Mayfield Titans

Chapter 26-A Busy Week

<Aiden and Skip>
Aiden woke up to the smell of cooking bacon. He looked at his desk clock and saw that the time was 9:15. So much for being the Naked Chef this morning, he thought. He didn’t mind; his dads said that when he slept in, getting the extra sleep was what he needed. His deal with his dads was unless he scheduled his Naked Chef gig in advance, he was under no obligation to do it.
Ten minutes later, Aiden and Skip were coming down the stairs wearing just t-shirts and briefs, plus ankle socks to keep their toes warm. They said good morning to Aiden’s dads and proceeded to help set the table.
“It didn’t take long for Aiden to make Skip a member of the tribe,” Phil mused when the boys were out of the kitchen. “He looks good in those briefs.”
“I thought I fucked all of the perversion out of you last night,” Larry smirked.
“You know I’m right. Bring that kid back here in two or three years and he will go from looking good to looking sexy.”
“Guess who needs to bottom again tonight.”
“Who needs to bottom?” Aiden asked as he stepped back into the kitchen. He noted the stoic looks on his dads’ faces. “I guess I must have heard wrong.” He took a bottle of maple syrup out of the refrigerator. “Not!” he smirked as he walked back out to the dining room.
“So, we’re not perfect either,” Phil said. “I guess we can’t complain about the noise from Aiden’s bedroom last night.”
“I’m just glad it was Aiden who just walked in and not Skip. And as far as saying something, of course we can. We can’t let the imp hold us hostage because he happened to overhear something.”
“Yeah, you’re right. But you know if we bring up the noise, he will bring up what he overheard.”
“We will have earned any comments he has, and then turn it all into a teaching moment.”
“Mr. Educator at work,” Phil grinned. “I love you.”
The big topic at breakfast was how the Huskies outscored the Cougars 20-3 in the fourth quarter for a 34-27 Apple Cup win. “You should have stayed,” Larry told the boys.
“I was sure the game was over. But I forgot what a sucky defense the Cougars have,” Aiden said.
“Plus, Jerry Little was hurt and couldn’t play,” Skip added. “I’m surprised the Cougars got a big lead like that.” Jerry Little was the Cougar quarterback.
“How do you know so much about Wazzu?” Larry asked.
“My dad is a WSU graduate. We watch the Cougars on TV every chance we get. And next year he’s taking me to the Apple Cup game because it will be in Seattle.”
“Who will you be rooting for?” Aiden asked.
“The Cougs, who do you think? I have to root for them to get my allowance.”
“For real?”
“I’m joking. I would root for them anyway, at least when dad’s around.” Larry and Phil did all they could not to bust out laughing as they finished their breakfast.
After breakfast and cleanup, the boys went upstairs to shower and dress. “Who’s going first?” Skip asked.
“We’re showering together,” Aiden answered.
“But there’s only one showerhead. Shouldn’t we do it in the basement with three?”
“We just squeeze in tight and wash each other. Don’t you and Gage shower together?”
“No, but now we will if we can.”
“Of course you can. If the ‘rents ask, just tell them you’re saving water.”
The shower was chaste until Aiden started washing Skip’s ass. “Wow, you’re going to wash everything,” Skip cooed. Aiden washed Skip’s butt cheeks and worked his way through Skip’s crack. “It felt real good when you put your finger in my butthole last night.”
“There’s a lot somebody can do to make you feel good when you do sex stuff. There’s even more I can do with your butt.”
“I know, like fuck it.”
“There’s even more yet,” Aiden said as he slipped his middle finger into Skip’s ass.
“Are you gonna show me now?”
Aiden wiggled his finger around, making Skip groan, and then pulled it out. “Nope, that’s just my preview for whenever I get to show you more.”
“Rats, that was feeling pretty good.”
“Let’s rinse and get out.” That ended the erotic portion of Skip’s overnight. But he was ready not only to show Gage what he had learned, but to have a future overnight with Aiden.
Skip’s mother picked him up at eleven-thirty. Skip crowed about what a great time he had and how nice Aiden was to him. “Me and Aiden are best buddies now,” he told his mom.
“Aiden and I are best buddies,” his mother corrected.
“Aiden and I,” Skip said grumpily.
“Better. And I’m happy you’ve made friends with Aiden. I don’t think you could have found anyone better for an older friend.”
Me either, Skip thought, thinking of his two powerful orgasms the night before.
<Aiden and Kalie>
“Good morning, Aiden,” Mrs. Emerson said as Aiden boarded the morning bus. “I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.”
“It was awesome, Mrs. Emerson. I hope yours was, too,” Aiden replied with genuine politeness.
“I did. And Skip said he had an amazing time staying with you Saturday night. Thank you for being so wonderful to my grandson.”
“He’s a good kid,” Aiden said over his shoulder as he hurried to get seated so Mrs. Emerson could get the bus rolling. When Aiden saw Kalie, he noticed she was sitting in the aisle seat. He knew that meant there was a good chance he would be groped before the bus arrived at school. Aiden reluctantly sat in the window seat.
“My cock and balls are off-limits,” Aiden announced as he sat down.
“They might not be after I tell you what me and Gordy did yesterday,” Kalie told him.
Right away Kalie had Aiden’s attention. He had wondered what had her so excited. Since Gordy hadn’t called him, Aiden figured it couldn’t be that important. Nevertheless, he felt a stirring in his groin.
“We got naked in the back house and really got into it,” she continued quietly. “Like, I came three times.”
“You mean you went all the way?” Aiden was positive Gordy would have called him if that had happened.
“No, not yet. But I know we both talked about it, but he said it wasn’t the right time to do it yet. I said whatever and sucked his dick.”
“Well then, what did you do and how many times did Gordy cum?” The two were speaking in whispers.
“Well, we did all the making out stuff like kissing and feeling each other and somehow we ended up doing a sixty-nine. Can you believe it? I mean we’re talking Gordy with his face in my pussy.”
Aiden was now hard as a rock, and Kalie knew it. She gave his crotch a look, but he shook his head.
“You know you want it,” Kalie smirked.
Aiden ignored her. “Where did he shoot?”
“In my mouth. It was awesome doing it.”
Aiden wanted to get Gordy’s version of what happened but saw no reason why Kalie would exaggerate. She was always honest about the sexual things she and Gordy did. “Why can’t I make yours feel good?”
