Mending Wounded Hearts

Chapter Twenty-one ***Hygiene and high hopes

"Well, how are you feeling? Did the shower meet with your approval?"

"It’s fantastic, kind of big for one little ole girl but really nice. Is that where you’re going to scrub Carter?"

"Oh, he already asked you, I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that. I suggested that he join Kelly or Brandon but he had other ideas."

"Well, he’s never showered by himself; he usually uses the tub. Luke put him in the shower with his daughter Pearl and that went okay, although Luke was worried that he’d overstepped."

"Well, a lot of guys are kind of gun-shy when it comes to kids and naked."

"I know, but I don’t have any concerns where you’re concerned. Just be ready for a lot of questions, he’s never showered with a man before."

 "I’m sure it won’t be anything I haven’t heard a few times before."

"Rob, I’ve never seen him take to someone so quickly. Whatever kids see in you, it’s fantastic."

"I didn’t realize it was so late, I guess I better get him scrubbed and get some dinner going."

"What were you going to cook?"

"I hadn’t decided yet."

"Do you mind if I have a rummage through your fridge and see what’s available?"

"Please feel free, there’s lots of chicken and beef."

"Okay Carter; are you ready to get cleaned up?"

Carter hooted and joined me, I led him down the hall and stopped at my bed so I could undress and then pulled towels from the cabinet and hung them on the towel heater. I hung my robe on the door.

Carter was staring at my penis mesmerized it seemed. I had to call him twice before he responded.

"Feel the water to see if you like it please."

Once I got the temperature adjusted to his comfort, we stepped in. Not as hot as I like it but he’s only eight.

He was still a little preoccupied but I got him back on task and showed him how to shower. I told him to start with shampoo and end up with his ankles and feet. He giggled just about anywhere I touched him. I told him to soap up his hands and wash his penis and scrotum and then to do the same with his bottom. I told him he wasn’t done with his penis yet. 

"You need to pull the skin back and wash your head like this," and I demonstrated for him.

"Why does my penis get hard like this when I touch it?"

"Well, it fills with blood and that’s what makes it hard. We call that an erection. You can get an erection for all sorts of reasons. Fear or surprise and of course, sex stuff."

"That’s what Mommy told me, I wanted to know if you would tell me the truth. Lots of people think they can tell kids anything and we’ll just believe them."

"Well, I’ll always tell you the truth as I understand it. A lot of people aren’t comfortable answering questions like that."

After that, he pretty much followed what I was doing, except he couldn’t reach the bar to steady himself to wash his feet so I held his hand.

With all the washing done I was about to hit the off button when Carter asked to be picked up and held; how could I say no? Besides, I always enjoyed holding my little guys after they were all cleaned up. It was some nice bonding time. Finally, I shut off the water, stepped out and grabbed a towel for Carter. While he dried himself, I tended to my own requirements and put on my robe. With Carter dry, he gathered up his dirty clothes and we dropped them in his Mom’s room. He didn’t pause to put anything on but instead went in search of Ally.

"Well hello Carter, couldn’t you find your shorts?"

"I didn’t look; Kelly said they hang around nude all the time."

"But that’s only when we don’t have company like girls."

"I see girls nude all the time, what’s the difference."

"We weren’t raised nudists like you and Wade."

"Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know."

Brandon squatted in front of him, "Kelly and I aren’t used to being naked in front of ladies and we’ve never been with ladies that are naked either. We’re not ready yet. We’ll get there but it will take a little time. Would you like me to take you to your clothes and help you find some shorts?"

"Okay," Carter agreed.

"They’re in the blue satchel with the capital C on the side," Ally informed Brandon.

They returned in just a few minutes with Carter wearing turquoise board shorts.

"I’m thawing a few chicken breasts, is that okay?" Ally asked.

"Sounds good to me, I’ll go and put on some shorts myself and come back and help you." 

"That’s okay, Brandon is helping me and I like to cook, especially in a kitchen like this."

I walked back to my bedroom, not realizing Carter had followed me.

"You have a big penis."

"Not really, it’s just average."

"No, I’ve seen a lot at the resort we go to and yours is bigger than most of them."

"So what’s on your mind Carter?"

"Does mine look okay?"

"It looks fine Carter, just the right size for your age.

"I’ve seen other boys my age with bigger ones."

"Okay, I think I understand. Here’s the thing. Do you know what heredity is?"


"Well, that affects how your penis looks and its size. But look, what matters is what it is when it’s erect. If you were to compare erections with other boys your age, you’ll mostly all be the same size. But there are exceptions because of heredity, okay?"

