Mayfield Titans

Chapter 11-Mariner Weekend

When Mark saw the name of the winner he had to fight hard to cheer. He couldn’t help but feel that the election of Aiden to the board was going to be a gigantic help in his attempt to increase player participation in the Mayfield Baseball Club. Aiden had run for the good of the Club not to satisfy his ego, which was what he felt Mac’s motivation had been.
“The newest board member of the Mayfield Baseball Club is Aiden Miller,” Mark announced with minimal fanfare. He might not have been able to cheer, but when he announced the result the cheer from Aiden’s supporters, which included all of the adults in the room, was very satisfying.
“Congratulations, Aiden,” Mark said. “You’re going to be a great addition to the board. I’ll need to talk to you after the meeting to put together a plan for you to learn the ropes.” Aiden, who wasn’t sure yet that winning was a good thing, nodded.
“Is there any new business?” Mark asked and the meeting became routine.
After the meeting was adjourned, Aiden got up to meet with Mark. He could see that the rest of the executive board, which was Jackson Hallion, Peter Astor, and David Fitzgerald was waiting with Mark to congratulate him.
“You’re going to do great Aiden,” Gordy said as Aiden started for the front of the room. “You know you’re the best.” Gordy swatted his best friend’s rear and Aiden continued to the front of the room hoping that Gordy was right.
Aiden was enjoying dinner out with his dads at the Mayfield Café. Maggie, the waitress, who had worked at the café “since the beginning of time,” as she put it, was setting their orders in front of them.
The Mayfield Cafe was like thousands of other small-town eateries all over the country - neat, clean, always busy and welcoming, and always serving great quantities of simple, delicious, well prepared food. And, like all the other small-town eateries, it was very difficult to go there and not meet someone you knew. Such was the case on this Friday night when Aiden and his dads entered the cafe just as Seth McCall, his wife Carla, and their youngest son Nick were leaving. Seth and Carla were Noah’s parents - Nick was Noah’s younger brother. The McCalls owned McCall Trucking in Mayfield.
The cafe was very busy that night and the two families barely had time to exchange quick hellos before Maggie was ready to seat the Miller/Sanders family and take their orders.
“How old is Nick now?” Phil asked after they had ordered their food.
“He’s nineteen,” Larry replied. Larry could recite when any of his former ballplayers played for him or Phil. As a result, he could guess their exact age ninety percent of the time.
Aiden did not say anything; all he was thinking about was a great meatloaf dinner and what a hot looking young man Nick was. Five minutes later, Maggie had returned and was setting their orders in front of them.
“You boys enjoy your meals, now, ya hear?” Maggie grinned.
“She’d make a great grandma,” Aiden observed after she left.
“Well, she is a grandma,” Larry said, “and I’m willing to bet she’s a great one.”
Aiden dug into his meatloaf. “Yum, they sure make great meatloaf. It’s my favorite meal here. Pass the ketchup, please.”
“Better than mine?” Phil asked as he handed his son the ketchup bottle.     
“Nope. Yours is the best.”
“Said like a son who wants to keep his allowance intact.”
“I’m serious, theirs is good, but yours is better. So there.”
“Did you get any reaction to your election at school today?” Larry asked.
“Only from my friends, who were all at the meeting. They thought it was awesome and wanted to help on committees and stuff. Of course, Gordy almost has to do stuff since his dad is on the board.”
“Nothing from Mac and his gang?” Phil asked.
“They all ignored me. I guess you could say that’s a reaction, right?”
“In a manner of speaking,” Larry replied. “I hope they get their acts together before baseball season.”
“Or with Russell and Mac, before our soccer game tomorrow, or we’re in deep doodoo.” The Cobras were playing one of the two Centralia teams—the one Nolan played for. “When I called Nolan last night, he couldn’t believe I won the election, especially since he didn’t know I was running. But, like I told him, I didn’t know I was running either.”
“You’re going to be a great addition to that board. With boys like you, Sammy, Trent, David, and Peter on the board, you’ve got a solid group who I think can restore interest.”