“Because we’re halfway to school already.”
“When I wear my Mariners hat on the way to school you can feel me up. How’s that?”
“And that will probably be on the last day of school,” Kalie griped.
“We’ll see,” Aiden said. “I can tell you this, it won’t happen at all until after Gordy tells me his version of what happened yesterday.”
He turned and looked out the window which told Kalie the conversation was over. Kalie was getting increasingly frustrated with Aiden’s snooty behavior. 
When the bus arrived at school, Aiden saw that Gordy was waiting in the loading area. It looked like Aiden would be getting Gordy’s version very soon.
Before Gordy said anything, he and Kalie snuck in a quick kiss in violation of school policy. Kalie headed to the building with a wide smile on her face. A smiling Gordy came up beside Aiden and walked beside him to the building.
“I bet Kalie told you about yesterday,” Gordy said.
“She did and I was gonna check with you today. How come you didn’t call?”
“I got home, did you-know-what two times, had dinner, did the stupid homework assignment we got in social studies, did a couple of chores, did you-know-what one more time, and it was time for bed. I meant to call you; it just didn’t happen.”
“It’s cool, Gordy.” Aiden was glad they had entered the building because I was cold outside. “I knew you’d tell me. She was so hyper I thought for a minute you went all the way.”
“She wanted to, but we did something else. I’ll tell you at lunch when we can have a minute alone.”
“Sounds good.”
At lunch, Aiden heard Gordy’s more detailed version of his naked romp in bed with Kalie. He wasn’t surprised that the two versions matched. He also wasn’t surprised that he was rock hard. He knew if he didn’t find a moment to jerk off in a stall before lunch ended, he would be hard the whole afternoon in class and in the locker room before and after basketball practice. After he finished eating, he told Gordy what he needed to do. Gordy grinned and said he understood. It was quick and pleasureful, allowing Aiden to finish the day without hormonal distractions.
<Mayfield Titans, Varsity Basketball>
Kalie was disappointed to see Aiden wearing a Mayfield Titans hat when he boarded the bus in the morning. She wasn’t surprised, however, since the Titans would be playing their first boys’ basketball game of the season. The girls’ season didn’t start until the end of January after the boys’ ended.
The Titans were opening at home against the Harborview Tugs. The JV game was scheduled to start before school was out at about the same time seventh period started. The Varsity game started after the JV game ended, but not until after school was dismissed.  While Aiden was a swing man between Varsity and JV, Coach Randall had told him that he would be suiting up for varsity only this game.
Aiden liked the bargain he made. Even before getting on the bus he knew he would be sitting next to Kalie in the aisle seat. Kalie greeted Aiden as he sat down and then stuck her nose in her book. She knew Aiden and knew he would be spending any spare time he had working on keeping in his zone. She had no doubt he had started getting into that zone the night before.
Kalie had Aiden pegged perfectly. In many ways, she knew Aiden and how he functioned better than she knew her boyfriend, Gordy. She occasionally fantasized about Aiden discovering he wasn’t gay and becoming her boyfriend.
Aiden had spent the hour before going to bed lying on his back naked on the old couch in the basement. During soccer season, his body sometimes reacted to being stretched on the bed by falling asleep. The old couch was comfortable enough to allow him to focus his mind on being ready for basketball, but uncomfortable enough that he would be less likely to fall asleep.
That was the case the night before. He felt zoned when he said good night to his dads and headed upstairs to bed and to get to sleep. He knew he would need to solidify his zone in the morning.
The tough thing about school games was that being in school with lessons going on and friends around him took some of his edge away. Marty said that as he grew older he would find ways to keep his focus through the distractions. Aiden hoped that would happen soon.
Because Aiden was on the varsity, he was able to leave his seventh period creative writing class fifteen minutes early. When he arrived at the gym, the JV team was leading Harborview 33-21 at the end of the third quarter. Satisfied that the Titans were on the road to victory, he went into the locker room to change into his uniform.
The locker room was noisy as the boys got ready for the game. Aiden’s first instinct was to not join in, but his confidence in his ability to focus had grown to where he could join his teammates’ chatter without falling out of his zone. Marty had taught him the importance of getting ready with his teammates, not despite his teammates. He would learn when spring came around his outlook would be different on the days he was the starting pitcher.
Coach Randall looked at the clock and could see it was time to quiet the team down and give his pregame talk. With this being the first game of the season, that talk would be especially important. He finished in time for the team to be lined up and ready to take the floor for warmups when the JV players came off the floor.
In some years, the JV game was played at the school that was visiting the varsity. This year, as a cost saving measure, both games would be played at the same school, although this often meant players missing a lot of school time. On some days, the JV game would start right after school and the varsity game would be an evening game to give more parents the opportunity to come out and watch their kids play. The late starts depended on the schedules of the participating schools, but each team was expected to have at least three of their first ten games in the evening, either on the road or at home. The Titans had two of their three evening games at home and one on the road.
As soon as the floor was cleared, three students came out with large push brooms and quickly swept the floor. As soon as the celebrating JV team had cleared the door and the sweepers had finished sweeping, the varsity ran out on the floor and took the basket on the visiting team’s end. The JV had picked up a 43-31 victory.
Gordy and Wade Hart were swing players and had each played three quarters in the JV game. They went back out on the floor to warm up with the Varsity as soon as Coach Meeker, the JV coach, finished a very quick postgame talk.
The Titans started one seventh grader (Blake Knox at center) and four eighth graders (Trent Hallion and Tucker Kennedy at forwards, Scott Keller at shooting guard, and Everett Pritchard at point guard). Blake, who stood six feet one inch at age 13, won the tip and the Titans scored off their tipoff play for a quick 2-0 lead. The crowd that filled the small gym screamed with delight.
When the first six-minute quarter ended, the Titans led the Tugs 14-7. Aiden entered the game to replace Scott at shooting guard. Everett, who had been inconsistent the year before as a seventh grader, had done a stellar job of running the offense in the first quarter.
The Tugs scored the first two baskets of the second quarter. Aiden scored two minutes into the quarter on corner shot off an assist by Everett. That made the score 16-11. It was 20-12 with two minutes to go in the quarter when Gordy came off the bench to replace Aiden. The Titans went into the locker room at the half with a 25-12 lead.
