Dante, My Inferno

Chapter 41 A Night Out

When we got back Darlene had her family at the ranch. And Linzie said the trailer was ready for them. So after they put their things away her boys wanted to go riding. So I saddled up Blue water with one of John's saddle blankets. 

We got them mounted and put them between Peter and Lotte. Peter held onto a lead rope. The twins were wanting to go faster. But Blue water was taking orders from Peter as I knew she would.

We went on a ride to the back gate and back by another trail. Peter quickly picked it out. We saw deer, both Whitetail and Mule deer. There were Jack Rabbits, Quail, and a Hawk took a ground squirrel. Some couldn't quite take it. 

When we got home. Sam and Ethan were talking to a scruffy man holding a guitar. Which Tyler recognized immediately.

"My guitar!" Tyler roared as he tossed his reins to Bass.

"You found it!" Tyler said excitedly. As he reached for it. The scruffy man pulled it out of reach.

"Not just yet boy," the scruffy man told Tyler. As I was stepping down from Zeb. He hadn't notice me, yet!

"How much Jesus?" I asked him casually. As the kids gathered around.

"Twelve hundred, Cash!" Jesus told me. "It's an Antique Martin. It's worth twenty-five hundred, easy."

"How much did it cost you Jesus?" Sam asked him. But Jesus realized something looking at me.

"Hickok!What's that matter?'' Jesus asked defensively.

"Sam. Let's charge him with possession of stolen property," I said causally as I pulled out my cuffs.

"Okay! Okay! I get it," Jesus said quickly. "But it did cost me 300 bucks."

"I'll be checking Jesus," I told him.

"I've got the sales receipt," Jesus said handing it over. It read $300.

"Can you give me 400?" Jesus asked rather uncomfortably.

"Jesus. Because it's so important," I said as I peeled off 5 one hundred dollar bills. "But don't ever do that again."

"Thanks Hickok," Jesus said as he gave the guitar to Tyler. Who promptly kiss my cheek.

"Jesus. We're looking for Julio Baca," I told him. "So go snoop around. But be careful."

"Come see me Monday here if you have anything," I told him.

Jesus looked at me with fear in his eyes. I held up my hand and rubbed my thumb and index finger together.

"Glad to help," Jesus said. "Enjoy it kid."

Tyler strummed a few notes. It sounded fine. And the kids cheered

"It's a beautiful Guitar Ty," Angel told him.

"Yeah, It's my great granddad's D-15 Martin," Tyler told him. "It's sort of like you and your Ibenzer."

"Your dad's I guess?" Tyler asked Angel.

"Yes, it was my father's," Angel answered him. "His grand parent bought it for him. While visiting family in Mexico when he was fourteen."

"Hey! Lunch is ready!" Jean hollered from the front porch.

The kids headed for the patio. But Peter stopped suddenly.

"Hey!," he yelled. "We for got the horses!"

"Let's loosen their cinches and hang their bridles from the saddle horns," I told them.

We quickly did that. Then we headed for the patio.

"Why did we do that?'' Mark, one of Darlene's twins ask.

"So we can go riding again," Dante told him. The Yather's boys cheered. Then they walked with Peter.

We said grace and ate a light lunch. I told Peter where I would like him to lead us. We were gone about. We got Alexander up on his own horse. He rode better than his younger brothers.

Then we were home and it was time to get ready. When we got our bathroom back. We showered together as always. And as always I took my time soaping up Dante's beautiful naked, body.

We were late as usual. To the amusement of some, and the annoyance of others.

We caravaned down to the Rodeo. But it wasn't long before we got there.

The owner, Shelia Valdez greeted us and led us to our room. 

Mama Fernandez and her people were setting up the food.

"I here everyone is getting married next Saturday?" Mama asked a little annoyed.

"Sorry Mama. Yes we are," Dante told her. Then Dante and I kissed her on her cheeks.

"Mama may I introduce you to Tyler Johnson and his boyfriend Justin Wylde," I told her. "Tyler is our foster son."

"And Justin is our foster brother," Charlie and Daniel chorused with pride.

"Guys. This is Mama Fernandez," Angel said introducing her to them. "She a great cook and a friend." Then he hugged her.

Then. "TY!" two little boys yelled from the door. They charged him. Followed by the two older boys and Mrs. Deluca.

"Blake! Gage!," Tyler roared as he was nearly tackled by the younger boys. "Robby! Tucker!"

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked Mrs. Deluca as he hugged her.

"Marshal Hickok  thought it a good idea for us to get out," she told him returning his hug, and kissing him. Turning Tyler red.

"Justin," Tyler said composing himself. "This is Mrs. Deluca, and her sons and her foster sons." Joy etched on his face.

"This is Gage and Blake. Her sons," Tyler said hugging each.

"And these two are Robby and Tucker," Tyler said. Hugging them as well.

"So this must be your boyfriend?" Mrs. Deluca asked pointing at Justin. Tyler and Justin turned red as a lobster.

I introduced the other adults. Bass took charge and introduced the boys , and Alice the girls. I had told her that it was Peter's idea to invite them.

When the introductions were done. She hugged him, kissed his cheek, and said thank you.

