Chapter 9

To see Dustin so excited was like watching a Saturday morning cartoon on triple speed. He literally started squirming in his seat the second the car started rolling forward again. He turned the music up, wiggled his cute little butt into a comfortable position in his car seat, and started patting the tops of his thighs with his palms. I don't even think he realized that he was being so visibly entertaining at that moment. He was looking out the window and smiling, no doubt imagining that this night was going to be some super fantastic fantasy come true. Geez, with him bouncing around like that, I hope it comes somewhere close to living up to his high expectations.

Dustin and I agreed on pizza, and he talked me into getting him a 2 liter of pink lemonade to drink. As we got closer to my apartment, I started wondering about whether or not I had everything clean and ready for company. It's not like Dustin gave me much of a 'warning' before hopping into my car and coaxing me into practically kidnapping him from home. I'm sure it'll be alright though. I'm not much of a messy person at all. The most he'll see is an un-made bed and a few dirty dishes in the sink. No biggie.

"There's gotta be a cool movie on cable or something that we can watch. Unless you have DVDs and stuff. Do you have DVDs? If you do we've gotta watch something that I haven't seen yet. Which is hard, because I've seen just about everything. Unless it's old. Maybe if you had something old, we could watch that. Or we could just look for something on cable. Do you have cable? Ooh, do you have like a satellite connection or something with the 600 channels??? That would be awesome. This pizza is kinda hot on my lap. I'm totally gonna pay for dinner next time. I promise. Omigod, this is gonna be so cool!" Hehehe, it really made me smile uncontrollably to see Dustin so happy. It warmed my heart and created this full body tingle that simply consumed me without permission. I could hardly drive. My eyes kept looking over at my beautiful passenger, and he would look back at me and giggle. Those eyes. Two shimmering blue stars. How did I ever live without him? Seriously. How did I make it this far in my life without his beauty sitting right beside me like it was at this very moment? It baffles me.

Life without him isn't 'life' at all. Anything less would be a synthetic joy. Something too dull and boring to even really give it my attention. Who wants to live life without love? Or at least the pursuit of it. It makes everything soooo much more bearable.

I parked the car, and Dustin had opened the door and was standing outside holding the pizza and pink lemonade before I could even turn off the ignition. My GOD, he was eager tonight! Hehehe, it was ADORABLE!

"Come on, let's go. What floor do you live on?" He said, his knees buckling like he had to go to the bathroom or something.

I noticed him rocking back and forth on his heels and waving that pizza box around without really thinking much about balance. So I took it from him. "Why don't you let me hold this? And I'm on the 5th floor, so..."

"Cool! 5th floor. I'll remember that."

"Hehehe, whatever." I said, and Dustin got even more anxious when I started walking towards the building. I have to admit that it was contagious. I come home to my apartment day after day, but with Dustin being so sweet and cute about it all...I started to get a bit excited myself.

This was one of those times that I wished I could just drop the pizza on the ground, pull Dustin close, and spontaneously kiss him on the lips. The urge was almost painful to resist at this point.

We walked in and got on the elevator. I reached for the button, but Dustin beat me to it. He giggled bashfully for a moment, and I saw a slight blush appear in his cheeks. CUTE! It's gotta HURT him to be that cute! He tried to be patient during the short elevator ride, but once those doors were open wide enough for Dustin to snake his slender little body through, he was out and in the hallway.

"Which way? This way? What's the apartment number?" He said.

"Hehehe, slow down. Geez. It's this way. 505."

"505, 505...cool, ok. I'll remember. Come on, before the pizza gets cold." He said, and walked at a pace that was pretty hard to keep up with. I don't know how he could walk that fast and have it not actually be considered 'running'. It's not like he had a key. So if he beat me to the door he was gonna have to wait for me to open it regardless. Somehow, I don't think that mattered much to him at all.

He raced to my front door and was bouncing on heels as he waited for me to catch up. That's when I looked down and noticed that he already had a very obvious erection going, and it outlined a firm tent almost 'obscenely' from the front of his pants. A moment of fear rushed through my veins like ice water. Am I really doing this? As much fun as I was having before, I think my mind had pulled some strings to get me to deny that I was willingly luring this young boy back to my apartment for 'activities unknown'. That I was letting him spend the night. That he was...'expecting' certain things to happen tonight. Who knows? Maybe I was expecting things to happen too. But is this the point where I should use my better judgement and put a hold on what's going on here? Or...am I going to end up doing it again? The temptation is more than I can bear. Just...four years older. Four years. 1,460 more days...and he could be mine. We could...be together. Argghhh...I wish I could shut my guilt off for just ONE hour so I could love this boy the way he deserved to be loved. He wants a commitment from me so badly. And I don't have the heart to ever hurt him again like I did yesterday. I love him too much to allow a single tear to drop from those sweet blue eyes. Sighhh...how the hell am I going to keep any distance from him when we both want the same thing with our whole heart.