One part of Coach Randall’s half-time talk was to remind his charges to be prepared for the Tugs to make a run at them. “This is a good team,” he told the team, “and they’re capable of coming right at you. Remember to keep your poise if they make a run and slow the game down.”
The coach ended up being right about the run as the Tugs went on a 9-2 run to start the half. That made the score 27-21 when Aiden came in for Everett, who was trying to rush the offense which led to a couple of quick turnovers. Aiden was now the point guard. He slowed the game down like Coach wanted, which slowed the Tugs’ momentum, but the Titans couldn’t pull away. The third quarter ended with them nursing a 33-28 lead. They had been horrible on both ends of the floor, but it was the defensive breakdown that Coach Randall addressed at the end of the quarter.
Aiden started the fourth quarter and played until the three-minute mark when Everett subbed for him. He left with four points, four assists, one steal, and no turnovers and the Titans had a 39-33 lead. At the two-minute mark, they went into their slowdown game and finished with a 44-36 win to begin the season 1-0.
While the players were not required to shower after a home game, most of the players did. Only Barry Bender and Yonder Sanchez skipped showering. Aiden took one for two reasons: he liked washing the sweat off himself before going outside into the cold damp air, and he really liked looking at the naked bodies of his teammates. He looked especially hard at three boys he only saw naked in the showers, Blake, Everett, and Max Robinson. He thought all three of them were sexy.
Even though Blake had shot up to over six feet tall and was quite nicely endowed, he had very little pubic hair, and outside of those few wisps, his body was essentially hairless. Everett, who was an eighth grader and would be fourteen in January, still hadn’t hit his growth spurt and stood at only five foot six. Ironically, he was much more physically and sexually mature than Blake, with a longer cock, lower hanging balls, and a thick nest of pubic hair, along with a hint of a treasure trail. He still had no underarm or leg hair yet, however. Aiden was fascinated by the extreme differences between the two boys whose age difference was a little less than a year.
Max Robinson was a thirteen-year-old eighth grader with dirty blond hair. He was a big kid, standing at five-ten. He backed up Blake at center and also played forward. He was uncut and had a nice little patch of pubic hair at the base of his cock. Otherwise his body was hairless.
“Hey, Blake,” Trent yelled. “Jack that fucker so we can see how big it gets.”
“Whatever,” Blake retorted. “It’s bigger than anything you’ll ever have,”
Max came into the shower area with a semi that seemed to be awaiting the order from somewhere to become fully hard. “My cock won’t do what I tell it,” Max complained to no one in particular, although he said it loud enough for everybody to hear. “It wants to get hard, but I don’t want it to do that here in the shower.”
“You wouldn’t be the first,” Everett commented.
“Spank it to make it behave,” Trent smirked.
Max looked down at his cock, which was now standing erect at its full five inches. “Will you look at that? And it did that without my permission.”
“Now you really have to spank it,” Trent laughed as his cock started to rise.
Aiden felt his own cock stirring. He decided to quickly wash up and go back his locker. Not that he had any kind of issue with his teammates’ sexual banter and hard cocks, he just wasn’t ready for it. As he soaped himself, he thought about Marty telling him how he would jerk off in the school showers trying to be a center of attention. Marty told him that jerking off in a Mayfield school shower was considered almost normal by the time he was a senior.
“Try whacking your pud in front of your teammates in most other schools and you’d be ostracized,” Marty said. When Aiden asked him what the word meant, Marty had given him the standard “look it up” line.
“Fuck, I wish I could sneak Marissa into here and have her jack me off,” Max moaned as he stroked himself.
“That’s it? Have her just jerk you off, nothing more?” Everett asked. He was hard as well and was casually playing with himself.
Max and Trent were seriously masturbating as Aiden walked out of the shower area. “Hey, Aiden, you truly look like you need to join us,” Trent called out after him, his cock now fully hard.
“Next time,” he yelled back, knowing it was not an empty promise. One thing that played with his mind was that Max was totally straight and dating Marissa Jones, one of the top girl athletes in the eighth grade. It was common knowledge that they weren’t virgins. Everett was straight as well while Trent had said more than once that he didn’t know what he was, other than male.
Aiden learned later from Trent that he, Everett, Max, and Blake had all enjoyed shooting their cream onto the shower floor. It was all solo masturbation, although the subject of doing each other came up. As with Aiden, the rallying cry was “next time.” Like Aiden, the players who had no intention of getting off left the shower area before the other boys started masturbating in earnest. It was understood that staying in the shower as a spectator was not cool.
What none of them knew was that Coach Randall had sequestered himself and Coach Meeker in the coaches’ office. They’d been around the Titan locker room long enough to know what victory celebrations in the locker room often turned into. If he hadn’t been required to supervise the locker room, Coach Randall would have been long gone and let the boys do what boys do. While the coaches couldn’t see into the shower area from the office, they could see anybody coming into the locker room. In the unlikely event that happened, they were prepared to intercept the intruder before they got a glimpse of the shower area. After the remaining home games, the coaches would probably wait outside the locker room, chatting with parents and staff about the game.
While having a boner around the lockers was okay because they usually were spontaneous, it was an unspoken rule that messing around in the locker room was only okay in the shower area. Aiden dressed and met Larry in the gym. He was talking with Coach Eklund, who was the middle school varsity baseball coach. “Nice game, Aiden,” Coach Eklund said.
“Thanks, coach. We played really great for our first game.”
Larry tousled Aiden’s hair, which made him want to scream, but he kept his poise and moved away a couple of steps. Larry and Coach Eklund grinned at each other. The two fathers knew exactly what was going through the mind of the young adolescent boy standing in front of them.
“I will see you at the meeting tonight, Larry,” Coach Eklund said.
“It will be an interesting one.”
“Are you talking about the school board meeting tonight?” Aiden asked his pop.
“That would be a yes,” Larry replied as they walked out of the building.
“Will they finally vote?”
“That would be a who knows?”
“I hope they vote tonight and vote to keep everything the same.”
Aiden and Larry were talking about the proposal for the school district to dump the grades 6-8 middle school system and return to the grades 7-9 junior high school system.
“Change can be good,” Larry intoned.