“And most of us on the Goats want to do what Eric, Noah, Marty, and Coach Scott and Coach Connor did—work hard to win a state championship.”
At that point, the family silently decided to concentrate on the food while it was still hot. When Maggie came to ask if they had room for dessert, Larry checked his watch and saw there was enough time. They were going to the Mayfield football game after dinner.
“I can’t believe what Marty did for everybody,” Aiden said as Maggie cleared their table before taking their dessert orders. Aiden and his dads, along with Nolan, Gordy, Miles, Lenny and Lance, and Mason were going to the Sunday Mariners game. They would be celebrating Ronnie’s complete recovery from cancer. He would be coming with his parents as well as his cousin Scott Keller and his parents. Troy and Keegan would also be going along with Drake, Eddie, Curt, Chase, and Logan.
Marty had procured a suite for them earlier in the week. He told Larry that the Mariners would be paying for their suite tickets. They knew Ronnie’s story and what Marty had done for him in Tacoma. Being in a suite included food and non-alcoholic drinks. The suite was along the third-base line and was used by the Mariners for occasions like this one.
“The M’s are going to have to get their act together if they expect to make the playoffs,” Phil said. “Oakland is hot, and the Mariners are one of three teams battling for a Wild Card spot. This is going to be a big series—but then, with only two weeks left in the season, I guess they’re all big.” The Mariners would be playing the Angels, and while they were no longer in the postseason race, they had given the Mariners fits all season and held a 7-6 lead in their season series.
“It will be nice to have some of your friends along.”
“Mason is excited about going since Monday is his birthday,” Aiden said. “We all need to sing Happy Birthday to him between innings sometime. I’ll be telling everybody at the football game tonight or at the soccer game tomorrow. If I see Scott Keller tonight, he can tell Ronnie and his parents. I think it will work out great.”
“Rich will be sitting with us in the suite,” Larry pointed out. Rich was Marty’s husband.
“And guess who gets to tell him about singing,” Aiden said as he pointed at his pop. “Oh, and I’ll tell the cousins and Drake, who I guess is a cousin now since daddy Keegan’s adopted him. Or is he a stepbrother? I get confused.”
Because of who was going from where and when, there would be no train ride from Centralia for this game. Larry would be taking Aiden, Nolan, and the twins to Seattle after the soccer game Saturday where they would spend the night with Aiden’s cousins. Mason, Miles, Grant, and Gordy had family commitments Saturday afternoon and/or evening and would ride to Seattle with Phil Sunday morning. Phil would be driving them only as far as Lakewood, where they would board the Mariner Special commuter train and ride it the rest of the way to Seattle.
At the football game, Aiden told everybody about the song he needed them to help in singing, making sure Mason wasn’t in hearing range, which wasn’t easy since most of the Cobras sat as a group at the game. The game ended up being close for a while with the Mustangs holding a 17-10 half-time lead over the Monte Bulldogs. In the second half the Mustangs showed they were the better team by outscoring the Bulldogs 21-7 on their way to a 38-17 win.
The Cobras’ soccer game against the Silver Wolves, one of the two Centralia twelve-and-under teams, was at 11:00. Nolan and four other Meadow Park soccer players played for the Silver Wolves instead of the Meadow Park team in order to compete at a higher level. Nolan and Aiden had been talking trash about the game all week, but Aiden knew the Cobras would have to play at their best to defeat the undefeated Silver Wolves.
During warmups, Mac and Russell approached Aiden, who was warming up with Gordy, Lenny, and Lance. “You must feel like you’re hot shit winning that election,” Mac sneered. It was the first time Mac had said anything to him since the election result was announced at the Mayfield Baseball Club meeting. “I know your old man threatened the high school guys to vote for you. I just can’t figure out how…”
“Oh, hi, Mac,” Aiden said without looking at his tormentor. “Sorry. I’m so busy getting ready for our big game I didn’t hear what you said.”
