Still Another Chance ~ Book Four of Another Chance

Chapter Seventeen: Going Home


by Zarek A Dragon


Nick went to visit Tom's family and received a bad vibe from Ralph. He advised Tom to stay in the Home.

Sebastian came to the realization that he might be bisexual, but he knew for certain that he didn’t hate anyone just for being gay. His PO suggested releasing him from probation shortly after he started, he believed Sebastian was a good kid at heart and didn't really need it. The Judge listened to Sebastian talk, then asked Chris what he thought. After hearing both sides, the Judge agreed to let Sebastian off probation early. Eventually, Sebastian realized that he very much loves Oliver

As school had begun, Patrick and Jake were excited to go back to classes and visit their friends.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

"I see," the judge turned toward Sebastian. He saw the tears flowing as Chris spoke. "Punishment is meant to do two things. The first is to teach the offender a lesson. Listening to you speak, I believe that you have learned the lesson intended." Sebastian nodded slowly, not wanting to interrupt… The judge continued, "The second purpose of punishment is to deter a person from committing the crime in the first place, or if they had, to deter them from being a repeat offender. Will I see you back in my courtroom for shooting another person?"

"No, Your Honor. Unless it is in self-defense, I will never aim another firearm at another person."

"I rarely give an early release to someone shortly after they've just been put on probation, but after reading what your probation officer wrote, hearing not only what you had to say, but also how you said it, and listening to what Chris had to say, I am granting your early release. Be warned, if you are ever seen in my courtroom again for a hate crime, I will sentence you to the max."

Sebastian sobbed, "Thank you, Sir, and you have my word, I will never commit another hate crime, ever."

"Yes, I remember you giving your word, and wanting to break it, but you didn't. I believe you. This hearing is adjourned."

Chris walked up to Sebastian and gave him a hug. Nick held out his hand, "I do accept that apology you gave me in the hospital, now. I'm sorry that I didn't accept it then."

Sebastian didn't take Nick's hand, but he wrapped his arms around the Sheriff instead. He whispered, "I totally understand why you didn't. If I were you, I wouldn't have either."

"I'm heading back to the Ranch, if you need a ride," Chris offered, knowing Sebastian didn't have a vehicle.

"No thanks," Sebastian politely turned him down, "my boyfriend Oliver is with me, and he has his car."

"Boyfriend?" Chris couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, I still like girls, but I realized that I love Oliver, too. I think deep down, I have always loved Oliver. I guess I am bi."

"As long as you are happy," Chris chimed, "it shouldn't matter who you love."

"You got that right," Sebastian remarked.

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Oliver and Sebastian returned to the ranch right behind Chris. When all three boys walked into the office, Zac asked, "So, how did it go?"

"You want to tell him, Sebastian?" Chris responded.

Sebastian blushed, "Oliver and I are boyfriends."

Chris laughed, "No, I meant about your hearing."

"I know, but I couldn't resist," Sebastian chuckled. "Thanks to Chris and the report my PO wrote, I am released from probation. It wouldn't have happened if you guys didn't help."

"Well, congratulations on both your early release, and you and Oliver."

"Oliver has a request, and I am hoping you grant it."

Zac looked at Oliver, "What is your request?"

Oliver spoke quietly, as if almost afraid to ask, "Well, Sebastian was telling me about your lake and I was wondering…" Oliver paused.

"If you and he could swim in it?" Zac guessed.

"Well, yeah, but I would like to camp there overnight, too," Oliver finally requested.

Zac looked at Sebastian, "You are an employee of this ranch. You do not need permission to use the lake, whether it is for swimming or camping. I do ask that you see if anyone else has plans for out there, but you are free to take Oliver, or any of your friends out to use it."

"Does anyone have plans to use it tomorrow or Sunday?"

"I believe so," Zac answered, Sebastian looked down, "an employee named Sebastian."

"You almost had me," Sebastian commented. "Yes, I believe that employee would like to camp at the lake tomorrow."

"By the way, Sebastian," Zac offered, "I checked into you being allowed to foster or adopt a boy, or three."

"And they said no because I was in jail, right?" Sebastian's smile disappeared.

"Actually," Zac hesitated, "they said, you have no felonies on your record, so they wouldn't have a problem with either. Even if you had a felony, it would depend on what it was before they would make a decision."

"So," Sebastian looked thoughtful, "if Peter and his brothers wanted to live with me at his ranch, they could?"

"Don't move too fast, talk with Peter and the boys, be a foster parent first, and see what happens."

