Three Finger Cove: Matthew ~ Book Five

Chapter Fifty~Three

The Cover boys woke refreshed. Momma Maria held breakfast for them. She knew this was their Holiday vacation and would sleep in as most growing boys would. The boys used the facilities, but held up taking their showers until after breakfast.

When Mr., Chris arrived that morning, he had 50 wrapped gifts. One wrapped gift was a keyring that was made into a brooch for Momma Maria. The words Three Finger Cove were etched on the face of the brooch with a carved three-finger inner profile to represent the Three Finger Cove shoreline. The other 49 were all the same thing. Those were the Three Finger Cove Keyrings Mr. Ken had contracted for. The Estate Manager stashed all the wrapped presents in his office.

Mr. Chris told his boss his wife figured she'd wrap them, as there wasn't much time left before Christmas. Mr. Ken thanked him for delivering at least four of the keyrings as they were for his 'boys' on Christmas Day. He also thanked him for thinking ahead and wrapping Matthew's aprons for Momma Maria.

Mr. Ken and Mr. Chris sat in the Kitchen Nook, drinking coffee and discussing what was planned around The Cove the next two weeks. They talked about the Covers' upcoming trip back east, the following week's New Year's Eve Parties and the New Year's Day Swim Party. Mr. Ken wanted to make sure everything was well planned and organized.

"Good morning, boys," called out 'dad' Ken, as the boys came around the corner.

"Good morning, dad," said Robert, as he came over to his dad and hugged him. The teen then said good morning to Mr. Chris.

The other four boys also said good morning to their 'dad' and hugged him as well and followed Robert's example. The five boys then sat down around the Kitchen Nook table. Chief said her good morning to Mr. Ken and got some ear scratches in exchange. She then went to Mr. Chris and got a few more ear scratches.

Momma didn't ask the Covers what they wanted for breakfast, she just made up what she served them yesterday and graciously placed it in front of them. The boys purred at the woman's great cooking as they ate. Mr. Ken just sat there and smiled as the boys scarfed down their food.

"OK, boys, let's talk about the day before it gets away from us. Your friends arrive around twelve noon, as usual. Matthew and Mr. Wayne will be going over to Max's and bringing him back. I expect they won't be back until twelve thirty or a quarter to one. Kyle I want you to keep Matthew's friends busy while he's gone.

"Later, you'll cook burgers and dogs. I figure you'll then swim. Or, are you going to swim and then eat? Keep in mind we are serving spaghetti, and I understand meatballs, as well, and garlic bread for dinner, so I don't want your friends over eating at lunch. So, my suggestion is to swim before dinner. By the way, I will need help in the kitchen, as I did the last time.

"Robert, I will rely on your friends as they are older and helped me the last time and have a good idea of what to do. Charles, I'd like your friends to set up the extra tables as the older boys did the last time we had a big dinner. Kevin, Kyle, and Matthew you need to watch and take notes. Pitch in wherever you can.

"Momma will help me get the water hot and the spaghetti sauce warmed up and the garlic bread buttered and on the trays ready to go into the ovens before she leaves for the day. The meatballs will be separate from the sauce and will be in the warming ovens. Momma has also bought two sheet cakes for you boys to devour after dinner, and after your midnight swim. Did I miss something? ... Ohhh, yes I did. When do you all plan to set up your bedrolls for the evening?" finished 'dad' Ken.

The five boys looked at one another. Matthew quickly said as soon as he and Max get back he'd take his friends inside and get their sleeping bags set up. He said he learned that the last time and figured that is the easiest thing to do, so when they are tired they won't have to deal with it, then. The twins spoke up and said they'd do that, too, when their friends showed.

Robert said as soon as his friends arrive, he'd have them take their stuff inside and set up as well. Charles was the only hold out from speaking. The pre-teen then smiled and said "What they said." Everyone laughed. Kevin though had a question on his face. He just couldn't understand how everyone did that and he couldn't.

Mr. Ken sent the boys up for their showers. He then went to his own area and then proceeded to take his shower and then he dressed for the day. While that was happening, Mr. Wayne arrived. He got his first cup of coffee and then went to the Study to wait for his boss.

"Hello, Wayne," said Mr. Ken, and he walked into his Study. You ready to ride over to retrieve Max?" chuckled the Estate Master's employer.

