwise. He was also laughing along with Larry and Phil. Aiden had held his own laughter back, but he lost it as he led Nolan to the stairs leading to the upper story.
“Aren’t you going to pick up your clothes?” Larry called out.
“Keep them as souvenirs,” Aiden laughed. Then he stopped, pulled off his underpants and tossed them toward Larry where they landed at his feet. “You can have that as souvenir, too, and they don’t even have any skid marks.”
Aiden ran off for the stairs, screeching with laughter. Nolan followed his naked boyfriend, laughing hard. “You’re crazy, Aiden,” he said as they entered Aiden’s bedroom.
“I know,” Aiden said as he brought his laughter under control. “But Pop needed a good laugh because he had to teach school for a week before break and Dad has had to get trucks manned every morning to deice the county roads up in the hills.”
Before Nolan could respond, Aiden was all over him, covering his face and lips with kisses. Anyone looking at them would be amused by the naked boy clinging to the bigger boy who was still fully dressed and kissing him like the crazy boy he was supposed to be.
“Get naked!” Aiden commanded. Nolan didn’t hesitate and quickly stripped everything off except his white socks. He then took over and pulled Aiden down to his bed, got on top of him, and kissed his neck, his chest, licked his nipples and his belly button, kissed the head of his hard cock, then adjusted his position so he was directly on top of his sweetheart, and started humping him.
Aiden pushed back as much as he could, reached around and stroked Nolan’s ass, then fingered his pucker, as he felt Nolan’s hard cock dig into him.
“God, I love you, Nolan. I love you so much. I want you to cum all over me.”
“This is just the warmup for tonight, sweets,” Nolan said hoarsely. Both boys were too horny to last long and soon Nolan was giving Aiden exactly what he wanted, a chest and belly covered with his boyfriend’s young teen cum. Aiden came soon after and when they tightly hugged each other, they were both a sticky mess.
“Shower time?” Aiden asked as he and Nolan came down from their sexual high.
“Your dads will wonder.”
“They won’t wonder, they’ll know.”
“Why don’t we just wash the cum off,” Nolan suggested. “Maybe add a touch of fresh deodorant to hide any leftover smell.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
Downstairs Phil had just gotten off the phone with Lewis Carlson, his assistant, about what county roads might need deicing or sanding in the morning and how many trucks they would be using. Lewis and Phil agreed to trade weeks during the winter to deal with the logistics of dealing ice or snow on the highways. 
“Did you get the impression the boys were busily working up an appetite for pizza,” Larry asked Phil.
“It’s hard to tell, but I’d say yes. Between the location of Aiden’s room and their ability to muffle their nose, they’ve managed to make their sex private,” Phil replied.
“Thank heavens,” Larry chuckled.
The boys made it downstairs in plenty of time for the trip to The Bear. The plan was to have their pizza and then go to the boys’ basketball game at the high school. Larry and Phil would then sit with coaches and friends while the boys would hang with their middle school friends.
The Bear was considered one of the best pizza restaurants in the county, and they lived up to their reputation that night. The game wasn’t nearly as good. The Mayfield Mustangs trailed the Parkville Loggers 28-24 at the half.
“How can we be trailing Parkville?” Aiden asked his Larry as he and Nolan waited in the concession line with him. “I mean they’re just a B school.”
“Yes, they are. But they’re a B school with a 5-0 record while our Mustangs are an A school with a 3-3 record staring only one senior. It happens.” The Mustangs were playing Parkville, which was northeast of Mayfield, for the first time in twelve years.  The Mustangs ended up losing 49-47 and dropped to 3-4 for the season.
That sex between Aiden and Nolan was a little less hectic that night than it had been before dinner. Their quick cums earlier had set them up for some serious lovemaking. In a switch from their usual roles, Aiden was the top. Even though there had been no anal penetration earlier in the evening, Nolan had essentially been the top. The boys agreed that switching made sense. After they finished, they talked for a while in the dark. They thought that their wild humping earlier had produced more intense orgasms, but their “love-making” had been more satisfactory.
One question they discussed was the next night. Who was going to do what to whom when they had their overnight gathering? They decided that either one of them could do anything with another boy without having to ask.
“Do you think that means you will do Grant if he lets you fuck him?” Nolan asked.
“I don’t know. I know he wants to, so we’ll see what happens. He will have Lance here to keep him happy.”
“I was thinking maybe I can bottom for Mason and make him happy.”
“I think he’d be happier just sucking your dick,” Aiden giggled.
“Good point.”
Nolan and Aiden traded a short, but heartfelt kiss, and fell asleep snuggled tightly together.
<Justin and Joey>
Justin and Joey’s second overnight was at Joey’s house. While they knew they couldn’t wear just their underpants outside of Joey’s bedroom, they decided that wearing soccer shorts and a t-shirt would be comfortable enough, especially if they didn’t wear any underpants underneath. The problem with that idea was they would either have to strip their underpants off in the bathroom or do it in front of each other in Joey’s bedroom.
“Damn, Joey, we’ve seen each other almost naked at my house, so what’s wrong with seeing each other naked? We’re not different, right?”
“I guess,” Joey responded. “But if we do it, who’s going to do it first?”
“Easy, we do it at the same time.” Justin took off his shirt and was now standing in just his white briefs and gray and blue socks.
