Mayfield Titans

Chapter 19-Veteran's Day Weekend (1)

<Ronnie Keller>
Ronnie’s mother couldn’t help but feel a blast of warmth as she watched her son emerge from the front door of the school. Ever since he had recovered from his bout with cancer he had been more involved with life than ever before, and he had been a very active boy before he got sick. And now he was going to enjoy a weekend that he had been looking forward to for weeks; a trip to Mayfield to visit his cousin Scott and the Mayfield friends he had made when he was sick. He was excited to have fun with the friends like Aiden Miller who had shored him up when things looked dark. His only disappointment was that Marty Carlson was in Arizona and wouldn’t be part of the fun.
“Did dad get off work early?” Ronnie asked eagerly as he buckled himself into the back seat.
“Well, hello to you, too,” his mother responded.
“Oh, sorry. Hi, mom.”
“You’re pretty excited, so I will forgive you—this time. And to answer your question, your dad should be home by the time we get there, and we should make it to Mayfield in plenty of time for dinner.”
“And tomorrow night we’ll be staying overnight at Aiden’s house and have pizza and all kinds of good stuff.”
The schedule for the three-day weekend was for Ronnie’s parents to ferry him to Mayfield in time for dinner. After dinner, they planned to drive up to a mountain lodge near Clark Pass and enjoy a much-deserved weekend to themselves.
Ronnie would spend the night with his cousin Scott. On Saturday morning, he would watch Scott’s soccer game and then go to Centralia to watch Aiden’s team play a playoff match. Then there would be the overnight party at Aiden’s house. Sunday would include a trip to the batting cages in Centralia for many of the overnighters. Ronnie was looking forward to seriously swinging a bat. He could hardly wait for spring and the start of baseball season. There would be a smaller overnight with Ronnie, Scott, Trent, Aiden, Nolan, and Gordy, most likely at Aiden’s again. Ronnie’s parents would be picking him up sometime between ten and noon.
Ronnie chatted endlessly on the drive from Tacoma to Mayfield. His topics varied from school to baseball to soccer to his friends at home to his friends in Mayfield to how Marty was the most awesome player in all the Major Leagues. Every now and then his parents managed to squeeze a word in edgewise, but they didn’t care. They were so grateful to have their son back full of energy, enthusiasm, and love, that he could almost have talked them to death, and they would have nodded and said yes and smiled and poured out their love to him.
Dinner at Scott’s was chicken and dumplings with carrots and blackberry pie ala mode for dessert. Nobody left the table hungry.
Ronnie and Scott shared Scott’s full-size bed that night. Scott and his parents were as happy to see Ronnie so full of life as Ronnie’s parents were. The sickly boy of a few months ago had the rosy cheeks of good health and the smile of a boy who was full of unfettered happiness.
Scott wore a t-shirt and sleep shorts to bed, while Ronnie wore a t-shirt and boxers. Scott snuggled up close to his cousin and ran his hand through his brown hair. “You look way better with hair than you did bald,” Scott chuckled.
“I hope so, cuz no eleven-year-old kid should be bald…well, except maybe…um…”
“Um, what?” Scott knew where Ronnie was heading and gave him a little verbal nudge to help him say it.
“Except down there!” Ronnie blurted out as he pushed his index finger against the bedding that was covering his crotch. “But we can’t help it.”
“I guess you don’t have any down there.”
“Nope, but I’m going to real soon. My friend Bert has a little bit and he’s only eleven.”
“And you know this how, by taking his word for it?”
“You’re silly. He showed me. He told me when I was sick he’d jerk me off when I got well. I didn’t know what he meant, but he told me what jerking off was and I said, cool, do it.”
“I guess that means he did it.”
“More than once. And I jerked him off. He can make sperms, by the way. And he was the second boy to kiss me. Bert says we’re not gay, though, we just have hormones making us do things to feel good with each other.”
Scott nodded. “Makes sense to me.” He had a pretty good idea who the other boy to kiss his cousin was and decided not to ask. He was willing to bet he would find out before the weekend was over. Scott was learning that his little cousin’s newfound energy was apparent in many ways.
“Do you have hair on your dick?” Ronnie asked.
“I’m thirteen. I’m supposed to have hair.”
“Not everybody does. Bert’s brother Mitch is thirteen and he doesn’t have any hair.”