"Hehehe, you're so slow! Come on!" He said, and I swear, his bulge grew an inch or two bigger as I pushed the key into the lock.

Dustin burst into my apartment, and instantly his eyes began to scan and memorize every last detail. What was on the walls, what the layout was, what the carpet looked like. He was a few impulses shy of humping the furniture. I hardly thought it was anything to really be impressed by. But it impressed him still the same.

"Well...this is it." I said. "The kitchen is over here, and..."

Dustin's blond hair whipped around as he looked back and forth, and then walked away from me. Where the hell was he going? He kept walking, his hands touching the walls, until he found my bedroom. "This is your room?" He asked, and walked in. I had to move fast to keep up with him, and turned the lights on.

"Um...yeah." Thankfully, it was clean. Dustin had no shame at all about bursting in and taking over the whole scene, hehehe. Not from ego or malice. It was just this playful part of his personality. One that always kept me on my toes.

Dustin took special notice of my bedroom. He was quiet for a moment or two. Then he said, "You know, most people put the most energy into setting up their bedrooms. It's the most personal and private part of any house. You can tell a lot about a person from their bedrooms."

"Hehehe, really now?"

"Yep." He smiled.

"So what is my bedroom telling you about me?"

Dustin turned around and grinned at me before walking up and draping his arms over my shoulders. "It's telling me that I've got the best boyfriend in the world, and he's never gonna get rid of me because I love him too much. Hehehe!" I didn't even realize that my hands had moved to rest on Dustin's slim teenage hips. It was so natural. So automatic. It took no thought or effort at all. Dustin connected his lips to mine for an angelic kiss, and I couldn't find anything at all 'dirty' about the impact. Hard as I tried to shame myself into stopping this...I didn't. And when I tasted his tongue as it slid into my mouth, my hands bravely sliding down to grip the pert young globes of his ass...I found myself being so blissfully lost...once again.

Dustin's kiss got more excited, and as his breathing got harder, his kiss got harder. And I felt his hardness being pressed against me. He grabbed the sides of my face and anxiously tried to increase the passion of our liplock to the point where I was afraid that he would explode any moment.

"Mmmm...wait, wait...hehehe..." I said, almost having to 'push' him off of me. He looked at me, his hormones going wild and creating the most sensuous look of desire in his eyes. "Why don't we...have dinner. K?" It was a stall tactic on my part, I know. But I could already feel myself giving in to him. Another thirty minutes of this, and he could get me to shave patches in my head and cluck like a chicken for his amusement if he wanted to.

Dustin grabbed my ass with both hands and kissed me again, but I moved back after a few seconds.

"Dinner?" I said again.

"But I don't want pizza kisses. I want Eric kisses." He giggled.

"Don't be naughty. Come on. Pizza's getting cold. K?"

He gave me another peck on the lips and said, "Mmmmm...k." And I regretfully forced myself to let go of him. Dustin walked back out of my room, his sexy 'divining rod' shamelessly leading the way. I swear, I could hardly catch my breath. I felt like a kid again myself. The power this feeling had over me...it was like nothing else that I had ever known. The amount of energy that my body produced from Dustin's love struck kisses alone could probably power all of Las Vegas for a MONTH if harnessed in the right way. I looked down and saw the kind of rock hard erection that I haven't experienced since I was TWELVE! I swear, that boy is a time machine for the soul. Taking me back to a time when love had no consequences at all, and possible heartbreak felt like a myth. You have no idea how refreshing that was.

I walked back out into the living room, making sure to hide my hardness from him. If he saw any hints that I was feeling the same way, he'd jump my bones for certain and never let go.

"Sit down! I'll get us everything we need." Dustin grinned. I put the pizza on the living room coffee table while Dustin banged around in my kitchen. "Where are your napkins?"

"They should be on the table."

"Ummmm....nope, I think you're out."

"Well there might be more in the...well, I'll get them."