“With your shirt off you’re going to be naked when you take off your undies.”
“We’re gonna do it sometime if we keep having overnights, even by accident, so let’s just get it over with.” Before Joey could protest, Justin junked the idea of them stripping at the same time and stepped out of his underpants and stood fully naked in front of his friend. It was the first time he had been naked with another boy.
Joey stared at Justin, fascinated with what he saw. He pointed to Justin’s penis. “You are different from me,” he said.
Rather than explain it, he pulled off his underpants. He is still wearing his shirt and had to pull up the hem, holding his little penis for Justin to see. Justin stepped in and bent down to look directly at what his friend was holding. “What’s that you got on your wiener?”
“Skin.” Joey pulled it back to show Justin that other than the skin they were the same.
Justin held his cocklet in his hand and ran couple fingers back and forth on it. “How come I don’t have any skin?”
“I dunno, but I think it’s cool that we’re not exactly the same.”
“Me too, but I’m gonna find out from my dads why we aren’t. And, hey, you should take your shirt off so we’re both naked.”
Joey obliged and the two friends gazed at each enthralled with what they saw. They were also surprised that what they were doing didn’t feel wrong. Instead, it felt like something best friends should be doing. After a couple of minutes of taking in the sights, they put their shirts back on and, almost reluctantly, donned their soccer shorts. Their walk from school to Justin’s house was the carefree jaunt that happy preteens seemed to specialize in.
They had agreed in school that they would wear just their underpants to bed like they had at Justin’s house. But that had been before they had seen each other naked, hence another discussion on what to wear to bed was needed. They decided that being naked was okay in their bedrooms except when they were in bed.
“We were touching when we were in your bed and it’s way bigger than mine,” Joey pointed out. “We’ll be touching so much in my bed that we could end up touching each other’s wieners.”
“Shit, you’re right,” Justin said. “We better sleep like we planned.”
“But before we get into bed, let’s look at each other naked again.”
Justin saw nothing wrong with that and for the first time they stripped for the sole purpose of seeing each other naked. They got on the bed and placed themselves in what was a classic, side-by-side sixty-nine position and gave each other a close examination.
“Is it okay if I touch your skin real quick?” Justin asked.
“Only if I can touch where you don’t have any skin.”
And for the first time, each preteens touched another boy’s penis. Justin pulled Joey’s skin down and touched his glans while Joey rubbed Justin’s glans. Both of their cocklets started to become erect. They each enjoyed the feel of their friend’s fingers on their little cocks and wondered why it felt so amazingly good and why their wieners got hard.
 When Joey let go of him, Justin felt a keen sense of disappointment. He didn’t want to let go of Joey’s wiener but was afraid it would seem weird if he didn’t.
Justin turned around so his head was at the head of the bed. He looked at his best friend’s face and thought it was the nicest looking face he had ever seen. He had no guilt feelings about what he and Joey and just done. The fact that it felt so good meant it couldn’t be wrong. Joey felt the same way.
“I can’t believe how good your hand felt,” Justin said.
“But why did our wieners get hard like that?”
“I dunno, but I liked it.  When it got hard it felt even better when you touched me.”
“Same with me. And, Justin, it made me think of something.”
“Since we touched each other’s wieners then it don’t matter if we touch each other’s in our sleep.”
“Shit, we might as well sleep nakey, nakey,” Justin grinned.
And so, the boys enjoyed another first on a night of firsts—sleeping naked together. They scooted close together and enjoyed the heat and feel of each other’s bodies. The cute, innocent looking strawberry blond and the macho looking dark-haired boy never thought of their evening as being sexual; they knew nothing about things sexual. For them, it was about best friends becoming better friends.
<Trent and Jackson>
“So, who do you like doing better, me or Arizona?” Trent asked his brother Jackson as they woke up in Jackson’s bed.
“Damn, bro, does it really matter?” Jackson asked. “Her pussy is nice and warm and moist, your ass is really tight, and I think you’re both awesome dudes. The advantage you have is you can’t get preggers, plus you’re my brother and I love you.” Jackson, who was sixteen and a junior, had been fucking his thirteen-year-old brother off and on for over a year.
“You don’t love Arizona?”
“We’re still getting to know each other.”
“Does she love you?”
“Damn, you’re a nosy brother this morning. Yeah, she says she does, which makes things complicated. I guess we’re sorta going out with each other, but we’re not really boy and girlfriend. Fuck, I’m sounding like some whining middle school eighth grader.”
“Hey, watch who you’re calling a whining middle school eighth grader,” Trent said, faking hurt feelings.
“Sorry, bro, present company excepted. Now, how about you get your sexy naked body out of my bed, pick up your pissy underpants from wherever you threw them last night, and get back to your room before one of the ‘rents has a moment of clarity and figures out where you are.”
“And my underpants weren’t pissy,” Trent protested. “Everybody dribbles an extra couple of drops sometimes.” Trent rose from his brother’s bed, picked his red boxer shorts off the floor, started for the door, and then stopped. “Since I was bottom, I get first shower.”
“Fine, but don’t stand there talking about it, go do it. Besides, we could always shower together.”
“Yeah, right, then I would be pissy, not my undies.” He started out of the room one more time and stopped again. “Oh, and since when is a girl a dude?”