“Which tells me you’ve seen his dick, too.”
“Just a couple of times and he’s only jerked off with us once. I think he gets embarrassed because Bert has more hair than he does.” Ronnie rolled on his right side and faced his cousin. “Can I see your hairy dick?”
Scott had anticipated the question and after hearing what Ronnie had said about messing around with his friend, he anticipated a question about that as well. “You can see it, but no touching and no messing around.”
“Why not?”
“Because we’re cousins.”
“So, Bert and Mitch are brothers and they mess around. Bert wants to show me what him and Mitch do sometimes when we do our next sleepover.”
“And what do they do?” As much as he didn’t want it to happen, Scott had a raging hard-on. He started trying to figure out a way to not have to show his junk to his cousin.
“Blow jobs,” Ronnie whispered as if somebody might hear him say something nasty.
“Do you want to try it?”
“If it feels as great as Bert says, oh yeah I want to try it. Who wouldn’t? Now can I see your hairy dick?”
Scott was trying to recall if Ronnie had been this talkative before he got cancer and became super sick. He remembered his cousin as being outgoing, but not like he was now. It was like he was trying to make up for all the words he didn’t get to say when he was sick.
Having painted himself into a corner, Scott decided to give Ronnie a flash of flesh so he wouldn’t be accused of wussing out. He pulled back the covers, raised his butt, and pulled down his sleep shorts and boxers, revealing a hard 4” cock surrounded by a sprinkling of wispy pubes.
Ronnie took a close look at his cousin’s wares and nodded. He wanted to touch what he was looking at, but he had promised not to touch, and he was a boy of his word. But he did have to comment on what he saw.
“You and Bert have about the same amount of hair, but your boner is bigger than his, which is three inches, plus it’s bigger than Mitch’s, which is the same size as Bert’s. How big is yours?” 
Scott was pleased that Ronnie didn’t make a big deal about his erection. It was as if his cousin thought having a boner was a natural part of being with another boy in bed, even if that boy was his cousin. Ronnie pulled back the covers on his side and slid down his boxers, revealing his hairless two-and-a-half-inch uncut erection.  
“Mine is four inches, if you want to know the exact size,” Scott said.
“Two and a half for me, which we measured last weekend.”
Scott pulled his boxers and shorts back up and recovered himself. Ronnie kept himself exposed. Scott had always thought of his cousin as being a naïve little boy, but that certainly wasn’t the case anymore.
“Have you ever had a blow job?” Ronnie asked as he commenced stroking his hard cocklet.
Deciding that honesty was going to be the best policy, especially since a lot of sexual things seemed to get revealed at one of Aiden’s parties, Scott figured he might as well come clean with his inquisitive little cousin. “Yeah, I’ve gotten sucked off a few times. And since I know you’re going to ask, I’ve sucked a dick a couple of times.”
“I haven’t done it either way, but I think after next weekend that will be different.”
“Why wait until next week?” Scott asked.
“Why, do you want to give me my first blow job?”
“I might if you weren’t my cousin. But there will be a friend of Aiden’s at his house tomorrow who loves sucking dicks, the more the better. He’s a blow job freak and his name is Mason. I have no doubt that he’s going to ask if he can suck your dick.”
Ronnie started casually stroking his penis. “Is he, like some kind of weird jerk or something?”
“Nope. Mason is one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. But like I said, he’s a blow job freak. And, since you’re going to ask, everybody says he’s really good at it. He hasn’t sucked mine, at least not yet. But there is one other kid who might want to do you.”
“The kid you called your bro and tomorrow’s host.”
“Aiden?” The thought of Aiden had Ronnie speeding up his strokes.
“Yep, Aiden. He’s been asking and talking about you all week. He’s wanted to see you as much as me.”
“He’s the other boy who’s kissed me.”
“I figured as much.”
Ronnie was now seriously masturbating. The fact that his older cousin was watching him made the whole process even hotter. “Oh shit, Aiden’s gotta suck me. He’s gotta be the first to suck me,” Ronnie mumbled as he jerked his little dick. Scott was seriously considering taking over for his cousin when Ronnie raised his ass and hammered his cock with his closed fist. “Oh, shit, suck my dick Aiden, suck my dick for me,” he cried out as he shook from an intense dry cum.