“I said—.” Mac saw that Aiden’s friends were following his lead and were ignoring him. “Never mind, I got better shit to do than talk to stuck-up assholes like you.”
“Like getting ready for the game, maybe?” Lenny asked, much to everyone’s surprise. As the youngest boys on the team, Lenny and Lance both were generally laid back and non-confrontational.
“Maybe you guys should start partying instead of thinking you’re too important to—.”
“Don’t you boys have a game to prepare for?” Coach Bill interrupted.
Mac turned and walked away as slowly as he thought he could get away with. Russell followed directly behind him.
“What’s he all mad about?” Lenny asked. “It’s not like he was ever going to beat Andy.”
“I don’t think he’s mad because he lost, I think he’s mad because Aiden won,” Gordy offered. That made sense to everyone and they went back to concentrating on their warmups. Aiden hoped Mac and Russell played better than they practiced, or the Cobras could be in trouble.
Like the team as a whole, Mac and Russell played less than okay. The team didn’t click against the Silver Wolves with the resolve they needed to beat a team that was better than they were and ended up losing 3-1.
After the game Mac and Russell pointedly distanced themselves from Aiden. Aiden did notice that Barry wasn’t hanging with the two of them. Roger, who was also part of Mac’s clique, wasn’t playing soccer that fall.
Nolan, Aiden, and the twins rode with Larry to Nolan’s house. They arrived at twenty after one, ready to eat. Nolan found a moment to exchange quick kisses with his boyfriend, introduced the twins to his parents, and then saw what was on the dining room table.
Nolan’s mother, Vivian, had sandwiches laid out, which the hungry boys dove into. While they ate, the conversation turned to the soccer game.
“Your team wasn’t very aggressive today,” Nolan’s father, Paul, noted.
“We played hard,” Aiden said, “but I think we were scared because you guys were so good.”
“They’re not that much better than us,” Lance said. “I still think we can win if we play our best.”
“Number 22 didn’t look like he was in the game,” Paul noted.
“That’s Mac. He could have been hungover,” Aiden said.
Nolan and Larry knew about Mac’s partying history and his history with Aiden. Mac had moved to Mayfield the year before. He and Aiden got to know each other during summer baseball. Mac had sensed a weakness in Aiden’s make-up and went after it like the predator he was. He had almost succeeded in talking Aiden into getting drunk at one of his parties.
“This is becoming such a bad problem with our young people. I am happy our boys aren’t tempted by parties and alcohol,” Vivian pontificated.
Paul and Larry gave each other a knowing look. The two fathers knew their boys were of an age where they would need to be continually monitored. They knew their sons were good boys, but also young and impressionable boys who could succumb to the urge to experiment. In Aiden’s case, Larry was cognizant of his son’s history with alcohol when he was younger.
After lunch, the boys went to Nolan’s bedroom to shower and change into their regular clothes. It didn’t take long for them to strip naked. The twins admired Nolan’s body, which they didn’t get to see naked very often.
“I think he has more hair on his dick,” Lance observed. “Can I feel it?”
“Go ahead,” Nolan said, “but it’s just hair.”
“No, it’s pubic hair. None of our friends have any, but some of Aiden’s friends do.” Lance stepped up to Nolan and started rubbing his sparse hairs. Nolan’s pubic area was covered with hair, but there was still skin to be seen in the gaps. Nolan felt his cock stiffen.
“Like Gordy does, but he’s not close to having as much hair as Nolan. Miles has a couple and Trent has a lot, but Trent’s in eighth grade,” Lance said, as if that made a difference.
“And poor Aiden doesn’t have any.” Aiden sniffed and rubbed his eyes as he faked crying. He had a few little tiny wisps, but nothing to make a fuss over.
“Nolan’s getting a boner,” Lance cooed.
“And Nolan has to remind everybody we have a half hour to get ready. So how about you guys get into the shower and wipe off the game sweat, and DO NOT MESS AROUND,” Nolan ordered in a big brotherly fashion.