"Okay, I think I understand."

"I hope it helps, you seem concerned about it, is somebody giving you crap about it?

"Yes, stupid Raymond. His is bigger, but I’ve never seen it hard."

"Well, it’s all talk before the match."

"So should I tell him to show it or shut up?"

"I can’t make that decision for you, but if you do; get a third boy to judge, someone impartial."

"Thanks, Rob, I can’t really ask Mom about stuff like that."

"I understand, Carter."

"Do you like my Mom like lots?"

"Yes, I like her a lot. She’s really smart and nice and very pretty too." 

"She likes you too, she said you’re the um… nicest man she’s met in years. I heard her telling Laney." 

"Well, you shouldn’t repeat stuff like that if you overheard it, but I understand."

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, Carter; very much, you’re very bright and you ask good questions."

"Thanks, some grownups don’t like me because I ask too many questions and make them feel dumb."

"Well, you should never feel bad about being smart, it’s a very good quality. You just have to use it well and help people with it like a superpower."

"Oh cool, I never thought of it like that."

"Well sure, you might help save the world with your brain someday."

"That’s so cool." 

"He scampered off down the hall leaving me to dress in peace."

When I rejoined Ally, all three boys were in the kitchen. Kelly was helping Carter set the table and Brandon was helping Ally cook. Brandon was sporting a lipstick smudge on his cheek. 

"Hey Brandon, are you muscling in on me?"

"Whoa hold it boys, who I kiss is my business!"

"Ally, I think he’s kidding."

"I know sweetie, so am I, we’re just having fun."

"Anything for me to do?" I asked.

"Nope, the chef and I have it covered," Ally said. 

I picked up my guitar and started playing the Mozart Ronda ala Turca. I had learned it as a boy and it was one of my all-time favorites to play. I made it all the way through without error. Asturias was next and then Kelly requested Canon in D.

I opened my eyes and Carter was sitting directly in front of me with an angelic expression.

"That’s really beautiful Rob, can you play Voi Che Sapete by Mozart?"

"I’ve played the accompaniment for a vocalist but never the melody."

"If you play it, I’ll sing."

"You’re on, Buddy!"

The guitar part isn’t taxing at all and I was completely bowled over by Carter’s voice and inflection. His embellishments were up there with some of the better boy trebles.

"Did you like it?" Carter asked when he finished.

"It was fantastic; you have a beautiful voice Carter. Have you been training a long time?"

"No, I just like to sing; I heard a boy doing that on the internet and I wanted to see if I could sing it the same way."

"Kapelle meisters everywhere are looking for you, Buddy."

"I know, our choirmaster wanted me to join, but then you don’t have time for anything else."

"Yes, I’ve heard, my voice was never that good so I was spared that trap."

"Whoa Carter, you were great. I really liked it; I wish I could sing like that. It’s beautiful."

"Thanks Kelly, do you sing?"

"Well, yeah, but not like that."

"He and Brandon did a great Red River Valley a few nights back."

"Would you sing it with me?"

I played, they sang and Ally was in tears when dinner was ready.

"What’s wrong Mommy?"

"Nothing honey, I’m actually really happy."

We all sat down to the best Parmesan chicken I’ve ever tasted. Way better than mine. But I could never get the crust to stay on. I was told later that corn syrup in the Dijon mustard was the trick.

I put out the makings for hot fudge sundaes for dessert and everyone was quite well fed. The boys began to fade and I carried Carter up and plopped him down between Brandon and Kelly who had promised to sleep with Carter.

Ally and I stayed up until twelve-thirty and talked about a lot of stuff. She gave me the salient points about Ed her ex-husband. He had tried to use ranch funds to boost his own failing business and she caught him. The last she heard he was living in a single wide in Barstow. She had her son after the divorce and gave him her family name and a sympathetic judge had ended Ed’s parental rights. 

The subject got around to sex and past partners. She was surprised that I didn’t have more partners but I’m a serial monogamist and I remained celibate for quite a while before I met Carolina and again after losing Maurice. I told her about Stoker and our relationship and the girls I knew in high school, but my total number including Wyatt was only six.

Her count was two men and her first at seventeen. He was sweet, but clumsy and it was over very quickly. She had met a very nice man whose wife had filed for divorce but changed her mind and he went back to her. That had been five years earlier. 

"I’m kind of picky, but if I see one I want, I go after him."

"That seems reasonable to me."