“Wow, you came hard,” Scott said.
“Yeah, that was a good one. Are you mad at me?”
“Why should I be mad at your?”
“Because you said no messing around. But I kinda decided that jerking myself off wasn’t the same as messing around, so I did it. Are you going to jerk off?” Ronnie asked.
“I did it this afternoon,” Scott told him. “I want to save it for Aiden’s house. Plus, I have a soccer game in the morning and want to get to sleep.”
“Sounds like it’s going to be nuts at Aiden’s house, tomorrow.”
“That’s one way of putting it,” Scott chuckled as he turned out the lights.
<Lance and Grant>
Lance and Grant walked to Lance’s house after school. This was an evening they had been looking forward to ever since they realized it was available.
“I can’t believe how we lucked out,” Lance said as he and Grant sauntered along Mossyrock Street toward the duplex where Lance lived. “I found out on Tuesday that the Brat would be going to a slumber party tonight where all the girls will take their panties off and look at each other’s pussies. I can’t figure out why that would be any fun.”
“For real? The Brat told you that is what they would do?”
“No, but whenever she comes home from one of those that’s what she said they did. They even had a couple of boys sneak in once and she’s saying it might happen tonight. At least boys have something interesting to look at when they’re naked.”
“But what your brother did was really awesome,” Grant said.
“You know it.”
Lenny knew how badly Lance wanted to have an overnight with Grant. When Lenny learned that the Brat would be gone Friday night he decided to see if he could set things up so Lance could overnight with just Grant. When he finished his maneuverings, he had arranged to spend the night with his friend Keith in Kentburg.
 Lance and Grant would have the bedroom to themselves, plus the Brat wouldn’t be in the house to bother them. Grant had to deal with his mother, who was leery of having Grant spending the night away from home after the alcohol and drug issues Grant had with his friend Alex Guerrero. Grant had started drinking when he was nine and by ten his drinking had gotten out of control. However, he had been clean for almost a year.
The research Grant’s mother did convinced her that the Hazen twins were boys she could trust; she was assured by Lance’s mother that her sons did not drink or use drugs and that Lance and Grant would not be left alone unsupervised except for an hour or so right after school was out. Knowing that Grant had to show he could be trusted she approved of the visit, albeit with some trepidation.
When they arrived at Lance’s home, Lance ushered Grant to his bedroom. He set his backpack on the chair behind his bed and Grant dropped his on Lenny’s bed.
“Now what?” Grant asked.
“Well, since it’s Friday, we don’t have to worry about homework. We could go to the living room and watch some TV, maybe start getting ourselves horny while we do. I mean we do have some big plans for tonight!”
“Yep. I get to lose my virginity,” Grant grinned.
“At least your boy virginity, since you do like girls, right?”
“I do, but for now I’m happy with guys because girls can be too weird; at least until the right one comes along.”
“And you know that me and Lenny are the gay twins, right?”
“Best guy to do my butt is a gay guy who’s done it before. When I started thinking about doing this, I figured it would be either Aiden or you who took it, since you’ve both become my best friends. Since Aiden gots a boyfriend and since you and me are best friends, I was pretty sure it would be you.”
“And I’m happy it is, because I think you’re really sexy, even if you do like girls.”
“Well, look at it this way. Every time I’ve messed around it’s been with a boy,” Grant confessed.
“Me too,” Lance giggled.
“You haven’t done anything with a girl?”
“Oh, a kiss and a feel when a girl was hanging around with Lenny or somebody. It doesn’t really count.” Lance sat on his bed and removed his shoes. “More comfortable this way. I never wear my shoes in the house.”
While Grant was removing his shoes, Lance surprised him by quickly taking off his jeans. He stood in front of Grant wearing just a blue polo shirt, red briefs, and red socks. “This makes it easier for us to make out on the couch,” Lance explained.
“I guess,” Grant responded. “But what if the Brat or your mom or Lenny catches us?”
“Well, the Brat will try to freak out when she sees us making out, but she can’t do much since she’s gonna be messing around with a bunch of bratty girls tonight and even worse, maybe a couple boys. I can hear mom drive up, so we have time to put pillows over our crotches so she won’t see the boners we’re going to have. She doesn’t care if we run around in our underwear. She knows boys have to be comfortable.”