“But I’m getting a boner, too,” Lenny pointed out.
“Great, it will make you extra horny when we get to my cousins’ house,” Aiden told him.
“Come on, Lance, we better get showered.”
The twins took a quick shower as commanded. After they finished, Nolan and Aiden stepped into the shower.
“That twins got me pretty horny, but I won’t do anything,” Nolan whispered as he grabbed Aiden and planted a passionate kiss on him. “I love you so much.”
“That was the Lance twin. You’re horny as hell today. You can do what you want with him, but you better not do anything in the car.”
“Not even jerk off?”
“Not even that. Well, unless I can help,” Aiden giggled as he made a quick grope of his boyfriend’s erection.
After Nolan turned off the water, they grabbed towels and dried off. “Do you think that Mac guy really had a hangover?” Nolan asked as they stepped into his bedroom.
“I don’t know. I know he was mad at me for winning that election, but I don’t know what that has to do with hustling in a game. I think Mac was just being an ass waffle. It’s like Eddie came back to Mayfield, but in a different body.”
“Who is like Eddie?” Lenny asked. The twins were dressed and were packing their soccer gear into their sports bags.
“Mac,” Aiden answered.
“No, I think Mac is an even bigger ass waffle than Eddie ever was.”
“Boys hurry up, please,” Vivian shouted.
Within ten minutes, the four boys were loaded into Larry and Phil’s Honda Odyssey minivan. Larry noted that none of the boys wanted to sit in front. Usually somebody in a group of boys would want to be shotgun. But he understood. With only four of them, there was plenty of room for them to sit together in back and stretch out. Plus, nobody would have to sit with a boring adult.
Larry did have to say something to tweak the boys a little. “What? Nobody wants to sit with poor me?” he asked.
“We’re making it so you can concentrate totally on driving,” Aiden replied. “Think of us being all about safety.”
“I can live with that.” Larry successfully hid his smile as he approached the on ramp to Interstate 5.
The trip to Seattle was routine. There were some pockets of heavy traffic around Tacoma, but there were always pockets of heavy traffic around Tacoma. Larry kept his patience and successfully negotiated them. The boys had fun talking, giggling, playing games, and even napping. The horny boys remained horny all the way to their destination.
Logan and Curt came out of the house to meet Aiden’s contingent as Larry drove the minivan into the driveway. “Chase and Eddie are waiting in the house,” Logan said as he and Curt exchanged hugs with the four guests. “That way there wouldn’t be a big crowd out here.”
Aiden was still trying to get used to the expansion of simple greetings from his two cousins to the more complicated greetings from his cousins and foster cousins. More hugs were exchanged after the guests entered the house, including hugs from Aiden’s Uncle Troy and Aunt Sue.
“I was hoping you’d be coming with a whole bunch of guys from Mayfield,” Logan said.
“Everybody had family stuff today. As it is, some of them, like Gordy, will be skipping church in the morning,” Aiden explained.
“Well, at least Lenny and Lance are here. I like you guys a lot,” he told the twins.
The boys retired to the basement where the games and entertainment were. Aiden thought about how that was one thing that made his Uncle’s house a lot like his own.
No one was surprised when the subject of their chatter turned to sex. What did surprise them was that Logan, the youngest boy of the eight, was the one who initiated it.
“Are you guys getting hair yet?” he asked the twins.
“We’re only eleven, just like you,” Lenny answered.
“I guess that means no. My friend Alex has a couple of hairs and he’s only eleven, so I thought I’d ask.”
“You can check us out if you want to be sure,” Lenny grinned as he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He pulled down the front of his briefs, revealing his bare pubis and his semi-hard cock, then pulled them back up.
“It looked bare to me,” Logan said. He then followed Lenny’s lead; except he didn’t put his cocklet away.  
They weren’t sure how much privacy they had right then, so nobody wanted to go any farther. But everyone took a turn showing their pubic area. Chase and Aiden were rock hard by the time they flashed themselves.
