Voyagers Book II

Chapter Four: Drake Gets an Education 

A Collaboration of TrueFan, Zarek Dragon and Douglas DD

While John and Will were on their honeymoon, Drake went to spend time with Oliver so the boys could get to know each other better. Kyle met with Corey Adams and advised him on how to get into the Academy, including a visit with Commander Hanson. Juro had a surprise for his birthday… trick candles.


Tuesday, 20 January 2122

Hollywood, Florida, Home of Inga Tietokone ~ 1230

After shaking Robert's hand, Dave turned to Oliver and Drake, "You are very welcome. I know Oliver has been really excited about you staying with us while your parents are gone." To Oliver he said, "I hope our little prank on you wasn't too bad... but you will learn that we like to have fun with each other... and if you are able to think of something reasonable to do to 'get back' at us, bring it on!"

Oliver didn't reply, he simply took Drake's hand and led him up the stairs with Drake's duffel bag of clothes. Once they were in Oliver's room, Oliver closed the door, Drake put his duffel bag on the floor and the two boys hugged.

After a few minutes of holding one another and Drake regaining his composure, the pair went to Oliver's bed and sat down. They began talking about their feelings for one another. The attraction one felt the other felt in equal measure. As they talked, they became much more comfortable with each other and similarly, their own feelings about one another.

When Hal came up to check on them an hour or so later, he walked into Oliver's room, and once he took one look at the pair, he snuck out quietly and called for Dave to come upstairs. Hal showed his husband the pair of boys cuddled on Oliver's bed, arms intertwined, heads together and their noses touching.

He snapped a picture because it was too precious to let go. He would send copies of the picture to Drake's parents and grandparents, and one to Mama.

Hal sat on one side of the pair and Dave on the other and gently woke them up to get ready for dinner. Lars and Mama would be back from their excursion and were bringing one of Dave's favorite take-home dinners, a huge Chinese banquet.

When Oliver's eyes opened and he realized that he and Drake had nearly been kissing in their sleep, he blushed brightly, and this is the first thing Drake saw when he opened his eyes.

It was at that time that Drake realized that he and Oliver weren't alone, and he began to panic. Noticing it, Hal was able to calm him before things got out of hand by telling Drake, "You have nothing to be worried about, Drake. I am happy you two are getting to know one another and are getting more comfortable with each other. Once on the ship, you will be important to each other and together almost every day."

Caribbean Resort

Shortly after John and Will received the call from Dave, the Leonardo touched down at the shuttle pad of an exclusive resort. John's eyes started bugging out, and he started worrying whether they could afford a day here, let alone a week.

Will led John to the front desk where they were met by the manager. Will introduced themselves and explained they had reservations. "Yes," the manager told Will, "your grandfather said to put you in the honeymoon suite. It is Bungalow 19 and has its own private beach."

"How much will that run?" John gasped; he turned to Will and asked, "Can we afford that?"

Will started to laugh as the manager explained, "I'm afraid you don't understand. Will's grandfather already made arrangements for unlimited credits for your entire stay... you could even extend your visit a week or two and still be fully covered."Private Beach

"My grandfather owns this resort," Will added.

John looked like he had heard that his skin was blue... he couldn't believe it.

Hollywood, Florida, Home of Inga Tietokone ~ 1745

If there was one thing that happened during dinner, it was that the 'adults' were sufficiently entertained. Drake was so taken aback by meeting a 'real-life' alien that he barely gave Lars time to answer his questions, they were flying in rapid-fire succession.

"Drake," Mama said softly, "why don't you give him a chance to answer. I know it's exciting meeting your first extraterrestrial, but you'll be here for at least a week, and I am sure you will get to know your boyfriend's brother well enough."

Hearing the term 'boyfriend' caused both Oliver and Drake to blush severely, a fact that was not lost on anyone. Both thought that it was a subject best avoided for now... at least until they had a chance to discuss it alone.

The rest of the meal was eaten with less conversation. At first, Inga thought that maybe she shouldn't have said anything, but seeing the expression on both Hal's and Dave's faces told her she didn't err.

After dinner, the boys went to watch some vids while the adults talked. When it was getting close to the time that the boys should be going to bed, Dave got up and went to the family room where the boys were watching their vids. "Boys, it's time for baths and bed."

Lars jumped up and grabbed both Oliver's and Drake's hands saying, "Come on, we have to take a bath."

Drake's expression was best described as a deer caught in the headlights... "You... you mean... together?"

Lars was puzzled by this for a moment before replying, "Why not, Oliver and I are brothers and we take baths together all the time. You and Oliver are boyfriends, so why not?"

Drake looked over at Oliver who realized Drake's reticence and told Lars, "Drake is still new to being with us, if he wants to take a bath by himself, we should respect that."

Lars wasn't quite sure how to take this and his expression showed it. "Lars," Drake said softly, "it's just that I've never really taken a bath with other people I liked. At the home, we showered together, but I really didn't care about those people... they didn't really matter. But you and Oliver matter to me and I am afraid I might get embarrassed."