"You’re a cool customer Rob, you don’t seem to care for a lot of manufactured drama and neither do I. I don’t play those little girl games like making a man guess why I’m mad. That’s horse shit. Grandad taught me to solve my own problems and do my own thinking. If I want someone to know something, I tell them. I’m no militant feminist but I’m not a pushover either. You don’t seem threatened by that. Look, from what you’ve told me I have a lot of the qualities of your late wife. I understand that, I would probably have liked her too. But I’m not her and you don’t have to worry about what you’re feeling about me. I think it’s the personality type that attracts you and the things I mentioned earlier. She was a beautiful woman but we don’t look anything alike. I’m not worried about her memory affecting how you respond to me.

"Jeez, that’s pretty direct. I think you and I have complimentary personalities. And, as for Carolina, she was a big part of my life and it’s true that some of your mannerisms are similar. But I know you’re not her and that won’t be an issue. Our approach to life seems pretty much the same. Besides I like a woman that carries a gun."

Ally grinned at me. "I do have one question that might give you pause. How do you feel about another child in the mix?"

"Carter? He’s a great kid and he seems to like me."

"No, I mean in addition to Carter, an "Ours" baby."

"Well, I thought I was done raising kids when Kelly and then Brandon came into my life. I love kids and having another of my own with the right woman would be wonderful. But it has to be what you want, too."

"Well, I think we should probably wait until we’ve at least had sex before we talk about that much more. Right now I’m going to get up and go to bed before I climb all over you."

"Understood, I might have a bit of trouble answering the bell tonight anyway."

We shared a passionate kiss and I walked her up the stairs and kissed her at her door.

At one a.m. Kelly was standing by my bed.

"Dad, could you hold me for a while; you were right, I’m not over Mom yet." 

I scooted back much to the annoyance of Aahz, the cat. Kelly laid down and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the back of his head.

"I never knew what it was like to have a dad before I met you and it’s pretty great. I love you, Dad."

At two-thirty Kelly went back to join Carter and Brandon.

At three, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a very long time: warm soft breasts were against my back. A very nice fragrance reached me and I had slender feminine arms over my waist.

"If you turn around I won’t be able to control myself, so don’t." I heard Ally’s sweet voice in my ear.

It nearly killed me but I stayed put and went back to sleep because I was exhausted.

I woke at five-thirty as usual and she was still there.

I don’t know if she was already awake or I woke her when I moved.

"You didn’t get much sleep did you, Honey?"

"Not really, but I got enough; and I’ll get a nap later. I won’t fly if I’m fatigued.

"Smart, ethical, a Gentleman and good sense. That ticks all my boxes. Turn around."

"I faced her and gave her a long kiss. I ran my hand down her bare back and came into contact with a very nice ass. My body responded to that and her firm breasts against my chest and the vibrant nature of the woman."

"Jeez, I thought you told Carter you were average. That does not feel average to me."

"Well, I always thought it was just average, I haven’t had any complaints."

"I wasn’t complaining either. But I don’t think we’ll have time to do much before the boys or at least Carter is out of bed. He’s like me, always up early."

"He told you about our conversation?"

"I asked him what you guys were talking about and he said, "Penises," and then he pretty much recited everything you told him."

"Well, he asked, and it seemed important to him."

"He needs a man to talk to about that sort of thing, Rob."

"Well, he’s at an age where that sort of thing is starting to be a factor and he can get a lot of bad information from other kids. And I don’t think they cover size concerns in Sex Ed," I speculated.

"True, I’m just saying it was good that you set him straight."

"I am happy to help whenever I can, he’s a neat kid."

"He seems to think highly of you. He’s usually standoffish with men. Maybe it’s the affection your two show you and vice versa."

"Um… about my boys, they’re a little bashful about being nude in front of Cammie and weren’t ready for her to be nude either. But they need to adapt. They like being nude and I want them to feel free whenever it’s appropriate. Would you be willing to help with that?"

"Well, it won’t be the first teenager with a boner I’ve seen and they’ll get comfortable soon enough. You get them swimming later and I’ll come out and join you. I promise not to give them a bad time about erections. I see them at the resort when we have a family with teen boys who are new to nudity; most of them adapt quickly."

"That sounds like a plan then."

"I better get back to my room before my baby comes looking for me. But I think we should rethink our evening out. Let's just go into town, have a nice dinner alone and relax. I know you wanted to fly us up to Santa Maria, but let's do it when it's not such a rushed affair, what do you think?

"That sounds pretty good actually; we could take a couple days and see some folks up there and some of the sights, as well. I'd be willing to bet Cammy will help you do some planning. I already have a hotel in mind though."

"Okay Rob, I think it will be more fun that way, I'm glad you agree.