“And what about Lenny?”
“Come on, dude, Lenny is my twin. While I’m busy taking your cherry his goofy Kentburg boyfriend will be screwing my big bro until he screams. Speaking of screaming, you’d better make sure you don’t scream tonight, or mom is going to be hopping into the bedroom wondering who is being murdered. She’s okay with underpants, but I don’t want to know what she’d think about fucking.”
“Where is Lenny right now?”
“He’s staying after school helping Aiden and some high school computer geek with some project for the Baseball Club. He should be home soon because he’s getting picked up here. He should have taken fresh underwear and stuff to school like you did and he could’ve been picked up there. And this is way too much talk and not enough kissing so let’s go turn on the TV and make out.”
“Why can’t we make out here in the bedroom?”
“Because it isn’t daring enough and won’t piss off the brat,” Lance giggled. “Getting caught by the Brat is always fun because of how she goes all ballistic over it. She’s such a hypowhatsit about it.”
“I think you mean hypocrite,” Grant said.
“Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and one more thing, mom always comes in through the back, while Lenny and the Brat come through the front door like we did.
And now, check this out.” Lance pulled down his briefs, revealing a hard boy cock measuring just a hair under three inches. “If you want to touch it you have to take those pants off.”
Grant had meant to remove them right after he saw Lance pull off his jeans, but like Lance said, they got too much into talking. Grant stepped out of his tan Dockers, standing in a pair of light blue Hanes briefs with dark blue trim. His almost four inches of cock made an impressive bulge in the fabric. He pulled down the front of the briefs to reciprocate the flash of cock Lance had given him. Even though he was twelve-and-a-half, Grant’s pubic region was still bald.
The boys were soon in the living room, sitting close to each other on the couch, and ignoring what was on television. The sound was on mute and the only noise in the living room was the smacking of lips and groans of pleasure of eleven-year-old Lance and his older friend.
This was the first time Grant and Lance had seriously kissed. Any previous smacks they had shared before had just been innocent smacks between horny and curious tween boys. For Grant, it was the first time he had seriously kissed anyone, at least when he was sober. He had blurry memories of him and his neighbor Alex kissing and doing more when they were drunk or stoned. The one sexual thing he was sure they hadn’t done was fuck. But their sessions in Alex’s basement were generally more about getting fucked up than about having sex—the sexual part seemed to happen as they got more and more buzzed.
Lance had his underpants tucked under his tight little scrotum, his boner free and proud. Grant’s underpants were pulled down below his butt. Lance had told Grant it might be best if they had an orgasm while they were making out so they wouldn’t be super horny for the main event. Grant concurred and rubbed Lance’s cock as they kissed and Lance rubbed Grant’s. It wasn’t serious masturbation, but it did have both boys riled up.
Grant almost jumped off the couch when he heard a key go into the front door lock. Since Lance didn’t seem too concerned about the noise, Grant didn’t panic. When Lance’s sister Brenda entered the living room it marked the first time a girl had seen his cock, let alone his hard cock. Before Grant could react, Lance placed his open mouth around Grant’s lips and pushed his tongue into Grant’s mouth.
“Boys being gross as usual,” Brenda griped as she stood and observed her brother kiss a boy who she remembered was a seventh grader, but she couldn’t remember his name. She stared at Grant’s hard cock, which was bigger than her brother’s and bigger than Emmett’s and Tucker’s. They were the two boys who were expected to sneak into the slumber party at Mary’s house. Emmett was a sixth grader and Tucker was a fifth grader, like she was.
When Grant realized that Brenda was staring at his cock rather than getting a quick glimpse, he grabbed the pillow next to him and covered himself. Lance made no attempt to cover his junk; he loved it when his sister stared at him knowing how much it frustrated her that she couldn’t do anything with what she saw.
“You don’t have to cover up yourself since I saw what you got. It’s no big deal and I’ll show you.” She pulled off her pants and panties, giving Grant his first look at a girl’s nether regions. Grant yanked the pillow off his lap, letting Brenda stare at his boner while he stared at her bare pussy.
“Dang, Brenda, you talk about boys being gross. You just walk in and take your pants off. It’s not like you haven’t seen me making out on the couch before, including with your so-called boyfriend, Emmett.”
“Shut up, Lance.”
