Piano Forte

Chapter 30-Putting it All Together



<Austin and Gary>
“You know I’m sleeping with you tomorrow night after we do it,” Austin told Gary as Gary washed his back.
“I know. I sure liked sleeping with you last night and I think I’ll like doing it tomorrow even more.” Gary patted Austin’s petite ass. “I can’t believe I’m gonna be sticking my pecker up your butthole.”
“I just hope it doesn’t hurt.”
Gary washed Austin’s ass, making sure his middle finger made contact with his grommet. “It won’t if I can help it. I just wish I knew what I was doing.”
“William told us what to do, we just got to do it.”
Gary ended all pretense of washing and pushed his finger into Austin’s ass. “Oomph,” Austin uttered. “What are you doing?”
“Sticking my finger up your butt, dork. I just want to see how ready you are.”
“I’m ready, so let’s rinse off and get breakfast.”
“That sounds like a really good plan,” William called out from the other side of the shower door.
Gary turned off the water and he and Austin grabbed their towels. William glared at them as they stepped out of the shower. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two were planning on having sex. Good thing I interrupted you two horndogs or you might have missed breakfast and our practice session with Michael.”
“I was just making sure your boyfriend’s ass was gonna be ready for tomorrow.”
“At least Ned and Titus took a quick shower.”
“That’s because they’re too young to be total horndogs,” Gary said.
William stepped into the shower, gave Gary and Austin another long glare, and shut the shower door.
“If you spent less time staring at our beautiful bodies, you’d get your shower done a lot quicker,” Austin giggled as he and Gary headed for Gary’s room.
“Fuck you, roomie.”
“You will be fucking me soon, roomie.” With nobody watching, William broke into a smile. Every time Austin cussed, William couldn’t believe how somebody who looked as cute and sweet and innocent as his redhead roomie could actually say the word fuck let alone actually fuck.
“Is William seriously pissed off?” Gary asked as they entered the room. Ned and Titus had already left, a sign that Gary and Austin’s shower had been a long one.
“No, or he wouldn’t have given us all those looks and almost yelled at us. When he’s really pissed, he gets all quiet like and says what he thinks all sarcastic like. I don’t think he was totally happy or anything, but he wasn’t, like, totally pissed.”
“Good, because I wouldn’t want him to be mad when you guys are thinking of, you know, making love.”
“Don’t worry, he wants to do it as bad as me—he didn’t want us to get off easy.”
“I think we’ll get off easy tomorrow,” Gary giggled. Austin gave him an impassive stare. “Get off easy. Get it? We’ll get off easy in my bed. Sheesh, it was supposed to be funny. You know, like a pun.”
Austin finally lost his self-control, shook his head a couple of times, and then broke into laughter.
“Damn, you were playing with me,” Gary giggled.
<Austin and William>
Austin entered the media room ten minutes before the rehearsal time he and William had scheduled. Since the room was unoccupied, Austin saw no reason why he shouldn’t go in, strip down to his white Fruit of the Loom briefs, adjust his bench, and start his warmups. Just as he got his pants off, he noticed Jordan seated in the control room.
Jordan gave Austin a little wave and Austin waved back. “You can take everything off as far as I’m concerned,” Jordan said over the room’s PA. “I heard about your nudist sign.”
“If Mike wasn’t coming, I just might do it,” Austin grinned.
“I guess you won’t be able to find out.”
“What about William, would he do it, too?”
“If I do it, he’ll do it, or the other way around.”
Austin’s statement got Jordan to thinking about how he could convince one of them to begin the striptease. His thoughts were interrupted by William entering the room carrying his guitar case. “Whoa, I see you’re ready for this practice session,” he said.
“Just about,” Austin responded. “I’ll be even more ready when you strip down, too.”
“Cole is going to be here in about ten minutes to help me with the guitar parts. He and Mike are going to team up to get us ready for Gramps.”
“Mike saw us in our undies yesterday,” Austin pointed out.
“Don’t worry, I told him how we like to dress for practice, and he’s cool with it.”
“But it means we won’t be able to get naked, right?”
“It’s probably not a good idea. But I guarantee you that we’ll have at least one naked practice before Tuesday.”
Oh, please have it in this room, Jordan thought.