Lars' smile returned and he said, "If you're worried about getting a stiffy, you shouldn't. Oliver gets them all the time, and so do I. I think that taking a bath with someone you care about shows them how much you care."

Drake didn't have a reply to that, so he started, still holding hands with both Oliver and Lars for the bathroom. Once there, Lars started stripping and was naked before either Oliver or Drake had a chance to remove their shirts. He stood there in all his glory waiting for the 'old guys' to get naked and in the tub which Dave had drawn for them before telling them it was bath time.

Drake was frozen staring at his host's brother standing there. In all his nearly 11 years, he'd still never seen an uncircumcised boy... and Lars' foreskin was strange to him. Oliver explained about circumcision, that it was common in this part of the world, but in other areas it wasn't so much. He explained the rationale behind the act and his own feelings that, if he'd had a choice, he would have not been circumcised.

"You can touch it, if you want." Lars offered.

Drake wasn't sure, but he tentatively reached over and grasped Lars' penis, pulling the skin down and uncovering the glans of the younger boy's penis. He repeated this action a few times but stopped when he realized that Lars had become erect.

In the meantime, Oliver had removed his clothing and was standing there quite erect himself. Drake, without even thinking, stripped and was surprised to hear Lars say, "We all have stiffs. Yours is bigger than Oliver's and way bigger than mine."

Of course, this slightly embarrassed Drake but he hid it well. The three boys hopped into the oversized tub and Drake began the process of cleaning himself when Lars said, "We usually wash each other. Like I said, it's a way to show each other how much we care about them." Lars then took a soapy hand and grabbed hold of Drake's hard member and was rubbing on it.

This wasn't a new thing to Drake. He'd been doing the same to himself for nearly a year since he'd seen an older boy at the home doing the same. It was, however the first time he'd ever had anyone else touch it, other than a doctor. He found he enjoyed the feeling and didn't do or say anything to get Lars to stop. Instead he worked up some lather in his own hand and reached over, taking Oliver's stiffy and 'washing' it thoroughly.

They stopped before anyone had 'the feeling' and washed the rest of each other, Lars taking turns between Oliver and Drake on different parts of the body. The other would switch who they were 'washing' to cover the areas Lars didn't.

By the time their bath was finished, Drake was far more comfortable touching another boy and being touched by one. Oliver was happy that Lars hadn't made the act of bathing at all overtly sexual. It turned out being a good way to desensitize Drake's fear and embarrassment. He would find this would make the conversation he and Drake would have before going to sleep far easier.

Once out of the tub and as they were drying off, Lars announced he was going to sleep with Dave and Hal so Oliver and Drake could sleep together alone. Naked, Lars left the bathroom, heading for his parents' bedroom.

Drake turned to Oliver asking, "Are we going to sleep naked too?"

"We can if you want. I usually sleep naked, but if you want, we can both wear either pajamas or undies.

Drake made a decision, "I've never slept naked, but I would like to try it… with you."

Smiling, Oliver took Drake's hand and led him across the hall to 'their' bedroom.

Later That Evening...

When Dave and Hal came to bed, they found Lars lying naked in the center of the bed on top of the covers. Each sat on either side of their son. Hal asked, "How did your bath go?"

"I listened to what you told me, Papa. I didn't really do much. We just washed each other. Drake seemed nervous at first, but he liked it, I think."

Dave smiled, "You did well, Lars. Will and John had told us that Drake was afraid of things moving too fast... or faster than he felt he was ready for. Thank you for being a good friend to him, a good brother to Oliver, and a good son."

Lars smiled as he lifted the covers over himself. Dave and Hal climbed into bed with their son after stripping. Each cuddling him as they all fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Drake were cuddled together, facing one another, their stiff members touching periodically as they moved. Their faces were mere inches apart as they studied one another.

For Drake, this was a totally new, but uniquely enjoyable, experience. Never before had he been so close to another person, let alone another boy, while naked. Internally, Drake knew that this 'felt' right to him.

After a few minutes, Oliver quietly whispered, "This is nice."

Drake swallowed then replied, "Yeah."

Another moment passed when Drake started giggling.

Oliver, puzzled, asked, "What's funny?"

"Your dick is twitching and it's touching mine."

Oliver smiled, "But yours is as hard as mine and it's twitching too." He then leaned his head forward and his lips touched Drake's. Nothing more than a chaste kiss. "You know, others think we're boyfriends. Not that I wouldn't like that, I don't think you're ready to make that announcement official."

Drake finally opened his eyes after the kiss and replied, "This is moving way faster than I imagined, but the idea of you being my boyfriend isn't totally unpleasant."

"I have an idea," Oliver started, "if others want to think that, fine, if anyone asks us, we can say we're not sure if we are yet, but we'll let them know when we are."

"I like that..." Drake paused, wondering if he should broach the thoughts going through his mind. Finally, he said, in a barely audible voice, "When Lars grabbed my dick and started washing it, all I could think was I wish it was you."

Oliver reached down and grasped Drake's stiff member in his hand and started stroking gently, "Like this?"