“And you and your girlfriends are going to be kissing each other just like me and Grant were, plus you’ll be licking each other’s pussies and sticking your fingers up each other’s things and…”
“I said shut up, Lance.”
Grant was becoming uncomfortable sitting in the middle of the argument between the two siblings. But his fascination with what Brenda was showing him helped ease that discomfort.
“You know I’m telling the truth.”
“So? It’s none of your business. And it’s usually you and Lenny making out on the couch.” Brenda turned her attention to Grant. “Lance is right about we might kiss our pussies and each other, but we do it for practice to learn how it feels. It’s not like you guys do where it’s serious making out. We don’t go sitting on the couch kissing and feeling each other. We do it to get us ready for boys.”
Grant finally found his tongue and spoke for the first time. “If you’ve been practicing does that mean I can kiss your pussy?”
“No, because you’re not my boyfriend and boyfriends are the only ones who can kiss a girl’s pussy except at parties, because then it’s practice.”
“Like usual, you don’t make any sense, Brenda.”
“Shut up, Lance. And can I kiss your dick, Grant?”
Grant almost said yes, wondering if a girl kissing his dick would be the same as a Lance doing it. They had done a sixty-nine together a little while ago and Grant thought it had felt really good. But he didn’t like the Brat’s attitude and could see why she kept pissing off her brothers. Instead he said, “I came here to mess around with Lance, so I’m only letting him kiss it.”
“In case you need a lesson, dear sister, you do it like this.” He bent down, gave Grant’s erection a kiss, followed by him wrapping his lips around the glans. “That’s how you make a guy feel good. Or you can even do this…”
As he took Grant’s cock deeper in his mouth, a key went into the front door lock and Lenny walked in. Grant almost panicked again as he wondered how everybody could be so sure it wasn’t their mother coming in. It must be they know when she gets off work, he thought.
“Holy crapola, I just walked into an orgy,” Lenny chortled. “Stay after school on a Friday to help a friend and you end up missing all the fun. Hey Grant, having fun?”
“Ohhhhhh, yeah for sure.”
Lance pulled off Grant’s cock and said, “You’re going to have a lot of fun with Keith for the whole night to make up for it.”
“I swear boys are the grossest things in the world,” Brenda moaned.
“At least we’re not standing in the middle of the living room with our pants and undies on the floor. Now that’s gross,” Lenny pointed out.
“I’m gonna get my overnight bag and go to Mary’s. At least there won’t be any boys there.”
“At least until later,” Lance said.
“Whatever.” She started stomping out of the living room when Lenny called out her name.
“What?” she shouted back.
“Don’t forget to put your pants on,” Lenny giggled.
“Ohhhhhh, I hate you both.” She picked up her pants and panties. “Not you,” she said to Grant, “just my stupid twin brothers.”
“You got a nice dick, Grant,” Lenny said after Brenda left the room.
“Thanks, I think,” Grant grinned.
“I gotta get my stuff. My ride’s going to be here real soon. You guys have fun. You’re gonna love it, Grant.” Lenny followed Brenda into the hall.
“He knows we’re going to do it?”
“We’re twins. Me and Lenny don’t keep any secrets from each other. But that’s as far as the secret goes.”
“It’s cool. If I end up liking it do you think maybe Lenny would do it with me some day?”
“You gotta ask him.”
Brenda came strutting into the living room fully dressed and wearing a backpack. She glared at the two boys sitting on the couch, now dressed only in t-shirts and socks, their underpants on the floor.
“Your thingies are ugly and Grant’s probably would taste awful and Lance’s would taste worse. I can’t wait to taste Emmett’s,” she screeched.   
“Have fun, Brat. If Emmett even shows up, I’ll kiss your pussy,” Lance said.
“Eww, that would be the grossest thing ever.” She stomped out the door, not bothering to close it.
Lance got off the couch and shut it. “At least she didn’t slam it,” he noted.
“Maybe you should call her the Bitch instead of the Brat,” Grant suggested.
“Mom gets mad enough when she hears us call her the Brat. I think we’d better stick to Brat—but I like how you think.”
“She’s only ten?”
“Yeah, but like mom says, she’s ten going on sixteen.”
“What does she say about you and Lenny?”
“That we’re ten going on fourteen,” Lance giggled.