“Good. If we could make it our last one that would be totally awesome.”
“And while we’re on the topic, I’ve lounged around in my undies visiting Gramps, but that was when he was living in New York. I quit doing it after I was thirteen and thought I was too cool to be sitting in my granddad’s living room in my underpants.”
“So you think he might let us?”
William nodded. “It can’t hurt to ask. Now, let’s warm up.”
The first thing William did was strip down to his boxers as Jordan sat in the control room swooning at the sight of the fourteen-year-old’s almost naked body. Jordan could see that William did more than sit on a piano bench all day.
The boys were doing finger exercises when Michael Kerns entered the room. “Well, I can see you boys are more than ready for practice, this morning.”
“We’d be more ready if we were naked,” Austin giggled. That caught Jordan’s attention.
“But don’t worry,” William said. “We have no intention of taking anything else off.”
“Good,” Mike responded. “You guys in your underwear is enough of a distraction.” While Mike had always enjoyed being comfortable while practicing at home as a boy, to him being comfortable meant wearing a pair of gym shorts or sweats.
“Cole Davis will be here soon to help me with the guitar parts. I told him how we got comfortable. He said he would ask the custodian to turn up the air conditioning so we would at least put a shirt on.”
“Was he serious?” Austin asked.
“Even if he was, I don’t think anybody’s going to turn it up for the whole building and the room thermostats are locked.”
Cole arrived soon after with a smile and the team went to work getting Austin and William to work together smoothly. Cole would be working with William individually that afternoon. William would be working with Cole on fingering for the “Fandango” that afternoon and planned to be fully dressed. 
William would be working on his Chopin Etudes on his own. He was slated to play the Etudes at the student recital after dinner so this would be his last practice session. William planned to emulate Austin by practicing in the nude, even if Jacob remained in the control room. He was certain that the high school boy would have no objection to his choice of practice garb.
The hour went smoothly and when they were finished Michael reminded Austin that they were slated to meet the next day to work on his Beethoven and left. Cole gave them a couple of things to work on before their afternoon session and followed Michael out the door.
“Michael makes me mad,” Austin groused after the two tutors left.
“Why? I thought he and Cole did a great job fitting things together.”
“Oh, he did. But he could have done like Cole and said here’s something for you to work on before we meet tomorrow. But, noooooooo, he has to treat me like a little kid and just say, you know we have a practice time scheduled for eleven tomorrow. I’m not a little kid, I’m twelve, and I have everything on my phone.”
“You’re not a little kid? You look like…”
“Don’t even say it!” Austin squawked.
“Or what?”
“Or…or….or, I’ll make you sleep in the shower tonight?”
“So, that means no BJ tonight? Well, too bad, so sad.” William’s mention of a BJ caught Jordan’s attention. Austin and William had forgotten that he was lingering in the control room with the PA system on.
“Jeez, William, you know I don’t want to do anything tonight so I’m ready for Gary tomorrow and for you on Saturday. Plus, the trio is practicing at seven tomorrow and I want to get right to sleep.”
“Right. And don’t you expect me to get up and shower with you at six-fifteen or whatever, tomorrow.
“Shower? I told you, I’m twelve, which means I’m not dumb. My shower’s gonna wait until after breakfast.”
“I know you’re not dumb, because I only choose smart boys who are awesome pianists and incredibly sexy to be my boyfriend. Now get dressed and go to wherever you’re supposed to be this hour so I can see if I can make people think I know how to play Chopin.”
After Austin left, William hung his handmade copy of Austin’s “NUDIST AT WORK” sign outside the door and grabbed the waistband of his underpants to pull them off. He nearly jumped out of them when Jordan’s voice came over the PA.
“Before you get into your practice uniform, I just wanted to remind you I’m back here doing work on putting together CD’s.” One of Jordan’s jobs was to create a CD of each camper’s recitals as well as whatever else was requested. Some campers liked having their practices in the media practice room recorded and one or two experienced campers asked for practice recordings to be made in one of the other practice rooms.
“It’s cool, Jordan, I’m not ashamed of my body. But thanks for reminding me and please don’t do a video of my practicing in my practice uniform.”
“Don’t worry, you gotta at least be wearing underpants for me to do a video.”