It wasn't long thereafter that Matthew came bounding into the Study and sat down. He smiled at Mr. Wayne first and then at his 'dad'. He was bristling with energy and couldn't sit still.

"I take it you're ready to go get Max," said a smiling 'dad' Ken.

"You bet. I'm looking forward to him coming over to have some fun, and then swim and be with us for the sleepover," replied a still smiling Matthew.

Mr. Wayne spoke up just then and said, "We still have at least a half hour before we'll leave here to get him. Maybe you should get rid of all that built up energy, or I won't need gas to get us there. I could just use you," laughed the Estate Master.

"I'm not that bad," quickly replied Matthew.

'Dad' Ken looked at Matthew and nodded his head indicating he was that bad. Matthew said he was going outside to ride his skateboard, because he'll miss his time while he's going to get Max. Two seconds later the young Cover was gone. The two men laughed as the eleven-year-old left the room.

As the two were driving, Mr. Wayne asked Matthew, "Have you ever been to Max's?" As he said that, he checked his rear view and side view mirrors. He wanted to make sure Mr. George was behind him as planned.

The two Covers arrived at Max's, but stayed outside until Evelyn came home and opened the door. It was then Max bounded out the opened door with his sleeping bag in hand. Matthew met him, and helped him put the bag in the back and then went with him to get the rest of his things.

Evelyn and Wayne talked out on the porch, while the boys took care of business. It was then Evelyn noticed a vehicle stopped up the street. She grabbed Wayne by the arm and told him what she saw. Mr. Wayne looked at what she was talking about and smiled.

"That was good you looked and watched for problems. I knew he was there. That's Mr. George Warren. He was one of the security men Mr. Ken had with us at Six Flags," explained Wayne.

"Oh, I didn't know. I guess I didn't meet him, nor notice him the other day," apologized Evelyn.

"Oh, that's probably what happened. Mr. Ken must have forgotten you never met him and his twin Gene. They work for Mr. Ken, when there is potential for a problem," said Mr. Wayne.

"A problem? What kind of problem? Should I be afraid for Max?" quickly asked Ms. Staffans.

"No, you shouldn't. I guess you didn't notice the five security guards at The Cove the other night and the other morning. Some of Mr. Ken's boys ... ahhhh, they are in the CPS system because of what their parents had done ... NOT ... not what the boys had done.

"Matthew ... he has his mom's disgruntled boyfriend causing problems, and Mr. Ken will do everything he can to keep his 'boys' safe and in this case, Matthew, safe. You heard what happened to Robert and Logan at Six Flags the other night?" asked Mr. Wayne.

"I heard there was a fight, but that's all it was, I thought," replied Evelyn.

"The bottom line is that Robert ... he was attacked a couple of times by one of the boys. Once at school and once at the water park. The boy wanted revenge for getting his girlfriend into trouble. At the water park Brody was after Robert for what happened at school.

"Then, while he was dragging Robert and Logan to a far end of the water park, the boy said something about his girlfriend was having his baby. When interviewed after the fact, Robert told Lt. Fischer who told Mr. Ken who called the girl's dad.

"The teen is still mad at Robert and Logan and saw his chance at the amusement park. At least that's how I understand it. I didn't start working for Mr. Ken until well after school had already started," explained Mr. Wayne.

"So, Matthew ... he has his mom's ex-boyfriend after him?" asked Evelyn.

"Well, we're not too sure Lincoln IS his mom's ex. Anyway, the man ... he made some overt threats towards Matthew, and tried to get a hold of him. Mr. Ken wasn't allowing Matthew to go anywhere until the courts, or CPS, say so. Matthew's mom is currently in jail for trying to kidnap him after she just got out of jail a few weeks ago. Go figure!" Mr. Wayne filled in.

Evelyn thanked Wayne for the back-story on Matthew. She told him she really didn't know much about Mr. Ken, but after hearing how the man treats his 'boys', as if they were really his, she was grateful her son would be in good hands against any intruders. It was then Mr. Wayne told the woman that his employer had adopted Robert about two months ago.

As the boys arrived at The Cove, they all carried their sleeping bags and extra clothes down to the garage. There Robert told them when Matthew and Max got there they would all set up their bedrolls for the night.

That surprised some of the older boys that Max was spending the night. They knew he had gone to Six Flags with them, but they didn't ever remember him being there to skate or swim. The boys put their things down and went right to skating.