"NO!" He said. "Sit down. I'll find them. Where'd you put them?"

I giggled a bit to myself. "They're in the cabinet above the oven."

"Above the oven. K. I'll remember that." He said again. I guess he's just gonna remember everything about my apartment, huh? "YES! Got 'em! Ok, so now...where are your plates?"

"Two cabinets to your right."

"One...two....cool. Got it. You want a plate or just like...a saucer or something? Where are you saucers?"

"Hehehe, Dustin...this would be a lot easier if you'd just let me..."

"FOUND 'em!" He said, and hurried back into the living room to sit next to me on the sofa. "Here you go. Let's eat. Smells awesome, doesn't it?"

He made sure to put a few square slices on my plate for me, and hand me a napkin. I looked at my beautiful blond angel, and just found myself captivated by the moment. He caught me staring, and he quickly leaned over to kiss me on the cheek before taking his first bite of pizza. I think I forgot that I even had a plate of food for a moment as I watched Dustin gobbling up his slices like a ravenous hyena. He was barely able to stop chewing long enough to ask me how to work the remote control. He wasn't one to let anyone else be in control of much of anything when he was around. He wanted to do it all himself. And I wanted to let him. He found an old Indiana Jones movie nearing the end, and we settled into watching it while we ate. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. To just...sit and watch this boy 'exist' was an event worthy of my rapidly beating heart. I never got enough of him. Not ever.

Dustin opened the 2 liter pink lemonade, and put it up to his pursed lips to drink from the bottle. I smiled, "Hey now."


"Go get a glass."

"Aww, it's ok. I don't have cooties. We can share."

"That's so not the point. Get a glass. Hehehe, it's the cupboard next to the fridge." I said, and Dustin smiled, getting up from the sofa.

He took a few steps towards the fridge...but then he stopped and walked back to give me a few more boyish kisses on the cheek. "You're so extra, dude. You really are. Mwah!" I had no idea where that burst of affection came from, but when dealing with Dustin it never needed much of a reason at all. It just flowed freely from his every pore in abundance, and it never stopped. Not even for a second. "Umm...where are your glasses?" His courage to love so recklessly gave the whole world permission to do the same. And there's truly something special about that. It was rare. He had a light in him brighter than the sun itself. And I was honored...truly honored...to be able to notice it, where most 'adults' would dismiss it and turn their heads for society's sake, I found it to be the most spectacular illumination around. You couldn't help but be affected by it. It made you feel soooo special inside. They're missing out. My God....they're missing out on soooo much.

How that boy was able to inhale that much pizza and pack it into that slim and slender frame of his is a magic trick that would baffle the great Houdini himself. Dustin, ate, he drank, and then he made himself comfortable by taking his shoes off. He actually untied the laces. I didn't think teenagers did that kind of thing anymore. Then he took it a step further and took his socks off too, balling them up and setting them into each of his shoes. He swiveled around and put his feet up on the couch, sitting wide legged as he flashed me a boyish grin.

He was on one end of the couch and I was on the other, but he stretched out his leg to rest one of his bare feet on my thigh. He wiggled his toes a little, and I couldn't help but smile. "You have some really pretty feet, you know that?"

"Hehehe, do I?"

"Yes. Very nice."

Dustin playfully raised his leg from my lap. "Kiss my foot." I didn't know if he was joking or not, but I caressed the bottom of it gently and gave him a gentle kiss on the top. He grinned and raised his other leg. "Do this one now." I gave him another kiss, but this time I gave him a tickle on the underside. He jerked. "No! Don't! Hahahahaha!!!!" I held onto him by the ankle and I gave him a bite on the side of his foot. Not hard enough to hurt him, of course, but it definitely got a reaction as Dustin laughed wildly and pulled his foot away from me as fast as possible. It took him a second to catch his breath, but once he did, he gave me the sweetest look...just before swiveling his feet around in the other direction and practically jumping forward to wrap his arms around me and kiss me on the lips.

He rested his chin on my shoulder and smiled, staring me in the eyes. "I..." I started, but the second I opened my mouth, he kissed me. "I..." Another kiss, followed by a giggle. "Dustin..." Two more kisses, and then he rubbed his nose against mine in the cutest way. "Hehehe, can I finish?"

"Unh unh! You're too cute to finish."

"Yeah, well...be that as it may, I wanted to tell you something."

He rubbed our noses again and said, "Something like what?"