"Can they go camping with Oliver and me this weekend?"

"Talk with them and Joe. I can't promise you anything, but you need to talk with them."

"Thank you, Zac," Sebastian smiled with all his teeth showing. He held his arms out, and Zac moved in for a hug.

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As Sebastian and Oliver were leaving the office, Jim pulled up in his truck. Patrick got out and ran up to Sebastian, "Who's your friend? He's cute." Upon hearing this, Jim turned red.

Sebastian teased, "Just leave your hands off of him, Patrick. This is my boyfriend, Oliver."

"Boyfriend?" Patrick questioned. "So, I guess you figured out that you are bi."

"Yeah, I love Oliver too much to be straight, but I still love the ladies."

"Which I don't mind, I lean more towards guys, but I don't mind a female once in a while," Oliver explained. Then he whispered to Sebastian, "I wouldn't mind a threesome with you and a lady friend."

"Oliver, in case you missed me saying his name, this is one of my favorite co-workers, Patrick. He is Jim and Zac's older son. The boy holding Jim's hand is Jake, their younger son."

About this time, Jim and Jake finally were close enough. Jim held out his right hand, "Did I hear correctly, your name is Oliver?"

"That is correct, Jim," Oliver replied.

Jim turned to Sebastian, "So, how did it go?"

"Chris made me cry at the hearing," Sebastian stated, then told him everything.

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Jim was in the truck with Jake, waiting for Patrick to get out of class. Patrick climbed into the truck and said, "Dad, you need to talk to my gym teacher."

"OH? What's up?" Jim inquired.

Patrick didn't hesitate, "He is planning to take us to a ranch for horseback riding, and not ours."

"It is his right, but I will see if I can change his mind."

"All the students need to come up with twenty dollars each, or those that don't have to sit in study hall."

"That's a little steep," Jim commented. He pulled Jake out of the truck and walked to the school office. The secretary asked how she could help and asked, "Can I have a quick meeting with Principal Davenport and the gym teacher?"

The secretary requested, "Let me see if they are available."

Principal Davenport came out of his office and asked, "Mr. Bolt, what brings you here?"

"I understand that the boys' gym class will be going horseback riding."

"Yes, a week from Friday. We are giving the parents plenty of notice because twenty dollars may be too steep for some."

"My opinion," Jim replied, "twenty dollars IS steep. I run a ranch and the high school comes out at least once a year. Many of the students come out throughout the school year and during summer. We charge them ten dollars per person and that includes a barbeque at the lake."

"Did you say ten dollars a person?" the gym teacher questioned as he walked in.

"That is correct," Jim declared.

"The Triple R Ranch is charging us twenty-five dollars per student and thirty for the teachers. We were covering five dollars of the students."

Jim inquired, "Is it too late for you to back out with them?"

"Nothing has been confirmed yet, we were waiting to see how many students were interested."

"Then, would you like to book that date with us?" Jim asked. "If the students only paid ten dollars each, that would save you five dollars per student, and more may be interested in going. Plus, the teachers would save twenty dollars, each."

"It is hard to say no to those numbers. We may even be able to do it again in the spring."

Jim calculated in his head, "So, that Friday is the ninth of September, what time are you looking at?"

"Would two thirty work for you? I expect to have about thirty boys."

"That was going to be my next question. How many teachers?"

"Principal Davenport, myself and one other teacher."

"So, thirty-three people, the total will be three hundred thirty dollars."

"The schoolboard already allotted two hundred forty dollars, so the students would only need to pay three dollars each," the gym teacher commented.

"No, I will pay the ninety dollars," Mr. Davenport insisted, "that way, none of the students have to pay."

"And there you have it," Jim smiled. "What name should I put on the schedule?"

"Cody Junior High, Mr. Leffell's Gym Class" the gym teacher replied. "How are you so much less expensive?"

"Well, to be honest, whether you come or not, we are paying the same for each horse," Jim answered, "this way, we are getting some of that cost recovered. Since our costs don't go up or down by how many clients we have, we make more profit by charging less than anybody else."

"I can see that being true. My daughter wants to take riding lessons, but the Triple R Ranch wants thirty dollars per visit, plus thirty-dollar horse rental. What do you charge?"

"We charge twenty-five dollars," Jim stated.

"And horse rental?"

Jim smiled, "You can't learn without a horse, so that is included for the twenty-five dollars. After an hour of training, you are welcome to rent the horse for additional time for fifteen dollars, or ten dollars with school ID."