“You didn’t…”
“No. I don’t do it without permission. If you want me to do an underpants video let me know ahead of time and I will. But videos have to be done in here; I can do audios anywhere.”
“I’ll think about it. Now, I’m wasting a lot of good practice time. And please, no loud moaning and groaning while you’re jerking off.”
“Hey, just because you’re good looking doesn’t mean I plan on perving over you.”
“Whatever you say, Jordan.”
What Jordan said and what Jordan did were not the same thing. He ended up shooting his wad twice during William’s nude practice session.
<Austin and Ned>
Austin and Ned had a badminton tournament match right after lunch, so they ate a light lunch. Since they had a table to themselves, the subject of what Austin and Gary would be doing Friday night came up.
“Are you guys still going to do it?” Ned asked.
“That’s our plan,” Austin grinned.
“Damn, half the Quartet is gonna lose its virginity. That is the bomb. I want to make sure three of us lose ours before camp is over.”
“You have become the horndog of horndogs since I met you.”
“It’s all your fault, Austin. You showed me how to jerk off and I found out I had a lot more to learn. I just need somebody to do it to me and I’ve almost done everything.”
“You know John wants to do you. All you gotta do is ask him.”
“I want to be like you. We all know you want your boyfriend to do it to you, but you want to start with somebody smaller. Well, I’m kinda the same way; I don’t want John to do me until after somebody else has. Somebody like you.”
“What about Titus? You two are pretty tight after all.”
“He keeps saying he’ll think about it. I know Titus likes humping and sucking but I don’t think he’s huge on fucking. You’d be the best.”
Austin thought for a couple of seconds before commenting. “Think about asking Gary. Think about it, after tomorrow night he would be our official anal sex teacher.”
“Hmm, I never thought about it that way. That might be an idea.”
The boys took their last bites of lunch and bused their trays. They headed straight to the gym. They changed into their gym gear and played Jill and Cameron, who spent as much time arguing as they did playing. They won the first match 9-5 and the two were so mad at each other they almost skipped the second match. But they stayed around for a 9-3 drubbing and argued some more.
“The only thing I gotta say about those two is that with the way they argue their sex must be pretty good,” Austin observed.
“All I know is they are the weirdest pair in the whole camp,” Ned said.
Later Austin hung his CAUTION: NUDIST AT WORK sign up on the door and practiced his Granados, which he would be playing on Saturday, for a half hour, and finished his session practicing his Beethoven “Moonlight” movement.
<Thursday Recital>
Eugene Delacroix arrived at the camp after dinner but in time for the Thursday recital. He would have loved having dinner with Austin and William, but he would be having lunch with them the next day and dinner with the pair, Austin’s family, and, he hoped, William’s father, on Saturday.
He met William and Austin in their dormitory’s lounge at the arranged time. The boys were happy to see the famed pianist.
“I’m glad you could come, Gramps,” William said as he gave his beloved grandfather a hug.
“I wouldn’t miss it. One reason I moved back to Seattle was so I could become a bigger part of your life,” Gene told him. He then gave Austin a hug. “And, it looks like to become a part of your life, Austin,” he smiled.
“Thanks, Mr. Delacroix,” Austin responded.
“How about you follow William and call me Gramps. I’d love it if you did that.”
“Okay. Thanks again, Gramps.”
“I’m more nervous for this recital than I have ever been for any recital here at Bainbridge, but I don’t know why.”
“Relax, you’re going to do great. It’s not like you haven’t performed Chopin Etudes before.
“I have, but that was then and this is now.” William’s biggest fear was that he wouldn’t perform to Austin’s standards. He knew that was a dumb thought. He was good and he knew he was good, but Austin had a kind of magic at the keyboard that he couldn’t replicate; at least not yet.
They walked together to the school. On the way, Gene and William received a text from William’s father. He’d had a couple of changes of schedule at his workshop and couldn’t get a flight out until Friday morning. He wished William good luck and said that since his qualifying to play Saturday was a given, he would be there for the performance.
“Thanks for nothing, Dad,” William muttered to no one in particular.
“What did he say to bug you?” Austin asked.
“Oh, he said I was going to be one of the Saturday night performers for sure. Nothing like having your dad put the pressure on you.”
“William, you know you’re really good, so what are you scared of?”