It was determined that half of them had some pubic hair, even if it was only a few wisps. Logan, Lenny, Lance, and Aiden were bare, while the rest had something. Chase and Nolan had the most hair.
“What are you going to do if one of your parents comes downstairs?” Lance asked Logan. “You could get in big trouble if they caught you with your pants open and your dick hanging out.”
“I just rollover on my belly and they don’t see anything but my butt, which is covered by my jeans,” Logan explained. “We always get a knock or something before anybody opens the door. It’s happened before when me and my bed buddy Royce are down here watching TV and jerking off—we just flip, unless we’re only wearing our underwear, then we pull them up.”
“My brother has become a mega-horndog,” Chase laughed.
“What are we going to do tonight?” Aiden asked Chase.
“All eight of us could sleep down here and we could tell the rents we don’t want to be disturbed, unless they have snacks ready for us upstairs, and then have a world-class orgy,” Chase responded. “We also have four beds upstairs, and we could figure out who sleeps with who and have private fun.”
“Let’s have everybody together for an orgy during a Christmas visit and have holiday sex,” Aiden suggested.
After some discussion it was agreed to sleep in separate bedrooms and share beds. They bounced pairings back and forth, talking who wanted to sleep with whom and why. They all agreed that any pairing worked for them.
“I want to get to know my cousin’s boyfriend intimately,” Chase mentioned.
Nolan looked over to Aiden who said, “I’m cool with it. You two have done it before so you can do whatever you want.” It was the answer Nolan expected and he gave Aiden a thank you kiss.
Logan wanted to sleep with Lance, which was fine with Lance. Curt and Lenny wanted to pair up, which left Eddie and Aiden. “But no fucking,” Aiden told Eddie.
Nolan knew that as much as Aiden respected Eddie for how much he had cleaned up his act, he wasn’t ready to become a close friend. Anybody Aiden was going to fuck outside of his boyfriend would have to be somebody very special.
Eddie wondered if Nolan would say anything, but Aiden’s boyfriend was silent. “Anything else goes?” Eddie asked. “Even kissing?”
“Eddie is a lousy kisser,” Chase said, “but he’s learning. If I were you, I’d go the BJ route. Eddie sucks great cock.”
“Thanks to Blue,” Eddie said, feeling a twinge of sadness as he mentioned his old street buddy. “I made a lot of money thanks to him.” That was one of the rare times he said anything about his life as a street hustler.
Sue called everyone to dinner around six. Dinner was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and biscuits served buffet style. That made meatloaf Aiden’s dinner two straight nights, but he wasn’t complaining. His Aunt Sue was a great cook and her meatloaf was right up there with his dad’s.
After a dessert of apple cobbler ala mode, everyone settled into the home theater to watch the Mariners play the Angels. Logan suggested they strip down to t-shirts and underpants, but Chase said that since the parents would be watching with them it might not go over well.
“It’s one thing to run around the house in our underwear sometimes but watching TV with mom and dad and company—well, let’s not push our luck.” Nobody argued with Chase. It was rare that anybody argued with Chase; he was the oldest, he had the deepest voice, and he usually ended up being right.
The Mariners had won 7-4 the night before. Marty didn’t start that game, but he entered it in the seventh inning as a defensive replacement. He ended up batting in the eighth, hitting a sinking line drive to left that the left fielder made a spectacular diving catch on. It was a play that made the nightly highlights.
Marty did start the Saturday night game. He went 0-for-4, striking out twice in a 4-2 loss to the Angels. He had a run batted in when Clint Wright scored from third on Marty’s groundout to shortstop in the bottom of the ninth. Marty also had a great play at third, making a diving stop of a hot shot up the third base line and then hopping to his feet and throwing the batter out at first.
As the team ran off the field in the middle of the ninth, Wade Whalen caught up to Marty. “I called the number you gave me,” he said. “I’ll fill you in later.”