Drake was lost in the sensation. This felt way better to him than when he did this to himself. The next thing he knew, his own hand was copying Oliver's actions on Oliver's dick. This continued without anything being said until the inevitable building told Drake that he was going to have that feeling again. About that time, Oliver seemed to tense up; Drake could feel Oliver's penis twitching in his hand. This caused his own 'feeling' to overtake him. It was so intense he felt as if he was going to lose consciousness.

When the feelings had passed for both boys, they released one another. This time it was Drake to repeat the exclamation Oliver had uttered after their first real kiss... "Wow!"

The two boys talked about things for a time until sleep overtook them.

Wednesday, 21 January 2122

In the morning, Drake woke up to a sensation that felt even better than the night before. He looked over to where he expected to see Oliver's face, but Oliver wasn't there. It was then that he felt a vibration... down there. He looked down and saw Oliver, bobbing his head up and down and humming, his lips surrounding his dick.

He was both too surprised and too physically excited to say anything as he felt his 'feeling' building quickly. Moments later, Oliver felt a twitching on his tongue, knowing he had given Drake yet another orgasm.

When Drake had recovered, Oliver said, "That was called a blowjob... actually, it was called a 'hummer' because I was humming when I gave it to you. Don't worry, I don't expect you to do it to me. I just wanted to wake you up in a special way.

Drake smiled, "Thank you. I really do like being with you like this. I think I will be ready to do some more with you later."

Oliver grinned, "I hope so. But now, I'm getting hungry. Let's go downstairs and see if Mama has breakfast for us."

"Mama?" Drake asked, puzzled.

"Dad and Papa call her that, Lars and I call her Grandmama, usually."

The two boys got out of bed and pulled on sweatpants, without underwear, and a t-shirt before heading down the stairs amid smells emanating from the kitchen of bacon frying.

Sunday, 26 January 2122

Over the next several days, Oliver and Drake grew closer. They actually started thinking of themselves as a couple. Oliver had patiently exposed Drake to more and more of the physical pleasures he had learned since being exposed (pun intended) to others of the Sooloo adoptees.

As the week was coming to an end, Drake was nervous because he hadn't heard from his new parents. He understood they were on their honeymoon, but he kind of expected at least a call or two from them to check on him.

He went to Dave, having bonded in many ways to the older boy as sort of a mentor. "Um, Dave? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Of course, Drake, I'm never too busy to talk to you... at least while we're still on Earth."

"I'm a little worried. I'm supposed to go home tomorrow, but I haven't heard from my parents at all."

"I can understand that. I can tell you that they have called here almost every day to check up on you, but it was usually while you were either asleep or 'otherwise occupied,'" Dave replied with a wink.

Drake blushed at the inference but was relieved that his parents hadn't just "not called." Before he could ask though, Dave said, "They're supposed to call this evening around dinner time to talk to you."

Drake smiled and thanked Dave for his time, then ran up the stairs back to Oliver. He finally felt ready to try giving Oliver a 'hummer.'

That evening, just before they were to sit down to dinner, the comms sounded a call. Dave looked and said, "It's your parents, Drake." Dave opened the communications and sent it to the 'big screen' on the wall of the dining room.

Will and John were sitting on a beach, their complexions slightly darker from a week in the sun. They talked for a few minutes with Drake, happy that he was enjoying his time there... that made what they wanted to broach next a bit less of a worry.

"Sir," John began, primarily looking at Dave, "if it's okay, Will and I would like to extend our stay another week. Will's mom and dad are really enjoying their second honeymoon, and if I am right, I'll have a new brother- or sister-in-law and Will and Robby will have a new brother or sister in a few months. Robby is enjoying his visit with his friends."

Dave looked over at Drake who was all smiles. He was really hating the idea of having to leave. He was beginning to think he loved Oliver. "I would like to stay another week if it's okay with Dave and Hal."

Dave and Hal had already discussed this possibility and readily agreed. "I think it might be nice if we invite some of the other Sooloo boys to come for a few days. Admiral Robinson's wedding is on Valentine's Day and I am sure they have a lot of preparing to do… why don't we invite Koji, Tei, Jason, Jay and Jonas for a couple of days? This will give all of the younger adopted boys a chance to get to know one another."

Lars giggled, "It'll be like four sets of boyfriends going on a big date but staying at home."

This seemed to surprise Will and John, "Boyfriends?"

Drake broke the silence by saying, "Oliver and I haven't officially announced that we're boyfriends, but... if he's in agreement, I'd like us to do so now."

Oliver rushed over to Drake and planted a very passionate kiss on his new boyfriend. "I would like that a lot... boyfriend."

Wednesday, 28 January 2122

It had been three days since the call came from Will and John and Drake and Oliver's big announcement. They had spent that time working with Lars, planning the get together with the other Sooloo boys.

Two of the three nights, Lars had joined Oliver and Drake in bed, using his ample experience to show Drake even more things he could do with his boyfriend... or with another boy or two or...

Finally, the day arrived and in the early afternoon, each of the other boys were dropped off in Hollywood, Florida, at Mama's house. Dave and Hal enjoyed the ability to see some of his officers in person instead of their reports over the comms.