“Huh?” Jackson thought the question over for a couple seconds and then remembered what he said. “Hey, it was better calling her a dude than calling you a little girl.”
Trent grabbed his cock and balls, making sure his big brother could see them. “This proves I ain’t no girl—I’m all man.” With that Trent finally left the room and hustled across the hall to the bathroom to shower, thankful neither of his parents happened to be in the hall.
<Lenny and Lance>
Jackson and Trent weren’t the only brothers who had sex together Friday night. Lenny and Lance enjoyed two sixty-nines in Lance’s bed before falling asleep together. They weren’t particularly in the mood for anal sex. Keith would be spending the night with Lenny and Lenny had made it plain when they had set up the overnight so that he and Keith would be trading fucks and Lance was hoping that he would have butt sex with Grant or maybe somebody else when he stayed over at Aiden’s house. Sex was the twins’ topic when they work up.
“You know, butt sex always used to sound gross and now we both keep looking for ways to do it together or with somebody,” Lenny told his twin brother. “And then there are times like last night when we don’t feel like doing it.”
“And we’re just little sixth graders,” Lance pointed out. “Look what the guys like Aiden and Keith and Trent and Miles and other seventh and eighth graders are doing. The guys with hair are doing all kinds of stuff, like what happened on the bus after Wednesday’s basketball game. I could never take my pants off on the team bus and sit there jerking off.”
“Tell me that when we’re in eighth grade.”
“Okay, right now I hope I never do it,” Lance conceded. “But we have do have a sister problem we have to do something about.”
“I know. It’s winter break and The Brat hasn’t said a thing about you and me fucking.”
“Yep, and we both know what that means.”
Lenny took a long deep breath and let it slowly. “It means we have to let her watch us do it.”
“We don’t have to. She’s going to have to ask us if she can watch first.”
“And if she doesn’t ask by the time school starts, then she’s out of luck.”
“I don’t think we said that,” Lance pointed out.
“I don’t think we did, either, but she’s going to have to prove we didn’t say it.”
“That’s going to mean a long argument that’s going to go on forever.”
“You mean that’s something new?”
“Nothing new at all, so let’s hope she forgets about it,” Lance giggled.
“Like that’s going to happen.” 
“Let’s get out of bed and shower and eat. It’s cartoon time.”
The twins were quickly up in the shower and getting their day started.
<Justin and Joey>
When  Justin and Joey awoke, Justin’s hard cocklet was pressed against Joey’s side. Justin thought it was strange that he had a boner. He moved a little, his boner rubbing along his friend’s smooth skin; the sensation was even better than one he had received from Joey’s hand.
“Are you awake?” Joey asked.
“Yeah,” Justin yawned.
“How come you’re poking my side?” Justin pulled back the covers and showed him. “Cool. That happens to me sometimes in the morning, too, but I don’t know why.”
“It feels good when I rub it against you.” Justin rubbed Joey’s side to demonstrate what he meant. “I wish there was somebody we could ask about what why we’re feeling things and why I got a boner from touching you.”
“Well, I sure won’t ask my parents.”
“Me either. But if it feels so good it can’t be bad and I won’t mind doing it more or doing it some other time.”
“We better get up and shower, but we have some things we can do next time we overnight.”
“Yeah, and I can’t wait.”
When the got out of bed, Justin’s two-inch boner was sticking straight out in front of him. Of course, Joey wanted to touch it, and of course Justin allowed him to do it, but somehow their erections touched and they pushed them together. Another first, having their erections touch, had just occurred, and once again it felt good and felt right. It was the last first of the overnight.
Joey said Justin could take the first shower, which Justin did. The first of experience of taking a shower together would have to wait for another time.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Aiden and Nolan were enjoying sleeping in when Aiden’s phone went off. Aiden disengaged from Nolan cursing about how he forgot to turn his alarm on when he realized it was a phone call and not the alarm. He saw that the time was quarter to ten and remembered he always used the alarm on his desk for getting up in the morning and not the one on his phone.
“Who the fuck is calling me before the sun is even up?” he grumbled, even though the light filtering around his shades was telling him it was well after dawn.
“Aren’t you Mr. Grumpy this morning,” Nolan yawned. “Now, shut up, I can’t sleep.” He rolled over, his back to Aiden. Since Aiden was on the wall side of the bed, he pulled covers off Nolan, crawled over him, and answered his phone on the last ring. He had no clue who was calling and wished he’d stayed under the covers.
“Hello,” he growled into the phone.
“My oh my, aren’t you Mr. Grumpy this morning,” came the familiar voice of Marty.
Aiden was about to be really grumpy and scream for the voice to “shut the fuck up” when it occurred to him whose voice it was. “Marty? Marty! What are you doing call so early?”
“Early? I thought you were the dude who got up early to make breakfast. It’s almost ten.”
“It’s my first day of vacation, and that makes it early.”
“My sincere apologies for getting you up early and calling you a grump. Go on back to sleep—you can come to the batting cage with Rich and me some other day.”
“I am going back to sleep and…wait!” Aiden was suddenly wide awake. “Did you say the batting cages?”
“One cage, but it’s still swinging a bat. All of a sudden you sound like you’re awake. Does this mean you want to go?”