There was a hesitation, but a short one. It wasn't a trick or a seduction. It was just my heart...speaking the absolute truth. "I love you, Dustin. And I'm really glad that you came over tonight." His smile nearly vanished. I didn't think there was anything overly poetic about my confession, but it hit him like a bolt of lightning regardless. He was taken over by a wave of emotion so strong the he nearly slid off of the couch. He hugged me tightly around the neck...smothering me with a series of kisses that I couldn't have avoided if I wanted to. He was wiggling around like a little chipmunk, and by the time he was finished, he was out of breath again. Hahaha! Every moment spent with him was one of surprise. Good ones and bad ones. But dammit....it was FUN! I couldn't get enough.

The original 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' was on that night, and Dustin had snuggled deep into the couch, resting his head on my lap. I kept a hand rested on his chest, feeling his warmth. I don't think I've ever experienced anything so comfortable. I petted him softly, my hand moving from the flat surface of his chest, down to the unimaginably tender belly, and back again. My other hand, I used to gently lift his silken blond locks and let them fall gracefully between my fingers and back down to my lap. Dustin was practically purring from the contact. He didn't concentrate on the movie for very long. He paid attention in short bursts every now and then when something 'exciting' was going on or when the music indicated something terrible was about to happen...but he rolled onto his back and spent a great deal of time just looking up at me. His eyes were half closed, a sensual gaze communicating the full blown fury of his first true love.

"Kiss me." He said. I leaned down and gave him a kiss on the lips, and sat back up. "Kiss me more." I pushed some of his hair out of his eyes, and he craned his neck up to connect his girlishly soft lips to my own, his tongue timidly reaching out, hoping not to be turned away. We both sighed from the passion of it, and this went on for a few minutes until Dustin got a little bit more 'bold'.

I felt him take a hold of the hand that I had on his stomach, and began to push it down as his breathing increased. He was so hard it looked like it hurt him. But...as amazing as kissing his lips was for me...something in my mental programming got extremely nervous as he guided my hand to grip his hardness through his pants. It felt as though that was crossing the line. As if the kissing wasn't enough. I tried to ignore it. I just...I focused more on the beauty of the kiss than the lust of his hardness. Dustin was humping himself up into my hand, and he began to moan quietly as he tried to get me to stroke him. He spread his legs wide, lifting his cute little butt off of the cushions...then I saw him reach down to undo his belt, and an alarm went off in my head.

I broke the kiss and let go of his...ummm...yeah. He was confused. God bless his ability to see nothing wrong with this pairing. "What's up? What happened?"

"You know...we're really comfortable right now. Why don't we just watch the rest of the movie first?"

"Who's comfortable? Hehehe, I'm hard enough to jackhammer pavement with this thing." He craned his neck up again to kiss me, but when he took a hold of my wrist and started pushing it down past his belly button, I stopped. "What?"

"Dustin...c'mon. The movie."

He moaned slightly. "But I want you. Eric, come on...don't be scared of me. K?"

"I'm not scared of you, I just..."

"There's no 'other people' around this time." He was soooo sexy when he was trying to convince me. "Why don't we just do a little right now? We'll just start, and then stop."

"Hehehe, nice try."

"Five minutes, come on."

"Somehow, I don't think that thing is going to last five minutes."

He giggled. "Then we'll have to do it twice." I gave him a pat on the stomach and a kiss on the forehead. "Come on...THREE minutes, then."

"Shhhh, watching the movie now." He was quiet for all of thirty seconds, then he giggled mischievously to himself. "NOW what kind of demented thoughts are you having?"

"Unh unh, I'm not being demented. I thought you were watching the movie." I sighed, and went back to running my fingers through his hair. Then he suddenly popped up from the couch. "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?"

"I love you!" He said, and went into my bedroom. I still couldn't believe that he was here with me. I mean, it was such an intimate evening so far. Touching him, holding him, kissing him...everything about it was soooo incredibly soothing. I've just gotta make sure that I can keep him from being so excited. Hehehe, I mean, it's cute and all...but I've got to maintain at least SOME form of adult control here, don't I? How hard could that be to pull off?

Then...at that moment...Dustin came walking back into the living room, and I nearly CHOKED TO DEATH on my own drool!!!

He was *COMPLETELY* naked! I mean...completely, head to toe, NAKED! With a boner waving and jumping and hard enough to put somebody's EYE out! Um...ok, I did *NOT* see thatcoming!