The doorbell rang, surprising both boys. “That’s either the Brat because she forgot something including her keys, or it’s Lenny’s boyfriend,” Lance said. “Who is it?” he called out.
“It’s Keith,” came the answer.
“Do you mind if he sees you like that?” Lance asked Grant.
“As long as you don’t care, I don’t care.”
Lance opened the door and let Keith into the house. Keith saw Lance’s undressed state and broke out into a big smile as his dick quickly started coming to attention. “Whoa, if you’re Lenny you look really hot, and if you’re Lance, you’re still really hot.” Then he saw Grant. “And you’re hot, too, dude, whoever you are.”
“I’m Grant.”
“Hey Grant. I’m Keith. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important,” he smirked.
“Just some kissing and jerking off with a cock suck or two,” Lance confessed.
“I’m from Kentburg, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a boyfriend from Mayfield. We just don’t have enough gay guys in Kentburg, so we have to slum it.”
“And I’m Lance,” Lance said. “Lenny, your ride is here!” he yelled into the hall. “And in Mayfield we at least admit we’re gay.”
“Whoa, so both the Hazen twins are gonna have sexy fun tonight. That is, so totally cool.”
Lenny came out and gave his redheaded boyfriend a hug, planting a hard kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. Keith wiggled away and said, “We better go before mom leans on the horn.”
“You guys have fun,” Lenny told Grant and Lance.
“Agreed,” Keith smirked as he and Lenny went out the door.
“I think it’s time for us to get dressed,” Lance told Grant. “Mom’s due home soon.”
Grant and Lance pulled on their underpants and then Lance sat on the couch with the TV remote in his hand. “Aren’t we putting on our pants?” Grant asked.
“Like I told you, mom doesn’t have a problem with just wearing undies.”
“But she’s gonna see this.” Grant pointed to the bulge his erection was making in his briefs.
“She’ll see a bulge in your pants, too.”
“But it will probably go down if I’m wearing pants, and if it doesn’t it would be way harder to see.”
“Well, if it bugs you, then I think we should go get our pants on.” Which they did.
Lance’s mother treated the boys to pizza at The Bear for dinner. After returning home, the boys gave her some attention, but spent most of the evening watching TV and playing games in the twins’ bedroom. Leslie Hazen liked Grant very much. He was friendly, polite, and full of positive energy. She was surprised that Lance hadn’t convinced him to hang around the house in just shirt and underpants.
Having learned a little of Grant’s history of substance abuse from his mother made her even more impressed with his deportment. She complimented him on his good manners and good behavior and made a mental note to tell his mother how impressed she was with her son.
Even though she couldn’t see it or hear it, she was certain that once the boys retired for the night there was going to be sexual activity between the two. She had long ago learned to accept the sexual proclivity of her sons. She’d had her talks with them on the subject of sex and being safe and considerate. She also understood from talking to other parents and reading up on pubescent boys that she would have to accept the fact that boys liked to experiment with each other. Her daughter Brenda’s behavior worried her more than the behavior of her sons.
What Leslie didn’t know, was how deep into the world of sex her sons had gone. She imagined their behavior as simple masturbation with maybe some experimental kissing. She couldn’t conceive of what was going on in her sons’ bedroom as she retired for the night.
Grant and Lance were naked. They were rolling around on Lance’s bed, kissing and fondling and grabbing until Grant squirted clear cum on Lance’s belly and Lance came dry. And that was the preliminary to the real action. The boys were soon re-energized and once again became hard and horny.
After some humping and sucking, Lance took a tube of lubrication out of his dresser drawer and started prepping his cocklet along with Grant’s virgin ass.
“Where did you get that?” Grant asked before moaning with pleasure as Lance’s finger rubbed along his crack and pucker.
“From Aiden. He gets it from his dads. When he found out me and Lenny were going to go all the way, he gave us some.”
Aiden had helped Grant as well. Without naming names, Grant had told him that he might have a chance to see what fucking was about. Aiden gave him advice on how to loosen up his ass before that time came. Now that time had come and he had his legs in the air and his pucker exposed. He accepted a long deep kiss from Lance and in what seemed like a milli-second Lance penetrated his sphincter and for the first, but not the last time, Grant Foster had a cock in his ass.