“You know it. But Nolan spent the night with me.”
“What a surprise. I guess that means I woke both of you up. Obviously, you’re both invited to come.”
“He already fell back asleep,” Aiden said, “but I can wake him up. What time will you pick up? We need to shower and eat.”
“Forget the shower, I’m picking you guys up at ten-thirty. You can shower at the locker room. Go wolf down your breakfast, brush your pearly whites, put your baseball practice gear on, bring fresh underwear and clothes, and make sure you wear your cup.”
“My cup? Why?”
“I’ll tell you later.”
“Nolan doesn’t have any of his stuff.”
“His house is pretty much on the way. He can grab his stuff and we’ll make it to the gym by eleven-thirty, which is when I have it scheduled. Now quit jabbering and get yourself ready.” Marty broke the connection.
Aiden shook Nolan’s naked body. “Hey, sweet cum, wake up.”
“Wake up?” Nolan mumbled. “I thought you turned the alarm off and I’m going back to sleep.”
“Nope, you’re waking up because I have good news.”
Before Aiden could finish explaining what the phone call was about, Nolan was sitting up on the bed asking what the fuck they were waiting for. It didn’t take long for the two grumps to slap on yesterday’s underwear and t-shirts and head downstairs to eat. Breakfast was cereal and toast and was gobbled down quickly.
“I hope you boys realize that it is December and baseball turnouts don’t start until March,” Larry chuckled. “They do have a gym with baskets there.”
“Daaaaaad, quit being silly,” Aiden urged after swallowing the last of his milk. “I get to hit in a cage with a Major League baseball player and you want me to shoot baskets? And you call yourself a baseball coach?”
“Hey, I’m just pulling your leg.”
“I know, but still…”
“Hey, it could be worse, I could be doing this…” Larry ruffled Aiden’s blond hair, making his bed head an even bigger mess than it had been.
“Come on Nolan, let’s brush our teeth and pack my gym bag and my bat and get ready to meet Marty.”
“And maybe but on some pants,” Nolan suggested.
“Yeah, that too, although Marty has seen me naked lots of times.”
Aiden got up from the table, but his Pop stopped him. “Hey, come over here,” Larry said gently. Aiden obeyed and got a tight, loving hug from his Pop on return. “Have fun—you’re a great kid and deserve to have a friend like Marty.”
Aiden had planned on going to the noon Fourth Dimension meeting, but there was no way to he was going to give up taking batting practice with a Major League ballplayer who just happened to be his big bro.
Marty pulled into the driveway just as the boys came back downstairs. They yelled their good-byes and dashed out the front door and into the back seat of Marty’s SUV. Marty’s husband, Rich, was driving so Marty could talk with the boys—and talk they did. They talked about school, baseball, how they were going to organize their practice, where they would eat their lunch, and even a little about trains as they passed the local freight heading toward Mayfield on their way to Centralia.
They stopped at Nolan’s house, where Nolan’s parents treated Marty like the celebrity he was, while Marty was his usual, humble self. After Marty left with the boys, Paul and Vivian shared with each other how impressed they were with Marty Carlson, the person.
Don Liebermann, the owner of the facility, was at the door to greet them. He had two cages set up, the pitching machines running, and plenty of balls. Bats weren’t needed since everyone had brought their own.
“Do you guys have your cups on?” Marty asked.
“You said to bring it, not put it on. And why do we need it? I mean it’s just batting practice,” Aiden moaned.
“First, I distinctly remember saying for you to wear it. Second, the Mariners had an outfielder a few years back who had a foul ball bounce right up into his crotch and did some major damage. I never heard whether or not he was wearing a cup, but you guys are going to wear one. No matter what you’re doing on a baseball field, that one ball is just a bit harder than your two. Now go put your cup on.” Already feeling embarrassed at being dressed down by Marty, Aiden felt even worse when he discovered he was the only one to dash to the locker room to get his cup; Nolan had done as he had been told.
Marty worked at one cage with Aiden and Nolan was with Rich. They switched half-way through the session. While Rich wasn’t a pro player, he had played high school and college ball with Marty. He had recently signed up for an age 18-30 amateur team out of Kirkland so he could continue playing the sport he loved.
Marty and Rich spent their time when they weren’t hitting giving pointers to Aiden and Nolan. The boys could see some of the results immediately. They were told that it would take a while for other suggestions to bear fruit. Marty promised the boys he would treat them to one more session before he and Rich left for Arizona.
“Invite a couple of your friends,” Marty told Aiden. “For example, Gordy is a very talented hitter. An adjustment here and an adjustment there will make him even better.”
The gym had and exercise equipment and a dozen users. Every now and then someone would come back to the cages to see who was practicing hitting this time of year. The solid thump of wooden bat hitting a baseball was a much different sound than the usual pings of aluminum bat on ball usually heard in the cages. Many of them recognized Marty and were polite enough not to ask for autographs, even those who had their kids with them.
“That was so, so, so much fun,” Nolan said as they finished. “Thanks a lot, Marty.”
“Do I get a hug as a reward?” Marty asked. The answer was a tight hug that told Marty that Nolan was a strong young teen.