Mr. Leffell chuckled, "You charge less than half of what they want. I think my daughter will come train with you. Thank you very much for coming to talk with us."

"Thank Patrick, he was the one who told me I should talk with you."

Mr. Davenport suggested, "You should make a sign that we can put on the bulletin board. Who knows how much business that will bring you?"

"I will talk with Zac," Jim commented, "but I can see us doing that… here and at the high school."

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mrs. Roland walked into the cafeteria and saw Griff at one of the tables, doing his school work. She walked up to Tuck, "Who is in charge here?"

"Well, I am for the schooling, but if you mean overall, that would be Joe Bolt-Archer. I can send one of the students to get him, if you like."

"I would appreciate that greatly," the lady pleasantly smiled.

Tuck sent Eric to get his dad. In a few minutes, Joe came out of the kitchen, "Shall we go to my office to keep this private?"

"To be honest, I'm not concerned about privacy for MY sake, but at the same time, I don't want to embarrass my son more than I have."

"And you are?" Joe inquired.

"My name is Cathy Roland, I am Griff's mother." Griff was surprised when he heard his mom admit this. Last time he saw her, she disowned him. He raised his hand and Tuck came over to see what he needed.

"I was curious as to why my mother is here. She disowned me when I came out that I am gay."

"I have no idea, but Joe is pointing at you and motioning for you to go over there, so I guess you will find out."

Griff walked over to Joe and his mother. His stomach was tied in knots, but Joe led the group to a private room. Once the door was closed, Cathy started crying, "Griff I was so wrong, can you ever forgive me?"

"What were you wrong about, Mom?" Griff thought he knew but was hoping she would say it.

"Your father had me read a story on Codey's World called Reorientation, written by Colin Kelly. It explained to me how being gay isn't your choice. I am so sorry for how I acted when you shared with us that you are gay. I do love you. I am sorry that I made you feel unwelcomed… no, scratch that, that I kicked you out of your home. I would like for you to come back home."

"I just started school, and…"

Cathy turned to Joe, "Is it possible for Griff to continue going to school here? I know the school year JUST started, but if Griff can still go here, I would like that. I will pay anything, as long as Griff is happy."

Joe looked at Griff, who was looking at him for answers, "Griff, if you and your mother can reconcile, I suggest you go for it. If things don't work out, you can always come back here. That said, I know it would be very difficult if you switched back to public school and then had to come back here. This is your senior year, so if you want to graduate from here, you have my blessing to continue coming here."

Cathy looked at Joe, "How much will we owe you for this? Can I write a check?"

"There is no fee, but if you wish to donate, then yes, you may write a check."

Cathy Roland wrote a check to the Another Chance Boys' Home for one thousand dollars and handed it to Joe. Griff hugged his mom and told her that he loved her. "What time will you be done here so I can pick you up?"

"I work at the Horse rescue after school, so I won't be done until seven tonight."

"Can I come shortly after seven then?" Cathy asked her son. "Or have I hurt our relationship so badly that you don't want to come home?"

"Mom, I love you, if you truly love me unconditionally, then I want to live with you, Dad and Drake."

"I am so glad to hear you say that. We will have a lot of work, mainly me needing to do the work, mending our relationship, but I do love you unconditionally. Your father is in the car, he was crying when I came in, but those are happy tears because I came to my senses."

Griff looked at Joe, "Can I walk my mom out to the car and say hi to my dad?"

"I think your dad would like that," Joe grinned.

As they walked out, Cathy Roland held Griff's arm and Joe heard her say, "I read some of Colin's other stories, too. He is a good writer, and if you ever want to read them, you have my blessing."

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As Jim and the boys were returning to the ranch, Jim saw a boy in the Home parking lot, and a car had just driven away, so he drove over. As he got closer, he could see that the boy was Griff, and he was smiling. "Why aren’t you inside doing your schooling?" Jim asked.

"That was my mom and dad," Griff replied. "Mom apologized and wants me to move back home." Tears started flowing from Griff's eyes.

"So, why didn't you leave with them?" Jim was confused.

"Joe said that I can continue going to school here, but that I could walk Mom out to the car. And I will continue volunteering at the Rescue. Mom is going to pick me up after I am done there."

"Griff," Jim hugged the boy, "we will miss you here, but I am so happy for you. At least we get to see you during school."

"Yeah, thanks," Griff returned Jim's hug. "To be honest, I feel like I am dreaming… OW!"

"Nope, not dreaming," Patrick chuckled.

Griff looked at him, "You pinched me."