The boys basically ignored the older guys and started roughhousing. Hal and Dave shooed them out into the back yard so they wouldn't damage anything in the house... that included each other.

In the back yard, Koji was the first to bring up nocturnal activities. Each of the couples agreed that the first night, since it was going to be warmer than expected for February in Florida, a welcome change from the colder than average winter Vegas was experiencing, that they would bring their sleeping bags out of the four tents Dave and Hal had set up for them.

Koji then suggested that they take all of the bags and zip them together into one big one and everyone sleep in it together. Drake imagined what it might be like sleeping naked outdoors in a sleeping bag with seven other boys... his dick got hard at the thought, but he was still a little nervous.

Meanwhile, as the boys were in the back planning their antics, the parents were still inside chatting. Danny said to their hosts, "I still think you guys are gluttons for punishment or insane. Managing three of the munchkins is one thing, but eight of them? And one being Koji? You're braver men than I am."

Hal laughed. "I think since all are Sooloo boys, and knowing they're at the home of their Captain, not to mention the Commodore of the flotilla, they will keep themselves relatively in-line."

Kyle looked at his husband, shook his head and added, "You might want to let Inga know she's likely to have a bunch of naked boys running around for the next three days."

Dave averred, "We already spoke to her about it and she decided to use the perks of two 'sons' of high rank in Space Fleet and request transportation to Norway. She's going to be spending the next few days with some of her extended family there."

Danny piped up, "Had I known, I would have offered to shuttle her there myself."

This caused Kyle and a few of the others to start laughing. "Baby," Kyle responded, "between training the new fighter pilots, preparing for the wedding next weekend, and getting Koji ready for this event, you wouldn't have had time."

Slightly crestfallen, Danny had to agree, "Yeah, but I would have offered anyway."

Jace, at that point commented, "The twins wanted to bring Shadow with them for this, but I tried to explain to them that it wasn't fair to expect you to agree to have him, but I promised them I'd mention it to you."

"It would have been okay with us, Jace. Having Shadow here would almost be a blessing. He's very well behaved, and could help us to monitor the mayhem outside... sort of like an early warning system." Dave averred.

Jordan started laughing at this point, "See, Babe? Jonas was right to ask if Shadow could come on the trip to drop them off."

Hal asked, "Shadow is with you?"

Jace nodded and started out front when Hal told him to bring him in.

Kash then thanked Dave and Hal for including his new son, Jay. He said, "It will give Jordan and I a chance to get the rest of the transition from him being Chief of Operations to me."

Hal then added, "I assume you will be meeting with Steve Boyer at some point since he'll be your Assistant Chief?"

Kash added, "Absolutely, and on Jordan's recommendation, I have invited Ensign Shasho Boyer to the planning sessions also. I've been told that when I see the boy's organizational and logistical skills, I'll be quite impressed. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it. Imagine a boy so young being that well organized. When I was his age, I could barely plan what underwear was clean or dirty when I was getting dressed."

This gave everyone a laugh. Kage also thanked them for inviting Tei and Akage. Jaku was taking Akage to visit some friends on the Darastixian delegation for a few days, and having Tei with the gang was a welcome alternative. "I have a lot of work to do with Aiden assigning the logistics of the new fighter pilots and their reporting structure. It seems that he feels that when not engaged in an actual combat situation, they should report to Steve as Assistant Chief of Operations, but when they are active, their role falls more under tactical, so they would report to Scott. My only involvement would be assigning the gunner on my security team.

Kash corrected him by stating, "The pilots would report to their squadron leader who would then report to either Steve or Scott."

Jace returned with Shadow. Hal kneeled down so he was at Shadow's eye level and started scratching him behind his ear saying, "Thank you for helping us watch over the boys, Shadow."

Shadow then barked quietly and licked Hal on the nose. Dave laughed and said, "It is almost like he understood exactly what you said and was replying, 'You're welcome.'"

Jordan added, "Jonas and Jason both tell us that he does understand what we're telling him, but I'm not sure how they can know for sure."

"It could be their Darastixian heritage. We know that Darastixians are much more cognizant of thoughts and emotions. Maybe they're able to pick up on an empathic level for Shadow's needs, wants and, for lack of a better way of saying it, his thoughts are." Hal continued, "We know that different levels of telepathy are present in Draconian culture. Jonas has already shown you on several occasions he's tuned in with how people are feeling."

Jace couldn't do much more than nod his agreement, not having a better understanding. He was several years older than the twins, and he was of mixed lineage, yet his telepathic skills have yet to make themselves known, other than getting a feeling about how someone close to him is feeling emotionally. His empathy had just started forming, and he hoped that in the coming months his telepathy would start to come into its own.

The balance of the conversation was light and eventually the time came for the parents to depart and leave Dave and Hal to their madness.

Shadow ran out the partially open sliding door to the back yard and was immediately surrounded by eight boys who, as expected, Koji had coaxed out of their clothing. Drake was actually feeling good, running around with nothing on. At first it made him nervous, but after the initial 'scrutiny' by the others of what he had below the belt, and nobody making fun of him for it, the nervousness abated, and he really started to enjoy it. Even when he got a stiffy looking at all the other boys, nobody called attention to it or teased him.