“Dad always wants me to be perfect.”
Gene put his arm around his grandson’s shoulder. “You have Austin and me with you all the way. You’re going to do great and whatever anybody else thinks is their problem. Go out and play your best, which is pretty damned good.”
Austin ducked around Gene and gave his boyfriend a hug. “I agree with Gramps. I think you’re the best so kick some ass.”
William looked at Austin and grinned. He bent down and gave Austin a chaste kiss on the lips. “I love you, Austin.” He looked up at his Grandfather. “It’s the truth, Gramps, I love him, and I love him a lot.”
“Which I think is a wonderful thing, son. Not only are you a great pianist, I think you’ve made yourself into a pretty damned good boyfriend in a short amount of time.”
After they entered the auditorium, William went backstage. Austin sat with Gene, Ned, Titus, and Gary, confident that when William started playing, he would kick ass.
William drew the second slot after intermission. Christian was the third performer in the first group, playing a Bach Cello Suite. His flawless performance earned enthusiastic applause, especially from the Master Quartet members. Since Christian was one of the members of Austin’s trio, they had a reason for rooting for him. But they would have a bigger reason for rooting for Austin’s boyfriend, William, after the break.
When intermission came, William elected to remain backstage. He figured everything that had to be said between him, Austin, and his Gramps, had been said before they got to the auditorium. Instead, he sat alone and completed what he had started when he first went backstage—sitting and meditating.
Meditating was one of so many devices to ready himself for a performance that his Gramps had taught him. He was unsuccessful at first, his mind wandering instead of focusing. That changed with the first notes of Bach that Christian bowed on his cello. Bach’s music had a way of focusing the mind, Gene had told his grandson during one of their discussions. William found that to be true that night.
When he heard his name called, William was as ready to play as he had been since March when he had performed with the Portland Orchestra. When he walked out onstage, the audience had miraculously disappeared into the gloom of the auditorium. The only things in his life were the piano and the bench.
William sat on the bench and made the proper adjustment.  He then positioned his hands over the keyboard and proceeded to make the piano sing with him as he played Chopin’s Etude in E Minor. Gene could tell instantly that William was playing a step above his usual precise, mechanical self. His grandson had always played with great competence, but it wasn’t often he also played with artistry. This was one of those times. He didn’t quite match the tone of Austin, but he was showing that he was capable of doing that. Gene never had never been in doubt as to where William’s musicianship could soar to new heights. As William played, Gene also had no doubt as to who had inspired William to put his heart completely into his music, and that was the little redheaded boy sitting to his left.
When he shifted into the more well-known G-Flat Major, his playing seemed to step up another notch and flowed into the C Minor Etude. The Etudes were supposedly practice pieces, but they were much more than that—they were works that revolutionized how the music was written for and played on the piano. Since each Etude of the three Etudes was shorter than two minutes, even playing three of them kept him within his allotted time. 
Gene was now thoroughly convinced that there was more to the relationship of William and Austin than mere adolescent infatuation. The boys are young, Gene thought, but they obviously have been struck by something magical.
When William finished, the audience roared their approval. Austin shouted out, “Bravo, William my…hero!” He almost shouted out boyfriend before he caught himself. He wasn’t ready for the entire auditorium to know his relationship with William and he was sure that William wasn’t either.
After the program ended, the judges and the audience went through the ritual of picking two performers for Saturday. The Master Quartet cheered with approval when Christian and William were picked, along with the duet of Alejandro Lopez on trumpet and Mary Kwon on piano, who played Leroy Anderson’s “Trumpeter’s Lullaby.” Any collaboration of two or more could move on to the next level providing they finished in the top five and no other ensemble finished higher than them. The other slot was taken by Wyatt Spencer on the guitar.
William and Austin joined Gene in the faculty lounge for adult snack time. There was more staff in the lounge than parents, relatives, or friends of students. William grabbed a couple of apple cinnamon cookies and Austin grabbed a chocolate brownie. Gene was satisfied with a cup of coffee.
“William, you were so totally awesome tonight,” Austin gushed.
“Thanks, roomie. And now we’re both playing Saturday to go to the finals.”
“I know, and then we’ll both play in the finals.”
“You could be playing four times,” William said. “Hell, maybe five.”