“Thanks Marty and Rich,” Aiden added. “You’re both awesome.” What was really awesome in Aiden’s mind was something he had shared with Nolan before Marty picked them up. He was going to see Marty naked in the locker room. Aiden was now literally swooning at the thought, his boy crush in full swing.
The two young men and two young adolescents quickly stripped, none of them embarrassed by their nakedness at first. But Aiden was so engrossed by Marty’s chiseled body that his popped a boner despite all his efforts not to.
“Nice looking piece of wood,” Marty chuckled as they went into the shower alcove. “I’m sure it would make a good bat.”
Aiden burned with embarrassment and said, “I couldn’t help it.”
Marty put his arm around Aiden’s shoulder. “Hey, no problem, sport. Rich and I were both twelve once, right love?”
“And we liked to take advantage of it,” Rich grinned.
For his part, Marty was once again impressed by how Aiden’s body was maturing. There was no doubt that the kid was a sexy boy and he wished he lived in a world where he could take advantage of that. As for Nolan, what Marty saw was the body of a thirteen-year-old stud who would be amazing when he started hitting the weights.
Nolan was determined to be calm through the shower, but the combination of Marty’s chiseled body and Aiden popping a boner put him at full mast as well. He quickly rinsed himself off and turned off his shower. “I’m ready for lunch,” he said as he grabbed his towel.
“As are we all,” Marty agreed. “Let’s get going.” Marty smiled as he dried himself. He could see what Aiden saw in Nolan’s goods—the young teen’s erection had been very impressive.
Of course, they couldn’t go directly out the door and to the car. Despite Don’s best efforts to get Marty’s group right out the door, they stopped for three autograph requests, all by fathers with their sons. Marty was a gracious signer, asking for the boy’s name, and putting it on his autograph with a little inspirational ditty. Two of the boys had paper and pen that their fathers dug out of their car’s glove compartment, and one had a baseball that Marty’s group had used and his father was able to procure from Don.
“Rule number one,” Marty said as they finally got into the SUV, “sign autographs whenever possible, especially when kids are asking and always do it with a smile and a nice word.”
“Does that mean I get an autograph?” Nolan asked.
“You mean you don’t have one?” 
“Not a personalized one.”
Marty got some paper and a Sharpie, which he always kept handy, out of the console. He told Nolan he would sign something when they stopped for lunch.
Lunch was at the Centerville Café. Marty and the boys enjoyed cheeseburgers while Rich munched down a BLTA sandwich. Marty also signed his autograph for Nolan: “For my good friend, Nolan. Work hard to make every day great, and greatness will become a part of you. Your friend, Marty Carlson.”
George, the owner, offered to give them lunch on the house. “You run a great place here and it’s a privilege for me to pay for our meals,” Marty said as he pulled out his credit card. He not only signed the credit card slip he signed an autograph for George as well.
When they arrived at Aiden’s house, Marty and Rich went in with Aiden and Nolan. The group congregated in the living room and chatted. Aiden and Nolan listened intently as the adults discussed some of the finer points of baseball, from hitting, to fielding, to pitching, as well as the mental aspects of the game. Phil, who had been working that morning, invited Marty and Rich to stay for dinner.
“We appreciate the invite,” Marty responded, “but we heard a rumor, no doubt started by Young Master Aiden himself, that a hoard of underwear clad young boys would be invading this house right about pizza time.”
“Do you have an objection to a hoard of underwear clad tweens?” Larry laughed.
“We will leave taming the wild group of fetching eye candy up to the experts. But I am going to be bold and say that Rich and I would love to receive an invitation for a dinner of Coach Phil’s fabulous and amazing lasagna.”
“Oh, say yes Pop, say yes Dad, say yes one of you,” Aiden said.
Phil and Larry said yes together. Larry then said he would call to set a date. “But since you invited yourselves, I expect you to supply the dessert.”
“The Mayfield Café still makes great pies,” Rich grinned. “That shouldn’t be a problem.”
“When are you guys leaving?” Aiden asked.
“We plan of leaving the tenth of next month,” Rich replied.
“Plenty of time to get something set up,” Larry said.
“And Nolan is invited too, right?” Aiden asked.
Nolan leaned in and gave Aiden a long thank you kiss on the lips. He did as much to impress Marty and Rich as to thank his boyfriend for including him in the invitation. Marty and Rich left for their apartment at the Bednarzyk residence suitably impressed.
<The Hoard of Boys>
The boys who had been invited to spend the night had been informed that the pizza would be ordered to arrive at six o’clock. The first two boys, Miles and Mason, arrived just before five, driven by Miles’ mother. Aiden and Nolan greeted them at the door wearing sweatshirts, underpants, and socks. The sweatshirts    would probably disappear later, but opening the front door meant getting hit with cold air. While the sweatshirts didn’t prevent an attack of shivers, they helped.
When Miles and Mason saw what Aiden and Nolan were wearing, they got the hint. As soon as the four boys went into the back room of the basement, Miles and Mason stripped off their coats, pants, and shoes. The gas fireplace had been lit and was pumping out heat, so a sweatshirt wasn’t necessary. The four boys retired to the games room and got a ping pong game started.
“You still need a pool table here,” Nolan observed. “There’s room for one.”
“Tell my dads,” Aiden told him. “I gave up on it long ago. And the thing is, I happen to know they’re both pretty good pool players.”