“Or not so good. Anyway, I’m hungry and dad should be home cooking dinner by now.”
That night, when Larry arrived home from the board meeting, Aiden pounced on him as Phil lurked in the background smiling. “Did they decide anything this time?” Aiden asked.
“Yes, they did.” He stopped there, letting the suspense linger. He knew Aiden wanted the status quo. That would make his class the top dog at the middle school the next school year and the year after that he would be a stud freshman in high school. Those thoughts paraphrased what Aiden had actually told him.
“Sheesh, this is like reading a cliffhanger,” Aiden griped. “What did they decide? Am I going to be top dog next year, or am I going to that school for four stupid years?”
“Well, you are going to be top dog next year and will be going to Mayfield Middle School for just three years.”
“For real? Yesss, then it’s off to high school.”
“Don’t future trip, son, because you will also be attending that school for four years.”
“Huh? How can that be?”
“It will be Mayfield Junior High School during your fourth year.”
Aiden muttered another, “Huh?” before the lightbulb between his ears flashed on. “Ohhh, they’re going to wait a year before changing it”
“Excellent thinking son. The board didn’t feel they had enough time to make the change properly, especially after talking to a couple of other districts who are considering the same change. This will give everyone a chance to coordinate things and to make sure everyone in our district is fully prepared.”
“That means, I get to be the top dog for two years,” Aiden gloated.
“See how easy it is to find good in change?”
“What about sports? Who are the ninth graders going to play? And the eighth graders? I don’t get how that will all work.”
“Coach Fitzgerald, Coach Eklund, Coach Sorenson, and I, along with two students yet to be named, are going to make up a committee to come up with a sports plan for the district. This was one of many reasons for waiting a year.” Coach Fitzgerald was the high school athletic director and Coach Sorenson was the girls’ high school basketball coach.
“Well, I know you guys will do a good job, but I’ll be watching you just in case,” Aiden grinned.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be running things by you. I’m sure you’ll have some good suggestions to make.” Larry reached to once again muss Aiden’s hair, but this time Aiden was prepared and ducked away.
“Wow, we’ll be the big cheese at school for two years. I gotta go call Gordy. He’s gonna freak.” He started for his room and then stopped. “Well, at least as much as Gordy ever freaks about something.” With that the underwear clad boy shrieked and dashed for the stairs and his bedroom.
The school board decision the night before was the big topic of discussion among the middle school students. Since it wouldn’t directly affect the eighth graders, they didn’t see it as a big deal. It did have the sixth and seventh graders chatting endlessly among themselves since they would be spending four years in the school instead of the expected three. A couple of teachers also made it a topic of discussion in class since the decision would have a big effect on the students’ lives.
Aiden had a board meeting of his own that night at the Community Center. He had been appointed chairman of the IT committee - an ad hoc committee formed to update and oversee the maintenance of the Mayfield Baseball Club's website. The committee had been given the assignment of finding a student to volunteer to fill the position of webmaster. As chairman, Aiden had appointed Andy Hoffman as head of the tech search group within the committee and Andy was ready to report on their findings.
“We have two finalists," Andy informed the board. "They are Lonnie Stevens and Danny McPhee.”
Lonnie was a senior - he loved baseball, was a first class citizen and student, and knew his way around a computer. Following his graduation, he would be attending the University of Washington. Danny was a sophomore - a bit on the shy side but he, too, loved baseball with a passion and was the very definition of a computer geek.
After a lengthy discussion, the committee suggested appointing the two finalists as co-webmasters. They realized that while Danny was a bit more computer savvy than Lonnie, he was only a sophomore and not used to overseeing projects. Lonnie had managed projects before and would be able to help Danny learn the ropes before leaving for college. Andy knew both boys well and felt they would make a great team.
The board congratulated the committee and agreed with their recommendations. Both Lonnie and Danny had been waiting outside the conference room - they were called in and given the news. They looked at each other, broke into big smiles, and then surprised everyone by sharing a big hug. Everyone found out later that this was the outcome the two had been hoping for.
After Mark adjourned the meeting, Trent and Sammy came over to Aiden and congratulated him on the great job he did.
“Andy did most of the work.”
“Yeah, but you were smart enough to put him in charge,” Sammy grinned.
“That’s because it needed somebody older, and Andy is really good at that kind of thing.”
“Andy better get elected to the board next year,” Trent said.
“Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.”
“Anyway, Trent and I wanted to let you know we thought you did a great job for a little dorky seventh grader,” Sammy said in a serious voice.
“And you know which finger I’d like to show you if nobody was looking,” Aiden smirked.
Sammy laughed and walked away, but Trent stayed. “You really did kick ass,” he told his friend. “I knew you would, that’s why I voted for you to be the chair after Mark set up the committee, even if you were a dorky seventh grader.”
“Damn, what do I have to do not to be a dorky seventh grader?”
“Invite me to spend the night at your house someday. Just you and me. I think you’re really special and I’d just like to spend a night farting around with you.”
Aiden had taken all the evening’s compliments in stride, but Trent’s compliment found him blushing. Before Aiden could say anything, Larry told him they should probably get going.
“Hey, pop, if Trent’s parents say it’s okay, can Trent spend Saturday night with me?”
Larry was surprised by that invitation. When it came to inviting one person to spend the night, Aiden had a regular group of friends who were his age or younger. Trent was a rare older boy. “Well, his father is right across the room. Your dad and I have nothing planned, so if it’s okay with Jim it’s okay with me.”
James Hallion, who was at the meeting because he was one of the adult board members, thought there would be no problem with Saturday night, but said he would have to clear it with the keeper of the family calendar first.
“I think we’re good,” Trent said confidently. “I’ll tell you in school tomorrow.”
Aiden then left the room and the building with his dad. “That went great,” Aiden told Larry on the ride home. “I mean, the meeting not the overnight thing.”
“I figured as much,” Larry said. “A big reason it went great is that you put a lot of thought and energy into selecting your committee and interviewing the candidates. I was very proud of you today, son. Just in the last month, between your work on the Thanksgiving Feast and finding a webmaster for the club site, you have shown great organizational and leadership skills. I hope you appreciate how much you have going for you.”
“Thanks dad, and I think I’ve been getting things under control.”
“Just remember how much you don’t control and have to turn over.”