I coughed and sputtered for a few seconds, and couldn't help but to overhear Dustin giggling his cute little ass off at me! "DUSTIN!!! What the hell are you...???" Dustin's face was turning red, and he held his stomach as his smooth, naked, body shook with convulsions of laughter. It was so much of a freakin' SHOCK tome that I found myself laughing almost to the point of tears. This boy will do almost anything to get what he wants! Jesus! I'm glad I had the shades were down and the curtains closed! "Dustin...for fuck's sake...!!!"

"What? What is it? What's funny?" He asked, trying to keep a straight face. I just kept laughing as I tried to shield my eyes with my hands. "Huh? What's wrong? Do I have something on my face? No? Hehehe!"

"Dustin, hehehe...dude...put some clothes on."

"Oh THAT. Yeah, well it was getting kinda hot in here so, I wanted to be comfortable."

"Well go be comfortable with some clothes on."<p. "it's="" not="" like="" it's="" something="" you="" haven't="" seen="" before."="" he="" moved="" closer="" to="" me,="" swaying="" back="" and="" forth="" with="" his="" hips,="" still="" grinning.="" "c'mon,="" <i="">look. I know you wanna look."

"Dustin...please, alright? It all looks...very sexy but, seriously. Clothes."

"Awww, you're no fun. Let's just watch the movie like this for a while. I'll be good."

"You'll be naked."

"Yeah, but I'll be GOOD though! Promise." He smirked.

"Dustin?" I said, looking him in the eye with a more authoritative tone. "Any time now."

He pretended to pout by sticking out his bottom lip, but when an involuntary smile crossed my lips, he was all giggles again.

"I really don't wanna put my clothes back on. I wanna wear something of yours."

"Fine. Good. Go."



"Do you have a bathrobe?"

"In the bathroom, on the back of the door. Go. Hurry up." I said, but Dustin got another wicked gleam in his eye...and he slowly walked right up to me and stood in between my legs, putting me practically at eye level with the most tempting, most succulent piece of teen meat that the good Lord ever created. Mmmm, he smelled good. Just being this close to him with clothes ON made me nervous. This was nearly throwing me into a fit of hysterics. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" I said, but he just smiled and stepped in a bit closer. He put his hands on my shoulders, and my hands instinctively moved forward to rub the backs of his creamy white thighs. Up and down, up and down...his smooth teen skin providing the most alluring texture as we looked into each other's eyes. My scandalous hands traveled up further to the even brighter shade of eggshell white skin covering his bubbled young cheeks, causing his smile to widen. He moved his hands from my shoulders to lovingly push his fingertips through my hair, and I gave his delicious globes a squeeze. "You are...so naughty, you know that?" I said, just barely above a whisper. Why couldn't I be stronger? Why does this feel sooooo good to me? I looked at the hardness being presented to me, bouncing anxiously with every heartbeat. "Go get that bathrobe, will ya? C'mon, be a good boy for once."

"Wait...clean me first." He bashfully bit his bottom lip, looking down on me with those neon blue eyes of his.

"Clean you?"

He focused my attention back on his erection, and I saw a healthy smear of clear nectar almost ready to drip from the rose blushed tip like a dabble of maple syrup. "I don't wanna get your robe all sticky. You've gotta clean me." He had lowered his voice into this sexy haze, and I nearly devoured him whole right then and there. I tried to break the heated moment by playfully grabbing a handful of napkins. But Dustin pulled his hips back and slapped my arm. "Not with NAPKINS, dork! Hehehe! C'mon...." He whined, waving it back and forth in front of my quivering lips. "...Clean me. Just a little bit."

I had so little strength. It looked soooo inviting. So anxious. I tried. I really tried. But this was paradise for me, and I was running out of reasons to remain standing on the outside looking in.

I looked up at Dustin's smiling face, and when I felt him apply a bit of pressure on my head, I slowly leaned forward to take the spongy head in between my lips. He was delicious. The taste was sex itself. Holding onto Dustin's thighs, I heard him inhale sharply and tense up the second I made contact. His shaft throbbed, and the tip swelled in my mouth, as a full body shiver shot through him. That sweet sweet flavor danced across my tongue as I held him inside my vacuum, and I licked right up the center of his slit to scoop out as much of the intoxicating liquid as I could. Then, with a bit of a 'slurp', I let it slide from my lips and watched it go back to bouncing excitedly in my face. "Better?"