Patrick smiled, "I just wanted to prove you weren't dreaming."

Griff smiled, "Well, NOW you gotta let me hug you."

As Griff hugged Patrick, he lifted the boy off the ground. He kissed Patrick on the cheek, then pinched his butt. "Hey!!!" Patrick giggled, "I know I'm not dreaming."

Putting Patrick back down, Griff announced, "Well, I need to get back inside. The class period is probably over, and I need to gather my things."

"Can I have a hug, too?" Jake asked.

"Sure," Griff smiled.

Jake pointed his finger at Griff, looking sternly at him, "But no pinching."

Griff laughed, "Okay, no pinching."

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Zac, Oliver and Sebastian walked to the Home. Sebastian set up a meeting with Joe and Peter, but he asked Zac to be with him and Oliver. Since there were five people in this meeting, and school was out for the day, Joe had it in the cafeteria. Peter thought the meeting would be just for Sebastian to sign the lease, but Sebastian had other ideas.

Joe had everything concerning Peter's house ready for Sebastian and Oliver to sign. While they did that, Zac asked, "Peter, you and your brothers have been spending a lot of time with Sebastian and Oliver, what do you think of them?"

"They don't treat us like little kids, and Sebastian likes to play with us," Peter replied.

Joe looked a little concerned, "Play? Like how?"

"You know, like board games, football. He's been teaching me how to play baseball. He's not afraid to act like he's our age so we can have fun." Peter's reply eased Joe's concerns.

Oliver cut to the chase, "What would you think if Sebastian and I were to become your foster parents?"

"All three of us?" Peter smiled.

Sebastian had a tear run down his cheek, "Yeah, all three of you. I wouldn't mind adopting the three of you, but Zac suggested that we foster first."

Peter didn't hesitate, "I think it would be cool if we lived with you in my house. I'm not sure about the adopting part, but I would love having you two as our foster dads, and Gabe asked me last night if that would ever happen, because he really likes spending time with you."

Joe commented, "We know your past, and we have the Ranch's background check from when you were hired, Sebastian, but we still need to run Oliver's. Let me get the forms for you to become foster parents and get Oliver's background check started. It will probably be done while the boys are in school tomorrow."

"Speaking of school, will they need to switch schools?" Oliver asked.

"That's up to you and the boys. If they want to continue here, I have no problem with it. After classes let out tomorrow, unless Oliver is a mass murderer, or something, I'll bring the boys and their horses over to your ranch."

"Hey Oliver," Peter spit out, "wanna see how the model you gave me is coming along?"

"I would love to. Joe, can he take me to his dorm room?"

"Yeah, no problem, Oliver."

As they left, Sebastian commented, "I think Oliver loves those boys as much as I do. I mean, Zac can tell you, I've wanted to foster or adopt them since the first day I met Peter, but you should see Oliver acting like a little kid with them. And Gabe, he likes climbing all over Oliver, or getting piggy back rides from him. Those boys are so precious, and Oliver lets them know it."

"I just hope he doesn't spoil them too much. When it comes down to it, and it will happen, can Oliver discipline them?"

"I think so, I mean, he and I have talked. He admits when the time happens, it will hurt him having to do it, but he loves them too much not to discipline them when needed."

Joe looked at Sebastian solemnly, "You are approved to be a foster parent. Zac actually had me start the paperwork when you first said something to him. As long as Oliver gets approved, which I have little doubt about, you will be their foster dad. Make sure you act like their dad and not just a friend."

"To be honest," Sebastian admitted, "I never thought this would happen. When I said something to Zac, I was a little sad about it, and I thought I had messed up my life."

"Well, as the Ranch's name says, you have another chance. I'm glad you are trying to make the best of it."

"I am, and I am so thankful. Too bad I didn't realize before, but I can't change my past."

Oliver and Peter returned faster than Sebastian expected, Peter looked upset, "What's wrong, Bud?"

Oliver answered for Peter, "Gabe was looking at the model and he dropped it. It broke big time, but Peter handled it like a champ. Gabe started crying and Peter put his arm around his brother, told him it was just a model and he knew it was an accident. He held Gabe until the boy stopped crying."

"Can we get that same model?" Sebastian asked. "If so, I'd like to get it for Peter."

"Oliver already said that he would, but I want to wait until we move in with you guys. Then, maybe Mikey and Gabe can share a room and I can have my own."

"You don't want to share with your brothers?" Joe asked.

"Of course I do, I love them, but there are times when I wish I could be alone, too."