“I know, I know. Marty and Sammy tell me the same things. I gotta do the work but remember that I’m not in control. And since I missed tonight’s Fourth Dimension meeting, I better be sure to go Saturday so I don’t forget stuff like that.”
“I’d muss your hair, but I think that tonight you’ve earned the privilege of keeping it combed.”
“You can muss it. I mean who’s going to see it except dad and he’s used to it being a mess. But I do have my protective baseball hat on, so there’s not much you can do, anyway, since you’re driving.”
Larry did get to make Aiden’s hair good and messy for bed when Aiden said his goodnights. It was a rare occasion when Aiden took a hair mussing in good humor, even though deep down he loved the attention his dads gave him when they did it.
<Justin and Joey>
Joey and Justin virtually danced the entire distance from Meeker Elementary to Justin’s house. Justin was having the first overnight of his life and he couldn’t imagine anything better. It would be the fourth overnight for Joey, but the first one with Justin, who had moved quickly into “best friend” territory.
Ryan heard them coming before they turned into the sidewalk leading to the front door. When the boys entered the house, Ryan called them into the kitchen and pointed to a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. “You may have two apiece before dinner,” he instructed. He understood that in three or four years, two cookies after school wouldn’t come close to tiding a growing boy over until dinner. He was certain that, for now anyway, they would be more than enough for an eight-year-old boy. They were, but barely. Justin was already turning into an eating machine.
“Thanks, Papa,” Justin drooled as he bit into the warm cookie.
“Yeah, thanks, Mr. Boyer,” Joey echoed.
“You can call me Ryan.”
“But my mom says…”
“I promise I won’t tell your mom.”
“I bet he’ll let you call him Dawg,” Justin said.
“Ryan will do just fine,” Ryan grinned.
After eating their cookies and drinking their milk, the boys retired to Justin’s bedroom. They had already agreed that they would strip down to t-shirts and underpants and their outer wear was half off before they entered the room.
Justin was wearing his Carlson t-shirt. The shirt had earned him points with a few boys (and a couple of girls) at school, especially among the fifth graders who were more aware of who was who on the Mariners. When he was asked why he liked Marty Carlson, Justin replied that his Daddy grew up with Marty and they were friends, which raised the stock of the new third-grader considerably.
The day he moved Justin in, Justin learned that his Daddy Donkey had a baseball video game. He showed Justin how to play it and father and son spent some time the next day playing each other. Justin loaded the game into the television in the rec room. He showed Joey how to play it and the two boys soon got lost in the action on the screen.
“Do you have a soccer game, too?” Joey asked as they were playing.
“No. I asked Daddy and he said he hated soccer.”
“That sucks. I hope he lets you play real soccer.”
“I asked him, and he said just because he hated it didn’t mean I can’t play it. He said he and the Dawg would even come and watch me play.”
“You need to get a soccer video game. I have one and it’s fun. We’ll play it when you come to my house.”
“I’m going to ask for a game for Christmas. I need to find out what you have so we can have the same game.”
When Mike came home from school, he checked in on the boys and was pleased to see them having so much fun with the video game. He was also surprised how Justin and Joey seemed comfortable in their underpants and t-shirts. “Hi, guys.”
“Hi, Daddy” “Hi, Mr. Donkey” Justin and Joey said simultaneously.
“It’s the U-Boys. It’s nice to see you’re comfortable.”
“Being in your underwear is the best way to play video games,” Justin informed his Daddy.
“Who’s winning?”
“Justin won the first game 8-6 and I’m winning this one 4-2 in the third inning,” Joey replied. “What are U-Boys?”
“It stands for Underpants Boys.”
“We decided we’re the JJ boys,” Justin said.
“The Justin Joey boys,” Joey added in case the Donkey couldn’t make the connection.
“Justin Joey boys,” Mike repeated. “I like it.”
“Oh, and Daddy, we might be the Underpants Boys,” Justin added, “but it has nothing to do with Captain Underpants. Those books are for little kids.”
“I’ll be sure to remember that.” Mike was grateful that Justin hadn’t referred to the books as Those damned books.   
After dinner Ryan, Mike, and the two boys played a competitive game of Monopoly that was won by Ryan when he bankrupted Joey on Pacific Avenue. After the game, the boys shared what school was like. The dads were especially pleased when Justin talked about how his teacher and everyone in his class were making him feel welcome. He did add a caveat, however.
“There are a couple of bullies in Mrs. White’s class. They came up to me on Thursday and said if I didn’t start giving them my lunch money, they’d beat me up,” Justin said.
“Did you report them?” Mike asked.
“No. I said I brought my own lunch that my Papa made for me. They told me I had to give them my dessert, then. I said if they tried to take my dessert, I’d kick them in the nuts.”
“You really told them that?” Ryan asked.
“He did tell them; I heard him say it,” Joey responded. “You should have seen their look. Dominic and Hank knew he’d do it, so they said something lame like he’s better be careful and walked away.”
“It helped that you were standing there,” Justin said. He looked at his Dads and said, “I would’ve done it, too. I did it at my old school and nobody bothered me anymore there.”
“I guess nobody reported it, since there was nothing in your records about you fighting,” Mike said. He and Ryan were seeing a whole different side of their new son, one that said if you mess with me, you’ll pay for it.
“They wouldn’t say anything. They were fourth-graders, and everybody would know they were dorks if they tattled.”
Mike knew he would have to give Justin the standard lecture on taking matters into his own hands. He decided it could wait until after Joey went home the next day.
One thing Justin and Joey hadn’t agreed on in advance was what they would wear to bed. They had discussed various possibilities but couldn’t come to a decision. It was decided they would wait until bedtime to see how they felt about it then.
As they readied for bed the two young boys went through the possibilities again. Wearing pajamas were tossed out because they were too warm; Joey had packed his only because his mother had insisted he do so. They agreed that wearing PJs was for little kids and would no longer be considered.
Being naked appealed to them in a way they didn’t understand. When Justin told Joey he had just started sleeping naked, Joey was amazed. “I didn’t know anybody ever slept without at least their underpants on,” he said.
“I do,” Justin insisted.
“Do your dads know?”
“And they don’t get mad?”
“Nope. But I don’t know what would happen if we did it together.”
“Ewww, no way I do that,” Joey stated emphatically. “That sounds nasty. What if we touched each other or something?”