The two men shared a high five and to a casual observer, including those watching on television, it simply looked like Wade was congratulating Marty on his play at third. But to Wade and Marty, there was a little more to it than that.
“Marty will have a great game when we go tomorrow. I can feel it,” Aiden vowed. “But even more important, the M’s have to win. There’s only two weeks left in the season and the M’s are five games behind the A’s and two behind in the Wild Card race.”
“I’d rather see the Mariners win than have them lose while Marty gets four hits and hits a home run,” Chase said. Once again, nobody argued.
<Aiden and Eddie>
When Aiden and Eddie had been busy hating each other they never dreamed they’d suck each other off, swallow each other’s watery boy cum, and sleep in the same bed when they were finished. If they happened to have a dream like that now, it would be based on reality.
“Do you think this was better than a big orgy in the basement?” Eddie asked Aiden as they got themselves comfortable under the bed covers.
“It was this time,” Aiden answered. “I think it helped us because now we’re sure that we can be friends.”
“Good. I don’t ever want to be your enemy again. And next time you and me do something I want us to cum over each other and rub over our skins.”
“That sounds nasty.”
“—and, I like it,” Aiden grinned. He gave Eddie a quick kiss on the cheek. The boys had put their underpants back on after finishing their sex. For reasons they couldn’t explain they silently agreed they didn’t want to sleep naked together—this time.
As he drifted off to sleep, Eddie found himself thinking again about Blue, his one-time friend on the streets. He couldn’t help wondering what might have happened to him and if he might someday try to find Blue. But before he could begin to think about how to start looking, Eddie had fallen fast asleep.
<Logan and Lance>
“Are you a virgin?” Logan asked Lance as they stripped naked before taking care of their toilet, even though Logan was sure the answer was no. He just wanted to make it official in his mind.
“No, are you?” Lance replied. Lance’s thinking was the same as Logan’s.
“Nope. My brother got me.”
“Same with me.”
The two eleven-year olds were having a conversation most eleven-year-old boys normally didn’t have. But most eleven-year-old boys hadn’t enjoyed erotic times like Logan and Lance had. Both had been talking about Aiden’s birthday party and what went on there, which had their little peckers rock hard.
“What do you want to do?” Logan asked.
“I dunno, let’s just rub our dicks on each other until we do an orgasm,” Lance replied.
“Sounds good. And we won’t have to clean up a mess.”
“Well, a little bit. Lenny and I rub spit on our bellies, or suck each other’s cocks a couple of minutes, or sometimes put some kind of lotion on if we can find some.”
“Where do you find it?”
“In the bathroom. Mom buys some for Brenda, our dorky sister who thinks she has to put lotion on herself so her skin looks good for Emmett.”
“Who’s Emmett?”
“She thinks he’s her boyfriend,” Lance giggled.
“How old is he?”
“He’s eleven. Me and Lenny have caught them naked together, but Emmett says he’d rather mess around with us than with Brenda.”
“Well, let’s quit talking and do our own messing around,” Logan suggested.
They gave each other’s cocklets a wet sucking and then Lance rolled onto his back.  Logan moved on top of him, and the two of them had a great time rubbing off on each other while improving their kissing skills. Logan had his orgasm forty seconds ahead of Lance. The two friends cuddled and enjoyed the deep sleep of happy boys.
<Lenny and Curt>
Lenny and Curt also had a chat about what they would do together. Curt said that since he would be thirteen in a couple of weeks and Lenny was eleven that they wouldn’t do any “butt stuff.”
“Why not?” Lenny asked.
“Well, because I’m almost two years older than you. I don’t want you to think that I’m going to make you do something,” Curt replied.
“No offense, but that sounds totally lame.” Lenny raised his naked ass and spread his butt cheeks. “This says you’re not forcing me.”
“Then I’ll do it, if you really think it’s okay.”
“That’s what I think.”
The two enjoyed their first intimate time together. After they were satisfied, they peed side-by-side in the toilet, then snuggled in Curt’s bed. Before falling asleep, Lenny pondered how he had now been fucked by four boys and that he had been the only one to fuck Lance. He fell asleep wondering if Logan had become number two.