The next guests arrived twenty minutes later. Aiden answered the door and let Lenny, Lance and Keith into the house. Lenny had called an hour earlier and asked if it would be okay for Keith and him to come. “The Brat and her two stupid friends are going to have their overnight at our house because Mary’s mom wasn’t feeling good. At least that’s what they’re saying. I think they want to figure out how to see me and Keith naked. So, if it’s okay and we can still get pizza, we want to know if you’ll rescue us.”
“Hang on a sec.” Aiden lowered his phone and yelled out, “Two more for pizza.”
“Got it,” Phil called back.
“It’s good.”
“Mom will take us and Lance to your house. See ya soon.”
As a result of the call, Aiden wasn’t surprised to see Keith and Lenny. He was especially pleased to see Keith. He hadn’t seen the Kentburg redhead in his underpants (or less) in a long time. “Let’s go down to the basement,” he said. “It’s strip down to your underwear night,” Aiden told them.
“Yeah, right,” Lenny said. “At least that’s what it is until we strip down to nothing night.”
“In your dreams,” Aiden said, knowing that was what probably would end up happening.
Ten minutes later the third, and last, contingent arrived; Skip, Grant, and Gordy, driven by Skip’s grandmother. Aiden hadn’t noticed who the driver was, or he would have looked for his pants and put them on before answering the door or had asked one of his dads to answer. Instead, when he opened the door, he found himself facing the three boys as well as Mrs. Edmonds wearing nothing but a sweatshirt and a pair of tight white briefs which left little to the imagination. Fortunately, the sweatshirt covered all but the hemline. Mrs. Edmonds gave Aiden an amused smile as she watched him turn a bright shade of crimson.
“You have a good time, Skipper. And both of you try to at least keep your socks on, or you’ll catch cold,” Mrs. Edmonds smirked. “Call me tomorrow when you need to be picked up.” She walked down the steps, enjoying herself as well as the boys’ embarrassment.
“I’ll never be able to ride that bus again,” Aiden moaned, closing the door after the boys entered.
“Gramma won’t ever tell anybody,” Skip said. “I walk around her house in my undies all the time. And you could hardly see anything, anyway. Besides, I’ve been to a skinny dip party here, remember?”
“You’re right. I guess maybe I was thinking about being in just my undies in front of her.”
Another blush by Skip told Aiden all he needed to know. “You mean she’s seen you naked?”
“Just a couple of times,” Skip said shyly, “and not for, like, a couple of months. I always wear just my undies at Gramma’s. Nakey is comfy, but it’s embarrassing. But Gramma never makes fun of me for being naked.”
“Well, you’ve been not only been naked here but, you got your first BJ here, so you know it isn’t embarrassing here.” By then Aiden and Skip had reached the basement. When Skip saw that everybody except Grant and Gordy, who were stripping, was dressed in underpants and t-shirts or sweatshirts or in just underpants, he got down to his T-Rex briefs as fast as he could.
“What’s with the dinosaur briefs?” Lance asked. He was one of the boys stripped down to just socks and underpants.
“It means I got a big dinosaur in my undies,” Skip giggled.
“Hey, where’s your buddy?”
“His family left for California until after Christmas. Gage’s Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt and Uncle and three cousins all live around San Diego.”
“Cousins? Like boy cousins?”
“Gage says two girls who are twins in ninth grade and a boy cousin who is in sixth grade.”
“Does the boy cousin like messing around?” Lance asked.
“How come everybody in middle school is always asking about sex?” Skip felt that it was up to Gage to answer the question since the answer would be yes. Skip and Lance weren’t close enough or mature enough yet to be where they felt they could share everything with each other.
“You mean there’s something else?” Grant asked. He walked over to Lance and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
“I guess not. And that means that when I come here to Aiden’s house, I get to learn about the most important thing about being ready for middle school,” Skip giggled.
“You’re going to be the sexiest boy in sixth grade next year,” Aiden said.
Skip grinned. “I know they’re going to be too babyish for middle school, but I like them. I wore them today just to see what you big kids would say.”
“Well, this big kid says he thinks you look awesome in them.”
The hoard of ten boys in underpants soon had the basement busy and noisy. Six of them were in the game room playing, Keith and Lenny were on the couch making out and being warmed by the fire. They were naked except for their underpants, which were folded under their balls. Grant and Nolan were naked in the hot tub, talking about sex while casually masturbating themselves.
Nolan and Grant had been talking about some of their sexual experiences, about who might be doing what to whom that night, and about what it was like having a boyfriend. Nolan surprised Grant when he revealed that Aiden wanted to fuck him.
“For real? I think he’s the coolest dude in seventh grade. Why would he want to fuck me?” Grant asked.
“Because you’re a sexy dude and he likes you a lot.”
“But he’s your boyfriend. Wouldn’t you be made if he did me?”
“We have a deal going about that. We figure we’re not married. I mean, we’re in the seventh grade and we want to, you know, play around. We live far apart and it’s hard for us to do it with each other every time we want. We can mess around with anybody, anytime, but we have to tell each other about fucking somebody else, even if it’s after. But we both know that we can only make love to each other. That’s a special kind of fucking only boyfriends can do together.”
“Oh, I get it,” Grant said, even though he wasn’t sure that he really did get it. “So, I guess that means me and Lance must make love to each other.”