As with anything new, Grant’s first fuck wasn’t perfect. He experienced some pain and discomfort, but there was also a great deal of pleasure. In a way this was a first time for Lance, too—his first time having anal sex with someone other than his twin brother.
When it was over, both boys were satisfied. Grant jerked himself to orgasm as soon as Lance had his dry orgasm. They finished with a long kiss, went naked across the hall to share the toilet for a piss, and slept naked and tightly cuddled. As Grant drifted off to sleep, he had many thoughts working through his mind. He wondered how doing it with a girl could be better than this, he wondered if doing it with Lenny would be just as good, and he wondered if there was a way he could do it with Aiden.
<Lenny and Keith>
Keith’s mother cooked up a pot roast dinner for her family and guests. The family consisted of her, her husband State Senator Josh Barnett, Keith, and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Dianna. Company was Lenny and Keith’s long-time friend, Shannon.
Like Lenny, Keith and Shannon had a soccer tournament game the next afternoon in Centralia. The teams would be playing on the same field at the Centralia complex, but at different times. The Kentburg team would be playing the Mayfield Lightning, the team Scott played for. Both games were loser out. Shannon’s mother was happy to have her son stay at Keith’s for the night because she knew he would be in better company than with some of his other teammates, who frequently smoked pot together or attended booze parties. Keith had never been a partier, and Shannon no longer hung out with those who were except at school or when participating in sports.
A big difference between the neighboring towns of Mayfield and Kentburg was that while there were some drinking parties in Mayfield, homosexual sex was the big deal among pubescent boys there, while drinking and drugs were the major vice in Kentburg. There was also more heterosexual experimentation than boy on boy sex.
Shannon was thirteen and in seventh grade. He and Keith had been friends since pre-school. Their earliest sexual experimentation had been with each other, starting when they were both eight, but they were best friends, not lovers. Ironically, Shannon had lost his boy cherry to Keith and his girl cherry to Dianna. While he didn’t mind mutual jerking off and cock sucking, he claimed he was done with anal sex. He was in recovery and had almost nine months of sobriety thanks to the diligence of his mother and his friends in the Fourth Dimension meeting in Mayfield, as well as friends like Keith.
That night, Shannon was mostly a sexual spectator. He knew that Keith and Lenny were boyfriends and that they planned on fucking that night. He planned on participating in the humping and sucking and jerking off sex but had no desire to kiss and fuck. Watching Keith and Lenny do it was a big turn on, however.
He got to watch them do it twice. The first time he was a participant when he let Lenny give him a blow job while Lenny fucked Keith. He jerked off while watching the second round when Keith topped Lenny, until they were interrupted by Keith’s sister, Dianna.
Dianna thought Keith and Lenny were a cute couple and had watched them make out a few times. She had never watched them fuck, however. Tonight, she was helping her brother by keeping her parents occupied so their attention wasn’t on the back hall. Their bedroom was on the other end of the house from the upstairs rooms their kids had.
Once her parents went to bed, Dianna went to Keith’s bedroom and looked in on the three naked boys having sex. They had okayed her visit in advance as a reward for keeping the parents at a distance. When she walked into the room her brother’s ass was being hammered by Lenny and Shannon was jerking off. The scene she saw made her wet, but she stayed just long enough to invite Shannon to come to bed with her.
“I have condoms in my room,” she assured him.
Shannon didn’t have to be asked twice. “It’s been fun dudes,” he told Keith and Lenny, whose intercourse had been put on pause. “See ya in the morning.” He followed Dianna out of the room to enjoy his own brand of sex.
“I wish my sister was as cool as yours,” Lenny said.
“She is a pretty good sister, and she’s totally cool with me being gay. We help each other like she did tonight a lot, like when she has her boyfriend Felix over.”
“It was even kind of hot when she was watching us.”
“Yeah, she does like watching us. But she’s like me when it comes to sex with each other. It’s okay for us to watch each other do stuff—we even watch each other masturbate and have since I was, like, nine. And it’s okay to kiss and make out with each other sometimes, but fucking and oral are GIANT no nos.”
Lenny resumed his plowing of Keith’s ass with a finish as satisfactory as their first round. Shannon had just as much fun, but he returned to Keith’s room after he and Dianna finished; they didn’t want to take the risk of being caught sleeping together. Besides, Keith’s queen bed had plenty of room for three to sleep in.
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