Drake couldn't believe how much fun bathing with seven other boys could be. With the size of the hot tub, it was almost like skinny dipping with the others in a pool. When he made a comment about that, Koji said, "We skinny dip on the ship on the holodeck, during our lunch break from school."

With what has seemed to be a permanent grin, Drake participated in washing the others and them washing him. He could swear his dick got washed at least four times. After the bath was finished, and they'd dried off, they set about making their communal bed. They tried several ways of zipping the bags together and weren't able to really make one big bed, so they decided to take the four oversized bags and zip them together two by two, laying them next to one another.

Seeing what was transpiring in the hot tub, Dave and Hal decided they needed to have a chat with all of the boys. Once they were all out of the tub and dried off, Dave called them over. He and Hal stood together as the eight naked boys sat at the picnic tables that had been placed for them to eat their lunch on.

"Hal and I wanted to just set a couple of rules for your fun. They are the same rules that we have on the Sooloo, so they shouldn't be a surprise to you, with the exception of Drake and Jay. First off, nobody does anything they don't want to do. Don't try to pressure someone into 'trying' something. No means No. Period. Secondly, it hasn't been an issue before, but we have a rule that two people cannot be more than two years older or younger than their partner. Whether that be their relationship partner or their partner for 'fun.' There are only two cases where that happens here. Drake, you are more than two years older than two of the other boys here. Koji and Tei are more than two years younger than you, so you may not engage in any 'fun' with them. I'm sorry, Koji and Tei, but that is for both of your protection, as well as Drake's."

There was an audible sigh from Koji, who said, "But there are others on the Sooloo that are more than two years apart."

Hal calmly asked, "Who?"

"What about..." Koji looked like he was thinking hard but finally bowed his head and said, "I guess there aren't. We will stay within the rules."

Dave and Hal simply said, "Thank you," then walked back inside.

Drake followed them inside, "Sir?"

"Yes, Drake," Dave replied, "you know you don't have to call me 'Sir.'"

"Would it be okay if I was to kiss or make out with the other two? That way they won't feel like they missed out on anything... at least they got to do 'something' with me."

Dave looked to Hal, allowing him to make the call. "As long as it doesn't progress beyond making out, I think that would be okay. You can tell the others we said so, if they have doubts, they can come ask us."

"Thanks, Dave... Hal." Drake then ran out yelling, "They said we can at least make out together!"

Dave and Hal then heard cheers from both Koji and Tei.

The Shield had the added benefit of being able to pretty much control the temperature in the back yard. Dave made sure it was warm enough so the boys could gallivant around in their birthday suits and, as Jay realized, "You know, it's really warm enough here that we can sleep on top of the bags."

Drake's mind's eye went a little crazy thinking of being able to watch as the boys cavorted with one another, something that was actually happening to all the boys by the looks of their rising assets.

During the evening, Drake and Oliver had discussed how Drake wanted to handle other boys wanting to join them in their bed-play and Drake decided that these were boys he'd be with for the foreseeable future and that he really liked all of them. The eight of them had agreed that nothing past oral would be allowed outside of their established couples... not that any of the couples had delved with any activities more invasive than oral... yet.

When the couples were relaxed in a prone position together on the sleeping bags, Koji and his new boyfriend Tei, decided to join Oliver and Drake. The four decided to do a daisy chain so Koji positioned himself to take Oliver's member into his mouth, Drake was going to make out with Tei, to stay within the rules. Tei would do Koji with his hand, and Oliver would complete the circle by servicing Tei.

Koji suggested that when they were done, they'd wait a few minutes then reverse the order so each would give a second blowjob, hand job, or make out session to the person who he had been with first. When this happened, Oliver decided to turn the blowjob he would give Koji into a hummer... Surprisingly, Koji had never received one and he was very excited to learn another way he can please and be pleased by another boy.

Once the initial pairing was done, Koji and Tei moved over to play with Jason and Jay while Lars and Jonas moved over to Drake and Oliver. For Drake this wasn't that big a deal. He'd had some sex-play with Lars over his stay, so he asked if he and Jonas could pair up first. The two positioned themselves with Jonas laying atop Drake who was on his back. Their genitals were then in direct contact. Jonas started shifting himself up and down on Drake. This was something Lars and Oliver hadn't shown Drake and it was kind of nice. He was told that the name of what they were doing was called 'frottage' and it could feel really good. It wasn't long before the friction of their penises and balls rubbing against one another caused both boys to tense up in orgasm nearly at the same time. Lars and Oliver did the same, but when it was time to switch, Drake suggested they do a circle jerk.

The four boys, after about a minute, were back at full staff, and each boy reached for another's member. This time Oliver took Jonas', Jonas took Drake's, Drake took Lars and Lars took his brother's penis into his hand. He was becoming very familiar with what turned Drake on, so he focused his efforts on Drake's sensitive glans. Drake lost the battle trying to stave off his orgasm at Jonas's hand... literally, the other boys lasted a bit longer, but at the end, each had their fourth orgasm of the evening.