<Nolan and Chase>
Nolan and Chase couldn’t get into kissing each other. They shared a couple of hard, wet kisses to get themselves into the mood for sex and then got into more serious stuff. They agreed that romantic kisses were for their boyfriends. Once they got themselves thoroughly turned on, Chase agree to bottom for Nolan. Chase ended up having a no-touch cum as Nolan fucked him. While Nolan could have shot his load into Chase’s ass, he liked the nasty thought of shooting it on the teen, and within a minute of Chase blowing his wad, it was being mixed with Nolan’s seed.
“I can see why Aiden drools over you,” Chase said. “I mean, you’re twelve and you made me cum without touching myself. You and Dillon need to have a session together sometime.” Dillon was Chase’s boyfriend.
“I’m good with it if Aiden is.”
“Oh, I’d expect Aiden to join in,” Chase chuckled as he picked his boxers up from the floor and wiped the cum off his torso. “I guess I should have given you the chance to lick it off.”
“It’s cool. Aiden is more a cum licker than me, but I wouldn’t have minded doing it.”
“I’ll remember that next time.”
Sue Miller described the Sunday morning scene best. “It’s organized chaos,” she told Troy, her husband.
“You’re being too kind,” he laughed as underwear clad boys ran up and down the stairs grabbing breakfast, looking for more towels, asking for morning hugs, heading for an available shower, and getting dressed for the afternoon’s baseball game.
Troy and Larry both drove the boys to Magnolia Village, where they parked and then they all grabbed the 24-bus downtown. From there they went down into the transit tunnel and grabbed the Link light rail to the International District station and walked across Jackson, across the tracks on the pedestrian bridge, down the stairs to the parking lot, and waited for ten minutes until the Sounder from Lakewood arrived.
As soon as the Mayfield crowd came down the stairs from the train the two groups converged, fist bumps and hugs were exchanged, and the throng walked the half-mile to T-Mobile Park.
They were met at the Black Glove, a sculpture at the left-field gate that was a favorite meeting place, by Keegan, Natalie, and Drake, who were already there waiting. Larry distributed the tickets Marty had sent him and the hoard entered the ballpark. When they finally arrived at their suite they oohed and aahed at the comfortable seating, the view of the field, the table where their buffet would be served, and anything else they could think of to ooh and ahh over.
Aiden counted the number of people in their suite. There were the eight boys from the Seattle Miller house, plus Chase’s boyfriend Dillon, Logan’s “best friend” Royce, Troy, Sue, and Larry. And then there was Phil’s group, consisted of Phil, Mason, Gordy, Grant, and Miles. Then there was Ronnie’s group, consisting of Ronnie, Scott Keller, as well as Ronnie’s and Scott’s parents. Keegan, Natalie, and Drake rounded out the group. Aiden came up with 28 in the suite including himself. The adults had taken seats toward the back of the suite so the youngsters would have a prime view of the field.
The boys were still chattering about who was going to sit where when Rich entered the suite. The first two people he saw were Larry and Phil.
“Hi Larry. Hi Phil,” Rich greeted as they exchanged hugs. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves quite a cheering section here.”
“For sure,” Larry agreed. “Hey guys! Rich is here!”
A chorus of youthful voices, some changed and some unchanged, greeted Marty’s husband: “Hi Rich!! Hi Rich!!”. Rich moved closer to the front of the suite and found a seat among the tweens.
“I talked to Marty a little while ago,” he said. “He’s suited up and ready for a great game.”
“Did you talk to him in the dugout?” Lance asked enthusiastically. The look in his eyes seemed to be saying to Rich “Do you think you could show ME the dugout someday?”.
Rich shook his head. “No, I’m not allowed in the dugout during a game. I saw him while he was downstairs on the concourse talking with some fans and signing autographs. But he’s probably in the dugout by now. The game is going to be starting very soon.”