Mr. Wayne, Matthew and Max made it to back to The Cove by twelve forty-five. The car drove right into the Parking Corral and stopped. As soon as it did, two boys came bounding out, one carrying his sleeping bag. Matthew then went to the back seat and retrieved Max's other things.

The boys all yelled, "They're here!" That said, all of the boys gathered up their things and everyone went into the house to set up their sleeping bag, and put aside their change of clothes.

Robert took his friends to the Theater. Charles directed his friends to under the stairs. Kevin and Kyle had their friends spread out in the middle of the Great Room. Matthew took his friends over by the wall that separated the Great Room and the indoor pool. All the boys knew what to do. Everyone that is, except Max.

"Max," started Matthew, "since this is your first time here, you can set up next to me."

The other boys shifted around some, so Max could do just that. As soon as the 5th grade boys were settled, Matthew decided to show Max the indoor swimming pool. The other boys followed along.

"THIS ... this is your swimming pool?" asked Max., with his mouth and eyes wide open.

"Well, my 'dad' owns it ... but he lets us bring our friends over to swim. We'll get to do that later and then tonight we're doing a Dive-in movie. We've done that once already and this time there will be a few pool floats for people to lay on during the movie," replied Matthew.

"Let's go out and see how good you are on your skateboard," said Brant.

The seven boys headed out to the ramps and along the way Max was looking at everything as he passed by. He'd never been in such a big house before, other than Friday night, and he continued to marvel at the way it was decorated. He liked it and it was more in his taste than his mom's. He knew if she were to decorate The Cove, the place would look very different.

Once outside, Matthew asked everyone to stop skating and let Max try out the ramps. Max told everyone that he didn't get to skate much, other than out in the street, so he didn't know if he could even go up and down the ramp without falling. Everyone laughed and let Max try.

Max put his skateboard on the flat portion of the half-pipe and initially used that portion to get his balance and bearings. He went back and forth and then tried using the lower portion of one side to the half-pipe ramp. Max successfully navigated the lower part, so he went a little higher.

As Max went higher on the ramp his momentum took him to the other side and he went up a little ways. He went faster the next time as he approached the ramp and going a bit further up his momentum took him a little further up the other side. Max's smile was wider than he could ever remember.

The boys were applauding the boy's achievement, and as Max took his mind and eyes off the ramp, he fell. Everyone said "Ooooow!", as they saw Max hit the ramp's wooden floor. The boy got up laughing, telling everyone he fell a lot more often on the street and that was much harder than that ramp. Everyone laughed.

The boys went back to their schedule of sharing the ramps. Max brushed himself off and then was surrounded by his friends. They told him he did pretty well, and all he needed was more time on the ramps and he'd get better. Max had a big smile on his face, as he felt accepted by the other boys. He felt he wasn't just Matthew's friend, but a friend to all the other 5th grade boys who were there.

Matthew asked Max if he wanted to see the rest of the house. Max agreed and he, Matthew and the rest of Matthew's friends headed into the home. Matthew told Robert what he was doing, so he wouldn't go looking for him.

Matthew started in the four-car garage. They headed inside and Max was shown the back stairs that led up to the bedrooms. Max then met Momma Maria who grabbed him into a Momma hug. Max giggled as he was hugged by the good sized woman.

Matthew led his new friend through the Dining Room, the MRS Room that overlooked the Great Room and then to Mr. Ken's Study. The Cover knocked on the doorframe to get his 'dad's' attention.

Mr. Ken looked up and seeing Matthew and his friends said, "Matthew, come in and bring your friends."

"'Dad', I'm showing Max around to the places he didn't see the other night at the Party," started Matthew. "I wanted to show him your office, before taking him down to the theater and then up to my room. That's OK isn't it?"

"Sure, have fun showing him around. What good it is if you live in a huge house and you can't show your friends around. Go have fun," replied Mr. Ken.

The boys headed down the stairs and to the left to the hall just past the bar. The boys saw the popcorn-making machine, a small half-bath, and then they all walked into the Theater. The boys had to try the soft loungers, but many of the older boys had already staked them out to sleep in tonight.

Matthew told them he didn't know how to set up a movie, but he did show them all the movies they had. Matthew told them Mr. Chris buys them as soon as the new ones come out. The boys marveled at the number of movies and some noticed many were still in their original wrappings. Matthew said they hadn't had time to watch many movies. The boys all laughed.