It was agreed that they'd take a break before the final pairing of the night. Drake and Oliver went inside and asked Dave and Hal if they could bring drinks outside for everyone. Hal had anticipated this and brought out a real treat... several plastic bottles of soda... something that was rarely given to the younger boys so close to bedtime... but the older pair figured they'd work off the extra energy before going to sleep.

They brought the soda and some plastic cups outside and the boys sat drinking and having burping contests. It seems that throughout time, two things are very funny to boys... burps and farts... burps were much more pleasant to have contests with.

For the final pairing, Drake and Oliver were visited by Jay and Jason. Jason suggested something that he and his twin did when it was just the two of them. At first, Drake was worried when Jay told him to lay on his tummy, thinking that Jay was going to go further than they'd agreed, however, when Jay pulled his legs together with his erection between his thighs. He also added some spit which made it easier for him to push his penis between Drake's thighs. Jason coached Oliver to do the same to him. This was a new experience for Oliver and Jason explained it was the closest thing to putting your dick inside your partner without actually doing it.

Oliver quickly achieved his orgasm by doing this, but he wouldn't think of pushing Drake to go further than he was ready.

When it was Drake's turn to do the same to Jay, he was amazed at the sensation. Jay explained that he'd been told by other friends who'd done it that putting your dick into someone's butt felt better than anything they'd done before… the only drawback is that it can be painful the first few times someone sticks theirs into you.

Drake decided to do some research on this... his birthday was coming up after the launch and if he could figure out a way, he might ask Oliver to do it to him. Maybe Dave or Hal could give him some advice.

The thought of asking Dave or Hal was at first very scary for Drake, but he realized that Dave and Hal would be the closest to asking his own parents... something that wasn't at the top of his list of things he'd want to do.

With the nocturnal activities concluded, the eight boys piled together in a mass of limbs and were quickly asleep. They'd truly worn each other out during the evening.

Thursday, 29 January 2122

The next morning, Dave and Hal woke the boys and told them that they'd made pancakes for breakfast. The boys must have consumed 100 pancakes between them... or so it seemed to Dave and Hal who were cooking. Every time they'd finished a batch and given it to a few of the boys, others would come asking if there was more.

Finally, the boys' appetites, at least for food, were sated and they decided to sit and watch some vids for the rest of the morning. After lunch they played with Shadow.

After dinner, the boys sat and talked about life on the Sooloo for the benefit of the boys who would be new to that life. Dave and Hal joined them for this discussion and were impressed with how the 'veteran' boys explained what life on the Sooloo was like.

After a repeat of the night before's bath time, the couples decided that they would stay in their established relationships for nighttime play. Things were much more sedate, and the boys were asleep much earlier than the previous day.

Friday, 30 January 2122

The morning of the third day arrived and Dave went to awaken the boys. Hal was preparing breakfast consisting of an egg dish called a quiche. It had eggs, ham, cheese and spinach in it.

At first the boys weren't enthused about the spinach, but once they tasted it, they all agreed it was very tasty mixed with the other ingredients.

After breakfast, Dave announced that everyone needed to put on clothes. This was met with less than enthusiastic comments from the boys, so Dave said, "So I guess you guys don't want to play Laser Tag?"

This changed the mood almost instantly. Within minutes, the boys were dressed and ready to go. Dave had arranged for transportation and the ten of them hopped into the oversized van that came to chauffeur them to their fun.

When they got there, Hal suggested that since there were five couples, that each couple would split up and be on opposite teams.

The teams ended up Dave, Oliver, Jay, Jonas and Tei on one team and Hal, Drake, Lars, Jason and Koji on the other.

The first game was very close with Hal's team barely winning.

The second game was won by Dave's team by a much larger margin.

The third game, Koji, slightly upset with losing, was almost unstoppable and he pretty much won the game for his team single-handedly.

Dave took the group out for dinner that evening by going to a buffet. When the owner saw the group of ten boys entering, he immediately asked where the adult was. Dave, showing his Space Fleet ID quickly quelled the man's reticence... at least for the makeup of the group. He was still concerned that his profit margin for the night was going to be in the negative. He knew how much boys could eat.

During the meal, all of the boys were extremely well behaved. The owner even came over to compliment them on their behavior. He was correct about the sheer quantity of food they all ate. For small boys, he wondered where they put all that they took, but even with his close monitoring, there was little of the food the boys took that was wasted.

After dinner, Dave had their transport take them back home. The boys had planned for another wild night, since it would be their last until after launch. It went much the same as the first night.

As they were cuddled together that night, Drake and Oliver were talking quietly when Drake broached the subject of offering himself to Oliver on his birthday. This caused Oliver to laugh as he'd made the same decision to give himself to Drake as a birthday present. They agreed to discuss it with all four parents before making any final decisions.

Lars overheard the conversation and quietly suggested that they might want to talk to Dr. Tom also. He could probably give them things they could do to either eliminate or reduce the pain they'd heard can happen the first few times.

Drake gave Lars a kiss, thanking him for his advice, then turned back to Oliver and the pair started kissing passionately while rubbing themselves against each other.