As if on cue, but purely by coincidence, Marty briefly poked his head out of the dugout and waved to the crowd in the suite. Rich laughed as the screams of “Marty!! Marty!!” drowned out anything further he might have been planning to say.
The food showed up at the buffet table just after the first pitch. The game against the Angels was a big one. It was not only the rubber match of the series, but even more importantly, it was a game the Mariners needed to win to stay in contention for the AL West title.
Between the fourth and fifth innings, an announcement would be made welcoming Ronnie to the game and at the same time featuring  a shot of him on the big centerfield screen. The announcement would congratulate the 11-year-old boy on his successful fight against cancer. The announcement was not going to be a surprise. Ronnie, much to his embarrassment, would be in a seat that would give the TV camera the best shot of him. His mom suggested he wave when he was on the screen. Ronnie said that would be way too embarrassing, but when the time came and the announcement was made, the applause from the crowd made him feel grateful, and he waved to the camera, flashing a brilliant smile. Ronnie’s mother fought her urge to say, “I knew you could do it,” and fought off tears, giving her son a proud mother’s hug as soon as the camera was off him.  
There was also a surprise, at least for one boy. At the end of the third inning, the names of friends and families of fans flashed on the screen between the innings. Almost everyone in the suite except Mason knew that “Happy 12th Birthday, Mason from his Mayfield friends,” was going to show up on the screen. A $75 fee was normally charged for the service, but Marty negotiated a free showing.
Mason knew something was up when Miles told him to look at the big screen. Mason’s message was the fourth one to pop up. Mason instantly screeched, “Hey, that’s me. I’m Mason,” just in case somebody in the suite didn’t know it. At that point everyone in the suite sang happy birthday and somehow a cake appeared on the buffet table.
“But my birthday isn’t until Monday,” Mason protested.
“Live with it,” Aiden ordered with a grin. “I’ll give you a card at school so you won’t feel neglected.”
Mason gave Aiden a hug and wiped away some tears. “You did it, Aiden. I didn’t have any friends and everybody bullied me all the time and then you came to Mayfield and you made me your friend and then I got lots of friends and now…,” he spread his arms to include the entire suite, “…and now, I got a whole family of friends.” Sue handed Mason a handkerchief to wipe the tears off his face, as well as packet of birthday cards from her family. Everyone in the suite offered a round of applause.
“Sorry I cried,” Mason said. “But this is my best birthday ever.”
Aiden put his arm around Mason’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about crying. I love you Mason, and I’m happy to see you so happy.”
“Tell Marty I said thank you.”
“Will do.”
Of course, the celebrations worked their way around the baseball game. As was the habit of the Mayfield boys and their friends and relatives when they watched a Mariner game, they gave Marty extra loud cheers. While Marty didn’t hit a home run to cheer about, he did have a double and two singles in four at bats along with two runs scored and two runs batted in. He also had a putout and three assists in the field. One of those assists started an around-the-horn double play (third-to-second-to-first) that ended an Angels’ threat.
Mariner ace Jerry Andrews gave up only two hits over seven shutout innings, while striking out eleven. The Mariners put everything together that game to beat the Angels 6-1. A cheer erupted in the stadium when the final score for the Athletics went up on the scoreboard during the top of the ninth—Astros 7, Athletics 6.
After the game ended, Aiden texted Marty. “Great game bro and thank you for everything. Mason was so happy when the happy birthday greeting went up on the big board he cried and he loved the cake. he says thank you too.”
After getting home that evening, Aiden and Nolan chatted on the phone. They agreed it had been a great day and were happy it was an extra special day for Ronnie and Mason.
“I have to tell you what Mason told me,” Aiden told Nolan just before they finished their call.
“What was that?”
“He said he thinks Ronnie will let him suck his dick when they get a chance.”
“For real?”
Aiden nodded. “That’s what he told me. I guess it just shows that no matter what, Mason will always be Mason.”
“Good night, sweetie. I love you.”
“I love you too,” Aiden purred.
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