“I have a big bed, remember? It could be kind of fun.” The naughtiness of sleeping naked with his friend appealed to Justin. 
Joey thought about it for a few seconds and then made up his mind. “I don’t want to sleep naked.”
Being the easy-going boy he was, Justin accepted his friend’s decision without comment. They decided on a compromise: sleep in their underpants with no shirt on. Justin pulled off his t-shirt and went under the covers. Justin called for a tuck-in and Joey joined him. They made sure they were on their own side of the bed so they wouldn’t be touching each other.
Ryan and Mike came into the bedroom. They were amused at the spacing between the two boys as memories of their own overnights as boys ran through their heads. Snuggling with friends had been important to them. They also noted the bare shoulders and wondered if that meant they were sleeping in the nude. They knew better than to ask.
After the tucking in was over, the dads left the room. “I wonder how long the great chasm between the boys will last?” Mike asked.
“They’re new at this,” Ryan pointed out. “Give them a few overnights and they will want to experiment some.”
“And then experiment more, and even more, and, oh the possibilities are endless.”
“You are really a dirty minded Donkey, you know that?”
“I do and I’m proud of it.”
The chasm didn’t last long at all. Justin had felt lost since his first night in the seemingly endless space of the queen bed and now there was a way to make the space smaller. Justin was a tactile boy and wanted to get as close to his friend as he could to help himself feel cozy in bed. He rolled over once in Joey’s direction figuring he would move back if Joey asked him to. He stopped when he was about a foot away from his friend and waited to see what would happen.
Joey’s response was not what Justin expected; instead of moving away, he closed the gap until their bare torsos touched. Justin took a deep breath and draped his right arm around his friend. Joey scooched a few inches closer. Without saying a word to each other, the boys had bonded in a way their young minds could never have planned. They fell asleep cuddled together and full of the kind of love and platonic friendship young boys so often feel for each other.
“I know you didn’t bury all of your Mariner hats,” Kalie said as Aiden took the aisle seat next to her. “So how come you never wear one? I mean, what is that hat you’re wearing this time?”
“I thought you’d know this one for sure. It’s a Tacoma Rainiers hat. Marty gave it to me when he was playing for them.”
“Well, it should count since the Mariners own them.”
“Not exactly. They’re the Mariners’ AAA farm team and the players belong to the Mariners, but the Mariners don’t own the team. Some Tacoma guys own it.”
“Oh, well, anyway, I still think it should count and you should move to the window seat. I’ve wanted you there all week.”
“It doesn’t count, and I’ll go there after I dig my Mariners hats out of the ground.”
“You can really make me mad sometimes, you know that?”
“But you still love me, right?”
“That’s the problem—I do love you.”
 “You love Gordy, not me.”
Kalie shook her head. “I didn’t mean it that way, I love you like a friend, not a boyfriend. You’re my best boy friend who is not my boyfriend.”
“I guess that makes sense, and that makes you my best girl friend,” Aiden grinned as he wondered what the fuck he was saying.
“I wish I could kiss you right now.”
“If you did, Mrs. Emerson might end up driving the bus off the road, so you probably better not,” Aiden said. “Plus, I have a game this afternoon and should be thinking of that, instead.”
Kalie ignored him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “She’ll never see that unless all she did was look in the mirror. And the last thing I have to say is that Ian and Gretchen will be staying at my house for a few days during winter break.”
“There will be lots of kissing then.”
“I hope so,” Kalie smirked.
The bus finally arrived at the school. As Aiden deboarded, Mrs. Emerson wished him good luck in that afternoon’s game. “You and Kalie really make a sweet couple,” she told him as he stepped off the bus. Aiden felt the hair on his neck stand on end. No way she saw Kalie kiss me unless she has eyes in back of her head and even if she did see it was just a kiss on the cheek so who cares? he thought as he met up with Gordy and Miles.
The Titans were playing the Evans Vikings at Evans. That meant the team would be getting out of school early to take the bus to the north county school. Evans had defeated Clark Pass 44-19 in their first game and were 1-0 like the Titans. The JV game started an hour before school was out and the Varsity players would be sitting in the bleachers watching until the end of the third quarter. Aiden was a swing man that game so he could get a full quarter of JV playing time in. He played in the second quarter because Coach Randall wanted him to be in the locker room with the varsity when the fourth quarter started. Aiden played both guard roles at some time during the quarter. He scored three points off a field goal and a foul shot and had two assists. The Titans trailed the Vikings 24-21 at the end of the third quarter when the varsity left the bleachers for the locker room. Evans finished with a 31-30 win.
The varsity game was a battle as well. The Vikings led 18-13 at the half, but the Titans battled back, and the score was tied at 32-32 with a minute to go in the game. Everett hit the front end of a one-and-one with 40 seconds left for a 33-32 lead but missed the second shot. The Vikings missed a field goal attempt with 28 seconds left. Blake cleared the rebound, but threw away the outlet pass, giving the Vikings another chance to score. They missed a shot with 18 seconds left.  Blake grabbed another rebound and this time the outlet pass found its target, Scott, who asked for a timeout as instructed by Coach Randall.
Randall substituted Aiden for Blake to give him a better ball handler and free throw shooter. After the timeout, the Titans went into their end of game with a lead offense, which was a stall. The move paid off when Aiden was fouled with five seconds left.
He hit both ends of his one-and-one, making the score 35-32. The Vikings took a time out. Coach Randall instructed his players to defend the ball beyond the three-point line but let the Vikings score inside the line. The Vikings passed on the free shot and failed to get off a three, giving the Titans the win and a 2-0 record to start the season.
Coach Randall had told Coach Meeker before the games that if he were making a bet, he’d bet on the JV winning and the varsity losing. He thought the seventh graders overall had more talent than the eighth graders. The eighth graders were good, but spotty at times. Although the seventh graders had more talent, they were inexperienced. He really liked the four sixth graders in the program as well, especially the Hazen twins and Tanner Howard, who was already five foot eight. The scores didn’t turn out as expected, but as he told Coach Meeker after the game, if he put his best seventh graders on the floor together in the JV game, they would be very hard to beat. The life of a JV coach often meant losing games in the cause of developing players for the varsity.