“I’ll be happy with one, but no matter what, I want us both to be playing next weekend.”  The camp music competition finals were staged the last weekend of camp.
William got out his phone and started a text. “I’m texting my dad,” he said, answering Austin’s unasked question. “Telling him that if he’s not too busy he can put me on his schedule.”
“Perhaps you could tone it down a little bit,” Gene suggested.
“Don’t worry, Gramps, I’m not saying anything like that. I’m just saying what I feel before I text.”
“Blowing off some steam first. Good idea.”
After William sent off his text, Gene asked the boys if lunch was still on tomorrow after they finished their practice session.
“Our reservation ends at eleven,” William said. “Then I have a workshop at one, so we have to squeeze in an early lunch.”
“That’s plenty of time. I’m thinking I could eat some fish and chips at Alfred’s Fish Shop.” Alfred’s was a fish restaurant with an adjacent fish market on the waterfront. Its reputation was well known throughout the Puget Sound region.
“Oh, yeah, they’ve got the best fish and chips on the island, and that’s saying a lot. They got my vote.”
“I never heard of them, but if you guys say it’s good then I’m for it. l love fish and chips,” Austin chimed in.
“Then Alfred’s it is. I take it we’ll go directly from our session to lunch,” Gene said.
“Just give us time to get dressed,” William said.
“This is a nice restaurant, but there’s no need for us to dress fancy. Maybe a polo shirt or something instead of a t-shirt, but shorts are just fine.”
“That wasn’t what I meant. What I meant was, Austin and I like to practice wearing just our underpants and socks, and Austin likes shoes for his pedal work.”
“Indeed? When did you start doing this?”
“When Austin showed me how much more relaxing it was.” William wasn’t ready to get into practicing in the nude.
“So, Austin is a little exhibitionist, is he?” Gene grinned. Austin’s blush matched the color of his hair. “But, if that’s what you like, I’m okay with it. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Austin, but I found your practice apparel to be amusing. I wish I’d thought of practicing like that back in the day.”  
“It’s okay. For a second I thought you would say no to us.”
“I tend to be an open-minded Grandpa. What about your guitar tutor, have you asked him?” Gene asked William.
“Cole’s okay with it. And Jordan, the kid in the control booth, is more than okay with it.”
“Will he be recording our session?”
“If you want him to. That’s what he’s there for.”
“I am going to bring up a subject for discussion at lunch tomorrow. It will eventually lead to you two making some decisions, but for today I just want to give you something to think about.”
“What is it going to be about?” Austin asked. William knew his grandfather well enough to understand that when his grandfather said a topic would be discussed at a certain time, he meant just that, and not a moment before. That was something Austin was about to learn.
“Everything will be revealed at lunch. I just wanted you boys prepared to bring your serious thinking caps with you,” Gene responded patiently.
“I never wear my thinking cap when I eat,” Austin grinned.
“And for a lad your age, there is always a first time for anything. Oh, by the way, since July 4 is a holiday, how does that affect your schedule?”
“Not much change,” William said. “Our parents pay for four weeks of camp, we get four weeks of camp. The evening is different. There are no recitals scheduled and dinner will be a big outdoor barbeque, if the weather is good and it’s supposed to be sunny and around 70.”
Gene checked his watch. “It’s time for me to go if I want to catch the next ferry.”
“Then let’s clean our table and go,” William said.
“Since you have to be back in the morning, anyway, why don’t you just stay at a hotel tonight instead of riding the ferry back and forth,” Austin asked.
“Two reasons. First, I love sleeping in my own bed. Second, I enjoy the ferry ride between here and Seattle. I get some good thinking in and often see interesting things. Tonight, I get to see the beauty of the lights of Seattle as we cross the Sound. Tomorrow, if the weather is right, and the forecast says it should be, I can focus on the beautiful Olympic Mountains. Manmade and natural beauty, all in one round trip.
“But, if I had been thinking, I would have stayed overnight for this one. Getting on the ferry tomorrow without a long wait is going to be nearly impossible. Since I would have to get up early to have a chance at a morning ferry, I will probably get up early and go through Tacoma and over the Narrows Bridge to ensure I get here in time.”