"Mmmm...unh unh. There's more there now." He grinned, trying to keep his cool, but his legs were trembling and his voice was shaking. Sure enough, at second glance, he was already leaking again. Feeling a bit more brave then before, I opened wide, took one of Dustin's pert young cheeks in each hand, and pulled him in for another long, wet, suck. This time going halfway down his length, and freeing a hand to run my fingertips through the dusting of peach fuzz beneath his balls. Dustin raised up onto his tip toes as I slowly dragged my tongue along the underside of his shaft. He gasped and whimpered helplessly, so thankful for, once again, getting his way. I can remember when my body used to be that sensitive to every touch. I can remember those first exciting bursts of shared sexual energy, and how orgasmic it was to have someone touch me in places that were previously off limits. Places where no one else was ever allowed access before. I pulled off again. A few seconds longer, and Dustin would have exploded for sure. He must be horny.

I gave him a light smack on his right butt cheek, and nodded in the direction of the bathroom. "But there's MORE there now, hehehe!"

"Don't push it, babe. Car wash is closed."

Dustin turned to go grab the bathrobe, and I marveled a the roundness and alluring shape of his ass. It was unspeakably gorgeous. It left me breathless seeing it bounce sweetly from under his lower back. You could just take a bite out of it. It was amazing the way his whole 'body' would just glow. I stared as his bare feet padded their way to the bathroom. But when I looked up and saw Dustin looking back at me with a smile, I turned a bright red. "Caught ya!"

Dustin did eventually wrap my bathrobe around himself, it hanging off of him as my broad shouldered wardrobe wasn't designed for his sleek little body. Still, he giggled and modeled it for me anyway.

"I like wearing your stuff. It smells like you. This is cool." Of course, he made no attempt to actually close the robe as he walked around, defeating the whole purpose of him putting it on in the first place. But as my guilt-ridden mind became more adjusted to the idea that the SWAT team wasn't going to suddenly teargas my apartment and force me out into the street to be stoned to death by the media...I eased up and didn't mind it as much. In fact...he was beautiful. So very beautiful. And not all that modest once he had broken through that first initial barrier. His ease with it made me easy with it, I guess. Even though I had to shake my head and think to myself...'I've got a candle light blond teenage masturbatory fantasy laying naked and rock hard on my couch...looking for a way to get me to make love to him. Who needs a winning lottery ticket when I can have Dustin? I don't think my heart could take anymore happiness.'

He went back to resting his head on my lap for a few minutes more, but he was still hard and horny, and now I think it was beginning to bug him. He squirmed around more than before. Restless and slightly frustrated...even if he didn't say anything about it out loud. I took a chance. It was a decision that I made under the pretense that he was 'uncomfortable'. Hand jobs are a normal part of being a good host, right?

I moved slowly at first, and then reached my hand down to take a hold of it in my hand. It jumped and throbbed, causing Dustin to spread his legs wider for me. It was heated...almost to the point of feeling 'angry'. But still so soft to the touch. His skin was like silk. Every inch of him. My God...I can't even remember my body being so seductively built. So firm, so flexible, so smooth. You never realize how supple and sweet your body was at that age until after you've outgrown it. Now that I had a chance to reconnect with the texture...my hands were addicted to it. Nature certainly knew what it was doing when it was creating the first green is gold beauty of adolescence.

I rubbed him all over down there, and he whined a bit more before completely giving up on the whole 'game' we were playing and decided to bring it to an end. He pushed my hand away, got up from the couch, and rushed to open his robe and stand in front of me again. This time he didn't smile, he didn't tease, he didn't speak at all. This was a sexual hunger, a desperate need, and this time he didn't give me a chance to protest. Hell, maybe I didn't want to. If he had fallen completely in love...then I might as well fall with him.