Showers were highly recommended after a road game; Coach Randall and Coach Meeker did not want to be cooped up with a bus full of ripe adolescent boys. When the bus arrived at the school, Larry and Phil were waiting for Aiden. They went to Bob’s Burger Barn for hamburgers and then to the varsity basketball game at the high school. Aiden sat with his friends and teammates and watched the Mustangs earn a 71-54 win over the Rockville Rockets.
As happened often this time of year, some of the boys ended up having spontaneous overnights. Aiden was one of them and ended up sleeping with Gordy. Because last-minute overnights between the two happened often, Aiden and Gordy each had toothbrushes and fresh underwear stashed at their friend’s house. Aiden and Miles as well as Gordy and Miles were also prepared for these last-minute affairs.
Aiden and Gordy spent a chaste night together. While they did sleep naked, there was nothing sexual, outside of a rather long good-night kiss, which might have led to more had they kept it going. But after a long day of school and basketball, they were too tired to get themselves worked up.
Grant spent his first overnight with Miles, but that one was planned. They ended up falling asleep naked on top of the bedcovers. Mason, as he so often had been doing lately, overnighted with Muddy and simply HAD to have his friend’s cock in his rear before he could fall asleep.
One other spontaneous overnight was Emmett staying with the twins. Brenda begged to join them but was sternly reminded by Lenny about the bargain she had made. She agreed to be quiet and sulked her way to bed, hoping Emmett would talk her brothers into letting her join. Emmett had no desire to mess around with his “girlfriend”, however. And as much as he wanted to mess around with one or both of the twins, the three gave into the trials of a long day. Emmett slept naked with Lenny and fell asleep as they talked about humping each other.
<Justin and Joey>
Justin woke up with Joey draped over him. He discovered that he loved the feel of Joey’s smooth warm skin against his own. He had no doubt that sleepovers were awesome.
After they got out of bed, they took separate showers and changed underpants in the bathroom after drying off. Justin wore a pair of white Fruit of the Loom briefs while Joey wore blue briefs with red trim. Justin wanted colored briefs in the worst way. Those briefs were all they wore to breakfast. Joey was amazed that nobody objected to their lack of clothing, and then remembered how he and Justin had put their school clothes back on for dinner the night before. He could see that there definitely were rules at the Boyer home. Some of them were tight and some of them were loose.
They ate a breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit and orange juice. They had helped set the table before breakfast and helped with cleanup after, earning a great deal of praise and a hug from Mike for being good workers and good boys.
Joey had to be home by noon. The boys played a video baseball game and then dressed. Mike gave Joey a ride home and Justin rode along. The boys knew they would be having another overnight soon, the only question was when.
<Aiden and Nolan>
Gordy’s mother gave Aiden a ride home between breakfast and lunch. He greeted his dads and did his homework for the weekend. He didn’t have a lot and wanted it out of the way so he could do what he wanted to do.
One of the things he wanted to do was talk to Nolan on the phone. Aiden had received his dads’ permission to upload Skype but could only use it when chatting with Marty. Nolan had yet to receive the go-ahead. The first thing they talked about was basketball. Meadow Park, who had a bye on opening day, defeated Barrett 42-33 in its opening game. Nolan started varsity and had seven points and six rebounds in the win.
“After the way you played the last part of last season, I don’t get how come you aren’t starting for the varsity,” Nolan said.
“Part of it is how Everett has become a whole new player since last year,” Aiden responded. “He’s been playing really good. So, coach wants me playing some JV to make sure I get more playing time.”
They then talked about their sexual life. “I did what we talked about last night,” Nolan told Aiden.
“You let Carter top you?”
“Yep. It didn’t last very long, though,” Nolan laughed.
“Me and Gordy just slept together. We didn’t do anything except a good-night kiss.”
“You didn’t go to a high school game after playing an away game last night. We were both dead tired. There was no way we were gonna get anything done. But it was still nice sleeping with my best friend next to my boyfriend.”
“That means you’re going to be horny for Trent tonight,” Nolan giggled. “I bet you guys end up fucking.”
“I wasn’t planning on it, but you never know as long as you’re okay with it.”
“I’m cool with it, especially since Zeke from my team is coming tonight. We set that up after yesterday’s game.”
“Does he mess around with guys?”
“That’s what he told me, and I plan on finding out.”
“Well, I’m good with you finding out anything you can find out. Is he a seventh grader, too?”
“Yeah. Right now, he’s starting JV, but he’s pretty decent and he’s really cute.”
“I’m sure we’ll be talking about it tomorrow sometime.” 
After a moment of silence, Nolan asked the question they knew one of them was going to ask. “Are you horny?”
“VERY horny. I think getting off might be a good idea for me, so I don’t have a hair trigger tonight.”
“Well, I’m on my bed, I’m naked, and I want you up my ass, sweet cakes.”
“Sweet cakes?”
“I thought it sounded sexy. I suppose I could call you bubble butt since you have such a great one.”
And that started fifteen minutes of talking dirty until Aiden blew his wad over his belly and Nolan followed him two minutes later.
<Aiden and Trent>
Trent arrived at Aiden’s house at around two o’clock. He rode his bike and Aiden met him at the side door to the garage. “You can park your bike and helmet in here right next to mine.” The day was sunny and in the lower fifties, a very nice day for December in the Great PNW.
“Maybe our bikes can become buddies,” Trent grinned.
“Bicycle sex. Sounds weird,” Aiden giggled. “Since the weather is go great, how about us shooting some hoops.”
“Sounds like fun to me. But I want say hi to your dads first.”
“They’re in the house. Dad is working on his world-famous lasagna and Pop is upstairs in his office doing school stuff.” Aiden took Trent to both of his dads so he could greet them. The boys then went into the basement, where Aiden grabbed his basketball, and out onto the backyard basketball court.
They spent the next hour and a half free shooting, playing HORSE, and one-on-one. Aiden won three of the four HORSE games, but Trent took both one-on-one games from Aiden. The one-on-one games were close; Trent was bigger and stronger than Aiden, but Aiden was quicker and a better ball handler. They played two games to nine points with Trent winning both games 9-7.
Before the last game, Aiden said he had to take a piss. Trent decided to shoot while Aiden was gone. On the way, Aiden stopped at the hot tub, opened the cover, and turned up the heat. He then took his piss and returned for one last game.