Sebastian smiled, "I can understand that. And, yeah, you will be able to have your own room."

"I believe, technically, each boy is supposed to have their own room, but since they are natural born siblings, that can be overlooked in this instance," Joe informed them.

Peter warned, "For now, if you told Gabe and Mikey that they had to have separate bedrooms, you would probably make them cry. We have always shared bedrooms."

Joe smiled, "Which is why we would overlook it."

Sebastian commented, "When I moved in, you said I could steal one of the beds from one of the other bedrooms. I grabbed the queen size bed from what I am guessing was your mother's room. The other room has bunk beds and a twin. Can we move the twin to the room that was your mom's for you? Otherwise, we need to get another bed."

"I like that idea," Peter whispered.

"Bud, what's wrong?" Oliver asked.

Peter answered, "I was just thinking of the fact that I will be sleeping in my mom's room, and I miss her. But at the same time, I like that idea, it makes me feel closer to her." Oliver gave Peter a hug.

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Jim was sitting at his computer when Zac walked in. "Sebastian talked with Joe and Peter about fostering Peter and his brothers."

"Is he going to be able to?" Jim questioned, "I mean, each boy has to have his own room, and…"

"Joe commented on that and said he was going to overlook it since they are naturally born siblings and have shared a bedroom their whole lives."

"What about his age?" Jim asked. "I don't know how we got around it with Patrick, but to be a foster parent, you have to be twenty-one. You can adopt at eighteen, but to foster…"

"Aunt Sallie told me that she overlooked the age because she thought you would be a big help for Patrick. I know Sebastian is only the same age as you, but Oliver is twenty-one. Officially, Oliver will be the foster parent."

"That makes sense then," Jim conceded, "I am happy for all five of them. The boys will be good for Oliver and Sebastian, and the boys will feel the love coming from them."

"So…" Zac was curious, "what are you working on?"

Another Chance PosterJim explained, "When Patrick had me talk to his gym teacher about riding, Principal Davenport suggested that I make a poster they can hang on their bulletin board."

"That looks really good, but that's not Gold, is that…" Zac looked closer at the horse.

Jim smiled, "Yeah, that is Sunshine. He's not old enough to ride yet, but Joe let me use him for the picture."

"Can you imagine… Joe moved in with you two years and nine months ago?"

"And I never regretted it for one moment."

"There is one thing I want to clarify," Zac looked at Jim, "as much as I enjoy seeing you and Joe debate over who is the lucky one, I have to side with Joe. As big as your heart is, he was damn lucky to get you as a brother."

Jim's eyes teared up, "That may be true, but as much as I love him, I feel lucky, too. And then, Chris came along, and we were both lucky, again."

Zac hugged Jim, "I wouldn't have it any other way, But then look at the unlucky part…"

"What unlucky part?" Jim questioned.

Zac chuckled, "You married me."

Jim kissed Zac on the lips, "That was definitely NOT unlucky. I mean, I married the most handsome guy on the planet, how is that unlucky?"

"James Patrick Bolt, I love you more today than I did yesterday. You have been a good husband, a great father, and the best role model our sons could mimic. If I wasn't already married to you, I would do it all again."

"It's hard to believe we've been married for over a year. It seems like just yesterday that you let me cry into your shoulder the first day we met. I didn't really know you, but I did know that I wanted to marry you."

"I remember thinking, Here's this cute guy who has really been hurt. I'd give anything to help him recover, then possibly he would be interested in me.'"

"Look at us now," Jim whispered sweetly, "if I could change one thing in my life, but it would alter how my life is now, as much as I have hurt, I wouldn't change one thing."

"Patrick is playing with Eric and Phoenix until supper time. Jake is playing with Matthew and Mark. Do you want to go upstairs before we fix supper?"

"I would love that," Jim cooed. They walked upstairs holding each other, not a doubt between them that their life was perfect.

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Monday, 5 September 2016 ~ Labor Day

Sebastian was standing with several other employees. He chose to stand beside Patrick. Jim was talking to them, "Many of you already know this, but for those who are new, on holidays where we have special events, our guests are more generous with tips. Last year on Labor Day, we were so busy. We had George's Dairy Farm here. Jake got a workout from milking cows."

"But he had a blast, Dad," Patrick chimed.

"Yeah, he did, and George is back this year." Jim chuckled, "And Jake's already milking a cow. He may be a dairy farmer when he grows up."

"Am I riding with you again, this year?" Patrick asked.

"Nope, I won't be taking anyone out this year. Papa and I are greeting our guests, taking turns at the grill, and everything that Jackson usually did."