Saturday, 31 January 2122

The next morning, breakfast consisted of sausage, eggs, toast and hash browns, a typically American breakfast.

The boys' parents were scheduled to return to pick their son or sons up around noon. Dave suggested that the boys have a couple hours more fun with Shadow in the back yard, then right before noon, they should get dressed. When their parents arrive, they'd sit down to lunch together and the boys would head home. This would include Drake as it was Friday, and Will and John will be back from their honeymoon.

Oliver and Drake decided not to go out back with the others, instead they retired to Oliver's room for some private time; the last they'd have together until after the Sooloo returned to space.

The parents started arriving about 1145. All of the boys had dressed by 1130. Each boy would speak to his parents about how much fun they had staying with Dave and Hal, and how they got to know their new shipmates.

When John Luke and Will arrived, Drake was of mixed emotions. He was happy to see his parents, but he was sad he'd have to leave Oliver. Over the past two weeks, Oliver and Drake had become very close. Each felt that the other was the missing piece of themselves they'd felt their entire lives.

After lunch, the boys said goodbye to each other, and the parents departed with their precious cargo. Oliver planted a deep kiss on his boyfriend and even gave John and Will hugs and kisses on the cheek.

As Drake was heading out the door, he stopped, turned and said, "I love you, Oliver."

Oliver smiled and replied, "I love you more."

Monday, 9 February 2122

Draconian Embassy ~ 0900

It was a crisp February morning as people from across the globe gathered at the newly constructed Draconian Embassy. It sat on what used to be Mountain Ridge Skate Park. Once the site was decided upon, construction went relatively quick. The first speaker was the President of the United States of Earth, Leonard Ash Washington.

"Since the nations of Earth came together, it's a rare occurrence that the President of the Planet gets the opportunity to either appoint or welcome a visiting Ambassador. So far, in the past several months, I have had the distinct pleasure of doing both. First, appointing Jason Blackwell as Earth's Ambassador to Draconia, also known as Darastix... and now, welcoming the visiting Ambassador from that very same planet, today opening the first new embassy in many years. May I present, his Royal Highness, Prince Zarek of Darastix to continue the announcement."

Zarek walked up to the podium, shook the President's hand, then spoke, "Thank you, Mr. President. On behalf of my planet, Darastix, or as many of you know it, Draconia, I am honored to be here. In the past, my people have visited and lived among all of you, mainly in the area you know as Japan. We have both influenced and learned from that culture, and we hope to learn from you, as well as share our knowledge with you.

"We have a special guest coming up to speak, but before he does, may I introduce your Vice President, Ortega Rafael Diego Eduardo Rodriguez."

"Thank you, Your Highness," the Vice President shook Zarek's hand and began speaking. Once he was done, Shinzen Koushi, the Darastixian Ambassador to Earth took the platform.

"My name is Shinzen Koushi," he began, "it is my honor and privilege to represent my people as the Ambassador to Earth. I want to thank Prince Zarek for allowing me to introduce our special guest. He is a relative to the Prince but has lived on Earth for nearly five hundred years. Let me introduce Prince Medici."

A very elderly looking man walked onto the platform. He looked at Koushi and averred, "I am not a prince. I gave up that title when I chose to leave Darastix so there could be no rivalry over who was King. My only regret is, that separated me from my brother, who I loved dearly."

Medici looked at Zarek, "Prince, you look very much as my brother did at your age. You brought back many happy memories with your visits to my home. I know when the time comes, you will make our people proud to have you as their King."

"The honor was mine, Uncle," Zarek smiled. "My father, your great nephew wishes he could have come and visited with you but elected to have me come instead. To us, you are still a prince."

Medici looked over the crowd… He could see the captains from the Sooloo, Endurance, Victorious and Darastix sitting together. He knew who was who and was pleased they represented Space Fleet with dignity. A couple of seats down was an Admiral, but what really caught his eye was the young man sitting next to him. A tear rolled down his cheek. "Forgive me, but I see a reincarnation of my grandfather. Commander Kyle Robinson, you are the spitting image of King Kairu."

Kyle looked at his dad, "How did he know my name?"

"He is a very aged Draconian, I imagine he can tell you things about yourself and your lineage that you want to know," Greg replied.

"We were going to visit him before the Sooloo launches," Kyle smiled, "now, maybe we can escort him home, instead."

Medici continued talking and when he was finished, turned the platform over to Zarek, who wrapped things up, offering tours of the new facility.

Wednesday, 11 February 2122

Space Fleet Engineering ~ 1350

The entourage from the Sooloo including Chief Engineer, Connor Marlin-Douglass, Tomo, Juro, Steve and Shasho Boyer arrived for a meeting with Space Fleet Engineering about ten minutes ahead of the scheduled meeting time of 1400. All of them had the concept of 'ten minutes early is on time, nine is late' drilled into their minds.

They were led to the conference room where the Chief Engineer for Space Fleet was present with several of his underlings. He commented on the promptness of his guests, complimenting them on following protocol.