It was then Mr. Chris came around the corner after hearing all these voices laughing.

"What are all you boys doing in here?" said a stern Chris Dominions.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Chris," said Matthew, as he came from behind his friends. "I'm showing my new friend Max around and my other friends are getting another tour. Do you know which movie my 'dad' is going to show tonight?"

Mr. Chris smiled at knowing Matthew was making more friends and felt comfortable enough to show them around. Matthew then asked the Estate Manager what that long hallway was for.

Mr. Chris told the boys to walk with him as he walked down to the end. Mr. Chris said the door led outside to the Patio and if they were to go through it the fire alarm would go off. Mr. Chris then pulled out his cell phone and pulled up an app. He opened it, put in a code, and then asked Max to open the door.

"No sir, I'm, not opening that door and getting into trouble," responded Max.

"OK, you try it Aaron," suggested Mr. Chris.

"NO, sir, not me!" said Aaron very quickly.

Matthew jumped up and said he'd do it. Mr. Chris told him to push the bar and walk outside. The young Cover did just that and he walked outside followed by his friends. Matthew always wondered what that door was for, but it didn't have an outside doorknob on it. Now, he knew what that opening was an emergency exit.

"Thank you Mr. Chris for showing us that door. I wondered why it didn't have a doorknob on the outside. I guess it is an emergency exit in case of fire," spoke up Matthew.

Mr. Chris had the boys come back inside and after they were all inside he used the app on his phone to reengage the fire alarm system for that door. The boys thanked the Estate Manager for showing them that and they all headed to the Great Room.

"Max did you use the restroom while you were here Friday night? I ask to know if I should show you the Party restrooms under the stairs. I think all of my friends used them during our last sleepover, so they know what they look like," said Matthew.

"Yea, I used them. They are nice inside. But ... what does the ladies restroom look like. I didn't use that one," said Max, which brought a round of laughter.

Matthew led the boys into the ladies restroom and they all marveled at the powder room where there were only large mirrors and cushioned seats. The boys pushed on and saw there were five toilet stalls and five sinks with a full mirror across all five.

After visiting the Party restrooms, Matthew took them up to his bedroom to show Max and anyone who hadn't seen it yet. Matthew did stop at the boy's bathroom and showed them there were two urinals, four sinks, two toilet doors and four showerheads in the shower room.

"You mean you take your showers with ... with you older 'brothers'?" asked Max.

"Sure, why not. We all have the same things hanging between our legs. Sure, Robert has a lot of hair above his and now Charles is getting more and soon so will Kevin, Kyle and me, when we start puberty," answered Matthew.

"Max ... we all change ... in the Locker Rooms down at the indoor pool. We've seen each other's equipment a time or two and yes, at first it is awkward and embarrassing, but after a few times it becomes ... normal," said Ryan.

"You all change ... in front of one another?" asked a surprised Max.

"Yes, we now do, but at first we sort of ahhh ... we sort of acted like you are. Yes, we were afraid to show anyone our ... dicks and balls. But after we saw how to do it, so it isn't so embarrassing, it got to be easy. You'll see. We'll help you through it," offered Greg.

"Come on, let me show Max my room, again," said Matthew, to no one in particular, but was essentially said to all his friends.

"Yea, this ... is your room. I didn't remember it being as big as it is. It's as big as my kitchen is," said Max, as he entered Matthew's bedroom. "Tell me again, who's the second bed for?"

"Well, the second bed is for a friend if he spends the night. When I first moved in here, Kyle slept in that bed until I felt safe and comfortable by myself. He even showed me how to get used to taking showers with my older 'brothers'. We used the girl's bathroom across from the boy's," explained Matthew.

"Wait ... you took showers with Kyle, before you took them with your older 'brothers'?" asked Max.

"Yea, it's a long story, but ... well, it took me some time to get used to showering with a lot of naked people, even if they were boys," replied Matthew.

"Well, anyway, this is a neat room. What's that box under the window?" asked Max.

"That's a fire escape," answered Matthew. "You open the window, pull out the fire escape ladder from the box and throw it out the window and go down it. But, when you open the box the fire alarm will go off," added the Cover.

"Hey, Matthew ... did you ever figure out your dream. It is sort of weird, don't you think?" said Aaron.