“Wow, even though it’s a little cold out, especially where the shade is, I’m all sweaty,” Trent said. “You made me work hard. I wonder if I can take a shower before dinner.”
Aiden led Trent to the hot tub and turned on the jets. “I thought we could soak a bit,” he said. “We have a couple of hours until dinner.”
He started stripping. “Isn’t it kinda cold to be naked?” Trent asked.
“Take your clothes off and get in the water. Trust me, you won’t notice.”
Trent nodded, stripped naked, and climbed into the hot tub, settling into an underwater seat next to some jets. “Wow, this is nice. I’ve been in hot tubs, but never on a cold day.”
Aiden sat next to him and moaned with pleasure.
“Have you ever had sex in here?” Trent asked.
“Yeah and jerked off in here too. Running the jets on your dick is, like, really sexy feeling. Just don’t get cum in the filters is all my dads asked.”
“They know?” Trent asked incredulously.
“They don’t know exactly what happens and don’t care, they just know something happens and don’t want cum in the filters.”
“If my dad knew what I do with Jackson in our bedrooms and do with my friends in my bedroom, he’d freak for sure. And we won’t even talk about what my mom would do. She still thinks I’m a sweet, innocent little kid when it comes to sex.”
“Especially if she learned that you’re not a virgin.”
“Dad probably suspects that much, at least as far as me and a girl goes, but Mom has no clue. I’ve gone all the way with one girl and three guys.”
“I won’t ask with who.”
“I won’t tell you the girl, but you know the guys I’ve done. I mean it’s no secret me and Jackson do it, and I’ve gone top and bottom with Miles and Mason. I came close with Muddy, but I couldn’t find Jackson’s lube. It was an unplanned thing and I wasn’t prepared. I’ll tell you this, from then on I always knew where to find some lube.”
“I’ve never done it with Miles,” Aiden said, “but I’ve topped Mason and you know I’ve done just about everything with Nolan. I’ve done both ways with my cousins in Seattle and been bottom for somebody who has to be anonymous.”
“That makes five guys, which is more than me. And I like that you and Nolan are open about sex with other guys. I mean, we’re really still kids and should be able to have fun.”
“Our only rule is we talk about fucking somebody ahead of time if we can and we keep nothing secret. He knows who the anonymous kid is and that kid knows that he knows—it was part of the deal.”
“Have you talked with Nolan about you and me fucking?”
Aiden flashed Trent a sexy grin. “He says we should have fun.”
“Holy shit, for real?” Aiden nodded. “Then I’m saving myself for tonight, unless you want to try it here.”
“I’ve never fucked in the hot tub, but I’ve had a few cums in here,” Aiden confessed. “I bet I’ll fuck in one some time. But that won’t be tonight. I want you in bed. Do you want to be top or bottom?”
“Whatever works for you,” Trent leered. “I am so hard it hurts.” He turned so he was facing a jet. “Oh, shit, you’re right; that feels awesome. I could cum just lying here.”
“Boys, time to get out and get dressed. I need some kitchen help!” Phil called from the deck.
“Well, I guess I won’t have to worry about leaving cum in the filters,” Trent giggled.
Aiden had already pulled two towels out of the cabinet on the wall. He picked up the towels and his clothes and dashed into the basement where it was warm. Trent was right behind him. Aiden couldn’t help but admire his five inches of teen boyhood. The thought he would be feeling it later had his own hard cock twitching.
The boys dried themselves and dressed. They could have gone naked, but Trent didn’t want Aiden’s dads to see him with a boner. They went upstairs to help get the table set. Dinner was both a social and culinary success. While sports was a major topic at the dinner table, Trent was asked several questions about his life experiences—travel, relatives, interests outside of sports, and so forth.
Trent thought it was cool that Aiden’s dads, who would soon be his baseball coaches, were interested in him as a person. While he had eaten and overnighted at Aiden’s house before, it had always been as a member of a group.  This time, he was THE guest and he loved the experience.
After dinner and cleanup, Trent, Aiden, and Aiden’s dads sat in the NBA room to watch the Boston Celtics play the Seattle Supersonics at Key Arena in Seattle. The original Sonics had been stolen away from Seattle by Oklahoma City and this version was an NBA expansion team playing its first year in the league. The Celtics were a much better team, but the Sonics played hard and stayed close for most of the game before losing 105-94.
Aiden and Trent were flaccid and stripped down to their underpants and t-shirts to watch the game, to be “comfortable”.  After the game they went down to the basement for some competitive games in the games room. They stripped naked for those and enjoyed an hour or so of fun.
Aiden said there was no need for them to put anything on to say goodnight to his dads, but that Trent was free to do so if he felt uncomfortable being naked in front of them. Trent was okay with being naked since he wasn’t hard, and they had already seen him naked at group affairs. They said their goodnights and went upstairs for the feature performance of the evening.
Trent wasn’t big on boy kissing (“Kissing is for having sex with girls”) but was good with any other kind of foreplay. He found that kissing necks and nipples and bellies was different than kissing lips and was okay with that. When the two young adolescents were thoroughly warmed up, Aiden presented his ass. He thought about how, if he was with Nolan, Nolan would sometimes start to rim his ass at this point.
But he was happy to be with Trent, and happy that Trent was confident about what to do with Aiden’s inviting posterior. He was soon pumping Aiden’s ass, amazed by its tightness and by how Aiden knew how to use it to squeeze his cock. It didn’t take long for Trent to be drilling Aiden hard and deep; when he hit Aiden’s sweet spot it was all the twelve-year-old could do not to scream.
As Trent fucked him, Aiden masturbated and was the first to cum. He stifled yet another building scream and shot his sweet pubescent crude over his belly. His ass squeezed Trent even tighter and with a long, low, grunt Trent emptied his young teen cum into his friend’s anus for the first time. Trent felt so good he tolerated a quick kiss on his lips before they left the bed to clean up.
After returning to bed, Trent snuggled up to his friend and thought about what had just occurred. There was no doubt in his mind that this had been one of his best sexual experiences ever. His orgasm, even though it may not have been his most intense, was his most satisfying. And to think it happened with another boy. As he drifted off to sleep, Trent felt so good he thought he might get into some serious kissing in the future with the sweet, beautiful blond boy already asleep next to him in bed.
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