“How many times have you done it together?”
“I don’t know if you have or not. I’m betting you did.”
“I suppose if I should talk to Lance before I do anything with Aiden, right?”
Nolan nodded. “If you guys say you’re boyfriends, then you should. You probably should have a talk real soon about what you’re cool and not cool with when it comes to messing around with other guys.”
“Lance knows I’m cool with him and Lenny doing it. They’re twin brothers and should be able to do anything together. But, if I do sleep with Aiden, what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know yet. Maybe be bottom for Mason since I know he wants to do me.”
“I thought Mason liked being bottom best.”
“He told Aiden he wants to try doing more.”
Their chat was interrupted by Lenny and Keith coming out of the basement. They were now naked, each of them erect. “Mind if we come in the water?” Lenny asked. They didn’t wait for an answer—forty-degree weather was way to cold for standing around naked. They entered the hot tub and sat on two of the underwater benches.
“We were just thinking of getting out,” Nolan replied. “You guys make sure you don’t leave cum in the water or Aiden will go ballistic.”
Nolan climbed out of the tub and grabbed two towels form the towel cabinet. Lenny noted they both had boners. Before Grant could get out, Lenny scooted next to him and put his hands on his shoulders. “I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since you and my brother became boyfriends,” Lenny whispered.
Grant expected to be asked by Lenny at some time, and that time had arrived. He moved his face in a couple of inches and pursed his lips. Lenny wrapped his arms around Grant, put his lips against him and kissed him hard. He pushed his tongue against Grant’s mouth, and Grant readily accepted it. The two naked boys exchanged a long, passionate kiss, their boners pushed together.
Nolan shivered as he stood watching the hot tub kiss. “They look cute together,” Keith told Nolan, “almost like they’re boyfriends. Oh, wait, it’s Lance and Grant who are boyfriends,” he giggled. “It’s so easy to get them confused.”
“We need to make out together sometime,” Lenny whispered to Grant. “Lance won’t mind, he can mess around with Keith.”
“Yeah, some time we can do it.” Grant said. He was bit confused by the readiness of boyfriends to mess around with other boys, but he thought he was willing to give it a try. He just needed to give it some thought first.
Nolan couldn’t wait any longer. He entered the basement before he froze into a block of ice. Grant made it from the hot tub to the basement in record time, his feet barely toughing the cold concrete patio. Nolan was waiting just inside drying himself. “Your towel is on the table,” Nolan told him. “Fuck, it’s cold out there after you get out of the water. They need heaters under the deck for winter days.”
“Did you see what Lenny did with me?” Grant asked.
“I did and it was pretty awesome. Now you get to see which twin is the best kisser.”
“Oh, I already know Lance is,” Grant grinned.
Grant and Nolan put their underpants and socks back on after they dried themselves. Keith and Lenny got out of the hot tub just as the pizza arrived. Lenny, who was a hot tub veteran, shut off the jets, but kept the thermometer set at 101 degrees. Aiden or his dads would make sure it was turned down and the hot tub was covered at the end of the evening. After they dried each other, they agreed they might as well remain naked, since the clothes were sure to come off after dinner anyway.
As they got into the line going up the stairs, they saw that they were the only ones naked. That didn’t surprise Lenny, since not everyone was comfortable with being naked in front of the adult, but it did disappoint him since he enjoyed being naughty. Keith, on the other hand, was one of those who was uncomfortable with being nude outside of the basement. He was about to go back to get his underpants when he noticed Lance, Skip, and Mason getting naked. He started back up the stairs, figuring there was safety in numbers.
Keith needn’t have worried. After Aiden and Nolan helped them set up the pizza boxes, the drinks, along with paper plates and glasses on the island in the kitchen, Larry and Phil retreated to the living room. Everyone was told the drill; if you didn’t want to be seen naked by Aiden’s dads then stay out of the foyer and the living room. The boys sat the dining room table or the kitchen table, but places were traded about as often as they went for more pizza.
The fact that Larry and Phil had retreated to the living room didn’t stop the bolder boys from going there to say hi or to see if they needed more pizza or drink. For them being at Aiden’s house dressed in underpants or nothing was a “been there, done that” thing that they didn’t give a second thought to.
Even the naked twins made an appearance. Being naked in front of adults was no big deal for them. Larry and Phil had seen them naked at skinny dips, their basketball coaches saw them naked in the locker room, and their mother had caught them naked. Their mom seeing them was a bit embarrassing, however. Only Keith, Grant, Skip, and Gordy didn’t make a living room appearance. Of the four, Gordy was the only one who wasn’t naked.
There were chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert for those who wanted them. The cookies and the boys migrated downstairs.  Larry and Phil said they would deal with the cleanup; all they asked was the boys throw their trash into the garbage can set up next to the island.
The evening was spent playing games in the games room, board games and card games in the back room, or watching the Sonics on television. It was the first year in the NBA for the new, expansion Sonics. They weren’t very good, but everybody was so excited to have pro basketball back, they didn’t care.
One thing that didn’t take long once they were all downstairs was for the clothes to come off, especially in the back room, which the gas fireplace had made it toasty warm. Erections game and went, but outside of some boys making out for a while or playing grab ass, nothing sexual happened. It was understood that would be for after lights out.