"Yea, I'll say. It added another item last night and the night before. This time ... it was this big truck. I don't even remember seeing one like it. But the truck stops at the four places in my dream," spoke up Matthew.

"OK, this is the first time I'm really hearing this," piped up Max. "Let's look at each item individually. What's the first one, Matthew?"

"It's a bunch of pennies spread over a bunch of clothes. And the second one is a target made of all red and white circles," replied Matthew.

"You don't have a computer in here do you?" asked Max.

"No, I'm the new kid and I won't get one until I'm here longer. But, maybe we can use Robert's or Charles'. Let me go ask," said Matthew. But the Cover didn't have to go anywhere, because Charles came looking for his youngest 'brother' and his friends.

"Hey, Matthew ... we're getting ready to burn some burgers and dogs. Hurry up," said the pre-teen.

"Charles, can we use your computer?" quickly asked Matthew.

"OK, but no looking at porn," laughed Charles.

Charles took the boys to his room, which was the same size as Matthew's, and turned his computer on. He brought up the operating system and told them knock their brains out. He reminded them not to look at any porn, laughed and then left the room.

"OK, anyone have any ideas for the first two items," asked Max, who took control of the computer.

"Well, I always thought the description of red circles sounded like Target. You know the store that used a dog with a red eye in its ads," spoke up Greg.

Max pulled up the Target logo and web site and had Matthew look at it. Matthew was shocked that it looked almost exactly like it did in his dream.

One of the boys remembered that Matthew said in part of his dream he saw bells ringing. Brant said the only bells he knows of, if they are looking at stores was Bealls, not bells. Max looked up the Bealls logo and its web site and Matthew got a shocked look on his face.

Matthew told them to look up pennies. Max put 'pennies' into the search engine and didn't come up with much. Then, he figured if they were looking at stores he'd add 'store' to the search engine and was now looking for 'pennies store' and came up with JC Penney.

"Billiards, look up billiards," announced an excited Matthew.

Max didn't find anything but billiards tables and clothes. But, he figured if the other three were connected to clothes he figured he'd put in 'Dilliards' instead, since he knew that was a big clothing department store. What came out was Dillard's, without the second 'i'.

Max called Matthew over to look at a store called Dillard's. Matthew was totally surprised that the name on a white wall which was what he remembered in his dream. But the Cover had a question about the truck. He couldn't figure why those four stores and a truck had to do with his dream.

"Hey, this truck ... did it have small windows on the sides and back? What did it look like?" asked Ryan.

"It was the size of a box ambulance, but it did have those small windows like Ryan said," revealed Matthew.

Max pulled up ambulances and trucks that looked like ambulances. Max clicked on pictures and then began scrolling through them with Matthew looking over the boys shoulder. Max scrolled down page after page and then all of a sudden Matthew told Max to stop.

"That's it. That's the truck I saw in my dream," yelled Matthew.

"But ... what does it all mean?" asked Brant. "What do all those stores and an armored truck have to do with your dream?"

Matthew thought about that for a few moments. He searched his mind for what he heard when his mom and her friends talked near him. He tried to put it all together, and when he looked back at all the stores in his dream, he remembered them saying they would follow the truck until the end.

Max, for fun, looked up how much an armored truck can carry. He told everyone it usually carried upwards of $100 million. Max said the larger armored trucks can carry up to half a billion dollars.

Hearing that made Matthew think a bit harder. Then it dawned on him what he thought it all meant.

"'Dad, 'dad', 'dad'," yelled Matthew, as he ran out of his bedroom and down the hall. The young Cover was halfway down the stairs before his friends took out after him.

"'Dad', 'dad'," yelled Matthew, as he ran into the man's Study. "I know what my dream means, now!"

"Hold on their sport. Settle down and tell me and Mr. Wayne and Mr. Chris what you're talking about," said 'dad' Ken.

"'Dad', you know I've been trying to figure out what my dream meant and my friends ... they all helped me figure it out. We used Charles' computer and we looked some stuff up. All the pieces of my dream ... they all mean some sort of department store.

"The red circle target ... it's the Target store that has red circles in its ads. The ringing bells is actually B-E-A-L-L-S. Billiards on a white wall is actually Dillard's, without an extra 'i' and the pennies on clothes ... its JC Penney, the clothing store.