He held the back of my head a bit more aggressively, and pulled me forward. His leaking tip bumped around outside of my lips at first, but I soon got it in, and I took as much of his tasty shaft as I could manage. He was literally humping himself into my mouth, sexy little noises muffled in the back of his throat between catching breaths. His youthful hips hadn't really had enough practice to have really gotten the movements down to a science yet...but boy was he eager to get off. I gripped his cheeks and attempted to slow him down a bit, prolonging what I'm sure he was planning would be a quick release. I squeezed his butt over and over, loosening the tight grip of my lips a little bit more. It was the only thing that got him to slow down. I didn't really make a point of letting him know what I was doing...but as I held his hips with both hands, I guided him softly. Getting him to roll his hips in small, passionate, circles. In and out...around and forward...breathe...and grind. Despite his initial rush to climax, he began to pick up on the subtle motions, and he imitated them perfectly on his own. Wow, it was soooo hot. He was a VERY quick learner. I took my hands off of his hips, much like taking the training wheels off of a bicycle, and marveled as he kept up a very sexy rhythm without any further help from me. I let my hands return to his ass, and tightened my lips again, slithering my tongue all over his warm piston. Don't worry...I won't stop again, baby. I don't think I could at this point. I love you so much.

Soon, he had both of his eyes closed and was truly enjoying himself beyond belief. Dustin made the sexiest faces sometimes. You wouldn't think he would know how, but I guess it's just something that's built into all of us once the hormones get activated. I loved watching him. He was so pretty. So passionate.

My neck was at a bit of an awkward angle, so after another few minutes I pulled off of him. He looked down at me, his blond hair looking wildly out of place, his face blushed as he panted above me. He put his hand on the back of my head again, hoping to continue. I'm sure he was soooo close. But instead, I slid down to the floor and took my shirt off.

"Mmmm...yeah. Yes..." Dustin whispered, and by the time I had my shirt off, he was working on my pants and underwear.

He threw them halfway across the room, and in a flash, he grabbed my hardness with both hands and had it angled towards his sweet young lips. He hummed and whimpered with overly enthusiastic sucks. I swear, I thought he was going to suck the skin right off of it.

"Oh God...Dustin, w-w-wait...hold on a second..." He took a few more sucks, then looked back when he saw me shifting my position. I scooted down on the carpet until I was laying flat on my back, spreading my legs. Dustin still had his soft, moist, hand firmly gripping me, afraid to let go for fear of me 'escaping' his embrace. But I noticed his blue eyes examining and working out what I was trying to do at the moment. Then he sort of got the idea, once I reached out for him, and gently pulled him a bit closer to my mouth for a 69. He moved around a bit, trying to understand, following my lead until he was close enough to sink himself deep into my suction again. He was still kinda facing sideways on one knee for a second or two, trying to ignore the awkwardness of it. It wasn't until I scooted over some more to the left and lifted his thigh slightly for him that he got the hint to bring his leg up and over to actually straddle my head. He moaned even louder now that he had found the right comfortable position, and pumped himself into my hot lips with the hip circles I had just shown him.

I felt his mouth surrounding me, and it created a sensation of pure weightlessness. It wasn't a lead up to an orgasm...this whole evening had been an orgasm. And I was going to hate myself for it later, but right now..I just wanted to give in. Just appreciate the experience and let Dustin take me into another world. Wow...he tastes soooo good. He is so mouthwateringly delicious. His pinkish balls bounced on my upper lip, the wrinkled skin smelling so sweet as the sack covered my nostrils time and time again, and I reached around to knead the marshmallow soft globes, and pull them open. I stared up into the young valley, and felt Dustin clench the bubbles involuntarily. Not all the way, just slightly. Apparently reacting to an entirely new sensation. First with surprise...then with curiosity. He sucked me even harder than before, and I took a chance to hold his ass with my fingertips getting slowly closer and closer to that moist little trench in between. Slowly. So slowly. I didn't want Dustin to be freaked out by anything that we did together sexually, so I made sure to give him every opportunity to reject the possible 'weirdness' of it. Fortunately for me...Dustin seemed intrigued by the sensation. And when I ran a single finger around the puckered rim of his entrance...his whole body went into a fit of tremors. I felt his hips wiggle as they practically 'chased' my finger around, scrunching back and arcing itself upwards, almost begging for me to put it in.

It was sexy as hell, but it wasn't something I took lightly. He may have just been lost in the moment, and I didn't want him to feel dirty about it later. So I took some more time to let him get used to it before racing full speed ahead. There will be plenty of time for that later. But I will admit...WOW! It was sooo small. So tight. It hardly felt like it had an actual opening at all. It might as well have been a second navel from the feel and look of it. The only thing that let me know different...was the heat. That sexy little opening was radiating this amazing sexual heat that warmed my whole body just from finger contact alone. I became obsessed with it, looking up, trying to see more. And then...with an urge that got loose from me before I could stop it...I lifted Dustin's frail, waifish, hips, letting his shaft slip from my lips...and I brought him back down to suck at his balls. His hips bucked a little bit, and I I swear, I thought they were going to melt in my mouth. Never had I tasted skin so unnaturally soft. A few wisps of blond hair here and there, but mostly smooth.