Then Mama announced that the food was ready. Darlene's boys fell in with Peter. Watching him carefully to see what he picked.

I had Jessie and Shawn take the place of the FBI agents on guard.  Then we filled our plates and said grace. Mrs. Deluca asked for the privilege and we ate.

Over supper we talk and told stories. We managed to make Sarah Deluca and her boys feel better.

Then the Band started to break out their instruments. Daniel and Angel looked at each other and smiled.

"First,"they called as they went to get their guitars out. They led off with "Love Can Build a Bridge". Followed by their version of "What Was I Thinking."

Then it was Charlie's turn. He led off with "God Whispered Your Name".  I know that he took several by surprise. Alice, Rose, and Jean were balling at the end. It was so beautiful. When finished the room erupted.

Then Charlie was backup for Bass as he sang "She Don't Know She's Beautiful." All the time looking at Antonia. There was a second round of applause and a proper kiss from Antonia. Donna even kissed his cheek, turning him red. Even Angel shook his hand, finally

Then he came over to us. Linzie hugged her son. And getting called away. Dante and I shook his hand.

"You did great Bass," I told him as we shook. Antonia stopped to kiss him one more time. As the girls flocked to the restroom.

"You hit it out of the park, Bass," Dante told him as he watched the girls over his shoulder.

"Well Antonia plays it so close to the vest," Bass told Dante. Causing me to raise my eyebrows.

"What?!" Bass asked me defensively.

"So your dad was teaching you to play poker?" I asked him. "If memory serves. That would be against your mother's wished."

"Shhh!," Bass hushed me as Linzie came walking back. "She doesn't know."

"I don't know what?" Linzie asked her son suspiciously.

"That Bass is hopelessly in love with Antonia. But I think that that's rather obvious now," Dante lied to save Bass.

"Yes it is," Antonia said as the band started up with dance music.

"Antonia would you like to dance?" he asked, seeing his chance.

"Would you like to dance Ethan," Linzie asked him as he walked up. "I believe they have figured us out."

"We've found out you say," Ethan said as he took her hand. "Then by all means."

The band play about six dance tones. Dante and I got out there. As did Charlie and Alice, and Daniel and Angel. When the last song ended they kissed rather passionately.

The door burst open and four men barged in. The big man in first yelled. "HEY! Boys don't kiss like That!" But they hadn't seen the FBI agents.

"Federal Officers!" Agents Burke and Nunez both yelled coming at the men. Their pistols drawn.

"What's with the guns?" one of them asked. Fear in  all their eyes.

"We have some Federally protected witnesses," I told them.

"All you care about is they have their guns on you?!" Dante demanded. "You could have been killed."

"Jed. Sol didn't say anything about this," Another man said.

"Shut up Phil," Jed barked at him. 

"So I'm thinking you boys belong to the Church of God's Light?" I asked.

"Don't say a word," Jed told them. "They can't hold us for anything."

"They can hold you for questioning up to 48 hours," Judge Avelos told them.

"Just who the hell are you?" Jed asked.

"Meet his honor Federal Judge Carlos Avelos," Mary told him. "And I'm Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Weathers."

"Marshals if you would, cuff these gentlemen please?" Mary told us. "You've interrupted our party."

"Shelia can we borrow your holding room?" I asked her.

"Sure thing Billy," Shelia replied. "APD'S already on the way for three others that were fighting."

"Teddy show them where to put them?" she asked here security man.

"Sure," he replied.

"Shelia if we could get your security footage for tonight?" Mary asked her.

"I'll burn you everything. From open to close," Shelia said.

"How's that?" She asked Mary with a smile.

"That will be great Shelia," Mary told her.

"Come on people!" Dante roared. "We still have some partying to do."

Amelia whooped from the stage as she got out her fiddle. They play 'Fiddle in the Band'. Then Cheryl accompanied her playing the devils part in 'The Devil went down to Georgia'. The band's singer sang both songs. When they finished we erupted again. Amelia and Cheryl received hugs and kisses.

"Ladies you were marvelous," Ryan the singer said in congratulations. "I was wondering."

"Are you available next Saturday for a wedding?" Ryan smiled.

Amelia and Cheryl looked at me and I pointed to Dante. Dante smiled and nodded yes.

"We would be honored to," Amelia said after a nod from Cheryl.

"So you two are getting married early?" Ryan asked us.

"Yes we are," Dante said "And I have a song I want to do." Dante grabbed his guitar and mounted the stage.

"This is for my love," Dante told us. "I changed this song to be for us. It's called 'That Summer'."

And it was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. As I mounted the stage and kissed him. 

For a very long time.

"Well ladies and gentlemen. We have enough time for one more song," I told them. "And with your permission. I would like to sing that song."

The kids whoop and hollered. The adults all said go for it. So I did. I sang 'I love the way you love Me'.

And they roared yet again. Then we headed home. Dante and I helped to carry Darlene's boys into the trailer. Then we were at the main house. Even Dante and I fell right to sleep that night.


Authors Note: This Chapter is dedicated to my friend and fellow author Juju. Who we lost last year. I wrote this with his knowledge and his help. I miss my friend. Thank you, Billyyes.