"But, the truck, 'dad' ... the truck ... that has been in my dream the past few days. The truck looks like an armored truck, you know, with those small windows and big double tires on the back. It also has the words Brinks on the side, and it can carry up to a half-billion dollars.

"'Dad', I think ... I think they are going to rob the truck after it collects the money from all those stores. You gotta tell Mr. Dan, 'dad' you just gotta," almost cried Matthew.

Matthew's friends were just outside the Study when Matthew told Mr. Ken what he thought his dream meant. They were utterly surprised that Matthew thought someone was going to rob the stores or, maybe, that armored truck.

"'Dad', my mom ... she and her friends talked about those stores and how at Christmas time there'd be tons of money in that truck. Please believe me, 'dad'," almost cried, Matthew.

"Boys ... come in here!" called Mr. Ken. "Take a seat on the floor."

"Boys, tell me ... is what you just heard Matthew tell me was ... was that what you all helped him figure out? Tell me!" almost screamed Mr. Ken. "Did any of you ... did any of you try to trick him into thinking those stores were in his dreams? Did any of you?" loudly asked Mr. Ken.

The boys looked around at one another, to see if any of them would say they did. But Max was the one who spoke up. He told Mr. Ken what they did on Charles' computer. Max told Mr. Ken and the other two adults how they suggested store names that came close to what Matthew told them he saw in his dreams. He told the man he put them into the search engine. It was then that Matthew saw the similarity to his dream

Brant spoke up and said they started with the red circles and they suggested Target and Matthew said that was it in his dream. The young Sullivan continued to tell the three men how they got to identifying the other three stores. Ryan jumped in and told them how the truck was identified.

Mr. Ken asked them a few more questions and in the end he grabbed his desk phone and made a call.

"Dan ... I think Matthew has some information you and Mathias and Roberts needs to hear. It has to do with his mom's friends and what they plan to do.

... ...

"The boys are burning burgers and dogs, so all of you should hurry over and listen to what he has to say. It may give you something to work off of.

... ...

"Good, we'll see you in about fifteen minutes. Hurry!" finished Mr. Ken.

"Hey, there you are," said Charles. "You should have been helping us set up."

"Charles ... they are busy with me and Mr. Chris and Mr. Wayne, right now. We'll all be out soon. Oh, and by the way, there are three more people coming to the cookout, so plan for them. They'll be here in about fifteen minutes," advised 'dad' Ken, who then sent the pre-teen on his way.

"Boys, I want you to keep what you know to yourselves. I'm asking you not to tell the other boys what you know, until we know how accurate it is. We can all stay here until Mr. Dan and the detectives get here. We can talk about this a bit more while we wait.

"Robert," yelled Charles, "'dad', he's got Matthew and all his friends sitting on the floor in his Study. Do you know if they got into trouble? Why else would he have them in there? Also ... 'dad' said there were three more people coming to the cookout in about fifteen minutes, so maybe we need to slow down the cooking and wait?"

Robert told the cooks to turn off the grill because his dad just told Charles they have three more guests coming for the cookout. The teen also told them that his dad had Matthew and his friends sitting on the floor in his Study and had no idea why. Eric spoke up and told him he should go and ask.

When Robert got to the Study he could see the boys sitting on the floor and being very quiet. The teen knocked on the doorframe and waited for his dad to recognize him.

"Robert ... come in. You're probably wondering why your 'brother' and his friends are in my Study. Right now I can't tell you. Did your 'brother' tell you we'll have three more guests in about ten minutes?" said Mr. Ken.

"Yea, dad, he did but ... why are Matthew and his friend sitting on the floor," asked Robert, who only got a glaring stare from his dad telling him not to ask any more.

Lieutenant's Fischer and Matthias and Sergeant Roberts arrived in different cars and when the Main Gate guards saw them coming faster than usual they quickly moved to open the gate. But the gate being a mechanical device took longer that they wished. They wished Mr. Ken had called them and they could have had the gate already opened. They decided to put it into their report.

When the Sheriff's Deputies went through the gate, they sped down the slight rise and parked right in front of the Foyer Door. Mr. Ken saw the men arriving and he asked Mr. Wayne to meet them at the door.

"Dan, Brandt, Bill thank you for coming so quickly. Matthew ... he may know, or at least have an idea why Lincoln, Carter, Lonny and Ben are gathered together," offered Ken Thomas.

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