Dustin then got more sexually heated as I let the tender nuggets slip from my mouth, and began to lick a very slow trail further backwards. Behind his balls now, I sucked at the skin, my tongue slithering back further still...nearing it's goal. Dustin's legs quaked in anticipation. His skin shimmering with perspiration. The closer I got...the more aroused he became. Until at long last, I brought his frenzied ache to an end.

My tongue reached out for his rosebud...and made contact.

Dustin immediately stiffened up. So stiff and so sudden, that the snap of his taut young back muscles pulled his mouth off of my hardness, and he remained rigid for the next few seconds. The whimpers from above communicated a moment of confusion, then it quickly settled more into a feeling of, 'HEY! This feels pretty good!' Dustin thrust his butt backwards, and began to passionately grind it on my intrusion. Oh my God...I was losing it. I was losing all control. My mind went blank, and nothing meant more to me at that moment than the feeling of those thick teenage buns bouncing sensually against my face. My tongue lathering that heated gateway as it intensified my fever. It was more than Dustin's body could take.

He began to squirm out of control, and I felt him humping his aching length against the top of my chest as my tongue spearheaded its way inside of him. It was only the tip, but the feeling was enough to push him over the edge. Causing Dustin to wail loudly as his erection expanded, and began shooting strong hot jets of semen all over my nipples and stomach. Over and over again. He cried out with every generous splash...and there was a LOT! I don't think I've ever seen one person cum soooo much. It was the hottest thing ever.

Dustin's sapling limbs coiled themselves around me as he shook violently from the orgasm. High pitched squeals coming from the very base of his spasming shaft. His winking hole gripping the tip of my tongue, trying to pull it further into its depths. He could barely hold his lithe body still. I felt him dig his fingers into my thighs, as if holding on to the handlebars of a rollercoaster, and his body, while upside down, came down with all of his weight on top of me, grinding desperately as more of his youthful juices oozed out of him. Sliding back and forth on the slimed and slippery surface, the sticky essence being rubbed into his balls and sensitive shaft...coating them completely. Just feeling that slide of his hips against me, and hearing the way Dustin was purring and whimpering with untold of passion...it was too much for me. I began to erupt in a climax that was one for the ages. It flew up over Dustin's shoulder and landed on his back once or twice before he realized what was happening, and rushed to get his mouth over the faucet before he missed any more of his reward.

The feel of his lips in mid orgasm nearly made me jump out of my skin. Especially when the long side of his hair reached down and swept tauntingly across the bottom of my sack at the same time. I nearly screamed out loud myself.

Then...the feather light float back down to reality.

We almost didn't want to untangle ourselves from our 69 position, but after giving me a few 'kitty licks' and kisses to my thighs and deflating hardness, Dustin managed to spin himself around to face me. He fell back on top of me with a thud, as he was still weak in the legs. But I saw those sweet blue eyes again, and that heartbreaker smile...and all inhibitions were instantly abandoned. I kissed him deeply, our tongues mingling as thought they had known one another all their lives. And by the time we were both finished, I felt just as in love and just as free as Dustin did. He propped himself up on his elbows, and I felt him move his hips on top of me.

"Hehehe, I um....I came a lot, didn't I?"

"Yes. My God, boy...you could have hosed down a whole forest fire with a spray like that." I grinned.

"I'm sorry." He smiled, blushing a little bit.

"No, don't be. I think it's sexy as HELL...I just didn't expect it. That's all."

"What can I say, Eric? You excite me." He giggled, and kissed my lips for a little bit longer.

"I think we need a serious shower. How about you?"

"Mmmmm...I don't know. I kinda like being 'messy' with you." He said, and laid his head down on my chest while I gently rubbed his back, and listened to the beating of his heart. Still going the speed of light. Not just from the sex, but from the affection alone. Incredible.

"You know, if we end up getting glued together like this, it's gonna be reeaaallllly hard to explain to the paramedics." I said, and Dustin snorted a little as a surprise life came to those perfect lips of his.

He light smashed his sooth face into the side of my neck, his nose and lips brushing against my skin. And with a moan, he said, "I love you, Eric."

"I love you too, Dustin. I love you too."