Osgood Thurmond, Chief Engineer, was not much of a fan of the Explorer Program. Even more so now that he'd seen the upgrades and modifications made to 'his' ships, but he was, if nothing else, a consummate officer of Space Fleet and followed orders from above to the letter.

He handed all of the boys copies of the reports on the retrofit, not expecting any of them to be able to make heads nor tails out of what they were reading. When he was their age, he was barely able to engineer a Lego model. He was absolutely astounded when Shasho, after perusing the report, started picking it apart. He pointed out several areas where details were omitted on the refit. He asked very pointed and astute questions, causing Osgood to rethink his presumption of the boys' qualifications.

Steve sat back in his chair, proud of his son. He added his own opinions on things and after nearly three hours, and each of the Sooloo personnel making comments, suggestions and arguing whether things had been done correctly, the meeting ended. Osgood had a list of things that needed to be completed or reworked before the relaunch of the Sooloo for its shakedown cruise on the first of March.

After the entourage left, Osgood turned to his underlings and said, "I can't believe I was 'schooled' by a bunch of schoolboys... the worst thing was, I deserved it. Tell the crews we're on double shifts for the rest of the month. I will NOT be the reason those boys don't get back into space on time."

Friday, 13 February 2122

Pilot Training Dorms ~ 2100

Billy Angel had just returned from taking a shower as Julian Danvers, better known to his friends as Juju, was returning from a meeting with Lieutenant Harper. "Where did you come from?" Billy inquired.

"Danny, er… I mean, Lieutenant Harper asked me to be second in command of the Sooloo pilots, and to help choose who will be on the ship with us."

"That makes sense since you were already on the Sooloo and are top gun of our class," Billy chuckled. "I hope you told him to pick me; I really like you and really hope we can be together."

Juju smiled, "I'll tell you who will be on the Sooloo, but you have to kiss me, first."

Billy grabbed Juju in a hug, dipped him and pressed their lips together. "So, am I on the Sooloo?"

"WOW!!!" Juju panted, "I wasn't expecting anything like that. Counting Danny and myself, there are six pilots. The others are Shawn Quinn…"

"Shawndrome," Billy chuckled, "that's three."

"Gabriel Cardiff…"

"Ace, four."

"Finlay Lynch…" Juju paused to hear Billy say his callsign.

"He's Red, and five," Billy smiled, "and am I the sixth? Please!"

"The last pilot actually finished third in the class. He was sixteenth when we started the squadrons. I guess helping the others really helped him."

"I was sixteenth when we started the squadrons," Billy grinned. "You mean, I actually moved up to third best in the class? You really helped me, and my sharing your knowledge with the rest of the squadron helped, too."

"And I asked Danny if you could be on the ship with us. He said he would chat with our new Chief of Operations and be sure we were in the same quarters on the ship."

"Awesome!" Billy grabbed Juju and kissed him again.

After Billy let him breathe, Juju whispered, "Don't get dressed. Instead, why don't I get undressed and we can deal with any hard situation which may pop up." Billy chuckled.

Saturday, 14 February 2122 – Valentine's Day

Robinson House ~ 1100

"I don't think it is possible for you boys to look any better than you look right at this moment," Admiral Gregory Robinson told his son, son-in-law, soon-to-be stepson and grandson, as they lined up in his den for a proper military inspection.

Kyle, Danny, and Ronnie were clad in their dress uniforms; Kyle, Danny, and Ronnie were wearing solid Sapphire jackets with black belts at the waist, representing operations, with navy blue pants. Their uniforms, professionally cleaned and pressed by the laundry on the Space Fleet Headquarters campus, were immaculate. Greg was dressed in his amethyst dress uniform, his four stars indicating his position in the admiralty pecking order. He had COMMAND written all over him, from his formal bearing to the perfection of his uniform.

But the most spectacular person in the room was Koji, who was dressed in his ceremonial kimono, looking proud of his heritage and his place in his family. He stood at attention between his daddies, his eyes straight ahead, as his Admiral Grandpa inspected him along with his daddies. He agreed with his grandpa's final assessment—there really was no way he could look any better than he did right then.

"At ease sons, but be careful not to mess up those uniforms," Greg commanded. He looked at Koji and grinned. "Or the kimono." Danny, Kyle, and Ronnie sat on the couch and Koji sat on a chair next to his grandpa's chair.

"Are you boys nervous?" he asked. They shook their heads in unison. "Well, that's good to know, because I sure am."

"But we're not the ones getting married," Ronnie pointed out. He looked at his stepbrothers. "Besides, two of us are already married."

"Two of us are married," Kyle agreed. "We had our chance to be nervous then."

"I was scared shitless," Danny confessed. When he realized what he'd just said, he turned red and apologized to Greg.

"You're not apologizing to anybody else?" Greg asked.

"Koji and Kyle could have cussing contests between them, so why apologize to those two?" Koji nodded in agreement. "I will apologize to Ronnie, since I still don't know him that well."

"You guys haven't heard cussing until you heard me scream at a balky side thruster," Ronnie grinned.

"Well, if everybody is ready, I'll call for our car to make sure we're there on time," Greg said.

"And that means we must be ten minutes early," Koji reminded his grandfather.



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