William and Austin walked Gene to his car and waved good bye as he drove off in the twilight. Puget Sound area sunset wasn’t until 9:09 on July third with twilight lasting until almost ten.
<The Master Quartet>
Ned and Titus slept naked in Ned’s bed. John would be sleeping with Gary in Gary’s room. The two youngest Quartet members kissed and dry humped each other. The thought of rolling around on John’s bed having sex was a huge turn-on. They were certain he wouldn’t mind his bed being a mess in the morning. Friday was sheet-changing day, so the bed would have to be torn down anyway.
Titus came first, his dry cum hitting him hard. He quickly lost interest in the erotic world and wanted to stop, but he felt he owed Ned the favor of letting him use his body. He lay passively as Ned kissed his neck and shoulders and enjoyed his own orgasm about two minutes after Titus.
“Sorry I stopped kissing and stuff,” Titus said as he and Ned went to the bathroom to take care of getting ready for the main business of bed—sleeping.
“It’s okay. John says it happens to everybody sometimes when you get all horny. At least you let me finish doing it on you instead of me having to jerk off.”
“You’re not mad at me?”
“I’d never get mad at you, Titus, you know that. Let’s snuggle together and fall asleep, pretty soon we’ll be horny again and forget all about this. Besides, I might have done the same thing if I came first, cuz, yeah, sometimes when I cum I feel like it was a bad thing to do. And I know it was a good thing, but I still feel bad. Go figure.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” Titus finished. Go figure.”
In Gary’s room, John was busily lubing his ass and then Gary’s cock. “Remember, this is just to help you tomorrow. I’m not trying to be your boyfriend or bed buddy or anything like that,” John told Gary.
“I know that. You’re here because I asked you to help me so I can help Austin tomorrow,” Gary said. “And I know Austin doesn’t want to be my bed buddy or my boy friend or anything, just like you said. I mean the only reason my cock is hard is because you were busy rubbing lube all over it. So, let’s do this before it goes pfffffffffffft.”
Before Gary and John got into serious sex, John had Gary enter him doggy style, then missionary, John with his legs raised to expose his ass, and finally with John sitting on Gary’s cock. Gary said the doggy style looked easiest. With that decided they were off and fucking.
Each time Gary’s cock entered John’s ass, Gary moaned with pleasure. He was beginning to see why someone would want to be a top, but he had no clue about where the pleasure came from being a bottom. He figured he might have to try it sometime in order to discover the secret.
“I can’t believe how good this feels,” Gary grunted. “Fuck, fucking is good.”
“Austin will feel even better because his ass will be tighter and hotter,” John said. “Now, to get the best out of this, you gotta go faster and harder.”
Gary stepped it up and he and John grunted with each thrust. Gary wasn’t quite long enough to tickle John’s sweet spot with each thrust, but a few of his hard thrusts did the trick. Once he seriously went at it, it didn’t take long for Gary to go over the top. John, who had been jerking off as Gary fucked him, shot his load over Gary’s sheets within seconds of Gary’s orgasm.
“Damn, that wasn’t bad. I could be a top anytime,” Gary grinned.
“Welcome to the world of real sex,” John said. “Are you ready to be a bottom now?”
“Not tonight but I think I’ll try it sometime.”
“I’m available if you want to do it before camp is over,” John smirked.
“I dunno yet. We’ll see.”
Gary cleaned the sheets as well as he could while John cleaned himself. The twelve and fourteen-year-old slept together but cuddled close only because of the limited width of the bed and the lack of bedding for the empty bed.
William and Austin decided not to sleep together since Austin had to get up much earlier than William. “At least I only have to deal with your alarm and not with you kicking and elbowing me when you’re getting out of bed,” William said. And by silent agreement, a long good night kiss was as close as they came to being sexual.
They wanted their lovemaking on Saturday to be their next sexual contact. It was as if they felt that going from boyfriends who messed around to boyfriends who made love would take them to an unknown level of love. Whatever Saturday did for them, they wanted that feeling to be their next sex together.
William and Austin each lay in his bed knowing something was missing. It didn’t feel right to be sleeping alone without his partner, or at least with a friend. And having their partner just a few feet away brought on feelings of loneliness that they had to fight. William was about to tell Austin to move into his bed when he realized his boyfriend had fallen asleep.
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