"So…" Patrick looked puzzled.

Jim smiled, "You will be taking your own groups out."

Matt and Gina walked up, and Matt looked at Jim, "Are we in your group, as usual?"

"Sorry, I won't be taking anyone out today," Jim replied, "but you have your choice of these fine-looking guides."

Matt looked right at Patrick, "You want to take us out today?"

"I would be delighted to, Uncle Matt. Where's Jake Patrick?" Patrick was all smiles.

Gina replied, "He's with his grandpa. They are somewhere. I swear Matt's dad loves being a grandpa." Patrick giggled.

Matt handed Patrick two small wads of folded bills, "Well, I was going to give your dad his usual tip, and I thought you would be riding with him. I guess you get the whole tip."

"I hope you don't mind, but since Jake is milking cows again, I plan to give him ten percent of what I make."

"That's mighty nice of you," Gina gave Patrick a hug.

Dusty and Chey walked over. Jim had started making rounds while Zac was on the grill. Dusty saw Patrick and asked if he could join his group. "That gives me a group of four," Patrick declared, "shall we go get your horses?"

Sebastian asked, "If I take anyone out, will I be taking money away from anyone?"

Darrius Howe laughed, "Last year we were so busy, some of the guests got tired of waiting for a guide and went out on their own. You needn't worry about taking money from any of us."

"That's good to know," Sebastian chimed.

"You'll probably make enough to pay your rent with tips alone today. Riding with Jim last year, Patrick made four hundred dollars in tips. Since he's going by himself, he'll probably double that."

"Seriously?" Sebastian was surprised.

"Yeah, if you take a group of four out each hour, you may average a hundred to two hundred in tips each hour."

Sebastian smiled, "I'm glad Zac asked if I would be interested, but I didn't want to take money away from anyone."

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George looked at Jake around noon, "The cows need a break, how about you?"

"Uh huh, and it's almost time for me to do something Daddy and Papa have planned in the corral."

"Are you ready?" Zac asked. Jim was manning the grill. Jake just grinned.

George commented, "About the time you are done, the cows should be ready to go."

Zac asked George, as he picked up Jake, "So, how are you faring?"

"I've already had more people wanting to see Jake milk a cow than I had for all day last year. He is so cute milking the cows and people love seeing him do it."

Zac laughed, "I'm glad to hear it. He was asking if you were gonna be out this year. When I told him that you asked if you could, he did a little happy dance and sang 'I'm gonna milk the cows' over and over. I'll have your little milker back shortly."

George watched Zac and Jake head to the corral, and he thought, I wish my boys were as eager to milk the cows. Sure, I have a milking machine, but they told me they have no desire for the dairy life. I bet Jake would love it. George's two boys went off to college after graduating from high school last year. George was still a fairly young man in his late thirties, so he hoped he'd be around to retire, but he's considering a proposal for Jake. When whichever dad brought him back, he would talk with them.

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Jake did a little demonstration with Gold in the corral. Everyone loved the performance. When Jake was done, Jim placed him on Gold's back, and they walked back to George. "Cows are almost ready," George commented, "but they need a few more minutes. Can we talk?"

"Sure," Jake responded. Jim smiled and nodded.

"Jake, have you ever thought about being a dairy farmer?"

"Would I get to milk cows?" Jake was excited.

George smiled, "Normally a machine does the work, but on occasion, I do have to do it by hand."

Jim chuckled as Jake let out, "Coooooool…"

"I have a proposal," George said, looking at Jim. Then he looked at Jake, "If you are still interested in being a dairy farmer when you graduate from high school, I will pay your way to go to college for dairy farming. Then when you graduate, I will sell you half of my business for one dollar. It will be in my will that when I die, you will get whatever percentage of my business that I own. Should I live to retire, which I hope I do, I will sell you the balance of the farm for an additional dollar."

"That's cool," Jim looked concerned, "but won't your sons get upset by that?"

"They said they want nothing to do with the dairy farm and that I should sell it when I retire," George was adamant. "As much fun as Jake has milking the cows, I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have it."

"What do you think, Jake?" Jim asked. "Do you think you'll want to be a dairy farmer when you get older?"

Jake started dancing… "I'm gonna be a dairy farmer and when Patrick owns this ranch…"

"Now hold on," Jim cut him off, "you probably have about fourteen to sixteen years before you become a dairy farmer, and I hope Patrick has a LOT longer before he owns this ranch."

George was laughing at Jake's excitement.

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