That didn’t stop Mason from airing his usual complaint. “I don’t understand why we just can’t have a big orgy right now,” he grumped.
“Mason, go find a dick for you to suck tonight and forget about the orgy thing. I said on my thirteenth birthday overnight, it’s anything goes. Until then, it’s anything goes in the dark or in sleeping bags or under bed covers.”
“But it’s still nine months until then.”
“So go find somebody ready to put on an orgy at their place. But for now, look for…”
“…a dick to suck tonight, OR, somebody to fuck me. Oh, and look on the couch. Lance and Grant are seriously making out. Somebody’s gonna cum soon if they don’t stop.”
Aiden let out a deep sigh. “Good for them. Most guys are playing naked darts and foosball in the games room. Now, one more time…”
“Go look for a dick to suck.” Mason pointed to his hairless, rock hard, three-and-a-half inches. “Or look for somebody to fuck me.”
“Go talk to Nolan. He says he’ll even let you fuck him.”
“He’s already done me. I want somebody new and I want to be fucked.”
“I don’t know what to say, Mason. You used to not be picky—it was have dick, will suck. Now it’s, I need to do this kind of sex but not that kind of sex. Sheesh, just go do it.” Mason walked away knowing Aiden was right, but not sure what to do about it.         
But, during the games, the talk, watching basketball and hockey, making out, grabbing ass, overnight partnerships were forged, which always had a way of happening at an Aiden group overnight.
Mason ended up sharing Lance’s sleeping bag. He liked the twins a lot and thought they were very sexy. Sucking them left him without a sweet treat to savor, but their dicks were worthy of his best. After Lance recovered from Mason’s expert BJ, he surprised Mason by saying he wanted to be fucked. Mason didn’t realize how out of touch he had become when Lance told him he and Lenny had taken each other’s virginity and that they both had boyfriends. Mason decided he needed to spend a little less time being fucked by Muddy and a little more time with his other friends.
Even though he would rather have had Lance fuck him, he ended up enjoying Lance’s tight sixth grade ass. Lance was the seventh boy Mason had had anal sex with. Mason was Lance’s third and the first one other than Lenny he had bottomed for.
Miles and Gordy got together in Gordy’s sleeping bag. They were like an old couple who had become satisfied with each other. They traded blow jobs and considered it to be a well spent session.
Grant ended up being the most surprised boy in the group. He was certain he was going to end up sleeping with Aiden. Instead he ended up in Nolan’s sleeping bag. Not only that, he topped somebody for the first time. Nolan was surprised as well. Because of Grant’s inexperience, Nolan had not planned to do more than trade jerk offs. But the talk and the humping and Grant saying how he thought had a chance of being a top for the first time had Nolan deciding to give the sweet and sexy boy a chance.
When he got out of the sleeping bag to get some lube, he bumped into Mason who was there for the same purpose. For a moment he understood Mason’s obsession with an orgy with the room lights on and nobody in a sleeping bag or under the covers. But when he got back under the covers and lubed his ass and Grant’s cock, he understood how somebody like Grant, Skip, Gordy, or maybe even the twins might want having their sex with at least a semblance of privacy. As he would learn later, his assessment of the twins was off base.
Nolan was happy that Grant had a four incher. He wasn’t into bottoming enough to want to take a big cock. While Grant showed his inexperience, he also showed his enthusiasm for the new experience as well. He rabbit fucked Nolan and didn’t last long. Nolan wasn’t close to orgasm when Grant came, but once Grant recovered he jerked Nolan off to a very satisfactory orgasm. Grant enjoyed rubbing Nolan’s cum over his own chest, taking a couple of tastes while he was at it. Grant was the sixth boy Nolan had enjoyed anal sex with and Nolan was Grant’s second.
After deciding to overnight at Aiden’s, Lenny and Keith had promised they wouldn’t split up. They made sure everyone understood that. The rest of the boys were cool about it. Boyfriends wanting each other after lights out at a party was nothing new. When Keith saw the size of Nolan’s erection, he made a mental note to ask Lenny and Aiden for permission to take it up his ass once. Nolan was bigger than Lance or Shannon. Keith was understandably curious about how Nolan’s big tool would feel. He was more than satisfied with Lenny’s tight ass however and enjoyed filling it.
Gordy and Miles weren’t the only pair to forgo anal sex. Skip all but begged Aiden to show him what it was like. Aiden told Skip firmly, but politely, that the first time Skip did it, it should just be him and his partner, on a bed, in a lighted room. “The first time should be mega special,” Aiden told the ten-year-old.
“When the time happens, would you be my first?” Skip asked, his voice dripping with innocence.
“We’ll see what happens. I’m not saying no. I’m just saying both of us should just wait and see,” Aiden replied.
“I think you’d be the best person to do me the first time. I just want to make sure you know that. So, if we’re not doing it, what are we going to do.”
The boys agreed a sixty-nine would be perfect. Aiden couldn’t help but fantasize about taking Skip’s cherry as he sucked his sweet little cock. Aiden came first, shooting his clear tween cum into Skip’s mouth about 45 seconds before Skip’s dry cum. Aiden loved sleeping cuddled up to Skip’s smooth little body, but he missed the strength he always felt when he cuddled with Nolan.
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